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Everton linked with Everton

| Tuesday, 03 December 2019 21comments  |  Jump to last
Everton are being mentioned in connection with a €35m bid for Brazilian international Everton Soares.

The forward was a reputed target of Arsenal's over the summer after prior links with Manchester City but nothing came of the speculation and now it is the Toffees' turn to be talked about in terms of a bid for their namesake who kept Richarlison out of Brazil's team for part of the Copa America this year.

Two of Everton FC's scouts were said to have watched Gremio's most recent fixture and journalist Bruno Andrade reported over the weekend that Everton were set to submit a formal €35m offer after agent Kia Joorabchian facilitated talks between the two parties in London.

However, Soares's agent told Zero Hora: "I don't know where they get it from. Nothing has come to me," which suggests that there might not have been much in it after all.

Original Source: Sport Witness  

Reader Comments (21)

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Derek Knox
1 Posted 03/12/2019 at 09:46:06
Oh please let this be true, the little magician would be a hit with the fans, but a work permit hopefully won't be an issue.

Trouble is Silva wouldn't know how to play him!

Andrew James
2 Posted 03/12/2019 at 12:01:15
Jay in Brazil

Scout report required please?

Tony Abrahams
3 Posted 03/12/2019 at 12:05:39
I know for a fact that Everton, have had scouts over in Brazil for the past week, but I don’t know who they have been watching though.
Steve Ferns
4 Posted 03/12/2019 at 12:07:28
Andrew, did you not read Jay waxing lyrical about him all summer when the internationals were going? In a nutshell, Jay thinks a lot of him. Personally I wanted to sign David Neres, who stayed with Ajax, but Jay, who's obviously watched both very closely, thinks Everton is better.

By the way, the dodgy agent Kia Joorabchian is Mark Hughes agent and is no doubt the one trying to manoeuvre his man into the Everton manager reckoning. No doubt he'd throw Everton Soares in as a "sweetener" and he'd be the first of many that we would be linked with.

Andrew James
5 Posted 03/12/2019 at 13:34:51
Thanks Steve, I have to say, I got my Everton's mixed up. Isn't there one who was playing at Flamengo?

I cannot for the life of me understand why anybody would contemplate Mark Hughes. He'd had a questionable managerial career before the Stoke debacle and then the ridiculous decision to go to St Mary's which further tainted him.

If we think Marco Silva doesn't trust youth, wow. Hughes would fill the squad with old journeymen and flair players who shine once every dozen matches. If I am going by his recruitment at Stoke and QPR. He's showed three times, at those two and City, that he cannot cope with a big budget.

Derek Knox
6 Posted 03/12/2019 at 13:53:45
Tony, hopefully Cebolinha (Everton Soares) and Gabigol (Gabriel Barbosa).

Hopefully Jay Wood can give us a better insight, but I believe Gabigol makes Diego Costa look like a choir boy. 31 goals in 38 games for Flamengo is not too shabby.

Alan J Thompson
7 Posted 03/12/2019 at 13:54:15
If we get all the Brazilians we've been linked with to go with the couple we have already, then they could play exhibition games at Goodison and that would do away with the jet-lag problems.
Steve Ferns
8 Posted 03/12/2019 at 13:58:47
Andrew, you are thinking of Barbosa as correctly stated by Derek at 6.
Pat Kelly
9 Posted 03/12/2019 at 14:25:12
Exactly what we need. A new Everton.
Danny Baily
10 Posted 03/12/2019 at 19:01:24
Everton linked with Everton. We're through the looking glass here people.
Mark Guglielmo
11 Posted 03/12/2019 at 20:38:29
David Neres was a BIG want of mine over the summer, but was easily going to cost somewhere in the vicinity of £50m.* He's also exactly what Marco wanted, a versatile RW/AM with a left foot.
age: 22
2019/20 all comps: 20 games**, 6 goals, 2 assists (1,063 minutes)
Total (Ajax): 119 games, 35 goals, 34 assists
* he signed a new 4-year deal w/ Ajax this past summer
** out with a knee injury until Jan. 2020

Everton Soares is a LW with a right foot. Not quite what we're looking for IMO. Unless we're getting rid of Richarlison.
age: 23
2019 all comps: 41 games, 15 goals, 7 assists (3,200 minutes)
Total (Gremio): 176 games, 47 goals, 16 assists

For those that put stock in these things, Neres current value is estimated at £40m and Everton's is £30m. In the fantasy world where had our choice, I imagine it would boil down to 1) their fit in our Club, and 2) your belief as to which is a superior league to play in, Eredivisie or Serie A.

My vote remains with Neres, though Everton is quite a bit more than a consolation prize it would seem. I Just think given how our squad looks today in terms of teammates and needs, Neres slots right in.

How does a Richarlison | Kean | Neres front 3 sound to you? I love playing the 'what would you do if you won the lottery' game.

Andrew James
12 Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:39:35

The Eredivisie is a tricky one. Some players in it can look like world beaters and then struggle when they move.

There is an argument to say that Ajax have done incredibly well in Europe so their players must be the real thing but there's a counter argument to say they can throw everything at matches in Europe because their own league is not that challenging.

We've been stung ourselves with Klaassen and Spurs had similar with Janssen.

Having been to the Netherlands to see matches live, the standard really is poor and caution is required.

Look at how Ajax, who did ever so well last season, capitulated to Spurs and United the previous one, both sides who would go on to fire their coaches for terrible domestic form.

And I don't like saying any of this because I loved the mid-90's Ajax side but that league has fallen a long way behind even the French league.

Mark Guglielmo
13 Posted 03/12/2019 at 23:49:43
Oh Andrew, I don't disagree with you. There are maybe 4 teams that are consistently quality, and even they aren't dumping talent into the bigger leagues with regularity.

But Ajax is. Without the resources to truly compete, they rely on their Academy, or gems from elsewhere. It's why when their players go, they go for buku bucks. Neres is world class-in-the-making, and well, you know, he's Brazilian!

Jay Wood

14 Posted 04/12/2019 at 01:29:33
Andrew James @ various. Just reading this thread now.

Derek Knox is pinning this rumour on me!

I reported this Saturday night on some thread from the original Portuguese story. By Sunday morning, Derek reported back that it was now in main stream English media and all the rumour mill sites.

I also reported that the original Portuguese story led with the headline 'Everton Cebolinha Procurado Por Gigantes Ingleses' (EC Wanted by English Giants).

Expecting to read the giants were City and the Arse, due to previous links, it was a pleasant surprise the Giants were none other than our goodselves.

At least Brazilians regard us giants, which is more than some of our own supporters do.

I also explained the reported importance of Kia Joorabchian as the Everton broker in the deal. Joorabchian is British-Iranian like Moshiri and said to be a close friend of the club's de facto owner.

Joorabchian is more commonly remembered in England for brokering the Tevez and Masherano deal for WHU which later the PL said they would never have sanctioned for the 3rd party ownership of the pair if they had been made fully aware of the fact earlier. That season, Sheffield United was relegated, WHU survived thanks largely to their Argentinians and there was an out of court settlement between the Blades and the Hammers when the former wanted to reverse the relegation positions.

As a result of that case, PL regulations on player 3rd party ownership was considerably tightened up.

Joorabchian is extremely well known in Brazil as his company effectively took control of one of the country's mega-clubs, Corinthians in the early 2000s. Three years into that deal a warrant was issued for his arrest (and others) as their investment was seen as money laundering.

Only in 2014 did a judge finally throw the case out of court as totally unproven.

The Everton you confused Cebolinha with at Flamengo is the excellent Everton Ribeiro who is their midfield playmaker. When he was just 21-22, he led Cruzeiro to two consecutive league titles and in each season he was voted Brazil's player of the season.

Wrong time, but he was a player (a bit like Wolves' Joao Moutinho at the time) who would have been a perfect fit for us. United were said to be interested, but most disappointingly he took the Oil Dollars and ended up in Saudi Arabia for 5-6 years. Now 28, still a very good player, but his ship has probably sailed for an opportunity in Europe.

On the info already offered by others about Everton Cebolinha in this thread, it is misleading for anyone to claim he (or Richarlison, for that matter) are primarily wide players who play on the left, or that the arrival of Cebolinha would signal a willingness to sell Richarlison. They can - and indeed have - already played together for Brazil very effectively. Like our own Richarlison, Cebolinha can and does play both flanks.

Gremio is possibly the purist football playing team in Brazil and in the last 3 seasons, whilst doing 'OK' in the league, they have fared better in cup competitions. In the Libertadores, they were winners 3 years ago and semi-finalists in the last two years. They've also won the Brazilian Cup in that time. Aged just 20 when Gremio won the Libertadores, he scored vital semi-finals goals in that competition as well as the World Club Cup semi-final when they were narrowly beaten by Real Madrid in the final.

Cebolinha is their main man and - even though not an out and out striker - is their leading scorer this season. The following link shows what he is capable of: speed, absurdly good close control, incisive passing, vision, finishing.


This doesn't even include his contribution to Brazil winning this year's Copa Americana (Latin America's equivalent to the UEFA Euros).

As further evidence he can do it at the highest levels, he didn't even make Brazil's starting XI in the opening games, with both Richarlison and Neres being preferred.

Our boy went down with the mumps, Neres was dropped and such was Cebolinha's impact he became undroppable. As well as getting a winner's medal, he ended up as the tournament's top goalscorer. Not bad for a wide player when you consider the competition of main strikers from all Europe's mega teams.

He would be a sensational signing. Bums would not be stuck on seats when he is on the pitch. And if we are playing fantasy football, imagine an all-Brazil forward line of Richarlison-Gabigol-Cebolinha.

It would be electric.

Jay Wood

15 Posted 04/12/2019 at 02:24:59
On another note, I've already defended the quality of the Brazilian league that some deride. The following two links show how such derision is possibly misplaced.

The first is from the excellent The Bleacher Report, often a very good source of Everton-related stuff.

Applying similar co-efficiency ratings used by UEFA to the European Leagues as a means to rank clubs for the CL and Euro League competitions, and by FIFA to rank nations, The Bleacher Report came up with a top 20 list by LEAGUE RANKING, worldwide.

Now it probably doesn't help Steve Ferns' support for Marco Silva's success in other leagues (the Greek Superliga where he won the title is 18th, only bettered by the Peruvian and Romanian leagues) and Portugal 9th, but it does make interesting reading.


I've previously said the Brazilian league is an extremely competitive one compared to the major European Leagues which are dominated by the usual suspects every season. Brazil has had 10 different club champions this century, for example. This report supports that claim, noting that 'the Brazilian league brims with quality from top to bottom'.

Follow the link and note just how closely ranked the Brazilian Serie A is to the major European Leagues.

The next link lists ALL major sports globally (not just football/soccer) by revenue. NFL and American Football, followed by the NBL (basketball) occupy 1st and 2nd positions with the PL in 3rd as the highest ranked football/soccer league.


As far as football/soccer goes the highest ranked leagues by revenue are then 2nd Spain La Liga, 3rd Italy Bundesliga, 4th Italy Serie A, 5th UEFA CL, 6th France Ligue 1, 7th Brasil Serie A.

Once again, this possibly reinforces my belief that Brazil and its primary league should not be so summarily dismissed as some have chosen to do so.

Mark Guglielmo
16 Posted 04/12/2019 at 02:37:40
The first link is from 2013. That's relevant.
Jay Wood

17 Posted 04/12/2019 at 03:02:20
Indeed it is Mark.

Relevant in that since 2013, when Brasil Serie A was breathing down the neck of France Ligue 1, one club and one club only has totally dominated ALL competitions in the French league, but French clubs have got nowhere near CL or EL finals.

By contrast, Brazilian clubs have won 3 of the last 7 Libertadores finals, two of the last 3 Copa Sudamericana (the Euro League equivalent) and always have 1, often 2 teams, in the semi-finals of both competitions. Furthermore, whereas the CL and the EL finals are repeatedly dominated and won by the usual suspects, Brazil's five continental club winners in that time has come from five different clubs.

And unlike the evident dominance of nearly all European leagues by the same clubs every year, in the last 6 Brazilian domestic seasons there have been 4 different clubs winning the title.

Ergo, it is more than reasonable to assume that Brazil Serie A has overhauled the microscopic advantage the French league held over it 6 years ago, as referenced in the data.

Andrew James
18 Posted 04/12/2019 at 10:14:54

I hope it didn't come across that I am dismissive of the Brazilian league or the Argentine one for that matter.

And thanks again for the insightful write up. Those South American clubs don't half have cool names. Gremio and Corinthians.

My concern is how they leave South America. There are the ownership rights which of course Tevez was known for but more pertinently, I am unsure just how good certain players are when they have gone via the Portuguese or Dutch leagues. Although they might be closer to the top European leagues in style and culture, surely the quality isn't as strong as in Brazil or Argentina?

So then I see these purchases as risky. I suppose I was more comfortable with a Richarlison who had come straight into the Premier League from Brazil as a kid.

You did point out to me the vast volume of players in Brazil, many of whom aren't on the money their equivalents are in Europe so I get why they are coming in at various levels in Europe but it also means greedy agents won't care about hawking many about who are not up to the standard of the Premier League.

Jay Wood

19 Posted 04/12/2019 at 13:58:53
Relax Andrew. It wasn't you, or anyone, I was calling out on the dismissive attitude some have expressed about the Brazilian league.

I just wanted to debunk a few myths being expressed with hard data from a report applying similar ranking methods employed by UEFA for their coefficiency ranking of European clubs and FIFA for its world ranking of national teams.

Corinthians, you may not be surprised to learn, was founded in 1910 by 5 railway workers after they had seen the famous London-based Corinthian team play an exhibition whilst touring Brazil. It was a Scotsman, Thomas Donohoe, who first introduced football to Brazil.

But back to the point I was making about the strength of the Brazilian league. As I said, in the last 6 years 5 different Brazilian clubs have won one of the continent's two club trophies, whilst there have been 4 different league champions in that time.

I am extremely sad to report that, with just two games to go to conclude the Brazilian season, one of those Continental Club winners, Chapecoense, has already been relegated.

Many of you will recognize the name. It was Chapcoense who suffered the fatal air crash whilst flying to Colombia for the 1st leg of the Copa Sudamericana final 3 years ago.

Cruzeiro, the recent back-to-back Brazilian champions inspired by the previously mentioned Everton Ribeiro, are also likely to be relegated for the first time ever in their history.

This is particularly painful for me as Cruzeiro is my Brazilian team (chosen because they are the only team to play in Blue!).

It's all the more galling as Cruzeiro looked impressive in the State League competition early in the year, had the best group record in the 6-game group phase of the Copa Libertadores, and were only eliminated at the last 16 KO phase on penalties by no less than the holders and this year's losing finalists, River Plate.

Three consecutive inexplicable loses has plunged them into the final relegation spot. They have an away game at Everton Cebolinha's Gremio this weekend, followed by a home game with last year's champions and currently 3rd placed Palmeiras.

Cruzeiro really need to win both.

I'm not hopeful.

Steve Ferns
20 Posted 04/12/2019 at 14:09:41
Jay, thanks for all of that. Lots of blues love reading about the Brazilian league and players, so please post whatever you see or hear as relevant to the Blues.
Jay Wood

21 Posted 04/12/2019 at 14:35:23
Just to add, Derek Knox asked me a couple of pertinent questions on the other thread when I first broke the news of this (still only a) rumour.

Namely, Kia Joorabchian's involvement as he is not a registered players' agent and the PL rules don't allow non-agents to negotiate player deals.

As he is not Cebolinha's agent, I don't think it is an issue. He is just negotiating things as a representive of EFC.

3rd party ownership. This was an issue with Cebolinha in the past (as it is with pretty much every Brazilian footballer), but that was cleaned up.

Could he be sure of getting a work permit? No problem, based on his 2019 apperance record with Brazil alone. Whether he has (as many Brazilians do) the right to a 2nd passport, such as Portugal or Italy, I don't know.

The other Brazilian player I would currently like at Everton, Gabigol, has been an Inter Milan player for 3 years before he was a full Brazilian international, so I must presume he does have a second European passport to allow that and getting a work permit wouldn't be an issue.

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