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Trio of players linked as Ancelotti plots squad upgrades

| Monday, 13 January 2020 47comments  |  Jump to last
Everton are interested in three foreign-based players according to the latest speculation from Sky Sports.

In addition to reiterating talk that Carlo Ancelotti is keen on bringing James Rodriguez in on loan and signing Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot, Sky claim that Belgian winger Yannick Carrasco is a target.

Carrasco, 26, currently plays for Dalian Yifang in China having had spells with Monaco and Atlético Madrid earlier in his career.

Sky's sources add that the Blues have also targeted Bournemouth defender Nathan Ake as they look to strengthen at centre-half but would face competition from Manchester City and Tottenham.

Reader Comments (47)

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Christy Ring
1 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:21:39
Rabiot would be a great addition, but can't see it happening, as he's playing regularly for Juve now.
Colin Glassar
2 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:28:28
I wouldn’t touch any of the mercenaries who went to “play football” in China for obscene wages. This is the same stance I took a few years ago when the Chinese league started to poach some B-listers like Hulk, Tevez, Carrasco, Witsel etc... I said they should be left to rot out there.

P.S. The Chinese have introduced a 50k p/w wage limit on all foreign players from next season. No wonder they want to come back.

Brent Stephens
3 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:38:35
Re China, at the U23 game tonight at Southport I talked to a contingent of Chinese who were training as coaches (I think - my Chinese isn't as good as it used to be - baoquian) on a course at Liverpool Uni. Their leader had taken a degree course with Rogan Taylor at Liverpool. A lovely group. He spoke highly of Li Tie, ex Everton and now China head coach.
Ed Prytherch
4 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:45:30
I cannot see Bournemouth letting Ake leave before the end of the season and then they may be forced to sell him.
Bill Gienapp
5 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:47:32
Didn't Bournemouth slap an £80-million pricetag on Ake over the summer? He's a nice enough player but, for that sort of money, I'd expect to be getting someone like Koulibaly.
Ray Robinson
6 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:50:53
Do we really want Ake who spends far too much time on his backside for me? Overuse of the last ditch tackle suggests a poor reading of the game. File under over-rated.
Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:56:21
I'm gonna reach here, but my wild guess is that Ancelotti would be looking at Ake as a holding mid rather than a CB. As a central defender, he frequently looks caught by surprise, but he's also one of the best passing CBs in the Prem and might be excellent a bit further up the pitch.

As for the other three mentioned, the only one I see us realistically in for is Carrasco, who has been playing for a certain Spanish waiter at Dalian. He's a pure winger with electric pace, and we could use one.

Steve Ferns
8 Posted 13/01/2020 at 23:02:57
Rabiot is, as Christy says, back in the Juve side. He'd now cost a fortune and likely say no ta. Even if he did, could we justify a fortune on someone who many allege to be a difficult character with an even more difficult mother / agent.

James is too far fetched. Listen to Ancelotti, he really likes Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin up top. For good reason too, I think they bring out the best in each other. Ancelotti always keeps throwing Moise Kean's name in there too. He clearly thinks a lot of him as well. Of Course, James plays a bit deeper, but the reality is if you want James in our side, you have to sacrifice a striker, or both wingers. James is a non-starter he is a big risk for big money.

Ake is a short arse. He's only 5'11". Sorry, but we have had enough issues on corners, and pretend we ain't doing it or not, but zonal marking is back. We need the height to make it work. Also, why sign the lad from Carlisle to then place another CB ahead of him? I suspect Ancelotti won't sign a centre-back now and instead will want to see something in training from Gibson, Feeney or the new lad.

I think any money available will go on a defensive midfielder.

Derek Thomas
9 Posted 13/01/2020 at 23:06:42
Ake; no, over rated, especially at £80M...or even half that, he's no better than what we have. The better the team plays...and sometimes Bournemouth do play well, then he looks good. It's easy to look competent in a good team.

Dalian; any end product? Walcott's as fast as anybody but...

Jack Convery
10 Posted 14/01/2020 at 00:40:11
Sky crap as usual. 2 loans at best given the financial mess with regards to FFP. The kid from Carlisle looks like are only purchase unless we sell someone for £20 odd million.
Minik Hansen
11 Posted 14/01/2020 at 02:26:31
Reminds me of Stones, when we bought him in a January window, wonder if this will pan out the same, but in a better way, as in staying and playing for us. Hopefully it's a sign of better times.
Alan J Thompson
12 Posted 14/01/2020 at 03:45:03
Mr Ancellotti said that none of the players mentioned in the Press were the ones he was interested in and isn't it strange how one news organization comes out with four. Now, who on the inside would know and who speaks to this organization?
Jim Harrison
13 Posted 14/01/2020 at 05:57:26
Stones could be available.

Would you take him back?

Chris Mason
14 Posted 14/01/2020 at 06:48:59
Fran Mitchell
15 Posted 14/01/2020 at 07:01:48
How about Arda Turan on loan. 32, when he was at his best, he was the exact type of midfielder we need.

His career seems to have gone capuff, unwanted at Barca, his recent loan in Turkey was terminated after he almost went to prison for firing a gun. Some on here wanted a nutter in midfield, well, he ticks all the boxes.

Brent Stephens
16 Posted 14/01/2020 at 07:07:01
Fran, interesting article on Turan in the Grauniad today.
Tony Abrahams
17 Posted 14/01/2020 at 07:18:53
I remember watching Spain, over-run Turkey, during the last European Championship in France, and the Turkish fans, were absolutely fuming with their captain Arda. I asked a Turk, why they were giving it to him? And he said you’ve just watched the game, work it out for yourself!

He was the captain, but he wasn’t a leader, was my first thought, just before I thought that Spain, over-run most teams, and I’d have hated being on that pitch chasing Iniesta, because that’s what happened that night.

Eddie Dunn
18 Posted 14/01/2020 at 09:02:06
The player I would like is Dunk., a tall and powerful player who is dominant in the air and very quick across the park. Brighton might be tempted to cash-in at the end of the season. A loanee midfield player is what we need right now.
Surely Brands should concentrate on his work offloading the deadwood and see where we are at in the summer.
Chris Mason
19 Posted 14/01/2020 at 09:25:05
Problem is Eddie, as the Esk suggested, clearing the deadwood isn’t what we need. We need to sell a couple of our first team to balance the books.
Derek Thomas
20 Posted 14/01/2020 at 09:35:12
Chris, @19: some of the expensive deadwood Are in the team
Sam Hoare
21 Posted 14/01/2020 at 09:54:10
Don't think any of these seem that likely.

Rabiot- Is playing for Juve. Think he'll stay there for now.

Carrasco- Perhaps on loan but he's on huge wages. I don't see that we massively need a winger with Bernard back and Iwobi returning soon. Would prefer we give Kean/Gordon more time.

Rodriguez- Suprised at the clamour for him. He's 28, would be on enormous wages and has not looked all that for the last year and a half. Suspect the PL would not suit his more technical style and if he didn't adapt quickly we'd be lumbered with an extremely expensive mistake. Big name does not necessarily make a good fit. Perhaps a loan could be interesting.

Ake- Are we really going to pay huge money for a defender who has conceded so many goals? And would Bournemouth sell one of their best players in the midst of a relegation fight. Unlikely.

Tony Everan
22 Posted 14/01/2020 at 10:32:07
And bear in mind Carlo said that he may sign someone, but it is a player we haven't been linked with. I'd bet he's a quality centre-midfielder, on the fringe of a top European club as an initial loan deal.
James Stewart
23 Posted 14/01/2020 at 11:23:07
None of the names linked are of the required quality to take us forward. Discounting Rabiot, who would never come anyway.

Would love us to go for players like Camavinga at Rennes or Aouar from Lyon.

Len Hawkins
24 Posted 14/01/2020 at 12:47:32
Perhaps Gana wants to come back, if his landlady made scouse to die for and her ribs and cabbage was sublime.
Francis van Lierop
25 Posted 14/01/2020 at 14:22:23
The name Nathan Aké is a surprise, I thought he was going back to Chelsea, as Lampard seems to like him.

I got an Italian midfielder from Inter on my mobile this morning, apparantly Sarri seems reluctant to get rid, but as Christian Eriksen is coming in. He's Matías Vecino, an Uruguayan, 28 (too old for Marcel Brands...but we desperately need quality there)
Carlo is definately interested, read the message.

Ed Prytherch
26 Posted 14/01/2020 at 15:01:11
Ake maybe only 5'11" but he can leap - a defensive Tim Cahill. I bet that he can elevate his noggin higher than Michael Keane. He is a better footballer than any of our back three.
Tony Everan
27 Posted 14/01/2020 at 18:29:49
Inter's Matias Vecino fits the bill to an extent, 28 is too old to be splashing out the 20m reported but selling one or two of our CMs may pay or offset that. Don't know much about him but Carlo and his team will be fully aware of what he could bring to the table.

Anyone got an informed opinion of this player?

Nicholas Ryan
28 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:14:47
Steve [8]. 'Ake is a short-arse, he's only 5' 11" …. If so, wouldn't that make him an inch taller than the great Brian Labone, and the same height as Phil Jagielka?!
Tom Bowers
29 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:37:01
Media trash talk again as the window is still open.
Let's see what really happens by the end of the month before getting uptight about some of the players mentioned.

Yes, we all would like to see strengthening soon as we all know the team isn't good enough.

It would be nice to have one or two class additions in now and settled to have them ready to go for next season.

However I really don't think Carlo will buy anything from China except maybe his next pair of socks !

Frank Sheppard
30 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:59:22
I would have Stones back, yes please.
Phil Malone Jnr
31 Posted 14/01/2020 at 23:22:36
Shut up Steve ferns, complete nob. Nathen ake would be a belter if a signing. Yannick carrasco is still young, but would be on silly wages. I’d be looking at zaha for decent money, get rid of Morgan, Walcott, bolasie, tosun, niasse. And look towards bringing in Simms and possibly a dybala type. Sigs is only getting stick because he’s playing deep (“oh but he’s shite!!”) he’s not, you just look at the price tag. He’s playing in a quarterback position right now and along side DAVIES!! Not gana gueye. Give him the credit he deserves. I don’t know why I come on here, 70% of you are complete negative arse holes. Pickford decent holgate looking like a player Keane lots to work on Mina lots to work on digne not had the season he had sigs working on a new position Davies slow for prem level iwobi not for me Richarlison not your typical tricky Brazilian, but scores goals out of nowhere, Bernard, best footballer at the club but needs more goals in his locker, Walcott - has a good game once every few weeks but would sell him to Southampton, DCL starting to prove himself but we need better to progress.
Billy Dawber
32 Posted 15/01/2020 at 05:10:29
You seem to know it all Phil @ 31. Although you are right about Richarlison and Bernard in my opinion. The jury is out on the rest of them.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but namecalling is a bit childish, to say the least. We are all living in hope that the gaffer gets it right soon. He will no doubt have ideas of his own so let's wait and see who comes in, who leaves and who stays, before calling each other on here. NSNO.

Tony Everan
33 Posted 15/01/2020 at 10:06:59
Phil #30 , What's the point in personal abuse ? There are many diverse opinions, good, bad and ugly on every single thread, depending on your own viewpoint.
This diveristy of opinion is what makes ToffeeWeb a great website, embrace it don't stamp on it with a size 12 jackboot.
Steve Ferns
34 Posted 15/01/2020 at 10:17:50
Phil, let's see where Ake is playing next season, could well be the Championship.

As for Sigurdsson, since when does the quarterback constantly pass backwards? Sigurdsson is no quarter back he does not hit enough long passes, did you see this:

Mal van Schaick
35 Posted 15/01/2020 at 11:26:15
Are. Not for me. Keep what we have and add Zouma.
Tony Abrahams
36 Posted 15/01/2020 at 11:39:33
Possession is nine-tenths of the law Steve, stop slagging our midfielders for strangling the team!
Phil Malone Jnr
37 Posted 15/01/2020 at 21:25:07
Hear, hear, Tony.
Jay Harris
38 Posted 15/01/2020 at 21:36:09
I don't know why Aaron Mooys is not in the conversation.

IMO he is ideal for us. He is like Danny Drinkwater at his best without the drink problem and is on loan from Huddersfield. Surely he would be a snip.

Tommy Carter
39 Posted 15/01/2020 at 21:41:36
You’d have to question the attitude and appetite with Carrasco. A very talented player but he’s one to avoid for me.

Ake is a very good player but not worth the kind of dum that Bournemouth will demand. Again, another to avoid.

James is a more interesting prospect. A loan deal with a pre-determined fee and option to make permanent would be a wise move. A supremely talented player and you have to ask the question, if, and it is a big if, we see some of the best of him then we will see a truly world class player.

The same cannot be said of Carrasco or Ake.

As for Ancelotti, I’m hoping he can identify some Italian players ready to make an impact in the premier league. Domenico Berardi is a player I have championed on here many times and more now than ever we could do with a number 10 / deep forward to augment our attacking play.

I also think Andrea Belotti would make a big impact in Premier League football. This is a player who can match the work rate of DCL. He is not as good in terms of his hold up play but he has more overall quality and a better eye for goal.

Jamie Crowley
40 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:05:01
Crazy idea. How about we stand pat in January, wait for Gomes and Gbamin to get healthy over summer, and add 1-2 sensible, affordable players going into next season?

Anyone seen the Everton accounts lately? Not sure spending a ton on mercenaries is the way forward!

Tommy Carter
41 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:09:35
@40 Jamie

I’m with you

I’d warrant an exception with James though, what do you think?

The other 2 I mention would be my focus for the summer. Or now. Depending on what timing offers the best deal

Anthony Murphy
42 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:16:03
Not crazy Jamie, makes perfect sense. A loan for someone very talented and desperate for game time with the Euros on the horizon may work, but other than that it makes sense to keep what powder we have, dry.
Jamie Crowley
43 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:17:53
No for me on James, Tommy.

He plays like a beast for his country. His club team is his paycheck. And even if you don't buy that argument, his injury record concerns me. I'll stand to be corrected, but wasn't he out for an extended period with injury? Either way, too expensive! He'll cost a mint.

After seeing our financial situation, I think it's time to simply get healthy with two damn good players in Gomes and Gbamin, add 1-2 (one HAS to be a midfielder) over summer, and let Ancelotti coach.

Ancelotti, for me, is relishing this. I think, and it is truly only a hunch, he wants to not buy his way to a championship / success. If he can take Everton to the top 4, while buying young or sensibly and not buying superstars, his reputation might be the single best coach in the world over the course of a generation.

David Midgley
44 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:47:06
Len #24.
I met a girl years ago and her ribs and cabbage were to die for.
I married her.
Don Alexander
45 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:56:54
David, my missus had legs and dumplings to die for, a very long time ago.
David Midgley
46 Posted 15/01/2020 at 23:15:56
Len, Don.
Will anyone from abroad be able to follow this ?

Google Translate is a waste of time.

Brian Jakes. " Lern yerself Scouse "

Jamie Crowley
47 Posted 16/01/2020 at 00:11:14
David -

No, we can't follow it. But it is funny.

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