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Rodriguez to Everton link persists

| Tuesday, 28 January 2020 54comments  |  Jump to last
Everton continue to be talked about in terms of a loan move for Colombian star James Rodriguez and could face competition from Arsenal according to the latest reports.

Rodriguez is coming to the end of a two-year loan spell at Bayern Munich and is expected to return to Real Madrid in the summer.

In the meantime, his lack of game time in the Bundesliga, his past association with Carlo Ancelotti and Everton's need for midfield options has led to speculation that he could end up at Goodison Park with his former boss.

New Gunners boss Mikel Arteta is also said by AS in Spain to be interested in taking the 28-year-old on loan for the remainder of the season.

Reader Comments (54)

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Bob Parrington
1 Posted 28/01/2020 at 07:25:42
29 y.o. so a loan spell would be sensible providing he fits in to the "scene"?? Piecing together the jigsaw that we need is going to be somewhat tricky but achievable.

In Carlo I trust but, as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Martin Nicholls
2 Posted 28/01/2020 at 07:41:42
Bob - has James R had a birthday since Lyndon wrote his article? :-)
Steve Shave
3 Posted 28/01/2020 at 07:48:20
I think a player of this calibre at EFC would be incredible, I don't however feel AM is our priority position at all and therefore feel it is unlikely. Unless of course there is someone willing to buy Siggi? Sigh if only.
Tony Twist
4 Posted 28/01/2020 at 08:03:16
Dear lord, even with the introduction of Brands this clubs choices in the transfer market make no sense at all and look like panic buys. I think it should be a Brands decision for any player from now on coz we then have transparency. In the DOF structure, Brands should decide style of play, players, manager required, the manager gets the best out of the players and the directors have to trust them. So when things go Pete tong then it is obvious who to blame.
Steve Shave
5 Posted 28/01/2020 at 08:15:02
Tony, I totally agree otherwise what is the point of his role and the no doubt vast wages we pay him? However, let's wait and see, this is purely speculation at the moment of course, if I were James Rodriguez I wouldn't touch us with a barge pole. We are not currently the sort of club to be resurrecting anyones careers, despite this being the very likely sales pitch from Brands et al for such high quality players.
Colin Glassar
6 Posted 28/01/2020 at 08:42:55
Looks like any deal will be very last minute. No deals will not be surprising. This is what we do.
Hugh Jenkins
7 Posted 28/01/2020 at 08:49:33
Steve (5) - I expect the point in his role is to negotiate the deal - i.e wages package, cost of the loan, etc. and to get the scouting system working to find the next set of young "gems" so that we don't have to consider loans of this kind in the future.

Ancelotti's role is just to coach and organise the players, whereas in the past the "manager" would also be negotiating the terms for new players coming in and old players leaving etc.

Pat Kelly
8 Posted 28/01/2020 at 09:53:27
Rodriguez and Vecino both 28. Younger than Delph at least. There goes Brands' policy. Back to the grand old team ?
Andrew Ellams
9 Posted 28/01/2020 at 10:00:55
My question on this one is where does he fit into the formations we've seen Ancelotti use do far?
Ralph Basnett
10 Posted 28/01/2020 at 10:08:14
Andrew (8), unfortunately if this is true he fits into the DCL position perfectly.
Dave Williams
11 Posted 28/01/2020 at 10:12:15
Ralph- would he not play off DCL as a no 10?
I can’t see him being a target to be honest- wages would surely be prohibitive?
Derek Knox
12 Posted 28/01/2020 at 10:56:33
This would be amazing if we could get him on loan with an option to buy at a pre-determined price should it work out. He is an undoubted talent, but his lack of game time at both Real and Bayern is a concern too.

Always believing in the 'horses for courses' theory he may just find the right niche with us, and of course would have a fellow countryman in Yerry Mina.

I also believe his creativity and increased chance of goals could give us more valuable points towards our final finishing position in the Table.

Hope this one could be a possibility, but like most have indicated it will go to the wire as usual before anything materialises, if at all.

Sam Hoare
13 Posted 28/01/2020 at 11:05:19
Would be exciting but I don't see this one. He's such a technical player and don't think he would suit the pace of the PL that well. It could be like a higher profile Davvy Klassen.

He would be on a seriously high wage and i'm not sure we'd get value for that. The odd moment of magic but could be like Rooney's return. Alot could depend on how much fire is left in his belly. He's never quite lived up to his promise and is in last chance saloon now.

James Flynn
14 Posted 28/01/2020 at 11:17:57
No to this.

29 before the start of next season, this talented "Next thing" is now a talented "Never was".

Great article here, Link on how these bullshit rumors start and then gain momentum; using the current one on James as a perfect example. Worth a read.

And, again, no.

Christy Ring
15 Posted 28/01/2020 at 11:59:04
Rodriguez is class, but a luxury player, on huge salary, and if he can't cut it in the German league, he's no chance in the Premiership.
Padraig Tansey
16 Posted 28/01/2020 at 13:28:24
A loan deal makes perfect sense
Steve Ferns
17 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:15:48
Has anyone ever watched him over a sustained period of time? I've only seen bits and pieces, games here and there, rather than every week. So, to this casual observer, he just seems to have flashes, or moments, as our previous manager called it. He does not do enough to justify the hype.

That said, the hype all goes back to the world cup in 2014 when he was simply sensational, and looked like one of the best players in the world. The question I would ask was whether he can rediscover that ability and consistency and apply it over a sustained period to the Premier League.

Steve Ferns
18 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:52:28
Manuel Fernandes spotted at Finch Farm! Link to the official site.

He's only giving an interview on Andre Gomes, but worth noting what our old perpetual deadline day favourite had to say about our crocked star.

Tommy Carter
19 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:55:25
I’ve said it a few times on here, we should’ve been in the market for Tomas Soucek. A player who will make a big impact in the premier league, ideal for the English game and will be great value for money.

Who has got him?

Moyesie at West Ham. He’s exactly the he kind of value for money signing that Moyesie and his regime managed to bring in at Everton during his tenure here.

Fair play to them. I think he will do very well

Steve Ferns
20 Posted 28/01/2020 at 14:58:36
Why him Tommy? How did he pop up on your radar?
Steve Ferns
21 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:14:38
Watched a couple of YouTube videos Tommy, it looks like Moyes has found his new Fellaini.
Jim Harrison
22 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:17:25
Logic says no. FFP probably says no.

But I would like to see it happen. Just for shits and giggles. Is he worth the hype? Could it be that signing that illuminates? Or could it be the last hurrah of an over hyped player?

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
23 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:31:54
Steve #17. Was Riquelme driving the taxi?
Steve Ferns
24 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:40:19
Yes Phil! By the way, seen Gomes is back in first team training. The key words on the official site (only just put up) was "sections of first team training", but there he was with a ball at his feet. It's January, and he did that horrific injury at the end of November! It's not even two full months. I can't believe it. Sure, he's probably ages off a game, but to see him on the pitch is staggering. To have a ball at his feet must mean the movement and so on is there. Great to see.
Brian Williams
25 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:48:49
Steve, he did it on the 3rd of November mate and it's 86 days.
Steve Ferns
26 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:52:02
Cheers Brian, still 86 days is astounding. I feared he might never play again.
Brian Williams
27 Posted 28/01/2020 at 15:54:03
I know mate, stunned to see him doing what he is. Made up too! I was pig sick the day it happened and left the ground as soon as it was evident what had gone on. Just couldn't watch after that!
Brian Wilkinson
28 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:11:33
Loan would be fine for me,save rushing Gbadin and Gomes back, could rotate this guy and ease Gomes back in.

Makes more sense than buying now, need to watch our ffp purse until we can get some off the wage bill in the summer.

Dennis Stevens
29 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:20:44
I think that bringing anybody in to bolster the midfield would be a gamble & if we're going to gamble then I'd rather we gambled on giving Beni a chance pending the return of Gbamin & then Gomes.
Mike Gaynes
30 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:27:12
Brian, Steve, that is absolutely fucking amazing. The clip doesn't show him actually running, but just kicking the ball around is a miracle in so short a time. (Brian, I didn't realize you were at the fateful game.)

Regarding James Rodriguez, I've said it before -- this would be the most talented player to put on an Everton shirt in decades, and the excitement he would bring to Goodison would be worth four months of that towering salary. Make the loan, sit back and enjoy the show.

Julian Exshaw
31 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:37:56
This is the most boring transfer window in the history of Sky. I'll be fascinated to see how they spin this one. As for our signings, it's not looking promising. I thought one or two would have come in.
Brian Williams
32 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:44:50
Mike I'm at every home game mate, whether we're wonderful or "shite."

With regard to signings if there aren't the players out there available at a sensible price I'd much rather wait and go with what we've got. This season's a write off for me anyway, just my opinion.

Steve Ferns
33 Posted 28/01/2020 at 16:47:53
Mike, are you a Bayern fan? Any insight on his recent form as to whther he could cope with the close attention of Premier League defences? What about the pace of the game? Also, he has a tendency to slow everything down, would he not be better suited to Italy?

Julian, I bet they are loving it. There will be deadline day madness for sure now. Everything will be going to the wire, and that's what sky love, all the action on deadline day. I expect us to be prominent protagonists.

Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 28/01/2020 at 17:10:02
Steve #32, no, unfortunately I don't watch much of either Bayern or Real Madrid (Barca and Dortmund preferred), so I have no particular insight into why James hasn't broken through to the greatness expected of him.

And yes, if I were his agent I'd be looking for a transfer to Serie A to reignite his career -- but not until this summer, after he rockets in a few 30-yarders for us!

Brian #32, agree wholeheartedly, save the shopping trip for summer -- but I'd still love to see a high-profile loan to get everybody excited for the rest of the season, otherwise it's going to be paint drying.

Paul Birmingham
35 Posted 28/01/2020 at 18:13:12
Time to pull a few rabbits out of the hat, in this transfer window, but in view of salvaging and improving this season, I’d take a loan on James and no more.

The romance of great goals is to be cherished by any footballer, but the dynamics of playing at the end of the English winter, doesn’t always work for some players.

Plus how many games has James started these last 4 years for his club teams?

I’m sure there will be some transfer winners this window, including Everton, if possible, but if we don’t get any players in, it’s not the end of this season.

As a massive positive I’d see the opportunities to off load our finest deadwood, as more important to provide a squad balance for next season.

And Id like to think Carlo, will have a plan for a proper preseason, and the players do proper training and decent games, rather than playing Alpine Pub sides.

Time will tell.

Steve Ferns
36 Posted 28/01/2020 at 20:22:43
Cheers Mike.
Tommy Carter
37 Posted 28/01/2020 at 21:18:10
@ Steve 21 & 22

England thumped Czech Republic 5-0 last March, despite this, I thought that Soucek had a particularly good game. And at times England were overwhelmed by his physicality and aerial ability. I started to follow his progress from that moment on and I have been impressed each time I have seen him I think last year was a breakthrough for him and this year he has shown he is a class above everyone else with whom he plays.

His qualities I think could benefit any team. I get the Fellaini comparison but I think he has even more about him than Fellaini. That said, Fellaini himself was a top player for our football club.

There really is value for money out there, but modern scouting is focused on all the wrong areas now for my liking.

I commend Moyes and his team for identifying this player, whilst everyone else swarms around the obvious and over priced.

Put it this way, there are clubs being linked with big money moves for Emre Can.

Steve Ferns
38 Posted 28/01/2020 at 21:19:34
Nice one Tommy. Be interesting to see how he develops. I think any new midfielder must have pace, we cannot comprise on this.
Tommy Carter
39 Posted 28/01/2020 at 21:34:59
@ Steve 38.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Steve Ferns
40 Posted 28/01/2020 at 21:49:43
I wanted Exequiel Palacios of River Plate (along with his manager). He signed for just £15m to Bayer Leverkusen this month. Link

Benfica just signed Julien Weigl from Dortmund for just £18m, ok he's not quick, but he's good value for that price. Link

Other than him, Wilmar Barrios of Zenit: Link

Gustavo Assunção of Famalicão looks a player, and everyone in that side has a price. Probably one to scout and I doubt Jay Wood has heard of him as he's just 19 and came over from Brazil very young. Link to a decent match he had.

There's no one in Sporting worth a punt. We've only got Bruno Fernandes and after he leaves, Bolasie of all people will be our best player, yep that's how shit we now are!

Tommy Carter
41 Posted 28/01/2020 at 22:05:28
Steve, I feel Bruno Fernandes is a massive gamble. I think he will be a decent verging on good player in the premier league and no more than that. Interested in your thoughts
Steve Ferns
42 Posted 28/01/2020 at 22:16:18
Tommy, it depends on how long it takes for him to get over his back injury (He's been carrying Sporting all season!).

He's a great player, but not worth the price. Sporting are in a right mess and they're trying to sell everything to stay afloat. Bruno is going to go quite cheaply (as far as they are concerned) as they just have no bargaining power as their financial situation is well known. Man Utd are playing chicken with them, and they know Sporting need the money now, more than Man Utd need the player. Once Bruno joins Man Utd, it should start the merry-go-round and I think the likes of Vecino will then be on the move once they know Man Utd is not an option.

Will he succeed at Man Utd, it is difficult to say. He's like a cross between David Silva and Frank Lampard. He's very technical like Silva, but he has a thunderous long shot like Lampard and scores lots of goals from midfield. Sporting is all about him though. The midfield is designed to do his defensive work and just give him the ball. The striker is to create space for him, and so on. At Utd he will just be another cog in the machine, and that will take some getting used to. Where will they play him, surely not as a number 10. I don't think he works hard enough to be an 8, and he can't play deep in a 4231. If they go to a 4231 and play him as a number 10, and try to build everything around him, then is he good enough to carry Man Utd, probably not. But he will score loads of goals.

He will give them options against the likes of Burnley though. He can pull their defence out of the low block, because everyone has to press him on the ball because he is lethal from 30 yards, you cannot let him see goal. So if they press him, he can slide it through the lines and put Rashford and co through. So in that regard he could be the missing link. He's a fun player to watch.


Lev Vellene
43 Posted 28/01/2020 at 22:33:06
Whoever we are linked with, I somehow feel we'll need to move on half of the current team before we bring them in, just to limit the infectious defeatism the older "wage-earners" all seem to carry...
Jim Jennings
44 Posted 28/01/2020 at 23:06:10
Exactly the type of player we should be avoiding. Massive wages, little or no re-sale value and past his peak.

I haven’t seen much of him this season but he showed nothing in two years at Bayern to suggest he was worth the money and they didn’t take up an option to buy, even with Robbery leaving / retiring, instead dipping into the loan market for (the older) Perisič and Coutinho.

Someone mentioned Julian Weigl above. Do me a favour. The BVB fans would have driven him to Benfica, he has regressed that much over the last two seasons.

Steve Ferns
45 Posted 28/01/2020 at 23:19:33
Jim, he's just signed for Benfica for a cut price for the reason you said. However, he was great in the Lisbon derby 10 days ago and did a great job of keeping Bruno shackled. I'll let you know how he gets on over the rest of the season, but I think Benfica got a bargain there.
Bob Parrington
46 Posted 28/01/2020 at 23:38:03
Martin@2 - Granted. 12th July birthday so 29 by start of next season as mentioned by James@14.

Clearly, I am a member of DNS (The National Dyslexic Society)

Jim Jennings
47 Posted 28/01/2020 at 23:42:23
Please do, Steve. He may well excel in a weaker league but he was a backup at BVB, very mediocre and nowhere near the level of Delaney & Witsel. I don’t think he’d be any improvement on what we have already.

Since we are playing Fantasy Football, I would take a punt on Jean-Philippe Mateta from Mainz (ex team mate of Gbamin) who looked a steal last season but got injured pre season and starting to look the part again since coming back. Similar qualities to DCL but an upgrade and fits the profile of young with good potential re-sale value.

Drew O'Neall
48 Posted 28/01/2020 at 00:19:41
Yeah we don’t need him.

We need a permanent successor to Coleman at right back. Coleman can go and Sidibe shouldn’t be renewed despite some positive attributes. JJK can compete with the incoming first choice right back and hopefully improve enough to challenge or he’s gone next year too.

We need at least one more senior, mobile centre back. Keane can go and we should assess the youngsters - while out on loan for the remainder of the season - for their suitability as the fourth member of the first team squad for the 20/21 season.

We might be able to kick left back into the long grass if Baines can deputise for one more season but Digne needs to pull his finger out if he doesn’t want to be replaced based on some of this season’s performances.

We need a big, combative, mobile, midfielder in the Viera image. I would give Sidibe a try in there this season before we send him home - Ancelloti appears to be using our competitive games like preseason friendlies to assess his options so why not.

Delph can go the same way as Schneiderlin. Sigurdsson might have a place in the squad but shouldn’t be renewed because he’s not getting any younger or better and we have Bernard and Iwobi in front of him.

Gomes and Gbamin are both now massive risks and Davies is still squad level so we may even need two new CM’s in the summer.

A different profile of midfielder to what we have might allow us to use Bernard or Iwobi as a full-time No.10 as appose to drifting in from the left.

Up front we’re fine with DCL, Keane and Richarlison unless someone experienced and Prem-tested comes on the market IE Vardy, Aubamayang, Lacazette, Raul Jimenez, Josh King to be used for a season as the youngsters grow.

Out wide Walcott is squad level and should be sold or wound down but not renewed. Bernard is probably better central but good enough to play LM depending what system we play. Iwobi ditto but second to Bernard for the same two positions so I would consider any strong offers.

I think we need one more Zaha type player for the right hand side to stretch defences and I would break the bank for a proven player of his quality rather than sign two or three flops trying to get it right.

The keeper’s fine. Yeah he does some mental things but he saves us too and I think he’d get away with his erratic behaviour, while he learns and matures, if the team was playing better stuff. When we’re looking for reasons why we lost it’s easy to point to his high profile mistakes than remember the great saves.. that said we need a back up keeper and I don’t believe in buying back ups so I think we should try to sign another strong, young keeper, let them duke it out, then retain the best one at the end of next year.

Anyone else should be sold or released and youngsters like Gordon and Evans farmed out on loan. There’s no room for sentiment.

Sam Hoare
49 Posted 29/01/2020 at 09:57:25
Jim@47, I think actually striker may be the one position we don't need strengthening. DCL is really looking the part at the moment and Kean will hopefully flourish too. I think CF will eventually be Richarlison's best position too and with Simms looking good in the U23s I think we are well stocked there.

Drew@48, I agree with most of that. I think a mobile CM, a pacy CB and right winger will be our main target this summer. Possibly a RB too though depends on how Sidibe and Kenny do for rest of the season.

I think if, for example, you were to put Zouma, Zakaria and Buendia into this team we'd be looking pretty strong. Maybe add Max Aarons or Youcef Atal and you're really cooking!

Graham Coldron
50 Posted 29/01/2020 at 17:13:21
Off topic but Sky are gleefully reporting that we have knocked back Barcelona who have bid 85 million for Richarlison.Cue clips of Richarlison scoring goals with coy references to whether his " head has been turned "
Neil Wood
51 Posted 29/01/2020 at 22:59:42
Appears we still want a right sided winger. Deulofeu anyone!

Still hurts and still think he’d be perfect for us now

Mick Roberts
52 Posted 30/01/2020 at 15:25:37
directors of football don't work and never will the manager and only the manager should decide who they want then its on his shoulders if things don't work out just like the majority of brands signings
Kim Vivian
53 Posted 30/01/2020 at 20:26:20
Mick – DoF or not, I reckon Carlo will have a pretty significant input re in-comings don't you think?

Everyone – from the top down must be in thrall to Ancelotti's involvement at this stage.
Steve Ferns
54 Posted 30/01/2020 at 20:42:57
Name the last club to win the League that did not have a Director of Football and was not managed by Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger.

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