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Could John Stones return to Everton?

| Saturday, 27 June 2020 115comments  |  Jump to last
There is unsubstantiated speculation that John Stones could be up for sale this summer.

Having lost the Premier League title to Liverpool, Pep Guardiola is thought to be considering the areas of his defense that let him down, with former Everton centre-half a likely target for being sold.

Stones joined Manchester City 4 years ago in a massive deal that could have topped £50M after spending 3½ years at Everton. He was the last player acquisition under David Moyes and had a mixed spell with the Blues that had some fans thinking they were watching 'the new Bobby Moore' a future England captain.

But his many Everton critics would claim Stones wasn't actually a very good defender, with little positional awareness, who was constantly out-jumped on corners and crosses which led directly to goals conceded on numerous occasions.

Those foibles were never very far below the surface in his life as a Citizen and it appears that Guardiola may well have had enough. But it seems unlikely that Carlo Ancelotti would see any positive reasons for bringing him back to Goodison Park.

Reader Comments (115)

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Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
1 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:14:42
On a free - maybe.
Tony Everan
2 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:17:37
Not physically strong enough or dominant enough in the air. Liable to make mistakes that will cost points. At Man City he can make a mistake then they can score four , at Everton one mistake can cost us the three points. Is his body up to the rigours of 40-50 games per season ? Evidence says not .

Compare him to Kurt Zouma who maybe has less technical ability but is an overall much better defender. Re-signing John Stones would be an expensive long term mistake, and there will be far better options out there.

Michael O'Malley
3 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:18:21
Whatever you think of him as a footballer he does spend a lot of time out injured, no from me
Joe McMahon
4 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:19:58
Please no, there is a reason he's not making the city team. We can not afford his mistakes, as we already have Pickford to worry about.
Tony Abrahams
5 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:31:49
Looked to have the world at his feet, a dream move to play for a manager who wants his defenders to play, play, play, so if it’s gone wrong for Stones, maybe his personal life has interfered with his football, because something has obviously gone wrong if Guardiola doesn’t want him anymore?
Dennis Stevens
6 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:32:24
I rate Holgate higher anyway.
Robert Tressell
7 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:37:50
I still like him as a player but he is a conundrum. And with flaws. Might be best as a sweeper in a 532.
Brian Harrison
8 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:38:50
I don't see any mileage in this for us, he thought he was a better player than he was and Guardiolas set up should have suited Stones. But Guardiola has found that Stones is not quick and not dominant enough, and when Kompany was injured Guardiola preferred Fernandino a midfield player to play at centre back rather than Stones. Which is why we shouldnt go near him.
Eddie Dunn
9 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:39:20
Clearly has persistent injury there is no point discussing his strenths or weaknesses on the park.
Alan Rodgers
10 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:00:03
Stones isn't good enough for City is all we need to know. I still have nightmares about his tippy-tappy with Tim Howard and him telling the Park End to calm down.
Kevin Molloy
11 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:07:25
We've picked up so many players now from big clubs, and how many of those moves have worked out? He'd arrive here with his confidence in the bin, and we'd all be waiting for the first mistake
Steve Shave
12 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:08:16
Maybe a loan for Stones might suit all parties? He could potentially rediscover his form at a club he knows already and bolster his plummeting sale price for next season?
Robert Tressell
13 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:16:20
Stones is good enough for city hence being ever present in title winning sides when fit. But he's not been fit for a while and needs the right partner because he's an unusual centre half. Maybe best with a real leader and man's man of a centre half like Kompany. Don't want him back as really enjoying Holgate's emergence. But Stones is very good.
Ian Bennett
14 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:40:20
I think he will go to Arsenal. I can't see him returning to us.

Based on Holgate's progress, it's finding someone to compliment him. Keane has improved in the last 2 games but, for me, I'd look to get the £25M back and move him out.

John Pickles
15 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:43:14
An injury-prone player from a top club that failed last season getting rid of it's deadwood, why wouldn't we be interested? Five year deal on maximum wages, what could possibly go wrong?

While we're at it, do they have any young starlets that have stagnated and just need 'The Right Club' to find themselves? We'll take them too, big money, long contract, no problem.

It's saves wasting money on proper scouts (we'd rather waste it on rubbish ones).

Jim Wilson
16 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:46:07
We need to find a midfield general with pace and a deadly finisher.
That would do me.
Mark Andersson
17 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:52:01
Steve @10, we need someone better than Zouma...

As for Stones, Carlo is a better manager than the Spanish one so I think he is best placed to evaluate Stones, not us mere fans..

But, saying that, I have to agree with most on this post that Stones would be a backward step...

Laurie Hartley
18 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:52:16
Steer well clear. I had very high expectations of the young John Stones but I was wrong and Mike Gaynes was right.

I really like the way Holgate is developing into a no nonsense defender.

Alan J Thompson
19 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:58:56
If we didn't have three central defenders vying for two positions and a couple of juniors in Gibson and Branthwaite looking like they may make the standard then I'd say yes for somewhere between £3M & £8M transfer fee and subject to a medical.

As I've said before, he has a footballing brain and hopefully, he's added a pragmatic side to it. Wouldn't break the bank for him though.

Brian Williams
20 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:01:09
I think what's gone wrong mate is the fact that Pep can see that he can't defend very well, despite what some on here might say!
Brent Stephens
21 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:11:21
Looks good until he has the ball at his feet.
Eric Myles
22 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:20:37
If he's let City down, why should we be considering him?

Let him go let another club down.

Darren Hind
23 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:26:51
Contrary to the false claims here. Pep rates John Stones very highly as a player

Numerous times Pep has expressed his frustration at not being able to get him fit enough to play consecutive games. That frustration has recently turned to exasperation. - He thinks these injuries are in his head.

A fully fit (mentally and Physically) John Stones and Holgate would have been my dream pairing. I know they don't boot it long enough for some people liking, but at least we'd have finally been served up the good stuff - The Park end panic merchants would have been having heart attacks on mass

I recently heard Sam Allardyce talking about Ravel Morrison. He asked Sir Alex if he was worth taking a chance on. Ferguson replied "Sam, I couldn't reach him, but if you can get inside this boys head. You will have an absolute genius on your hands".
Thats some statement when you think of the players Fergie has managed.

Its not all about physical fitness

Kevin Molloy
24 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:32:21
That's just classic Ferguson. Desperate to get rid of a bad egg he turns on the charm and Soft Arse Allardyce swallows it all like mothers milk.
Stephen Meighan
25 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:41:32
Not for me. Although John Stones is a good footballer I don't think he's a great defender. Mason Holgate has come on leaps and bounds so we need a more aggressive robust defenfer to complement him I liked Kurt Zouma when he was her but I think that ship has sailed. Someone in that mould would be ideal for Holgate because I don't think Michael Keane is the answer.
Darren Hind
26 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:41:51
I think Ferguson had already retired Kevin
Kevin Molloy
27 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:43:56
Darren Hind
28 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:47:43
Actually Kevin. Just checked the dates. Fergie was stiil there, so you could still be right
Jeff Spiers
29 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:51:19
Kevin Molloy
30 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:54:29
Yes all conjecture, of course, but we do know he had seven or eight fellow managers eating out of his hand. The top hat being our very own manager's panic at being ushered into his presence wearing jeans rather than something more formal.
Niall McIlhone
31 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:55:07
I actually think Stones is a deep lying midfielder masquerading as a centre half. He has superb passing range, can carry the ball out of defence, and if he occupied the space that, say, Delph or Davies currently occupy, he could arguably find more discipline in his game and find a new direction. It’s a shame about Gbamin, and Delph is sadly a permanent sick note. If he were available on a low cost and wage demands were ok, I would have him back. Carlo would sort his head out.
Derek Knox
32 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:57:25
I don't think it ever works, and can't recall any player or Manager, who has had a better second spell at the Club. Having said that if we were to renew interest in Kurt Zouma, would he be the same?

Should we be concentrating more on quality players, now that the clear-out is slowly taking effect? If we have genuine ambitions, which I hope we do, I think we should, but I would like to see unearthed gems who can grow and develop with the side than seasoned highly paid professionals. Who may or may not adapt to the Premier League.

Paul Birmingham
33 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:05:36
For me it's a no. Whilst a good player for me theres been the same mistakes at City and England as we saw in his time at Everton.

I feel that hes list the mentality and belief he had when he first arrived.

Lifes tough for all of us never more so but on football, Everton be ruthless and build from strength.

Ofcourse we don't know the credibility of this story, but I'd prefer Zouma and or the Napoli lad, Kouliba but I sense hello go to a Team whose in the European Cup next season, if he left.

I'm sure Carlo can pull some strings, but let's stay positive and beat Brenda next week.

Dave Williams
34 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:07:48
We need a top class CM or two who will take control of the game before a CB and certainly should steer well clear of players with injury problems.
Dave White
35 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:36:54
A player I always liked and my gut immediately said I’d love to see him back in a blue shirt...but, looking at the facts, I think it’s a case of my heart ruling my head.

I do agree with earlier posts that he would make a fine deep sitting CM but he’ll command top dollar wages and it’s a risk we cannot take. Especially given that we’ve just shifted a top dollar misfit to France.

There’s just some players that you wish with every fibre in your body would finally live up to their potential and it’s hard to accept it when they never do. I remember pleading from the stands for Bilyaletdinov to do the same!

On the flip side there’s some players I never thought would cut it at this level and they prove you wrong, Mason Holgate, take a bow lad...surely got to be in line for an England call up?

Derek Thomas
36 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:38:01
Niall @ 31; you and a few others. Some even said Pep knows the score, genius that fellah, he'll soon have him in there...and yet some how he never picked him there, nor did any other of his bosses.

If he had any real talent in midfield, or centre half for that matter, surely at Club playing at Barnsley's level (no offence) he would've got a run there - they played him at right back.

So for that reason - I'm out...I doubt he'd come back anyway, after the abuse he, sometimes rightly, got.

I too, would rather have the less flamboyant Zouma or similar.

Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:43:16
You don’t win the domestic treble with defenders that can’t defend Brian, but I take your point though mate.

Holgate pairing Stones might get done in the air Darren? But the other side of the coin is how good would we be in possession? but aren’t defenders just supposed to defend, argh!

Jim Bennings
38 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:04:36
This should be a pie in the sky rumour but thing that does concern me a tad is the way we seem to want to walk the ball out from defence under Ancelotti, maybe this is where Stones would fit in?

I didn't like that under Martinez but it worked attacking wise under him because we had midfield player's capable of coming and retrieving the ball such as Barry and then Barkley could carry the ball.

It leaves me with jitters now because the defence plays pointless one-twos and then the midfield is too static to do anything, to me it's a really dodgy exercise unless you have players that can come and carry the ball which we haven't.

Stones himself, hmm I'm not convinced to be honest, has he really progressed much since he left us?

Don't get me wrong he was a highly talented player but never a great defender, so I'm really on the fence with this one.

Dave White
39 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:05:16
Just to follow up my previous post, if Southgate does see an international in Holgate, he should make a move. I've just read that Mason is eligible to represent Jamaica too through his grandparents. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)
Paul Tran
40 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:14:08
I was glad to get the £50m for Stones, even though we wasted it. I'd consider getting him back if the price is right. An excellent footballer, who has suffered from injuries, the hole left by Kompany's departure and Guardiola's inability to replace him.

If I was a young defender, I think I'd learn more from Ancelotti than Guardiola. Holgate would definitely be the leader of the pair; there's a fragility about Stones that stops my 'consider' becoming a 'buy'.

Steve Guy
41 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:20:23
No thanks. another Jack Roswell imo. a legend in his own lunchtime.
John Pierce
42 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:41:42
It’s astonishing the fall from favor Stones has had. Arguably the Pep’s lack of faith and playing Fernandinho and even Rodri there smack of a real problem.

Is it the mistakes, because most of them have been made in the managers image trying to play his way out. Maybe his focus has been inevitably drawn by a personal life which is colorful to say the least.

Either way not sure I’d have him back. It’s another sign we are looking at damaged or players on a downward curve instead of doing the hard work and buying players on the rise.

Everton need to do their homework and not buy discards from clubs however high the calibre.

Gavin Johnson
43 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:58:23
I wouldn't object to resigning John Stones if we couldn't sign Gabriel, Todibo, Salisu, Thiago Silva, Marash Kumbulla or Unai Nunez. So yeah, he could come back but there's half a dozen CBs I'd prefer us to sign.

Darren Hind's dream pairing of Stones and Holgate is unlikely to happen cos if there's any amount of truth in the story you can bet that Pep will want Mason Holgate in return. The part-exchange story has resurfaced along with the Stones return rumours.

Dan Parker
44 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:00:38
Is that City’s bait as part of an attempt to capture Holgate?
Patrick McFarlane
45 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:19:45
Ancellotti already stated earlier this year, shortly after Mason extended his contract there was Zero chance of Holgate moving. I realise that Covid-19 may have altered the financial landscape but surely this early in Carlo's tenure, the club wouldn't pull the rug from under him as they have done to so many previous managers?

An aged Thiago Silva and an injury-prone Stones sounds like a Kenwright dream team at the back, probably with an even less reliable keeper when we cash in on Pickford... in fact, why not go the whole hog and sell Richarlison too, there'll be some cheaper option who can do a job.

Of course I'm being sarcastic but none of the above hasn't been seen previously, when cash was tight.

Barry Rathbone
46 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:26:16
As many, many others have said he's simply not a defender.

Potentially a good defensive midfield player but the injuries are worrisome – 50/50 call imo.

Ralph Basnett
47 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:41:59
Every so often you get a player that comes through the ranks or buy cheaply, initially looks good and you lose him to a bigger club, obviously with a huge fee.

He was one of the them players, we have had our dosh out of him and should steer clear.

Sean Kelly
48 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:46:47
This week we cleared out some dross presumably to create some space for better players on decent wage. The exercise is not to replace dross with more dross.

No more rejects. We are not a retirement and rehab home for those Manc clubs.

Jamie Crowley
49 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:14:41
Always liked this kid. But in an honest moment, he's got a clanger in him once a game.

I'd take him if he were cheap, and I'd look at him as a CDM until Gbamin is healthy. Many on these pages said previously they thought Stones's best position would be in front of the back 4. I think he'd excel there, and help solidify the defensive side of things.

It's got to be cheap though. His injury record dictates we couldn't pay a ton for him.

Jamie Crowley
50 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:20:04
Coleman or Kenny Keane or Mina Holgate Digne or Baines
Stones or Gbamin
Davies or Bernard Gomes or [Transfer Target]
Kean or Iwobi Calvert-Lewin Richarlison

That ain't half bad.

Jack Convery
51 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:38:12
I hate to say it but NO ! Let Arsenal have him and if he comes good that's how it goes. We have the beginnings of a decent spine so lets not start messing about with it. Go get Koulibaly and put him alongside Holgate. Now that I would really like to see.

The engine room needs stripping down and re-engineering. That's our real problem area and Carlo needs to get that sorted before 20-21 gets started.

Andrew Clare
52 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:50:31
The reason we are where we are is because we buy dead loss players like Stones. We don't want other clubs cast-offs. Yes, he looks classy but he also makes some really costly mistakes. He won't be motivated as he has already made a small fortune with Man City.

We want young up and coming hungry players.

Karl Masters
53 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:04:10
All teams need to blend together.

When it’s done well the sum becomes greater than the parts ( such as Sheff Utd pre lockdown ) but done badly and it’s a load of misfits, often expensive ones ( eg Klaassen, Rooney, Siggy in same line up ) or Lampard/Gerrard for England.

Stones might fit in, not sure where, maybe right back, but only with decent defenders in the middle good at cutting out high balls. I never liked him in central defence as he was weak in the air.

I trust Ancelotti to get it right, so whatever he thinks is what I’ll go with as he has a bigger picture in his head of how he wants us to play.

Jay Harris
54 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:08:30
It says it all to me that he cant get in one of the worst defensive setups in City's recent history.

Injuries, a loss of confidence or should I say overconfidence and as someone else pointed out another Jack Rodwell.


Brian Wilkinson
55 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:11:59
So let me run this around my head with some comments, not good enough for City, so not good enough for Everton, so we can forget making a move for Lukaku or Zouma on that basis.

His dribbling in front of the park end causing panic attacks, has anyone watched Everton recently playing short passes across our penalty area.

Stones has one hell of a football brain, but like I said previously, always thought he was better suited as a Gareth Barry type role, playing just in front of the defenders, playing in a sweeper role.

I can only put it down to his injuries that is the big concern, but Holgate for me has been our main plus, so not to concerned in Stones as a priority signing.

If city wanted a swap involving Holgate, I would tell them where to go.

However if Stones was available on a cheap then 50/50 and that is purely down to his injury record and not his ability.

Gary Willock
56 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:12:58
Even on a free he’d be a waste on the wage bill. Mason is currently twice the player stones was, and I’d also have both Yeri and Michael Keane ahead of him as both are much better in the air.
Clive Rogers
57 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:13:43
He seems to be a lot heavier to me than when he was with us.
Gordon Crawford
58 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:30:52
No not in a million years.
John Keating
59 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:37:17
Maybe not as a centre half however, I think he could become a great defensive midfielder
Brian Wilkinson
60 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:46:50
I agree, John, think some are looking at him as a centre-half but I think he could do a good job playing just in front of the defenders.
James Flynn
61 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:55:32
Martin Berry
62 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:56:40
Rodwell, Barkley, Stones... have any of them really improved leaving Everton at a young age???

Leave well alone and move on if we are seriously talking about any rumoured return regarding the last two.

Geoff Williams
63 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:12:24
I would have Stones back. Holgate and Stones in partnership, I'd take that.

To have two good footballers in defence would be a great asset but it won't happen.

Darren Hind
64 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:17:52
Pep described Stones as a brilliant player, but this interview would suggest he is not a big fan:

"To reach the potential he has, John has to play regularly.

"He has to be fit but, after 2-3 games, he falls down and cannot play. We try to help him. We tried to do the best for him since the first day. We do everything for him.

"Sometimes you have a tough injury but, in the case of John, I don't know why he is not able to play for a longer period. He is still a young player.

"It's in his hands and his head to be one of the best. It depends on him."

Sounds to me as if Pep simply doesn't believe him when he says he's injured.

Tony Everan
65 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:22:41
Holgate is becoming indispensable, he is on a long contract and is our future. The team will be built around the spine of Holgate, Calvert-Lewin and Carlo's incoming centre-midfielder. Any talk of a player plus cash deal for Stones is nonsense. Mason is going nowhere, he is an intergalactic* part of the Everton project.

[* Integral – predictive text getting carried away with Mason's importance.]

Anthony Hawkins
66 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:00:28
No thanks
Colin Glassar
67 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:08:17
Only if we miss out on our first 4-5 options and we get him on a free and City pay 95% of his wages AND they take all our deadwood in return!
Justin Doone
68 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:11:59
No. Stones hasn't learnt from his own mistakes of overplaying at the wrong moments. Remember his last England outing!

Along with his injury record he's just not worth the risk.

Stones is similar to Mason who's a more basic but much better defender in every aspect.

We need someone to compliment Mason, it could possibly be Mina. A big, tough, dominant defender.

The one common issue with Barkley, Stones, Rodwell, Vaughan and many others etc. are injuries at important times of their developing but early careers. Ability yes, mentally lacking at important moments.

Paul Tran
69 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:54:10
Darren #66, one of my doubts about Stones is that he strikes me as being a bit fragile, physically & mentally. I suspect if I can spot it, Guardiola will!

I thought he'd improve with better players. His problem at Man City is that he has better players in front of him, but may be not alongside him. Maybe he's finding it difficult to deal with the expectations at a club that demands trophies?

People often forget how important mental strength is in elite sport. Stones may acquire it slightly later in his career. He may never have it.

I'd say that's what Pep is referring to.

Gavin Johnson
70 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:18:56
We need to go the extra mile and try and sign Gabriel. He's the best left-sided centre-back available. I think a pairing of him and Mason could be Ancelotti's favoured centre-backs for many years to come.

If Man City are looking for a new centre-back, lets keep our fingers crossed they're not looking at our targets.

Brian Cleveland
71 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:57:17
Thought I read it was Stones plus cash for Holgate. Shows how much fortunes can change. Only earlier this season, even people on here were saying Holgate was crap.

Stones falling out with the crowd has not been forgotten either, wouldn't like the atmosphere. Oh wait, there isn't one...

Colin Glassar
72 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:00:59
I wouldn’t mind us going for Aarons and Lewis the two young Norwich fullbacks. Both are going to be class players.
Bobby Mallon
73 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:26:52
No, no, no... but this is Everton: we seem to always buy injury-prone or crap players who get huge sums and wages.
Gavin Johnson
74 Posted 27/06/2020 at 21:16:36
Aarons is good from what I've seen. Don't know much about Lewis. Buendia looks very good as a right-winger. He came on against us in the 2nd half on Wednesday. His assists matched James Maddison earlier in the season. He's got some fancy moves with his dribbling too.

He looks amazing on YouTube, even by YouTube standards, which as we know can make any player look decent. He doesn't score enough though. He's probably in the mould of Bernard, but better. I'd like us to bring in a winger who'll score a few. We haven't got that at the moment, unless we play Richarlison out wide.

Tom Bowers
75 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:35:51
I am impressed with Aarons and Lewis also but I also like Cantwell who is like Tom Davies only better. Carlo could really bring these players on if he had them.

It's not likely but they will probably leave Norwich, who are doomed.

Peter Thistle
76 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:57:55
He can fuck off, Billy Big Bollocks.
Jerome Shields
77 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:35:28
I don't believe in bringing back ex-players.

In Stones's case, I think his ship has sailed.

Vijay Nair
78 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:15:06
Bobby (74), you took the words right out of my mouth.
Bob Hannigan
79 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:29:35
Stones left us.

No thanks, young man, I wish you well.

Kenny Smith
80 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:33:17
We need a dominant centre-half not a player like Stones. I'd of said yes to him coming back 6 months ago but Holgate has really come on and for me is probably better than Stones. I don't know where he'd fit in. You couldn't pair him with any of the central defenders we've got now. Plus he'd be on massive money.
Paul Birmingham
81 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:06:50
Colin @73, I agree, they look like they have fight from the stomach up?

Sadly, the last 30 years most of the key players we have bought have had no stomach for a fight.

Soon to change via Carlo.

Lester Yip
82 Posted 28/06/2020 at 02:45:08
I'd prefer a solid defender with good heading than a defender with fancy good work.
Tony Cawson
83 Posted 28/06/2020 at 03:27:50
All day long for me.

One of the few in the last 30 years I've been sad to see go.

Wonderful footballer.

A few tweaks here and there.

If anyone can sort him, Carlo can.

Sam Hoare
84 Posted 28/06/2020 at 07:42:39
When fit John Stones is still a very good player. But we really don't need any more sicknotes. If he were available for £10-15m and interested in coming to us on reduced wages then he'd certainly merit consideration but can't see it. Also, for all those claiming he still makes mistakes, apparently he's not made one leading to a goal in 3 years in the Premier League.

Gavin@71 is right, Gabriel should be our guy; excellent left-footer to bring balance and power to our back line. Sounds like he'd already be ours if not for Covid-19.

Mike Gaynes
85 Posted 28/06/2020 at 07:51:28
Laurie #18, wow, you do have a long memory. I didn't think anyone remembered that discussion but me.

Actually, though, at this point I'd be with Niall. Assuming Stones has matured between the ears -- a pretty decent assumption given Pep's ability to do that for his players -- at the right price and salary I think he'd potentially become a fine defensive mid for us.

Definitely not at center back.

Martin Mason
86 Posted 28/06/2020 at 09:23:55
Definitely at the right price, he'd be a fantastic addition. Doubt that he'd come back to Everton though.
Brent Stephens
87 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:17:51
Not surprisingly, there's not much support for a Stones signing here. I certainly wouldn't want to see him in the back line - we've seen far too often what that brings. If anywhere, then, as Mike says, as defensive mid. But that might only be if we couldn't attract the sort of midfielder we want - and I doubt we'd sign him just as a stop-gap signing.

His lack of game-time under Pep is often explained in terms of his injuries - another reason to be wary.

And I fear the GP crowd might get on his back sooner rather than later if (when?) he messed up. And to the extent that he's a confidence player, then that wouldn't end well.

On balance, a "no" from me. Other options.

Hugh Jenkins
88 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:24:53
It's great to chat and speculate on what might or might not be.
If memory serves, we have had three managers since Stones was sold and the third is our current incumbent - Mr Ancelotti.

On his appointment, there was amazement not just from Evertonians, but many other quarters, as to why he chose Everton?

Suffice to say that at the time it was reported from those supposedly ITK, that he had first sought assurances about team selections and funding.

On that basis, I am pretty sure that he will have in mind exactly how he wants to build his team and who his targets for certain positions are.

Unless John Stones is already on that list, I therefor very much doubt if we will see him again in the Royal Blue of Everton as I don't think Carlo nor Marcel are "knee jerk" reactors in the transfer market.

David Connor
89 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:46:10
Please god no. I was pleased when we sold him. He is error-prone as well as injury-prone.

Let's face it, we have enough crocks as it is, we don't want anymore. Start running us like a professional club instead of an amateur one, please.

Darren Hind
90 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:37:39
Injured himself in training again. Not available today.

Pep once said "As long as I'm at City, stones will be as well"
Given is clear frustration about not being able to get him on the field. I wonder if he regrets that.

Incidentally; Stones has played for quite a few experienced managers now. They have all seen him every day in training. but they havent been tempted to play him in midfield

Carl Manning
91 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:28:34
This not wanting players who have played for us before baffles me. Rodwell, Rooney, Barkley,stones, lukaku even Jeffers, left us to play for far more competitive clubs who played regular champions league. We can’t seriously hold that against them the state we’ve been in for 20 years? If it’s not improved soon, Richarlison, digne, holgate and DCL will be next.
Jim Bennings
92 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:13:52
To be honest Southampton look like they have a few players I'd happily take off their hands.

Ward-Prowse has looked a tidy player for a good few seasons now and would be an upgrade on Davies.

Ings is a really good footballer and Redmond looks more direct than any wide man we have.

Martin Mason
93 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:33:37
I'd love to see Ross Barkley come back too.
Martin Mason
94 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:43:04
Barkley too straight away.
Bill Watson
95 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:13:30
Swerve! He was error prone when here and has remained error prone at City. We certainly don't need another sicknote draining money out of the club and putting little back.
Gavin Johnson
96 Posted 29/06/2020 at 00:44:26
Barkley coming back?! What have you been smoking, Martin?!
Alex Parr
97 Posted 29/06/2020 at 03:45:40
Niall 31, exactly my thoughts. Think that with good luck re the injuries, he could be a great player in that role. Or as a sweeper. Just think he lacks something for playing as one of two centre backs.

He looks like he bulked up after joining City.

I honestly believe moving up 10 yards he could be a cracking box-to-box player - we must all remember times when he went on a little stroll through the middle of the park - he is more than capable and I think it could bring his passing range in more offensively.

But then, his manager is Pep so what do I know :D

Peter Warren
98 Posted 29/06/2020 at 07:02:23
Surprised by the comments particularly given a position we need to strengthen. A fantastic player. That all said, 89 “please god no” makes sense in that we have had some crocks on our books for years.

It would a punt purely because of fact he hasn’t played much. If we could get him relatively cheap (in my view that means below £20m) I would take him.

Jack Convery
99 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:46:32
With Colin 72 - the two young lads at Norwich Aarons and Lewis would be a better way to spend money. I also like McNeill at Burnley, just what we need on the left.

And another I wouldn't mind seeing come to Goodison is Brooks at Bournemouth, he's better than both Grealish and Madison and has a definite football brain. Very aware of what's going on around him, which is what you need in midfield these days. He also appears very down to earth whereas Grealish and Madison have the sniff of big egos about them.

Sarr at Watford could be one to watch too.

Mal van Schaick
100 Posted 30/06/2020 at 08:53:38
No thanks. Error prone and when he wanted out we got a good deal.

Schar at Newcastle would be a good addition, Konate RB Leipzig, 6’4”, also. Or Todibo at Barcelona.

Brands has had plenty of time to sort this out after leaving us short at the back. Let’s see What he and Ancelotti come up with.

Colin Metcalfe
101 Posted 30/06/2020 at 09:11:17
I would welcome him back with open arms, a player who can play out from the back with ease and has gained valuable experience at Man City. I can't see it though. I think maybe Chelsea or Arsenal and the bright lights of London would be more attractive to him.
Brian Murray
102 Posted 30/06/2020 at 09:21:06
Saying we would like Stones and then the Norwich full-backs is all a bit fanciful until we know who is actually available. I'm hoping Brands and or Carlo already knows this and has a brilliant master plan so we can celebrate next May.
Martin Mason
103 Posted 30/06/2020 at 09:25:42
Gavin @96,

On the face of it, yes, but he's played well recently in the games he's played and he's produced both assists and goals. It's also the area where we're weakest.

Mike Allison
104 Posted 30/06/2020 at 09:28:09
It’s a ‘no’ on injury record alone. There’s no point having a player who doesn’t play.
Jay Wood

105 Posted 30/06/2020 at 11:46:11
Like Darren, John Stones is my kind of footballer. He was one of 4 players of a similar age and profile who, in an ideal world under the right manager, should have formed the spine of a side that could have been added to to give us a real shout at competing at the top.

To those saying he is poor aerially and can't handle the physical side of the game, I offer you two examples which suggest otherwise.

Away to Newcastle in a 3-1 win, the game in which Ross Barkley ran from box to box to score a sumptuous goal.

Early in the first half John Stones suffered a nasty head wound which required him to be wrapped up like a mummy. Surprisingly, he returned for the 2nd half and completed the game.

Even with blood seeping through the bandages he never flinched once in challenging for the many high balls that came his way.

Then away to WHU against the considerable aerial threat of Andy Caroll. The WHU man tried everything. He was totally, but totally, owned by Stones that day. A complete Rolls Royce performance by our central defender.

Darren is also correct in the quotes he attributes to Guardialo when he said that as long as he was manager John Stones will have a place at City.

Alas, more recently he has expressed a more exasperated comment as Darren reports.

I rather think that John Stones has been the author of his own downfall not for football reasons, but for basically messing up his private life.

In the last two years he cheated on his long time partner and childhood sweetheart, the mother of his daughter. An attempted reconciliation failed and they split with Stones attempting to place a gagging order on her.

There are reports that opponents and even his own City team mates have mocked him on this, leaving him mentally fragile.

At his best, he is a wonderful footballer who could improve any team.

But I fear due to the consequences of his own indiscretions he is now damaged goods and should not be considered for a return to Everton.

A very sad tale.

Tom Bowers
106 Posted 30/06/2020 at 11:56:42
Stones, like many Everton young players, burst on the scene with some strong performances and Everton made some big money on his transfer.

He had started to make some key blunders and so I for one wasn't sad to see him go. However, given his private struggles and his omission from the Man City team these days, I cannot envisage him back at Goodison.

Very few players ever impress when returning to the club they came from.

Tom Bowers
107 Posted 30/06/2020 at 12:39:09
Stones, like many Everton young players, burst on the scene with some strong performances and Everton made some big money on his transfer.

He had started to make some key blunders and so I for one wasn't sad to see him go. However, given his private struggles and his omission from the Man City team these days, I cannot envisage him back at Goodison.

Very few players ever impress when returning to the club they came from.

Daniel A Johnson
108 Posted 30/06/2020 at 12:50:53
"If" this happens, then it's clear we have learned nothing.

The likes of Walcott and Delph are lessons to be learned – big wages on injury-prone players never works.

Billy big bollocks Delph in particular has been a spectacular waste of weekly wages and a transfer fee. For all the criticism of Niasse, at least he was fit and available.

Stones is error-prone and is now also injury-prone. Move on and invest in young talent not overpriced players on massive wages on a downward curve.

We need to be realistic and cut our cloth accordingly over the next two seasons.

Chris Leyland
109 Posted 30/06/2020 at 13:13:56
He could slot back into the side below of players who came back for a second spell. Most of whom flopped second time round.

Keeper - ?
Right back - Alan Harper
Left-back - Pistone
Centre-back - Stubbs
Centre-back - Unsworth
Centre-mid - Graveson
Centre-mid - Fernandes
Right-wing - Deulofeu
Left-wing - McFadden
Centre-Forward - Ferguson
Striker - Jeffers

Subs - Dave Johnson, Beagrie, Terry Curran, Andy King

Steve Ferns
110 Posted 30/06/2020 at 13:25:47
I'd sign John Stones (not taking into account the financials) if he was to partner Keane or Mina as first-choice centre-back. They are the more traditional central defenders who are strong in the air and lack the ball-playing skills. Therefore, Stones could compliment them.

The issue though, and still putting the financials to one side, is that our best centre back is now clearly Mason Holgate. I think few would disagree. Mason is a decent all-round defender. I don't think he's quite the ball-playing centre back Stones is. His passing and vision are not quite at that level. However, his all round game is better. Mason can defend better. But I don't think a team like Everton can play Holgate and Stones together. We need a player to compliment Holgate and cover the weaker side of his game. For me, that means a player who is dominant in the air and big and strong.

Michael Keane could be a decent partner for Holgate, but I doubt it. He lacks inner confidence and a nasty streak. Sure Holgate has that, and if they ages were reversed, then great. But Holgate is the youngster still developing and Keane is the international in his prime.

I do think we need another centre back still and I hope it's someone who brings the best out of Holgate and covers for his flaws.

As for Stones, you can't really ignore the financials and so it makes no sense whatsoever. His wages and any transfer fee are far too much and we can spend the money more wisely elsewhere, ie, cheaper alternative and have more to spend on a central midfielder.

Julian Wait
111 Posted 03/07/2020 at 17:43:34
Inferior version of David Luiz.
Frank Sheppard
112 Posted 04/07/2020 at 21:38:18
If injuries have cleared up, it’s a yes yes yes from me.
Ryan Tyrrell
113 Posted 10/07/2020 at 21:30:02
Not the signing for me.I think we should sign Gabriel.
Bill Fairfield
114 Posted 13/07/2020 at 15:39:17
Well he gets injured enough,must make him a certainty to come back
Brent Stephens
115 Posted 13/07/2020 at 15:47:50
Bill, don't tempt providence.

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