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Chelsea said to be eying up Jordan Pickford

Saturday, 27 June 2020 82comments  |  Jump to last
A story from Italy suggests that Frank Lampard is determined to get rid of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and replace him with a high-profile young goalie. According to this questionable feature, Chelsea management are reportedly tracking Everton and England Number One, Jordan Pickford.

But Pickford's contract at Everton has another 4 years to run, after his original 5-year deal was extended by a further 6 years to 2024 — surely in part to send a message that Everton were determined to keep him on their books.

An Everton player since 2017-18, the former Sunderland player was purchased in a deal potentially rising to £30M and is very unlikely to become available for sale, even though some Everton fans have been frustrated with his antics and sometimes glaring errors.

However, in recent games under Carlo Ancelotti, the enigmatic Mackem appears to have become more stable and less erratic.

Reader Comments (82)

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Tony Everan
1 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:53:41
Zouma plus £20M.
Si Turner
2 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:14:53
Who would we be able to buy to replace him for the reported £50m that we would receive?

All goalkeepers make mistakes, the difference is the elite goalkeepers make less and have better concentration meaning they can make big saves in games with few shots against them.

An upgrade on PickFord would cost circa £70m and that assumes they would be available and want to join us...

Robert Tressell
3 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:34:48
Seems very unlikely. Lampard certainly wants chilwell and you can see why. They could also do with a commanding centre half and a top class goalkeeper to bridge the gap to the top 2. Pickford is only just good enough for us and will not improve them.

They might sign Donnarumma for £50m but not Pickford.

If for whatever reason they do then we should take the £50m. Lots of goalkeepers around Europe could be bought for no more than £20m who are at least as good as Pickford.

Sam Hoare
4 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:49:47
Si@2 not true I’m afraid. Last season and especially one this Pickfords save rate is right at the bottom of the league. I don’t think it would be too hard to find a keeper to match his recent performances. Dragowski from Fiorentuna is one I’d look at it or Strakosha at Lazio.

Pickford is a decent keeper but, statistically, he’s actually got worse since joining us. He’ll likely lose his England spot soon. Perhaps he’ll get better as he matures but in the unlikely event that Chelsea bid good money for him I would take it and look for goalkeeper who makes more saves.

Brian Murray
5 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:00:41
Tony post #1, yes, that Zouma suggestion would solve an immediate problem for us plus he's hardly first choice for Chelsea so it's doable. As long as we don't do the age-old Everton strategy by letting a first-teamer go before nailing another to replace. Not just the Lukaku fiasco!!
Eddie Dunn
6 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:12:19
I think the lockdown has actually helped Pickford. Prior to the pandemic he was being put under the scrutiny of the tv pundits and the twits on 5 Live/Talksport. His erratic performances had critics clamouring for Henderson to take his place.
He has done okay in the two games so far. His distribution has been a little wayward but it will take the rest of this season to see if he has calmed-down a bit.
Personally, I would welcome £50m for him and I am sure we could find someone as good as him(or better) for a lot less.
Steve Shave
7 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:33:45
If we can get anywhere near 50m we should take it, Zouma as a sweetener maybe? I agree Sam, Dragowski would be equally as good and considerably cheaper or what about Uğurcan Çakır from Trabsonspor. highly rated young lad. Donnaruma likely to be their first choice or Onana from Ajax surely?
Francis van Lierop
8 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:01:00
There have been rumours for some time now that Lampard fancies André Onana (Ajax).
Who would most of us here prefer?
Apparantly Barca are a fan of Onana too, so there well be a bidding war.

I'm no fan of Pickford, as many of us here aren't, so I'd love it to happen.

Robert Tressell
9 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:42:39
Onana used to play for Barca youth. Seems to want to go back but unlikely to dislodge ter stegen. Quite likely to end up at Chelsea.

But back to the story, I'll be amazed if Pickford leaves this summer. Could see GK and RB being a focus for summer 2021 however.

We know he's not as bad as is sometimes made out but he is erratic, has possibly gone backwards and needs at least some decent competition (ie not Lossl).

Derek Knox
10 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:03:14
Can't say I particularly like or dislike Pickford, he certainly has that 'Marmite Factor' and I believe we could do a lot better with, and if we got, a decent wedge for him.

This all maybe rumour of course, but if it's not I think we should seriously consider any decent offer. He is not consistent enough for me, and can regularly fluctuate between Top and Circus Class, with some of his saves.

Martin Reppion
11 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:16:04
Derek #9, I can't stand marmite, but I think Pickford is a very good keeper, who can mature into a world class one.
I remember in the early 80s people who didn't rate a young bin man we had in goal. I can also remember being at a game (Leeds away) where a much older Nev made not one but 2 mistakes. (I remember it because I can barely remember a game where he made any).
Goalkeepers peak at a much older age than other players, like spin bowlers in cricket. Don't expect the finished article until they are pushing 30. To deride Pickford now and discard him would, in my opinion, be a mistake that we could come to regret. He makes enough great saves to show that he has the talent. Show me a man who hasn't made an error and I'll show you a man who hasn't attempted anything.
Si Turner
12 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:57:16
I would agree he needs to improve if he is to be considered as a great keeper at this level which we will need if we are to challenge top 4 in a few years time but I think he has the potential to.

With a more stable team and defence in front of him and Carlo instilling more tactical discipline across the team and individually, I think he will improve next season. This season has been poor for other starting 11 players (Digne, Mina, Sigurdson).

Far more glaringly obvious areas of the team need addressing first - right wing, centre mid, left wing and centre half in that order of priority.

Carl Manning
13 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:03:48
Onana won’t go to Barca. Nobody is replacing ter stegen any time soon! He’s one of only 3/4 truly world class keepers out there. Oblak being another and the 2 Brazilians at city and Liverpool.

Pickfords stats have got worse as the midfield in front of the defence has sadly got worse. There’s no gana this season for a start. He has huge potential but now it needs to come out more consistently. There’s a reason big clubs are linked to him after all.

Jay Wood

14 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:10:58
It's already going to be a complicated window.

Why add to the confusion and contemplate a change of keepers?

In other news, nice piece on the club site with Carlo naming 3 players from the current squad he sees as future managers. No spoilers from me as to who they are.

Also yet further insight into his management style and the importance of delegating responsibility to others you can trust.

Carlo Names 3 Future Managers in Everton Squad

Derek Knox
15 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:27:55
Hi Jay, hope you are okay, slightly off the topic in hand, but not that far away. I notice Tim Cahill, who is still doing his Coaching Barges at Finch Farm, has appeared on Football panels recently and speaks very highly of Carlo and this methods, usually with a wry smile.

I wonder if he will be included into the Coaching Set-Up once he his fully fledged. He also produced that smile when asked what he knew about potential Summer Recruitment at Everton, implying to me that he knew more than he was prepared to let out of the bag.

David Thomas
16 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:30:55
I think it would be a pretty big risk to sell England’s current Nr 1 and replace him with a 22 year old who hasn’t even made 50 appearances yet in a top level league.
Eric Myles
17 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:41:33
Agree Derek #9, De Gea was the same when he joined United, albeit from a different league.

If Pickford emulates him he'll earn us points. I just don't see it though unlesss Carlos has brought in an excellent goalie coach..

Ray Roche
18 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:31:10
Watching Chelsea on tv. The ref is Mike Dean.
His (new) beard makes him look like he lives in a ditch, scruffy get.
Colin Glassar
19 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:37:14
Pickers is a great reflex goalie. If Carlo can eliminate his mental farts than Jordan can become a great goalie for Everton.
Jay Harris
20 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:41:12
The problem I have with Pickford is that he ticks all the wrong boxes.

There is no doubt he is a great shotstopper but he totally lacks command of his area and is a nervous wreck from dead ball deliveries.

Instead of organizing his defenders he unsettles them.

For me we can do a little better but persuading them to come might be a different matter.

Joe McMahon
21 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:50:45
Great finish by Danny Ings. Personally I feel at he moment DCL isn't ready for England just yet. Ings deserves a chance.
Dave Lynch
22 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:18:53
Snap their hand off for 50 million.
He had the highest shot stop ratio in his last season for Sunderland because they had the most shots on goal conceded.

Put a bid in for that Burnley lad, he's a much better keeper.

Alan J Thompson
23 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:39:27
I think we might be hard pushed to find a better keeper but it wouldn't be the young Portuguese replacing him but the freebie from/via Huddersfield, not that I'm filled with enthusiasm knowing our keeper is a Norwegian Blue, asleep while hanging upside down from the crossbar.
Graeme Beresford
24 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:06:21
Would sell in a heartbeat. When you watch clips of the goals we concede, he is generally at fault. I would sell him.
Bill Gall
25 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:14:03
Yes Pickford has some problems but he is only a young player in goalkeeper terms.

Transferring young goalkeepers usually means you believe, (a) he is not good enough, (b) he will be unable to improve, (c) you have some other keeper lined up, or (d) you are offered a fee that is to large to refuse.

Goalkeepers are a specialized position and if he is sold, regardless of the fee, once other clubs realize what you need, the fee you have to pay may leave little profit from what you received in his transfer.

You cant coach instinct and reaction saves, and that is about 8o%, it maybe more of a keepers saves.His other weaknesses should be able to be coached ?

We are weaker in other positions that is going to be a priority in the transfer market and going on some of the pricing for keepers Pickford will most probably be given another season.

Si Turner
26 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:15:06
Henderson should have done better with the 1st Arsenal goal today (and would cost at least £50m to buy from Man Utd), Foster just made a huge error and gifted Soton a goal (and is 37) and Dubravka who has also had a good season is top of the GK league for errors leading to goals

Pope has had a good season and is definitely more commanding than PickFord but is also in the top 3 keepers with the least passes in his own half (i.e he goes long everytime which usually leads to losing possession) and is not as good a shot stopper as Jordan.

Therefore it is highly likely we would need to get a goalkeeper from abroad.

Dick Fearon
27 Posted 28/06/2020 at 22:15:28
Here we go again! Soon as gossip features a decent Everton player there is a rush of Twebbers suggesting a selling price. I thought we were long past the need to sell our best players.
Bjørn-Ivar Pedersen
28 Posted 29/06/2020 at 08:55:35
This is good news if he actually is going. What I have seen off him, he should really been a clown, not a goalie. But I have the solution. Jiri Pavlenka.

He is a goalie in the Martyn mould. He is 196 cm tall, or a inch taller than Duncan. And when he dives for the ball, he dives straight for the ball, not jumping around like a baboon, like a certain someone.

He was goalie of the season in Bundesliga in 2017-18. And with an age of 27, means he can do a job for us for a whole decade.

Kim Vivian
29 Posted 29/06/2020 at 09:26:37
Keep him.
Jay Wood

30 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:39:57
This from the club site rather tells a different dialogue from some in this thread.

Pickford's Dedication a Joy to Work With

Sam Bowen
31 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:41:02
Decent offers for any of Pickford, Bernard and dare I say it, Moise Kean then I’d be selling. They’ve all got good points but I don’t think any of them are hard to replace. These 3 players all have decent sale value compared to our deadwood and if we need to sell to generate funds for more pressing areas of the pitch then I’d be happy for all three to go.

Pickford does make some great saves but he’s not a consistent shot stopper at all, way too many efforts that he should be saving go in too easily. Anything above 30 million and I think you could replace with someone for half that fee with equal ability and use the extra money to throw at the most important area on the pitch that needs improvement and that’s midfield.

Same for Bernard, high wages but we’re well covered in that position and whilst I like him as a player, he doesn’t really produce many goals or assists to justify the high wage. Could be decent business to sell as we have Iwobi, Richarlison and the emergence of Gordon to cover the left. His wage and transfer fee could be concentrated on getting the right hand side sorted.

Moise Kean, desperate for him to do well but really struggling to see a player there. Decent fee whilst stock is still relatively high and wouldn’t be sorry to see him go.

Again, this is based purely on the impact of COVID and if we need to sell players to get in new ones.

Kim Vivian
32 Posted 29/06/2020 at 12:27:56
Sam, you reckon you could recruit someone at least as good as, or better than, Pickford for £16m? I think you are in the wrong job if you can achieve that. A few suggestions including availability would enlighten me.

We really do not want to council selling Pickford unless we have a quality nailed-on replacement lined up. I'm staggered by some of the comments on this thread.

Fran Mitchell
33 Posted 29/06/2020 at 12:40:50
Pickford has been erratic, but the whole team has.

He needs to improve is shot-stopping from long range, and he needs to improve his distribution.

I can't see us signing anyone better until we are a top-6 team. So I think trading him only to sign someone of a similar stature would just be inconvenient.

If Brands & Ancelotti identify someone, like Liverpool did with Alisson, then go for it. Sign that player, then sell Pickford. But if we sell Pickford then move in the market, we'll get ripped off as the seller will know we're desperate.

The transfer window is gonna see limited movement, which I think can benefit us in the long run: few signings, but the right ones, and ones that will make significant improvements to the team.

One defender, 2 midfielders, and if Kean is sold, another striker.

Tom Bowers
34 Posted 29/06/2020 at 13:45:45
Don't see any better keeper's these days. They are human and occasionally make errors even RS keeper.

Too many fans ready to blame keeper when whole team has been inconsistent all season and in fact hasn't really been impressive in any game even the victories.

Let's move on to next season and hope Carlo has some new class acts where necessary so that we can finally mount a competitive challenge. Being behind the likes of Burnley and Palace in the table is not acceptable.

Sam Bowen
35 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:50:16
Kim, what I'm saying is that if we need to raise money for funding areas of the team that are a lot more pressing then yes, I would absolutely sell him over the likes of our other main assets like Richarlison or Calvert-Lewin if someone is willing to pay a handsome fee for Pickford.

We need near enough a whole new midfield, most likely a centre-back and in an ideal world, a new right-back.

Selling the deadwood is as important but it isn't going to raise sufficient funds to fund new purchases to improve the team. And yes, I believe that Pickford is 100% replaceable for less money as I really don't think he's anywhere near as good as some like to believe.

The odd world-class save clouds a lot of peoples judgment on him but in reality, he just doesn't save as many routine efforts on goal as he should. All the stats back this up and whilst they may not be glaring errors, he lets in far too many weak efforts on a consistent basis.

Tony Everan
36 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:52:23
My knee-jerk Zouma plus £20M comment, I'm not happy with. Jordan is still relatively young and can get better in the coming years. He strikes me as the type of personality that will improve with age and probably peak aged 28-33.

Also, one or two posters have already said too many changes can be detrimental. Brands has said he wants two or three signings in and it's so important I want him to focus totally on that.

Anything else is a distraction from the main work, the last thing we want is to be scrambling around on deadline day looking for a quality midfielder (or two).

Jay Wood

37 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:18:23
Sam @ 35. I note in replying to Kim you neglect to take up his challenge of naming the superior replacements for Pickford you claim we 'could easily replace him with someone for half that fee with equal ability.'

Dean Henderson - not that he would meet your own stated criteria on any likely transfer fee - is one much heralded on TW and beyond. He cost his team the game yesterday and his distribution, kicking from hand or ground, was woeful.

The link I provided earlier offers valuable insight into Ancelotti's and (possibly) Brands thinking. Alan Kelly not only spoke glowingly of Pickford's dedication during lockdown, but also how ALL the club's keepers - from seniors to juniors - are now being schooled in how Carlo wants his keepers to play.

This is probably anathema to those who fret at Everton playing the ball out from the back, but Carlo will insist on this.

Quoting Kelly, not just Pickford but Maarten Stekelenburg, Joao Virginia, Harry Tyrer and Nico Hansen ALL used video analysis during the break to further entrench the goalkeeping requirements in Carlo Ancelotti’s playing style.

“During the lockdown we had video calls and went over the manager’s playing philosophy and how it impacts the goalkeeper in game situations.

“From my own stats, a goalkeeper could have up to 50 distribution actions within the game, through goal kicks, back passes and restarts.

“That adds up to a lot of possession for the goalkeeper. As a keeper, it’s about using the ball within the manager’s philosophy and the tactics on the day against that particular team.

“During the calls, we went over clips and I asked for their opinions, too. As a coach, you’ve got to listen as well and I found that fantastic as an exercise.

“I got their in-depth opinions on certain situations, in terms of receiving a back pass or taking a goal kick – what was the thought process when they had the ball at their feet?

“It was a real two-way process and I think everyone now fully understands what it required of them and when.”

It has long been commented on that Finch Farm is full of ex-players, jobs-for-the-boys, that there is no continuity in playing style from junior to senior level.

More recently, Carlo's own commitment to the cause and his abilities as a fitness trainer and coach have also been questioned on these pages.

Kelly's words rather suggest otherwise is now the case.
Throw into the mix another interview Carlo did last week stating he likes to delegate and surround himself with good people he can trust.

Based on the fact that Jordan Pickford has played every minute of every single PL game since he joined us under I don't know how many different managers rather suggests he is highly regarded.

As I said earlier, this transfer window is going to be complicated enough as it is. No need to further complicate it by selling off a key component of the spine we are trying to build.

Jerome Shields
38 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:44:34
I think Pickford will be staying.
Brian Wilkinson
39 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:59:28
If you look at a majority of goals Pickford has conceded, I would say most have come from either Pickford parrying the ball back to the penalty area, where an oncoming opposing player has then scored from the parry, or he has be nailed time and time again in the top corner, due to Pickford being off his line, trying to narrow the angle.

Someone mentioned about Southall, a brilliant keeper, the best in my eyes, very rarely did you see Neville parry The ball back into the area, more than often he would command that box, if needed he would parry the ball towards the touch line or over the bar, more often than not he would come towards the ball and throw his body at it.

Those are the tweaks Pickford needs to achieve, better positioning closer to his goal line, cutting down any shots being chipped over him, parrying the ball away from the danger area, and commanding his area better at set pieces and corners.

At shot stopping reaction saves is his strength, he needs to work on the other two.

He also needs to work on opposing fans getting inside his head and playing up to them.

Achieve the above and he will become one of the best keepers.

Kim Vivian
40 Posted 29/06/2020 at 17:09:01
I think Pickford HAS to be staying.

I'm not championing him as the new Nev just yet (I mean, Christ, he has given me a few palpitations over the years) but without stating the obvious, people do notice the lash ups with GKs because by extension they are likely to be more costly - last line of defence and all that - and you can look at all the top keepers in the prem and find costly mistakes.

I simply do not see any other GK who could be brought in for less money, never mind half the money, who would give us more going forward in time, especially if his coaching can bring on the clear potential the guy has. The fact that these moves to the likes of Chelsea indicate how highly regarded he is away from the ranks of ToffeeWeb.

Forget adding GK to the list for treatment, let's sort the essential surgery out first.

Tony Abrahams
41 Posted 29/06/2020 at 17:12:06
Good post Brian, some of the things you say he needs to improve on are easily achievable, but sometimes I worry about goalkeeping coaching, when I see even the most experienced keepers, doing so many of the basics wrong.

Look at the way Ben Foster lined up his wall for Southampton’s third goal yesterday? Leaning to his left to see the ball, whilst offering up 80% of his goal to his right, was really amateurish, and my biggest gripe with Pickford is not the saves he makes, but the ones he makes, that he shouldn’t really have to?

Brian Wilkinson
42 Posted 29/06/2020 at 19:26:04
He could learn so much from Southall coaching him, but Nev has other higher priorities which is great for those Neville is helping, shame Pickford cannot have Nev because would say it how it is and soon have Pickford working on his weaknesses.
Justin Doone
43 Posted 29/06/2020 at 20:44:29
I'd happily swap for Kepa, Zouma, Christiansen, Rudiger, Kante, Alonso.. the list goes on.

I like Jordan, he's a good keeper but not in the top 6 premier league keepers ie I rate Kepa as better.

Danny Baily
44 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:15:08
It seems as though he's a big character in the dressing room, so the only way we'll transition to a new keeper is if he gets a move away. If this is true, we should seize this opportunity to recoup as much of his transfer fee as possible.

On balance, he's simply not good enough for where we are or where we want to be as a club.

Carl Manning
45 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:14:01
We all play fantasy football with replacing and buying players. The facts are, we could finish outside the top 10 this year. Even with Carlo In charge that makes recruitment of high class, let alone top class players nigh on impossible. We would all love oblak in goal, but those over the road had to pay a then world record fee for a top class keeper. Chelsea then over took them when they needed to solidify the position.

Goalkeeper is a notorious position to fill, as sir Alex found out!

We have as good as we are going to get at this point in time. He has looked slightly less edgy since the restart. Maybe the lack of crowds is calming him down? I’m not his biggest fan by any stretch, but at this present moment in time, who replaces him? A risk from abroad?

Bob Parrington
46 Posted 30/06/2020 at 03:48:12
Message to all other teams. Everton will sell only the players it wants to sell. Our key players are not for sale. So GGF!
Derek Thomas
47 Posted 30/06/2020 at 05:38:38
Get the up-grade in first then think about it. There's more to get rid of before Pickford.
Alan J Thompson
48 Posted 30/06/2020 at 06:27:29
I don't think there is much point in comparing keepers of today with those of 25 years ago.

The way and speed at which the modern ball moves make it a different game. You can see keepers moving in the direction the ball appears to be going and then see a late change of direction in mid air which is why you see keepers trying to parry or deflect shots at the last moment whereas 25 years ago the ball would have been caught.

Also distribution then consisted mainly of kicking out of hands to the general vicinity of a big centre forward as you could pick up back passes. Gordon West was considered remarkable for being able to throw the ball as far as the halfway line while keepers today seem to be able to kick off the ground the entire length of the pitch.

Anyone remember George Best talking of Gordon Banks weakness and then proving it in a Home International, or Toshack and Keegan across the park flicking on a high ball for the other to run onto? All would be frowned on today and the keeper accused of poor distribution. About the only thing that seems not to have changed is rolling it out to a wide standing full back or a winger who has fallen back.

Sam Hoare
49 Posted 30/06/2020 at 07:29:57
I’d be delighted if we got 40m plus for him but Chelsea aren’t going to spend that money on the one keeper in the league who has a save % as low as Kepa’s.

Lots of people on here saying he’s a good shot stopper. He isn’t. Or hasn’t been this season and last.

I agree that Brands won’t want too much disruption and I think the likelihood of Chelsea pushing this move is extremely low. Hopefully he can improve under Carlo.

Joe McMahon
50 Posted 30/06/2020 at 07:57:33
Alan@48, I 100% agree the game is so much different now, and the same goes for when DCL is compared to a young Greame Sharp. That's nearly 40 years ago. For what its worth my favourite keeper is Pat Jennings, but I wouldn't compare him to a modern day keeper.
Tony Everan
51 Posted 30/06/2020 at 10:03:03
Sam @49,

I was watching Buendia against Man Utd, he was adopting a more centralised role at times in that game. He played well and didn't look out of place. If Carlo gets his No 1 choice centre-midfielder, then Buendia could be a shrewd second midfield signing that gives us greater strength in depth due to his versatility.

If Carlo is overlooking Jonjoe Kenny, then Norwich's right-back, Aarons, needs serious consideration too. I'm sure as soon as Norwich's relegation is confirmed, those two will move on.

Steve Ferns
52 Posted 30/06/2020 at 14:20:19
Too many on here have a very low opinion on Jordan Pickford. It’s as if he fooled Steve Walsh into paying £30m for him and then Koeman, Silva and now Ancelotti into playing for him. Ok, Ancelotti may well be just making do, but if Jordan lines up in goal next season, then it means Carlo wants him. Not just our succession of managers, who may have had little choice but to keep him, but Pickford is the England number one. So he’s fooled the England goalie scout and Southgate into picking him. Not just once but 24 times. I’m not sure who the last player was to get 24 caps for England whilst wearing royal blue, but I believe it was longer ago than than the glorious 80s. Pickford keeps getting into the England side ahead of the rest when England select three keepers each squad. That’s a lot of fooling going on if he really is an overrated clown.

Jordan has his flaws for sure. He is erratic and his emotions get the better of him. Sure he’s not as good as some think. He’s definitely not as bad as some on here make out.

I wonder who much better Pickford would be with a commanding centre half, like the big fella across the park, ahead of him. A calming influence on the defence. Some confidence in the side as a whole and the ability to keep clean sheets.

If someone offered silly money for Pickford, I think we’d take it. But the reality is, he’s here to stay for a bit longer yet and he’s still developing and can get better.

I like having the England keeper in royal blue, even if he is a bit daft and prone to the odd error.

Robert Tressell
53 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:55:38
Steve good point. Pickford has looked a bit calmer with keane + holgate ahead of him and as the team generally looks more cohesive. With an upgrade on keane at centre half then pickford will, I am sure, start to look less erratic still
Sam Hoare
54 Posted 30/06/2020 at 17:14:31
Steve@52, its a fair point but worth saying also that managers tend to stick with a keeper far more than in other positions as I see it.

At Everton over the last 4 years there's been no competition for GK and all transfer windows have had bigger issues to solve than GK. For England equally there has not been a huge amount of competition though perhaps with Henderson and Pope that may change.

Like you say Pickford is not as bad as some think and not as good as others think. I honestly think he's a mid-table goalkeeper which is probably about right for us currently. But if we have top 5 aspirations over the next few years then he will have to improve on his form of the last two years.

Daniel A Johnson
55 Posted 30/06/2020 at 19:50:59
Forget Pickford hes fine. all focus should be on our abysmal midfield.

The like of Davies, Siggy, Delph, Walcott, Iwobi, Besic, Bolasie will not get us into the top 6 any time soon.

If Richarlison goes then we are genuinely screwed.

Martin Mason
56 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:06:24
Selling Pickford would define Everton in a very bad way. He's England's No1 goalie regardless of what a couple of outlier Evertonians may say. Just watching United and they are very good but how can we compete, we've never bought players near as good as they have nor produced anything remotely as good via the academy. They are playing silky smooth football yet when we introduce players it's always into a team that's struggling. It's not surprising that our mainly bargain buys all turn out duds is it? We're a mid table + team that's all and it's very difficult to see how we break out of this unless we can buy players of the quality of Pogba, Fernandez and Martial.
Andrew Keatley
57 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:17:12
Steve (52) - “I’m not sure who the last player was to get 24 caps for England whilst wearing royal blue, but I believe it was longer ago than than the glorious 80s.”

Have you already forgotten about Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka?

Martin Mason
58 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:39:05
I'm watching next year's champions in United.
Brian Williams
59 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:42:46
We've never bought players near as good as they have nor produced anything remotely as good via the academy.

Think you may be forgetting about one Wayne Rooney.

Martin Mason
60 Posted 01/07/2020 at 08:50:01
True Brian but we just did an academy job for United not ourselves.
Jim Potter
61 Posted 01/07/2020 at 09:55:58
I am holding onto the hope that due to his age he still is adapting and hopefully progressing.

He has already proven in the World Cup that he has a big match temperament. It has been during games like losing the 2-0 lead at Newcastle – and enjoying goading their fans –that his concentration is lax and frankly immature.

Carlo will be working on this.

He has been inconsistent but I believe there is a world-class keeper there, Jordan just needs to get his head in the right place and prove it.

As has already been said, there are a lot more pressing problems to sort before we get to Pickford.

Big Nev rates him. And if the best ever does, who am I to argue?

Sam Hoare
62 Posted 01/07/2020 at 11:31:02
Tony @51, yes, I'm a big fan. He seems to be able to do everything well, except for score goals! But he's only 23 and I think could be a really versatile player to get.

I suspect though that Brands may want a right-winger or right-midfielder with a bit more pace and who brings some goals to the table.

Kase Chow
63 Posted 01/07/2020 at 23:26:57
The clown almost cost us again today.

Honestly, what is the matter with him? Have you ever seen a goalkeeper as egotistical yet stupid as Pickford?

If it wasn't for Michael Keane's quick reactions to clear off the line, then it could/would have been another draw or loss all down to cloth-ears!

He is a constant mistake waiting to happen. Please, Carlo, replace this guy.

Michael O'Malley
64 Posted 03/07/2020 at 06:17:21
Is he really an up grade on Robles? I don’t remember Robles making this many mistakes, I’d replace him in a heartbeat
Neil Cremin
65 Posted 03/07/2020 at 08:08:41
It is well known that I have never been a great fan of Jordan since Day 1. He is erratic, he berates defenders in front of him, rather than building a cohesive unit; he has a tendency to parry the ball back into play rather than hold it, doesn't command the area for crosses within his 6-yard box and is woeful in his kicking distribution.

He is superb in making reactive saves, although sometimes he milks it. So, on balance, he is good without being a top keeper. I also don't think he is a team player. Much of the negatives can be coached out but, to date, I have seen no sign of improvement.

I would certainly be in favour of selling but and only if we have what is considered by Carlo as an improvement. There are many out there who are as good if not better and would make a far better contribution to the team.

Declan Campbell
66 Posted 03/07/2020 at 12:25:38
How are Norwich the worst team in the league, when so many on here put forward signing half their team???
Sam Hoare
67 Posted 03/07/2020 at 12:54:15
Declan, probably because the players put forward (FYI, I'm only aware of three: Buendia, Aarons, Cantwell) are young and playing their first season in the Premier League. They have a lot of other very average players and have been quite unlucky with injuries, especially at centre-back.

That relegated teams have crap players is an argument that's been proven wrong a fair few times. Certainly worked out for the current champions when they bought Robertson and Wijnaldum.

Robert Tressell
68 Posted 03/07/2020 at 12:59:03
Declan, it's a good point. Godfrey, Aarons, Cantwell and Buendia are all good players. Yet they flounder. It's partly because the manager has them play tactics which he admits they're not good enough to play.

It's also because the rest of the squad is weak. Aarons looks a really good fit for us in particular. The others look okay but will be expensive compared to what you can get from overseas.

Kevin Prytherch
69 Posted 03/07/2020 at 13:12:50

Interesting - even if it is a Liverpool fan making the compilation. Some of Pickfords howlers...

Andrew Ellams
70 Posted 03/07/2020 at 13:53:38
Martin Mason @ 56

"Selling Pickford would define Everton in a very bad way."

Not necessarily. If Ancelotti sold England's Number 1 keeper and then improved on him with his replacement, I'd say that would show a team and manager that means business.

Eddie Dunn
71 Posted 03/07/2020 at 14:00:24
Michael... come on, how many games did Robles play?
John Pierce
72 Posted 03/07/2020 at 15:08:04
So Pickford has performed okay. He's done enough to get by. However, even against Leicester, he flapped at two crosses, one which should have been punished through Iheanacho. He also, under little duress, missed the cross which Keane rescued.

The last time he kept us in a game? The last time his performance got us the three points?

It all leaves me, well, very underwhelmed. So, if Everton got good money for him and found a way to reinvest in a centre-back or midfielder, I'm asking myself "Would I be bothered?"

Not really. I think that's the point.

Kieran Kinsella
73 Posted 03/07/2020 at 15:23:20
I'm kind of over the annual panic of “Oh no... someone might try and steal one of our players.” If he stays, he stays; if he goes, he goes.
Des Farren
74 Posted 03/07/2020 at 19:46:29
Here's one "outlier" who has not changed his opinion, Martin. He does not just make the "odd error" as some have stated. But I acknowledge that no amount of errors will change some minds.
Tony Cawson
75 Posted 04/07/2020 at 00:26:50
For me, hopefully he goes asap. He might have a bounce, making us all doubt selling, but no way is he long term.

We could use the 'Nev took time' angle with everyone, not to mention character, nevermind abilty-wise.

Going back to Martyn, let's sort this crucial position first please, Carlo!

Otherwise, wait, ruin another season or two, just in case he comes good?

Time to be ruthless, or at least a bit.

Vijay Nair
76 Posted 04/07/2020 at 18:52:25
If the money is right, take it and go get Dean Henderson. The lad has already called out he's not going back to Man Utd if it's to be backup to de Gea.
Brian Wilkinson
77 Posted 10/07/2020 at 00:51:31
With you on that Vijay.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
78 Posted 10/07/2020 at 13:40:43
I see the transfer tracker has got everyone as cold or icebox.

Is that Lyndon has decided
1. it is just not worth bothering anymore as it is a futile exercise
2. With COVID we do not have the money to bring in the targets being mentioned
3. The hope is that Marcel Brands and Carlo Ancelotti are not going to go for any of these but gems who the papers are unaware of

And sadly there is none on there for going out - just coming in?

After last night - we need something to make us smile.

Billy Dawber
79 Posted 11/07/2020 at 05:20:27
I must agree with some on here, get rid of Pickford whether or not he is the England keeper. Too erratic, not commanding enough and doesn't stay on his line enough. Never fills you with confidence whilst watching him so get shut. Plenty of good goalies around that do a far better job in my book.

Carlos has his work cut out in the next few weeks to decide what's the best way forward with this current team. Hopefully a few will get the boot, and rightly so, but as always who will come here and do the job that's needed?

The last few games must have given him enough ammo as to who needs to go. Surely we are not or cannot go on like this. Thank god the fans have not been allowed to watch what we have seen lately because I'm sure a few would have walked by now. Please sort our club out, Carlos, before it's too late. NSNO.

David Connor
80 Posted 12/07/2020 at 16:49:56
Get rid ASAP. He's a bloody empty-headed disaster. We may actually make a profit on him, who knows?
Jed Wards
81 Posted 12/07/2020 at 18:24:10

£20M + Zouma — I'd snatch their hand off for that!

Soren Moyer
82 Posted 13/07/2020 at 19:52:38
Let's hope its true!

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