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Everton interested in Dalot on loan

| Sunday, 19 July 2020 67comments  |  Jump to last
Everton are unlikely to take up any opportunity to sign Djibril Sidibé on a permanent basis this summer and could turn to Diogo Dalot instead according to a report.

The Blues' official option to purchase Sidibé from Monaco expired last month but both the player and his parent club agreed to extend his loan to bridge the extended timeframe of the 2019-20 season.

The French club could yet accept an offer in the region of the £12m previously agreed for the fullback but the speculation appears now to be that Everton would prefer another loan instead. That same desire might mean that a move for Lyon's Kenny Tete won't come to fruition.

Even though Carlo Ancelotti is said to be keen on retaining Sidibé, Monaco aren't thought to be amenable to another loan and, according to FootMercato, that could lead Marcel Brands to going for Dalot who has been under-utilised at Manchester United.

The 21-year-old Portuguese has only made four appearances for the Red Devils this season.

Original Source: FootMercato  

Reader Comments (67)

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Sam Hoare
1 Posted 19/07/2020 at 18:30:36
Dalot is a very interesting prospect still, with little prospect of displacing Wan-Bissaka.

Personally I'd only want a loan from a Premier League club if there was a purchase option included.

Kenny Tete is a really good option too, I'd say. Would be cheapish but he is very solid, both attacking and defending, and could even play centre-back in a pinch.

Si Pulford
2 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:10:02
Is Jonjoe Kenny a worse player than Dalit?
Gavin Johnson
3 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:16:29
I'd be in favour of this one. This lad cost Man Utd £18M from Porto so has some pedigree. Reading between the lines, we are looking for a loan until next summer when we offload a load of players out of contract and then we can look at an option to buy.

If we are only strengthening three areas, I don't see right-back being one of them, so this loan would be perfect.

Jonjoe Kenny might be a makeweight in a deal for Weston McKennie.

Ray Roche
4 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:17:49
And we thought Pickford was bad! De Gea!
Rob Halligan
5 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:19:42
Hilarious, Ray. 😁😁😁
Brent Stephens
6 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:30:12
So #2 - Dalit? Now he’d be just untouchable.
Steve Shave
7 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:44:45
I thought the same, Gavin, I have a strong suspicion Kenny going to Schalke as a makeweight for the McKennie deal.

Personally, I'd be happy with Hojbjerg and McKennie as the two centre-midfielders next season, both have heart and fight. Hojbjerg can slot straight in and McKennie + Gbamin can push him and Gomes for the starting berths.

Real competition there needed to move Sigurdsson on, maybe a loan?

David Tennant
8 Posted 19/07/2020 at 19:59:40
Brent great shout, intellectual pun that one! Dalot seems a reasonable option on loan and so does Tete, definitely gives some better compensation at right-back.
Derek Knox
9 Posted 19/07/2020 at 20:00:01
Sam@1, thanks for the brief update on this guy Dalot, who I'd forgotten he was in the Man U squad, is he a useful possibility, or another of Man U's cast-off? A loan like you say is always best if it can agreed upon.

I remember when Sidibe first came, I was hoping we'd sign him, then after a run of games he didn't seem to be the same player, good going forward and a good crosser, but very suspect when in defending mode.

This Tete sounds interesting in that he can double up in emergency, or when called on for CB. I don't think the defense is priority at the moment though as Midfield has to be the main focus for clear-out and new recruitment. Though getting shut is never easy when long contracts are concerned.

Paul Hewitt
10 Posted 19/07/2020 at 20:19:25
Another average player.
Tony Everan
11 Posted 19/07/2020 at 20:20:22
As long as there is a realistic right to buy clause in there. £10M? If not, walk away. I don't want us to rehabilitate a player for Man Utd's sake, like we did with Zouma for Chelsea; then us suckers are back to square one.
Robert Tressell
12 Posted 19/07/2020 at 20:26:22
Dalot is more talented than Kenny. But he is still young and may not be more effective than Kenny. Kenny, for what its worth, is rated 18th out of U-23 right-backs in world football by Transfermarkt.

He is worth a shot and has a good attitude about him. I'd like him to be given a chance next season. Given where we are, I'll take commitment and leadership ahead of marginal gains on the talent front. It also frees up cash to spend on midfield.

Not sure how Brands or Ancelotti see it. The right-back rumours have been fairly quiet. Just some hints at interest in Aarons, Dagba and Emerson.

All got first-team experience in a tough league. Dalot has not really made much of an impression yet but highly regarded.

True upgrades on Kenny might include:

- Odriozola
- Aarons
- Dagba
- Dest

Not seen much of Tete. Dest in particular is a magnificent footballer. If we got Dest then our right flank would be transformed. Dalot is not (yet?) in that league.

Derek Knox
13 Posted 19/07/2020 at 20:26:54
Just seen the De Gea gaffs for Man Utd.

One thing in his favour over Pickford, is he didn't have his tongue hanging out for any of them! 😜

Jim Bennings
14 Posted 19/07/2020 at 21:31:53
De Gea has lost his mojo at Man Utd, it was quite clear he wanted the Real Madrid move about 7 years ago.

Mind you, just 'coz De Gea is shit, it doesn't mean our gurning gobshite is any good.

Pope is the daddy in this league now, with Henderson running him a close second.

Andrew Keatley
15 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:03:53
The transfer speculation on here is fun to read.

I particularly love people talking about players that they more than likely couldn't really pick out of a line-up – but some footy blogger somewhere has included them on their “Top 50 Transfer Targets of 2020”, or maybe NewsNow or some other transfer news site has tenuously linked them to the club.

So these amateur armchair scouts find themselves assessing the virtues and shortcomings of players they've rarely if ever seen play (thank God for YouTube highlight reels).

After consulting Transfermarkt (or similar) to get a few stats, they're on here talking with conviction about whether or not they are the players we should be going after.

So much second-hand assessment passed off as personal opinion – or, at best, the hopeful punt of a blagger based on limited information. Either way, it's fun to read.

Danny Broderick
16 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:25:30
Had enough of shit cast-offs from Man Utd. No more.
Sam Hoare
17 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:37:52
Derek@9; he’s not exactly a cast off as he’s played so few games for them. Or indeed anyone. Except for at youth level where he was very highly rated after doing well in the European championships.

He’s a bit more dynamic than Kenny from what I’ve seen and United fans seem to like the look of him. Tete seems a more solid option than me but guess it all depends on what Carlo and Marcel think of Kenny.

Tom Bowers
18 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:45:37
Keepers are always rated until they start making mistakes.
De Gea and Pickford were top-rated now they are crap. How fickle we fans are !!!!
Soren Moyer
19 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:45:45
Anyone familiar with Romanian league on here? I noticed we have been liked with ALEXANDRU CICALDAU! Apparently costs only 3.5 mil and Sampdoria want him too. He is a midfielder and has scored 15 times + 8 assists this season so far!!! He is 24 by the way.
John Maxwell
20 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:53:39
Top 6 cast offs don't get you into the top 6.

We need players on the up, either from the championship or teams near the bottom of the EPL.

Joe McMahon
21 Posted 19/07/2020 at 22:57:31
John, there is the odd exception, such as Salah, De Bruyne, Robin Van Persie. It's just the cast off that come to Everton, that's the issue.
Brian Murray
22 Posted 19/07/2020 at 23:04:37
Top keepers make costly mistakes maybe at a push once every six months not every fortnight.

On the subject of Dalot. Let's not take any more Man Utd fodder, whether he has potential or not. The game-changing decision this summer is ousting Kalamity Bill... then I have a feeling we will really rise again. Simple as that.

Carl Manning
23 Posted 19/07/2020 at 23:11:29
Andrew #15 that made me smile. Now Romanian league players get a mention!

What is it with people wanting to buy central
Midfield players that don’t shoot and thus, never score bloody goals? The guy that people seem to think will swap with Kenny when I’ve seen him, he’s functional at best, average going forward and one paced. And then partner him with Hojbjerg, I actually think he is a very good footballer, but he ticks things over, average pace, doesn’t seem to shoot often. So we want to add those 2 to the midfielders we have already that are one paced and don’t shoot!

Finally, Pope is not the best keeper in the league. Ederson and Allison are miles in front.

Gavin Johnson
24 Posted 19/07/2020 at 23:11:51
I wouldn't count this lad as a cast-off like Walcott etc because he's only 21 years old. He also cost a lot of money and might realise his potential if he plays He would have played more but he isn't going to get in front of Wan Bassaka. This would be a loan and likely have an option to buy. What's the problem?!? This potential deal seems more like the ones we used to do under Moyes.

There's cast offs and then there's bringing in players with potential who aren't getting a chance because they're at a so-called big club. Lukaku was hardly a cast-off now, was he?!

Mike Gaynes
25 Posted 19/07/2020 at 23:41:25
Brent #6, you are a high-caste poster. Good 'un.

Robert #12, good summary. But forget about our sensational young Yank. Dest is massively ambitious and currently assessing suitors from Barca, Juventus and possibly City, having already (reportedly) waved off PSG and Bayern. He would never consider us.

I'm proud to be the original purveyor of the McKennie/Kenny rumour, so I'm honored to see it quoted again here by Steve and Gavin. Jamie Crowley and I will be partying over here if it happens.

Rob Young
26 Posted 20/07/2020 at 00:05:46
Tom #18
Pickford impressed at Sunderland and came indeed highly rated.
Three years later he's crap not because we are fickle but because he's making mistake after mistake after mistake.

There is nothing fickle about that whatsoever.

Back on topic, Dalot and Kenny in for next season and Sidibe and Coleman out.
Sorry Seamus, love you but will not take us forward.

Gavin Johnson
27 Posted 20/07/2020 at 00:34:06
Mike, what's your opinion on Weston McKennie from watching him for the U S national team?

I'm really starting to think that we'll have enough options at CB because we could always try Gbamin at CB besides from having two of the best up and coming CBs in Gibson and Braithwaite, so that prioritises the need to bring in 2 athletic CM's IMO.

Robert Tressell
28 Posted 20/07/2020 at 03:37:13
Mike - I expect you're right re Dest. Shame. He's superb.

Soren - Cicaldau is a bit too obscure for me. The Romanian league is very poor but their international side is gradually improving due to, I think, investment from Hagi. A defensive midfielder (forget his name) looked like a goalscoring Xabi Alonso there and picked up a move to Brighton but not yet made any impression yet. Two wingers (Coman and Mann) keep getting touted around as big prospects but you have to be sceptical based on league form alone. We (and Leeds) have also been linked with a Bosnian playing in Croatia with similar (but inferior) stats. Suspect it is all bollocks.

Finally, on Dalot. Wouldn't worry about the cast off stigma. He's a genuinely talented young player who can't get a game at a big club that is well stocked at Right Back. Still young and plenty to prove. So that's exactly the profile of player that can improve us - and the sort of player Leipzig, Dortmund and Athletico Madrid have been buying. I'd like Kenny to get a season ideally but I'm not going tp be too sentimental if the club think we need an upgrade.

Mike Gaynes
29 Posted 20/07/2020 at 05:07:21
Gavin #26, he'd be loved by the Goodison faithful as our #6 or #8. Big, strong, quick, tough, ferocious competitor, excellent ballwinner, good forward passer and has lately developed a sharp eye for the goal. Very versatile -- has played 7 different positions on the pitch for Schalke, including most of last season as an emergency right back.

The downside of that is he hasn't had full minutes in his natural midfield position, so he's inexperienced and needs to learn to read the game better. Also to control his tackles better -- he plays with bite we would love, but he just got yellows in four straight games. With time and polish, he's a potential star. I'll be over the moon if we get him.

Robert Tressell
30 Posted 20/07/2020 at 06:14:24
Mike, McKennie's greatest attributes seem to be energy, heading and tackling. Is his use of the ball good enough? Or is that still a work in progress?

If we had a pairing of, say, Hojbjerg and McKennie, we'd be competitive I guess, but a bit agricultural also.

Mike Gaynes
31 Posted 20/07/2020 at 06:55:30
Robert, he's good and strong on the dribble, but as a passer, he's almost too aggressive, always looking for the cutting attack pass. That's a wonderful contrast to our current sideways and backwards dross, but I see him as impatient, not always able to wait enough to let things develop.

Makes the first forward pass he sees. That's probably a product of lack of sophistication -- plus the absolute crap forwards in front of him at Schalke. So yes, definitely a work in progress, a bit raw (and a bit angry), but he'd be our signature midfielder from the day he walked into Goodison.

He and Hojbjerg may be similar defensively, but very different in attack -- from what I've seen Hojbjerg is Delphian-safe, lots of sideways passes. Weston's gonna look straight ahead.

Mike Gaynes
32 Posted 20/07/2020 at 06:57:42
Robert, he's good and strong on the dribble, but as a passer, he's almost too aggressive, always looking for the cutting attack pass. That's a wonderful contrast to our current sideways/backwards dross, but I see him as impatient, not always able to wait enough to let things develop.

Makes the first forward pass he sees. That's probably a product of lack of sophistication -- plus the absolute crap forwards in front of him at Schalke. So yes, definitely a work in progress, a bit raw (and a bit angry), but he'd be our signature midfielder from the day he walked into Goodison.

He and Hojbjerg may be similar defensively, but very different in attack -- from what I've seen Hojbjerg is Delphian-safe, lots of sideways passes. Weston's gonna look straight ahead.

Colin Glassar
33 Posted 20/07/2020 at 07:25:02
Max Aarons for me. Superb prospect who’s been a Norwich regular all season.
Darren Hind
34 Posted 20/07/2020 at 07:29:51
Posts 15 & 22,

Bang on the money. YouTube has an awful lot to answer for.

Derek Knox
35 Posted 20/07/2020 at 08:40:36
Soren@19, now that player sounds interesting, and the type we should really be looking at, all these superstar players at superstar prices have been an unknown at some point in their football career.

At £3.5M okay, not a trifling amount, but could be a great investment, plus would ostensibly not be demanding £K's a week to play.

While all players represent a gamble if they haven't played in the Premiership before, but even the ones who have, are no guarantee that success at one Club will necessary translate to another, especially when coming to us.

If it didn't work out as many high outlay players haven't, we wouldn't have lost an absolute fortune and presumably he would still have some sell on value. Hope there is some mileage in this, and not just journalist/agent touting!

Well spotted Soren!

Eddie Dunn
36 Posted 20/07/2020 at 08:44:20
Andrew @15, exactly.
Eddie Dunn
37 Posted 20/07/2020 at 08:44:20
Andrew @15, exactly.
Martin Nicholls
38 Posted 20/07/2020 at 09:21:46
Andrew#15 - I've always marvelled at the fact that so many people have the time (and inclination) to avidly watch so much football from various major and minor leagues around the world!! For my part, I attend EFC games but don't even watch MOTD or any other televised football - haven't seen a single minute of the farce currently masquerading as PL and FA Cup football. As you say though, much of the transfer speculation on these pages makes for fun reading!
Robert Tressell
39 Posted 20/07/2020 at 09:46:35
Gavin @26. If he ever recovers, the injury might hasten Gbamin's move to CB full time. He started there at Lens. Previous manager, I think, said he'd be a £60m centre half. He may be like Kompany at City, with a bit (lot) of luck.

Ps. I'm glad some people are ironically enjoying the armchair analysis of obscure players. A lot of personal time is wasted in this respect so good to be appreciated.

Peter Mills
40 Posted 20/07/2020 at 10:01:30
TW 1981. Wtf? We’ve signed a goalie from Bury? Who played for Llandudno Town? And Winsford? And he was a bin man? Kendall’s lost the plot, I’m done with this club.
Peter Mills
41 Posted 20/07/2020 at 10:16:33
Talking of Howard, the headline for this article has got shades of the “You’ve got to get Rideout/dried out” misunderstanding.

Brands: “Carlo, I’m trying to get you a player from Barca”
Ancelotti : “I wanna da lot”.

Dave Abrahams
42 Posted 20/07/2020 at 10:49:57
I haven’t seen many, if any of the players listed above so I can’t comment on them, one player I was hoping Everton would sign, before the winter transfer window closed, was Jarred Bowen of Hull City, a big strong goalscoring winger, unfortunately Moyes took a chance on him and signed him for around £20M, I think, looks like he signed a bargain to me, lucky West Ham United.
Derek Knox
43 Posted 20/07/2020 at 11:21:17
Dave A, good shout on Jarred Bowen, I too have fancied him for us for a while, and if memory serves we could have had him for a round £7M if we had acted on it over 18 months ago. However, water under the proverbial, like Jim Bowen used to say in Bullseye " Look what you could have had (won) ". :-)
Matthew Williams
44 Posted 20/07/2020 at 11:27:51
Just how low have we sunk!

More shite Mercenary buys...meaning more misery to come.

What if Mr Hind is proved correct...what then Blues?

Under Ancelotti our football reminds me of the Italian team circa 1980...slow and boring.

Robert Tressell
45 Posted 20/07/2020 at 11:28:57
Dave, I think we were all hoping for a Neres or Malcom when Bowen became available. Maybe a lesson learned. Depends a bit on what turns up over summer.
Tony Everan
46 Posted 20/07/2020 at 12:15:42

JJK deserves his shot before Dalot, rumours like this emerging may mean they are overlooking Jonjoe?

Aarons is possibly a better bet than Dalot . We need payers who are ready to go and perform . Dalot’s lack of competitive game time concerns me . I think there is much further improvement in Aarons , he is young, athletic and on the up. He enjoys putting a good shift in for the team.

Also I think we should try to sell Sigurdsson and bring in Buendia to act as a fantastic squad addition to our midfield. I don’t think we would regret bringing in those two Norwich players. I m dreaming now but maybe Bolaise and Besic could do a job for Norwich to get them back up, use them as (very) partial makeweights.

I too would much rather us, in the main, to be targeting this type of player on the upward curve rather than cast offs from top 6. Unless that player is mainly always injury free and always motivated as their default nature. Barry, Milner, Giroud efc

Derek Knox
47 Posted 20/07/2020 at 12:43:42
Tony@44, not sure whether Jonjoe would cut it or not, again good going forward but looks a bit suspect when called on to defend. Agree Max Aarons would be a great acquisition, but don't know if they would release him, and if they did what price?

I'm sure as he has caught the eye, along with others at Norwich, Buendia, Pukki and Cantwell, of other Clubs too. Do Norwich cash in on their assets, and rebuild for next season in the Championship or try and retain their better players?

Hoping we may get a defensive addition, although midfield is definitely priority, Buendia does look a handy player if he can keep his Argentinian exuberance in check, but may cost a few bob.

They have both proved that they can cut it in the Premiership, which smacks of irony considering they have been relegated, but as with Gana, it doesn't mean that because they have been, that they are all bad!

Christy Ring
48 Posted 20/07/2020 at 14:35:19
Bringing in Dalot, doesn't make sense, Carlo has to decide if Jonjoe is good enough, after his stint at Schalke, if he is keep him, if not sell him, and buy Aarons, one of the few players, who stood out for Norwich, and we have loads of players we can offload in part exchange.
James Stewart
49 Posted 20/07/2020 at 14:37:00
No thanks.
Soren Moyer
50 Posted 20/07/2020 at 15:12:26
Robert #27. Thanks man! Thought so about THAT particular rumor.

Derek #34. You may be right as 3.5m is not a big risk to take. Can't be worse than Siggy @ 45m or Iwobi @ 25m! Can he!!!? Didn't Seamus cost about 250K when he arrived?

Derek Knox
51 Posted 20/07/2020 at 15:26:48
Soren, Seamus was £60K from Sligo in Eire, I doubt we'll find a bargain like that again, but live in hope. I think players like the guy you mentioned are more interesting than paying top dollar for someone, who may be injury prone, or can't adapt to the Premiership. Yet is on top wages and a long contract. Where have we heard that before?
Soren Moyer
52 Posted 20/07/2020 at 15:56:10
Thanks for that Derek. I agree. I would rather go for players like this fella (now that we are not in Europe anymore) than for likes of Sigurdsson, Walcott, Schneiderlin, etc for lots of money an no sell-on value at all. Also, I prefer to stay away from top 6 cast-offs if we have learned our lessons by now!!!
Matt Woods
53 Posted 21/07/2020 at 01:17:54
Matthew #44

"Under Ancelloti, our football reminds me of the Italian team circa 1980... slow and boring."

Yes, well in 1982 they won the World Cup. I would settle for a similar trajectory.

Colin Glassar
54 Posted 21/07/2020 at 14:02:13
Christy 48, I’ve been banging on about Aarons all season. The kid is class. Fast, strong, clever, passes the ball well etc He’d be the perfect replacement for Seamus
Francis van Lierop
55 Posted 21/07/2020 at 14:17:04
I know nothing about Dalot, so can't comment.

I've never been keen on Kenny Tete, so a no from me. Ajax sold him for only €4M to Olymique Lyon. He can't hold down a regular place in their team, yet still gets picked for the Dutch national side, from time to time.

Barry Rathbone
56 Posted 21/07/2020 at 14:45:31
Very encouraging that Sidibé is being cut loose; two left feet seldom make a footballer. Recent culls suggest someone at the club might actually understand how the game is played...
Robert Tressell
57 Posted 21/07/2020 at 15:12:56
Aarons is very good, as you say Colin. He could be our right back for 10 years or more. If RB is not going to Kenny then Aarons is the most clear cut candidate. You could see him slotting in very well.

Dalot is more explosive. He doesn't look like a natural right back though but could certainly develop. He's got bags of talent and can almost look like Bale when he starts to gallop.

I doubted we would sign an RB this summer. It looked like CB + CM + RW. However, form and emergence of youth options may have changed that.

Andrew Keatley
58 Posted 21/07/2020 at 15:46:51
From what I have seen, beyond a decent turn of pace, Aarons lacks ideas in the final third (as well as height). He is obviously highly-rated, like his team-mates Jamal Lewis (a bit too lightweight for me) and Ben Godfrey (ill-disciplined and rash) so I wouldn't be going after any of them.
Colin Glassar
59 Posted 21/07/2020 at 16:29:47
I've hardly seen Dalot play, Robert, so I can't really give an opinion.

Andrew, Aarons in height, and build, looks a lot like that young right-back who plays across the park. If he turns out anything like him, he'll be a great addition to our squad. Like TAA he could eventually move into midfield.

Andrew Keatley
60 Posted 21/07/2020 at 16:53:42
Colin - I personally don’t see much similarity between the languid, big-striding Alexander-Arnold and the squat, quick-footed Aarons. And I don’t see much similarity in how they play football either.
Jamie Crowley
61 Posted 21/07/2020 at 17:10:36
Mike Gaynes:

I'm proud to be the original purveyor of the McKennie/Kenny rumour, so I'm honored to see it quoted again here by Steve and Gavin. Jamie Crowley and I will be partying over here if it happens.

I will be in heaven. Champagne showers everywhere. Dude covers so much ground it's insane. He's exactly what we need in midfield.

I know nothing about this kid Dalot. For me, assuming the McKennie deal is just pie in the sky, Dalot would need to be a massive upgrade on Kenny, otherwise this would be another example of spending money needlessly.

We'll see.

Carl Manning
62 Posted 22/07/2020 at 13:42:56
Francis, completely agree with you. The guy can’t even get into the Lyon team regularly and they’re hardly world beaters although having a good champions league run. Hardly strikes me as a player to transform our right side.
Robert Tressell
63 Posted 22/07/2020 at 13:50:42
Not seen much of Tete but very average credentials. Unless its a real step up from Kenny not worth it.

Bruno Guimaraes from Lyon would be a signing, however. Only joined in January but kicked on and they are skint. Drive and a touch of violence about him. Good partner for Hojbjerg...

Terry White
64 Posted 23/07/2020 at 15:58:52
Andrew (#58 & 60), I'm with you on Aarons. Not good defensively and poor positional sense is my take. People are all too quick to see full backs going forward and judge them purely on that. Defence is the priority for a full back in my view. I think Colin Glassar must be looking at Norwich through a fish eye lens if he thinks Aarons resembles Alexander-Arnold in any shape or form.
Jay Harris
65 Posted 23/07/2020 at 17:10:32
Mike and Jamie,

It seems to me that the US is producing some very good players these days as the standards are improving over here.

Pulisic, McKennie, Yedlin, Eric Lichaj (Villa) and Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna) all spring to mind as outstanding US talents.

I'm sure you two could add to that list but it's about time a country the size of USA started producing world talent.

Jay Harris
66 Posted 23/07/2020 at 17:13:28
Dave #42 Jarrad Bowen reminds me of Tricky Trev. Dends, gets forward, rarely loses the ball, can score goals and can create goals.

We have to give Moyes credit for finding these players.

Ajay Gopal
67 Posted 29/07/2020 at 09:50:49
What is this about us close to signing 36-year-old Ivanovic on a free? I can only think of it as a cheap, stop-gap arrangement to plug the left-back void left by Baines's departure.

Maybe signs that Brands is stocking up his funds for splurging on other areas. Hope it is not more than a 1-year deal.

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