Who is next for the Goodison Hotseat?

Mike Cheshire 04/06/2021 479comments  |  Jump to last
Since the ignominious departure of Carlo earlier this week, I have been constantly wondering about his eventual replacement as all of you undoubtedly have too.

Several names have been bandied about including some of the more positive (Nuno, Conte, Sarri etc), the romantic (Ferguson, Cahill), the inevitably touted backwards steps (Moyes, Silva, Martinez) and the downright depressing/embarrassing (Bruce, Allardyce) etc.

There has been, allegedly, no shortage of candidates to throw their hats in the ring with Marcel Brands apparently receiving upwards of 40 applications within 24 hours of Ancelotti’s departure. This obviously suggests that Everton still has a pull for potential managers… though that could also be attributed to the lure of the Premier League and the fact that we tend to overpay our managers.

My question is, how should the club go about selecting the latest incumbent of the Goodison hotseat? Who will lead us into our eventual new home at Bramley-Moore Dock? Who will lead us to the silver, glittering promised land of trophies? Who will march us back into European competition?

The first thing I want to highlight is that there needs to be a clearly defined process for these eventualities.

Marcel Brands, Director of Football.

I think that, so far, he has done a respectable job for us… but now it is time for him to convince Moshiri et al that he must have complete control over all matters football. No more sentimental signings. No more signing the guy the owner wants. No more getting the slow midfielder at any costs.

As a leadership group, the board need to come to an agreed plan for the direction of the club and then give Brands free rein to implement it. It must be Brands who selects the manager he can work with to implement the desired playing style. It is Brands who must appoint the academy staff to implement the required institutional changes required for the medium to long-term strategy for all the clubs’ teams. The style of play must become part of the DNA of every team we field. That is how the ethos and identity of a club is instilled. I guarantee that the Barcelona Under-10s do not park the bus, they play the tiki-taka style.

The board must also decide the future ambitions for the club. Do we intend to live up to our motto or are we content to just qualify for Europe? The setting of short-, medium- and long-term aims are also pivotal to the overall strategy. As the saying goes “when you don’t know your destination, then any road will get you there.”

It is Brands who must make the final decision on signings. This last is more of a balancing act as the manager will obviously have their views, but no player should be signed that does not fit the mould for how we want to play.

It is time for Marcel Brands to tell the board that they have done it their way and now it is either time to trust him completely to get the job done or to fire him. It’s really that stark a choice.

The choices

Here I will give my opinion on what kind of manager we could go for and what the pitfalls or positives of each would be. I will give some examples, but I dare not venture my opinion on who we should actually appoint.

The safe pair of hands. Examples: David Moyes, Nuno Espirito Santo, Roberto Martinez.

I believe, that with these kinds of managers, we are looking at more of what we have had of late. We will finish in the league around 6th-9th with the occasional flirtation with 4th-5th and the occasional cup semi-final.

Positives: Low risk. No relegation battles. Irregular European adventures. Improvement on recent years. Protects Moshiri’s investment.

Negatives: Low reward. lacks any ambition, would be difficult for blues to swallow I would imagine.

The young manager. Examples: Graham Potter, Eddie Howe, Duncan Ferguson or even Steven Gerrard.

Bit of a mixed bag here. Potter and Howe both have experience managing in the Premier League. Potter has played good football on a tight budget and shown real promise. Howe was also much lauded in the early day of his Bournemouth tenure but did take them down. Duncan Ferguson; is he ready? Will he ever be? Gerrard; no Premier League management and a kopite to boot.

Positives: Potentially high reward. We could appoint our own Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger by taking this risk. This could be a long-term appointment for the club that defines the next 25 glory filled years. Klopp at Liverpool could also be included in this category.

Negatives: High risk. It could be another Moyes at Everton or, worse, Moyes at United. Boom or bust.

The Big name. Examples: Mauricio Sarri, Antonio Conte, Andrea Pirlo, Jochim Lowe

We may have learnt something from our experience with Ancelotti here. Any big name manage is going to want quite a bit of the control over signings. They are going to command very large salaries in order to attract them to Everton. There is also the very Real risk (pun intended) that they will canter off into the sunset at the first flirtatious overtones from one of the glamour clubs, just as Carlo did.

Positives: Potentially high reward. Their name should make it easier to attract better players in their prime so the short-term rewards (dare I dream of silverware?) could be greater.

Negatives: High risk- Throwing good money after bad is not a good business strategy. Tying ourselves into enormous contracts for managers and players is a millstone around the neck of Everton Football Club (See pay-offs for Koeman, Silva etc as well as difficulty shifting deadwood out of Goodison Park). There is also a big question surrounding who, if anyone, has done this sort of rebuild successfully?

All of the listed examples have achieved some sort of success but they’ve often just had to put the finishing touches in place. Sarri and Conte inherited great squads at Chelsea (both) and Inter (Conte).

For this reason, I also question how good Guardiola actually is. Inherited Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man City squads packed with world class players, coached them well, bought in a few more good players with unlimited budgets, then won plenty of national titles but, tellingly, is often found wanting on the international stage.

In conclusion, I have no idea what we should do except to give Marcel Brands the complete control of this process. In Marcel we must trust!

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Francis Munoz
1 Posted 04/06/2021 at 12:30:08
Although a regular reader of ToffeeWeb and an EFC supporter since 1962-63, I rarely feel that I can contribute more than the seasoned regulars on this site. I no longer live in Liverpool so don't have that immediacy with local gossip reference all things EFC.

However, on the topic of the new Manager to replace Carlo, who I feel was a tad mendacious in his final remarks about successfully completing his averred targets, ie, getting into Europe. I bear him no grudge or ill feeling; after all, he is Italian and like the Spanish can say one thing and mean another.

Anyway... this is my own opinion of the set-up we now need:

Brands as principal controller of scouting amongst his other roles.

Ralf Rangnick as the guiding hand in providing an ethos and structure to how we play football and as a mentor to Duncan Ferguson who should be instated as the Coach; so Rangnick becomes ostensibly the Manager, in name... But the actual coaching becomes the remit of Duncan guided by Rangnick's own ideas, which have been successfully adopted by many football glitterati including a very successful Herr Klopp.

So there you have it, for what it's worth: a three-pronged management structure with Brands, Rangnick and Ferguson each sharing responsibility for performance but separately having distinct roles in achieving that level of performance. It is not written in stone that a manager has to perform with total control and in this way they could individually contribute and work to their strengths.

The short period that Duncan was mentored by Joe proved that he in tandem with an older experienced campaigner successfully motivate a team that was underperforming and I see Rangnick as the perfect foil that will monitor and mentor Big Dunc. Just saying.

Dave Lynch
2 Posted 04/06/2021 at 12:53:19
The silence from the club is deafening as per usual.

The longer this goes on 2 scenarios may play out.

Martinez is coming, he has the European champs to deal with first and won't want to possibly destabilise the team.

Everton are going to appoint last minute to save money and therefore be limited as to who is avaliable, that would be Everton all over.

Barry Hesketh
3 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:05:16
Dave @2
Carlo unexpectedly left the club on Tuesday, It's only Friday. I think it's prudent of the club to take their time over this appointment, because it's a huge call, no matter who ends up as Everton's manager.

Ian Horan
4 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:06:22
The last minute or late appointment fits in well with a potential lack of incoming transfers. That would be so Everton a state of suspended animation over the summer and no financial outlay for players, or manager, now that would be the final straw for me. pp
Tony Abrahams
5 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:28:24
Francis@1, your post is why I come on this website mate, and even if I didn’t agree with it, (it actually makes loads of sense) I couldn’t argue with it, because it’s well thought out and very sensible imo, outlining a clear strategy, rather than just coming to negative conclusions, although if I was guessing, I’d sooner we got a clever coach, and maybe let Duncan just manage the team?
Ste Traverse
6 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:31:50
No Moyes or Martinez for starters.

This club has been down the road before of appointing former managers with Kendall's endless returns and they could hardly of been viewed as roaring successes could they.

Controversial one but I'd have no qualms with seeing Rafa in situ at this club. Managed in many countires, available, has won trophies, has loads of European experience and still lives in the Liverpool area.

Ok, he slagged us off once (big deal, we slag them off) and used to manage them but of the potential candidates we could get he looks a sound bet. Not happening though, don't think our club would go for someone possibly divisive with our support.

Andrew Ellams
7 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:43:48
People are stressing after 72 hours, good job your not Spurs fans.

Why is Pirlo even being mentioned here? What would he bring to the club?

Tony Abrahams
8 Posted 04/06/2021 at 13:49:32
I’ve never liked Rafa Benitez, either, but could see the wisdom in appointing him though. His football might be conservative, but he’s very maticulous, and has always been thoroughly professional, and he’d also dig the shirkers right out, so quite a few pluses go Rafa’s way!

Joe McMahon
9 Posted 04/06/2021 at 14:04:12
Ste, I also have no problem with any Liverpool connection (they win things). Sir Matt Busby played for many years at City, it didn't stop United approaching him to manage, and he certainly did.
Bill Gall
10 Posted 04/06/2021 at 14:52:07
I believe that Ancelotti was on the right track in trying to bring in stability on the playing side of the club. He was working closely with the director of football Brands with plans to improve the weaknesses in the team for the start of the season, and I fully agree with Mr Munoz @ #1, he should be involved in selecting a new manager.
Mr Moshiri as the owner wants to protect his investments and the selection of Ancelotti was a good selection. Unfortunately we now find that managers of this reputation,if a better offer from a more successful club comes in, he will leave.
B.K. Is a sentimentalist and wanting D.Moyes proves this. D.Moyes is part of the history at Everton but 1 good season at West Ham does not prove he has got any better.
M.Brands has always been on the playing side of football, and as director of football at Everton he is more involved with players and managers than owners and chairpersons.
So as Mr Munoz says, his suggestions as who should become manager is the person who must be given first consideration for the position of managing the football side of the club.
The suggestion of how the new manager should operate with Brands and the first team squad has merit, but that will be up to the new manager.
The new manager has to bring stability into the club. Stability brings success, and stability is not achieved in 2 seasons.
We have the basis of a squad with the addition of 2or more players to improve on next season, We need a manager to ensure he can get the best from this squad with improvements.
Bill Hawker
11 Posted 04/06/2021 at 15:08:41
Add one more here who'd be ok with Benitez. That's in the past. All I care about is Everton's future. Also, nice post Francis #1.
Tony Mace
12 Posted 04/06/2021 at 15:17:24
Depending on how Italy get on in the Euros

Mancini anyone?

James Marshall
13 Posted 04/06/2021 at 15:24:39
I can't help thinking the club will try to go for a big name manager again - rightly or wrongly, it's the sort of move that players such as Richarlison et al would prefer to work under.

If you bring in Moyes, Potter etc, the big name players won't like that, their egos need feeding - we all have a view on who would be right for the job, but I suspect the club will certainly take into account the players thoughts & feelings as well. Supporters tend not to think of the human element as much.

Don't be surprised if Moshiri goes all out for someone like Pirlo or Mancini for the same reasons.

Bill Rodgers
14 Posted 04/06/2021 at 16:03:22
Here are some tips for Mr Moshiri and the business geniuses who advise him. He can have it all free of charge and it will save him millions. Firstly it is always a mistake to employ somebody, whether a player of a manager, who believes they are too good for the job. Don't even look at them, they will let you down. When you find someone hungry you can test it out with the contract. Offer them a fair but modest basic with a very generous bonus for appropriate targets. Top 5 in the first season - with a further boost for top 3 after that. If they are not interested - neither are we. Before the new manager is appointed - clear out Finch Farm. Do not leave it to the new man - it gives him the problem of playing around with fans' nostalgia and sentimentality. There are too many dinosaurs at Finch Farm and they have shown time after time that they are incapable either of motivating the first team or of bringing through talent. They produce arrogant youngsters who do not deliver and lazy first-teamers who prefer the treatment table. Ask Marcel Brands what he does. Either he is accountable for the team - in which case offer him the manager job - or he is not. In which case show him the door. There are too many confusions around his role and that means hiding places. Insist that any players who want out are gone before the end of June. Some of them will make you money. Some may cost a bit. But overall the finances will be fine and the transformational effects of having a dressing room free of whingers and hiders will be immense. It need to be done quickly as we do not have another season to waste. Insist on top 4 fitness levels throughout the whole squad. Employ pro fitness consultants now so that every player on the books is up and running to match anyone in two months time. As before - anyone not interested is not for us. Again you need to act in days not weeks. No more ex players or relatives with their dinosaur notions. Clear out all the EITC and any other ancillary, irrelevant stuff. It should be off-site and distant from the team and its management. Tell them they can come back in 3 years when we have the silverware to make it happen.

All of this should be meat and drink for your full-time regular staff. But it's not because on each and every criterion I have listed, EFC are serial failures. Put thes basics right and you have a chance. Without them - you will continue to waste millions and waste our time. Get started now.

Tony Everan
15 Posted 04/06/2021 at 16:39:24
Francis 1, thought provoking ! I’m not convinced it would work in practice. Who would the players be playing for who will they be looking to impress, there’s more room for disagreements and differences of opinion when there’s more personalities involved. The idea does have logic but I think in practice it may dilute control and focus because of its fragmentation. On balance I would prefer the more simpler set up DOF-Manager.

Also I am unconvinced of Duncan Ferguson’s ability to step up, I am in the camp that would have liked him to step out of his comfort zone and prove himself worthy at a Championship club. The fact that he has never done that, to me, is an indication of his lack of confidence to succeed doing it. Or even a lack of absolute desire to be the no1. It follows from that he shouldn’t be given the top job at Everton based on almost no supporting evidence.

Dale Self
16 Posted 04/06/2021 at 16:54:11
First, Mike that is a solid summary and I like the risk/reward layout. We need good frames like this for debate to keep things somewhat well behaved.

Francis 1, your stuff is as good as anyone else's. Make this a more regular thing. As for the structure, yeah that's what we all want but didn't we just witness the friction between visions of Brands and those above?

There is obviously no unified position at the moment or the club would at least mimic some PR move to help our image. We've got a struggle in play and I think most of us are thinking Brands is our guy on the inside. I still lean toward Nuno because it would be a safe choice which could keep some player values from plummeting and might produce a run at Europe sooner than deserved. Additionally, it would do as suggested by most, give Brands a true chance to build a team since the word is that Nuno is okay with that arrangement. Nuno is solid enough to get something from some decent acquisitions by Brands should he grow into that role with honor.

If it gets weird and we can't get a decent contract with protections the club needs from our preferred candidates I would then roll the dice with Dunc without fear.

Barry Rathbone
17 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:09:30
Hopefully it is Brands decision.

It needs a football man not an accountant or impresario to see the spark, or lack of, in another football mans eyes. If Rob Halligan's insider is right then Brands get it, he understands the unique circumstances AT THIS CLUB.

Only a tiny minority from the applicants will be strong enough to inspire the requisite revolution and it will need Brands to sit opposite the applicant at the interview to spot it.

Fuck the cv it's the man that matters.

Barry Rathbone
18 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:09:30
Hopefully it is Brands decision.

It needs a football man not an accountant or impresario to see the spark, or lack of, in another football mans eyes. If Rob Halligan's insider is right then Brands get it, he understands the unique circumstances AT THIS CLUB.

Only a tiny minority from the applicants will be strong enough to inspire the requisite revolution and it will need Brands to sit opposite the applicant at the interview to spot it.

Fuck the cv it's the man that matters.

Dave Abrahams
19 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:11:17
Bill (14), shooting straight from the hip, like your namesake Will Rodgers, love that to happen, a full clean sweep from top to bottom, they wouldn’t know what hit them, you are so right, if it carries on as it has been for the last few years, there will nothing for Mr.Moshiri to sell, the players will have taken every last cent of his money.
James Stewart
20 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:14:30
Some truly horrific names being thrown around.

I wouldn't describe Martinez as a safe pair of hands personally!

Benitez has the best CV, by a long way, of anyone linked so far. It's a shame a large number of us seem more bothered about a flippant remark made over a decade ago than having a chance of success.

Rangnick probably the next least worst option.

David Nicholls
21 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:16:16
Sarri could be worth a punt. Available, plays an attractive style and has prem experience. The downside is that he’s 62 and a smoker so my not be around for the long term project.
Barry Hesketh
22 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:21:44
James @20
Rafa would divide our fanbase and the job's hard enough as it is, and the more lunatic fringe of the other lot's supporters wouldn't give him a minutes peace, it sounds great in theory but in practice?
Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:22:51
Barry 22

I agree entirely. The last thing we need right now is him or Gerrard coming in with half the fan base skeptical of them from the get go.

Barry Hesketh
24 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:25:16
David @21
You have probably described a good portion of Everton's fanbase, including myself, may not be around for long-term project! I was kinda hoping to see BMD at least:)
John Raftery
25 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:26:51
Benitez is also top of my list based on the range of his experience and knowledge of the Premier League. A throwaway remark made many years ago is totally irrelevant. He obviously won’t be appointed of course because the modern owner is terrified of upsetting the vocal members of the fan base.

Conte was top of the poll when I last looked. He would bring his own lengthy wish list of signings and then moan like hell about broken promises when they don’t arrive. The chances of him working in tandem with Brands for the long term are next to none.

Bill (14) Given that all of Carlo’s caravan of coaches, fitness gurus and analysts have departed with him, who are all the dinosaurs still at Finch Farm? As for EiTC, your comment is ill informed. It is run as a separate entity and is ‘off site’.

Joe McMahon
26 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:28:46
Unfortunately Barry and Kieran you are both right, he would be given hell. Some would even prefer Unsworth as manager as (he gets us, and all that shit).
Brian Williams
27 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:33:48
The silence from the club is deafening as per usual.

David. What is it you want them to say?

Does this not do it?: https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2164100/club-statement-ancelotti-leaves-everton

Or do you need a daily "We're still looking"?

Dale Self
28 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:34:50
Dave, thanks for that Will Rogers reference. He was probably the most famous and most honorable Okie.

A quick offering from the master of comedy wisdom:
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

Stephen Vincent
29 Posted 04/06/2021 at 17:57:57
Andrew #7, Pirlo would bring his own cocktail and an excellent white wine from the family vineyard. Definitely a step up from Chang. Not sure it would go with a scouse pie though!!! Need a big red for that - enter Benitez.
Danny Broderick
30 Posted 04/06/2021 at 18:00:54
I just saw the poll on ToffeeWeb and can’t believe some of the names on it. We are not going to get Simeone, who has just won La Liga and is one of the best paid managers in world football. Likewise, why would Conte come here for what will be, at best, a re-building job? No managers from the top table are coming here.

My hunch is that Ten Hag could be the man they are looking at. There’s obviously the Dutch link, and he works within the framework of a Director of Football. We could entice him here with better wages. He might also fancy a crack at the Prem. Ajax also play a decent style of football, one which fits in with all the age ranges at the club. Isn’t this what Brands is trying to do at our club?

My big reservation is that Cocu failed at Derby, and De Boer bombed at Palace. So could he bring what he does at Ajax and get it to work in the Prem?

It’s going to be a horrible summer. Big changes at the club do not often bring instant success. I really feel next season could be a struggle...

Barry Hesketh
31 Posted 04/06/2021 at 18:05:13
Apparently Kia Joorabchian will be very influential on which person becomes the new Everton manager, due to the fact he has the ear of our owner Farhad Moshiri - although not literally

This is the guy who was a central figure in the Tevez and Mascherano saga, although he denied being the owner of the players rights. According to his Wiki Bio he was once a 'used car salesman'.

Okay his business was described as a car dealership, but seriously is this the sort of person we want Everton FC to be connected with?

Kia's Role in appointing New Everton Boss

Kia Joorabchian

Jimmy Hogan
32 Posted 04/06/2021 at 19:27:29
Moyes has signed a 3 year deal with West Ham, so everybody can shut up about him now. It would seem from one survey that what Evertonians are craving more than anything else is a manager with a distinct philosophy about how to play the game. That would seem to suggest Rangnick. My head tells me yes to him. My heart tells me Duncan with an excellent assistant.
Fran Mitchell
33 Posted 04/06/2021 at 19:31:43
The 'safe pair of hands', unfortunately, is not 6th-9th with the occasional flirtation with 4th. If anyone can offer that, we should snap their hands off.

Our recent finishes have been 10th, 12th, 8th, 8th, 7th, 11th, 11th. An average position of 9th/10th over the last 7 seasons.

Any expectation, or demand, that we can suddenly become a top 6 team is absurd. Our team is limited, as our our funds and our academy. A safe pair of hands manager is keeping us mid-table, with maybe a flirtation with Europe and hopefully a cup run.

When we had an average finish of 6th/7th under Moyes, we had a general strategy. But since he left, we have had zero strategy. Moving from Martines-Koeman-Silva-Ancelotti - all managers with distinct methods and the result is the mis-shapen squad that we currently have.

No matter who the manager we appoint, more than the name of the manager, the first thing we must do is develop a distinct strategy - AND KEEP TO IT. Be that under the guidance of Brands, or another. We currently have no idea if Brands is the man to lead this strategy, because he has been sidelined since his arrival.

If Moshiri can't keep his nose out, we must seriously start questioning his ownership. Too often, Kenwright is a scapegoat. And while I am no fan of his and believe he too should be forced away, for Moshiri he has been a helpful distraction - all of Moshiri's many failings are often ignored - Kenwright or the manager get the grief. Moshiri is seen as the rich owner - but what decisions has been made that have actually worked? can't think of any - From the Walsh/Koeman disaster, the mid-table 'galactico' signings, and more recently Ancelotti.

Time for him to step back and leave football to football people...otherwise time for him to find a new toy.

Barry Hesketh
34 Posted 04/06/2021 at 19:43:30
Jimmy @32
Can you direct me to the link that says that David Moyes has actually signed his new contract at West Ham.
Stephen Vincent
35 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:27:22
Fran, Moshiri has put up best part of £500m of his own money. He is committed to contributing a further £100m for BMD. I think that pretty much entitles him to interfere wherever he wants, unlike Buffallo Bill, who has never contributed anything of his own.
Peter Mills
36 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:28:17
I’ve barely been able to post any thoughts on who our new manager should be because I am so disillusioned with the whole of “top flight” football. But, as we all know, Everton will never let you go.

So, over the past few days of non- stop thinking about it, I am coming down on an amalgam of the above article, and the posts from Francis #1 and Bill #14. This is based upon if I was spending my own money.

I don’t want anyone associated with Liverpool FC. I don’t like them.

I don’t want anyone who has managed us before. I don’t like them.

I don’t want anyone who is coming here for a big wedge. The sort of contracts we have dished out to the last few appointments have been farcical, they have incentivised failure - Martinez and Silva were basically faced with a situation where they could think “If I make a bollocks of this now, I can get paid off and sit in the sun for 12 months/get another job and still get paid”. There is an entire industry going on where such managers are on the money-spinning merry-go-round. We can all see through it, why can’t billionaire businessmen?

So, I want someone who will work for their buck. They need to have charisma, and they need to want to win things because they like winning. Possibly a Ferguson, definitely a Cahill. They need someone alongside them who understands football inside out, an Alan Irvine/Colin Harvey type of character, someone who doesn’t want the spotlight. Invite these characters in to make a pitch.

They should be paid a decent salary, say, £1m per annum, with very generous incentives based upon league position and cup success. If I was paying the salary I would also award my own purely arbitrary points each week for entertainment. No doubt agents would be aghast at how this could be measured, but as the owner I would simply say “I’ll decide that, take it or leave it”.

It’s unbelievable to me how a very wealthy person can’t arrange such a contract. It seems everyone is in thrall to agents and the media. Turn the whole thing on its head, invite applications based on the above, if you don’t like it, off you pop. They would still be queuing up.

Fran Mitchell
37 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:33:40
Stephen: Yes, he has invested his money but also we have regressed since he arrived. I don't think he is intitled to interfere just cause it's his money that he ivested - and we all know that no rich person actually invests their own money anyway, but that's a wider discussion that the Esk would have far more to say.

I've worked in numerous businesses, and the least successful of them all are the ones where the 'owner' can't step aside and trust knowledgable people to run the show. Moshiri is an accountant, not a football man, and that has been clear in many of his woeful decisions since coming on board.

Julian Exshaw
38 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:40:47
The more I think about it the more I'd like a partnership of Ferguson and Cahill (if he were interested). My main reason for this is when I ask myself what we have lacked in the last few years and I always come back to passion and urgency. We've tried the tactical approach and where has it got us? Rancid, sleep inducing slop for a lot of last season basically.
We shouldn't overlook the fact that these two 'understand ' Everton. They understand what we want as fans, what we expect. I don't want to see our next coach on the side-lines sipping coffee, I want to see him roaring and getting in the players faces. Premier League players should be talented enough not to need coaching per se but rather a style of playing, a recognisable system. Surely Duncan has worked this out by now.
Give him a chance. Apart from the derby win, the last time I really felt a shiver down my spine watching us play were the ballboy hug moments. This is what I want to see. This gets Goodison rocking.
Andy Finigan
39 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:50:41
Great Post Peter mills
Peter Warren
40 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:51:59
Brendan Rodgers
Dale Self
41 Posted 04/06/2021 at 20:58:33
If only it were that simple. I do like the spirit of that Peter but those kinds of contracts require full belief if not verification of terms specifying (beyond observational so that it is presentable as evidence) the investments that will be made after the contract is signed which have obvious impact on performance under the contract. This is where Carlo leaving under an NDA or some other reason for silence from both parties really complicates the ability to draw up a contract that the candidate would take seriously. We are in that territory now and that is a result of Moshiri making moves in the coaches market that could not be sustained by the squad investments he made. It's tough positioning yourself for a new stadium.
Paul Hewitt
42 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:02:31
No more foreign managers please. They have been a disaster for us. Give it to Duncan. I actually think he would do a great job.
Mal van Schaick
43 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:21:36
Some of the names mentioned, Howe, Ranieri, Nuno are not for me, and the more I think about it, I agree with other comments regarding foreign managers talking drivel and picking up a lot of money.

Therefore, I am leaning towards Dunc with Cahill and an ex Everton player who can instil some passion into players about what Everton and its fans are about. Someone like Peter Reid as an advisor.

Kieran Kinsella
44 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:38:56
I agree with other comments regarding foreign managers"

Where you from Mal Van Schaick? Name like that must be a Toxteth native.," I agree with other comments regarding foreign managers"

Where you from Mal Van Schaick? Name like that must be a Toxteth native.,,,1,21:36:34,,,ok,2769,06/04/2021 21:36:34,Evertongator,reader,,,no 1162076,40893,toffeeweb,04/06/2021,Sam Hoare,sam_hoare@hotmail.com,"Don’t want one of those pesky foreign managers like Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel etc. What have they ever done?!

It doesn’t matter where a manager comes from, it only matters that they are a good fit. What exactly that fit is will/should depend on Brands and should be uniform throughout the club at all age groups.

Personally I’d like a young, modern coach to play a direct, aggressive, energetic game (though admittedly we don’t have the right players for this currently).

Ferguson could be great. He’s an experienced coach and obviously knows the players and clubs but my worry is his lack of managerial experience, he should have a season or two in the lower leagues to prove himself first.

I think Potter looks a capable manager who plays good football and Fonseca and Ten Hag are interesting too.

Not young but also interesting could be Rangnick or Galtier.

Nuno would be a safe if unspectacular option.

One thing is clear, whoever it is will divide supporters on these pages!

Peter Mills
45 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:43:32
Dale#41, I don’t quite follow all your post, but I get your drift. I do understand how contracts can be challenged. But I have spent quite a lot of time over the years persuading lawyers that things can be agreed between willing parties. The subjective element, i.e. the “entertainment bonus” would not be part of the contract, but purely be at the whim of the paymaster. As simple as that. If you don’t fancy it, don’t apply.

Make the terms clear. Advertise them. Ensure there is full disclosure. Let the contract be simple. And keep the tenure of the contract short. If the manager is successful and is lured elsewhere, so be it. Get another one.

Dave Abrahams
46 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:47:09
Peter (36), some good points there Peter, but I think when you come to naming your manager, as a fervent Blue, you are letting your heart rule your head, it’s all about opinions again, but to me Duncan has done little to show he has the abilities to be the manager of a team in the premier league and Cahill, wholehearted player that he was, has shown little interest, as far as I know, in becoming a coach, isn’t he more of an agent? To be honest I thought quite a lot about Everton’s situation after Ancelotti walked away like you have said you did, but I stopped because the position we are in is the worst I have ever felt about The Blues and I hope we come up with a manger ship team that gets to sort out the club on and off the field, because for the last twenty years we have just been going round in circles and are at the rear end of the field when it comes to being a successfully run football club. Like everybody else I just hope we appoint a winner when the manager is decided upon.
Sam Hoare
47 Posted 04/06/2021 at 21:51:51
I actually think what Francis@1 suggests would make a lot of sense potentially. The best of all worlds?
Dale Self
48 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:06:19
Peter, if I may try to clean that up. We have a reputation problem in that Carlo left without an explanation for the next candidate to evaluate. That leaves so much uncertainty as to what Everton's mgt will do once the contract is signed. If we cannot provide guarantees of investment where obviously needed for all to see then we will have one hell of a time getting a premium candidate to sign an incentive laden contract where all the risk is on them.

It's hard to find the right balance between short and to the point and a novel that leads to a nap. Sorry bout that.

Fran Mitchell
49 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:11:20
If Ralf Rangnick can come on board as a general manager or whatever the position may be, then that is something I could really get behind.

Always felt he was 'the one that got away' in the aftermath of Moyes leaving.

And all he has done at the Red Bull franchise since has suggested that he really could have been the man to take us further.

Him, working alongside Brands - Rangnick football strategist, Brands transfer man and a young manager (be it Ferguson, be it Potter, or anyone else) could be something that has real long term value.

We need strategy.

Colin Glassar
50 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:16:26
I agree Fran. Brands doing the buying and selling. Rangnick doing the strategising and tactics and Big Duncan doing the shouting and finger pointing from the dugout.
Mike Connolly
51 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:24:22
After seeing the quality of some of the managers we're linked with. id go with Mal 43# selection and add Baines to it. If them three could not get a tune out of the players we are well and truly stuffed.
Barry Rathbone
52 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:29:10
It's interesting to note under Moyes with a glass ceiling of the "sky 4" we averaged 8th but the progression of City, leicester and Spurs means todays equivalent would be 11th with Carlo snaffling 10th!!

No wonder Mosh&co think we're doing ok but will they orchestrate a Moyes to Utd ovation for Carlo to Madrid when the fans get back?

What a great sport - what a great club.

Mal van Schaick
53 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:44:19
Kieran. #44. A local lad, I inherited this name from ancestors from the Netherlands. I’ve had van load, van hire, van der valk, van shi-e etc.

Followed Everton from 1960s, seen the good times and bad times. Like us all I just want Everton to be winning trophies and playing good football with some local players in the team like the good old days.

Kevin Molloy
54 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:45:49
Conte's move has gone all spursy, we must have made our move at last.

Conte 'and what will you do for me if I do this thing?'

Moshiri staring 'Anything'.

John McFarlane Snr
55 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:53:03
Hi Dave [47] I share your concern regarding the situation the club currently finds itself in, we have faced many a crisis, mainly the safeguard of our position in the top flight, but the position we find ourselves in at the present time is as bad as it's ever been. I think that we all want the same outcome, a strong willed character to pull the club up by the scruff of the neck, but it's not going to be as easy as some may think. People talk of managers winning titles, when in fact they are in charge of players, who win trophies, unfortunately we don't have that type of player, and as you say, it requires a complete reorganisation on and off the pitch. I honestly thought that Carlo Ancelotti was the man to set us on the right track, but it seems as though he was able to manage a team, but wasn't able to build one.
Barry Hesketh
56 Posted 04/06/2021 at 22:54:41
Kevin @55
Conte is supposedly not happy that he would have to use younger players and his salary demands are said to be too much for Levy. Steer clear of this bloke Moshiri, not that he'd come, he wants a club that is ready to win trophies not building a team for success further down the road. It's also being reported that he may take a 12 month sabbatical from the game.
Kevin Molloy
57 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:01:26
Barry yes. Then again, who knows he might have this big animus with Carlo, and takes the job just to make him look bad. That'd be nice.To be honest, if he was considering spurs, there's no reason why he wouldn't look at us. we're pretty much same level at the moment. And our striker isn't about to up sticks (hopefully)
Darren Hind
58 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:04:45
Just looking at the ToffeeWeb poll.

I cannot believe my eyes.

Years of misery inducing spoiling tactics has done nothing to stop some from declaring a wish to see people like Benitez and Moyes manage our team.

If we employ another fucking wagon Circler, I'm fucking off to collect stamps, or bake cakes or something...or go somewhere else where I'm not surrounded by fucking masochists

Barry Hesketh
59 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:05:06
Just reading some other news on Conte and it looks as if Levy may have wanted Fabio Paratici more than he wanted Conte, as Spurs are likely to appoint Paratici as Director of Football with or without Conte.

Fran Mitchell
60 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:21:30
Darren...I agree with you (even though I was in the Ancelotti 'apologist' camp) especially in terms of Benitez I really can't fathom what anyone sees in him.

But for the chance to see you participate in Bake Off...it might just be worth it

Dale Self
61 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:26:32
Conte negotiations are off. As long as Spurs and PSG can set the bar really low we may get out of this without being the punchline.
Jeff Armstrong
62 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:31:26
Gavin Johnson
63 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:36:31
I don't usually take Italian stories with a pinch of salt but these Pirlo rumours don't seem to be going away. I totally dismissed his appointment but after thinking about maybe he could he be the left field appointment we need?!

His time at Juve was deemed a failure, but in fairness the team is in transition with older players needing to be replaced, and he did win the 2 domestic cups. Young Italian managers like Vialli, Di Matteo and Mancini had successes in their managerial stints in the Prem. Maybe Pirlo could be a feasible appointment who could probably work under Brands?!

John Raftery
64 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:48:26
Spurs have still not appointed a manager seven weeks after sacking Mourinho. What a shambles of a club!

Gavin Johnson
65 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:49:00
Yes, some of the same people who are talking about the style of football are actually advocating Benitez. Totally baffling. He's the Spanish equivalent of Big Sam but got bigger jobs. Some pundit was talking this week about going to St James when Benitez was there and he was expecting the ground to have a great atmosphere and it was like a library watching one of the countless 0-0's there.
Rob Dolby
66 Posted 04/06/2021 at 23:54:02
Darren 59 Classic very good made me chuckle.
Colin Glassar
67 Posted 05/06/2021 at 00:42:27
God I’d love to see Darren in his pinny get a Hollywood handshake on the GBBO.
Steve Ferns
68 Posted 05/06/2021 at 01:06:56
Hi guys. Hope you’re all well. Thought I’d return to these pages to see what everyone thinks for the new manager and offer my thoughts.

First off, can we please learn the lesson of Carlo Ancelotti. I said before he came that I wasn’t too keen, but when he looked set to join I looked for how it might work. Key to that was the appointment of a top class first team coach.

You see, too many of you think in simple terms. Carlo has won 3 Champions Leagues, he’s a great manager, he’ll get us back we’re we belong. Sure, he is a great manager, but he’s great when he’s at big clubs. What does he actually do? Well very little according to the article in the athletic.

Well I already told you that. And it’s fine. Sir Alex Ferguson was not a coach, certainly not in the last decade of his career. He was also not a tactician. But Ferguson hired top coaches, and he kept things fresh by changing them. Read how Mike Phelan says he should have all the credit for the last couple of titles or the work of carlos Quieroz. And I’m not saying Ferguson was crap, just he didn’t do the coaching himself.

Anyway, Carlo used Paul Clement (last seen as manager of Swansea) as first team coach at Chelsea and Hermann Gerland at Bayern. I wanted Clement or someone of that ilk at Everton. Things might have been different. Instead he relied on his novice son and Duncan Ferguson. The latter is somewhat culpable for all the recent failings and should not be given the job. He needs to leave and cut his teeth at a lower level and prove himself.

Think carefully how your new favourite will transform everton. As always, I want a young hungry coach, playing fast, front foot football. And yes, that’s what I promised marco Silva would bring. Just because he ultimately failed, does not mean the plan was wrong, he just failed to execute it. We still need a hands on coach, with a plan who can transform the players we have and make them better, meantime working with brands bringing through new young players and players from the youth side.

We need to follow a tried snd tested template to break into the top 4. That is what Rogers is doing now with Leicester and what Pochettino did with Spurs. FFP prevents the Man City approach.

If we look through the contenders on the ToffeeWeb poll, most are against my preference. Rafa Benitez is yesrdays man in my book. His Newcastle side was dull, his tactics dated. Then there’s the small matter of his coaching. Rafa won trophies when he delegated the coaching to pako ayestarán at Valencia and Liverpool. After they fell out, Rafa has failed to win a league or the CL. His results have not be of the same level. It goes back to my point of delivery. Rafa would be defensive, like always, but his methods are dated and lack the execution of his former top coach.

Antonio Conte. He’s like Carlo. His CV is impeccable. He can’t fail. But how would he do it. Well he nearly always does it by spending. He’s spoke to Spurs and they said no to spending. Well he can’t here either. FFP won’t allow it. He wants the spending shortcut and doesn’t want to spend 5 years coaching Nkounkou and co to the top level. So, no, he might be the right man for a top side, but he is not the right man for Everton.

Nuno Espírito Santo. Here’s a man who’s only honour is the second tier trophy with wolves. He did poorly at Porto and nothing special at Valencia, which is why he went to the second tier with wolves. All that wolves did achieve needs to be taken into context with the money spent by owners richer than moshiri (yes really) and a tie in with super agent Jorge mendes. Wolves sacked him. He shouldn’t be on our radar. Speak to any wolves fan and they’ll tell you how dire his tactics were. And I’ll never appreciate him, as I don’t rate anyone who plays five at the back every game. Dire tactics if you ask me.

Lucien Favre. The Swiss is now 63. His only trophy in the top 5 European nations is the German charity shield. Yes really. Not a fan myself. Wrong age for me.

Ralf Rangnick. He’s 62. Only thing he’s ever won of note is the German cup once. He’s also the same guy who had serious health issues last time he was in the frame to replace Moyes. Too old. Too damaged and never was good enough.

Duncan Ferguson. As above. Needs to drop down and start a career further down and work his way back up. Kendall did it, why can’t Duncan?

Paulo Fonseca. A manager I know a lot about. One who’d guarantee to put a smile back on Bernard’s face. His old Shaktar manager. He did great stuff in Portugal with pacos, then sacked by Porto and back to pacos before getting braga to crack the top 3 in Portugal (always Benfica, Porto and sporting). Then off to Shaktar where he won the league and cup double 3 times in 3 seasons, as well as really making a name for himself in Europe. He got the big job at Roma. He did well, but not great there. 52% win ratio is acceptable. He just didn’t manage to push them up the table enough and they’ve gone the Mourinho route to get trophies. Is he right for Everton? No, I preferred Silva, and whilst Fonseca is more pragmatic, he’s less innovative. We can do better.

Eddie Howe. No thanks. We all know the pros and cons here. We can do much better.

Frank Lampard. If someone else takes your underperforming side to heights you couldn’t reach, then it says a lot about your abilities. Not good enough.

Roberto Martinez. Produced the best season of my adult life. Really enjoyed his football. Never wanted him sacked. Think too many of you don’t give him enough credit for his achievements. I mean google it, which Everton managers can beat 72 points (even if you change the olden days to 3 for a win and don’t adjust the 46 games a season down to 38). Go on, have a look who can, you’ll be surprised. Can’t be that shit now can he? I don’t want him back though. The ship has sailed.

David Moyes. Far better than some will have you believe, a lot worse than others think. He’s mr solid and dependable. We want more. And as with Martinez, never go back.

Graham Potter. Such an intriguing one. I can’t work out if he’s really going to be as special as some think, or if he’s just another Eddie Howe. I think he’s too much of a gamble. Let him continue to prove himself.

Simeone. May as well consider Guardiola for the job then! Never an option!

Erik ten Hag. Not seen enough of Ajax recently. Like what I have seen. Like more what I’ve read about him. He looks a real superstar manager on the rise. Brands show know him inside out. Sure Ajax are the biggest club in Holland, but he’s still done a fantastic job there, particularly in Europe. He’s in my top 3.

Christophe Galtier. I don’t know much about his Lille side. I love Bielsa. I watched his Lille side. They were always top 6. Marcelo had them bottom. They gave him time but he couldn’t get them out the bottom 3 well into the season and was sacked. The next guy saved them and then had them midtable. In came Galtier and they were flying. But note there’s a lot of credit to their DoF for his signings. Positive though is it shows he could work well with brands. Anyway, on to this season and Galtier was the best manager in the world in his domestic competition. No exaggeration. He pipped Pochettino to the French league title with Lille. Yeah, the same Lille Bielsa was trying his best to relegate. Galtier immediately resigned and is awaiting a top job. Don’t know if he’s a top coach or not, but he must have done something right. I’d be welcoming of him if brands does his homework and is happy with him.

Marcelo Gallardo. My number one choice. This is the guy I wanted ahead of Carlo Ancelotti. Since I last advocated for him, he’s remained in Argentina with River Plate. He’s won it all there. He needs to leave. He’s heavily touted but no one wants to take the plunge. Surely we can make an offer. He plays on the front foot. His teams are fast and direct. He’s a hands on coach. He’s got a temper and goes berserk on the sidelines, sometimes getting sent off. We need a nutter if you ask me. Get him in. This guy is being monitored by Barcelona for good reason.

I’ll throw in a guy opposite of what I want and not on the ToffeeWeb poll list: Maurizio Sarri. He’s 62 now. But he’s got energy. He’s a former banker and came to football late and so not had his energy levels depleted. As a former banker, he’s exceptionally intellectual. He’s a real student of football and invented his own style, Sarri ball. He’s fought his way up from non-league which is why he’s only been around a few years despite his age. He doesn’t do transfers. Give him a load of money and he’ll just buy his favourite ex players. This is a coach who’s happy to work with what he has. Sarri ball is great to watch, to some, but I accept some find it dull. But he didn’t really play it at chelsea. I think it would go down better at Everton. I also think with his clear style, brands could work well with him. He’s 62, but with something to prove. I’d be happy if we appointed him.

But going back, I want someone young and hungry, like Gallardo or ten Hag. Or someone on the rise like Galtier. Or someone with something to prove like Sarri. I don’t want yesterday’s man or the same boring old type of coach.

Bill Gienapp
69 Posted 05/06/2021 at 01:21:58
Steve! I very nearly posted on one of these various threads that it doesn't feel right to have a managerial search without Steve Ferns weighing in.
Daniel A Johnson
70 Posted 05/06/2021 at 02:48:45
Welcome back Steve !
Alan J Thompson
71 Posted 05/06/2021 at 03:20:32
Steve(#69); Haven't time at the moment to read all your post and will do later in the day but my first comment about your thoughts on Ancelotti is that Henry Ford never worked on a production line either.
But given Rob Halligan's post on another thread there doesn't seem to have been much of a chain of command or anybody taking any sort of managerial responsibility at any level.
James Flynn
72 Posted 05/06/2021 at 03:24:41
If we're going to have a Brands, then he needs to go out and get young talent. That's the job.

Whatever manager we hire has to work with what Brands gives him. Period. The business of bringing in new players for each manager is what go us this misshapen squad in the first place. The player operations need to revolve around Brands, not whatever manager we sign.

Every manager interviewed needs to know that first thing. If at any point, the interviewee says something like, "For the system I use, you'll need to get me players X, Y, and Z. . . . ", he needs to be shown the door.

Otherwise, there's no point to having Brands or anyone else in his position.

Mike Gaynes
73 Posted 05/06/2021 at 03:31:06
Fernsie, I was about to send out a search party for you (as well as Andy Crooks). I figured that if the events of this week didn't bring you back in to post, you were either up on the International Space Station or had given up your law practice and become a Buddhist monk in Nepal. (...ooommmmmmm...)

I have only two comments on your post.

1. Many thanks for not mentioning Rooney, who is still appallingly listed at 9/1 odds, or Gerrard. (Or Steve Cooper, heh-heh.)

2. You can't play "fast, front foot football" with the slowest side in the Prem. We need to sign five speedy players (RB, 2MF, wing, striker) to make that work. Try to play it with our current midfield and we'll front-foot ourselves right into relegation danger -- and sack our new manager by February. The window is every bit as important as the hire. And Brands should be in full charge of both.

Hope you're well.

Steve Brown
74 Posted 05/06/2021 at 05:29:37
Welcome back Steve. Named my new dog Carlo, so he is going to be confused as hell when I start calling him Erik or Miguel.
Albert Perkins
75 Posted 05/06/2021 at 05:58:29
Good to see the Ferns back. And for those people who don't want a foreigner and are suggesting a Scot and an Aussie, well.
Fran Mitchell
76 Posted 05/06/2021 at 06:50:55
Good to hear from you Steve.

I agree with most of what you say, although think you are a little dismissive of what Rangnick has achieved. In his role at the Red Bull franchise, not only has he been influencial in making them successful and being so through identifiing young talent and then selling them at a profit. He's also been highly influential in the identification of young and up and coming managers Hasenhuttel, Nagalsamann, Marsch, Rose.

In a similar role he'd be a good name.

Gallardo is an interesting one, but very high risk. As a whiff of Frank De Boar about him, and a real worry that his methods wouldn't work. I'd be excited if he was given a chance but it's high risk.

One name that seems absent from discussion but one I'd like to see is that of Jorge Sampioli. Highly experienced, and although his time as Argentina manager was a huge failure (multiple factors), when with Chile they were fantastic. He's from the Bielsa school of management. While not young (61), he could be someone to transform our playing style and methods that could have a lasting impact.

Dan Nulty
77 Posted 05/06/2021 at 07:40:32
Welcome back Steve.

Concerned we are talking to Pirlo who has had one season at Juve, taken the champions to finish 4th. Not for me, we don't want someone cutting their managerial teeth.

Colin Glassar
78 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:08:19
Great post, Steve F. Just 1-2 observations;

I’m always wary of up and coming coaches who come out of nowhere in smaller leagues eg Perrin, Paul le Gunn, AVB etc... they tend to flatter only to fall on their faces. So Galtier is a no from me.

I also like ten Haag but will the Eindhoven - Ajax rivalry be an impediment for Marcel? A Dutch friend of mine (an Utrecht fan) doesn’t rate him at all.

Gallardo is an intriguing choice. Could our clueless MF play his high tempo, passing game? Could they stand his constant movement on the touch line? I think some of them might actually suffer from a nervous breakdown. I’d take him any day.

As for Sarri, I think he’d be a health hazard. We don’t want our wayward geniuses coughing and spluttering do we, and stinking of nicotine?

Sadly, I think we will play safe and opt for Nuno. He won’t rock the boat. The media like him. He will keep us as a top 10 team etc..

As long as it’s not Moyes then I’m ok. I do think we shouldn’t make a rash decision though and let Marcel make the final decision.

Ajay Gopal
79 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:15:46
Good to have you back, Steve, and I read your analysis with great interest. I agree with a lot of what you say - no ex-managers, no ex-players (with Zero top-flight experience), no RS connections, no 'Hollywood' managers - but I do disagree with the choice of your Final 3, with due respect.

In my opinion, Everton are not in a position to go full flamboyant and chance it with another high-risk appointment. We got to lick our wounds and fly under the radar for a few years until the new stadium gets built. It does not mean we need to get a boring manager, just a low risk guy. I believe that if we don't get this appointment right (and the right player acquisitions), we very realistically run the risk of getting sucked into the Championship, and no, this is not a knee jerk sentiment. Even with the experienced Carlo, we scraped out a lot of nervy 1-0 away wins, and we all know about our horrible home record. If we don't get someone who has experience of the English game, especially the Premier League, we are asking for trouble.

If by some miracle, Pochettino can be enticed by the Everton project, then we should blindly sign him up. But I see close to 0% chance of this happening.

Nuno is the one for me - he has worked 4 years in England, knows the league very well by now, is a very respectable character, taking Wolves to Europe was quite an achievement, and at no time were Wolves in danger of relegation in spite of losing some of their best players. I also liked the Wolves playing style - they kind of remind me of how Everton played in Martinez' 1st season with us. The only thing I don't like about Nuno is his super agent connection, but that could be because the Wolves ownership constrained him to work with that particular agent. If Brands can put his foot down and say that he (Brands) would be in charge of player recruitments, and Nuno is okay with that, then this would be the best option in my opinion. I do think that Nuno as Everton manager will surprise a lot of people in a positive way.

My close 2nd option is Graham Potter - slightly riskier than Nuno, but his side plays exciting football, and with better funding, he might very well be the man who turns it around for Everton. The risk with guys like Potter is that if the initial results don't go our way, then the pressure starts building almost immediately, and we don't want another manager drama.

Whoever comes in should be given time to build up a team, evolve a playing style, and make it a sustainable business proposition for the owner to continue to invest in the project. In Brands We Trust!

Eddie Dunn
80 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:22:41
Steve- great to read your thoughts, very interesting.
I agree with most of it but to the options, I would add Rogers, who I think is a very good coach.
Whether we could persuade him we were a better bet than his current club, I doubt, but he might like to be in the Liverpool area again and despite them winning the cup, he may think he has reached the ceiling of their potential.
I certainly do not want ahyone who has managed us before and definitely not Benitez, who produced football at newcastle that was as turgid as anyone.
Ten Haag is interesting but I agree about Ferguson, who has been sitting like a spare part on the bench. We don't need jobs for the boys-he needs to get a coaching role somewhere else to show us what he can do...ditto Unsworth.
Mt worry is Moshiri's ego. Will he be so embarrassed at losing his big name bossman, and go for another ? I hope not. Conte has knocked Levy back due to spending limits and as others have said the movers and shakers simply have better options than us.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Pirlo.
Stephen Davies
81 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:29:30
Steve Ferns.
Galtier would be my choice.
He's won that League and seen off one of the richest clubs in the world with Neymar and Mbappe.
He's obviously got something and knows how to grab a team by its shirt tail and shake it into action. It seems a good fit to me.
My only concern is if he speaks good English (not that this seems to hinder Bielsa) but would be a distinct advantage.
If the plan is to get into Europe and then knock on the door of the Champions League then that's not going to be achieved by a safe pair of hands.
Yes there is a risk but one thing I do know is that this club needs a good shake up, a new mindset, a winning mentality, a willingness to change.
That mindset is imposed by the Manager.
This is a Club thats crying out for entertaining football injected with grit and determination with a will to Win.
I want a Manager who can deliver that.
Paul Hewitt
82 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:34:31
The more I read the names in the frame. The more I'm convinced Everton will balls it up again.
Trevor Peers
83 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:47:06
I agree Paul @83.
Pirlo in particular would be a disaster, an untried rookie is just unthinkable at this stage. We need someone with a good track record as a manager, not a show pony ex-player.
Moshiri needs a good talking to if we are to avoid another three years of misery.
Robert Tressell
84 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:47:23
Sadly, I think Nuno is probably best qualified for this job. The reason is:

- objectives: return us to the edge of "success" (being about 5th to 8th) while the stadium is being built

- budget: modest relative to at least 6 other clubs, especially given that so few of our current lot will generate money money for reinvestment from sale

- experience: knows the ropes in the premier league

- approach: happy to develop players bought for him (as well as developing existing playing staff)

- tenure: 3 years? That would give us a period of stability while BMD is built. With a shiny new stadium and a c6th place squad of younger, dynamic Brands signings we should be better placed to hire a more glamorous manager and arm him with a better squad and competitive budget.

This might sound tremendously unambitious but after chronic club mismanagement we find ourselves behind Leicester, WHU, Leeds and barely ahead of Villa. These clubs, along with Spurs and Arsenal, are our competition. We're not in the same league as the £bn squads of the top 4 - but we could be in about 3 years if we get this right now.

Ps. Good to see you back Steve.

Tony Everan
85 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:48:17
Steve 69, Hope you are well. Great to have your opinions, especially on the Latin managers. TW is really struggling to coalesce upon who would be the right appointment. Everyone mentioned seems to be an almost unacceptable gamble.

The points made about the critical importance of the coaching regime that comes with a manager are what resonates with me. Midweek, on the training ground, being professionally trained, drilled and motivated day in day out is what makes for good teamwork. You used Alex Ferguson as a good example of of this, he always had his right hand man as a great effective coach. Closer to home when Silva lost Joao Pedro he didn’t recover. The season before the two of them were making some progress ( with the help of Zouma and Gana ). Still it was a big factor.

So I want the manager who can bring the energy and get us onto the front foot. But also a manger who can drill, organise us into a proper team via a great coaching team .

When we choose the manager we should be looking at the package that comes with him. How will the coaching be organised him ? What’s the qualities of the coaching team like he surrounds himself with ? Has the manager himself the energy and vigour to be on the training ground day after day to get the standards and methods established?

I think it’s not just a man we need to be looking for, but a coaching package he brings to the table that works well with him and allows him to operate to the best of his abilities.

Also , maybe most importantly, someone who actually wants and is happy to be here ! Not a transient big shot who thinks he’s doing us a favour and would always rather be managing elsewhere if the opportunity arose.

Ian Burns
86 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:49:25
Mr Steve Ferns - how good to read your post again - great to see you haven’t gone over to the dark side.

Moshiri is determined to sign a “name” instead of the sort of coach we really need - and that is my worry. Pirlo for example worries the hell out of me.

On another note I see Richi scored last night to remind CA he still has it- so off to RM he goes - if they’ve got the liquid of course!

Sam Hoare
87 Posted 05/06/2021 at 08:55:38

Nice to see you back. I could definitely get on board with a top 3 of Gallardo, Ten Hag or Galtier; all of whom I suggested further up the thread.

I do think Rangnick would be an interesting option to throw in due to his vast experience and knowledge, perhaps in combination with a younger coach (Ferguson?).

As for Conte, he is what I think people hoped Ancelotti might be, a genuinely world class manager who has his best days in the present rather than behind him. He has the potential to be very destructive and it could all go very wrong quite quickly, but it would be an exciting and highly ambitious appointment if they could persuade him (which is unlikely I think).

Barry Rathbone
88 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:11:24
Steve Ferns 69

I didn't agree with all of it but interesting piece. Your pick, Gallardo, should be avoided at all costs if you're right about

" 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗴𝘂𝘆 𝗶𝘀 𝗯𝗲𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗕𝗮𝗿𝗰𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗮 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗻"

He'll be on his bike to Spain quicker than Ancelotti if he does anything here.

I know a lot of match going Wolves fans and their take on Nuno bears no resemblance to the picture you paint.

Paul Hewitt
89 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:17:03
Giving this job to an untried PL manager is ridiculous. Even Carlo realised it was a thankless task and got away quick. The squad is hopeless can't press, pass or even do the football basics. It's totally unfit, it's a shambles. So go ahead with your fancy foreign manager. But in 6 months you will be calling for his head.
Colin Glassar
90 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:22:03
Wolves were penultimate in the pressing teams league just ahead of Newcastle. If you were concerned about our slow build up play under Carlo and Marco then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I like Nuno but then I’ve liked them all except for Ronald and Sam. I don’t want any more likeable managers, I want a winner this time.

Len Hawkins
91 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:31:01
The thing that has angered me most of all was an item I read about not one but three former managers being considered by the Everton Chief ?? with a photo of Kenwright.
I was under the impression the he was just a figurehead as Chairman after selling his shares to Mr Mosh.
How much sway as he got as he is as good as throwing an anchor to a drowning man.

The three in question being Moyes, Martinez, Silva, add on to that Howe being an Everton ian must be ideal for Kenwright.
This man should have no input whatsoever in my eyes, how many pennies has he invested in Everton FC Ltd in order to rake off £millions from our clueless owner.

As soon as he got his shares Kenwright should have been told "off you pop Bill there is a taxi waiting and just for you we have managed to find the son of the taxi driver who John Moores used when sacking Johnny Carey".

As a "token" figurehead he should be told to shut up and sit at the back while we get on with finding a manager not a new ventriloquist doll for you.

Danny O’Neill
92 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:33:05
Francis, you pretty much echo what I've said elsewhere this week.

If we could get Rangnick, which I don't think we can (but want), it would be a fantastic move. But yes, because of his senior position at RB Leipzig, there would need to be a management structure in place and I agree, that would likely need Brands to step up to replace Kenwright but still be involved in transfers. Rangnick as the manager but yes, a head coach underneath him to run the first team.

I like that idea, I just don't think it will happen.

Steve Ferns @69. Great analysis. I don't necessarily agree on with you on Rangnick (obviously). His strengths are building teams and his tactics. I like the Ten Haag shout. Don't know too much about Sarri to be honest. For some reason, not someone I've really paid attention too, so will take your shout on him.

I really don't know where this one is going now. My hope is that because it's ongoing, it means we are not considering the sentimental / internal ones as they should have been done by now if that's where we are or were going.

Conte talks broke down with Tottenham. Mmmmmm. I don't personally fancy that one (don't know why, just don't) and for those who worry about contracts, they were apparently talking a salary of £15m a year that he has just walked away from. Either he's taking a sabbatical or something bigger has just been waved in front of him. Maybe Crystal Palace has just offered him £20m and an unlimited budget, clearing the way for us to nab Nuno!!

Joe McMahon
93 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:34:23
Steve F, good to see ya back man!

I've noticed when we are looking for a manager (every few months) reading the posts I'd great to cheer you up, the humour is still there amongst us even though our team still continues to be pathetic on and off the field.

Thanks Colin, I now have an image of Darren in his pinny!

Paul Hewitt
94 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:42:03
Rangnick if I'm correct hasn't managed a club in years.
Mick O'Malley
95 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:42:16
We’ll probably end up with another Mike Bassett clone. I’ve got absolutely no confidence in Moshiri appointing anyone even remotely competent.I just want us to be on the front foot, no more passive slow monotonous shite, someone who’ll make the players love playing for Everton and make them leave everything on the pitch, please get this right blues cos the fans deserve so much more than the shit show we’ve had since Roberto’s first season
Sam Hoare
96 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:45:03
Paul Hewitt@90 Our last 4 managers were tried PL managers. How did they work out?

Whereas the likes of Klopp, Guardiola, Bielsa and Tuchel were ‘untried’ in the PL.

Not really sure what the basis of your argument is.

Rob Dolby
97 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:45:10
Steve 69. Good post.

I want a young hungry manager who has ambition.

If that's the guy from Lille, Ajax, ex Roma or Brighton so be it.

I don't want the usual merry go round pension fund managers. Sarri, Moyes, Benitez.

I also don't want the like of Lampard, Rooney, Pirlo using us to cut their teeth in management.

Totally agree with Mike Gaynes that whoever gets the gig must address the lack of pace in the midfield as a priority.
I just hope Moshiri and Brands have learnt from previous mistakes. Ancelotti walking out and taking a 50% pay cut must have been a right dent to Moshiri's ego.

Danny O’Neill
98 Posted 05/06/2021 at 09:48:15
That's the problem Paul. He's more a Director of Football, so theoretically could be seen as competition to Brands.

His strengths are on recruitment of non-obvious talent and developing youth.

It's an interesting one, but unrealistic. It would need a management structure in place to accommodate Brands. But it would be a great opportunity for a young coach to work under both of them.

Danny O’Neill
99 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:00:35
Sam Hoare, I too don't like that "PL" experience thing. It's the same with regards to players. Just about every manager in the Premier League era didn't achieve success until they managed in the Premier League for the first time.

Edit; it even applies before that if you consider top flight English football. Alex Ferguson and our very own Howard Kendall.

John Raftery
100 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:02:36
Great post, Steve. It is very interesting to see your view on the favourite candidates and others hardly mentioned elsewhere. A transformative coach would face a impossible task to get our current first team squad to play progressive football while delivering enough points to keep the wolf from the door. It will require more than this transfer window to recruit the players we need; young, fit, fast, hungry players with the quality required in the Premier League.

In the meantime any manager will need to adopt a high degree of pragmatism, an approach not welcomed by many fans. Whoever comes in will initially have to work with what he has got, operating within their limitations until they can be replaced. That’s why for the moment I believe the safer option is to go for someone who knows this league and has a track record of working with what he has got.

Paul Hewitt
101 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:04:53
Sam@97. The difference is that them 3 manager took over club's in far far better shape than us.
James Marshall
102 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:05:09
My money is on Pirlo, Conte or Sarri. The way Moshiri operates, I can't see him going back to a 'no-name' manager such as Potter & co. No disrespect to them on a personal level, I just think Moshiri will look a bit of a fool if he goes from Ancelotti to Potter, or even Nuno.

He likes the 'Hollywood' feel, and he's trying to make Everton into a big name club so he's likely to go with a big name in my view. Whether that's the right thing to do is a moot point, but we're not in charge are we.

Derek Thomas
103 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:15:05
Not sure Martinez is a safe pair of hands, not too sure about that one, but hey ho.

Given the news that Conte and Spurs have fell out...though who dumped who(m?) first, probably Conte.

Then I did I read that he knocked back Real too before they came in for Ancelotti.

I wonder what would've happened? Nothing? or would he has just taken the next taxi off the rank? - Probably, is my view.

Sam Hoare
104 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:15:44
Paul, that’s mostly true but I don’t see why it’s relevant. Our last managers have been PL tested and have all done fairly unremarkable jobs.

Bielsa arrived to a fairly mediocre Championship club. He finished above us last year.

For what’s it’s worth Graham Potter would be one of my top 5 picks but going for PL experience has not benefited us in the slightest recently so why are you ruling out so many talented coaches and limiting our choice?

Colin Glassar
105 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:19:01
I agree James. Moshiri isn’t a football man. He probably played chess as a kid!

He messed up with Silva (who I actually liked), Ronald, and has just been humiliated by Carlo. He will look for another reassuring football figure like Nuno or Sarri but will avoid, like the plague, nutters like Conte and Bielsa

Paul Hewitt
106 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:20:45
One thing I can guarantee. Whoever does take over, if we ain't challenging for top 4 by Christmas. Then the LF on matchdays will be interesting.
Bill Gienapp
107 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:23:09
For the record, Rangnick managed RB Leipzig himself two years ago, after Hasenhuttl left.
Danny O’Neill
108 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:28:17
Yes Bill, stepped down in 2019 and was promoted. Oversaw Nagelsmanns, who has just moved on to be Bayern's new coach.
Mike Doyle
109 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:28:31
The sad things here are (1) the apparent lack of any contingency plan and (2) no objective process to follow to identify suitable candidates.
I’ve mentioned on other threads, Liverpool’s owners appointed a statistician to conduct a Moneyball-style analysis of the merits of a large number of coaches. This process highlighted Juergen Klopp (despite him having just had a poor season in Germany). The few RS supporters that I know were pretty underwhelmed at the time of Klopp’s appointment- with most preferring one of the usual big name suspects. They are not complaining now though.
Brian Harrison
110 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:34:28
Another day and yet more names added to the list of possible managers to join Everton. I have no faith that this club will select the right candidate, and given Moshiris record whoever it is will get 18 months to 2 years tops.

I think we have to drop this notion we are a top club were not and havent been for over 30 years, we are a middle of the league team likely to finish between 7th and 12th in the league. So that limits our choice when it comes to managers and players, obviously Ancelotti thought might as well go there till something better shows up and £11 million a year is not to be sniffed at.

So whoever we get will probably be very average nothing to get excited about and will finish in our customary position. Then we will all be debating is the new manager to blame for not improving us or is it Brands or our coaches. After watching us for over 65 years and having a season ticket for 50 of those years, for the first time in my life I have less interest in Everton than I have ever had. Yes I will renew my season ticket, bit like a heroin addict I cant stop even though its killing me. Thank heavens its the close season so don't have to put myself through purgatory for a few months yet.

Brian Williams
111 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:39:23
Brian, stay away from sharp edged kitchen utensils ffs!

Have to say, and this isn't referring to your post Brian.

Why oh why do so many people, when they know nothing of what's going on, just assume the worst and condemn the club before they know anything!

The club won't give us daily updates, no club does,

the club won't reveal the practices they use to select a manager.

So many see a name that any half arsed journo, or college kid, can throw on a small time website and have it picked up by Newsnow and all of a sudden Evertonians are kicking up a stink because "we don't want him."

When did Evertonians become so gullible.?When did they become so bleeding negative?

Yes, we've had bad times, and yes we're not where we'd all like to be but ffs stop wallowing in your own self pity and misery.

If you already consider we're fucked then what's the point?

So glad I don't think like that because if I did I'd literally be dead!

Brian Harrison
112 Posted 05/06/2021 at 10:46:36
Brian 112

Haha, no they have depressed me on many occasions but not quite to the level of self harm, someone said that Everton fans are the new Truman show, its an experience to see how much pain a set of fans can endure without exploding.

Barry Robson
113 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:01:37
Conte is the man for me.
Should be our number 1 target. I don't care if he leaves after 2 years if he helps us win a trophy and get in top 4.
James Lauwervine
114 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:06:14
I was totally unmoved by Ancelotti leaving. I liked him but I wasn't looking forward to next season and barely watched the last 6 games. Graham Potter would be my choice. I've liked him for years and his back story making his name in Sweden is fairy tale stuff. He's a talented chap and will be successful. Dunc would be my second choice.
Rick Tarleton
115 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:09:17
We have provided Barcelona with their current manager, Real Madrid with their new manager, Belgium, an outstanding national team, with their chief coach. Yet not one of these men had a positive,lasting effect at Goodison.
I know let's appoint another huge name, play fantasy football (and fantasy economics) and wait a year or two till they move on, probably having left Everton in a similar position to where they are now.
These famous men whom we welcomed with enthusiasm, changed very little. Ferguson at least knows what he's got and will probably cost a lot less.


Andrew Ellams
116 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:10:58
The shortlist seems to grow everyday which I presume is the media grasping at straws because the club aren't feeding them.
Robert Tressell
117 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:13:11
Two penneth on Galtier. He's 54 and before this season had a pretty unremarkable career.

This season he beat a much more expensively assembled side to the title. Remarkable achievement but the key reason is arguably the quality of squad at his disposal. Lille have done a brilliant job of assembling a top class side on the cheap - along the lines of the Leipzig method. Galtier has has some very good tools to work with and, lo and behold, this unremarkable manager (not even particularly rated by Lille) wins the title.

It comes back to my usual point that we should spend more time thinking about how to build a £bn squad (without simply spending £500m) and less time fixating on who the next coach will be of our deteriorating £500m squad.

If we can manage that then we might suddenly find our managers are more successful all of a sudden.

Christopher Timmins
118 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:21:34
Like so many others it's a big welcome back to Steve, it's great to see that your interest in the game has not been lost.

Your insight into our managerial options is excellent, however, I fear that some of your preferred candidates do not even register with those who will be making the final choice.

We need a young ambitious hungry manager who wants us to play on the front foot and who will work with and improve the talent that Brands provides. We are slowly weeding out the deadwood, it will take time as non performing players are hard to off load but we can end up with a squad that is fit for purpose in twelve months time.

Sean Callaghan
119 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:21:40
I'm with you on the foreign manager point, Mal (43). Big Dunc and Cahill all day long...oh, wait...where's Tim from? And if Indy Ref happens will we have to sack Dunc even if we're top of the league?
Whoever the best candidate is, where ever they are from, is what we should be aiming for. Apart from Slippy. He's a ******* **** and a *******

Nicholas Ryan
120 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:23:25
Hot News...Spurs have just called off talks with CONTE... is there something we should know?!!
Bill Gienapp
121 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:31:09
Yeah - that they're cheap.
Andrew Keatley
122 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:32:37
Robert (118) - Dang! Why didn’t anybody in the top ranks at the club ever think of that? What we need to do is buy players who are going to succeed and whose value will increase. It’s so simple when you break it down like that.

You seem to have two speeds; spend £500 million to compete, or unearth young players that swell our squad value to £1 billion. It’s almost like the acquisition of players like Stones, DCL, Holgate, Branthwaite (and Bowler, and Galloway, and Henen, and Garbutt, and George Green, and any number of other highly-rated youngsters who failed to make the grade at the club or beyond) don’t register with you. The club are trying to compete in these markets, but it’s hard to identify and acquire the best young talent when literally every other club is also trying to do the same, and we’re not top of the pecking order. You think you’ve identified some blind-spot that the club have ridiculously developed, but you haven’t. Getting the right players in - young or established - is a really tough ask, otherwise clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona would have absolutely copper-bottomed squads. They don’t.

I don’t know what you do or how close to the professional game you are but if you are just reading scouting reports and watching footage of players then you might think you have a decent view of how to proceed, but I reckon it’s a bit like someone playing Call of Duty for a few years and thinking they’re equipped to go to the front line.

Mark Frere
123 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:42:07
My choice would be Ralph Hasenhüttl. He quickly sorted out the mess he inherited at the Saints and has done an excellent job at a selling club. He's managed to implement the high pressing style there much better than Marco Silva did here.
Roy Kjærstad
124 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:43:01
How refreshing! After this season's countless humiliations, including its utterly embarassing ending and aftermath, Life is now off #1 position in the Hate chart, having briefly replaced perennial resident Jamie Carragher at the top. This manager search is open and interesting, and might last some considerable time as there are so many good - if few outstanding - candidates. I hope Brands will sign his player targets first and then get the best qualified manager who feels he can achieve something with them. Also, we have just witnessed the best signing of the transfers window so far - the return of Steve Ferns to ToffeeWeb! Interesting times ahead!
Danny O’Neill
125 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:46:51
It's a fact, we need better players regardless of the manager. Been discussed all over this site on several threads.

Can we compete with City, Bayern and Barcelona for the top players? No.

Can we adopt a model like Liverpool (dry vomit), Leicester and RB Leipzig? We should.

Our transfer non-strategy has left us we a squad that 5 managers have failed to meet our ambitions with.

I'm not in charge or making the decisions. Just a supporter who gives opinion. But we need better players. It always starts on the pitch. You build the rest around that.

Robert Tressell
126 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:47:56
Thanks Andrew, I know you've always been a fan. Maybe you're right. In which case we probably have no chance of success unless Usmanov starts sinking money into the club at the same rate as has been the case at City and Chelsea. The emergence of these two clubs and PSG are what is really threatening the three traditional behemoth clubs you describe as they have adopted poor recruitment and now don't have the financial clout to compete - hence the superleague cartel to restore their fortunes on a non-competitive basis. But obviously since you don't like my two penneth I'm sure you've got some other constructive ideas that we can all consider and critique
Andrew Keatley
127 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:57:01
Robert (127) - In what ways have those 3 clubs “adopted poor recruitment”? Do you mean in their methods, or in their results - or both?

In terms of your two penneth, I don’t really see much more in your arguments than a) spend £500 million on top players or b) miraculously find the best young players out there and turn small outlay into big returns. You also have suggested we copy other clubs (Leipzig, Dortmund) in trying to develop a very young squad of players - or even to buy clubs abroad and use them as feeder clubs. It’s just a bit like someone looking across the fence at a neighbour’s prize Azalea bushes and saying “why don’t we have those” - without really assessing the factors (sun, shade, soil, pests, etc) that might make your garden and their garden very different places.

Steve Ferns
128 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:02:12
Thanks for the nice comments.

Sorry not a fan of Nuno Espirito Santo. He did well enough result wise with Rio Ave, taking them into Europe. But they were not good to watch. An interesting point, maybe missed by others, is Nuno was the manager of Valencia who signed Andre Gomes from Benfica. Andre had a great season under him, and maybe he might be the one to bring Andre back to his best? Whilst I have not enjoyed watching Nuno's sides at all, particularly Wolves, that Valencia side were easier on the eye.

As for Andrea Pirlo, I think last season might have passed some of you by. In 2019 Juventus were managed by Massimilano "Max" Allegri. Max guided the Bianconeri to their 8th consecutive Italian League title. It was his 5th (in a row). Juve decided that they wanted to go in a different direction, as Max had a well earned reputation for dull (but highly effective) football, but the CL continued to be out of reach. Max himself fancied a well paid job in England, and so moved to London and set about learning English and expecting the phone to ring. It didn't, well not from the likes of Man Utd who he was expecting to call him.

Meanwhile Juve turned to Maurizio Sarri in their attempt to go more exciting. Sarri found a club that was very stuck in it's ways, and they did not let him do what he wanted, and so Juve had this hybrid of Allegri's style and Sarri's. Sarri was pragmatic enough to work with it and delivered their 9th consecutive title. The biggest problem was an early CL exit (to Lyon). They were also surprised that they conceded over 40 Serie A goals. The players were also in revolt and clearly resistant to Sarri-ball.

Juve thought they could lure Zidane, Pochettino or Inzaghi. Instead they went to Andrea Pirlo, their former great playmaker. They had a nightmare season. They didn't win their 10th consecutive title, and dropped to 4th. They were eliminated in the 1st knockout round of the CL by Porto (which is about the only good thing the vastly overrated Sérgio Conceição did last season).

So no, Pirlo is not untried and untested. He has been weighed and measured and found wanting. A disaster of a manager trading off his name as a player. He should be below Duncan Ferguson for me.

Back to Sarri though. If any of you have alarm bells after reading about the Juve player revolt, well if he came here and it happened here, then surely those on that list are exactly the players who have been holding us back.

Sarri comes from the school of managers with a plan. Someone who drills movements into players, rather like a "play" in American football. It looks spontaneous but it is not. This is also exactly what Bielsa does. And for the same reason, Bielsa can be a disaster, as the players need to be in awe of the manager and want to do everything he asks. Big name, big reputation players do not want to run these drills.

We need everyone at Everton to fall into line. Brands and the new manager calling the shots. Everyone in their place. This whispering and undermining of managers, and the revolving door to the manager's office needs to stop.

Fran Mitchell
129 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:05:30
Andrew, I think Robert is referring to Madrid, Barcelona, and Man It's who have all invested heavily and poorly in recent years.

Mega fees for Dembele, Pogba, Hazard and a number of others that then failed to deliver.

However, Madrid also bought Rodrigo, Ostegaard, V Junior and others, so arguably they did try to sign young and potential only to find that isn't enough when a club that size.

On to the point on transfer strategy Robert has a point, however I feel it is also not as simple as that. If we only invested in young talent with potential, and those young players fail, then the club risks relegation. That worry will always be on the minds of owners, and Relegation is simply something that cannot be even imagined. It'd be the death of the club. That's why ambition will always be tempered by conservatism.

Robert and Sam both contribute much on here to potential signings, young talent about the continent. I'm sure they watch a heck lot more football than myself, and trust they do identify good players. But the club is just too conservative to adopt a full strategy.

Danny O’Neill
130 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:24:24
You played 2 blinders in one day Steve. Respect!

Always the danger of assuming an great ex-player can step up and be a great manager.

Given how our midfield has been, I'd take Pirlo as a player!!

Sam Hoare
131 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:31:28
Robert@118, it may or may not be true to say Galtier's career has been remarkable but he has always improved the clubs he has been at which is a crucial sign I look for.

At St. Etienne he took a team that had become relegation strugglers under Perrin and then after coming 10th in his first full season gave them 5 consecutive seasons in the top 7, incluing qualifying for Europe a number of times an winning their first trophy in 32 years. Sounds pretty good to me!

Then at Lille, admittedly with a good squad handed to him, he delivered their first title in 10 years against the superstars at PSG.

The big question mark over him for me is that he has never done anything outside of France but his time in Ligue 1 has been almost entirely positive.

Dave Abrahams
132 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:33:17
Len (92) thanks for another sensible and humorous post, bucked me up Len, keep them coming, you can’t beat humour for lifting the spirit and you’ve got loads of that.
Alan J Thompson
133 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:37:45
It appears that most have listed who they would prefer as Manager and their reasons but before all of that the Board must sit down and ask what it is they want the Manager to do, what his responsibilities will be and what should be included in the contract to avoid the big payoffs, the ability to walk away at will and possibly performance incentives.

Obviously, he has to be responsible for the first team and that squad but does that include the coaching staff, transfers in and out and if not then whose bailiwick does what come under? For instance, the Manager should know what juniors we have at what level but, for me, the DoF should be overseeing the coaching and style of play at the Academy, and it should resemble the style, or desired style, of the first team.

When all this has been done then a list of candidates should be drawn up and somebody, probably the DoF, should make the initial approach and report back to the Board. This may also see a proper chain of command set up where each will know his position and responsibilities and nobody will be off on his personal dream appointment.

Oh, and do it in the next fortnight given that pre-season should start in about 4 weeks and the season, not to mention pre-season friendlies, starts in about 10 weeks.

And who would be my pick? Given my preference is probably out of reach I'll just settle for the right one but give my full support to whoever gets it until that appointment proves wrong, as would appear most likely with our management set up.

Steve Brown
134 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:39:04
Andrew @ 128, I think Robert asked for your two penneth, not an additional critique of his original post.

What do you propose the club should do next on the director of football role, football strategy, manager search and its approach to recruitment. Over to you.

Rob Halligan
135 Posted 05/06/2021 at 12:55:22
For what it’s worth, I’d consider Paulo Fonseca, currently a free agent. Can’t say I know much about his style of play, formations etc, but has won a few honours in his managerial career, including three Ukrainian titles on the bounce with Shakhtar Donetsk. One thing I do remember about one of his Ukrainian titles was that during a whole season, Shakhtar had to play all their “home games “ 500 miles away from Donetsk due to the troubles in ukraine at the time. I think they had to fly to wherever they played their home games on the morning of the match, play the game then fly straight back. Anyone prepared to put up with that must be seriously dedicated to the cause!

Just a thought anyway!

Rob Halligan
136 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:04:21
Red echo reporting that Nuno will be offered the job, and that Nuno has already stated he wants to sign Pedro Neto. Just don’t forget Raul Jiminez as well!
Jerome Shields
137 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:06:39

Of all the posts you have called it right. The problem at Everton is deeper than the Manager and there are others in positions who are barriers to progress and will be even with a new Manager if it is a condition they stay.

Alot expect Brands to come to the fore, but he is part of the Everton Establishment and not his own man.

Steve Ferns #69

Has given the best summary of potential Managers and I am impressed with his final short list and the reasons for it.

By now within the Football world the reasons for Everton failings will be well known. The choice of the next Manager will be determined by the conditions that the Everton Board are prepared to accept from the New Manager. The Manager appointed will give a fair indication of that.

Ancelotti's main failing was that he accepted conditions that eventually prevented him to get the necessary shift in power to implement necessary progressive change. The fact that he had accepted such conditions and had a get out clause in his contract points to a exit strategy from the start, with a preference for European Competition football.

Barry Cowling
138 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:10:42
I don't much like any of the names I keep reading about. No big names for me, leave it to Brands but proven premier experience or top flight in other top leagues (i.e, spain, italy, germany) is a must. To throw a name out there I would go for Farke of Norwich, ticks all the boxes, otherwise I always wanted to see what Martinez would be like if he actually had some money to spend instead of having to sell our best players. But whoever, it should be maximum 2 year contract
Tony Everan
139 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:11:22
Rob, If the Echo is right it will do for me, especially if he can bring in those two players. Sounds like he is up for the job, and is someone who will feel privileged to be at Everton. This means a lot to me after Koeman and Ancelotti, they’ve treated the club like a doormat.
Danny O’Neill
140 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:14:28
If true, not my choice.

But as always, lets get behind him. Whoever it may be.

Aidan Baker
141 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:20:42
Just a few points to raise from here in Italy.

A last point on Ancelotti. It has been reported here that one of the reasons (a personal reason) that Ancelotti left Everton was related to freedom of movement. In an age of Covid and Brexit, with the Ancelotti family based in Liverpool, Carlo himself but especially his son and daughter (who is married to one of the Ancelotti's technical team) didn't have the freedom to travel frequently between the UK and Italy to visit Carlo's first wife who was dying of cancer. This problem doesn't exist in the EU where some guarantees exist for EU citizens, so they are better off in Spain for travelling back and forth to Italy.

Note too Wolves can't name their new Portuguese coach because they still haven't managed to get a UK work permit for him in the new post-Brexit era. Everton can only go for a well known foreign coach with all his badges or go for an existing UK resident foreign coach (like Benitez). This issue has pushed up the costs that EU coaches are asking to move to the UK i.e. Conte.

The Gazzetta here in Italy reckons that Sarri is ready to sign a deal with Lazio.

On Pirlo. Noting that Ancelotti has walked away with 6 members of Everton's technical staff, leaving only Duncan and Alan Kelly behind. All established coaches bring their team with them. I'm not sure that is the case with Pirlo. I believe he inherited a coaching staff at Juventus and he has left them at Juventus for Allegri. If Moshiri is interested in taking Pirlo then a complete technical team needs to be created.

Also regarding Pirlo, Italian TV takes the piss out of him because of his poor body language and the fact that few understand what he is saying (he mumbles). There is a belief in Italy that the Juventus team couldn't wait to get shut of him like they did with Sarri.

People have spoken about Tim Cahill as a potential coach, who is still very much in love with all things blue. He is currently in Qatar as an ambassador for the 2022 WC but is also using his time to complete his FIFA training badges working with an academy. His elder son Kyah was at Macclesfield Town but is now playing football for Rayo Vallecano in Madrid, while his second son Shae is on Everton's Academy books.

Colin Glassar
142 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:20:59
If true Rob then totally underwhelming. Saying that, unlike some, I will be a happy-clapper until proven wrong. I always give our new managers the benefit of the doubt but this time I’ll be a bit more cynical.
Rob Halligan
143 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:24:15
Well at least this is something you can all check for yourselves if you don’t believe me! 😀😀😀
Thomas Richards
144 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:25:07
What size coat does Nuno take?
I am ordering him a padded one to deflect the blows when TW posters see the style of football he plays.

Colin Glassar
145 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:28:55
As long as they cut out (Nuno and his lads) the group hugging shit I’m fine with him - I suppose.

Does this mean we’re stuck with Gomes now and I can stop “watching this space”?

Darren Hind
146 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:34:47
BBC reporting Conte and Spurs were so far away in their negotiations. There are no plans to resume talks.


Tony Everan
147 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:35:20
Nuno will be virtually hounded out, hung drawn and quartered, tarred, feathered, dismembered and fed to the fishies on TW before the end of preseason.

There’s no consensus at all who would be best so whoever it is we end up with we have to give him support and a fair chance. You never know, they might actually turn the club around.

Thomas Richards
148 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:35:55
With padded shoulders of course.
Tony Abrahams
149 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:47:22
I’ve both read and now heard that the super-agent Kia J, is the man sorting out all the different managerial interviews Rob H, so expect Everton, are going to take their time over appointing a new manager.

It’s not easy, with very few people actually certain who they want in the managers hot seat, and the thing that struck me most when reading Steve Fearns first post, (nice to hear from you Steve) was that he said Fonseca is more pragmatic than Silva.

John Rafferty, also picks up on how important it is that Everton appoint a pragmatic manager, given the state of the current squad, and I personally think Marco Silva, would still be here if he had possessed a bit more pragmatism?

So Fonseca is pragmatic, I’m not sure about Nuno, who I’ve heard the Wolves players really liked, but felt his mind hadn’t been properly on the job for the last six months, and a manager who I used to despise, but is probably one of the most pragmatic men in football, who I’ve heard Everton are going to speak to next week, Rafa Benitez.

John Keating
150 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:47:40
Doesn’t matter who we get
The secret is to slag him off before he signs, then throw in - maximum - one semi praising post, then whatever happens “you told us so”
Simple really
Phil Wood
151 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:52:52
Jesus Christ!God help Brands.
Highly paid but picking the right fit for Manager is probably the hardest thing in football.
Just reading through some of the 150 comments on here is scary.
The want spectrum is so diverse.
The go for Superstar wishers, the try the New Bloods, the go for the Steady Eddies. A lot of people are going to be upset or wary at any appointment.
Nothing guaranteed whoever we go for but very damaging and expensive if we hit another wrong one.
I hate hearing people putting down the likes of Duncan Ferguson because Carlo legged off. Calling him fit to burn and calling him unfit to Manage. You can say you don't think he should be Manager but why the vitriol?
Moyes haters, Rafa haters etc etc
Bunch of Nutcases.
Good Luck Marcel! You will need it.
Trevor Powell
152 Posted 05/06/2021 at 13:53:28
Hot seat? Poisoned Chalice? Dodged Bullet? Dead End/

I just can not think waht our manager's realistic title is?

Barry Hesketh
153 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:04:22
Phil @152
Amongst all the 'vitriol' or 'negativity' that you describe there are many many posts on many new manager related threads that set out thoughtful, clear and informative arguments as to why X would be preferred to Y.

At the end of the day Evertonians will get whichever manager the club chooses, so all of the posts, both reactionary and thoughtful are meaningless to the fortunes of Everton Football Club.

Barry Rathbone
154 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:05:13
Quite happy if it's Nuno the transformation of Wolves was massive and crucially what is needed here. Comes across as a man with a plan and neither a shrinking violet nor raving nutcase and was very loyal to Wolves. For me he's a perfect fit but the proof of the pud etc

I just hope the naysayers give him a chance though I won't hold my breath given the vitriol previous "non-carlo" types suffered (will that lesson ever be learned? - not a chance).

Good luck Nuno you're gonna need it here

Tony Abrahams
155 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:10:52
I’m not sure Nuno has been appointed yet, but that’s a great post from Barry R, who has probably spoken to a few Wolves fans, and had a lot of positive feedback?
Barry Hesketh
156 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:11:52
Barry @155
I think that Nuno will likely end up at Everton, he's probably less of a gamble than some of those others linked, and he could have the potential to both improve himself and the team. It depends on what the board are seeking, a steady Eddie or a star name.

As for the fall-out on TW, that's inevitible regardless of who is chosen, Evertonians in general and specifically those posting on here are far from being a homogenous group.

Tom Bowers
157 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:16:50
Many ''assistant'' managers/coaches never seem to do anything when graduating or aspiring to the higher position.
I look at Brian Kidd for example and then Arteta who arguably may need more time at Arsenal along with the likes of Sammy Lee.

There is quite a few younger managers doing their ''apprenticeships'' so to speak and some of them may get to the big time. Potter, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, etc.

However, some who have had a few years plying their trade may be ready to step up and do better with better clubs such as Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche.

It must be very difficult for Moshiri & Co. to make a decision which will be right for the club after the failings of Martinez, Koeman and Ancellotti who are all still holding top positions.
Nothing is a certainty no matter who they get but let's all hope the next one is not a quitter like Ancellotti.

Barry Rathbone
158 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:17:46
Tony 156

I have, the West Mids is my stomping ground with plenty of Wolves supporters around and yet to find one with a bad word for the guy. Which in itself is hugely unusual in modern footy

Jerome Shields
159 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:20:35

The problem with Silva was he was too honest. and compliant . After the AGM where Moshiri (his last show) made a threatening pronouncement about results, Silva was left isolated. The recently promoted Brands was silent. , having already agreed to Gueye 's departure. Silva should have threw a wobbly at that stage.

To Silvas credit Everton performances towards the end of that season where the best for years. But during the Zaha Summer Brands was far from in control to stop interference from Kenwright and Moshiri, Silva was left with a transfer window not fit for purpose. He suffered the consequences, left isolated again. By rights it should have been Brands that got the sack,

Colin Glassar
160 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:26:14
Jerome, I agree. Silva wasn’t a bad coach, he was left out to hang by the board and Brands plus the fact that our players gave up as usual.
Barry Rathbone
161 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:26:49
Barry 157

It's all a gamble the experience of Carlo shows the shortest of odds can blow up in your face.

I understand disparate views but the barely disguised glee of those looking to be proved right at the first dip in form because they didn't like the managers past isn't for me.

Danny O’Neill
162 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:38:36
The wife's family are from Dudley Barry. Most are Villa (or Liverpool. sigh), but a few are Wolves. And there are one or two West Brom stragglers.

I agree with you, they don't say a bad word about him despite this season's disappointment.

But they're Wolves, not Everton. I fear if we go down that route, we'll be having a similar debate in about 18 months time.

Some say we're a mid table club. We're not. We have a mid table team but we are not a mid table club.

Behave like the big club you are Everton. Then you may get taken seriously and take your place.

Micky Norman
163 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:39:06
Just on a lighter note if Benitez got the job it would be quite funny to see the Kop unfurl their big former manager flag with his face on it.
Stephen Davies
164 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:39:55
So news breaks that Carlo has left on Tuesday.
Numerous names are linked to the vacant managers job.
Serious consideration being given to all candidates and on Friday its in the Echo that Nuno is going to be the next Manager.
Adrian Evans
165 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:42:56
Dear all, an exellent article in the Telegraph.
Are we a destination club for managers, a stop over for some.
Koemann a disaster he lived virtually in Manchester,Carlo ?
Alex Ferguson, 26 year?played acadamey players.
We panick and out goes Martinez, Siva.

In the crap and turn to Big Sam.He saves us and we don't give him a go.
The most successfull managers have played for us,Dunc, 73 goals 270 odd games?He steadies ship.

My god, Moshiri has loads of money,wants success but cant trust in people he has employed, must know football.

We have lost our identity on the pitch.Dubious signings, all over the place.

Got to be the laughing stock of Premier League,Europe.

Top four play pretty well same way home away.Beat us??
Maybe we have a chance to stabilise, create a style, Leeds???

Hope we get Nuno, ok sit back counter??
Seems like a decent bloke.

Lets not forget Howard Kendal was ruthless, Andy Gray, gone.
He made some horrendous signings left Ratters on the bench didnt fancy him.

We have history.

We are at a cross roads after Carlo,Pandemic 🤞🤞🤞🤞🙈🙈🙈

Lets hope its our time.They get it right.

No idea what the plan will be.Do they inside the sanctum.

Tony Abrahams
166 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:55:48
Without ever really knowing or being able to prove that there is a lot of interference behind the scenes, it’s always the impression I get when looking at Everton, from the outside Jerome.

You seem yo know a bit more mate, but I agree that Silva, never kicked up enough fuss after not getting backed properly by Brands, and maybe that’s why his name has been mentioned in some quarters with regards Everton recently.

I know everyone has been mentioned, but maybe Brands protected himself a lot more than he tried to protect Silva? but it goes back to what Barry is saying, and the vitriol, was already in place for Marco Silva, because perhaps not that many people wanted him in the first place?

Silva’s body language at Bournemouth, when a simple ball over the top killed us, made me think his time was up, but maybe if he’d been a bit more pragmatic, he might have went more defensive, and protected the centre of his defence, until he found more pace, and this is the main reason I feel Everton need a very pragmatic manager right now, because it’s not an easy job?

Andrew Keatley
167 Posted 05/06/2021 at 14:59:59
Fran (130) - I wasn’t struggling to identify the 3 clubs in question; they were the clubs I referenced in an earlier post. I was enquiring about the adopting of poor recruitment - and whether the supposed mis-steps could relate to a different approach to acquiring players - or whether it was just poor in respect of the results of the new players’ relative performances. Mega fees for Hazard, Pogba and Dembele might have not borne fruit until now, but record-breaking fees for Ronaldo and Bale, not to mention Fernandes at Man United, or Suarez and Neymar at Barcelona (and PSG for Neymar) have all ushered in very successful periods on the pitch for the clubs in question. De Bruyne and Dias at Man City. Every club has disastrous transfers, and every club has success stories. That’s my chief point. As soon as you take just one approach then you run the risk of extreme failure. Better to spread your bets and play all markets. I’m sure Lille are very glad they took a risk on 35-year-old Burak Yilmaz this time last year, yet many on here would have refused him purely on the basis of his age.

Steve (135) - I don’t know what the club should do. And I do not have the requisite expertise, experience or insight to write a route-map towards success. Nobody else on here does either. And seemingly nobody at the club too. It’s a tough ask, so that’s why the ABC philosophies of some posters on here are likely to attract my attention.

Robert Tressell
168 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:00:34
Sam #132. Interesting observation about Galtier. Maybe there is more to merit him as we do need a coach to improve players and leave the club in a better place than he found it. I suppose also by my own logic he's a good fit as someone who will coach players delivered to him by the club. Again, that's probably what we need - hence why I think Santo, Potter and Ten Hag might be a good fit for where we currently find ourselves.

It's all deeply uninspiring though. 5(?) years on from the takeover you'd like to think we'd be pushing for the likes of Simeone or at least Rodgers. RS fans find it hilarious how we go about our business which probably says it all.

Jerome Shields
169 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:04:07
Colin #161

i agree that in the beginning of that Silva final season the player did give up on him. But during the run in at the end of this season, it did occur to me that it would have been worth Ancelotti contacting Silva for advice. At the end of Silvas first full season the players where not just motivated, they where relentless.

Danny O’Neill
170 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:08:21
Jerome and others. There liveth the problem. The players. We ultimately need better players.

I'm not just a scratched record now. I'm a broken one.

Tony Abrahams
171 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:16:28
I didn’t see many Liverpudlians laughing when Everton got Ancelotti, but I’ve seen loads laughing at us since he left us though. It definitely makes me look at Everton from the outside, and ask how professional are the people running our club? Because the contract that Carlo Ancelotti signed was so lob-sided it was incredible, and although it was seen as a marvelous feat to get the Italian on board, I think if we were a lot more professional in the boardroom, it might just filter down right throughout the club?
Barry Hesketh
172 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:18:25
Danny @171
It has always been about having better players, but I feel that Everton's players seem to focus on the performance of their team-mates rather than being focussed on their own game.

I'm pretty sure we've all had spells in our own workplace where that attitude spreads like a cancer, he/she isn't giving 100% why should I syndrome.

That's why Everton needs a strong personality to become the manager, stop the cliques, ensure every player gives 100% as often as possible and get them to concentrate on their own individual performances. I imagine it's akin to herding cats when trying to get very rich young men to listen to sage advice, but that's why the manager gets the big bucks.

There are a lot of players at Everton whose capabilities are a great deal higher than they have shown, and if whoever becomes manager can truly harness that talent, and never allow them to drop their standards, the future may not be as bleak as many of us believe it to be.

Steve Ferns
173 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:30:42
Sam, don't forge the same Lille squad has yo-yo'd up and down the league. They were flying high when the great Marcelo Bielsa (who all almost all would now take as manager) took over and had them bottom of the league and was sacked well into the season with the club still in the bottom 3 in December. So the great Bielsa had them fighting relegation.

Then Galtier came in and saved them. Next season they were back to pre-Bielsa levels and got into the CL. Before pushing on to their 4th ever title two years later.

As for St. Etienne, the side I always favoured in France, Galtier took over from Alain Perrin, who had battled to get them up from the second tier. Perrin left St Etienne in 17th, and safe. Galtier pushed them up the league immediately to 10th. Then he had them regularly 4th to 6th. He won them their first trophy for 30 years. Ok, it was only the league cup, but it was still a trophy. They had Aubamayang in that season.

Now, let's remember that St Etienne are traditional powerhouses of France. They have won a record 10 titles (level with Marseille), but no10 was back in 1981. Since then they've been passed by as the game has gone to the big cities and the team from the foot of the alps with just treading water.

Galtier did a solid, if unspectacular job there. The job at Lille was spectacular and on the back of the failure of one of the game's most lauded managers failing so badly.

Mike Gaynes
174 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:31:08
"We got to lick our wounds and fly under the radar for a few years until the new stadium gets built."

Geez, Ajay, really?

Don Alexander
175 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:39:59
Danny (#163), due respect to you, genuinely, but we've not been a top club this century and more. It's hard for younger middle-aged folks but OAPs like me can remember the years when we were a top club.

The culture that's reduced us to lesser status is still infecting the boardroom, and everything else, and that's bizarre to me.

Just what it's going to take Moshiri, only the fifteenth wealthiest owner of a current Premier League club (and that's way less than midtable, obviously) to actually get real with football rather than planning applications and stadium designs is quite beyond me.

Steve Ferns
176 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:40:23
Of the portugese managers, neither Fonseca or Nuno Espirito Santo are better than Marco Silva. He is a much better coach than the pair. Santo is not an innovative coach at all and just goes off outdated periodisation techniques. Fonseca is somewhere in between and has more man-management skills. Just watch him fulfilling a bet with his players by doing a press conference dressed as Zorro.

Gallardo is the one I want. But I would settle for Galtier or ten Hag. I'd like Sarri if he can be convinced to come here. I'd be happy with whoever Brands appoints, as long as it is Brands' choice and not foisted upon him. He needs his own man this time.

Barry Rathbone
177 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:43:09
Dan 163

I've been to Dudley and would happily pass on the escape code and tunnel location if your wife's family need rescuing then again you might want to keep them right where they are.

On the club comparison I would suggest the Wolves transformation far exceeds our requirements given their start point. We have a solid mid table base and I'm firmly of the opinion if someone puts together a "team" rather than a compilation of "names" we would improve significantly.

I don't actually believe this BUT there might even be players in our squad who would improve with a different mindset.

Tony Abrahams
178 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:48:16
That is the best and also the saddest post of the week imo Barry H@173.

I managed a team of lunatics once, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that one of my players said to me that he was leaving because he only wanted a game of footy, and this lad, was a world champion in a much tougher sport than football.

I banned cannabis in the changing room before the game, and although it was a struggle (some of them honestly needed a spliff to function) we finally got promotion, even if we stunk the gaff out as much as Ancellotti’s Everton. And yet in the prestigious National Sunday Cup, we were brilliant, knocking out the previous years finalists, a team from Kirkby, who had won their league a few years on the bounce, and a team from Silsden, who had half a team playing in the North West Counties league.

We would have won the next round only for Christmas, a bad winter, and also because old habits die hard, and looking back at all the games we played that season, you have just given me the answer why Barry!

“OUR PLAYERS FOCUS ON THEIR TEAMMATES PERFORMANCE MUCH MORE THAN THEIR OWN” is not only 100% accurate, (my own personal experience says it’s got to be because they don’t trust each other?) it’s also educated me, whilst also giving me a trip down memory lane! “even if I’m sorry for boring everyone though”!

Brian Williams
179 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:49:23
Just shows there may be a god after all. WHU have allegedly refused Everton permission to talk to Moyes.
Thomas Richards
180 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:57:38
Looking at the lethargic mannerisms of some of our players Tony they may have had the same pre match refreshments as your team mate
Gavin Johnson
181 Posted 05/06/2021 at 15:59:39
Steve #177 you should go on YouTube and watch the tifo football short video called the Evolution of Nuno Espirto Santo. It goes through his tactics going back to his career in Portugal and Spain.

He sounds pretty tactically astute and adaptable. I think he's the equal of Silva as a coach. Silva seemed to lose it when his assistant left. Santo is certainly a more personable man manager and I think he can put his ideas across well. Silva couldn't do that.

Brian Williams
182 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:00:00
I played with a few lads who used to have a joint before the game. Could never get my head around why as it dilutes any aggressive and competitive feelings.
Mind you a couple of 'em needed that like.
Jay Wood

183 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:00:24
Cummon Brian @ 180!

Less of the positive spin. Get with the script!

'Bah! Hambug! shows the lack of ambition and imagination that we are even trying to talk to Moyes. Typical bloody Everton that!'

Tony Abrahams
184 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:02:36
A coach, is the perfect description of Marco Silva imo Steve, and when he sat on the bench at Bournemouth, his body language seemed to say, “what the hell am I supposed to do with these”?

They say Ancelotti prefers to manage, leaving the coaching to others, but his body language near the end, seemed to say, “what the hell am I supposed to do with these”?

We need someone stronger, someone to make the players concentrate on their own game, instead of having a half arsed attitude every few weeks, but this is just my personal opinion obviously.

Jerome Shields
185 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:02:38

There is not just a problem with some present players. There a problem with some ex players. Everton have been going round in circles for years. You can't expect things to change if the new Manager is jumping onto the same old roundabout. There really is not many capable or willingly hands at Everton to help him stay on.

The conditions that the new Everton Manager joins Everton under are critical. If he turns round and demands that Everton either ; need a new Director of Football, ; a New First Team Coach; New Head of Youth Development's or; a New Head of Medical Services what are his chances of getting the job.

If like Conte as reported in the case of Tottenham that he needs a sizable budget to replace players will he get even a hearing.

The Manager selected will either be one who agrees to work with what is currently at Everton or one that demands changes in personnel.

I expect the same old roundabout.

Jerome Shields
186 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:02:38

There is not just a problem with some present players. There a problem with some ex players. Everton have been going round in circles for years. You can't expect things to change if the new Manager is jumping onto the same old roundabout. There really is not many capable or willingly hands at Everton to help him stay on.

The conditions that the new Everton Manager joins Everton under are critical. If he turns round and demands that Everton either ; need a new Director of Football, ; a New First Team Coach; New Head of Youth Development's or; a New Head of Medical Services what are his chances of getting the job.

If like Conte as reported in the case of Tottenham that he needs a sizable budget to replace players will he get even a hearing.

The Manager selected will either be one who agrees to work with what is currently at Everton or one that demands changes in personnel.

I expect the same old roundabout.

Brian Williams
187 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:05:25
I just can't help myself mate.
Sean Kelly
188 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:10:13
I'd love to see Conte here but if talks broke done over a wage of 15 million and promises on spending then he's not coming here. He's delusional if he thinks we can spend big. We need to offload some crap as we are in bother with FFP. It could be worth a gamble if Mr Usmanov took over and invested.
But Everton being what we are we will play it safe and get Nuno or Eddie friggin Howe.
Oh the joy of being an Everton supporter!!
BTW over here in Ireland we have a manager in the making in Stephen Kenny. He manages the national team. He would pay us to manage. His pressers are as depressingly low as shark shit. We just beat Andorra for his first win in 12 games. Have a look at his presser after Luxembourg beat us 1-0. Dont tell teary Bill about him though.
Sean Kelly
189 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:13:15
Mike Gaynes
190 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:17:24
Brian #183, I played many years with a Jamaican who toked not only before the game but at halftime. He played better with it than without it. I cannot speculate as to why.
David Currie
191 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:17:59
I would like Graham Potter or Nuno as my top 2 choices. Really like what Graham has done so far in his career and think he has a bright future.
If Nuno comes think he would be a solid choice and hope he can bring 1 or 2 players with him.
Mike Gaynes
192 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:19:10
Off-topic public service announcement... if anybody here sees Andy Crooks post today, please tell him his email account has been hacked. Thanks.
Clive Rogers
193 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:20:12
There is no way Pirlo should be one of the big names. He was as a player, but as a manager he has had only one season after which he has been sacked. Couldn’t have a worse CV.
Brian Williams
194 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:20:42
If I'd have played after a smoke I'd have just laughed all the way through the game and said "Ee are mate take it don't bother with that tackling malarkey, on yer go"

And then clapped happily after he scored.

Fuck, I'm a happy clapper!!

Dennis Stevens
195 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:36:30
Hear! Hear! David #192. I think Graham Potter would be an excellent choice, which probably means he won't even be in consideration! Most of the names bandied about just depress me, tbh.

In all fairness to Potter, the state of Everton means we might need Harry Potter!

Chris Corn
196 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:42:35
Tony Abraham's @ 179. As someone who played at a decent amateur level on Merseyside, your story made me chuckle.

Sadly I played with lads who had all the ability in the world who got sidelined by drugs, women and general lethargy. I remember one of the best centre forwards around turning up for a Sunday morning match eating a donner kebab straight from a night out (ingenious business model to bring a fast food van to the municipal playing fields on a Sunday morning). He still bagged a couple 😄

Tony Abrahams
197 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:47:43
A few scary questions in that post Jerome, because we’ve had six managers in the last eight seasons at Everton, but not one of them has ever started with a clean sweep.

Not since Martinez was appointed anyway, which again makes me question how professional we really are?

Tony Abrahams
198 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:47:43
A few scary questions in that post Jerome, because we’ve had six managers in the last eight seasons at Everton, but not one of them has ever started with a clean sweep.

Not since Martinez was appointed anyway, which again makes me question who professional we really are?

Steve Ferns
199 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:47:50
Gavin, thanks for that. I assume you meant the Tifo video? The early part is on about the periodisation I mentioned. Mourinho is well versed in it. As I said, did well with Rio Ave. Then a really good season with Valencia with Andre Gomes prominent. After a bad start, as they say, sacked. Porto was a disaster, they are too kind to him there. He should have walked the league with that side.

We all like different types of football. But Nuno's really grates with me. I don't enjoy watching a side with a back 5 and 2 holding midfielders. I don't care how far forward the wingbacks get, they are still defenders. He'd be playing Digne on the left not Richarlison. Moutinho and Neves sit so deep.

I'm sorry, but it's really boring to watch. I really do not like it. He's far too safe as a manager. That's why he failed at Porto. He's just the Portguese Moyes for me. He's certainly not a dynamic young coach, who will fix our side on the training pitch. sure, he will coach them, but he'll merely be drilling them using old fashioned tactics and methods. I want innovation. A manager who can unlock the talent that these players possessed to convince us to spend all that money on them.

I want exciting attacking football where we take the game to our opponents. Not scraping a 1-0 at Burnley because we are so well drilled.

Tony Abrahams
200 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:53:23
I’d never swap those days for anything Chris, but what Barry said really struck me, because it was usually the best players, who blamed everyone else, especially when they weren’t really in the mood themselves!
Mike Gaynes
201 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:56:00
Chris #197, when I played semipro in the Latino league in San Francisco, the families of some teams would set up massive barbecue layouts right at the corner of the pitch. The aromas were insane. Several guys I knew would jog over for a giant burrito right at the halftime whistle, then play the whole second half. Burping.

No better consolation when you've been beat 4-1 than a postgame plate of fresh chimichangas and a Jarritos orange soda. For $3.

Bill Rodgers
202 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:56:29
Can we at least agree on one thing? Either give Ferguson the job and have your dreams exposed one way or the other - and quickly - or get him out of Finch Farm sharpish. The last thing we need is a new manager with the world's most overpaid board carrier. If you believe that Everton have been motivated, intense, committed, super-fit and well-drilled - then Dunc's your man. If you observe that we lack all those things then who the heck do you think was responsible?
Gavin Johnson
203 Posted 05/06/2021 at 16:56:59
Steve, the YouTube channel is tifo football but if you just search The Tactical Evolution of Nuno Spirito Santo it'll come straight up that way.

He actually played a 4-3-3 a lot when he was at Valencia so isn't afraid to change things around. I really like him in interviews. I think he has a bit of a maverick quality and will say what he means, but also comes across as quite a humble guy a bit like Carlo did.

Steve Ferns
204 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:04:58
Yeah, Gavin, I did see a bit of Valencia that season. But not as much as Mr Gaynes. It was the start of Andre Gomes going deeper as Nuno didn't have a role for him as an attacking midfielder and wanted him to be deep to use his passing ability to get the side up the pitch quickly.

Watch the Tifo video on Gallardo. He's surely a special manager in the making. I'd love us to sign him and then watch him catapult us up the league. So what if he left after a couple of seasons for Barcelona. He will only get that job if he can get us into the top 4 and unlock all that we desire.

Gavin Johnson
205 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:07:05
Cheers Steve, I will.
Tony Twist
206 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:07:47
I think Conte will end up at PSG with potch going back to Spurs. It will be a disaster if Conte came to us as, like Ancelotti, he will bankrupt the club. I understand if Mr Moshiri wants another Hollywood manager as he is desperately trying to paint Everton as the next big thing and then sell at a nice profit. I just want it to be fairly obvious who has made the final decision, if Dunc, BK got his way, if Conte its Mosh and if it is a bit left field it will be Brands. I hope its Brands as we can then find out how good he really is at doing his job. Make it quick Everton so then we can get a few signings in before they double in price after the Euros.
Tony Everan
207 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:14:06
Steve F. Do you think Gallardo would come to us ? Or do you think he will be holding out for one of the Spanish teams to come for him? I’ve been reading a few articles about him and a good thread that Lyndon put up on TW in dec 2019 when there were rumours we were considering him. He sounds like he would bring energy, passion and excitement and maybe even win us something (and then leave us for Barca). The club could do with an adrenaline shot. Like others have said I think Moshiri will play it safe and see stability, and the possibility of a good cup run, as acceptable for now.
Mike Gaynes
208 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:16:26
Steve #200, I get your points, but I disagree somewhat. Wolves really did play a lot of attractive footy last year. Scored 51 goals, which isn't bad even if it ain't exactly City. Certainly did a dazzling number on us last summer. Then this season they lost their striker, and their three best midfielders played like crap. Neves, Moutinho and Traore had four assists COMBINED for the whole season. That sucks. So yeah, they were boring, but I'm not convinced that was all Nuno's fault.

My second point is one I mentioned to you previously. We don't have the speed to play "exciting attacking" football. Maybe we'll buy a whole bunch of pace this summer, but it's not there now.

And I gotta ask, who exactly in our squad do you think has talent that a good manager could "unlock"?? Dude, nobody is gonna make a superstar out of Bernard, Gomes, Iwobi or Doucoure no matter how much we spent on them. Allan and Siggy are not going to find a fountain of youth and raise their levels to new heights. Where do you see this hidden unlockable talent?

PS... thanks for the callout, but I barely glimpsed Valencia that season. I only really got familiar with Gomes when he arrived at Barca.

Jerome Shields
209 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:18:23
Maybe Anchelotti kindly hinted at what type of Manager Everton need. given what is the current situation -A Magician.

As Tony says Everton have had six Managers in this last eight seasons. Is a new Manager really going to change things , if other changes in personnel are not going to happen. It is noticeable that season after season Evertons performances gravates to the same very recognisable level. You could nearly put the kettle on for it is that predictable.

Barry McNally
210 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:25:43
He said he wasn't a magician but did a great disappearing act.
Jerome Shields
211 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:28:52
Barry, Very quick.
Steve Ferns
212 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:35:05
Tony, Gallardo was linked to Everton in 2019. I think he was Brands' choice then. If so, why wouldn't he be so now? Particularly without Moshiri to gazump Gallardo with Ancelotti this time. Why wouldn't he come here? He's made no secret of wanting to come to Europe. He played here. He's long been linked with Barca but they want proven and so went for Koeman (!). I think he's at that stage now where he makes the plunge and comes to an Everton with a view of proving himself to get to a Barca.

Mike, thought it was you I had discussed Andre Gomes with when he first came and you were explaining how he went deeper and deeper when he was at Valencia to the point he was a defensive midfielder when he signed for Barcelona, when the lad I enjoyed watching was box to box player who thrived in attacking positions.

As for the current squad, I think the main issue is the profile of the players. By profile I mean skillset. Nearly everyone of our players have things they are flawed at, even for their position. This is to be expected, as we can't sign world class players. Signing flawed players is fine if the other players cover the flaws, a moneyball type approach.

I really rate Brands, but there's concerns that the signings have not been joined up enough. So take Gomes, who I know I am in the minority in rating, but he needs players around him with certain attributes, mainly pace and defensive acumen. Putting him with Doucoure and Allan, as at the start of the season, and he looks good. Put him with sigurdsson and Davies and he looks terrible.

Sure, our squad does not look capable of playing front foot attacking football. However, this was a heavy pressing side under Silva. We did play front foot ball only 18 months ago when we beat Man utd 4-0, and beat chelsea and arsenal in the same run of games. So, for me, this squad can do that, they just need additions who can bring out the best in each other, and cover up flaws. Less of this signing Supposed Superstars just because they are available and having little regard for how it all fits together. I blame Moshiri for that, but Brands is meant to stop him.

Back to Nuno Espirito Santo, I just do not like any side that lines up with a back 5 and 2 holding midfielders. That's 8 defenders including the keeper if you ask me. So sure, I don't doubt what you say, but I will not pay to watch a team with so many defenders. No thanks, I would rather watch paint dry.

Thomas Richards
213 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:41:15
Jerome 210.

Good post.
Whoever the new manager is he will be getting the usual stick if he hasnt got us around top 4 before Christmas.
Almost an impossible job the Everton manager, regardless of who gets the job.

Chris Corn
214 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:47:59
Probably like us to bring Moutinho in a decade or so after he should have been
Steve Ferns
215 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:52:33
Sadly Chris, Joao is closing in on his 35th birthday as the season starts. He was in clear decline last season. I did think he had lost a bit when his monaco career came to an end, but he looked reinvigorated with the Neves partnership. Legs have definitely gone now though.
Rob Halligan
216 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:55:08
Mike # 193. I assume you received the same email as me from Andy Crooks. Something about wants to phone but can't cos he has debt on his phone. Asking if there is a grocer shop...............................That's all I saw before deleting the email without opening it.
Mike Gaynes
217 Posted 05/06/2021 at 17:56:34
Rob, that's correct. I left a message on Andy's voicemail to let him know.
Mike Gaynes
218 Posted 05/06/2021 at 18:12:42
Steve #213, yep, we had that conversation, but I qualified my observation -- I'd only seen him once or twice at Valencia, both times lying quite deep. Barca had subsequently used him all over the pitch, including a couple of ugly experimentations at right back, after they discovered he wasn't going to cut it as a box-to-box attacking mid. He ultimately contributed virtually nothing to Barca's attack over his three seasons there. As he has rarely contributed to ours.

Regarding our signings, of course you're right that we're going to bring in flawed players because the perfect gems will go elsewhere. But the one flaw we can't live with -- if we're going to play on the front foot -- is lack of speed. In our current squad only DCL, Rich, Godfrey, Doucoure and Holgate have genuine pace, and the first two are not particularly quick off the mark, so they don't always press effectively. As for the last, the only acceleration I ever want to see from him again is burning rubber out of town.

Chris Corn
219 Posted 05/06/2021 at 18:21:33
Steve Ferns, @216..that was tongue in cheek...but then again...
Ed Fitzgerald
220 Posted 05/06/2021 at 18:34:02
I think it’s a mistake to appoint a big name manager the cost of their contract alone makes that prohibitive plus the entourage they bring with them too. They appointed Brands as a director of football so they need to let him direct recruitment and appointment of the manager and players I..e focus on young and upcoming players, coaches both in England and abroad rather than lashing out on salaries for ageing mercenaries who see us as a prelude to retirement.

As for the style of manager I want somebody committed to playing attacking high energy football. The team I have enjoyed watching most this season are Leeds they aren’t all great players but they are fit, they know what’s expected of them and they have a good attitude. Compare that to Everton’s collection of highly paid chancers for this season.

Since the season Joe Royle got us to sixth in 95-96 I can honestly say I’ve only really enjoyed watching us one season and that was Martinez’s first season. Moyes best season when we finished fourth saw us with two points more than we achieved this season and a negative goal difference. For much of his tenure home form against teams other than the top six was strong but away performances for the majority of 11 years were cowardly and unsuccessful on the whole with embarrassing capitulations against the top six. I don’t want Moyes, Benitez or the Wolves guy as they are fundamentally negative.

We (Everton fans) have no divine right to win trophies, we do or should however have an entitlement to expect Everton to play attacking football at home and away that doesn’t mean abandoning defending it just means trying to win all games. For the majority of 30 years under dour Walter, Miserable Moyes, Robot Ronnie, Fat Sam, Silva and then Carlo we have been subjected to some of the most abject sterile performances ever witnessed. Martinez doesn’t get a free pass either for being so arrogant that he decided to turn us into a ‘jarg’ Barca and lost the dressing room and fan base as a result.

Who to appoint is a tough call and I suspect Moshiri will plump for a glamour appointment personally I would rather have someone like Graham Potter or some other lesser known coach. Perhaps if we had a young team managed by a progressive coach playing high energy football it might engender a better atmosphere at Goodison (if and when we get back) and on TW (only joking there!)

Tony Shelby
221 Posted 05/06/2021 at 18:49:02
Fuck FFP.

Moshiri needs to go balls deep into his money sack and get us the best manager he can.

Next, he needs to give them pot-loads of money. Literally the most money any Everton manager has ever been given for transfers. Create a balanced squad of young talent, established quality players and end-of-career game changers like City and Chelsea were able to do back in the day.

UEFA can ban us from the next season’s European competitions (ha!), fine us, deduct points that mean we finish mid-table… whatever, who cares. We’ll have a great squad and manager plus a new stadium just over the horizon. Finishing mid-table due to a points deduction is a small short-term price to pay for supping at success’s ample teat in a few season’s time.

Go for it, big time. Fuck glass ceilings, fuck the cards being stacked against us, and most of all fuck incessant mediocrity.


Gavin Johnson
222 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:04:34
Tony, I've read the FA don't really care about FFP in the current climate. UEFA might be different but what can they do after the Super League debacle?! Nothing except fine us a couple of million quid
Jason Li
223 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:06:41
I'll always stick with the idea that recruiting great players is marginally more important than the manager. Managers can be replaced quickly, replacing a squad of quality players takes years.

However, I did a little search and saw the Portugal U21s are pretty decent, even beating England this year where talent is the best in years. So I'm all in for a Portuguese manager to bring in some of that young talent and nurture the next Ronaldo or Fernandes.

Another thing about tactics and drills... sometimes I think drills and tactics are useful for when defensive players to get the ball to better players when winning possession, or how the creative players can fit into a defensive position without the ball. Carlo got this down really well. The best teams have this and rely on the match winners to decide games. Unfortunately for us Richarlison couldn't decide on a dribble or a shot sometimes instead of a pass to DCL and moments like these affected us. If Nuno is boring defensive, that's fine with me, as long as he has the ability to bring in some exciting players in the final third. That's all we are lacking in reality... to add 15 or more goals to the team. Then we can improve other areas after this.

Ian Horan
224 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:06:47
So its clear what we need Martinez back but with a experienced and respected defensive coach
Brendan McLaughlin
225 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:16:35
" Supping at success’s ample teat " When it all comes good, as it surely will, you'll have to do an article with that as the title
Andrew Keatley
226 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:17:14
Steve (213) - Andre Gomes did not look good at the start of the season alongside Allan and Doucouré; even when the team was winning games and playing with abandon he was largely a liability and quickly lost his place in the starting XI.
Steven Telford
227 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:25:33
WTF are the names Roberto Martiez and Steven Gerard doing even close to that list
Steven Telford
228 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:25:33
WTF are the names Roberto Martiez and Steven Gerard doing even close to that list
Steven Telford
229 Posted 05/06/2021 at 19:33:10
And why even think of Pirlo . what has he done to warrant even approaching a short list, some of these suggested names are just stupid.
Getting a team promoted, and two 7th place finishes, qualifying for europa league, track record of talent spotting young players, speaks Portuguese and Spanish, that's exactly the sort of manager we need.
Dan Nulty
230 Posted 05/06/2021 at 20:00:19
Nuno, welcome to Everton. remain to be convinced but I hope it is a great success!
Paul Hewitt
231 Posted 05/06/2021 at 20:06:08
Dan@231. Has he signed then?
Gary Willock
232 Posted 05/06/2021 at 20:25:04
Whilst we are dealing with this, Villa are signing Buendia and apparently Leeds and Norwich have £15m bids accepted for Pereira.

I think I’m caring less and less about whether it’s Nuno, Rafa, Moyes, Duncan or other…..just get it done, and get the players in we desperately need on the right please!!

Shaun Laycock
233 Posted 05/06/2021 at 20:30:50
An earlier post got me thinking...if Brands/Moshiri had a shortlist of managers to interview last time, and then Anchelotti becomes available, and Moshiri could resist the 'Hollywoodness', it begs the question of who was on the list then and are they on the list now?
Dan Nulty
234 Posted 05/06/2021 at 20:40:05
Believe so, mate at Sky Sports says they are waiting for Farhad to confirm to his bosom buddy Jim White. Probably Monday.
Brendan McLaughlin
235 Posted 05/06/2021 at 21:07:11
Bookmakers odds haven't significantly altered athough Nuno remains the odds-on favourite
Gavin Johnson
236 Posted 05/06/2021 at 21:12:48
Pereira for £15m?! We should be all over that, even with no manager
Tom Harvey
237 Posted 05/06/2021 at 21:30:20

This club is in the hands of a man who will take advice from a 'Del Boy' ex used car salesman and theatre ponce who cried his eyes out Gollum left for UTD.

Mmmm? I wonder what a spiv and theatre luvvie working together can come up with?

We'll end up with Sam Allardyce in drag if things go on like they are.

Mike Gaynes
238 Posted 05/06/2021 at 21:34:02
Off-topic again, but to all hands, ignore emails from Andy Crooks' hacked Hotmail account. He called me to confirm he was aware of the problem and will post a new email address for us to correspond with him.
Danny O’Neill
239 Posted 05/06/2021 at 23:18:34
Good evening all. Stepped away for a bit, spoke to the dogs about it again, but they are bored of me now!

I've given many views, so I'm just going to ride this one out and see what happens.

Couple of follow ups before I call it a night.

Barry; yes. I know it's a cliche but I was always taught to win your personal battle first. If every player does that, the team wins collectively all over the pitch. But focus on your own game.

I agree, the manager is there to organise, coordinate, instruct and direct. But he needs the right players at his disposal. It is a combination of both but I just don't believe we have enough of the right players. We need to fix that.

Barry, please send the code! To be specific, the extended family live mainly in Pensnett. I find Kingswinford a good "escape" when I'm down that way! Nice place, decent pubs.

Jerome; if I think I'm on the same page as you, we have to get rid of this ex-player culture that is hanging around our neck. Especially now as they are ex-players that have barely won anything between them. Kendall and Harvey was one thing. Ebbrell and Jeffers is different.

Right, good night fellow blues. Although I've no doubt whatsoever I will be waking regularly and foolishly checking for updates throughout the night. The dogs will have me up at 5:30 anyway and I know the first thing I will do!!

Bill Gienapp
240 Posted 05/06/2021 at 23:28:52
There's part of me that would be relieved if we just offered the job to Santo and that was the end of it. Yes, we could do better, but trust me - we could also do a lot, lot worse.

I also think Santo is one of the least divisive choices. Not many would be genuinely thrilled by the appointment, but likewise - I don't think think many would be up in arms over it either. I think the majority of us on here would simply simmer down and take a "well, let's see what happens" approach, which may just be what the club needs right now.

(mind you, that's just part of me. The other part is still holding out for a genuinely exciting candidate)

Tom Bowers
241 Posted 05/06/2021 at 23:36:14
No matter who you have as a manager or what plan you are supposed to play to, if you don't have the players capable of carrying that out then you are just showing up for the game.

The Everton squad that perhaps were in a false position after the first 4 games showed after that in most games a serious lack of intensity and ability to compete with even the lower teams.

I saw all too often James and Richie dropping their heads after half an hour if they were not getting involved either by their own devices or other players.

A forceful captain leading by example may have changed this but alas Seamus is passed his best and quite honestly doesn't appeal to me as a captain.

Obviously the midfield performers no matter who was out there just didn't get any control in most games and were just chasing shadows many times in many games.

We may look to injuries as an excuse but I don't buy that at all. When these guys got fit they played like the end of the season couldn't come quick enough.

The new gaffer whoever it is will have some time and many of us will grant some leeway unless he is someone that many don't like beforehand.

We are all frustrated as to how the season fell apart followed by the Ancellotti quitting so it remains to be seen how this situation will unfold in the next couple of months.

Brendan McLaughlin
242 Posted 05/06/2021 at 23:44:37
What did the the dogs say?
Woof bring Moyes back..woof bring Moyes back. woof

Justin Doone
243 Posted 06/06/2021 at 01:08:44
Brands to take control of development, style, play, recruitment of under 25s etc. I'm OK with.

But he can't control everything and then blame a manager for not playing, picking, agreeing to certain styles, players etc.

Manager's need to have final say of first team affairs and agree on senior (over 25's) player recruitment.

My stated 25 year age is just an example. A good player is a good player, I'm not generally concerned with age within reason and there's always exceptions.

On Mancini, I known several players complained about his methods but they generally didn't play to often for a team who won the Premier league, so I wouldn't take to much notice of what’s said. Certainly playing and winning medals is more important, ask ex-players of Conte, Mourinho etc.

Mike Gaynes
244 Posted 06/06/2021 at 02:17:11
From marca.com:

The controversy surrounding James Rodriguez's omission from Colombia's Copa America squad will continue to rumble on, yet the Everton midfielder has come in for criticism after being seen partying in Miami whilst his country faced Peru in a World Cup qualifier.

The video showing the Everton star in a Miami nightclub has been circulated on social networking websites, with the images supposedly being captured at the exact time the match against Peru was being played.

For many fans this would be unacceptable, whilst others would concede that Rodriguez wasn't selected by the coach, therefore he is on holiday and permitted to whatever he likes.

Unfortunately, the situation hasn't gone unnoticed, with some comparing Rodriguez's reaction to being dropped to that of Radamel Falcao, with the veteran striker merely going back to training in order to improve his physical condition.

That won't make James many friends back home.

Kieran Kinsella
245 Posted 06/06/2021 at 03:37:46
Mike it’s worse too as a few days ago the duo were pictured on social media together hanging out in Colombia with Falco thanking James for all his great passes. The older of the two seemingly more focused on football.
Kieran Kinsella
246 Posted 06/06/2021 at 04:18:55
Interesting DCL interview in The Mirror with DCL. He is “surprised” Carlo left, but hasn’t talked about it to anyone except Pickford and Godfrey. He doesn’t feel “betrayed” as Dunc is still there and he would talk to him a lot at half time. Carlo never gave him much instruction except “one touch” which worked “early in the season.” Basically he doesn’t seem particularly arsed about Carlo going. No words about missing him, no “good for him,” not even motivated enough to talk to his mate Tom Davies about it. Apathy? Pragmatist? Someone who’s used to managerial turnover? Someone not particularly attached to an aloof “big name”? Who knows, but evidently Carlo leaving hasn’t sent most of the squad into some kind of despair driven period of introspection.
Danny O’Neill
247 Posted 06/06/2021 at 07:14:03
Brendan @243.

One of them told me they want Brands to step up and replace Kenwright but still retain the Director of Football function. Then have Rangnick come in as Manager and work closely with him for transfers and revamping the academy. And then have a Head Coach appointed, who works under Rangnick.

The other one told me we should go for Ten Hag.

They both said no to Duncan.

Okay, that's what I told them. But they agreed. Well, I think they did. As always, they looked, nodded and just wondered when I'm taking them out or feeding them! No particular preference or order of priority!

It's going to be interesting to see what comes out Kieran. The theme emerging is there is no seeming upset or despair at his departure.

As always, it will be interesting to read and understand but as per what you said on the other thread, I'm trying to think forward. Guess that's all we can do now and hope (that word) we get this one right. But then many of us thought we had done last time.

Colin Glassar
248 Posted 06/06/2021 at 07:36:00
It’ll be either David or Roberto if billy bullshitter has his way, according to the daily express. This is so believable. Kenwright runs rings around the gormless Moshiri and will eventually get HIS manager and, HIS club back.

Kenwright is playing the long game. He’s waiting for Moshiri to tire and after he’s squeezed every last penny out of him he’ll offer him a fiver for his shares and tell him to get lost. Billy’s dream is to recover HIS club and run it with one of his darling boys.

Usmanov needs to move quickly and get rid of these two useless fucks once and for all!!

Brian Murray
249 Posted 06/06/2021 at 07:43:43
Never has one man and his ginger sidekick dragged a club and a generation of fans into brainwashing them that we should just be grateful to be in the premier and any victory or cup run should applauded. I used to despise rivals like shankly but this fella is something else. Not wishing him I’ll health but you will see Everton rise again not until he’s gone for good. We could have pep in charge and it would be the same.
Ajay Gopal
250 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:39:47
Gary (233), I would be heartbroken if Everton did not make a move for Perreira of WBA, and at 15 million, that is a steal! If Villa do manage to get him, they are very shrewdly building up a very decent midfield including Buendia (another one that got away!), Perreira, Douglas Luiz, John McGinn. I am not counting Grealish as I think he is being sold for a hefty sum to one of the big boys and they are utilising those funds to build. Marcel, please start getting in some good players, otherwise I fear for our survival, I really do!
Andrew Ellams
251 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:43:11
The Sunday Times is saying this morning that Kia Jaroobchian is advising on the new manager. Does he represent anybody linked to date?

The article also claims the new man will be tasked with trimming the squad. Is this the same squad that had 2 keepers and a primary school class on the bench at times last year and still have a full compliment of subs?

Ken Kneale
252 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:47:40
Brian - with you there - and to make it worse, Villa are active in the market whilst we wash around in a cesspit of our own directors making - Spurs now active in Ten Hag - a good candidate and fit for us - it is sickening to the core.
Danny O’Neill
253 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:50:44
Another day of wanting to hear something but then not wanting to at the same time!!

Just noticed the poll. I see us supporters (or those on here and who voted) are collectively undecided as well. No clear overwhelming front runner.

Derek Thomas
254 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:53:38
Colin @ 249; what there is a footballing Stephen Hawking who says - there Is no Usmanov...and it's all just Bill, little miss dynamite and Moshiri.
Danny O’Neill
255 Posted 06/06/2021 at 08:58:42
I read that yesterday Andrew. Might be my ignorance, but until then, I'd never heard of him.

If true, the plus is that Moshiri isn't taking Bill's advice because we know where that points.

The worrying aspect is your last point. Trimming what?!! Stating the obvious time, but last season, aside from a lot of the players not being good enough, it was the depth of squad that cost us.

He'd be a great fit Ken. But then he will be for Tottenham as well given Levy doesn't want to provide a huge transfer budget hence the breakdown in talks with Conte despite the supposed talk of a £15m a year wage.

Jerome Shields
256 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:03:21
Mike #245,

A player being snapped on a large bed in a private plane and doing his thing in a Miami nightclub when teammates are playing in high profile games doesn't need any translation between Colombia and Merseyside to understand the inevitable reaction and possible consequences.

James is obviously out of touch with his fanbase and professional standing, coming across as irresponsible.

Probably he will end up in Shanghai. At least you can be our Man in Havanna, so to speak, to keep us posted.

Danny O’Neill
257 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:11:11
Brian Murray @250.

I continuously have that debate with my brother who grew up only really knowing Moyes. We watched Everton win the FA Cup together, but he was only 5. His season ticket and away days were all Moyes.

I understand them, I sympathise, but it worries me what level of expectation that generation has. Don't get me wrong, he's extremely knowledgeable about football. Probably less bias than me. But it's the expectation.It's been drained out of a generation.

I might be going mad and unrealistic as I approach 50 this year, but I can never have that level of expectation for Everton.

Robert Tressell
258 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:15:29
Steve #200. Santo is definitely underwhelming and safe to the point of being a bit boring. But given our situation (no manager lasting more than 18 months, upheaval of squad, rooted in mid table, deteriorating squad) that wouldn't be a bad thing for 3 years while the stadium is being built. Gallardo might be the man to appoint then off the back of his first experience in Europe, should that be a positive one.

Maybe a safe manager to oversee a brave recruitment strategy is best of all.

I don't believe we're going to be in the mix for top 4 whoever we appoint, so stability and a return to the top 5, 6, 7th place with a developing squad would be a good option.

Colin Glassar
259 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:16:55
Derek 255, I can’t accept that. The thought of that is killing me. We need to throw out the rubbish in the club and Usmanov is the only one capable (€€€$$$£££) of doing that.

My only hope is Usmanov, like UFO’s will eventually reveal himself and save us.

Rob Halligan
260 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:30:59
I’ll tell you all what I do know, this discussion between everyone deciding who will be, who won’t be, who do we want, who don’t we want is going to drive everyone insane, and eventually we will all be rounded up by men in white coats and carted off. Everyone needs to chill out a bit!


Hope this link works? Bad machine 1 is ToffeeWeb posters! 🤪🤪🤪

Clive Rogers
261 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:31:08
I can’t believe Kenwright wants us to go back to Moyes and especially Martinez. Hasn’t Kenwright done enough damage by turning us into a small club. Why doesn’t he just leave us alone. We’d be much better off without him.
Derek Taylor
262 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:35:49
Am I alone in thinking that all the evidence to date indicates that the appointment of our latest manager again boils down to a battle of wills as between Moshiri and Kenwright. (Brands really does not have a voice ) ?

Chairman Bill will have only one name in mind - the one familiar to us all - whilst the owner is all for considering a wider selection of candidates- particularly the ex-Wolves chap.

For me, I say just get the decision made and start the planning of a new season without delay. For what it's worth, my money is on Bill's will prevailing !

Danny O’Neill
263 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:35:52
My wife told me yesterday that I need help as she slammed my laptop shut Rob. I think I'm already there!
Rob Halligan
264 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:39:25
Sean Dyche can be ruled out (was he ever a candidate?) as he is poised to sign a new contract with Burnley.
Brian Williams
265 Posted 06/06/2021 at 09:56:10
Derek there's no evidence mate only paper talk and gossip.
Nobody knows what, how, who or anything.
We have to learn to take things we read online etc not with a pinch of slat but with a great big bag of it!
Jeff Armstrong
266 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:07:18
So the ToffeeWeb poll has Conte out in front, with Dunc, Benitez and Simeone close behind, my preferred choices of Rangnick or Galtier way behind, wonder if Moshiri Brands et al read sites like this, they should do if they want to gauge their fans opinions on all things blue, they’re forever spouting about fan engagement after all.
Paul Hewitt
267 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:40:39
Conte was my number 1 choice at the beginning. But the more I think about it, it would be a disaster. So it's either Moyes, Duncan or Rafa for me.
Anthony Dove
268 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:43:36
Absolute no go for our former managers and ex red shite.
Dennis Stevens
269 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:44:18
Fuck me, that's a depressing selection, Paul #268
Tony Abrahams
270 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:44:43
Kieran@247, DCL, maybe won’t be that bothered, because I know if I was a big centre-forward, and one my biggest strengths was attacking crosses, I’d be delighted that a manager who never played with any real width, has left the club?

Just reading Andy Dunne, write a sensible article on Everton, although I’m not sure about Eddie Howe, who he was saying Everton should go for?

I do remember talking to Dan Gosling, he heard my scouse accent when I approached him and even my son thought I was going over to give him some stick.

I shook Goslings hand, thanked him for giving me something I’d waited 35 years of my life for, and then asked him about Eddie Howe. His reply was he’s brilliant, and he was certain he’d become the England manager one day, which had me smiling, and telling Gosling that wasn’t really much of a recommendation nowadays!

Brian Harrison
271 Posted 06/06/2021 at 10:50:39
I think we need to ask questions of Moshiris suitability to own a football club, and for those saying Kenwright has to much influence then again brings into question why the owner is not making the decisions rather than listen to Kenwright. I also read that Moshiri is now being guided and listening to Kia Jaroobchian as to who we should appoint as our next manager. Another reason why we need to question the actions of Moshiri.

His appointments so far have set this club back years, and yes I know he has pumped in millions, but unlike Abramovich has little idea what is needed to turn this club around. Yes investing millions was one of the missing ingredients but even more important was the appointment of the right manager which he has palpably failed to do. He also brought in the DOF role which have been filled by Walsh and Brands, and even worse he has allowed both to sign players without having any recourse to what the manager wants Josh King being the perfect example. There are even some on here suggesting that Brands should be in charge of manager recruitment. So you bring in a manager and pay him £11 million per year but allow someone who has never managed in his life to buy the players, a complete recipe for a disaster which we have seen play out since Moshiri insisted on this DOF role to be introduced without ant concept as to what the role of the DOF should be.

Kim Vivian
272 Posted 05/06/2021 at 11:12:52
Well - for what it's worth - I haven't got a fucking clue. But again - for what it's worth, surely there is only one man to shortlist our gaffer and that has to be Brands. Isn't it?

Time will tell - but hunger, pace and energy injected into our squad would be a good start. Who can do that? I'll check me tea leaves.

Ps - Hello and welcome back Steve. Still on the bike?

Dale Rose
273 Posted 06/06/2021 at 11:24:16
Eddie Howe, really I thought we were going to go places. Four winning performances would have sealed a CL place. The collapse at the end of the season finished us. We need a manager who will attract quality players and use the academy.

This squad with a few exceptions capitulated. Dreadful display last few months. Good luck to turn that around.

Pete Clarke
274 Posted 06/06/2021 at 11:29:25
Well it couldn’t actually be any worse could it ??
Moshiri being nurtured by the luvvie from the boys pen. That sycophant who kept us from the Kings Dock, wanted us in Kirkby, tried to shut down all meetings with supporters and stood there smiling whilst the Ginger one rammed it up us.
I said it when Moshiri took over that Kenwrights dreams had come true and he finally found the biggest mug in the world to buy the club but still let him maintain his status.
Here’s me thinking that the poison that is keeping our club in the sick bay is actually being made worse by the man who came in to cure us.
Colin Glassar
275 Posted 06/06/2021 at 11:36:01
You forgot the “what a manager!” Pete. Everything else is spot on. He’s still pulling the strings the deluded, fat bastard!!!!
Tony Abrahams
276 Posted 06/06/2021 at 11:52:12
I think now he’s left and in the manner in which he did, that Carlo Ancelotti has got to take a lot of the flak, for that capitulation Dale.

When I look back at my own game, I always thought the better I became at one thing, then it usually took away from the things I was much more natural at on a football field, and this is how I now view Ancelotti, who got us some great results by making a shallow (imo) squad, hard to beat, but at the detriment of then improving us by playing positive football.

His narrow 4-4-2 was absolutely soul-destroying, and never suited the players at his disposal, not even one bit remotely, and this is why we capitulated, and possibly also why the manager lost interest?

Leighton Cooper
277 Posted 06/06/2021 at 11:57:08
I don't get some peoples appeal for Benitez, nothing to do with him being an ex red shite, for me he is another in the category of football dinosaur. Just look at his track record since their 05 and 06 champions league and fa cup win, they had their worst ever premier league finish, got sacked and took over at inter who were then the best team in Europe, they plummeted, got sacked, couldn't get Chelsea out of an easy champions league group and found themselves by default in the uefa which they won, was shite at real, sacked, took over at Napoli who were title contenders, they went the other way, failed to get out of a champions league group with three different clubs. Went to Newcastle got relegated, took them back up, kept them up then chased the money in China. Not for me thanks.
Danny O’Neill
278 Posted 06/06/2021 at 12:29:20
With the inevitable benefit of hindsight, it did look a though he had lost interest Tony. The body language in those last several matches makes sense now. At the time, I though frustration and getting ready for a clear out. But now, it is apparent that his head was elsewhere.

Interesting point on your Gosling-Howe discussion. I could see him as England manager.

It's a totally different playing field. Look at Southgate. Who here would want him as our (or any) club manager? Martinez with Belgium. It's personally why I wouldn't consider Joachim Low even though is is available. I don't think we have, but I wouldn't.

Tony Abrahams
279 Posted 06/06/2021 at 12:46:26
Good points about some managers being more suited to International football Danny, but I’m sure it was around the time that Allardyce had been appointed England manager, which took the shine off what many would call a very prestigious job?

It was near the end of June, and at a time when most footballers are feeling refreshed and looking to get back to work, and to get pre-season out of the way, and this is how the conversation went.

He said it was a pleasure working for Eddie Howe, because he was always coming up with something different, and this kept the daily training sessions very enjoyable, and he felt that he was constantly learning from his manager, and he was full of respect for him because of this.

What do you think about Southgate anyway Danny, because if you’re living in the patriotic part of the country, then everyone will have an opinion on the England manager, who has now got a lot of very good midfield players at his disposal, although they might just lack a little bit of experience at international level?

Danny O’Neill
280 Posted 06/06/2021 at 13:23:18
In honesty Tony, I do most of my genuine football talk with my family (mostly Everton, some Liverpool and then the midlands in-laws). Oh, and the landlord at my local who is from the Republic and a genuine life-long City fan. Interestingly, although living down here, my network remains back home and connected to my Army life rather than the locals. And of course on here.

My opinion on Southgate? I think he's a decent coach, but a bit uninspiring. Better suited to the international setup, so it makes sense he came through that way as he never really cut it at club management and he's a good fit for the FA. He's more a coach than a manager, which I think is the key difference between the two types; club v international.

When I've watched England down here, it's difficult to know what they think as they don't tend to watch the match. They generally sing songs about World War 2, Germans and throw beer in the air if there's a goal!! Sorry for stereotyping all the London blues out there who follow England!!

Whilst on the subject of international, I see Dominic has just been quoted with some disturbing language from an Everton perspective according to my son. The curse of Everton players hooking up with the England squad could be striking again.

I see England having a chance this summer. I think France are the favourites. They look strong. Germany are in transition and I think Belgium's ship has sailed, but they're still strong. Watch Italy as well. They could manage their way to success in a very defensive and Italian way.

Tony Abrahams
281 Posted 06/06/2021 at 13:43:56
The only way a player can win with regards what he says, is by not opening his mouth at all imo Danny, unless he’s getting interviewed under a microphone?

Good points about a lot of England fans, although I must admit to following England a few times throughout my life, and especially remember the World Cup in Germany, as being a wonderful occasion, sitting inside the stadiums with my mates and two young sons, who have unfortunately never seen Everton win anything But still they go, and one of them absolutely everywhere!

Clive Rogers
282 Posted 06/06/2021 at 14:16:01
Pete, 275, you forgot he also turned down the Sheikh Mansour who bought Citeh
Pete Clarke
283 Posted 06/06/2021 at 14:25:42
The best news I could wish for as an Evertonian is the day Kenwright steps aside from all connections with the Everton board.
I hope this happens before Father Time or ill health catches up on him but I also hope there is never any mention of him having a section of the new stadium named in his honor as that will grate me forever.
Moshiri needs to appoint an advisor to himself on all football matters because he is obviously clueless. The appointment of Allardyce proved that and was a sign that what us supporters think does not even register with them
It could get worse yet if these murmurings are true about Moyes. This could be a load of bollocks but that name along with Gerrard and Benitez etc will remove my name from the Evertonian fan club. I’ll watch Rugby league instead or maybe even Aussie Rules, water polo, basketball but anything other than Everton being managed by one of these and run by a basket case of an owner.
We may be top of the league for our community work which is fantastic but we are embarrassing as a so called professional football club especially given the money we have spent.
Come on Moshiri. Show some true business acumen and get rid of the side kick and appoint a manager who can take us forward and entertain.
Clive Rogers
284 Posted 06/06/2021 at 14:31:37
Well said Pete. We need a dynamic chairman alongside the owner.
Danny O’Neill
285 Posted 06/06/2021 at 14:45:50
Think we need a Euros / International thread Tony!

I was scarred by my very first England experience in Luxemburg as a young boy. Rival English fans fighting amongst each other and then rioting collectively through the city after the match.

Coupled with my "mongrel" background; Liverpool Irish, Northern Irish and Scottish plus spending some of my childhood in Germany, I just never really connected with international football.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching international football, I just don't have any affiliation with a particular team. I always want Holland to do well, but that's because of Cruyff and that 1988 team!!

Jay Wood

286 Posted 06/06/2021 at 14:59:16
Peter @ 284. This:

'Moshiri needs to appoint an advisor to himself on all football matters because he is obviously clueless.'

He had one in Steve Walsh who advised him to appoint Allardyce having already ruled Sam out some weeks before. A panic move having been ill-prepared to find a replacement after sacking Koeman and allowing weeks to drift by without resolution.

He then appointed Marcel Brands at exactly the same time as Sam was dispensed with and Brands only role in Silva's appointment was to rubber stamp Moshiri's choice.

Similarly with Ancelotti. The timing of his sacking at Napoli shortly after Silva's dismissal at Everton gave Moshiri the opportunity to land a truly 'Hollywood manager' as he desired. Again, the hired hand Brands probably had little say in that appointment.

So for almost his entire tenure Moshiri has had a football man to advise him. The first was a bad appointment. The current incumbent should be allowed to do the job he was recruited for, to follow a plan and stick to it, rather than Everton whimsically playing it off the cuff every 18 months.

I'll repeat again, of course Moshiri is the man who will have the final say, but the name of the new manager will be a good pointer as to who has most influenced the appointment.

Trevor Peers
287 Posted 06/06/2021 at 15:10:25
Typically Everton are dithering again when faced with making a decisive decision, we urgently need to appoint a manager before all the decent players are snapped up, but what happens ? Absolutely nothing. A score of possible candidates, most of whom are useless or worse, have been linked. It's so familiar of all that's been so bad about Everton since the the 1980's.

I've even heard Marco Silva is being considered again, Moshiri must have confidence issues if that's true, it would be the craziest, most laughable appointment in premiership history. I'd sooner see Ferguson installed before any of the dross mentioned in the press so far.

For heaven's sake Moshiri and Brands get it sorted out before we are left with a doomed squad of mostly relegation ​misfits and one the most feeble managers in the premiership.

Pete Clarke
288 Posted 06/06/2021 at 16:13:30
My gut feeling is that Kenwright will constantly throw a spanner in the works of any discussions on managers and players coming into the club. He will undermine Marcel Brands in a power struggle.
I don’t understand the reason for him still being on the board. The guy needs to be removed as chairman and allow somebody with football knowledge to fill that role and the club to move on. This is crucial to our future.
On the subject of the new manager I am surprised Paulo Fonseca’s name has not popped up as he was high on Moshiri’s list only a couple of years ago and is currently out of work.
Clive Rogers
289 Posted 06/06/2021 at 16:42:42
Historically chairmen have been top businessmen with a love and knowledge of football. Unfortunately ours has proved his knowledge is rooted in the past and he has recently said “ I haven’t a clue about business”. That’s neither then.
Matthew Williams
290 Posted 06/06/2021 at 16:43:15
"Fuck the C.V,it's the man that matters".

💯% spot on Barry #17.

Sadly folks,it will be Moshiri's appointment ONLY...sigh

Martin O'Connor
291 Posted 06/06/2021 at 18:39:57
Agree it should be Brands who has control of this process. Said it myself in Shopping for Dresses. It should be him and him alone who comes up with a recommendation/s for the board.

All the names touted above, it really hopefully comes down to a manager/trainer who can work for the first time in tandem with Brands. He hadSsilva basically dumpedo n him when he joined and the disaster Magnifico was Holwood Moshiri's choice no one else. So called world class manager (was a world class manager long ago), was never on the same page with Brands. So lets hope he has the control this time and actually gets someone he can work with, but I am not holding my breath.

My choice it would be only one person the person, the same person I wanted to see come in when Marco got the boot. Marcelo Gallardo is the one. Gets his teams playing on the front foot, tactically astute, takes no messing from anyone and players buy into his management. Oh yeah actually successful. Mid forties and now ripe for the move away from River to Europe. Plenty of big clubs monitoring him we should stike while the irons hot.

Marcel dialling code for BuenosAaires is +54-11

Matthew Williams
292 Posted 06/06/2021 at 20:25:32
Another great post by Steve Ferns...am warming to Gallardo!.

We need a ruthless,larger than life Gaffer at the helm,who will develop a fuck-you mind set throughout the club,a bloke who will reinstall "Fortress Goodison" and not whimp out going to the "Sly Sixes" backyard too,a bloke that puts smiles back on all our faces once again, believing we're back on track with this manager.

It would seem from fellow Blues that even the national footballing media now see us as a total irrelevance,having a new Gaffer that laughs at the thought and in a blink of a eye says..."fuck 'em all...were EVERTON,that's all that matters to me".

That'll do for me also,ta.

Si Cooper
293 Posted 07/06/2021 at 00:28:01
My vote for Ansellouti’s replacement went to Frank Lampard, and I am more content with that choice day on day.
I think he did well enough at Derby and Chelski (by and large) to show he is no mug. He worked well with the youngsters and brought in a raft of good prospects in the summer. Okay, Tuchel has outshone him but that doesn’t mean he will fall flat on his face at EFC, and I doubt he is scarred from that level of failure. It might make him less inclined to be dazzled by any offers he gets if he does do a stellar job.
I think he will reassure the players that they are getting a gaffer who knows how to play the game at the highest level but isn’t detached from the grassroots. Whether he is available and looking for this sort of project is another thing, but that will apply to all the best contenders won’t it?
Martin Mason
294 Posted 07/06/2021 at 14:08:50
It may as well be Duncan. The last thing we want is another Ancelotti or his kind. Duncan is low risk, easy terminated and may fit in really well with a good DoF. Every manager is a risk and the more expensive the more risk, would DF be a risk? I really doubt it. Same goes for Potter and Howe.
Brian Murray
295 Posted 07/06/2021 at 14:22:56
Putting tw etc on every day in hope that we are ready to rise again with a new appointment! Surely he has to step down and put us out of our misery. Oh and a new manager would be good.
Tony Abrahams
296 Posted 07/06/2021 at 14:46:46
Lampard is also the person I instantly thought about when I heard Ancellotti had left Si, but it’s a hard job for whoever gets it now, and this is the one thing I hope the fans take on board, as I just continue to repeat myself each summer.
Bill Gall
297 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:04:28
As I said on another thread, the 3 stooges better get their act together and bring in a suitable person, we are not the only club looking for a manager.
Ian Edwards
298 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:09:35
I would definitely prefer Howe to Nuno or Potter. Nuno is ultra defensive and his Wolves team struggled for goals even when they were 7th.

Potter has quite a good team with Brighton and should have done better than just avoiding relegation.

Howe kept Bournemouth in the Prem for many seasons not spending that much and playing attractive football. He's also a blue. He's served his Apprenticeship and is preferable to Nuno and Pottet without a shadow of a doubt.

My choice would be Rangnick. High press attacking football. No more defensive Italian shite.

Sam Hoare
299 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:23:07
Ian@300 it is a fallacy that Howe did not have much to spend at Bournemouth.

In fact they were around the top 10 for net spending in the years after their promotion. They spent a lot of money on the likes of Afobe (10m), Ibe (15m), Solanke (20m), Yerma (25m), Mepham (12m) etc.

Howe did a good job getting them in the PL but was then given money to spend and took Bournemouth down. They may have a small stadium but are bankrolled by a Russian billionaire, Maxim Demin.

They played exciting football but were atrocious defensively and showed very little sign of improvement over their time in the PL. They achieved a best of 9th and had no cup runs of particular merit. Their best goal difference was about -12.

Don't see any attraction in Howe other than the fact he might be an Evertonian which doesn't count for much if you can't organise a defense.

I like Rangnick as an option but it's been a while since he coached, perhaps he might work in conjunction with someone else?

Dave Lynch
300 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:24:41
Let's face it... other clubs are run like a big business.
We are run like a cottage industry, I blame BK for that, too much sentiment and reminiscing about the past.
Derek Moore
301 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:45:13
Rightly or wrongly, Everton is now viewed as a "firing" club. Moshiri doesn't mess around, when he has lost belief he pulls the trigger. The most important quality any man in the Everton managers job will need is the confidence and support of the owner.
Moyes and Kenwright had a very positive relationship, whatever else you may like to say. How many of our now former managers can say the same about the present majority shareholder?

I suspect part of the very reason we got Ancelotti in the first place was related to this. Even when we played badly under the Italian his cv and reputation within football gave him a certain gravity. At least if we lost under Ancelotti, the owner could rationalize that there isn't another three time champions league winning manager sitting on his arse who could maybe do a better job.
There wasn't anyone more qualified and experienced than Ancelotti, who'd won as many things in as many places. And I do think that was actually the whole point.
A few other posters have alluded to a similar type of feeling - likening giving Lewis Hamilton an Austin Allegro and expecting a world championship. Moshiri bought the most expensive pile of flops perhaps ever assembled in football history, and is now hunting for the "right man" to get the results his expenditure predicts we ought to return.
This rather strikes me as like buying mutton for your guests, and then searching the planet for a chef who can turn that mutton into chicken maryland and a tasty vegetarian option. But I digress.

I don't think any "energetic young manager" could achieve anything of note at Everton right now. They would not enjoy the owners trust, faith or confidence and they would be a bad patch or mistake away from the out the door and I-told-you-so. We don't have the culture or the environment to support or develop a bright young football mind, nor are we even remotely viewed from a neutrals perspective as having such things either.
If you generally accept most or all of that then the folly of hoping for such an appointment starts to become more self evident. We actually need someone that Moshiri respects enough to essentially leave alone with Brands to get on with things. Whom that is, I've little idea, but somebody without a significant track record should be a non starter for the reasons I've discussed.

Robert Tressell
302 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:51:21
Also on Howe, I think Bournemouth timed their promotion very well because it coincided with the new Premier League tv deal which meant basically all Premier League clubs were rich all of a sudden. There was some table which put Bournemouth ahead of AC Milan in financial clout. This enabled the spending spree Sam describes (and also created price inflation in the already over inflated domestic transfer market).
Jay Harris
303 Posted 07/06/2021 at 15:59:12
Whoever we bring in needs to be part of a team that includes very good coaches and football analysts.

They all do need to be able to get respect in the boardroom and not be intimidated by Moshiri, Black Bill or Brands.
I'm thinking Rangnick, Marcelo, Galtier or Fonseca as the head honcho with a free choice of coaching support.

Howe or Moyes would just toe the party line and that has obviously led us to where we are = nowhere.

Robert Tressell
304 Posted 07/06/2021 at 16:06:38
Also on Potter, Ian, the fact that he has what you consider a good side is largely down to (a) strategic recruitment of up and coming talent at home and abroad and (b) Potter's coaching of that (often very inexperienced) talent.

With a weaker coach, Brighton would not have a good side at all.

And if they can hang on to their players and bring in new talent (like Caceido who we were also interested in) then they might well start to do more than just avoid relegation.

Derek Taylor
305 Posted 07/06/2021 at 19:46:56
Any appointee worth his salt will already have determined how he will set about the job. He will not require advice from us toffee webbers -or Grandpa Kenwright- and may well wish to rid the Club of all the remains of previous management personnel or not.

If he's a smooth operator, he will find a way to work hand in glove with Brands and- if he has any sense -he will agree 'an accommodation' with him before accepting the job.

All this overlooks the hold that Chairman Bill will seek to maintain in his role of Moshiri's mentor. If there is a sniff of further interferance he will do well to walk away. And if this should ever be the reason for any dissatisfaction in the post, he will do the club a favour by telling the world about it !

I think both Moyes and Nuno have the ability and experience to do the job well, we can only hope that those charged with making the appointment have the nouse to make the right appointment and establish workable conditions to allow whoever they appoint to prove it !

Brian Wilkinson
306 Posted 07/06/2021 at 20:35:28
Derek@303, the reason Moyes and Bill had a positive relationship was because we accepted being the best of the rest, Bill was happy with that, hence Moyes staying for 11 years.

Any decent player we got, we generally sold on for a profit, then used the proceeds to bring other players in.

If anyone has some time to do any stats, I would be more than happy to read our incoming spend on players, and our outgoing transfer money we netted, over the course of those Moyes years.

Barry Hesketh
307 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:04:03
Brian @308
Only an estimate from the figures on show in the link below, but approximately during Moyes tenure he spent £140m and recouped £122m giving a nett spend of £18m

EFC Transfers

David Pearl
308 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:05:46
Brian, are you saying it was a bad thing to buy players cheap and sell them for a profit? Because l'm sure if we did that over the last 5 years instead of buying Klaasen, Walcott, Bolasie, Schneids, Niasse, Sandro etc... then giving them away for mofo 'nothing' plus throwing away £50 mil on shite managers we may be in a slightly better position than we are now.

If BK had more money he would of spent more. I'm pretty certain he wasn't happy with best of the rest. Just as Moyes wasn't.

We will now sit on our hands as quality players we should be in for move to other clubs. Ooh that must be Kenwrights fault... sorry, l forgot.

Derek Taylor
309 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:13:04
Brian, you are right but to be 'best of the rest'without money was a magnificent achievement. Since Moyes waved goodbye, we've hardly aspired to those heights and our place in the League has gone downward.

With the BMD project about to kick-off and take priority in the money queue, any manager appointed will do well to maintain top half even with Moshiri's money. But if halfway can be maintained and the quality of football improves - and whoever is appointed lays off the bullshit - I, for one, will be satisfied.
For a while, at least !

Barry Hesketh
310 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:16:33
David @310
If you were a devoted Evertonian and sat in a position of power at Goodison, would you have spoken out - not necessarily publicy - against the policy adopted since Moshiri has been in place, and if you thought that the direction of the club was misguided would you be happy to retain your seat on the board as chairman?

Shaun Laycock
311 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:26:05
Si@295...exactly what I said straight after Anchelotti went.
Ian Horan
312 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:27:57
BH@309 thanks for the figures, that is really frightening that over 11 years of Moyes we had a net spend of 18 million... that position is remarkable on two points 1, someone with so little money to fund the club was actually a modern day carpet bagger. 2, no wonder we could not break to mythical glass ceiling!!!! The lack of investment during those 11 years brings tears of sorrow to my eye...
David Pearl
313 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:40:08
Barry, when l get appointed chairman of the board l will let you know. :)

Surely it can't be this hard to find a decent manager, afterall they get to bring home a £20-£50 million contract.

Brands will find, fingers crossed, 3 or 4 top signings and our new manager has a better chance than the last magician. Pity Paul Daniels isn't around anymore. Although we could get Duncan to manage us with Debbie Mcgee as assistant.

Daniel A Johnson
314 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:41:40
Ian [314]

Also remarkable that Moyes gets lambasted and ridiculed on here for what he did achieve during that period with an £18M net spend.

Also Hilarious that Don Carlo couldn't even achieve what Moyes regularly did on a zero budget, and called it a successful season.

Jay Harris
315 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:42:36
And all at a time of record proceeds from the Premier league, Ian.

Makes you wonder how many lawnmowers there are at FF.

Tom Bowers
316 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:50:25
As some have mentioned speed is essential as well as good marking, tackling and ball control not to mention vision.

Teams like City and RS have this and is why they are very difficult to beat. With these qualities they are generally in control of most games and create lots of chances.
Only on odd occasions do they not take those chances and don't pick up the points.

We hope that the new gaffer recognizes the deficiencies in the Everton squad and sets about improving it----soon!!!!

Brian Wilkinson
317 Posted 07/06/2021 at 21:59:23
No David, quite the opposite, you have answered the question with buying low and selling high.

Those are the players we should have kept hold of, instead of selling, each time we got into a promising position, we sold a key player, we could have said no, but instead of standing firm and saying no you are contracted to Everton, we rolled over at every opportunity, and took the money.

Rooney was the start of us letting our key players leave, you can add lukaku, Arteta, Lescott, Stones, Fellaini to the mix.

Not just a case of players leaving under Moyes, we continued to let decent players leave.

Will not be long before we allow Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison to leave, instead of standing firm.

Cannot disagree we bought badly these past few years.

What I am saying is back then, we bought well, and should have pushed forward, instead we allowed the big teams to pick off our top players, so everytime we built well, we buckled and allowed players to leave

David Pearl
318 Posted 07/06/2021 at 22:06:07
Brian, thats a good point in an ideal world but Lescott, Rooney and Stones put in transfer requests making it impossible to keep hold of them. In each case we arguably improved our squad from the proceeds. Getting rid of Lukaku and replacing him with 3 number 10s is another story and wasn't on Moyes watch. We live in hope.
Brendan McLaughlin
319 Posted 07/06/2021 at 22:25:14
Indeed David #320
In fact we tried to play hard ball with Lescott when Man City came calling and many posters on TW at the time criticised Moyes for taking that approach. Any time I've heard a manager comment on the matter the consensus seems to be that they are not interested in keeping players who no longer want to be there.
Derek Moore
320 Posted 07/06/2021 at 22:38:44
I am well aware as to why Moyes and Kenwright had a good relationship, but it doesn't change the fact that they did have that relationship. Kenwright not only appreciated Moyes ability to effectively allow him to perform an LBO on the club with it's own assets, he also actually believed in Moyes and his ability.

There would be no chance whatsoever of a manager coming in from the lower divisions, steering us to seventeenth and Moshiri keeping the faith and not firing them. That was the the point I was hastening to make.

Jim Wilson
321 Posted 07/06/2021 at 22:56:57
Get Duncan and Rangnick sorted now and get ready for next season
Soren Moyer
322 Posted 07/06/2021 at 22:59:07
Galtier and his scout team all day long. Under him Lille played some great stuff. Always in front foot. They even won at PSG this season.
Alan J Thompson
323 Posted 08/06/2021 at 05:57:38
Am I just not seeing it or has the "Rumour" that Ancelotti had invited Dunc to follow him to Real disappeared? Now we might never know!
Terry Downes
324 Posted 08/06/2021 at 06:50:24
If we wait long enough to appoint a manager, most of the best players will have signed up elsewhere. We always seem to take an eternity to sign players, never mind a manager. I'm beginning to think we don't want to pay either player or manager now a penny, a day before we have to?
Trevor Peers
325 Posted 08/06/2021 at 07:13:28
The main stumbling block to appointing Nuno appears to be his refusal to accept Ferguson as part of his coaching staff. Nuno has his own people, quite rightly, but Moshiri or Kenwright is insisting Ferguson must be kept on.

What a bizarre situation, it could only happen at Everton and explains the chronic delay in a new appointment, something we need to sort out and begin the process of recruitment before all the decent players have been snapped up.

Moshiri either needs to appoint Ferguson as manager or allow any new boss to clear the decks and bring in his own team, a shambles is the current result as usual.

Paul Tran
326 Posted 08/06/2021 at 07:28:38
Letting decent players go isn't it the issue. It's the failure to replace them that keeps holding us back. Brands' supposed model is to buy younger players relatively cheaply to build a lasting successful team and/or sell players at a profit.

We've expensively bought too many players who aren't that good, then we can't sell them, or have to do so at a loss. The good ones? We sell them, then we flounder.

Vinny Garstrokes
327 Posted 08/06/2021 at 07:42:46
I found it interesting that Lee Carsley was appointed to manage the England U23's yesterday having had a successful appointment with the U20s. He obviously has a talent for developing young players and I think it would have been a great (but bold) move to have him and Dunc take things forward.
Andy Riley
328 Posted 08/06/2021 at 07:48:44
I was just thinking that it’s exactly 40 years since Howard Kendall was first appointed to replace Gordon Lee. I think this will be the most significant change since then and it’s so important we get it right. The problem as I see it is unlike in 1981 or in 1994 when Joe Royle came there is no obvious candidate and no one who either excites or could unify the fan base. On balance the least worst option is probably Duncan with a good experienced coach alongside him.
Danny O’Neill
329 Posted 08/06/2021 at 08:18:49
Back again. Still here. Still no news!!

Howe would make me nervous. Martinez done an admirable job of keeping Wigan in the Premier League playing a decent style of football. And he actually won a trophy as part of the course.

Howe smells too much of an English Martinez appointment.

Very good point Paul Tran. We've been having that discussion on a few of the threads (losing track of which ones). Unfortunately, we only need look across the park to see that there is no problem moving players on at profit as long as you replace them. And to do so without using all the money you've just made.

Our alleged business model has been a complete 180 to that.

Paul Tran
330 Posted 08/06/2021 at 08:36:07
Back to the question many of us have been asking for years - what kind of club do we want to be?

My suspicion is that our manager search has three protagonists:

Moshiri: wants big name like Conte, Poch, to show his mates we're a big club.

Brands: wants to go for one of those 'up and coming non-Brit coaches I know nothing about who could be anything.

Kenwright: Moyes, Dunc, Howe, Dyche. Good old honest Everton, eh?

Who's gonna win this one, folks?

Whoever we choose, I'd like the board to come out with a statement/strategy on why he was chosen and how we want to grow & develop the football side of the club.

I'd also like someone to come in and look at the levels of competence in EITC, which I believe is the thing other chairmen talk to Keneright about, and see how it can be applied to the football side of the club.

Mike Cheshire
331 Posted 08/06/2021 at 08:40:44
Wow! Thanks one and all for all of your input and insight. There has been som great points raised by many different posters.

For me, I will be happy if the appointment is made and Brands says that this is his appointment of a head coach that he can work with to steer the good ship Everton into the future. As many have alluded to, backroom staff will be vital if this is to work. Perhaps it is finally time for the likes of Ferguson and Unsworth to take the plunge into senior managemnet elsewhere?

If that's Nuno; fine. Eddie Howe; fine. Gallardo; fine. Roberto Martinez; fine. Whoever, as long as they really wnat to be here and are happy for Brands to call the overall shots on recruitment.

Sam Hoare
332 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:02:59
Paul@332, I don't think Brands will necessarily want to go foreign. So long as they are young, modern coaching type managers who will let Brands retain more control over players in and out. I should think the likes of Graham Potter and maybe Steve Cooper would be on his radar just as much as Fonseca, Ten Hag or Gallardo.

I continue to gravitate towards Graham Potter. Brighton seemed able to mix attractive, high energy football with a solid enough defense which would do for me. I think they were a bit unlucky last year and their goal difference (which I often think over the course of a league season is a decent indicator of how good a team is) would have had them 12th. If they had a striker who could put the ball in the net they'd have been even higher.

Brands bringing in talented players in their early 20's from around the world and Potter coaching them in a team that plays high energy, entertaining football without having a Howe-esque leaky defense. Aim for top 7/8 next season with some good cup runs and exciting football; and then push on from there. If all goes well then in 2-3 years time we are where Leicester are now, knocking loudly on the door for Champions league and with a cohesive team filled with young talent. Sound good to anyone else?!!

I think to achieve this Moshiri and Kenwright need to step back, stop treating this club like a train set or some faded glamour model to show off to the boys and let the football men take control. It may be that Brands is not all he is cracked up to be but we'll never know till you let him do his job properly.

Anthony Murphy
333 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:08:14
Yet to be convinced by Brands or the DoF role he currently occupies. Would be happy if someone can make a solid case for both but on evidence so far I think it’s part of the problem. Happy to be proved wrong, but for me the solution to our woes would be the right manager with control of transfers.
Fran Mitchell
334 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:10:11
Of the names beings linked, only Nuno and Potter seem like serious names. Maybe Howe, although I'd be seriously surprised to see him appointed.

The others just seem like filler without any real basis. Either just fan fantasy, or bookies trying to entice bets.

So Nuno or Potter? Nuno has generally performed better, although is a but more conservative. Potter plays a style we'd like to see adopted, but whether he can be successful in the top half of the league is a doubt.

Out of the two I'd go for Potter.

Derek Taylor
335 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:27:23
I'd like to second those remarks, Sam, although I think it's a bit too much to expect Owner Moshiri and Chairman Bill to take the back seats.

Moshiri will say, 'My money, my pick', whilst Bill will point to the clause in the share sale agreement which apparently ensures he is 'Chairman for Life' and thus a major decision-maker!

Big Sam saw it as a mess and it appears Carlo felt the same. Nothing will change and we can only look forward to seeing Brands' post continue to be merely titular – particularly if Moyes 'gets the gig'!

Danny O’Neill
336 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:36:02
Don't Paul Tran. You've given me flashbacks to that summer when they all went to a different shop and came back with things that didn't fit.

Someone needs to own this. It needs to be Brands acting on behalf of Moshiri's strategy (which I hope he is advising him on).

Keep Kenwright and sentimental Everton away from this one. You, I and most of the people who post on this website could do that.

Sam Hoare
337 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:36:11
Derek, there's no doubt that Moshiri and Kenwright are entitled to a say given their standing; but I think it may have been proven now that their 'instincts' are not always in the best interests of the club.

The brightest future for this club may involve those two swallowing their pride to some extent when it comes to footballing decisions; a scenario that, like you, I'm not too confident will come about.

Danny O’Neill
338 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:47:17
Still Rangnick for me. I won't go on again, but I think that takes a total restructuring of the management set up, not just a straight forward appointment.

Since Robert Tressell put the Edin Terzic idea in my head, that's where I'm leaning.

But Rangnick; yes. Absolutely.

Ten Hag also.

That's my current wish list even though it's irrelevant what I think. It comes down to what Moshiri and Brands want, and more importantly, can get, which will obviously be a factor.

Rob Halligan
339 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:53:36
Sounds like it will be Nuno, according to the Red Echo anyway. They are reporting that Nuno is meeting with Everton again today to negotiate a contract. Needs to be done sooner rather than later, whoever it's going to be.
Brian Harrison
340 Posted 08/06/2021 at 09:57:02
I think the names being put forward as possible managers to take over are really depressing, Nuno seems to be the favourite according to the press, a massive no from me – about as inspiring as a dead fish, you could fall asleep listening to him and seems most Wolves players did last season.

There were many on here unhappy where we finished... just remind me: where did Wolves finish? And please let's not use the excuse about Jiminez being injured.

Howe, well there was a reason Bournemouth let him go: his team lost too many games. Duncan, another name in the mix; apart from 4 games, he's never managed a team in his life.

Whatever happened to make Carlo change his mind, we will never know, but the one thing we do know is he didn't leave for more money.

I have no idea whether he would come here but Moshiri should be moving heaven and earth to get Conte, and I think £11 million a year would be a big enticement. Many said Carlo could only manage top teams, well Conte has taken teams who have been 10th, 8th and 4th when he took over to winning the league. What's not to like? So he has a reputation for upsetting people... so what? The man is a winner, unlike the rest of the candidates to manage Everton.

Dennis Stevens
341 Posted 08/06/2021 at 10:22:14
If he were still employed by Wolves, would Everton be requesting permission from the Wolves Board to speak to Santo? I'm not too sure on that one. Availability seems to have been a major factor in pushing him to the top of the list.

Should Santo be appointed, I can't help but think we'll be looking for his successor in about 2 years time.
Potter would be my preference but, like everybody else, my opinion counts for nothing.

Barry Rathbone
342 Posted 08/06/2021 at 10:30:51
Conte is Carlo Mk 2 if he got us 6th his agent would be touting him around europe as the messiah and he'd be off before you could say "have you seen Crosby?".

We really need to learn the lessons of our mistakes

Ian Horan
343 Posted 08/06/2021 at 10:35:12
Given the quality of the current squad and the financial position we find ourself aligned to FFP, Conti is not the answer. Whether we like it or not we will be treading water for the next 2 years. We need a practical pragmatic no risk appointment. The reality of our current needs is so depressing, we become awash with money only to totally fuck it up, so Everton !!!!!!!
Danny O’Neill
344 Posted 08/06/2021 at 10:51:18
It has to Rob. For my sanity and the dogs' as they are increasingly worried about me.
Jon Harding
345 Posted 08/06/2021 at 10:51:55
You're right, Brian (342). It is a depressing list.

I looked at the names on the ToffeeWeb poll with the most votes (+10%) and I think Simone and Conte are pie in the sky to be honest. And if it's Benitez, well, hell could freeze over.

So that leaves Dunc (fine by me) or Nuno The Holy Ghost. I grew up in Wolverhampton in the era of Steve Bull & Andy Mutch and I have found it depressing to see Wolves' team sheets since their return to the Prem packed full of imports due to Nuno's special relationship with one of those much-loved super agents. Only Brit is normally Coady. I like our 50/50 blend of Brits and overseas players in recent years. How long would that last under the ex-goalkeeper with the fabulous beard?

Fran Mitchell
346 Posted 08/06/2021 at 11:05:18
Ten Hag is absolutely not an option. He recently signed a new contract which made Spurs look to other options. Why would he come here?

Conte? Again, didn't go to Spurs because they couldn't meet his ambitions Everton Ha!

Simeone get a grip.

Galtier it appears he's set to stay in France. Not gonna happen

Benitez nope.

The only serious names I can see are Nuno and Potter, and I think it'll be Nuno as he's actually available.

Barry Hesketh
347 Posted 08/06/2021 at 11:26:22
Reports are emerging that Nuno is set to be named the manager at Crystal Palace.
Kevin Prytherch
348 Posted 08/06/2021 at 11:56:35
This morning William Hill had Nuno at around 4/6 and Ferguson at around 10/1…

It’s now 3/1 and 9/2.

Nuno is now around 1/5 for the Palace job.

Anthony Murphy
349 Posted 08/06/2021 at 11:57:44
Paddy Boyland now tweeting that Everton weren’t sold on Nuno as he wasn’t a big enough name. Telegraph saying he’s off to Palace although Everton did offer him the job so just shows how up in the air this all is.
Michael Lynch
350 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:00:53
If, as is entirely possible, Moshiri wants another big name then I'd expect to see Rafa's odds shortening soon.

Dan Nulty
351 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:09:06
Can only think we've used Nuno as a smoke screen for our real intentions as everything my mate has head coming out of the club has been Nuno was offered a deal. Cannot imagine he is choosing Palace over us so either we haven't engaged him at all or we have insisted he has Dunc in his backroom staff and he has said no.

Be interesting to see what happens but whatever it is needs to be done quickly.

Sam Hoare
352 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:15:56
Fran@248 I think Ten Hag is a long shot but don't see it being impossible. Certainly not Simeone levels.

He may not get to move straight into one of the bigger jobs and working at Everton with a dutch DOF might appeal as a very well paid stepping stone.

I agree it's unlikely but I don't see a huge difference between spurs and Everton ambition wise currently; if anything we will probably have more money to spend on players because of Moshiri.

Robert Tressell
353 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:16:55
In world football, who apart from Everton would still consider Rafa a big name? I guess teams in the Middle East and China but surely not in Europe.
Kevin Prytherch
354 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:16:57
Rumour has it (this is only third or fourth hand rumour so don’t know how accurate) that Nuno wanted to bring his entourage of staff with him, which would have meant getting rid of some of the current staff. Everton rate Ferguson and Alan Kelly very highly and didn’t want to let them go.

Also, Nuno wanted certain players signed, which goes against Brands’ role.

Maybe Brands is finally getting more of what he wants and is looking for long term continuity rather than changing the entire setup with each new manager???

Charles Barrow
355 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:21:39
It should be Potter if no foreign coach is interested. I live in Brighton and all my Brighton mates really really like his football. Brighton have been a little unlucky with draws and last minute defeats. With a fair wind and no poaching of their players they expect Brighton to climb the table next season. But, as many have said, our opinion is utterly irrelevant!
Steve Brown
356 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:27:33
Nuno reported as about to join Palace.
Clive Rogers
357 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:28:40
It’s beginning to look like we’re going to get Potter to me. Nuno seems to have too many demands.
Paul Birmingham
358 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:36:12
I hope it is Ralph, but I don’t know, but this time the Everton board must make sure they are not gonna be hiring some yellow bellies with no genuine stomach for the fight and concern for EFC.

German reliability and tenacity, Ralph would bring stability, focus and wouldn’t be a turn coat for a better offer, like our las5 manager did.

Moshiri got well and truly soused by the last manager, the 5 year team plan is effectively at restart again in terms of the team, and also let’s hope BMD, does start later this year.

This could yet be a good week for Evertonians.

Robert Tressell
359 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:48:57
If it is Potter, I think that's a decent fit for the circumstances. He keeps his upward trajectory and, in turn, should be highly motivated to take us higher.

However, like Silva and Martinez, he hasn't had the pressure of managing a big club with expectations. So he will need to be able to bounce back from inevitable periods of poor form. That's easier to do for managers with a track record.

I guess the key thing - arguably the undoing of both Silva and Martinez - is to make sure we start the season with much better squad depth and quality. That at least gives the inexperienced manager some options. At the moment we have decent numbers albeit patchy quality in defence and midfield - but in attack and wide we don't even have the numbers. So could do with about 5 new faces rather than the originally intended 3. That means Moshiri digs a bit deeper or we spread the budget on more modestly priced players (like Brighton were doing).

Derek Taylor
360 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:51:25
An 'ex insider' just told me not to be surprised if they scrap the shortlist and offer the Manager's job to Brands with Dunc as Head Coach and Baines his assistant !

Should be fun !!!

Brian Harrison
361 Posted 08/06/2021 at 12:55:08
Seems like Nuno is heading to Palace, Talksport reporting deal is nearly done.
I think we may have dodged a bullet there, mind some on T/W are now suggesting Potter, yes his team play nice football but just like Eddie Howe they cant defend to save their lives, thats why they are always in the relegation positions.

I really find it astonishing that some T/Ws don't want Conte and the suggestions why not are bizarre from him being a Carlo mk2 to being the wrong man with us being near our FFP limit. Conte took over Bari in deep relegation trouble and he managed to keep them up and the following season he got them promoted to Serie A, One of the criticism's of Carlo was he could only manage teams with top players so Conte has demonstrated he can work with some very average players like we have here. As for him not being suited because he will want to spend big money which may compromise our FFP position. Well if Usmanov/ Moshiri are interested about being one of the big clubs again then get Conte smash through the FFP rules and say to the Premier league what are you going to do about it. Because unless you deduct points from the group of 6 who wanted to destroy the Premier League, then be prepared for a high court battle if we break FFP rules and you threaten us with a points deduction.

But hey this is Everton we wont appoint the best candidate around and we would never dare like City did to take on the premier league, we are just quite happy to finish 7th to 12th and lets just muddle along to we can build our new stadium.

Danny O’Neill
362 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:03:09
"However, like Silva and Martinez, he hasn't had the pressure of managing a big club with expectations".

Back in the day, I raise you a Mike Walker!!

Derek, you're playing with my nervous state of mind!!

I really hope we're looking externally. Initially Nuno sounded a reasonable option, but I'm not so sure anymore. Wouldn't be the end of the day, but now seems a bit underwhelming. I wish I hadn't fallen into the trap of analysing options.

In honesty Derek, that model could work. Just delete Brands, insert Rangnick. Delete Ferguson, insert younger coach that Rangnick wants. Delete Baines and insert whoever the new coaching set up want to bring in.

I have nothing against Duncan or Leighton by the way. I just don't want them being the Everton management team. And certainly not just because they are Duncan and Leighton and I like them.

Laurie Hartley
363 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:03:28
In my 60 years supporting Everton the only times we have won anything is with an English manager at the helm:

Harry Catterick
Howard Kendall
Joe Royal

I don’t think that is a coincidence. So I have decided I want an English manager this time round - any one of these three will do me:


Dave Lynch
364 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:06:48
Ffs...this is heading toward another shit show.

Just give it to the big fella and have done with it. Has DD signed a new contract yet (I hope so).

There is no guarantee Potter will want to leave Brighton in the first place, that will leave us with Howe or maybe another foreign coach looking for a pay day.

Personally I'd go balls out for the Dutch guy or a German but we all know this is Everton.

Clive Rogers
365 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:26:18
Dave, didn’t know Desmond Decker was in for the job.
Robert Tressell
366 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:28:35
Brian, the only thing about Conte is that having done his stuff at Bari he's graduated to a bigger league. He'd be a great appointment if we are serious about throwing big money at the squad (say, north of £200m this summer alone).

However, if we're not going to do that (which seems much more likely) then we can only arm him with something like the 6th or 7th or even 8th best squad at best. I'm not sure how enticing that really is for a serial title winner. Even if he improves us by somehow winning a cup or sneaking 4th, it would be pretty small beer compared with what he's used to. Sure we'd pay him - but he won't be short of well paid offers once managers start getting sacked throughout autumn.

Clive Rogers
367 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:37:55
There’s no way Conte would even consider us, we are just not that big a club nowadays.
Geoff Williams
368 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:37:57
Let's get one thing straight, appointing a manager is always a gamble. One can't assume that previous success will a automatically mean future success. Most of us know who we don't want as manager but only a few have a strong opinion on who they would like. I've tried to be objective and weigh up the pros and cons on each of possible managers and I've failed to find someone with whom l have 100% confidence. I think with a club like Everton the personality of the man is so important. I've come to the conclusion that a British appointment would be best as they would know what they are getting themselves into. Everton is something of a poison chalice at the moment. Ferguson may lack experience but the one thing he has over all the other candidates is that he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad of players. He would be able to hit the ground running and wouldn't spend time assessing the players. He will know who he wants and who should go. I no reason to believe that Ferguson couldn't work with Brand. A good start to the season is essential. This next appointment is of vital importance.
Chris Hockenhull
369 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:38:22
365. Potter..?.Wilder...?Howe.? dear god. Why not throw Coyle...Megson...and anyone else who love the lofty heights of lingering around the bottom 3 regularly Next time people harp on about this club needs a real boot of its mentality remember stuff from fans like this and many others
Brian Williams
370 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:43:55
Ah ToffeeWeb's a laugh sometimes.
People who didn't want Santo in the first place will fume if he goes to Palace, why?
If the club appoint someone quickly they're accused of not doing their due diligence and making a panic appointment.
If they take their time they're accused of dithering and not knowing what they're doing.
And then there's others who would go for "a German." Isn't that something you suggest on a Friday after the pub?
"Anyone fancy a German?"
Dennis Stevens
371 Posted 08/06/2021 at 13:51:41
I might well be wrong, Chris #371, I often am according to my wife! However, I think Potter has what it takes to be a very successful manager somewhere & feel it's a shame that it probably won't be at Everton. Instead, I'm expecting another installment of same old same old dreary disappointment for a couple of years before we change manager again & repeat the whole experience.
Sam Hoare
372 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:02:11
Brian Harrison "some on T/W are now suggesting Potter, yes his team play nice football but just like Eddie Howe they cant defend to save their lives"

Simply not true at all i'm afraid.

Brighton conceeded 46 goals last season. Less than us. Less than West Ham, less than Leicester. And a whopping 19 goals less than Howe's Bournemouth conceeded in their last season in the PL.

If anything Brighton's problem was scoring goals last season. They actually created among the top 6 amount of chances in the league but lacked a good finisher.

Derek Taylor
373 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:06:23
Really, Chris @371 ?

Fancy Evertonians wishing to have their 'threepenuth' on who should be our next manager. Did Chairman Bill set you up to stifle the debate when we all should know to put our faith in him and his wealthy mate !

Ray Roche
374 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:13:24

Only an English manager? Chelsea have two English managers since 2000, Wilkins and Lampard. Their (Chelsea) success has not been due to English managers so it’s pointless to go back nearly 60 years to the Catterick days to claim we need an English manager. Anyone mentioning Howe or Dyche needs to give their head a wobble.

Dan Nulty
375 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:15:46
I'm not sure TWers don't want Conte, the reality is he wouldn't come. He has moved up a level far above Bari now! He wants to be winning titles which is why he has left Inter a she doesn't think he will be able to repeat it with their money troubles.

It is all well and good dreaming but don't mistake being realistic with saying they don't want him.

Plus, it leaves us open again to losing Conte the moment a title winning club turns up like Carlo and we start all over again.

Christine Foster
376 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:28:14
I have to say we are on a hiding to nothing. Right now we have some massive egos in the club and team. Playing under Ancelotti was a big tick to their kudos, they expect another name as manager.

If we bring in a Potter or a Howe and half the team are going to say “Who?” And the other half will say “Fuck!” … calls to agents will be a flood. We will be right back to the Moyes era. And no-one of any ability will touch us with a barge pole.

We need a manager they either fear or respect, those two don't cut it. Betcha it will be Rafa.

Soren Moyer
377 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:39:51
Sam, 374, exactly. A quick look into their results of this season reveals they are nothing like Bournemouth's. BHA had an obvious problem to convert their chances in the opponents box.
Barry Rathbone
378 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:42:11
If reports are true about Nuno sticking to his guns by demanding his own staff then we've messed up not appointing him.

Nothing against our present staff but bloody mindedness is exactly what we've been crying out for.

A sneaky little secret about being a truly top boss is keep not only those working for you on their toes but those above you as well. I recommend throwing an office desk at your boss and telling him straight what the deal is when there's no witnesses.

Paul Hewitt
379 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:48:50
Just give it to Duncan FFS. Stop wasting time.
Charles Barrow
380 Posted 08/06/2021 at 14:49:59
Sam. That is exactly right - Brighton fans were tearing their hair out as chance after chance went begging. Good defence and midfield, no top class goal scorers. Potter I think is the best of the 'English' options. But yes it is true many overseas players may be underwhelmed by his appointment.
Robert Tressell
381 Posted 08/06/2021 at 15:14:43
Sam, those are very impressive stats re Brighton and Potter. If we could replicate the defensive meanness that alone would improve our (shockingly poor) league position. If we can recruit some pace / quality in wide areas then the goals for column should improve too. That's worth a good few league places. Maybe Potter is the right man.

Howe, if I'm honest, always saw as a "right place at the right time" sort of manager.

Steve Brown
382 Posted 08/06/2021 at 15:21:30
Brighton finished 16th last season and 15th the season before. Those are the two main data points we need to consider when talking about Potter.
Steve Brown
383 Posted 08/06/2021 at 15:24:34
Not forgetting Potter's stunning 10th place finish with Swansea City before he joined the seagulls. Are we allergic to success?
Dennis Stevens
384 Posted 08/06/2021 at 15:32:17
Not to sure if that logic works, Steve #384&5 - otherwise we'd simply recruit guaranteed success, like a multi Title, triple CL winning manager, er
Robert Tressell
385 Posted 08/06/2021 at 16:04:49
They're important stats, too, Steve. Quite right. But it's all relative to the players at your disposal too. If Potter was languishing at the bottom of the league with class, expensive players then he wouldn't be in contention. He's in contention because he's improved players, coached a well assembled squad and with better quality forwards could have finished a fair bit higher as Sam notes.

Lampard, who I don't rate at all as a manager, would have finished much higher than Potter's Brighton had he kept the Chelsea job. But he was massively under performing with an exceptional squad, whereas Potter is, if anything, over achieving with his.

Sam Hoare
386 Posted 08/06/2021 at 16:07:54
Robert, yes, I think Potter would seem a good fit for an approach favouring long term growth based on improving young players and adding some decent football into the mix.

I expect the 'transition' could be painful as his systems seem to revolve around players full of energy, movement and confidence. Qualities sadly lacking in our current squad. But i'd be intrigued to see what he could do.

He's not a glamorous option and perhaps certain players would not be thrilled but maybe that's not bad thing. We want/need players who are going to work hard and are keen to play for Everton Football Club; not just a bunch of charlatans attracted by a big name who will then want to leave when he does. There are plenty of good players who aren't big 'names'; that is Brands remit to find those players.

Kevin Prytherch
387 Posted 08/06/2021 at 16:44:42
Potter into 6/4 or 11/10 in places now.

Nuno is now out of the running

John Pendleton
388 Posted 08/06/2021 at 16:50:05
Anyone see the Damned United last night? Captured the spirit of 70s football management and recruitment. Not the most settling of viewing given our predicament but got me thinking about the merits of a complementary partnership such as Clough and Taylor.

Kendall and Harvey did 'ok' for us in management. Are there any obvious partnerships out there any more? Was it just a magical one-off or would a partnership work in the modern game?

Reading that every candidate put forward is great at one thing and shite at another, the partnership solution is obvious. Just a question of which one.


Moyes / Martinez for Bill Kenwright (What a managers!)
Potter / Lampard for the Anglophiles (What have forriners ever won?)
Conte / Gallardo for the Big Spenders (Mersey Millionaires v Volga Villains)
Baines / Ferguson for the Xenophobics ("At least we know what we're getting" - relegated)
Nuno Espirito Santo / Domingo - for the status quo (Translation - No new spirit at Everton)

James Lauwervine
389 Posted 08/06/2021 at 16:51:23
If it's Potter I'll be very happy. His initials are GP for fuck's sake, that has to be a sign.
Barry Rathbone
390 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:04:48
Just got a terse one line email from the club saying I'm not on the short list.

Apparently my claimed association with the Chinese national side was classed as dubious despite the use of my usually successful pseudonym - "Sum Tin Wong".

They blew me out as a footballer now as a manager I don't know where we go from here

Tom Harvey
391 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:13:39
I'd be happy with Dunc or Potter, we need to avoid big names Conte etc, they have no loyalty even when you pay them what they want.

Thomas Richards
392 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:15:18

The scrap heap?

Soren Moyer
393 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:20:49
Barry 392, at this point "Annie Wan" is a candidate.
Sam Hoare
394 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:23:18
I’d like Potter but Brighton will not let him go easily. And I’m not that convinced he’d want to come. They love him there and already lots of Everton fans are slagging him off. Brighton have a decent young squad set up to play his way and I’d not be surprised to see them in top half next year if they buy well this summer. Could be a tussle.

Out of the ‘available’ options I think Fonseca and Galtier look interesting.

Tom Harvey
395 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:27:21
Sam that thought about Potter not coming occured to me, but I pushed it away.

Aren't we arrogant?

Barry Rathbone
396 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:33:01
Soren - top quality, mate

Thomas - You must have ESP the construction at chez Rathbone has already been christened the "scrap heap". Better half doesn't like cement mixers, scaffolding etc

Danny O’Neill
397 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:39:37
Barry Rathbone, they really don't know what they're doing.

I was too scarred by my failure in my brief stint at Bellefield to even apply.

I just don't think the timing is right for Potter. Could be wrong, but I'd like to see how he goes next season.

Continent for me, but not Conte. I've said enough times now the 3 I'd be happy with.

Brendan McLaughlin
398 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:51:06
Danny #399,

Continent... not such a prerequisite these days. TENA do an amazing range of "secure" underwear... some of it quite fashionable too.

Dale Self
399 Posted 08/06/2021 at 17:55:24
Well, we don't really need a manager who leaks, to the press or otherwise. That is the IMPresario's role.
Matt Hunter
400 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:05:14
Christine Foster @378,

"Call agents" – oh fantastic, that would be one way of getting rid of them all. Useless bunch!

Ajay Gopal
401 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:06:27
Lille's former sporting director bigging up Galtier for the Everton job.

From SkySports:

"Former Lille Sporting Director Luis Campos says Christophe Galtier would be the ideal candidate for the vacant Everton managers job.

Galtier has been linked to Everton after leaving his role in the Ligue 1 club and is someone the Goodison hierarchy have been informed about as they search for a replacement for Carlo Ancelotti.

Campos worked alongside Galtier at the French champions and says his style would be a perfect fit for the Premier League and Everton.

Campos told Sky Sports News: “Christophe has all the qualities to coach in England, technically he is very astute and is extremely detailed in his planning when preparing a team.

"He likes a 4-4-2 system, which would fit with the Premier League and he is a fantastic motivator in the dressing room."

Specifically on the Everton role, Campos believes the Frenchman would be a good choice.

“He likes to build a side, with quality and youth, he is someone that can develop a team ethic, he is also a fantastic human being," he added."

Thomas Richards
402 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:14:09

If she wants the house completing she will have to crack on. Tell her to wash the mixer after she has done the brickies their last mix.

Daniel A Johnson
403 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:15:45
Whoever we get, they will still have to deal with the same sorry shower of shite we watch cross the white line every week.

With FFP hammering us, we can't invest too heavily either. So, if anyone has the balls to take on this job and try and get a tune out of this squad of shirkers, then good luck to them.

We're a poisoned chalice now.

Tony Abrahams
404 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:18:53
I’ve heard that Everton are going to speak to both Galtier and Benitez, Ajay, and something tells me Potter, might not be interested in leaving Brighton, and it also probably wouldn’t be cheap to get him if he did want to come, because I’m sure he’s on a very long contact with Brighton?
Brendan McLaughlin
405 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:28:45
Tony #406,

Like the Galtier link... Benitez not so much. On the length of Potter's contract, I think he's only got 2 years left to run on his current deal.

John Boon
406 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:31:30
While I will never lose interest in Everton, I have lost interest in who we appoint as manager. I think it is a lottery and gamble whoever is chosen. The most successful managers have gone to the clubs who have lots of money and also somehow know how to spend it wisely. I think the Everton Management, whoever they may be, are just as confused as the frustrated supporters.

Perhaps it is time to give Duncan a real chance. The only problem may be that we will need to have an interpreter for both the none English speaking and the English-speaking players. Fortunately, Duncan will not need words to show his displeasure. He just needs to "Glare"!

Personally I would do anything he told me to do... well, within the bounds of what is considered as legal.

Jay Harris
407 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:34:25
Thats good news, Tony.

Galtier looks a good fit but we would have to ensure he chooses his backup staff.

That was a problem for Nuno, I was told. I wasn't fussed on him anyway and would like us to consider Galtier, Fonseca or Rangnick with a younger coach.

Colin Glassar
408 Posted 08/06/2021 at 18:44:14
I'm with John Boon, I honestly don't have the strength anymore to fret about who the next failure is going to be.

Appoint whoever they want but as long as luvvie duvvie is pulling the strings with his old boys, nothing will ever change. Bill wanted David with Faddy as his assistant. He'd probably brought back Big Al, Wee Stevie Naysmith and of course, Big Dunc.

I don't care who the next manager is as long as he gets rid of Iwobi and co. And makes Calvert-Lewin get a haircut.

Santo, Potter... Jesus Christ Almighty himself won't be able to solve the Everton conundrum while he's still in charge.

Danny O’Neill
409 Posted 08/06/2021 at 19:07:24
Slightly off topic but if you like your football films & documentaries John Pendleton @ 390, I recommend "Mi chiamo Francessco Totti" (my name is Francessco Totti). In Italian with subtitles. I dare you not to get emotional at the endless!!. Also there's a great one about Toni Kroos that I'd recommended. Again, subtitles as it's in German.

Back on track, as I've just said elsewherr, my son is bigging up the Galtier rumours. I don't know enough about French football to comment. Thoughts from those that do?

Soren Moyer
410 Posted 08/06/2021 at 19:21:40
Christophe Galtier seems to be a decent candidate. Specially this part: "He is also capable of taking a bunch of leftovers and making it not only tasty but a Michelin star dish."

Why Everton’s perfect replacement for Carlo Ancelotti could be in France

Barry Hesketh
411 Posted 08/06/2021 at 19:25:45
Soren @412,

I'm pleased that this candidate can sort out the shortcomings in the staff canteen but can he sort out the shortcomings in the Everton squad? :)

Soren Moyer
412 Posted 08/06/2021 at 19:31:06
Lol. Yes Barry. He seems to know what he is doing and what he has done with Lille is nothing short of a miracle tbh.
So if we are going for an up-and-coming British dude, potter is my choice, and if we need to hire a continental coach, Galtier ticks all the right boxes.
Forget Conte, Pirlo, Sarri. This fella can do the job for us.
Martin Berry
413 Posted 08/06/2021 at 19:45:48
Alan Myers via twitter is saying that a three year deal for Graham Potter with options is almost done and dusted ?
Dale Self
414 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:02:13
Still waiting to hear what Alan Partridge has to say about Everton's manager search.
Tony Abrahams
415 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:39:56
I think that someone has created a fake Alan Myers account Martin B?

I’ve just read Potter, signed an extended contract at Brighton after only six months in the job Brendan, and it runs until 2025.

If Duncan Ferguson doesn’t get the managers job, but is allowed to stay on as a first team coach, then this would be the fifth manager he has worked under whilst retaining this position Jay H, and this is something I find difficult to comprehend.

Andy Crooks
416 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:42:13
We have tried many options as coach. As far as I'm aware integrity and decency have not been high on our list of requirements. Potter ticks those boxes. Innovation, desire to learn, someone who would do us proud? No mercenary, no money demanding diva. Fuck Conte, and every money dependant big name. Graham Potter saved Brighton and he did it with fortune against him.
Two years from now Carlo Ancelotti will be Real Madrids former manager. We needed to get a big name out of our system, we did. Let us appoint Potter. Moyes with flair, integrity and balls.
Len Hawkins
417 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:47:24
Did JK Rowling write a chapter about Potters life after Pigwarts
the ONE thing Everton need right now is a magician or two one on the pitch and one calling the shots.

I'd like to hear Coronation Streets answer to Dumbledore in the meetings I bet his input is as cringeworthy as his uncle taking him to GP on the crossbar, bet it was a ladies bike.

Len Hawkins
418 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:47:24
Did JK Rowling write a chapter about Potters life after Pigwarts
the ONE thing Everton need right now is a magician or two one on the pitch and one calling the shots.

I'd like to hear Coronation Streets answer to Dumbledore in the meetings I bet his input is as cringeworthy as his uncle taking him to GP on the crossbar, bet it was a ladies bike.

Mike Doyle
419 Posted 08/06/2021 at 20:57:57
Tony # 417 ] Like you I find the seemingly mandatory coaching role for DF a mystery. He’ll soon be due another testimonial.
Then again I find what looks like a policy of finding coaching jobs for hoards of ex-players hard to fathom too.
Barry Rathbone
420 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:02:08
Important not to go with the fans choice Moyes, Allardyce and Martinez either didn't get a populist vote or were down right hated but did more than the those that were - Koeman, Silva and Ancelotti.

Never listen to fans

Brendan McLaughlin
421 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:05:27
Yes Tony #417
Seen that about Potters extended contract...good sign that Brighton were very keen to tie him down to a longer contract. However and again perhaps my information is unreliable but Potters reportedly on £1 milion a year...so the cost of buying him out and significantly increasing his salary would be easily met from the savings accruing from not paying Ancelloti.
Barry Hesketh
422 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:12:44
I wonder if Brighton extended Potter's contract because at the time of him signing, Everton were looking to replace Silva, and perhaps had shown an interest in Potter even then?
Thomas Richards
423 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:18:50

Needs to purchase a suit of armour and a good set of earplugs on the way here though.

The slagging has started already.
BEFORE anyone has been appointed

Dan Nulty
424 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:22:11
Martin, it is a fake Alan Myers account the capital I in Media is actually a little L.

I'm hoping the Lille director coming out speaking to sky about gautier means he knows talks are ongoing because we would need to offer compo. Something bizarre going on though given he has left after winning the title with one year left.

Dale Self
425 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:25:11
The danger of this situation is that the club is not laying out any principles or roadmap and the distribution of fan preferences is ridiculously flat (if TW is representative of Everton fanbase as a whole, central limit theorem and all that). All choices face an opportunity to gain support without really having anything to cite other than their possible exuberance to be here. If it is a Brands pick, let's hope they have an immediate transfer or two to announce so that as many as possible can get behind them.
Soren Moyer
426 Posted 08/06/2021 at 21:45:11
Dan 426, There are no compensations involved for him. He resigned when League 1 (French one lol) finished.
Tom Harvey
427 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:13:30
I can already feel the irony of it, at the end of next season Ancelotti is sacked at Real for playing dour football and being past it.

Real then come knocking for Christophe Galtier after he works wonders for us and what does he say to us?

Au revoir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the phrase "back at square one" mean anything?

I want the next manager to stay!

Brian Williams
428 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:15:32
So, Tom, you want a manager that won't do good enough for anyone else to want?
Tom Harvey
429 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:18:06

All I said was I can feel the irony of it, I also said I want the next manager to stay!

If it is him then I hope he improves us and stays, I never said I want a crap manager who no one wants.

Laurie Hartley
430 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:50:42
Ray @ 376 - that’s twice you’ve told me to give my head a wobble - remember the first time?. 😁God rest her soul.

Lyndon - in the light of Chris’s post at 371 do you think you should remove Potter and Howes names from the Toffeeweb poll😉

Steavey Buckley
431 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:51:06
Expectation is high at Everton but the present squad can't deliver 'expectation.' So what can any manager do with the present squad, when managers keep getting sacked or ran away like Ancelotti. Could be the reason Nuno has walked away from an impossible Everton job. My candidate is Steven Gerrard who will not fall into the trap of being the Mr Guy as soon as he sees the football being served up by the present squad, which is not a pretty sight.
Paul Birmingham
432 Posted 08/06/2021 at 22:52:03
Soren, thanks for the very informative insight on Galtier.

It seems that he did perform miracles in developing and growing the squad at Lille, and I need to do more research but what he’s achieved is considerable against massive odds! He done the feeding of the 5000, and more with heart, belief, and guts and good training.

I’ve taken some good vibes from this insight and right now some how I think though he will need a free license but if he and Marcel could work well then who knows?

I’m staying with Ralph and now Christophe, and my third would be Brighton’s boss, but I don’t see him, taking a chance on Everton, while he is doing a great job at improving his stock value.

So I’m going for a Dutch Alliance ( Marcel leading the fit) with either a French or German manager.

Well it could improve the match day food...Lol.

It’s the most important descision in terms of management in my view, since HKmk1, as the club, has been left in a very tough position, but onwards an UTFT! In essence the past is the past and reality checks for all Evertonians.

But the club must learn lessons from Euro Trash, and not go for the eye catching memory books of achievement and the Chicillinas of the world etc.in football terms, as they won’t be able to take the daily strain at EFC.

Many have said this last week and many stated in the first days of the last managers tenure, that it was a bad fit.

Salute! You were spot on.

Lessons learned and in some ways this is reality and liberation, no more fur coats and no draws for Everton...

Hopefully, but the Moshiri, must be fuming inside.

I still need to know and my apologies if it’s been disclosed on TW, did the last manager, have a get out clause to leave for any select list of clubs?

Jack Convery
433 Posted 08/06/2021 at 23:30:25
Honestly I don't think it matters who manages EFC these days.

The club is like a basket case unwinding itself into a terrible, terrible mess, lying half submerged in the canal. No one appears to make decisions that all can follow. The board is dysfunctional the chairman lives in a fantasy land were Ball, Kendall and Harvey et al are still deep in his heart, and an EFC team will come forth from a blue heaven of his making - hell more like.

The DOF wants to sign young players so we employ a manager who wants experienced players and who told us he didn't have the time to bring young players through.

The squad is dysfunctional - the only thing they appear to do well together is fight. The training and coaching looks as though it is totally inept - passing is impossible for most of the squad - in fact Pickford is the best at the long ball pass !

The junior teams are not producing players for the first team. Young players go out on loan and from what I have seen this season only Ellis Simms has made a fist of his loan and he praised in glowing terms, the coaching he was getting, from Neil Critchley, their manager and former RS U23 coach.

We are a charity, a rest home for former players with a supposed EPL club attached and a laughing stock to boot.

To think, we were up there on the top table sorting out the formation of the EPL. A league in which we are out of our depth both on and off the pitch, particularly off the pitch and every couple of seasons sinking further and further into the mire.

You cannot fault Moshirir for the money he has put in but you can fault him for the way it has been spent. Thrown around like Confetti on players most other teams weren't interested in from what I can see. He who controls the purse strings calls the tune and so expect the Bay City Rollers when you really, and I mean really, want to hear The Clash.

Nothing will change believe me I wish I was wrong but I just cannot see it.

We are all shareholders in EFC. Through our hearts, our passion and our loyalty. This is pissed on by the club. They will argue they do care about us. We are the Peoples Club. We argued against the ESL didn't we.

Well if they do care about us its about time they f n showed it. Start running the club professionally. No more bloody handouts of jobs for the boys. Just because they are a former blue does it mean they are a great coach, a great motivator, a great role model. It just means they wore the shirt. Employ coaches for all levels, on merit. Those who are qualified, have experience and can show results. Use the head not the heart.

When the club is finally run properly then maybe, just maybe we can get a manager who will succeed but it won't be before then I can assure you.

Nick Page
434 Posted 08/06/2021 at 23:53:25
Until Kenwright and his cronies are gone, Jack absolutely nothing will change.

So prove me wrong.

Paul Birmingham
435 Posted 09/06/2021 at 00:47:43
Jack, spot on ma8, and you’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of coaching, at Finch Farm.

Hope eternal so now, the pendulum of fate decides as to whom the EFC board decide to hire as manager.

Let’s hope it’s a good descision.

Steve Brown
436 Posted 09/06/2021 at 01:16:33
Preston, Wigan, Soton, Palace, Watford, Brighton (?) - there is a pattern there if we care to see it. Potter might develop young players, have grown a well-assembled squad who play decent football - although I am not sure I agree that there is compelling evidence of that - but suggest we concentrate on outcomes.

He has not topped 15th position in the league and someone with that track record should not be considered for the Everton job. If he wants to develop, then he consider a job at Newcastle or Soton as a natural progression.

But of course if he gets the job, then he gets my 100% backing. If he succeeds, the Everton succeed.

Derek Thomas
437 Posted 09/06/2021 at 01:33:43
Internal Candidate: 1 option; Ferguson...maybe with a Peter Taylor-esque mentor/translator.

English Candidate: Potter; best of a poor bunch.

Continental Candidate: Galtier.

South American Candidate: Gallardo.

last but not least...

The Manchurian Candidate: Ray Shaw; likes to play A Diamond Formation, has the killer touch...just don't play cards with him.

Mike Gaynes
438 Posted 09/06/2021 at 01:35:54
Off-topic, and I'm not seeing the game, but Argentina scored twice in the first eight minutes against Colombia and Yerry Mina, both off set pieces. Colombia just pulled one back on a pen early in the second half. Our boy Yerry picked up a yellow card in the 34th minute.

Colombia really needs a point from this game. They're outside the South American qualifying slots at the moment. If they don't pull their shit together, James and Yerry will be watching the WC on TV.

Christine Foster
439 Posted 09/06/2021 at 02:11:08
Moshiri brings in Brands to determine the club's playing staff who can contribute towards the club's objectives. The style of play is determined by the manager based on the playing staff he has at his disposal after determining who is required for and then brought by the club. The manager and DoF have agreed the way the team is set up together. The DoF and manager identify who they would like or need and the DoF then requests the board to buy.
When it comes to the selection of a new manager, the DoF has to identify the candidates he has to work with in line with the club strategy and style of play required.
In short the board, Moshiri or Kenwright should only determine the details of the appointment and have no input into the selection of the football quality of the manager who should be selected to excel in the football and management of players as both he and the DoF are accountable for all things football and playing staff performance.
Soren Moyer
440 Posted 09/06/2021 at 02:42:56
Paul 436, From what I've gathered from the posts on TW and news outlets, it appears Carlo had indeed a get out clause in his contract if a CL team came in for him which demonstrates that our club is being run by a bunch of amateurs!
Mike Gaynes
441 Posted 09/06/2021 at 02:45:37
Colombia gets an injury-time equalizer for a vital point against Argentina. Now fifth in the CONMEBOL standings. Still lots of games to play.
Alan J Thompson
442 Posted 09/06/2021 at 04:41:50
Christine(#441); I'll agree with you that you hire people with expertise and you listen to their advice but if you don't like it you don't follow it and similarly, if you have bought your club/business you will occasionally ask your expert employees to follow your directions.
The problem seems to lie with the person who still wants to loudly voice his opinion while having taken his money out.
But whatever way it is, the buck has to stop at the top.
Ed Fitzgerald
443 Posted 09/06/2021 at 05:51:56
Steve Brown @ 438

Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn Rovers, Oldham Athletic do you see a pattern there? To focus on the teams people have previously managed as a indicator of future success at Everton or indeed at any club is inane - you should be appointing people who have the attitude, intelligence, character and skills no appointment is without risk regardless of how ‘big’ the name or CV is as we have just found out to our cost.

Ron Marr
444 Posted 09/06/2021 at 06:13:20
People forget that Sheff Wed were runners up to Spurs in the League when Harry Catterick joined Everton. Big difference from Potter and Malfoy. 30 years of mediocrity.
Joseph Walsh
445 Posted 09/06/2021 at 06:59:16
Soren@442 - that could be an interesting point if Madrid are thrown out of the Champions League for being a key member of the ESL... would they then have to pay us compensation? Seems odd, we get no compensation for our former manager but we potentially have to pay for our new one. Our chief negotiators also need moving on with a dozen of our playing staff!
Clive Rogers
446 Posted 09/06/2021 at 09:48:10
The longer this goes on, the more likely it becomes that Dunc will get the job. It is becoming obvious that the top managers will not even consider us while the “mid table” managers are wary of picking up the poisoned chalice and are making demands the are not acceptable. The Ancelotti appointment was a one off with a manager coming to the end of his time accepting a long lucrative package then jumping ship when Real came for him. Nobody seems to be busting a gut to get the job.
James Dabrowski
447 Posted 09/06/2021 at 09:59:46
I struggle to understand the negativity towards Moyes. Moyes was always operating on a shoe string budget and given the resources he had available I think he did a great job for the club and unearthed some fantastic players in the process.

I'd personally like to see what Moyes can do with some better financial resources available, especially considering how well he did with West Ham this season. His United stint was a failure - but anyone taking over immediately after Ferguson was destined to fail.

I'd take him long before any of the so-called big name coaches who - as we have just seen - will walk away as soon as anything better comes along.

Ian Horan
448 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:13:39
James @449,

Moyes was disingenuous in the last 6 months of his time at EFC claiming he was close to signing his new contract, unfortunately Sir Alex said he and Moyes shock hands on Moyes succeeding him in February.

The final straw was firstly offering £23M for both Fellaini and Baines. Moyes then claimed EFC were holding the players' careers back not letting them move to a "bigger" Club in Man Utd???

Bear in mind Moyes eventually paid £27M solely for Fellaini...

Moyes shafted and disrespected EFC, the same EFC that made him a millionaire for winning nothing in 11 years at the club.

Brian Harrison
449 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:14:14
So we have 3 Premier League sides without a manager: Spurs, Palace and ourselves. I've never known 3 at the same time looking for new managers.

Since Spurs couldn't agree terms with Conte, it's gone very quiet for them... maybe they are still trying to agree a deal with PSG to release Pochettino? Palace seem according to this morning's Telegraph close to tying up a deal with Nuno, so that leaves Everton still looking.

There are certainly some top managers not tied up; whether any would want to come to Everton is another matter. But the real problem is our fan base is divided on both who should be the next manager, which is not unusual, but it's been a long time since I can remember so many Evertonians not caring who we appoint.

I think many of us for years wanted someone with money to come in and take the club back to where we all believed we should be; when Moshiri joined and with his close association with Usmanov, we thought at last we can now compete financially with the top boys. And to be fair, Moshiri has backed every manager with money, he even gave Allardyce £50 million.

But, because of our failure to appoint the right manager, our fanbase has become apathetic and it's beginning to dawn on all Blues that the injection of cash without the ability to link that to a manager has been our downfall.

The fanbase has become disillusioned and rightly believe that this board have got most of their managerial appointments wrong; so why would we have any faith in them getting it right this time?

Dennis Stevens
450 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:18:44
James #449, I struggle to understand why so many are still wittering on about a man who left us 8 years ago after becoming our longest serving Manager & having won nothing. There are plenty of positives & negatives regarding his time with us, but that's all in the past - & so's he. It's very rare for things to work out better 2nd time 'round, for either party. Time to let it be.
Thomas Richards
451 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:30:40
Regardless of his frightened football tactics.
This is a despicable man who manipulated, along with his sidekick, EFC into believing we should be grateful for top half finishing positions each season. Brainwashed Evertonians into the belief that we are a plucky little club who now and again gives the big teams a game.
The man who told Evertonians before a game at Old Trafford "we will be happy to get out of this one with our lives"
Who on the day of a game v City and before kick off told the media"its like taking a knife to a gunfight "

Imo, a man with no principle.

Danny O’Neill
452 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:36:42
I'll give that one a reasonable and genuine go James, and no negativity towards Moyes, just an assessment. And I understand where you're coming from as there is a generation that grew up with Moyes and remember him fondly. I have mixed recollections.

As someone who stood up for Moyes early on when he came in even when some turned on him early on, I understood what he was doing, what he had to do and the constraints he was working under. I got that and supported it.

But, even the eternal optimists like me turned as we realised he wasn't going to take us further. I've said previous, there were two turning points that done it for me with Moyes, the semi final and the Wigan Cup match. There for the taking and we bottled it on both occasions.

The problem with Moyes is his negativity. And I don't necessarily mean in all of his football teams or tactics when he has the right players.

He continuously plays down expectation. He enjoys being the underdog so convinces everyone that second best is good enough and that we shouldn't expect too much. He took over the biggest club in the world so has had that opportunity in terms of resources. He inherited the Champions and serial winners. He bought Fellani and told them they aspire to be like Manchester City. Now if that isn't pouring petrol onto a fire, I don't know what is.

He even done it with West Ham this year when they were in a Champions League position. Rather than being positive, begging up their position and pushing on, he played it down. He's great at sneaking in when no-one is looking, but as soon as the expectation is there, he seems to get concerned. To me that smacks of not liking or being able to handle the pressure of being in a position to challenge to win things.

Moyes is not a winner. He's a good survivor who can get teams into good positions with the right players. I like to think and hope the club are aiming to win things. Yes, that won't happen overnight and initial European qualification would be a stepping stone. But surely we don't want to go back to being satisfied with continuously finishing 6th - 8th?

Can't believe I've just spent so long talking about Moyes. He is the past. We've been there and done that.

Tony Abrahams
453 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:43:19
A man with no principle who went and worked as a delivery driver during the Covid lockdown, helping get the food out the shop and into people’s homes Thomas, and further proof that life is mostly one big contradiction!
Thomas Richards
454 Posted 09/06/2021 at 10:48:10
And made the media aware of it Tony.
Tony Abrahams
455 Posted 09/06/2021 at 11:00:28
Which is something I was also well aware of when I posted that Thomas! I’ve just seen a lad connected to Everton, who said he’s heard it’s Potter, Thomas, and if this is true, it’ll be the first time my son has ever got something right, although he never phoned me with this news yesterday, whilst all his mates were getting 10/1 on him becoming our new manager!

I asked the lad connected to Everton who was getting the job and he said his mate had said it’s already been sorted, so because he threw his mates name in, I’m personally not taking this as 100% legit

Thomas Richards
456 Posted 09/06/2021 at 12:20:43
Whoever the new manager is Tony we have to get behind him.

Social media is full of "celebs" doing one off film shoots at foodbanks etc mate, don't know if Moyes does the same stuff all the time, if he does all credit to him.

I much prefer the people who do the good work behind the scenes.
I have a good friend from the city who has raised over £1 million for good causes ( if I said his name you would know it straight away ).
He runs a mile from any publicity.

Brian Williams
457 Posted 09/06/2021 at 12:37:10
"Christophe fantastico,"
"Christophe magnifico,"
"Ole ole to Galtier."

Try it lads, it fits well. Practice it for August. 😉

Steve Brown
458 Posted 09/06/2021 at 12:49:37
Ed @ 445, I thought you intended to go back to 1878 for a minute. What a stupid post!

To claim. that you should hire someone without reference to the seniority of his/her previous posts or the status/size of employer is ludicrous. Equally, skills can only be assessed based on the previous experiences in your CV that enabled you to develop them.

You have evidently never hired anyone in your life.

Andrew Ellams
459 Posted 09/06/2021 at 12:59:07
People critical because of where some of the names linked have managed before should look back at the CVs of Sir Alex, Arsene Wenger or Jurgen Klopp. None of them started with Champions League teams.
Danny O’Neill
460 Posted 09/06/2021 at 13:14:06
Or had managed in the Premier League / Top Flight of English Football until they . had their first job in the top flight of English Football Andrew.
Clive Rogers
461 Posted 09/06/2021 at 13:40:24
When Moyes took over at Sunderland, after two games he told the world “We are in a relegation fight”. They certainly were after that.
Brendan McLaughlin
462 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:00:45
According to the bookies Nuno is back in the running...he's even money favourite with Skybet.
Ed Fitzgerald
463 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:02:47
Steve Brown @ 469

I merely pointed out that the previous three Everton managers who have won something the 4 leagues titles, three FA cups and a ECWC between 1963 and 1987 (not going back to 1878 really is it?) had been recruited from relatively unfashionable clubs and didn’t have masses of managerial experience and or were laden with honours when appointed. Moyes and Martinez had enjoyed relative success at Preston and Wigan and their appointments were logical at the time. When Koeman was appointed Southampton had finished 6th the previous season which again was a relative success and therefore seemed a sensible decision at that moment. Your original post cited these clubs so what pattern are you alluding to exactly?

If this is your logic ? Arsenal would have never appointed Wenger and the RS would never have appointed Shankley. Your attempts to deride me personally just make me smile. Before retiring I was actively engaged in the recruitment of staff for over twenty years and I never appointed a single member of staff based upon who they had previously worked for and certainly never relied upon or trusted the utter shite I read on CVs.

Barry Hesketh
464 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:06:46
Clive @463
How I've yearned for that sort of Presbyterianism pragmatism, it's what the club have missed for so long! :)

As an aside according to one less than creditable outlet, Bill Kenwright has had informal talks with Moyes, and Stuart Pearce has stated that he is loyal to Moyes and he'll agree to extend his contract with the Hammers if David Moyes does.

Michael Lynch
465 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:30:04
TalkSport reckons we're in negotiations with Galtier. If so, I'd just like to leave this little quote here from 2015:

“If I had to choose my destination, I would go to Liverpool,” Galtier told Canal Football Club. “It’s my dream.”

Obviously, he meant the CITY of Liverpool rather than the club, didn't he?

Christine Foster
466 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:35:46
After signing he is confused, holding the blue shirt for the photos he turns to his interpreter and says, "l thought we play in red?" He said..so Everton.
Danny O’Neill
467 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:46:24
You draw on a key problem Michael. For too long we've let them own the City in the external view by virtue of them having the name. It never used to be the case.

Fortunately, outside the modern media, as soon as people hear me speak, they ask me if I'm blue or red, not just assume I'm a Kopite. They are fascinated when I declare Everton.

I just assume that if the quotes are right, he is referring to the city of Liverpool.

Keep dressing the Liver Building up in blue lights and build that stadium on the banks of the Mersey. It's our city as much as it is theirs.

Soren Moyer
468 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:49:08
It is thought that the talks between Nuno Espírito Santo and Crystal Palace fell through due to Nuno’s head being turned on the possibility of being appointed as Everton Manager

(Source -
Once the "smell of money" has touched you... 😂.
Graham Fylde
469 Posted 09/06/2021 at 14:56:09
Back in November, there was a bit of news in France doing the rounds that Christophe Galtier, currently the manager at Lille, wanted to, one day, lead Liverpool out of the tunnel at Anfield. The news came from a close friend of his, Régis Brouard, told L’Equipe du Soir that the Frenchman had ‘openly admitted’ his dream of managing the Reds to him.

Well, that has now been dispelled entirely by Galtier himself, who, relayed by Homme du Match, told Canal+ the truth. Speaking on the 24h de Boulleau TV show, the Lille manager was asked about this so-called desire of his, to which he replied: “I know how to speak English, but I need to get better. My dream isn’t Liverpool.”

Trevor Peers
470 Posted 09/06/2021 at 15:15:32
Galtier has history in England he was assistant manager at Portsmouth when they were relegated. Good to know he has some previous experience over here.
I think I would rather have NoNo at least he kept Wolves in the premiership, and I don't blame him for wanting his own backroom staff minus all the ex- Everton crew.
Steve Brown
471 Posted 09/06/2021 at 16:02:04
Ed @ 465, I am a HR Director so here is how a senior hiring process is structured.

Once the scope of the role is defined, market mapping will be conducted to produce a long list of 40-50 pax. Candidates are long listed based on five factors a) the size and complexity of the roles held b) reason for career transitions c) size and complexity of the companies they have worked for d) their delivery record e) their reputation in the industry. Each candidate will be pre-qualified and interviewed by a headhunter to reach a short list of 6-8 pax. The preferred 2-3 candidates from the short list after first round interviews by the company will then undergo ability, personality and culture fit assessment by an occupational psychologist. The preferred candidate after assessment will then have a final interview with a CEO.

Due diligence will already have been done on the candidate's career history, therefore the CEO will focus on three things a) organisational fit b) alignment on strategy c) personal rapport. The last step is finalising compensation, but the hiring company will already have established the candidate's compensation expectations at the short listing stage so there shouldn't be any shocks there.

Attitude, intelligence and character are important (they will be assessed through the entire process), but unless your career history demonstrates that you have done roles of similar size and complexity to the vacancy you won't even make the long list. Hence my point - unless the board assess the manager's job at Everton as the same size and complexity as the Brighton/Bournemouth or Swansea managers' jobs, Howe, Potter and Cooper should not even be interviewed by Everton. They are good enough for the long list only at a stretch.

Now I am not assuming that Everton are running a professional hiring process. They haven't in the past. But I am hopeful that the silence means that a proper recruitment process is taking place led by Brands, with Moshiri and Kenwright only involved when the final candidate has been selected.

Geoff Jones
472 Posted 09/06/2021 at 17:59:05
Joachim Lowe for me - Top Manager - its a great project for him!
Ed Fitzgerald
473 Posted 09/06/2021 at 18:38:10
I’m pleased you have such an interesting job and you are evidently knowledgeable and are very good at it. However applying your metric to previous Everton managers we wouldn’t have appointed Kendall, Royle and perhaps even Harry Catterick I’m sorry to delve into history again but they all did pretty good jobs as I am sure you will attest to if you were fortunate enough to watch any of their sides.

I’m interested in your opinion of who you think
would be good enough to manage Everton given the criteria you have alluded to.

Danny O’Neill
474 Posted 09/06/2021 at 18:54:45
That was then, this is now.

Some may not like it but the old boys network won't cut it. Especially as the old boys network we are now talking about have won little, if anything.

Find the right person for the job. Regardless of whether they're connected to Everton, regardless of whether they have Premier League experience and regardless of where they come from. Liverpool dumped the boot room years ago. We need to dump the same sentiment that has crept in.

Get the right person for the job based on what the strategy is and what we want to achieve.

Colin Glassar
475 Posted 09/06/2021 at 18:57:17
Talks have broken down between Crystal Palace and Nuno as the latter refuses to cut loose his group hugging, fifty hangers on. I hope we don’t go back in for him. I’d rather have Martinez or Silva tbh.
Phil Wood
476 Posted 09/06/2021 at 20:41:42
The more news reports I read about European Managers and their entourages, etc etc then the more I am inclined to want a more down to Earth option of Eddie Howe (who actually wants the job) and Graham Potter.
Our recent exotic range of European Managers have saddled the Club with expensive, aging failures. I would rather we started to build again with younger talent and a sprinkling of experience.
I would be happy to see either of these Guys given a chance.
They can hardly do worse than our recent bunch of Plant pots.
Sick of watching negative, sideways crap. Can we please see somebody who is eager to Manage and some eager to succeed talent. Not just easy pay packet grabbers, cruising to retirement at our expense.
Joe McMahon
477 Posted 09/06/2021 at 20:49:24
Phil @478, I'm with you. Celtic wanted Howe to take on Gerrard, so they saw something. Like you say he wants the job at Everton and for what it's worth is a fan.
Robert Tressell
478 Posted 09/06/2021 at 23:11:19
Steve # 473. Like Ed, I'm wondering who makes the list using that approach. The obvious one is Moyes. I'm also wondering how the up and coming with genuine talent and ambition ever get a chance - like Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho before their huge success at Manure, Arsenal and Chelsea.
Alan J Thompson
479 Posted 10/06/2021 at 09:39:04
If Howe turned down Celtic as he wanted his own DoF, then why would he accept Brands at Everton?

And his wife would also have to attend the interview unless BMD is Bourne, Mouthe and Districts.

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