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Everton target Aarons as long-term solution at right-back

| Wednesday, 14 April 2021 48comments  |  Jump to last
Everton have reportedly made Norwich City's Max Aarons their top target as they seek a long-term successor to Seamus Coleman.

With Jonjoe Kenny expected to leave the club this summer and Coleman turning 33 later this year, the Blues are in the market for a new right-back.

Aarons is highly-rated and has been linked with a move to Everton ever since Marcel Brands signed his former team-mate, Ben Godfrey, from the Canaries last summer.

It appeared as though Brands was in for stiff competition for the 21-year-old's signature when it was claimed that Bayern Munich held serious interest in him but there were reports last month that the German giants had cooled on the idea.

That could leave the path clear for Everton if, as Paul Joyce suggests in The Times, they can "haggle" Norwich down from their £30m asking price.

Original Source: The Times  
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Reader Comments (48)

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Gaute Lie
1 Posted 14/04/2021 at 22:59:03
All good but-can he score goals, pass the ball and create chances?

I would hope more goals is of the essence. King surely is not the answer. A forward, a winger and a midfielder/playmaker. That should be prio 1 in my opinion. We do have alternatives on right back. we don't up front.

Kieran Kinsella
2 Posted 14/04/2021 at 23:20:51

Not disagreeing but we need a lot of players. If Digne finds his form and we get a quick attacking RB, they will create a lot chances. Think TTA/Robertson at RS. But we certainly need more goals and assists from midfield. If everyone is fit we look better but will James or Allan really play 30 plus games a season? Will Doicoure never miss a game? Probably not. So we need quality and quantity. It’s going to be a challenge

Vijay Nair
3 Posted 15/04/2021 at 02:52:27
Ideally (and taking all these rumours with a pinch of salt), Aarons would be a good addition at RB with Seamus as backup. And if there's any truth in the other whispers, we should swap Mina for Koulibaly, and sell Kean back to Juve for Rabiot and Bernardeshi along with some loose change.

That would sort out our problems at RB, RW, playmaker and solidify our centre back positions as well.

Any remaining funds should be used to bring in a top quality striker who knows where the back of the net is. Icardi from PSG perhaps??

Martin Berry
4 Posted 15/04/2021 at 08:34:44
Well one things for sure we need a right back and we seem quite keen on this player if the paper are correct. It will depend on price and if too high then I am sure Marcel will have alternatives.
I expect another CB, a energetic midfielder and a left side come striker added to what I think could be an exciting summer transfer window.
Additionally a lot of surplus will finally be gone with most out of contrac.t
Andrew Ellams
5 Posted 15/04/2021 at 09:54:45
I see stories of Juve potentially offering Demiral in part ex for Moise Kean. Does that mean interest in Koulibaly has cooled off?
We certainly don't need 2 new CBs this summer.
Dan Nulty
6 Posted 15/04/2021 at 10:14:15
Vijay, if that happens we have had a very successful window!

I've been surprised by all the Mina and Serie A talk. Especially with James at Everton. I wonder if he sees Godfrey as taking his place next season or knows about Koulibaly interest and wants to move on.

If Aarons is as good as Godfrey then we need to get this done.

We do need another strong midfeilder and someone else up front. I'd like some pace on the right too allowing James to play behind the front. Rabiot fits that bill and it will be really interesting to see how we get on with Kean this summer. I hope he either comes back with a better attitude or we get top dollar for him.

I wouldn't mind us signing Ings, he works his nuts off and has one year left at Southampton.

Robert Tressell
7 Posted 15/04/2021 at 10:21:22
Demirel and Deligt are the future of a very good Juve defence. They might well see Demirel as a more important player than Kean. To my mind, he's in the category of player that we cannot get - like Sabitzer and others who either won't be sold or will only be interested in a top Champions League club.

Our market is:

- players in decline who Champions League clubs are trying to offload (eg Isco, Rabiot & Koulibaly)

- players on the up but who cannot get a game at Champions league clubs, (eg Odegaard)

- players at more middling clubs in strong leagues (eg Bailey)

- players at top clubs in weak leagues (eg Neres and Olise)

Colin Glassar
8 Posted 15/04/2021 at 10:25:50
I know it’s a risk predicting a young players future but this kid has bags of potential. We have been so weak down the right ever since the days of Moyes. We had Bainaar down the left and Hibbo down the right. We’ve never had the right balance.

With Aarons down the right with James in front of him and Digne and Richarlison down the left we resolve that problem.

Selling Mina (if he really wants to go) and Kean could, potentially, finance deals for Koulibaly, Aarons, Rabiot and Bellotti (or another striker). You might say, oh we’ll only get about £50-60m for those two and the other 4 players will cost well over £100m.

That’s true but we can get rid of the likes of Iwobi (free transfer, he’s that bad), Bernard 10m, Delph etc... to free up wages. Also, according to reports, Moshiri has £100m set aside for transfers anyway before we even think of selling anyone.

I know it sounds very Fantasy Football but this is the job Brands was hired to do. With imagination and balls of steel he can do it.

Jeff Armstrong
9 Posted 15/04/2021 at 10:35:10
Colin, no one will take on Iwobi or Delph, we’re stuck with those two and a few others too.
Jim Bennings
10 Posted 15/04/2021 at 10:37:23
Aarons would be a fairly good start.

Also a dynamic creative central midfielder (preferably one that plays more games than he misses)

The required are a pacy direct wide player that can actually take a fullback on instead of coming inside every time, and finally we do need another striker, one centre forward in the shape of Dominic Calvert-Lewin will only get you so far in the hunt for higher things.

Robert Tressell
11 Posted 15/04/2021 at 13:47:04
Colin I don't think that was the job Brands was hired to do. I think his job is to reduce the wage bill, deliver a few key targets for the incumbent manager and build for the longer term with prospects like Jagne and a better path to the first team for home grown players.

He has not been tasked with Redknapp-style wheeler dealing in an attempt to make the top 4. And as Jeff says, no-one in their right mind will take a lot of highly paid crap off our hands - and given how light our squad is we actually need some of that highly paid crap to cover injuries and suspensions.

Craig Walker
12 Posted 15/04/2021 at 14:09:59
I'm not as au fait with players at other clubs as a lot of posters on TW. I feel we urgently need to change our transfer strategy though. We should be using Godfrey as the blueprint for future transfers and this lad seems to fit that description. Young, hungry, quick, something to prove and a possible large sell-on value if they progress. I'd don't want to see signings like Bernard, Delph and Iwobi at Everton in the future.

I like James Rodriguez a lot and I rate Allan. We need them on the pitch much more regularly though. The likes of Iwobi and Delph are simply not good enough for where we aspire to be and have contributed next to nothing at significant expense. Sigurdsson has offered more but has been a disappointment in my view.

There's lots of examples in the Premier League of players where I think "how did Everton miss him?" Surely, that's Brands' job. Unearth talent and get them into Everton's first team. We still seem to target players for one last payday. Walcott being another recent example.

As others have said, we need a right back, some creativity and tenacity in midfield, speed out wide and a consistent goal threat. I'd also argue that we need a top class goalkeeper. I watched Courtois last night thinking "I wish we had him". Every time he was called upon, he made saves. If Pickford is a saleable asset then I would cash in.

This is going to be another big pre-season for us.

Danny O’Neill
13 Posted 15/04/2021 at 14:19:08
Your opening 2 paragraphs say it for me Craig and I think that is what we done last summer. It's about improving on what we have. That should be a combination of youth & potential with ready made quality & experience in my opinion.

Too much youth and you're waiting for them to develop and mature. Too much experience and you don't get them on the pitch enough due to injury and niggles.

Combine the both and you build a better squad / team.

Bill Gienapp
14 Posted 15/04/2021 at 18:38:01
I'm admittedly no Max Aarons expert but, to answer Gaute's question, my understanding is yes, he can most definitely do all those things, and it's probably the defensive side of his game that raises more concerns (then again - look how far doing the "sexy stuff" has gotten Alexander-Arnold).
Barry Rathbone
15 Posted 15/04/2021 at 19:05:15
Being a sucker for skill I like the look of this kid and I'm not really arsed if he can defend or not. With 10 outfield players of similar ability (we already have James, Digne and Godfrey) I expect us to have the title in the bag by Dec 14th. Pundits will be comparing us to Brazil 1970.

Get him signed if I say he's good - he's good.

Thomas Richards
16 Posted 15/04/2021 at 19:14:06
Not for me.
He's an average defender.
Decent going forward.
Rob Halligan
17 Posted 15/04/2021 at 19:37:10
Thomas, but like "Super Trent" then!!
Thomas Richards
18 Posted 15/04/2021 at 19:40:15
Same as Rob.

Without the crown that has been awarded to Arnold as "the worlds best right back"

Drew O’Neall
19 Posted 15/04/2021 at 22:23:32
We’ve been best with four centre backs in the team but when Coleman’s played he’s been consistently excellent.

Yeah we need a long term replacement at right back but that’s not going to take us to the next level and my view is the midfield still requires surgery/depth.

Marc Hints
20 Posted 16/04/2021 at 09:10:23
The problem is we are just starting the rebuilding work, the last two or three years was getting rid of a lot of deadwood. We still have plenty to change/get of the books and need quality signings in most positions if we really are to challenge for Europe.
I think Delph, Sigurdsson, Besic need to be moved on from Midfield, Bernard and Josh King in attack. So Midfield needs at least three players, including wing type midfielders as we never seem to have anyone out wide. Certainly need another striker too.

The other issue you have is Allan and Rodriguez are going to pick up injuries next season because of their age so you also have to have quality cover in midfield for those two.

It is still going to take two or three transfer windows to get what Carlo/Marcel wants and hopefully we can then in two years time can say we have the quality to challenge Europe

Kevin Prytherch
21 Posted 16/04/2021 at 09:36:11
Robert 11 - if Brands task was to reduce the wage bill, he’s not done very well

You’d think it should be fairly straightforward...
We have one right back - therefore we need another. We have one centre forward, therefore we need another. Every position should have at least 1 direct cover, whether that’s a youngster who should be ready for a few games or a more senior pro.

We currently only have 1 right back, 1 left back and 5 central midfielders (not including Delph, but am including Gbamin). We often play with 3 central midfielders and 2 full backs. Therefore, if Ancelotti doesn’t trust what he already has, we need 2 full backs and an central midfielder. Depending on whether Kean comes back, we also need a striker.

John Raftery
22 Posted 16/04/2021 at 15:00:44
I hardly care who we sign as long as they can play with pace, power, passion and quality and stay fit. After the recent catalogue of injuries it seems obvious we need greater strength in depth. It is unrealistic to expect our over 30 brigade to play a full season when they have been unable to do so this season. If we go into next season with the same group of slow, ageing, injury prone midfielders we can anticipate the same problems and the same outcomes.

I have not seen enough of Aarons to know whether or not he would suit us. The records show he has played 125 games in less than three seasons, including 36 in the Premier League. That is substantial experience for a player only twenty one years old.

Derek Knox
23 Posted 18/04/2021 at 05:20:31
Since we have been linked with Max Aarons, and that was quite a time before we signed Ben Godfrey, by the way, I have made a point of trying to watch him in Norwich games to see what we may be getting.

To be honest, and this is my opinion only, I have not seen the superstar he is made out to be. Potential, maybe, but depending on what we pay, and it is sounding like megabuck by all accounts! I'm wondering if we could get an unknown, or as yet unheard of player, much cheaper and have plenty of change left over to finance other areas.

A little aside here, Norwich must have a really good scouting system. Another player, Buendia, they got relatively cheap, Cantwell a local lad, Ben we have, Pukki getting on now but scores goals, plus the ones who have been and gone.

I suppose the point I am making is these players were out there before they went to Norwich, and we could have got them for relative peanuts. I know we can't monitor every young talent but it seems to be a lot better at Norwich than our production line.

Mal van Schaick
24 Posted 18/04/2021 at 10:04:16
Ancelotti is hinting that there won’t be many changes in the summer transfer window.

I doubt that this will be Moshiris take on the squad. If, he has commissioned a new stadium, he will want a squad that will be top four and befitting of a new stadium.

We have to build a quality midfield, the deadwood has to be moved on, and top priority is a couple of quality strikers

Norwich will want to keep Aarons and price us out.

Soren Moyer
25 Posted 21/04/2021 at 20:56:00
I'm afraid if we want to get rid of Iwobi we'll need to offer cash on top of it as well Colin 🤣.
Andrew Merrick
26 Posted 23/04/2021 at 14:31:54
Aarons is well sought after now; he won't come cheap... if we get him at all.
Matthew Williams
27 Posted 25/04/2021 at 17:40:27
Why?... Olosunde is about 30 million cheaper.

Mosh must love spending his money...sigh.

Danny O’Neill
28 Posted 25/04/2021 at 17:46:34
I still don't know enough about this player to make judgement.

Mal, let's see. Carlo is a total poker player. His team selections surprise us most weeks.

Last summer we were told it would be difficult to do business and all talk was of the focus on being clearing out the deadwood.

There will still be an element of that but I expect players incoming. Especially if we qualify for Europe.

Tony Everan
29 Posted 26/04/2021 at 09:49:59
The Max Aarons rumours rumble on and on. Was there a gentleman’s agreement with him Norwich and us last summer ?

We enquired, Aarons wanted the move, Norwich said no but promised to facilitate it this summer. It would explain why we never signed a right back and we have been using Holgate and Seamus.

Thomas Richards
30 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:04:36
I've watched Norwich four times since the speculation started.

He is not worth the fee being touted imo.

Alan J Thompson
31 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:25:31
Have we got or know of any young wingers with a bit of pace who can tackle? You never know, but we could find another Seamus or Ray Wilson and even Hibbo and Tommy Wright started out as midfielders albeit Tommy was known, as they were in the day, as an inside forward. Or is this not allowed at Academies unless it is teaching full backs to do what wingers once did. And while I'm at it, John Hurst started out as a centre forward.
Robert Tressell
32 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:35:32
Mal #24. I think the more realistic take is that Moshiri is building a stadium so doesn't want to spend huge sums on a squad overhaul.

As to whether Aarons is worth c £30M is for the market to decide.

Wan Bissaka cost about £45M. Matty Cash cost about £18M. So £30M based on that seems broadly right.

The alternative is to go out and get much better value overseas. But there is something good about a core of young English lads from a team spirit point of view.

Thomas Richards
33 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:43:20
Trippier for me.
Rob Dolby
34 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:49:53
It's lazy just going out and cherry-picking, is Aarons that good?

I think there must be a young quick aggressive kid at the academy that Unsworth could mould into a modern attacking full-back... Broadhead?

As others have said, lots of the lads playing full-back have been converted from other positions. A bit of foresight wouldn't go amiss.

Tom Bowers
35 Posted 26/04/2021 at 11:56:05
The way teams set up now having an out and out attacking right-back isn't such a priority. Everton may just stick with what they have in Godfrey and Holgate.

However, if they were interested in signing someone then what about Partey from Brighton if he is fit again. I think that lad was interesting several clubs earlier in the season.

Now that Norwich are promoted I would think they would want to keep Aarons or double the price for him.

Do we still have Dowell around? And Nkounkou may also be able to play right-back.

Ian Horan
36 Posted 26/04/2021 at 11:56:37
Broadhead is a natural finisher and reality quick, so I would suggest an attacking or a acm role for him. He would be wasted converting to a fullback. Maybe develop Thierry Small into a RB instead of his current LB LWB role
Brian Temple
37 Posted 26/04/2021 at 12:46:18
What about Tavernier from Rangers? They'd want decent money as he's their captain but looks like a perfect replacement for Coleman. May cost £20m but still less than Aarons.
Tony Everan
38 Posted 26/04/2021 at 15:49:51
Of the Norwich players it is possible that the attacking Argentine midfielder Buendia would be the one to splash that sort of money (£30 million) on. It's a key part of our team we need to address, goals and assists from midfield.

I am not saying Aarons isn't a good buy, but if there's limited funds, it will be far easier to find a quality right-back than a young attacking midfielder who can bring goals and assists.

Robert Tressell
39 Posted 26/04/2021 at 18:57:08
Unfortunately, Broadhead is not the answer. The converted full backs tend to be wingers (eg Cole, Young, Rose) or sometimes midfielders (eg Van Bronkhorst). This is because of their footballing ability and attacking threat. Small is already in this vein already. 20 years ago he'd be a winger. These days the same skill set makes him a full back.

We do have John and Mallon in the U23s, already playing right-back. But no other obvious candidates even with a switch of position. Neither look ready to play a key position in an upper echelons Premier League side.

The right-backs we've been linked with in the past year or so are Aarons, Dagba, Emerson, Williams, Celik and Dalot. Likely to be one of them next season.

Also Maehle, Cash, Oina and Mounier but they've already gone elsewhere.

Matthew Williams
40 Posted 26/04/2021 at 20:22:56
£30 million would get us both Taveniers, the Rangers one and the one from 'Boro; both decent players.

We already have the perfect candidate as our right-winger... Richarlison!

Danny O’Neill
41 Posted 26/04/2021 at 20:34:54
Again, I don't have much knowledge of Aarons, so have just gone off what I've read, but I did wonder if Norwich's then imminent promotion could impact this rumoured transfer. Or at least increase the cost. Norwich are in a much stronger bargaining position both in terms of whether they agree and if so, have much they command.

Villa wouldn't sell Cash to Everton even if we were interested.

I suspect we look to the continent and find a right-sided equivalent of Digne. Then again, he wasn't cheap. £18M + a couple of years back, but then we were buying someone with PSG & Barcelona on his CV.

Matthew Williams
42 Posted 26/04/2021 at 20:43:29
A very shrewd owner would cherry pick players who could do a decent job for us from the clubs that went down before blowing more dosh on foreign Mercenaries who think they are doing us a favour by joining our great club...

As it stands, the lad Stevens at Sheffield Utd has bags of experience, is a grafter, left footed (major bonus,) and a real team player (think Joe Parkinson).

The lad Periera at West Brom, skillful, tricky, another lefty, eye for goal, creative, the kind of player we've been crying out for.

As for a new right-back, Olosunde terrified our defence on his fucking own earlier on this season in the Cup and scored too and would be a cheap buy.

Why go for Aarons??? ... jeez.

Robert Tressell
43 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:15:01
Olosunde played very well in the cup against us and he's out of contract in summer. Might be worth a gamble for free but he's not ready surely to be our regular right back.

We need players capable of playing Champions League football in every position.

Bill Gall
44 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:17:07
I am not sure about this; it just seems that this boy is having a good season and has become the flavor of the season. It may be a good signing as he is only young but I think Brands and Ancelotti, if we get into Europe, will want to look for someone with more experience.

We need a midfield experienced player who doesn't slow the game down, and another right sided scoring winger. But to get in any quality players we have to improve our position in the table to show we have ambition and not just talk about it.

Ajay Gopal
45 Posted 26/04/2021 at 10:16:20
Tom (35), you must be referring to Lamptey at Brighton, not Partey. I do like Lamba lot, but he has missed most of the season with an injury. Would Brands risk another Gbamin/Delph type situation with Lamptey? Unlikely, IMO.
Alan Johnson
46 Posted 27/04/2021 at 11:47:39
Danny O’Neill
47 Posted 27/04/2021 at 11:57:34
Seems to be all over the internet Alan.
David Milner
48 Posted 28/04/2021 at 11:13:14
For those TW's who do not know. Nkounkou & Small are very much left footed, just watch the under 23's & under 18's. Small will overtake Nkounkou next season as the left back cover, a better prospect.
Lamptey at Brighton has just signed a new 3 year contract. Max Aarons is the one to get, at the right price of course, & he wants to come which is the important thing. If any of you have watched the under 23/18's recently then 17 year old Matty Mallon at right back will have caught your eye for the future.
Coutinho would be a tremendous signing, he has the skill we have been missing in midfield. He would link up well with James.
Whilst we are on Barcelona then Konrad de la Fuente, a 19 year old winger on the fringes of the first team would be a vast improvement on Iwobi & they need to sell.

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