Everton announce additions to its Board of Directors

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Everton have confirmed the appointment of Sarvar Ismailov and Grant Ingles to its Board of Directors.

Ismailov, 26 and the nephew of Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov, joined Everton two years ago as Global Commercial Consultant before becoming the first Sporting and Commercial Director of Everton Women and a member of the Everton Women Strategic Leadership Team in 2020.

He will retain those roles as well as his position on the club's Stadium Board but will now join Everton's Commercial and Finance Director, Sasha Ryazantsev, as owner Farhad Moshiri's representative on the Board.

Ingles, meanwhile, has worked for Everton on an off for the past 15 years, beginning in 2006 when he worked at the club on secondment from the Deloitte Sports Business Group, where he was a consultant.

He joined Everton permanently in 2013 when he was named the Club's Finance Director in 2013, has been part of the Everton Leadership Team since June 2018 and also joined the club's Stadium Board in 2019.

Upon the announcement of the Boardroom additions, Ismailov said: “It's an honour and a privilege to join Everton's Board of Directors. It is a big responsibility which I will not take lightly. I want to thank our Board and our Majority Shareholder for giving me this opportunity and placing their faith in me.

“I love this club inside and out — and I assure you I have blue blood running through my veins. I am determined and ambitious and will bring new ideas and youthful energy to my role. We are — and always will be — a family club but we are entirely focused on bringing success on the pitch — that is our absolute priority. This is an exciting new chapter for our club. We are beginning a new era and we are only looking forward, determined to deliver success for every Evertonian.”

Meanwhile, Ingles said of his appointment: "I am really pleased to join the Everton Board of Directors at such an important time in the Club's history. We have some incredible opportunities in front of us and I look forward to working with the Board and Executive team to deliver these in the years ahead.

“I'd like to thank the Chairman and Owner for putting their trust in me and Denise and my colleagues at the Club for the tremendous support they have given me over many years.”


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Dennis Stevens
1 Posted 14/07/2021 at 12:53:59
I'm surprised that our Chairman hasn't been "promoted" to Life President or some such honorary position bereft of influence &, especially, power.
Chris Williams
2 Posted 14/07/2021 at 12:56:32
2 new appointees. Finance and Commercial. This lightens Sacha’s role a bit, which was way too big under the previous structure.

It also gives the Women’s team a voice at the table.

This makes sense going forward, and probably marginalises Kenwright a bit more. I think this has been on the cards for a while, and is the right thing to do to take the club forward.

Bobby Mallon
3 Posted 14/07/2021 at 14:07:17
I see Grant Ingles (I don't know him) and Usmanov's nephew Savar Ismailia have just been voted onto the Everton board of directors. Anybody know anything about these two?
Colin Glassar
4 Posted 14/07/2021 at 14:21:57
So basically, Usmanov is the owner in all but name? I don’t care as long as we are successful.
Bobby Mallon
5 Posted 14/07/2021 at 14:31:06
Colin I think you’re right
Chris Williams
6 Posted 14/07/2021 at 14:33:03
Grant Ingles has been with us for a long time. Decent track record. Already one of the 9 Directors we have below Board level, as Finance Director. Alan Myers says he’s a good man for whatever that means.

The other guy has had responsibility for the Women’s team, and also some Commercial matters.

Derek Taylor
7 Posted 14/07/2021 at 14:56:48
Don't dwell on voting rights and power bases,I hear they haven't taken a vote on anything for years. Whatever Mosh/ Usmanov decide on is automatically the outcome !

Today's news is just window dressing. A word out of place and you're a gonner !

Derek Taylor
8 Posted 14/07/2021 at 15:20:44
Both are Executive Directors. Do all the work but get no say!
Chris Williams
9 Posted 14/07/2021 at 15:35:35

They’ve been appointed to the main board. Grant Ingles was previously an Executive Director as Finance Director, reporting to Sacha Rysantsev.

Not sure about the other bloke, whether he was a director, but he’s clearly held senior positions below main board directors. Now he’s on the main board.

The main board had only 3 directors plus Kenwright. The responsibility spread was

Football matters, Brands.

CEO, EITC and HR, was DBB, which is unusual in itself

Everything else, Finance, All Commercial, Sponsorship, Overseas, New Ground was Sacha.

A nonsense.

So now Sacha, Ingles And Ismailov cover that on the Main Board. It was important to split that up. Plus the Women’s team will be represented, possibly.

Below the main Board were 9 Executive Directors, including the likes of Colin Chong. Below them there are getting on for 30 Department Heads. It’s quite a big infrastructure.

The next thing is sorting out the Chairman, and maybe CEO. Now that may be interesting!

Tony Abrahams
10 Posted 14/07/2021 at 16:14:45
It must have been Ismailov who phoned Benítez to tell him that the only reason his “Uncle” was abrupt with our saviour, during one of the zoom calls, was because he's only interested in winners, and it's why it's heartening to read the words, “We are – and always will be – a family club, but we are entirely focused on bringing success on the pitch – that is our absolute priority”.

As always, though, actions speak louder than words, and with the new season exactly one month away, Everton definitely need some new players pronto, to quell some of our fears, and to also give us something to look forward to.

Alan J Thompson
11 Posted 14/07/2021 at 16:21:03
Well, that's the cat out of the bag it was never in.

What's the score on the board now, 2 for him and 4 for them? And after Benitez appointing his former(?) second in command as joint Assistant Coach there could be some big divisions coming up.

Derek Taylor
12 Posted 14/07/2021 at 16:55:06
Chris @9.

If the new appointments to the Board are full-time employees, they are Executive Directors who attend Board Meetings which concentrate on policy – although it is always subject to approval by Moshiri and Usmanov.

The other guys may well be named as Directors on records of trading subsidiaries although, in fact, they are functionaries – more like department heads than policy makers.

It's all jargon, anyway!

Martin Reppion
13 Posted 14/07/2021 at 16:55:17
I wait all summer for news of new signings and neither of these plays right wing back or has any history of searing pace.
I believe the term for this newsflash is 'underwhelming.'
Martin Mason
14 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:06:39
Another step to professionalism. Only one large cancer to remove now.
Chris Williams
15 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:10:55

I’ve just posted a response to you but it seems to have disappeared!

Jay Harris
16 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:20:56
"But what about the Bill Kenwright stadium at BMD"

"Sorry, Bill, you sold your soul for £30M – which cost you nothing in the first place – and presided over mediocrity for 30 years. You are the weakest link, Bye"

Brendan McLaughlin
17 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:29:55
Can't quite see how elevating two existing Everton employees to the board signifies anything significant with respect to Blue Bills tenure. Indeed the finance guy was originally employed pre-Moshiri...another Blue Bill protege akin to DBB perhaps?
Mike Gaynes
18 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:30:01
I'm with Martin R. If neither of these guys can play attacking midfield, I'm not interested.

Wake me up when something important happens.

Brian Murray
19 Posted 14/07/2021 at 17:35:29
Little Miss Dynamite about to get well sussed with her mate, Boys Pen Bill – no amount of rubbing your lamp will save you now, mate. Time to bow out gracefully and watch us become a force.
Derek Knox
20 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:02:36
Forgive my scepticism but always wary of 'dudes in suits' – especially ones who have sort of just appeared out of the woodwork / rat's nest; I can always tell when they lie... Their lip's move!

All implemented by that 'Financial Bully' that Usmanov appears to be, like many have said: "It doesn't matter how many are elected to the Board – of which Usmanov plays no part (allegedly) – but he will always have the final say." – Ukrainian Potato Magnate called 'Dik Tatur'.

Jack Convery
21 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:12:26
Awfully naive of me but why does Usmanov not reveal himself as the real owner?

Anyway, writing on the wall for Bill Kenwright.

Dale Self
22 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:18:32
Far from it, Derek, we're encouraging your scepticism. And by the way, I'm getting a Yanko red line under 'scepticism' as typed. I thought we were using Queen's English here?
Brian Murray
23 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:22:47
Oh, and Tony Abrahams – remember your promise. The Milky Bars are on you if Boys Pen Bill is ousted or leaves… ha ha. Can't wait for the day. At least it seems Moshiri has got wise and doesn't listen to his cack no more. It would've saved him millions if he'd done that in the first place and had professional people around him.
Mark Andersson
24 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:24:02
And the soap opera, Everton – a Tale Of Two Liars, continues…

Tony Abrahams
25 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:25:19
To be fair to Big Al, though, Derek, I think the saviour was just a skint bully, but definitely a dictator in his own cleverly played out way.

Don't forget to invite your Tony, Brian, because it would do me the power of good to listen to a couple of proper lunatics who hate Liverpool even more than me!

Derek Knox
26 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:41:01
Dale @ 22, 'The Queen's English' ? Which part, there's more variety of Nationalities in that crew than Heinz 57 ever had in their Special Minestrone. :-)
Dale Self
27 Posted 14/07/2021 at 18:58:28
Derek, your English is impeccable and I'm not attacking the Council of Clowns. It is the invisible fascist hand of spelling correctional facilities making their ugly appearance in the TW post editing thing.

Your posts are always A1 with me.

Brian Harrison
28 Posted 14/07/2021 at 19:15:08
I must be missing something here. Tony and a few like-minded are convinced that all the ills of the club are at the door of Kenwright; if he is removed or chooses to leave, then this club will be on the up and up.

The last two managers Kenwright employed were Moyes and Martinez, and Martinez produced a side who amassed the most points we have had for a long time. Moyes did a terrific job in buying quality players and turning us from a side who were heading for relegation under Walter Smith to the best of the rest.

Moshiri came in and sacked Martinez inside 3 months and appointed Koeman, who had won absolutely nothing as a manager and quite openly admitted Everton were a stepping stone to a bigger job. He was allowed to spend hundreds of millions – something Kenwright's managers didn't have, and he was the start of the club going backwards.

Then, once Moshiri realized he had made a monumental cock-up, he sacked him, but it wasn't thought through; it was like most of his sackings: a knee-jerk reaction, so he didn't have a ready-made replacement as most businessmen would have done before sacking the present incumbent.

So he press-ganged Unsworth to take the job – something he was never ready for, then realising yet another mistake, he hired Allardyce, a really popular choice who did what he normally does – play bloody awful football but kept us up.

Now, at this point, you would think Moshiri would have looked around for the best manager he could get, but instead he decided Marco Silva was the man, albeit prior to taking over at Watford, he had got Hull relegated. He even paid Watford a settlement figure in a long drawn-out debacle.

Yet again, 16 months down the line, he realised "I've cocked up again" and sacks Silva. Then he appoints a proven winner in Ancelotti but he realised this was a project that needed root and branch removal and took the first opportunity to get out.

So now he appoints Benitez, again – like Allardyce – not a popular choice… and you have to wonder would any other business appoint someone who would upset large sections of their customers? But they did this with Allardyce and, seeing he and his Uzbeki mate spend more time away from Britain, they didnt have to face the wrath of the supporters.

So I would respectfully suggest that those wishing to blame Kenwright (and yes, he cocked up Kings Dock and Destination Kirkby would have been a disaster). But Moshiri has been in charge for 5 years and he is the man to hold accountable – not Kenwright. Now I know some detest him; that's fine… I have no issue but, please, let's put the blame for the past 5 years where it belongs.

Terry White
29 Posted 14/07/2021 at 19:57:04
Good to see someone defending our Chairman for all our malaise with logic, Brian (#28), something that escapes many of his detractors on here who, like the children following the Pied Piper, attack without verifiable facts.

Keep your hard hat on for when the predictable Don Alexander inevitably weighs in with his usual invective against the Chairman. Does anyone actually know what he has personally against our Chairman and why he has to repeat himself time and again and why he cannot just give it up?

Ian Burns
30 Posted 14/07/2021 at 20:05:20
Brian @28,

Excellent post and an extremely fair, accurate picture, calmly presented.

I know many on here will disagree, some with a deep-seated hatred of Bill Kenwright, who will argue black is white.

Well done for the post and standing up for the truth.

Tony Abrahams
31 Posted 14/07/2021 at 20:51:53
I’d say defend without verifiable facts in this case Terry, because although I don’t like Bill Kenwright, I’ve just read through the thread again, and other than having laugh with Brian M, or writing about something I heard last month, with regards a zoom call, making more sense, I think Brian H, has used the wrong thread to accuse me of blaming Kenwright for everything, and therefore think you’re not to dissimilar to Don, imo Terry, although you’re obviously more of a defender than an attacker!

Billy Roberts
32 Posted 14/07/2021 at 21:10:39
Terry @29

Something that hasn't escaped many of his detractors is that, under his reign, Bill Kenwright as Chairman – for, is it 20 years now? – has won nothing with Everton... nothing.

That's a fact.

David McMullen
33 Posted 14/07/2021 at 21:22:35
Obviously Ismailov was already at the club, but having him on the board is another link in the chain to uncle Uzzie.

I'm not particularly au fait with business and boards. But one thing Everton need is to be a stronger brand. I think the club is moving forward but it's oh so slow.

I mean things like making more of the world wide fan base. They're off to the US in a couple of weeks, tick a box.

Others like the big six v the rest. I know we're not at the big six table but a stronger board, if the club has bigger cahones it will take us further. Same with the stadium and so on.

Danny O’Neill
34 Posted 14/07/2021 at 21:36:56
I've never been one to feel the anger towards Kenwright that others do Brian but I do think, as happened with Moyes, his time has come. And probably should have been done once Moshiri came in.

Moshiri absolutely is responsible for the last 5 years. Ultimately if you're in charge, you take responsibility even if you've trusted and empowered those below you to wast your money.

But then in less than 5 years time, we will have an iconic stadium and hopefully a team befitting of playing in it. That will be less than 10 years into Moshiri's reign. In the bigger scheme of things, Goodison Park to Bramley Moore Dock within 8 years is progress in a short time frame.

I know quite a few Manchester City fans who are close friends. I don't hear them complaining about the mismanagement of their club that saw them drop to the 3rd tier of English football before they climbed to where they are now. They are enjoying the ride they have been on for the past 15+ years. We've never stooped to that level or endured what they have no matter how frustrating the past 30 years have been.

I'm putting my money on us having a longer term strategy and vision, not whether we win the next match. But then I'm a self-confessed fool when it comes to Everton!!

John Boon
35 Posted 14/07/2021 at 21:51:48
Colin(4)..Ditto. Nothing else matters.
Don Alexander
36 Posted 14/07/2021 at 22:00:49
Terry (#29), since you asked, I'll repeat what I've previously said;

Kenwright has been in the boardroom for the past 32 years, most of it as top dog. Our club was one of the "Big 6" to create the Premier League. Every one of the other five have done way, way better than we have in terms of stadiums, results, quality of football, and world-wide growth of reputation. They've all dwarfed us during his entire tenure.

He's all but boasted as to how financially poor he used to be, before stumbling upon Moshiri of course, and as a result, he's engaged for many years with some very dubious people (including, to quote Kenwright, "The Mozart of Money", Philip Green – the guy who deliberately destroyed jobs, pensions and lives of so many people beyond British Home Stores) in his bid to remain in charge until he could stumble on some Proper Charlie to buy him out and, to his credit admittedly, he finally found one as we entered our third decade of trophy-less seasons under his, ahem, "leadership".

He refused to even hold AGMs for years, scorning the views and questions of shareholder and fans accordingly (contrast that with his voluntary Anfield "performance", below).

He managed to bullshit various reputable people into initially taking senior jobs in the club, Trevor Birch being the most famous, only to see them immediately leave as soon as they got a look at the actual business model of the club.

He allowed various putative buyers a week or two to perform "due diligence" but all of then literally drove away after two or three days looking at the club's books – never to be heard of again.

His most famous performance (and with him it's all "performance" as far as I'm concerned) was at Anfield in commemoration of the Hillsboro' dead and their "Mums". Dead easy that, though (and no grim pun intended).

Lastly, he's employed a plethora of ex-players to Finch Farm as coaches, the so-called fruits of their enterprise thus far being unremarkable indeed in terms of creating even adequate Premier League players.

They were cheap though, and that's Kenwright's true character to me.

And the bad news for you is that, whilst he's still in our boardroom, our owner most recently "assuring" us that Kenwright has "an enhanced role", I'll still be pointing a finger at him whilst other Toffees may prefer to blame our hapless past 30 years on a media / Red-Shite conspiracy or some other such voodoo.

I'm sure Kenwright would agree with them!

Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 14/07/2021 at 22:22:57
Billy #32, what position did he play?

I actually don't have much of an opinion on Bill Kenwright one way or the other, because I pay far more attention to the pitch than the boardroom, but it sometimes strikes me as ridiculous the extent (and obsessiveness) to which some on here blame the chairman for all our troubles.

Winning or not winning a trophy depends on so many factors besides ownership that a single-minded focus on Kenwright just comes off silly to me.

Spurs, for example, are a "Big 6" side but haven't won the league since 1961 and have bagged only one trophy in the past 30 years (a League Cup in 2008) under owners Lewis and Levy. Do Spurs fans focus exclusively on those two as the reason for their failures? Not with their managerial and player flops, they don't.

There's lots of blame to go around, boys and girls, and lots of places to direct it. To me, the guys wearing the boots and walking the touchline come first and second on the list.

Tony Abrahams
38 Posted 14/07/2021 at 23:15:21
Being an Evertonian, means that I’m only really interested in Everton, Mike, and that’s why I don’t understand why you would bring Spurs fans into it, especially because they have had a much better ran club than Everton for years imo mate.

Rednapp, got the sack after coming 4th or 5th, but Moyes got eleven years because he helped Kenwright, stay in charge. Bill was very grateful and began turning the once mighty Merseyside millionaires, (the club that he says he loves) into plucky little Everton. This obviously suited Davie, and it was probably why he never showed us that much respect, with the words he used when he tried to sign Baines and Fellaini? (I’d love to know why he had so much disdain for us so suddenly?)

I could go on but I’d sooner look forward, especially because the Kenwright regime has been an unmitigated disaster imo mate..But it’s not easy looking forward Mike, when those Liverpudlians have a flag saying 26 years, and in all that time, only one other cup final, which is genuinely the most UN-EVERTON thing I’ve ever seen, and it really is, also very, very fucking painful.

John Raftery
39 Posted 14/07/2021 at 23:30:28
Jack (21) I suspect you know the answer!
Don Alexander
40 Posted 15/07/2021 at 00:16:46
Well said Tony A (as ever!).

Some people seemingly believe that the bloke in charge of the whole club has nothing to answer for when the competence of "the guys wearing the boots and walking the touchline" come into it despite having been signed/appointed by that same bloke in charge.


And as for Spurs fans, so what? I'm not remotely interested in researching their opinions of their boardroom or their club's history as the second least successful club among the "Big Six" Premier League clubs, but that history now includes two Cup victories since our last one, a European Cup Final and a brand-new, state-of-the-art stadium.

That said, it's just been supernaturally hot out West, and a very stressful year and a half for our Mike vis-a-vis Covid, so maybe a bit of brain fade is excusable in an otherwise mainly insightful chap eh?

Joe Corgan
41 Posted 15/07/2021 at 00:17:06
I wonder exactly what you need to do in life to become a director of a major company at 26 years old.
Mike Gaynes
42 Posted 15/07/2021 at 01:38:59
Tony my friend, I just cited Spurs as an example. A Big 6 club with lots more money than us, and as you say better run, but nothing more than us to show for it in the way of silverware. Just supporting my point that the blame for organizational failure is often as much organizational as individual, notwithstanding who's at the top.

You've got me totally lost as to the relevance of what Moysie said about us after he left, unless it was somehow Kenwright's fault. (I reveled in Davie's failure at Man United... not because I dislike Davie, but because I revel in any failure at Man United.)

Anyway, mate, as I said I have no particular feelings about BK, either for or against, but I'm always bemused by the fixation amongst some here that a single individual is wholly and entirely responsible for everything that has gone wrong at the club. Makes zero sense to me, no matter how many monotonous years of repetitive posts are devoted to the subject.

But then, I've got brain fade... instead of brain lock.

Frank Wade
43 Posted 15/07/2021 at 01:57:04
Well said Mike Gaynes, as usual a fountain of sensible comment.

Don Alexander continues his boring boring anti-BK crusade, reaching a new low for him and that's saying something, spouting total ignorant insulting shite in his last paragraph. Everton Supporter my arse.

Kieran Kinsella
44 Posted 15/07/2021 at 02:34:31
Frank Wade @43,

Come on, mate, your last sentence was out of line. Disagree by all means but let's not question the legitimacy of someone's loyalty to the club.

Terry White
45 Posted 15/07/2021 at 03:45:04
Was our Chairman responsible for starting WWII? Has he committed a string of murders? That's the impression I get from the vitriol poured upon him by some on TW. Is he personally having a detrimental effect on the day-to-day lives of TW readers and contributors?

No, all he is is the current Chairman of Everton Football Club. In his day job from which he earns a living he is a well-respected, and, indeed, well-liked theatre impresario and philanthropist who puts his own money first into his projects in order to persuade other "angels" to do likewise. Otherwise nobody would invest, why would they? First in and last out. If the show is not successful you do not get your money back until all other investors have been paid out.

Most "reasonable" people, if they do not like someone, would vent for a while and then let it go and keep their feelings to themselves. There are many on TW who seemingly cannot do that and cannot wait to take the opportunity, and, indeed, make their own opportunity, to put in the boot. Surely our Chairman has made mistakes. Is anybody who throws stones willing too put up their collective hands and acknowledge that they have never made a mistake in life?

So, why the continued vendetta? Everton Football Club has been a very important part of my life for nearly 70 years. But, at the end of the day, it is only a football club and as I have said before, many would argue that the work we do off the pitch to improve the lives of those less fortunate than the majority of us is much more important than what we accomplish on the pitch even though we all would like the on-pitch results over many years to be better. All Don Alexander does is tirelessly regurgitate what he perceives as the club failings over the past years all down to one man. Which, to me, does not explain why he, and others, continue the personal attacks. So, I'll ask again, WHY?

Alex Kociuba
46 Posted 15/07/2021 at 05:19:16
Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.
Billy Roberts
47 Posted 15/07/2021 at 05:34:27
Mike @37,

Sorry for the late reply, it was past my bedtime!

What position did he play? A very important one, I would reply. Like Tony A says, he has presided over a period of stagnation and regression for 17 years, not 20 like my first guess.

I am not one to obsess over or hate Bill Kenwright but, when people come on here to defend his "performance" or "stats" as a top-flight Chairman, I have to disagree. If Kenwright was a striker: Would you accept an average of say 5 goals a season for 17 years?

I want Everton FC to offer more. I expect that to start at the top, ie, the Chairman.

Myself personally, I'd like to think I would have handed over the reins before clocking up 17 years of mediocrity, especially when I stand under NSNO.

The criticism of Moshiri, on the other hand, is ridiculous; yes, he has made mistakes (who doesn't in football?) but his effect will be tangible with the new stadium. That to me is what Evertonians want – not treading water for another 17 years.

Chris Williams
48 Posted 15/07/2021 at 05:40:02

Well said, and a nice perspective on our off field activities.

For me, whether we like Kenwright, or whether he carries a great deal of baggage is largely irrelevant in this current context.

We are about to embark on a brand new phase for Everton FC, with a new stadium, and a great Goodison heritage programme. New overseas offices and sponsorships being talked about. New Board members being announced. A new manager. We should be looking forward surely?

The question I would be asking is whether an elderly man (a bit older than me!) with a recent history of ill-health, we're led to believe, working part-time, is the right man to be at the helm to take us into the future?

The rest is ancient history, conjecture, and – from a business perspective – largely irrelevant.

Brian Murray
49 Posted 15/07/2021 at 07:10:21
Tony @38,

Thy will be done, kidda!! You seem to have touched a bit of a nerve with Betty Turpin's grandson criticism. As our catering kopite night say… Fact!

I've got nothing personal against Kenwright; just like you and a lot more know, at every turn, he has made the wrong call, as in ground moves, big sky contracts, managers choices, even marketing merchandise, and his usual lazy in-house promotions.

Anyway, agree or not, lads 'n' lasses... COYB – Let's rise again!

Eddie Dunn
50 Posted 15/07/2021 at 07:24:32
We're "a family club" (chuckle) … Usmanov's family?
Eddie Dunn
51 Posted 15/07/2021 at 07:30:13
Mike @42,

It's the same lazy thinking that puts all our collective failings down to Kenwright or Ferguson, Unsworth, Jeffers etc, etc.

We have very little idea of exactly who does what in the corridors of power or the corridors of Finch Farm. It's just too easy to dump it all at the door of one person.

Danny O’Neill
52 Posted 15/07/2021 at 07:42:48
I suppose an article on this subject would inevitably lead to the Kenwright frustrations that many feel.

I agree with a lot of what's been said but have never really felt the venom of some. On one hand, I don't think he is the devil incarnate. I honestly don't know enough about the ins and outs, but I've always thought incompetence and his trademark overly romanticism rather than cynical intent to do bad was his problem. And the partnership with Moyes that went on for too long; absolutely turned a once proud club who dined at the top table into plucky Everton who now have a generation of supporters with little expectation.

Either way, it's been incompetence and that shouldn't have been allowed to continue for as long as it did. But maybe that's symptomatic of a wider organisational culture that has gripped the club and allowed itself to be run badly and not capitalise on opportunity for just about all of my life. I think there is more to it than one individual. But then to counter my own point and contradict myself, he likely surrounded himself with similarly minded people and those who disagreed walked. Those who bought in stayed; Moyes. I don't for one minute believe he got to where he is without having a ruthless streak himself. He just played to the theatrical persona.

I find it telling I'm talking in the past tense about Kenwright. Again, I have no insider information, but just a sense I get on the winds of change at the club.

Maybe now, just maybe, we are seeing the cultural shift that is 30 years behind schedule. Let's get ruthless. Let's be winners. Let's not be liked. Let's be resented. Because winners in this country aren't liked and are resented. We've been liked with everyone thinking Everton as being "you're alright you lot" for too long.

Take ownership Mr Moshiri. Respect our history and traditions, but don't dwell on them. Build the next chapter. As you say Barry, let's finally rise again. And do so, let's get a little bit ruthless, not be nice and cry or the cameras when we win a semi-final. That's for idiots like me to do, not the owner or the leadership.

Billy Roberts
53 Posted 15/07/2021 at 07:48:21
Eddie @51
While I agree totally about us fans simplifying blame and not being privy to behind the scenes/ politics...you have to admit that BK wether he was Chairman/ majority shareholder/ defacto owner?
He has to be accountable for the state of the club he presides over ?
We are not talking about the physio or the nutritionist here.
What a job it is to be the Chairman of a Premier league club but not to be accountable for anything for 17years.
The aim of any ambitious club..that's us EFC is to win silverware.
We have failed for 26 years, he has failed he is a failure in this respect.
His legacy therefore is mediocrity and failure. by the standards we aspire to.
Tony Abrahams
54 Posted 15/07/2021 at 08:12:01
I think you said it earlier Billy, and that’s my only issue with Mr Kenwright, because like yourself, I’m sure I’d have had the grace to step away from Everton, unless I had the money to take them back to where they belong.

It’s great that Mr Kenwright is a philanthropist, something I admire in any human being, but he never had the means to take us forward, and yet seriously believed that Everton were better off with him, which is really unbelievable, imo.

Fair enough Mike G, I wasn’t only glad, but I also knew that Moyes would fail at Man Utd. My thoughts were why did he come back and show such disrespect to Everton, so quickly? Was it a character flaw that exists within David’s makeup, or was it because he never had as much respect for Bill Kenwright, than was perceived?

Ian Burns
55 Posted 15/07/2021 at 08:28:33
Question for you Kenwright haters – of which I am most definitely not one.

The only season tickets available at Bramley-Moore Dock are in the Bill Kenwright Stand, in recognition of his services to Everton FC. Do you take them or decline them?

Just wondering how far your hatred takes you.

Danny O’Neill
56 Posted 15/07/2021 at 08:39:30
Moyes was always going to fail at United because he walked into a cauldron of expectation. He doesn't do expectation. He took over the champions who expected to be champions again. Rabbit in headlights time. "What, you expect me to win. Didn't realise that was in the contract. We aspire to be like City don't we"?

Sadly over the years our institution, led by Kenwright, managed by Moyes, built a culture of not expecting too much. For me, it is institutional cultural failings that has plagued our club. And whilst we can justifiably point to the injustice of the Heysels European ban, other fellow top 5 clubs were able to reinvent themselves and keep themselves at the top, challenging for and winning trophies.

Playing Devil's Advocate again, there could be an argument we didn't fair as badly as other big names in the same era. By the skin of our teeth maybe, but we never got relegated. City, Newcastle, Leeds spring to mind.

But, we failed to build on our position as one of the 80s top 5 and being one of the most successful clubs in England. Complacency, resting on our laurels, old boys network, incompetent management. Call it what you want, it hasn't been good enough.

I hope that Mr Moshiri's patience has worn thin with the sentimental tales of old and he is finally taking grip. It's the only way forward for me.

Joe McMahon
57 Posted 15/07/2021 at 09:09:49
Danny @56 (yet again) stop talking sense! Way too much reasoned logic.
Dave Abrahams
58 Posted 15/07/2021 at 09:25:49
Terry (45)Terry you’ve got a very vivid imagination going by your first paragraph, in your second paragraph you describe Kenwright’s show business, very good, I wish he would have looked after Everton Football Clubs interests the same way.

Patrick Murphy, a former ToffeeWeb member, wrote an article on here a few years ago, I’d like Michael one Lyndon to print it again if possible. P a trick loved Everton and it showed, he was a moderate supporter didn’t go overboard about Kenwright either way, just posted the facts of Kenwright’s chairmanship from the start to the present, then, it makes a very interesting read.

My did like of Kenwright stems from meeting him, the one and only time, once was enough, first meetings make a lasting impression, I approached him in a mannerly way, a very mannerly way, even if I say so myself, to be met with an arrogant response that wasn’t worthy of the top man at Everton FC or any other business, that meeting has always stayed with me.

Terry you go about an Everton supporter going on and on about Kenwright, why does it bother you so much, I bet the supporter loves Everton as much as you and cares about how the club is run and by whom.

Mike Gaynes, a very likeable and sensible man, why do you revel in Man.Unt’s misfortune so much? Doesn’t match up to the way I see you.

Chris Williams, as always plenty of common sense in your post, no animosity just simply looking at the chairman’s position, physically, but still chairman, although it must be said, I think he lives in London most of the time, same way Mosh and Unzi live away from Liverpool.

Danny O’Neill
59 Posted 15/07/2021 at 09:35:51
That's an interesting point, Dave. Like I said, I don't hold too much hostility to Bill Kenwright. More frustration.

But to your point about arrogance and first impressions. What I alluded to above, he may not have the riches we needed or desired, but the guy was and is a millionaire. You don't get there by being nice. Especially in the cut-throat businesses of entertainment and Premier League football.

I don't know Bill Kenwright. I do know he is an emotional soul and an Evertonian. But on that criteria, you could put me in charge of Everton. It would end badly!!

Jim Potter
60 Posted 15/07/2021 at 09:50:43
Board changes? I'm just bored of no changes in our on-field line up.

Usmanov should just appear from behind the curtain, as this is the longest, most tedious magic trick ever. I mean, we can all see his gargantuan gut hanging through the bulging material can't we?

He should stick his chin above the parapet. He's got enough of them.

Tony Waring
61 Posted 15/07/2021 at 10:49:17
I can never really understand all the invective hurled against Bill Kenwright. After all, how many Premier League chairmen ever step onto the pitch and score goals or defend well? I could ask who had the initiative to bring in Moshiri to resurrect Everton FC? I doubt it was the tea lady! And would you really prefer Mr Levy who has – as I understand it – secured much public money for his beloved Spurs rather than from his own pocket?
Frank Wolfe
62 Posted 15/07/2021 at 12:03:47
Fully agree with Tony and the last few post re BK. He just seems to be the whipping boy for a certain group of supporters frustrations. He helped rescue the club from Peter Johnson. Since then he has done what he can to try stabalise and then improve the club. Sure, there have been some ups and downs but I don't think you can fault the guys commitment and intentions. He was slammed by many before when he wouldn't sell and claimed he was waiting the right type of buyer. In the end I think he was true to his word on that - he got an owner who is prepared to invest but also has the club's interest at heart.
Gary Smith
63 Posted 15/07/2021 at 12:43:16
I have two words for anyone defending BK - “Kings Dock”.

He had a choice:

1) Sell his toy and see us get an amazing stadium for money that would today be called peanuts.

2) Keep control and hope Tesco built us a “value add” one in an out of town ‘suburb’.

He chose 2, and that I can never forgive. Anyone who talks about “best intentions” loses all credibility right here.

I’m 99% convinced that had we built that stadium, it would be us sitting exactly where city and Chelsea are today.

Bobby Mallon
64 Posted 15/07/2021 at 13:07:53
Gary Smith 63: spot on, he let us down big time with kings dock just so he could keep Everton. Bill Kenwright is like one of those blokes on American pickers. Who advertises his stuff for sale but will never sell no matter what the offer as he can’t let go. He still hasn’t has he.
Ken Kneale
65 Posted 15/07/2021 at 13:34:16
I have no personal axe to grind with BK as some suggest is the case with sentiment expressed against him but by any conventional and business standard, as has been laid out very clearly by a number of articles on TW over the years, his reign has been an unmitigated disaster, ranging from given a very average coach lengthy contracts with no prospect of a trophy - no previous manager of Everton was ever given such latitude. Align that to the decline in the clubs football standing - greatly exacerbated by the narrative Moyes and BK dreamt up that somehow were were plucky little Everton and you have the perfect storm of decline from which we have still a long way to go to recover. Whether he had to sell the family silver by design or desperation can be debated forever and I imagine the real truth will be taken to the grave by BK himself as he is unlikely to ever tell us nor is he obliged to, but the bottom line is Everton as a football force is at one of the lowest ebb's in history after his misrule.
Christine Foster
66 Posted 15/07/2021 at 14:05:28
Incredible fuckwittery, I wrote almost a thousand words why, just why Bill Kenwright is not the wonderful patron some on here would make him out to be. I deleted every bit because I looked back over the last 12 years on ToffeeWeb articles and despite all the documented facts, deceit and lies, people refused to listen, they still have fingers in their ears. Dear wonderful Bill, got his money, kept his train set, and still whispers into a new owners ears.
When Moshiri came on board I recollect him talking about his relationship with Kenwright saying that he would rely heavily on his knowledge of running the club and football in general. This was the equivalent of a new owner coming in and giving an open cheque book to a man who presided over one of the worst periods in our history. In doing so I have no doubt Mr Moshiri lost hundreds of million, and ended up trying to impose his own will This started with the further aquisition of shares and the influence of his Russian associates. Today Kenwright is a figurehead his power gone, thankfully.
Brian Williams
67 Posted 15/07/2021 at 14:32:09
I, like a lot of others, don't know all the ins and outs of what Kenwright's done, or not done, and I guess the truth lies somewhere between those that would burn him at the stake and those who would have him canonized.

I just can't help thinking, though, that a lot of the time he can be a convenient target for people's frustrations that we aren't City-like or Chelsea-like and I think there are a lot of over-simplified arguments. I can understand why there are. People "need" someone to blame, somewhere to target their frustration and disappointment.

The one that I have to say makes me wonder is "his making money out of shares." Anyone who's bought shares, with their own money or with borrowed money, does so for one reason (in the main) and that's to make money on them. I would dearly love to know all the ins and outs (and I mean know – not go by what I was told by someone who was told by someone who knows).

I don't know though, and I'll stick my neck out and say that there's nobody on here who knows 100%. That's why I sit on the fence because I feel there's no other way to be with the only information I have being mostly hearsay.

If someone tells me so-and-so's a twat, I want to find out for myself for sure if he is or if that person just sees him in a different way from how I might.

Respect to both sides of the argument, especially Don Alexander, who I know to be a gentleman. But Dave, meeting him for the first time and asking him "Are you getting the ale in, yer mingebag?" might have come as a shock to him, mate. ;-)

Terry White
68 Posted 15/07/2021 at 15:37:52
Like everybody else, I have never been in the EFC boardoom much less attend any of the meetings held there and been privy to the discussion and decisions made by the Board. So, no, like everybody else, I do not KNOW what goes on there.

Likewise, I do not have access to our Chairman's financial statements or tax returns. If they are actually in the public domain, by all means lets share them on TW for all to see. Perhaps Paul the Esk can do an analysis of them? Without them, I can only say I do not KNOW any of this information and, with respect to all who contribute on TW, neither do you.

Jay Harris
69 Posted 15/07/2021 at 15:54:59
Christine has just summed up what a lot of people think and there has been much truth posted about Kenwright over the years so, "If you know your history" … you would know he is a self-serving egotist who has held sway over the most mediocre period in Everton's history, while making himself millions.

Those who claim he "rescued" us from Peter Johnson need to look at the facts.

Peter Johnson gave Kenwright a gift-wrapped club with a net asset position in which, within a couple of years, with the help of some unexplained 'operating costs' was turned into a net liability. Not only was money drained out of the club but Kenwright's buddies had a company in the Cayman Isles that was receiving around £10M a year in interest payments. Never mind the King's Dock or Destination Kirkby fiascos and the refusal to hold AGMs because the questions to be asked were too embarrassing for him.

And some people wonder why there is so much disdain for black Bill??

Alan J Thompson
70 Posted 15/07/2021 at 16:06:07
Should Bill be cast aside and barred from darkening the doors of Goodison ever again? No! But he should be retired on a life long honorary season ticket in the seat the Catt or Dixie used, the dream immortalized.
Kevin Molloy
71 Posted 15/07/2021 at 16:11:29
References to 'Board of Directors' are window dressing surely. We are a gangster's furry dice, for him to bounce around as he sees fit.

It could be worse, we could be LIverpool. They don't realise it yet, but they have American owners following a very similar model to Kroenke and Glaser, it's just that they have, so far, made some excellent business decisions. That run of good fortune may not continue, and – if and when they need to invest – they will realise that they are the investment!

Kevin Prytherch
72 Posted 15/07/2021 at 16:26:31
I love how the unexplained other operating costs of £20m in Kenwrights tenure get met with so much ridicule but the unexplained other operating costs of £33m and £43m in the last 2 years are perfectly fine.
Tony Abrahams
73 Posted 15/07/2021 at 17:32:56
This thread is one of the reasons I smile Michael K, when you have a go at my wishes for a United fanbase mate!
Brian Williams
74 Posted 15/07/2021 at 17:44:37
and there has been much truth posted about Kenwright over the years so, "If you know your history" … you would know he is a self-serving egotist who has held sway over the most mediocre period in Everton's history, while making himself millions.

Show us the facts or your post is just yet another one claiming to KNOW.

I'm more than willing to put the first firelighter on his sacrificial bonfire if I can see all the facts of what he's done.

Dale Self
75 Posted 15/07/2021 at 18:15:01
With references to American Pickers, Stockholm syndrome and a 'fuckwittery' to top it off, I just want to express how much I love ToffeeWeb.

On Kenwright, okay I've bagged on him but I don't hold him 100% responsible for the organization's less than desirable state.

However, as some have made clear, he has made decisions that leave him open to valid although vehement criticism (welcome to football commentary). Seems to me he is getting about what he deserves. We'll see him at the new stadium but after all these years of service it still depends on what happens next year as to whether we feel like waving back to him.

Tony Abrahams
76 Posted 15/07/2021 at 18:25:00
Ian@55, I don’t know about hatred mate, but if we are going to name a part of the ground after William Kenwright, for his services to Everton FC, I’d just advise them not to put the trophy room, in this part of the stadium, for obvious reasons.
Don Alexander
77 Posted 15/07/2021 at 18:31:40
Terry (#45), and others seeking "proof" of Kenwright's abysmal tenure, the points I made earlier are all the proof many of us need to lambast him.

Our football has been mediocre, we missed the boat financially when the Premier League began, and are the only club to do so, and we're the only club still playing in the antiquated stadium of yesteryear whilst the other five founder members have long since moved on to new riches and rewards - albeit with a blip or two along the way.

I'm not interested in his tax returns or bank statements - the man's observable activities have visibly reduced us as a club worldwide as far as I'm concerned, and sometimes a laughing stock.

And incidentally, I try to respect other points of view to mine - we're all Evertonians at the end of the day, albeit sometimes single-minded!

Brian Murray
78 Posted 15/07/2021 at 18:33:06
As for BMD I wouldn’t let him cut the tape at a schools egg n spoon race. Call it bitter or hatred even but he has shaped thousands of kids and generations of blues I could never forgive him for. What did Morgan Freeman say in the shawshank, get busy living or get busy dying. Time to live and to rise with our rusky hovering. One by one one the banks
Tony Abrahams
79 Posted 15/07/2021 at 19:04:36
What a man that Andy Dufrense, was Brian. I loved the way he got all his mates a few bottles of suds on that prison roof mate, making them all feel like free men, if only for an hour!

That church going governor, was one snide man though, had loads of people convinced he was a proper stand-up gentleman, until he got stitched up by one of life’s victims, when the truth came out in the end!

Brian Murray
80 Posted 15/07/2021 at 19:08:24
Yeah replaced his old webs for the governors shiny new ones just before he blew the whistle on him, Obtuse twat as Andy called him. Without the expletive
Tony Abrahams
81 Posted 15/07/2021 at 19:10:47
I wonder if those old webs had any holes in them!
Mike Gaynes
82 Posted 15/07/2021 at 20:15:36
Billy #47, I haven't either defended or criticized BK's tenure as chairman... just offered an observation on some of the comments that do so. To cite your example, no, I certainly would not accept the performance of a striker who averaged 5 goals a year. But I also wouldn't saddle him with 100% of the blame for the team's poor record.

Tony #54, beats me re Moyes. I try not to judge someone's character or motives based on a comment or two, but it seems to me that if there had been issues between Moyes and Kenwright, they would have surfaced at some point over 9 stressful years together. (As did Moyes' conflicts with Ferguson and Rooney.) Did you ever hear anything?

Also, Tony, your comment #76 made me laugh out loud. Perhaps a bit of such irony might be in order.

Dave #58, thanks for citing Patrick. I still miss his contributions on TW. As to your Man United question, over the long years (1970's-80's) of occasional televised English games in the US, I was of course unable to choose a rooting interest from among the three red-clad teams with whom we were most often presented -- the RS, MU and the Arse. So my longtime habit (before I became an Evertonian in '85) was to root for whoever was playing United that day. It's a habit I never lost, and my antipathy was only enhanced by the ref-intimidating red-nosed bellower who managed that club for so long. I hated old Alec.

Christine #66, allow me to add my applause to Dale's citation of "fuckwittery"... if you have the word copyrighted, I would pay you to use it myself.

Billy Roberts
83 Posted 15/07/2021 at 20:35:23
One day we will crawl out of this fuckin sewer of shit and look up to the rain, washing us clean. smiling.
Don Alexander
84 Posted 15/07/2021 at 20:40:44
And then stagger off to a faraway beach to try to "find" a new life, Billy, only to discover the board and owner have cashed in, again, and bought all the beachside mansions!
David Pearl
85 Posted 15/07/2021 at 20:51:23
Do you know how many dickheads approach Kenwright on the street? So naturally he will be guarded.

I met him once as he came out of a theatre close to Lime Street (I can't remember which one, side of London Road). He was a bit suspicious at first but I said "Hello" and introduced him to 4 Spanish mates all in the home shirts l got them as we prepared for the match the next day. He was nice, let his guard down and said, "Enjoy the game!" with a broad grin. It could have been wind but just trying to keep an open mind.

Not getting Kings Dock over the line was a big let down and thankfully we didn't go to Kirkby but l know he loves the club as much as anyone. He is also the first person to put his hand in his pocket to help many causes. A very nice man with a big heart, in my opinion... so reading all the crappy remarks... pfff

Tony Abrahams
86 Posted 15/07/2021 at 21:29:49
A very nice man with a big heart, might be true David, because the way he helped Bradley Lowery was very humane.

I don't believe he loves Everton as much as most Evertonians though. He was never the right man for Everton and, if he loved Everton as much he's supposed to, he will have known this more than anyone, and his biggest interest, imo, has always been about staying in charge.

Billy Roberts
87 Posted 15/07/2021 at 21:30:02
Mike @82,

As you know, the higher you go in an organisation, the higher the wage, the higher the kudos, the higher the benefits, the higher the influence, the higher the job security, the higher the responsibility. You can't choose to opt out.

But, as a less serious question, Mike: You chose Everton, and we can't be having this wishy-washy sitting on the fence nonsense with Bill Kenwright. It's not allowed, etc tu brute motherfucker?

Billy Roberts
88 Posted 15/07/2021 at 22:15:30
Et...not etc.
David Pearl
89 Posted 15/07/2021 at 22:35:14
Tony, he isn't in charge now. Or is he? Doubt it, did you hear who got the managers job! Perhaps he could of sold earlier to the likes of Venkys but held on for who he thought was the right man. I just don't think he deserves the stick he gets. The names he is called on here as society in general aims to better itself doesn't feel right for this blue forum.

For now though we look to Moshiri and for all the bizarre appointments and choices (we even paid for Walsh) we are on course for Bramley Moore, and our squad isn't that far behind, especially with the right additions.

Hope to meet you at the next ToffeeWeb do Tony.

Don Alexander
90 Posted 15/07/2021 at 23:36:56
David, I've posted very recently that Moshiri has, like Kenwright for the past thirty years, to now accept that he holds ultimate responsibility for the huge flop we have continued to be since he paid Kenwright 10's of personal £millions, but appointed him Chairman and then "enhanced" the bugger's role (to quote Moshiri himself).

My gripe, like Tony's and many others, doesn't begin in 2016 though. Far from it.

I'm not one for solely blaming managers, players, agents and so on for our decades long malaise, annoying and inadequate as a good number of them were (having been signed by the chairman/owner of course).

No, a proper top club has a board who personally engineer their club's development and relative or actual success. We're the only one of the six founders of the Premier League who've spectacularly failed to achieve anything at all worthwhile. Is nobody responsible please?

We've had a boardroom of failures, period, yet the biggest failure is still there, "enhancing" his undefined-by-anyone role.

Mike Gaynes
91 Posted 16/07/2021 at 01:11:41
Billy #87, I never worked up opinions on Philip Carter or Peter Johnson either. My limited-capacity brain is so jammed with opinions on players that there is just no bandwidth remaining for top executives.

Unless, of course, they are running for US president.

Laurie Hartley
92 Posted 16/07/2021 at 04:33:56
Colin #9 – “The next thing is sorting out the Chairman, and maybe CEO. Now that may be interesting!”. In my opinion, Colin Chong is the one to watch. Looks like a heavyweight from what I have read.

Joe #41 – “I wonder exactly what you need to do in life to become a director of a major company at 26 years old.” Answer: an uncle who is a multi-billionaire and, in all likelihood, de facto owner of the business.

Chris Williams
93 Posted 16/07/2021 at 09:05:18
Regarding Usmanov’s position.

He is our biggest sponsor, by some way. He has paid £30M for ‘first refusal’ on the naming rights. The naming rights deal is yet to be announced, but rumours of a significant 10 year deal with his companies were swirling about a few months ago. The stadium financing deal is yet to be announced, but he may be involved, who knows.

He is on record as saying that this is the way he prefers to operate now. So maybe that’s all the influence in Everton he requires, which is significant and can’t be ignored. If I were him, I’d also expect to be consulted as to key appointments, given the level of commitment.

It will be a significant investment from which he would expect to benefit, and leave him free to invest in other clubs, perhaps, all the time waving 2 fingers at Kroenke.

All this is above board and doesn’t seem to contravene any of the regulations governing football. So why would he risk it all by being a secret owner at Everton?

Just a thought. But of course none of us know for sure.

Laurie Hartley
94 Posted 16/07/2021 at 09:42:49
Chris#93 - “So why would he risk it all by being a secret owner at Everton?”

That is a fair question - pure speculation on my part. At the end of the day, if he is pumping money into the club and influencing how the club is run, I will be more than happy with that.

Chris Williams
95 Posted 16/07/2021 at 12:01:58
Hi Laurie,

That would be my view as well, but who knows?

It would just be a terrible waste now, if he and Moshiri jeopardise something which hopefully leads to the rejuvenation of a football power, and handsome returns, by playing amateurish silly buggers.

Laurie Hartley
96 Posted 16/07/2021 at 12:31:17
Chris - I think they are both too smart for that. Let’s hope so - its been a long hard slog but maybe, just maybe we are about to turn the corner. Let’s hope so.

Chris Williams
97 Posted 16/07/2021 at 12:36:03
Yes, I hope so too Laurie, it feels like a change is starting to take shape.

Quite a few good things happening across the club activities. It’s a pity that the flagship- the men’s team, is the worst performing bit.! It tends to disguise the other progress that’s been happening.

Ian Horan
98 Posted 16/07/2021 at 13:31:03
Any naming of part of BMD after BPB should only be the toilets as he has pissed multiple golden opportunities away fir Everton. And for those rewriting history lets get some clarity here. Peter Johnson redevelop the Park End stand, he back his managers in the transfer market. He only sold Everton because of 2 reasons, he was still the major share holder of TRFC and Everton a no no from the football league, he place both clubs up for sale at the same time. It was only when his hamper business started struggling financially that he sold Everton to Kenwright for 20 mill. No debt on Everton at the time. Since then BPB has imo bleed the club dry. Opportunities pissed away- continuation of redevelopment of Goodison as commenced by Johnson- Kings Dock- Mansours interest in buying us, Fortress ?? Funds cheques in the post... the return of a well past it Rooney when koeman had already purchased his choice of no 10s sign and Klasaan. Not replacing Rom. Arteta money 20 mill of lawn mowers... I am not an accountant but selling
Bellifield for 7 mill then selling Finch Farm and renting it back an asset we owned!!!! Finally getting an investor as opposed to actually selling the club outright
Tony Abrahams
99 Posted 16/07/2021 at 13:33:21
I hope so David P, but you’ll have to sit with Brian W, in the desperado corner mate, because he’s another toffee, who is a lot more tolerant when it comes to our saviour, although hopefully things change, and we can start looking forwards rather than backwards with regards Everton FC🙏

Tony Abrahams
100 Posted 16/07/2021 at 13:47:15
You could go on Ian, Christine wrote a thousand words, and decided to delete before printing, because she knows everything has been said before. Divide and conquer, save them from the venkys, then sell to the highest bidder, just as long as they keep me on as the chairman!
Justin Doone
101 Posted 17/07/2021 at 01:17:10
A bloated board is unhealthy. To many chef's and all that.

At least we hired a (blank) as a manager.

Mark Ryan
102 Posted 17/07/2021 at 15:08:08
Doug Ellis loved Villa so much he nearly smothered it to death. Since his departure, the club has been allowed to come up for air and breathe again. Like a child lovingly smothering a puppy, sometimes it's better to let go.

Bill Kenwright needs to allow the club to breathe. The biggest problem now of course is that he will have is his eyes set on the prize, the new stadium. Right now, he has Everton in an ever-tightening loving embrace and I fear he won't let go until he has at least one foot in the door. At that point, he might just let go and allow it to breathe again

James Flynn
103 Posted 17/07/2021 at 15:41:46
Mark (102) - Kenwright isn't "allowing" anything. Moshiri and his own appointed people run the show and have.

Danny O’Neill
104 Posted 17/07/2021 at 15:51:58
Although they got relegated twice long after his departure Mark. Its all happy days now but it hasn't been for them the last few seasons and that's long after Doug Ellis.

The wife and many of my inlaws are West Midland born Villa supporters, so I always keep a enforced eye on them, just as my wife must forcably endure Everton with me and the boy!

In hindsight they respect what Ellis done for the club in terms of laying future foundations, even though at the time he was vilified by the villains, them included. They also got relegated during his tenure. The season we last won the league if I remember?? I think we must have took about 10,000 to Villa Park that day as we closed in on the title. I was present; not the best of games if I recall, but 1 - 0 (Sheedy) and a great atmosphere.

Ian Linn
105 Posted 17/07/2021 at 17:01:45
Brain Harrison #28 I agree.
Justin Doone
106 Posted 17/07/2021 at 21:30:27
Fame or fortune I don't think anyone involved has wanted Everton to fail. In terms of being a successfull Premier league club, we have failed.

We do well enough to stay in the league, which is an achievement in it's self. But we have won nothing for 26 years and only qualified for European football a handful of times since.

There are many reasons including lack of finances, lack of ambition balanced by not wanting to take expensive risks and being safe.
A general lack of missed business opportunities ie international marketing and a lack of football knowledge ie poor recruitment.

There are many people to blame but also thank because things could be a lot worse, I have no doubt about that. We are simply a mid-table team.

I can understand fans frustrations and agree with many points that they talk about. But I don't understand personal attacks when they suggest an anti-Everton agenda.

Our current owner is still learning from his own expensive mistake as a result of his lack of football knowledge.

But I hope, dream and believe thing's are slowly being put into place to help increase our chances of future growth and success. Slowly being the key word. Stadium and Academy being two of the main ingredients.

Phil Bickerstaff
107 Posted 18/07/2021 at 15:15:05
When they going to add some players to our crap squad and get rid of the shite that let us down last season- Bernard,iwobi,siggurson,etc
All the supposed signings are being bought by other clubs
Oh I forgot we are about to get a 34 year old keeper on a free
Joke of a club
Gary Smith
108 Posted 18/07/2021 at 15:22:24
Victor Meldrew (PB at 107), wind it down a bit la! We’re an injury to Pickford (happened twice last year) away from taking a huge gamble on kid goalies. Keeper is a safety net that’s needed. Benitez assessing his players is right thing to do too. No point signing just for the sake of it ffs. That’s WHY we have players that need to go now.
Gary Smith
109 Posted 18/07/2021 at 19:15:39
Quickest apology in ToffeeWeb history PB…..I thought the backup keeper was necessary. If tonight’s reports of Gray and Townsend are correct the plan is clearly to replace shit with shit. Wtf.

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