Everton U23s come back for massive win over Man City

Saturday, 6 November, 2021 45comments  |  Jump to last
Everton U23s 3 - 2 Manchester City U23s

David Unsworth's U23s came back from a first-half goal down in Southport to secure a massive win over Manchester City.

With only one win in their last six games, they are still second from bottom with only Derby County on a worse record in Premier League 2. Welch, Cannon, Onyango and Dobbin all start, suggesting they are unlikely to be involved against Spurs tomorrow.

[Kyle John was unwell before the game and Seb Quirk played in his place, reducing the subs bench to four players.]

And they could only keep Man City at bay for less than half-an-hour before conceding the first goal, but did very well to come back before the break with Tom Cannon pouncing on a through-ball from Stan Mills to score a really good equalizer.

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In the second half, Tom Cannon's drive beat the Man City keeper but hit the bar and Stan Mills followed up to volley a super shot that hit the post and goes in off the keeper. They all count!

And it got even better for the young Blues as the second-half subs combined superbly Hughes pulling the ball back for Whitaker's shot to squirm underneath the keeper, who may feel he should have saved it.

But City came back into it with a low cross that was deflected into his own net by Ryan Astely. In the last minute of added time, City hit the bar but the Blues hung on for a tremendous morale-boosting win!

Everton U23s: Tyrer, John Quirk, Anderson [Y:90+3'], Welch, Astley, Warrington, Mills (72' Hughes), Price [Y:36'], Cannon, Onyango [Y:74'] (79' McAllister), Dobbin (68' Whitaker).
Subs not Used: Barrett.


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Derek Knox
1 Posted 06/11/2021 at 12:10:48
I know I keep going on about it and I will continue to do so, but it is long overdue, for us to have our own Everton FC TV. This game which I would love to have watched, by the way, would have presumably been shown. I find it totally embarrassing as an avid Everton Supporter that when we (U-23's) play Man U, Liverpool, etc, U23's and at our Southport Ground the match is televised by the away teams parent FC TV.

I live in Chester, and although it is just about possible via Train, it is difficult both to get to these matches and back, and also fit in other duties and commitments.

Tony Everan
2 Posted 06/11/2021 at 12:49:52
Derek, I am in total agreement, this has to be sorted out. I would have loved to watch this game too. In the scheme of things it could be a good business decision show the u23 games on an Everton TV channel. It gets fans invested into the club’s future watching the young players.

It could actually be beneficial to the young players too, knowing they have a bigger audience. Preparation and professionalism from the youngsters could be heightened because of it.

This must have surely been discussed at board level, I’d like to know the reasoning for overlooking it.

Brent Stephens
3 Posted 06/11/2021 at 12:52:14


Mike Gaynes
4 Posted 06/11/2021 at 12:58:21
Amen, DK. I would even pay a subscription to see these games. It would be great for the supporters and a bit of a revenue generator for the club.

Hope your interior remodeling is coming along well. We could use a little of your expertise in our new abode.

Brent, keep us posted, mate.

Tony Everan
5 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:04:07
Thanks Brent,

The club website is having a blog, commentary type thingymajig. Along with some stats etc. if anyone wants to follow the game.


Kick off delayed until 1.15, leaves on the pitch.

Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:06:10
Leaves on the pitch???
Tony Everan
7 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:09:05
A bit of a joke over here Mike. Often given as a reason when trains are delayed , “leaves on the line”, to much amusement.
Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:13:38
Ah, thanks, Tony.

Thought perhaps they'd gone to cricket standards by mistake.

Brent Stephens
9 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:16:41
Quirk replaces Kyle John before ko
Brent Stephens
10 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:18:59
Astley skinned. City Penalty. Over the bar.
Kieran Kinsella
11 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:24:48

I thought Astley said “never gonna give you up never gonna let you go”

Jeff Armstrong
12 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:25:49
No Simms?still injured or saved for tomoz

If it was being broadcast at least Benitez could watch, cos I’m betting he isn’t there, but he should be.

Brent Stephens
13 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:35:37
15 mins plus and toffee blues holding their own. Some good work from Price.
Mike Gaynes
14 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:36:54
Wish I was watching.
Tony Everan
15 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:38:22
Jeff, I watching him back training with the first team on Thursday on the YouTube training vid. Looked fit and strong. A strong possibility for the bench tomorrow.
Brent Stephens
16 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:47:02
City goal. Ball bobbing around in area and Tyrer failed to punch away.
Jeff Armstrong
17 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:49:33
Cheers Tony
Brent Stephens
18 Posted 06/11/2021 at 13:54:28
Price just made tremendous long run to their keeper who slipped with ball out of his area. Price About to get the ball with a free run on empty goal and penalised for foul on keeper.
Brent Stephens
19 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:01:33
Mills ball from right wing overtop of full back for Cannon to run on to and score. Great goal.
Phill Thompson
20 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:10:07
Replying to
45' GOAL! Cannon fires #EFCU23 level!

1-1 at half time

Brent Stephens
21 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:38:57
Mills to Cannon onto post Mills onto post and goal.
Brent Stephens
22 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:40:47
All city this half but that was a good goal. Onto the post twice.
Brent Stephens
23 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:41:32
Whittaker on for Dobbin. So zdobbin sub tomorrow??
Brent Stephens
24 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:45:04
Mills off. Hughes on.
Dave Abrahams
25 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:49:18
Everton take the lead with an own goal bySlicker, more importantly there are rumours, reports even, that Dobbin and Reece’s Welsh haven’t been tied down yet and are in no hurry to sign new contracts with Everton, such is the mess the club are in!! This is from another Everton website.
Brent Stephens
26 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:52:56
Warrington wide right to Hughes. Cross into box for Whittaker goal.
MCAllister on for Onyango.
Brent Stephens
27 Posted 06/11/2021 at 14:57:17
Astley og unlucky
Brent Stephens
28 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:07:59
City hit post in added time.
FT 3-2 blues great game
Phill Thompson
29 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:11:45
Cheers for the updates Brent.

They may be young but they don’t give up the fight when they’re behind.

Michael Kenrick
30 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:27:27
Great commentary, Brent.

Re post #25, it's easy to spout a lot of talk at this time of the year about the youngsters in the final year of their contract. By my reckoning, this is close to the full list of U23s and young fringe players that the club need to make decisions on:

Jonjoe Kenny
Rafael Garcia
Sean McAllister
Kyle John
Sebastian Quirk
Ellis Simms
Lewis Warrington
Jack Barrett
Harry Tyrer
Joe Anderson
Einar Iversen
Mackenzie Hunt
Rhys Hughes
Lewis Dobbin
Zan-Luk Leban
Reece Welch
Harry Hagan
Sebastian Kristensen
Liam Higgins

Quite the list. People ask why some of those names aren't tied down? Probably the same names wondering why we kept youngsters on long contracts when it was 'obvious' they weren't going to make it.

Dave Abrahams
31 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:39:45
Michael 30), Michael you might want to check the U23 team today, according to the official report, John took a knock/ was injured during the kick around pre game and Quirk started the game at right back.

Adding my thanks to Brent Stephens for his information during the game.

Brent Stephens
32 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:44:12
Michael. One correction to the line-up. Seb Quirk was named last minute as a starter in place of Kyle John.

Really impressed with that, not only because it was a win against City who are doing so well in the league but also by the manner of the win. Going a goal down didn't worry the lads. And I can't name a single player who doesn't give it 100%, and who doesn't get stuck into tackles. Unsie has this whole squad knowing what each player should be doing; they play as a unit. Interestingly, no zonal marking on corners.

Price, as thin as he is, impresses me more each time I see him - incredible stamina, distances covered, recovery rate after a lung-bursting run, and good ball skills.

Warrington again very solid as defensive midfielder. Tyler saved us a few times.

Dave Abrahams
33 Posted 06/11/2021 at 15:48:37
Michael (30), seeing how Dobbin and Welch are well rated inside the club and by many fans who watch them another reason quoted is that their agents are wise to the fact that other clubs also rate the very highly and might come in with better offers to entice them away, as in the case of Small going to Southampton,so it just might be that it not idle talk!!
Alan J Thompson
34 Posted 06/11/2021 at 17:36:37
Michael (#30);

That list rather reminds me of that theory that social problems increase in direct proportion to the number of social workers.

Tony Everan
35 Posted 06/11/2021 at 17:58:04
Thank you Brent for the updates today. A great win and a good confidence booster.

There are big decisions to be made regards quite a few of the young lads’ contracts.

At the same time other clubs will have young players in the same position.

I hope that we are actively scouting any young talented player with any other club. Ready to poach the best of them like the piranhas were around Thierry Small.

We have be as ruthless as teams are with us.

Phill Thompson
36 Posted 06/11/2021 at 20:20:26
Michael #30, that's a useful list... 10 should definitely go, including Kenny though not really an U23s decision. Some through injuries haven't had a lot of luck but time to move them on.

Four I would definitely give new contracts as they should be around the first team next season: Dobbin, Simms, Welch, Tyrer.

Of the other 5, for me, it depends on how much progress the 1st year U18s make to push them out of the U23s and whether the likes of Warrington, McAllister and Hughes deserve another year as they will also add experience. Leban will be good cover so worth keeping, excuse pun, then it's a straight choice between Kyle John and the younger less experienced Matt Mallon, who I believe hasn't got a pro contract yet.

It's a savage world for these kids but we can't turn back to the old days by keeping them too long. If gaps then appear we need to fill them by buying in promising youngsters from other clubs.

Michael Kenrick
37 Posted 06/11/2021 at 21:25:01
Thanks, Dave & Brent. I completely missed that.
James Flynn
39 Posted 06/11/2021 at 00:01:06
Brent (32) - "Price, as thin as he is, impresses me more each time I see him – incredible stamina, distances covered, recovery rate after a lung-bursting run, and good ball skills."

What about his accelerating pace? How fast is he?

Danny O’Neill
40 Posted 07/11/2021 at 00:44:24
Thanks for the write-up, Michael, and to Brent for the commentary.

Agree with Derek. What a missed opportunity by the club to not stream these matches. How many supporters would subscribe? And yes, I would not begrudge paying for the privilege.

I don't want to get carried away as I don't think he is banging on the door of the first-team changing room, but encouraging to hear more good reports of Warrington. I like him. Surely let's get him involved with the first team on the training pitch?

Let's go tomorrow, Blues.

Phill Thompson
41 Posted 07/11/2021 at 08:07:30
Danny and Derek,

Yeah, it's a long-standing moan how bad we are about screening these matches. This time, there may be an excuse as there was a Premier League match on at 12:30 being screened – I think we are not allowed to “compete” with those matches.

Brent Stephens
42 Posted 07/11/2021 at 09:49:14
James #39 "What about his accelerating pace? How fast is he?"

Yes, Price has good acceleration as well. And all this right to the last minute.

BUT - will he develop further, into first team material?! If I could only predict!

Dave Williams
43 Posted 07/11/2021 at 12:36:24
How did Onyango play Brent? Is he worth a punt for the first team?
Brent Stephens
44 Posted 07/11/2021 at 20:23:26
Hi Dave #43 – just seen your post, sorry.

Onyango was quite quiet in this game. The game seemed to pass him by a lot. Maybe it's just that I didn't notice his contribution so much?

But, based on what I saw with my own eyes, he was okay; didn't put a foot wrong in any major way; got in some decent tackles and passes. But he's only just back from serious injury so is understandably going to take a wee bit of time to get back to his previous level. Soon, I hope!

James Flynn
45 Posted 07/11/2021 at 20:45:11
Brent, Thanks. Glad to hear it. So I'll go with he is athletic enough and hope he keeps developing his skills. I don't comment much on the U-Teams but, as others have said to you, thanks for taking the time providing us with your reportage.
Brent Stephens
46 Posted 07/11/2021 at 20:51:03
Cheers, James.

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