Van de Beek joins Everton on loan

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Everton have confirmed the acquisition of midfielder Donny van de Beek on loan from Manchester United for the rest of the season ahead of the transfer deadline.

Transfer savant Fabrizio Romano tweeted late on Saturday night that there was agreement between the hierarchies at Goodison Park and Old Trafford for a straight loan deal with no obligation to buy until May, with Everton covering 100% of the player's wages, and that the player was going to choose between Everton and Crystal Palace.

Palace looked to have landed Van de Beek on a similar deal, albeit with United paying some of the Dutchman's wages, but Frank Lampard's imminent appointment as Everton manager changed the situation significantly, with the Blues entering the race yesterday.

Van de Beek has decided that the project at Goodison Park with Lampard and the chance to remain in the northwest is more attractive to the 24-year-old than a switch to the Capital to play under Patrick Vieira.

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The move comes six months after it was initially proposed but rejected by United and the Daily Mail are reporting that the Red Devils refused to give Everton the option of buying Van de Beek outright at the end of this season. He will wear the No.30 jersey.

"Now I can say I am an Everton player, I am really happy and can't wait to help the team," Van de Beek said after the transfer was announced. "I want to show my qualities, my strengths, to the people in England but especially Everton fans.

"We have good players in the team and the talent and ability to go up in the league. But, for that, we need to work hard and I want to be part of this.

“I had a really positive meeting with the new coach. We have the same ideas about football and he had a lot of influence on my decision.

"I played against him when I was at Ajax so he knows me as a player. I can learn a lot from him because he was a little bit in the same position."

Van de Beek joined United from Ajax in a £35m deal in the summer of 2020 but found it harder to hold down a regular starting role under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and hasn't played more than 45 minutes in any League game so far this season.

His status at Old Trafford has been the subject of much discussion in recent months but he now looks likely to get the chance to kickstart his career at Everton. Dennis Bergkamp, the father of Van de Beek's girlfriend, is said to have been instrumental in the deal while former Blues defender John Heitinga also advised his compatriot that Goodison Park would be the right destination.

Van de Beek represents a much-needed reinforcement to an Everton midfield which will be missing all three of Abdoulaye Doucouré, Fabian Delph and Tom Davies for at least the next month.


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Paul Kernot
1 Posted 30/01/2022 at 03:23:38
If he was a £30M mistake, at least it wasn't us making it for a change and we can return to sender in May.

I can't see that we'll be in a position to stump up that kind of money by then anyway so he'll be an important stop gap and nothing more until such time as our new manager can a) keep us up and then b) promote or hire his own central mid players. Even then, investment in Van de Beek or someone else will very likely require outgoings first.

Bill Gienapp
2 Posted 30/01/2022 at 04:27:19
Well, if it's his choice, hopefully he's not making it five minutes before the deadline, when there's no time to line up an alternative.
John Zapa
3 Posted 30/01/2022 at 04:45:55
Advantage of choosing Everton: He wouldn't need to move home (assuming he lives in the North-West)

Advantages of choosing Crystal Palace:

1: Living in London
2: Playing for a settled team not fighting relegation
3: Not risking having a relegation on his CV
4: Playing for a manager who would have clear idea of where to fit him in the team
5: Easier for his world Cup manager to watch him play
6: A chance to join the club permanently if the loan goes well, as they could afford him.

Bill Gienapp
4 Posted 30/01/2022 at 05:05:56
Palace have five wins this season, same as us. They have five more points thanks to five additional draws. They've also played two more matches than us. If we win our games in hand against Newcastle and Burnley, we've already overtaken them.
Laurie Hartley
5 Posted 30/01/2022 at 05:27:31
Not what we need – no more doing Man Utd favours.

I would much prefer Loftus-Cheek.

Derek Knox
6 Posted 30/01/2022 at 06:01:17
So it's a case of it being 'The Great British Van De Beek Off'?

Sorry, couldn't resist, but from what I've seen of him at Man Utd, of which admittedly, he has had limited appearances, he hasn't triggered any 'wish we had him', or 'there's a player' reactions. Now whether that was the system, or the role he was asked to perform, because he looked okay at Ajax.

There again, so did Klaassen, and we all know how that turned out. In his mitigation, if he is on Frank's Wanted List, then he must see something that I haven't, and I bow to his superior know-how if that is the case.

It will be an interesting last-minute scramble as per usual, so just sit back and wait!

Jerome Shields
7 Posted 30/01/2022 at 06:33:55
Everton normally come off worse dealing with Bill's mates at Man Utd. The fact they have been trying to offload him going back to Brands I don't like either.

He is on loan and could be better than some of wbat we have got. He is better than no-one at this stage in the Transfer Window. They are trying to get rid, that is certain.

It makes you wonder what input Benitez had into this January Transfer Window. No money was being bandied about and still isn't. Hopefully Frank knows an alternative and has a say.

Duncan McDine
8 Posted 30/01/2022 at 07:09:11
Great British Beek off! Derek that’s ducking good for a Sunday morning! Waddle you think his decision will be?
Colin Glassar
9 Posted 30/01/2022 at 07:11:38
John Z, my thoughts exactly.
Derek Knox
10 Posted 30/01/2022 at 07:14:12
Duncan, let's put it this way:

"He'd be quackers to turn down the opportunity." 😜🦆

Gary Jones
11 Posted 30/01/2022 at 07:27:11
John Zappa

1: London is a shithole
2: if we win games in hand we are above CP
3: See 2
4: Would argue Frank knows how to play AM maybe even more than Viera would
5: CP is just as far from an airport as we
6: We could afford him in the summer.

….appreciate times are grim, but trying to argue Crystal Palace are bigger and better than us, is just rank stupidity. IF he chooses them over us it’ll be for something like minor like he thinks he’ll play more, or he just gets on well with Viera in a chat.

Brian Murray
12 Posted 30/01/2022 at 07:45:20
Derek. We couldn’t even foot the bill for gosling 💙😂🧐
Derek Knox
13 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:00:17
Brian, deffo got goosed on that one ! 🦢
John Zapa
14 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:01:59
Gary #11

Nobody has claimed that Crystal Palace is a bigger club, but from a player's perspective, at this moment in time, there is no doubt that they are much more attractive club to join.

John Graham
15 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:04:07
Not really sure where he fits into the team unless Gordon, who has been our best player recently, ends up sitting on the bench again.
Sam Hoare
16 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:04:18
Van de Beek would almost definitely improve our options though I'd always prefer to loan players who we' could likely keep if they do well (see the Zouma issue).

From what I've seen of Van de Beek there are some valid similarities with Klaassen in that his best attribute is probably his movement and footballing intelligence. Van de Beek is a bit stronger and quicker than Klaassen (though not as athletic as I'd personally want) and will get more involved defensively. He covers a good amount of ground and should help create space for others.

He's an all-rounded player who should offer energy and movement in the middle as well as the ability to link midfield and attack. He could play as an AMC but has mainly featured at MC.

He'd help, but I wonder if we'd be better off getting a sitting DMC who could allow Allan and Doucouré to roam.

Rob Dolby
18 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:14:41
John Z.

A loan is to get more football for the player.

We have a massive hole in the centre of the park. He will play for us.

Palace have a few options in cm including Gallagher who is their star man.

I can see him choosing us purely to play more games.

Whether he is any good or not remains to be seen as he really has struggled at utd for any minutes which doesn't bode well.

Eddie Dunn
19 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:21:19
John Zappa, I think his boss will see plenty of him on TV, rather than goign to games and we will feature more than Palace.
Also at Everton he knows he will definitely get game time whilst Palace have a competitive midfield already.
I think he lives in leafy Cheshire so no problem going to work.
I have heard a fair bit from United fans who think his role needs to be making runs into the box and playing neat little one-twos etc. However United have been playing differently and having to placate various big egos.
I have high hopes for the lad.
Rob Halligan
20 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:29:22
Rob # 18. Now there’s a player Lampard would know a lot about, Conor Gallagher. He’s only on loan at Palace from Chelsea, so maybe he could be under consideration come the summer. No chance now because I think rules state a player cannot be loaned out twice in the same season, plus he’s probably on loan to Palace for twelve months anyway. Come the summer though, yeah, well worth a try!
Danny O’Neill
21 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:36:51
It's always intriguing how we see players, teams and football different.

As I said on the previous thread, given a run of games, he could be the number 6 we need to mind the gap.

From the little I've seen of him, a footballer who actually likes the football and can spot a pass. A forward one.

Brian Murray
22 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:46:25
Danny. A midfielder who can thread a pass forward. Wow finch farm would be in meltdown. By the way that Chelsea coach Barry would we be appealing for him to leave the smoke no doubt uproot his family to come here. Can’t see that myself.
John Graham
23 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:50:04
I see Josh Bowler is attracting lots of interest now he's at Blackpool.

Shame we didn't manage to get the best out of him here. He was a big signing (£10M) and well thought of when we got him.

Pity we can't seem to get many players who can take the next step. As seen with Gordon sometimes it just needs that extra confidence being with the first team squad brings.

Let's hope Dobbin can make the next step.

Fran Mitchell
24 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:53:34
People moan about 'Utd castoffs', but if I recall, Saha, Neville and Howard were all excellent signings for us.

People compare with Klassen, but Van Der Been was far superior. Tha Ajax team that got t the semis, and really should have been in the final, were excellent and Van Der beek was the beating heart. Can play as no10, and also can play as no8. For Ajax he had goals and assists and generally knitted the team together.

At Utd he's been stunted mainly becaause Pogba and Fernendes.

On loan this would be a great deal...still need another, more defensive midfielder mind.

But compared to Gomes,van der Beek could be a huge upgrade.

Tony Everan
25 Posted 30/01/2022 at 08:57:25
Love us to get Conor Gallagher, Palace had a clause where if he starts so many games his loan can be prolonged to June, he has started nearly all. Can’t see Chelsea doing business with us in June but you never know now Lampard is here.
Johan Elmgren
26 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:04:21
Fran # 24. Agree with you in that assessment. Hopefully (if appointed) Lampard can get Van de Beek to play at his "Ajax-level" again with us.

As for a sitting no 6 I think we should go for Mönchengladbach-midfielder Denis Zakaria who is out of contract in the summer. Maybe an £8m offer would tempt them to sell him now?

Brent Stephens
27 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:09:15
John Zapa #3 - a very balanced post - one reason why this guy might want to join us and six why he would want to join Palace. Us it is then.
Jay Wood

28 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:11:10
John @ 23.

I think you've mixed up Bowler's transfer fee with Lookman's.

We picked up Bowler from QPR for £1 million, not £10 million. Lookman was an initial £7.5 million, rising to £11 million with add ons. Not sure if he ever achieved the targets that would have triggered the add ons, but either way we made a profit on him selling him to Red Bull Leipzig for £15 million.

Bowler has found his level at the Championship with Blackpool. Did well in our U-23s, but never looked one capable of stepping up to the PL first team.

Rob Dolby
29 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:13:46
Johan. That makes perfect sense. Target quality players running their contracts down.

This is Everton we are talking about.

Strangled by Ffp apparently. Sells a major asset for well less than market value to a direct rival.

Then spunk the money on 2 players that couldn't even make the match day squad whilst we have a massive whole in the centre of the park to fill.

Only Everton.

James Marshall
30 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:14:50
Crystal Palace is barely in London and way south of the river (Indian country as it was once known - no longer considered PC I believe) and can take up to an hour on the train into town. I used to live a stones throw from there in Sydenham, and you grow used to the sound of a police siren every 45 seconds, the occasional sound of gunshot, and a fatal stabbing at least weekly.

My walk from home to the station was always interesting.

Luxurious it ain't but then I spose he wouldn't have to actually live there like us peasants. Anyway, Palace isn't exactly a glamour gig is what I'm saying.

Sam Hoare
31 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:14:57
Johan, Zakaria would be great but is reportedly moving to Juve for £6m. Bargain!!
Ian Riley
32 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:15:23
Anyone looked at the league table? What are some of you watching?

We need him and at leat 2/3 more signings. Our midfield is not good enough to keep us up. This is really last throw of the dice! Players save clubs from relegation not just the managers. He will be here on loan, we really have nothing to lose.

Keep going Everton, more players needed!!!

Brian Hennessy
34 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:25:08
What worries me about this lad is I have heard that United staff don't believe he has the physicality for their midfield. I that is the case he might not be what we need for a relegation battle.
Johan Elmgren
35 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:27:20
Yeah Rob & Sam, that is kinda strange, that we don't try to do such deals. We should be more pro-active to take advantage of those situations... But then again, if he has the choice between us and Juventus, no matter how much I would like him to preffer us, he most certainly will not... And maybe that's why we don't do those deals, because "bigger" clubs do and are preffered... But I doubt we even try.
Peter Neilson
36 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:39:25
As Rob (18) states it's purely about game time. Louis van Gaal will only select his World Cup squad from players appearing regularly. United want a loan fee and all of his wages picked up by the new club. A few sites report this at £108k per week plus bonuses.
Ray Roche
38 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:52:04

Anthony Barry leaving Chelsea would mean him coming back to his roots. He’s from Childwall and, after leaving Everton, played for Chester and Wrexham amongst other lower league sides. So, maybe not so much of a wrench. It would depend on the age of his offspring and their education needs I suppose.

Brian Williams
39 Posted 30/01/2022 at 09:56:03
Our midfield options are that poor at the moment Donny Bleeding Osmond would improve it let alone Donny Van De Beek.
Paul Birmingham
41 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:01:39
At this hour I’d take him, and potentially if Lampard is announced as manager soon, he may yet forfill his potential shown at Ajax.

But hopefully he wouldn’t become another Dutch clog, on the list of Everton Dutch failures over the years.

Surely the wheels of fate and fortune must turn the corner soon.

Jimmy Hogan
42 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:01:58
We need a new banner. "Loftus-Cheek, not Van de Beek".
Pat Kelly
44 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:22:14
Not suited to the Premier League.

Hopefully he'll choose Crystal Palace.

Anthony A Hughes
45 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:24:07
We need Loftus Cheek and Van Der Berk.
Nicholas Ryan
46 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:34:35
Someone above, said that United fans had told them Van de Beek's best attribute was hard running and appearing late in the box for goal chances. Hmm, ... can you think of anyone else who fits that description?!!
Nicholas Ryan
48 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:45:43
In terms of comparison between the two clubs: Everton are long-standing aristocratic landowners, who've slipped a little - Palace are newly-arrived farm labourers, who've risen a little!
Martin Reppion
49 Posted 30/01/2022 at 10:50:50
Due to the Premier League rules on loans we can only bring one player in from the Premier League as that fills our quota. Donny van de Beek is a potentially good signing.

There are other players who may be available to buy, if we can raise the funds (Loftus-Cheek, Alli). But the ridiculous decision to sign a winger on loan from Aston Villa has left us a little bit hamstrung. (Not a go at the player, but we already had 5 options for that role.)

I would assume that Lampard has some ideas on potential signings from abroad as well. Tomorrow could either be a hectic revolving door at Finch Farm, or a real disappointment. Either way, my phone will be fully charged awaiting updates and rumours.

Dave Abrahams
50 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:05:39
Beggars can’t be choosers but I think we need not just a footballer for central field but an aggressive one with a voice, I’d swerve this Dutch lad to be honest and look elsewhere if it’s possible and get another player or two in if we can.
Danny Baily
51 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:08:10
Martin, I wonder if it would be possible to terminate El Ghazi's loan?

It's pretty clear we have little to no intention of including him in matchday squads.

Ajay Gopal
52 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:11:37
I don't think anyone has mentioned it on this thread but there is an important factor at play: Van de Beek's father-in-law is Dennis Bergkamp and I guess Viera could whisper in Bergkamp's ear and swing him London way.
James Marshall
53 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:19:01
Van de Beek was immense for Ajax - a huge player for them, ask any Ajax fan and they all loved him.

He hasn't done well at Man Utd because initially Ole (I'm not going to attempt his surname) rarely played him so he never really had the chance to get going. He's an excellent footballer, something we often lack at Everton – actual footballers in the purest sense.

We haven't really had one since (wait for it) Gareth Barry who – despite the derision on here – was also a really good footballer.

I'd be delighted with Van de Beek myself, but also Ruben Loftus-Cheek could be a beast for us – although he does have fitness worries doesn't he? Yeah, he'll be a good fit at Everton.

Danny O’Neill
54 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:20:00
Which London way though Ajay? Physical location or Lampard?

Those who know me will know I'm a massive fan of the Dutch footballing system and it's ability to consistently churn out top quality players. Considering their place as a relatively small country by population, they put us to shame and punch way above their weight.

For the sake of balancing the debate, what they seem to produce are individuals, not team players. It's what has held them back at the national level because they never quite jell as a team.

Stereotyping here, but what you tend to get with the Dutch player is a self-centred individual. They are also very outspoken and direct people by nature. Those who have worked with them will understand that. So they don't always fit in. But they produce some great players.

Neil Thomas
55 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:29:33
Has anyone on here actually seen him play? Because, the way some of you are judging him, then obviously not.

He's a quality player who does things that nobody else in our team can do. He dictates the pace of games, finds space, can pick a through-ball, works hard, and can Keep the ball in tight spaces.

Just because he doesn't suit Man Utd's system, or the fact that his competiton just happens to be one of best in the country, meaning Bruno Fernades, doesn't mean he's a crock of shit.

Who are you expecting us bring in? Foden, De Bruyner, or Silva? Some have already sacked Lampard on here, try getting behind our team instead of just waiting and wanting us to fail.

Oliver Molloy
56 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:32:37
Davy Klaassen Mk 2 perhaps? Similarities for definite, beggars can't be choosers and that's us right now.
Derek Knox
57 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:40:28
Ray @ 38, a good point normally but at 24, not sure if he is married or not, let alone have kids of school age.

Brent '27 & JZ @3, whether he is married or not, I presume he has bought or long term rented a House in the Manchester Area, so that would also be a major consideration, as he could commute to Finch Farm. As others have already said too, Crystal Palace, is a distance from, although technically in Greater London, and not the best of areas.

Brian W @ 39, " Bleeding Donny Osmond would improve it let alone Donny Van De Beek." Is this' Puppy Love' on your part ? 'Crazy Horses' would be needed to get him down sarf, but then again, 'I'm Leaving It All Up To You'. :-)

Brian Harrison
58 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:41:09
A couple of weeks ago, long before any of the 3 candidates were interviewed, there were reports we were interested in Van de Beek, so who is deciding what players we should buy? – We can't blame Brands as he was sacked weeks ago.

This ownership will never ever learn – they will always want to interfere in transfers. I hope Lampard will tell Moshiri what Clough said to Sam Longsdon: "You just write the checks and leave buying players to me."

That's the only way this club will ever move forward because, if they keep meddling in things they know nothing about, we will never get back to where we want to be.

Peter Neilson
59 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:47:46
Decent article on his preferred position and where he’s performed best previously.


Jay Evans
60 Posted 30/01/2022 at 11:57:40
He’s chosen ourselves - deal almost done. 👍🏼
Luke Welch
61 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:11:28
A new attack-minded manager, and midfielder that can pass!! Is this really happening?
Simon Harrison
62 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:13:17
As of 11:38 this morning, Donny van de Beek is a Blue till the end of June. Confirmed by Ornstein and Romano.

Excellent, now just a couple more please Everton.

C'mon Frank, we need you to hit the ground running.

Stuart Sharp
63 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:13:44
Brian #58
The reason why DVB was mentioned weeks ago is probably because (a) he's a midfielder not getting game time and (b) our midfield is shite. So it's an obvious link. Same goes for Alli, Loftus-Cheek, Barkley...

I don't disagree with your overall point. But to me, the issue is really that, for ages now, it's been hard to know for sure who is calling the shots with transfers.

Tony Everan
64 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:15:20
I am glad he has chosen us, quality player for Ajax, as a midfielder Lampard will be well placed to get the best out of him. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s an option to buy. It’s always a concern he comes good, then Man Utd say thanks and get a rejuvenated player back and we’re back to square one, like the Zouma situation. Unfortunately, beggars can’t be choosers.

Would like us to get another in now, maybe even more difficult as we’ll have to buy. Still think we need reinforcements to the engine room, but very hard to get the right player in January, especially with a day and a half left to do it.

Dave Abrahams
65 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:15:41
Brian (58), I’ve just been told that the Dutch lad has signed for the Blues even though Frank Lampard has said in the last couple of days that he wasn’t interested in the lad, now what I’ve been told might not be right but who has dealt with this deal if it’s true?
Barry Rathbone
66 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:16:10
As long as it's a loan that's fair enough.

His youtube showreel isn't impressive so hopefully he's just a reasonable "filler" for the sick notes although his Nathan Cleverly/ Davy Klassen style puts him firmly in the box seat for unofficial whipping boy - what a joy.

Maybe Mosh is catching on that top dollar acquisitions from the reserves of others isn't a winning policy or maybe he's just on a yacht off his tits singing "danny boy" with 4 dancing girls and a retriever. Answers on a post card pls

Dennis Stevens
67 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:24:29
Is he what we really need? I hope we won't end up having brought in a player on loan who doesn't do the job we need doing - filling that fucking great hole in the middle of the park!
Matthew Williams
68 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:26:02
A useful stop gap,nowt more methinks.
The lad Harrison at Leeds is the player we NEED though,a player with real drive,skillful,a great passer of the ball,two footed and scores goals too,would be the perfect fit in our lackluster Midfield.
Jeff Armstrong
69 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:27:18
Dave 65, if that’s all fact it’s a worry, Lampard could well have second thoughts if players are being signed that he doesn’t want,
I thought the flurry of activity regarding Van De Beek was a result of Lampard being offered the job and naming players he wanted before the window “ slams shut”.
Mark Ryan
70 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:31:06
We have to accept that right now we are not dining at the top table. Beggars can't be choosers. Having DVB is better than not having him. I'm sure in time Lampard will weed out the chaff like Delph, Iwobi but it needs us to be patient.
Mark Ryan
71 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:34:07
No possible chance that Lampard has said "no" to DVB. He is the manager in waiting, we're not that ignorant. This is the new Everton
Mike Hayes
72 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:37:08
Almost a done deal 🤞
Ray Roche
73 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:37:51
Del, I was referring to Anthony Barry not VDB.
Do try and keep up.
Neil Lawson
74 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:38:05
Just reading that F.A. rules mean that if Van der Beek does sign on loan, that following the signing of El Ghazi, we are not permitted any further loan signings.
So even after the departure of the disgrace that was the FSW, his legacy will continue to haunt us and damage us.
Worst of all, he is smirking all the way to his piggybank and to his foreign villa wherever that may be. Hopefully somewhere in the Ukraine.
Tony Heron
75 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:38:07
How far have we fallen? Imagine years ago a player being asked " where would you like to go Everton or Palace"! No brainer! But now, 'erm, let me think"!
Bill Gall
76 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:39:03
We need the midfield strengthening, we sign one on loan and people are still complaining he is not good enough. Is he better than what we have ?
Bill Gall
77 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:39:03
We need the midfield strengthening, we sign one on loan and people are still complaining he is not good enough. Is he better than what we have ?
Simon Dalzell
79 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:41:12
John (14).

"Palace are a much more attractive club to join."

Do me a favour!!!! Excellent signing if done.

Dave Abrahams
80 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:42:15
Jeff (65),

Yes, that thought crossed my mind, you could be correct that Lampard does want him, and that means we can't sign another player, on loan, from the Premier League.

Bill Griffiths
81 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:46:28
Dave (#65), I know we are talking Everton here but I find it almost impossible to believe that our clueless leaders would sign players without first getting agreement from Lampard if he is the chosen one.
George Cumiskey
82 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:49:04
Liverpool will probably turn their new signing into a world beater we'll probably turn Van de Beek into a donkey. 🐎🐴
Danny O’Neill
83 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:50:33
Didn't Tim Cahill choose us over Crystal Palace?

On one hand, it shows that we haven't moved on much since 2004.

On the other, that didn't work out too badly. Let's see how a player not fancied by others fits in before judging.

Welcome to Everton.

Matt Traynor
84 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:52:46
Barry #66 – "Nathan Cleverly"?

I assume you mean Tom Cleverley rather than the former boxer from Caerphilly? Although with Everton, you never know...

Dave Lynch
85 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:57:51
Don't waste your breath mate, there will always be the naysayers who are experts in the field of team and tactical management.
The same experts who over the years have pointed out the likes of Barry, Gough, Cahill, Neville, Weir Et al where never good enough.
Dave Abrahams
86 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:58:44
Bill (81), I think you are right Bill, the story now out is that he confirmed he was signing to Frank Lampard !! I’ve just sacked the lad who told me that Lampard didn’t want him, can’t trust anybody these days, even your own grandson!!
Francis van Lierop
87 Posted 30/01/2022 at 12:59:20

I mentioned it last summer, when we were also interested in him, manure wouldn't play ball then, they fear us less in our current predicament.

Neil Thomas
88 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:00:50
Bill #76
Well said. And he is the sort of player we need. Everyone seems to think we need another holding midfielder. Well we’ve all seen what happens when Decoure, Allen and Davis have played together, we win the bloody ball then give it straight away. We need a player like Donny who can keep it, and pass it to one of our players for a change. Great signing, and Lampard is better than anyone at knowing what he what’s, and getting it out of him.
Gerry Western
89 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:05:08

My recollection of events leading up to Cahill joining was that he'd agreed to join Palace and intended to honour that commitment; however, seemingly his agent was demanding a hefty fee to conclude the transfer. The CEO at Palace baulked at his demands and Palace withdrew their offer, allowing EFC to secure his signature.

I'm assuming we were happy to meet the agent's demands. I wouldn't want to state that categorically but I believe that was how sections of the media reported it at the time.

Brian Hennessy
90 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:10:31
I'm hearing it was Lampard who convinced Donny to choose us over Palace.

First thing Frank said was, "I'll make a man out of you" to which Donny replied, "Any dream will do", a teary eyed Bill looked at the two of them and said "Puppy Love" before Donny placed a call to Vieira at Palace and said "Go Away Little Girl".

Chris James
91 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:11:32
Van de Beek confirmed. So that's our Premier League loan options done then.
If we're after Alli or Loftus-Cheek or any other signings from Premier League, will need to be full transfers.

Donny van de Beek set to sign on loan from Manchester United

Barry Rathbone
92 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:15:54
Matt Traynor 84

Great catch.

As usual I have no idea what I'm talking about and if I'd got his first name "Tom" there's every chance I would have written "Tom Jones". Won't be long before I can't tie my shoelaces 😂

Alex Gray
93 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:16:48
Good signing. Hopefully means our midfield can pass now. Still need a doucoure replacement though! I’ve got a sneaky feeling we’ll try and buy loftus cheek.
Robert Tressell
94 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:17:07
If Lampard and Van de Beek are announced together it would give the club a lift.

Personal view is that the appointment of Lampard might have been the clincher for Dobbin and Van de Beek. Not sure we'd have this outcome with Pereira etc.

As for our Premier League loan restrictions – I'm not sure who we would now loan anyway in addition to El Ghazi and Van de Beek.

No immediately obvious candidates for reserve striker or defensive midfielder or centre-half.

Perhaps we could still loan from overseas though?

Tom Bowers
95 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:21:19
I suppose he cannot do any worse than the dross performances by most of our midfielders all season.

If he puts in a shift and we can get some decent results then it will be a worthwhile deal.

Only question is that he hasn't been able to get regular starts with a very average Manure side.

Derek Knox
96 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:21:26
Brian @ 90, I am claiming part copyright on ' Donny Osmond ' song gags (post 57) so my Legal Team will be in touch. 😜
Jeff Armstrong
97 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:21:52
Is Van de Beek cup-tied? I think he may be.
Gerry Western
98 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:23:48
Peter 59, thanks for the link makes for an interesting read. Given he's not had many outings in the premiership it helps provide added insight. It will be interesting to see how Lampard seeks to use him and who he chooses to play alongside him.
Brian Hennessy
99 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:29:12
Derek, you beat me to it. Best for me to retreat to the background now before anyone starts asking why I would even know one of Donny Osmond's songs.
Pat Kelly
100 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:31:51
Van de Beek's Premier League stats at Man Utd:

2020-21 – Matches 19, Goals 1, Assists 1

2021-22 – Matches 8, Goals 1, Assists 0

Paul Smith
101 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:31:52
Is he better than Klaassen? I heard him interviewed when arriving at Man Utd, he was looking forward to making an impact but it never materialised. In fact, when I've seen him play for Man Utd, he's been poor, so let's hope he can take his chance to redeem himself.
PG Malcolm
102 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:35:01
He's Cup-Tied, Jeff.
Jack Convery
103 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:36:31
Where is all this money coming from all of a sudden? I hope we are not going to end up getting points deducted for overspending as with Derby!

Not sure about this guy. Lingard is okay as he scores goals. A DM and a decent CB would be good too. Lots of horse trading in next 24+ hours.

Brian Williams
104 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:36:47
Must admit I haven't read the whole thread but does anybody now think the delay in announcing Lampard as new manger may have been done with this transfer in mind, in order to make a bigger impact?
Danny Baily
105 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:46:05
Perfect replacement for Sigurdsson.

Lampard and a few arrivals by tomorrow would completely change the outlook for us.

Andrew McLean
106 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:46:49
Pat #100

Regarding your stats you neglected to mention:

2021-22 - 67 minutes in total, all 8 appearances as a sub
2020-21 - 512 minutes in total, 15 of the 19 appearances as a sub

Pat Kelly
107 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:49:49
Andrew #106, hopefully we won't be playing him as a super sub.
Neil Copeland
108 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:51:16
Brian #104, I had the same thought but you beat me to it.

Either that or he’s looking for the Arteta money so he can bid for Loftus Cheek

Gerry Western
109 Posted 30/01/2022 at 13:54:44
Andrew 106, useful observation. Stats can be helpful however unless they are accompanied by context they are less so.
Derek Knox
110 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:00:03
Brian @ 99, Thought you may have had a couple of his Albums, in between your Max Bygraves and Des O'Connor Collections ! 😂
Robert Tressell
111 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:03:20
In his last two seasons at Ajax his stats were:

Played 37: 10 goals, 11 assists

Played 57: 17 goals, 10 assists

The Eredivisie is much weaker than the Premier League of course but this includes strong performances in European football.

His lack of game time at Man Utd arises from the fact that they should never have bought him, because they needed someone more like Fabinho to complement Pogba and Fernandes.

If we play a high tempo 4-3-3, then Van de Beek will be a good fit alongside Allan and Doucouré.

John Zapa
112 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:04:04
It's being portrayed as if Van de Beek chose the club, but it was Man Utd who decided. Crystal Palace offered to pay only 85% of his wages, Everton 100% of his wages. It wasn't a difficult choice for them.

Regardless, I think he is the wrong type of midfielder that's needed. A defensive midfielder in the Kante mould was required.

Iakovos Iasonidis
113 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:04:26
Hope this is true, miles better than Davies.

We need some more faces in for sure.

Tom Harvey
114 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:08:32
Dave Abrahams @ 65

If this is true, I'm pointing the finger at Moshiri (not Kenwright), for me it's logical that Lampard would want a midfielder that's proven and performing at Premier League level. I don't think he'd want to take a chance on a kid that's having confidence issues or just not sure of himself.

Moshiri is our biggest danger, not Kenwright.

Mike Hughes
115 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:09:54
He’ll be straight up the pecking order 😎
Brian Williams
116 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:10:55
Derek #96.

Yer onto plums mate as I clearly inserted a disclaimer in there.

This isn't Scottish law here, y'know!

Dave Abrahams
117 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:24:29
Tom (114), I'd have thought that Lampard would have wanted a player who had proved that he was comfortable playing in the Premier League but it looks like Lampard was happy to sign him.

Moshiri or Kenwright to blame? One is naive and foolish the other looks after himself.

Niall McIlhone
118 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:25:44
As others have said, Donny van de Beek's passing is good and he can dictate the pace of the game. We don't have a player available to us right now with his skill set. He must be played as a number 10, and he will hit the ground running as he needs to impress the Dutch national manager.

I think he will be a real asset: My abiding worry now is the defence and those available in the defensive midfield roles. That will be the priority for the new manager. Donny will be very good in the transition and I think Richalison in particular will benefit from his through balls.

Neil Copeland
119 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:32:06
Derek K and Brian W, sometimes I really worry about you two, you need to move on from Donny. It can be done, I took down his poster from my bedroom ceiling weeks ago, come on fellas you can do it.
Peter Neilson
120 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:35:23
Looks like it was Lampard's call and I'm sure he knows a thing or two in judging a midfielder. The loss of Gylfi & James left us one-dimensional and easy to play against. Hoping this is a good loan for us all.
Robert Tressell
121 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:38:23
John #112, I agree we need a proper specialist holding midfielder. Doubt there is time or money for this in January though.

Brent Stephens
122 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:39:13
Lyndon - "a straight loan deal with no obligation to buy until May".

I assume that's a loan until May and no obligation to buy at any time; rather than no obligation to buy until May.

Si Cooper
123 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:40:41
Not adverse to this loan but I'm still hoping for a marauding monster of a midfielder, something akin to Michael Essien in his pomp.

Probably none available though, or at least not in our price range!

Jerome Shields
124 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:41:59
He has come to Everton because his chances of playing are guaranteed. We will see if he is any use soon enough.
Ajay Gopal
125 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:43:51
Good news! We have good forward options - Richarlison, DCL, Gray, Gordon, now El Ghazi who are capable of getting us the goals. We need a playmaker behind them and perhaps DvdB (what the hell do we call him?) can pull the strings behind the front 3 with Allan/Davies screening the back 4 and Doucoure (when fit) as the hunter. Looks good on paper and I feel a lot more confident that we will stay up. I hope Lampard gets a system that works quickly in place and we have a much better 2nd half of the season.
Pat Kelly
126 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:45:46
Jerome, as we've signed him on loan, it's already too late to find out if he's not any use. This is a leap of faith with little Premier League experience to go on.
Brian Williams
127 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:49:28
Neil #119.

The fact that you'd openly admit to taking down his poster shows what sort of person you are!


Jim Lloyd
128 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:51:50
Neil, it took me time but I realised about half-an-hour later what you were on about re Oliver Twist!!

A) You're right about him knowing more about Kenwright than the tool who writes for the Mail.

And B) I didn't realise that I'd written instead of Oliver Twerp! I put it down to stress caused by the lockdown... or maybe the stay behind! :)

John Zapa
129 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:52:37
Robert #121

Unfortunately there is no money, it's already been squandered. The 2020-21 financial results will be released in the coming days, with a huge loss expected. They're going to show how incompetent the running of the club has been so far.

Brian Williams
130 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:53:03
Frankie brown shoes has signed his contract. More good news to come too!
Alan J Thompson
131 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:54:37
I've never seen the bloke play but if he is coming from United and Frank wasn't involved then I would guess that Bill had a hand in it and promised them first refusal on one of our better players at season's end, he does have form for this sort of thing. Can't be encouraging to any of the younger players.
Neil Copeland
132 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:56:30
Brian, sorry mate but perhaps I should have mentioned I have replaced it with a David Cassidy poster.
Brian Williams
133 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:57:59
Neil. Forgiven!
Neil Copeland
134 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:58:28
Jim, ha ha, Oliver Twerp sounds right to me.
Will Mabon
135 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:58:30
Mike @ 115 - hopefully he'll suck seed.
Mike Hayes
136 Posted 30/01/2022 at 14:59:05
More good news for a change given the last few weeks. Fingers crossed for one more in the middle, a good formation and good tactics.

If Lampard is in by Monday he's got less than a week to see what he's up against. Hopefully a win in the cup can spur our season on and get it back on the much needed track.

ps: Let's not detract from the shit show going on behind the scenes with Kenwright et al.

Mike Morgan
137 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:05:17
Good news we need extra resources in midfield. What we didn't need was losing Digne and using up one of our 2 loan slots with El Ghazi when we already have 5 wingers fighting for 2 places.

The season has been mismanaged but the last few days of Benitez will prove to be the iceing on the cake. We could have loaned another centre-forward or central midfielder. Crazy!!

Mike Hughes
138 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:06:38
Will #135,

If he succeeds, Bill will be happy.

(And I've only just stopped chuckling at my previous post.)

Will Mabon
139 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:10:15
Mike, this could go down the equine route...
Steve Shave
140 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:14:30
I'm happy with this, he can play as a No 6 8 and 10. He will have to sit as we only have the players to play 2 in the middle, I suspect Frank will go 4-2-3-1 for the time being. He could over time look good with The Duke (if he sorts his shit out) and Allan in a 4-3-3.

We needed a midfielder and we got one, I am not expecting anyone else between now and the close of the window. Unless Frank wants to pick Derby's pocket for Knight on the cheap maybe? The El Ghazi business looks stranger and stranger by the day.

I am curious about the delay in announcing Lampard, I wonder (hope more like) if we are announcing a DoF as well, hence the delay, and package it like a well thought-out dream team? Doubt it.

Ian Carter
141 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:18:53
Could be a decent signing. We need depth in the midfield so from that standpoint its a decent signing. Add in the fact its only a loan and with no commitment to buy, seems like good business to me.

I just hope Lampard had given some sort of okay on the move; otherwise, it might be a waste. But at least we can ship him back end of season if he doesn't work out. But we need players in the midfield and he'll help fill that void.

Need a few more like him by tomorrow!

Dermot O'Brien
142 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:39:51
Love the headline, that he chose us over Palace. WOW.
Then again, small victories
Jim Lloyd
143 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:45:15
I'm not so sure that selling Digne and replacing him with two young international full backs was a bad idea. I think that after the first season, other teams had worked out his liking to attack and his defensive frailties and Seamus needs replacement/competition.

If this loan has only taken place today, then Frank must have known about it and my view is that the Board/Kenwright?Moshiri, take your pick, would not have gone ahead and lost the favoured candidate.

Whatever has taken place, we've got him and according to several posters, he's an intelligent playmaker and can also chase back to hep the defence. So he's part of our squad, and we'll see if our new manager can get the best out of him and also the lad from Aston Villa. We've got 3 midfielders out for at least a month and with another midfield schemer lost, seemingly, forever now,
So it's fine by me that this lad can spread the ball about. It's the middle of defence with Keane in it that worries me most. We might have Mina back and Branthwaite looks the part. We might get someone on loan from europe but time is pressing.

Rob Halligan
144 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:48:50
No more loan signings are permitted, Jim. We have to buy from now on if any more signings are to come in tomorrow.
Rob Halligan
145 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:57:38
Seems I’m wrong Jim. It’s only two domestic loan signings allowed. We can still sign someone on loan from Europe.
Mike Gaynes
146 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:58:33
Great news to wake up to.

And then to scroll back and find out that Derek and Brian are in quippy humor mode... well, it's a nice Sunday already.

Christy Ring
147 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:58:40
I believe he'll be a great addition.

I don't understand the criticism, the reason he can't get in the Man Utd team is Fernandes, and with Doucouré out and Delph a waste of space, we're lacking in midfield.

Hopefully, Lampard will be unveiled shortly and buy a couple of more additions by tomorrow night.

Neil Copeland
148 Posted 30/01/2022 at 15:59:03
Rob, that’s very interesting and offers some hope. Aaron Ramsey anyone?
Mike Gaynes
149 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:06:51
Are the Barkley rumors still bouncing around over there?
Brian Williams
150 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:07:02
Neil. You saved yourself with the David Cassidy thing but you've just bolloxed yourself right up with the mention of Holby City's most used extra!!

Mike. They are a tiny bit but I'm using all the underhand methods I know to quell them.

Rob Halligan
151 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:10:02
Mike, if they are and Lampard wants him, it will have to be a purchase.
Mike Gaynes
152 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:13:29
Understood, Rob. Thanks for confirming.

Brian, appreciate your efforts.

Jim Lloyd
153 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:22:00
Thanks Rob; and for sorting out where we can loan from as well.

I suppose it boils down to, is there anyone that Lampard reckons will improve either (or both) midfield strong arm or centre half (brick shithouse type who scare the pants off opposing forwards!).

I wouldn't mind an extra forward that can stick the ball away from any angle (dear Father Christmas!).

In the end, between now and Summer, it's all hands to the pumps and our support will be extremely important.

Neil Copeland
154 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:25:21
Brian, I had to think about that one!
Mike Gaynes
155 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:26:09
Hey, y'all, one piece of good news from this side of the pond.

Big Yerry is headed home early. Picked up a yellow in Colombia's shattering home loss to Peru, and is suspended for their game with Argentina on Tuesday. Haven't seen confirmation that he's been released to head back to Merseyside, but assume he has. Yay.

Tony Everan
156 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:33:48
Mike, No rumours about Ross over here so maybe it isn't on the agenda. He's on £110k pw at Chelsea supposedly, could put clubs off taking him.

Great news about Yerry. Coming back from Columbia unscathed is a big boost for us...

James Marshall
157 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:38:38
We won't take Barkley because we've now got El Ghazi and Van de Beek on loan and you can only have 2 loan players from the Premier League.
Jim Lloyd
158 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:39:03
That's good news, Mike. We need all the fighting fit and walking wounded we can get and Mina is one of our better centre-halves.
Jim Bennings
159 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:57:52
Could be a useful signing if he can rediscover his Ajax/ Netherlands form.

He's an attacking central midfielder and that's exactly what we are and have been lacking all season.

The El Ghazi move was clearly Kia Joorabchian's fingerprints all over it, he wasn't even a Benitez signing, let's be honest, and it wouldn't shock me if he's this season's Anthony Gardner.

Christy Ring
160 Posted 30/01/2022 at 16:59:26
Van de Beek has signed on loan, and it seems Frank changed his mind about signing for Palace, and wanted a deal to buy him in the summer, but Man Utd won't sell him.

Doesn't it look ridiculous now, that we signed El Ghazi, especially when we didn't need another winger and can't bring in any more players on loan?p>

Colin Malone
161 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:06:24
Now go and get Idrissa Gueye.
Brian Wilkinson
162 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:09:10
Simple solution, Christy: send El Ghazi back to Villa, end his loan move saying not in the new manager's plans, then bring in another loan player.
Tony Hill
163 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:13:23
Very pleased with this. He was part of one of the most attractive European sides in recent history, so he will not likely be passing to the opposition or misjudging pace and rhythm. Welcome to him.

Meanwhile, is there a chance that El Ghazi may do a good job for us? You never know.

The exciting thing about this time is that I feel as though there may be surprises. It's fresh air.

Mike Gaynes
164 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:13:27
Colin #161, give it up already.

Brian & Christy, we've needed "another winger" ever since we bought Iwobi, and I'm telling ya that El Ghazi has goals we need and he is gonna win an important game for us. Just one would be worth it.

Tony Hill
165 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:16:05
ps: He looks like the version of Pickford who paid attention at school.
Geoff Lambert
166 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:25:09
A bit off-topic but Man Utd are going to be anothe player down now. Mason Greenwood has just been suspended after being charged with assult and rape.
Mike Gaynes
167 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:26:32
Just saw the Mason Greenwood news. Shocking.

The victim posted social media images of the alleged attack.

He remains in custody.

Dale Self
168 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:41:12
As we enter squeaky bum time let’s try to keep our situation in perspective. We just replaced some major parts while the car was moving. There was little foresight possible given internal turbulence.

Also there was speculation that El Ghazi was tied to the Digne exit which was needed in my opinion. Picking up DVdB should be seen as potentially adding someone who could make Richy and DCL more effective while giving another possession option in our own third. Ive not seen him in counterattack mode but he fits the bill there.

At this point we(they) are doing what is available and we’ve done okay here. If we could buy a 6 on cheap terms we’ll take it but thats a gamble. We may be depending on Gbamin for some decent minutes

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
169 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:44:26
If he can play the "no 10" role and play it well, then I am happy.

What we are all perhaps forgetting that we started this season with
our manager suddenly leaving after just 18 months
our main playmaker being removed from the team
our luxury player wanting to leave because the manager left
having nothing to spend, not because we had no money, but because we were not allowed to.

That is not even fighting with one hand behind your back, that is one hand behind your back, a ball and chain around the ankles and a blindfold.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
170 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:47:04
If he can play the "no 10" role and play it well, then I am happy.

What we are all perhaps forgetting that we started this season with
our manager suddenly leaving after just 18 months
our main playmaker being removed from the team
our luxury player wanting to leave because the manager left
having nothing to spend, not because we had no money, but because we were not allowed to.

That is not even fighting with one hand behind your back, that is one hand behind your back, a ball and chain around the ankles and a blindfold.

Will Mabon
171 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:48:01
For the sake of completeness as far as is possible from what's available, about half the reports say assault with no mention of rape. Some also mention the accuser's name without adding that she is also his girlfriend. Hard to trust accuracy in these reports at this stage. His club though have suspended him.
Tony Twist
172 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:48:31
Jesus, that feel good factor didn't last long. First we are getting the wrong assistant manager coming with Paul Clement and now this. Everton do it again, not the player we need! Will they ever learn.
Paul Jones
173 Posted 30/01/2022 at 17:54:59
Van de Beek seems to have similar issues to Klassen in that he can't seem to play in a more up-temp league were the opposition have the temerity to challenge you. AJax like Liverpool seem to get mega money for players that are no more than promising. I think Deli Ali may have been a better punt if available.
Colin Glassar
174 Posted 30/01/2022 at 18:03:41
Paul 173, both Klaasen and DVDB played in an Ajax team that played at a very high tempo and had players like De jong and De ligt who controlled the rhythm of the game.

Fast forward to Everton and Man U who play like they are running on treacle and you can understand why they have suffered.

Mike Gaynes
175 Posted 30/01/2022 at 18:20:41
Sorry, but the Klaassen comparisons are just irritating. Yeah, they're both Dutch midfielders who came from Ajax, but so did Cruyff and van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder. Let it go already.

And Paul #173, nobody has any idea whether Van de Beek "can't seem to play in a more up-temp league" because he hasn't had the chance to play in this one yet. Ole and Ralf have given him less than 600 league minutes -- about 7 games -- in two seasons. Can't judge a guy on that, especially in a team as talent-laden and dysfunctional as United.

Cripes. Give the man a chance.

Jim Lloyd
176 Posted 30/01/2022 at 18:22:00
Good posts, Dale, (168) and Phil (169)

Iwobi has not shown any consistent form, (except bad!) and El Ghazi may well prove to be a real good asset.
I'll have a look at the dutch lad first before saying he's like Klaasen, we need as Dale, and Phil have pointed out more goals and more chances made for DCL and Richie, from the middle of the park, not just from the wings. So let's see how we go before writing anyone off.

Mark Ryan
177 Posted 30/01/2022 at 18:22:08
Very glad to have him on board if we get him. We need any decent midfielders right now. Lose the next 2 and we're in it. Win and we're far more comfortable.With DVB we are an improved side hopefully. He may be the difference we need at this time and with funds seemongly very limited and loans limited too I'll say well done Everton for securing his services. Small wins, positive steps. Thanks
Henrik Lyngsie
178 Posted 30/01/2022 at 18:52:05
Could this be blocked last minute because of the Greenwood situation?
Nicholas Ryan
180 Posted 30/01/2022 at 19:42:42
Will Everton FC be better for having DVDB in the squad? I think so.

Will Everton FC be better for being managed by Frank Lampard? I think so.

Olalekan Taofik
181 Posted 30/01/2022 at 19:57:53
Well, Donny van de Beek is a good player and I think he will perform well in the second half of the season.

Not forgetting that he will be thinking of making the Dutch team going to the Qatar World Cup and with the mind of getting a transfer to a better team at the end of the season.

Since he's coming on loan, it is better for us. Just hoping that we won't be relegated.

Martin Reppion
182 Posted 30/01/2022 at 21:01:02
We spend millions on a player that doesn't work out and these pages are filled with 'only Everton do this.'

Salford spend £35M on a player and don't use him because he doesn't fit and I don't see any of the usual suspects saying 'Oh look! Everyone gets it wrong sometimes.'

On occasions, a player can fail with one cub and then become a superstar elsewhere. Chelsea and Salah for instance.

I hope that we give Donny van de Beek the chances to prove his talent. He should certainly be fired up. One thing I do believe is that, if he didn't have something, he would not have been in such demand 2 years ago.

Damian Wilde
183 Posted 30/01/2022 at 22:58:51
John Z making out Palace are Man City, struth.

I watched this lad play in Ajax's run to the champions league semi-final and he was superb.

Good addition.

Derek Knox
184 Posted 30/01/2022 at 23:41:47
Is Donny VDB Cup Tied ?

Just looking ahead to the Cup game v Brentford, when we have hardly got a midfield due to injuries etc. This could be a Season defining Game as far as chasing that elusive piece of Silverware, plus it would really lift the whole Club from top to bottom.

Hope we still have those old tins of Brasso and Dura Glit !

Brendan Fox
185 Posted 30/01/2022 at 23:49:45
Tony Twist @ #172 give the negativity a rest please as it's like a broken record on every thread I've seen you comment on today

The DvdB loan will be a welcome addition to provide someone in the middle of the park who is comfortable in posession, can pick a pass and offer a goal threat.

This is the type of player that we have missed all season especially loosing Rodriguez and Siggy. Having had next to no creativity in the middle has meant In most matches this season that any threat to opposing teams has come from wide areas only and the better teams have sussed this out quickly and neutralized the threats from out wide.

Jamie Lenard
186 Posted 31/01/2022 at 00:10:11
In the last round of the FA Cup, Donny vdB came on for United in the second half of their 1-0 win against Villa. So I guess he's Cup Tied.
Derek Knox
187 Posted 31/01/2022 at 00:35:37
Thanks Jamie, wasn't sure whether he had been involved or not, so it leaves us even lighter in midfield. Maybe give Onyango another chance. I watched the U-23's the other night against Spurs, and was impressed again with the lad Warrington, so maybe another option if needed.

One good thing about Frank, he is Not afraid to give youth a chance, as I have said many a time it could just ignite the lad's career (whoever it is) and save us a fortune.

Mike Gaynes
188 Posted 31/01/2022 at 00:36:29
Jamie #186, how are ya, Chicago? Haven't seen you here in years!! How's the old North Side? Business good at the pub?

Kind of ironic the Bears and the Blues both getting new management in the same week, eh? Two honored old clubs in desperate need of revival.

Jamie Lenard
189 Posted 31/01/2022 at 01:01:27
Hi Mike, Besides the snow, zero degree temperature and all the car jackings, all is well on the North Side of Chicago. Yeah I guess after NFL Black Monday with a boat load of head coaches getting sacked you have to act quickly to hire the right guy before he gets snapped up. I'm certainly feeling a lot better about Everton now than I was this time last week.
Mike Gaynes
190 Posted 31/01/2022 at 01:10:10
Me too, Jamie. Glad you're still hanging in there.

I don't think I'll make it home now until my high school reunion in two years, but I've still got your address and I will be there for a game with you and the Chicago Evertonians. Save me a seat.

Danny O’Neill
191 Posted 31/01/2022 at 07:08:40
Agree with a lot of the sentiment on here. Let's see how he does for Everton, not what he didn't do for Manchester United.

I think he's more of a number 6 than the 10 some are calling, but I'll be honest, I haven't seen a lot of him.

He's here, he's an Everton player.

And to the point about not working at one club but doing so at another, that's common, I won't bore everyone with Kevin Sheedy (okay, I just have), but a good reference to Salah above. And Kevin De Bruyne anyone? Probably my favourite Premier League player at the moment.

Apart from Kevin Sheedy.

Andrew Ellams
192 Posted 31/01/2022 at 09:21:34
His experience at Man Utd was down to him not fitting into how Solskjaer set up his team. Let's hope Lampard already has a plan where this lad is key
James Marshall
193 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:22:59
I feel as though I'm in a minority here, but I'm delighted we're signing van de Beek. He's a cracking little footballer, has an excellent footballing brain, picks a pass, and he'll walk into our midfield.

He's a classy player and people are still complaining. I just don't get our fans sometimes.

Ian Nulty
194 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:26:22
#172, er, Mr Twist, like a few others, tired of your negativity. Why don't you wait a while and give the fella a chance before offering your comments. If this is the sort of thing you can only offer, keep it to yourself.
A new era starts today, let us be pleased and positive. I thank you!!
Ernie Baywood
195 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:28:40
We can rate this guy out of ten as many times as we want. Every opinion valid.

But the fact is he will be the one quality footballer in our midfield.

So yeah, good addition. Need more.

Sam Hoare
196 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:28:57
Looks like Newcastle are having a very interesting window. Guimaraes, Trippier, Wood with Ektite, Targett and Burn joining and maybe Lingard too. Difficult to know how new signings will mesh but looks a good balance of short term and long term planning.

You’d think that would be enough to get them out of relegation trouble. But hopefully not!

Ben King
197 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:34:57
Anyone know if there will be an option to buy?
James Marshall
198 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:35:33
I have a feeling we'll be in for Delli Ali before the end of the day too - Spurs are having a bit of a fire sale in midfield and are just about to buy Bentancur and Kulusevski from Juve so that leaves even less game time for Delli Ali & Lo Celso (both appear to be leaving).
James Marshall
199 Posted 31/01/2022 at 10:36:19
Ben - Man Utd have said there is no option to buy.
Jonathan Tasker
200 Posted 31/01/2022 at 11:50:15
Ian Nulty 194
Much as I admire your positivity, for me any new era will only begin when Kenwright has gone. If Ferguson has departed that would also point to a new era
Justin Doone
201 Posted 31/01/2022 at 13:57:20
Klassen mk2

Good player, but is he good enough for us?
As our midfield is a weakness, so on paper yes, he improves the squad and probably the first team.

Is he suited to or good enough for the Premier league?
Questions remain. He appears a little more mobile than Klassen but I'm unconvinced.

I wanted 2 midfielders so the next needs to be more physical and athletic. Someone who will role up his sleeves and get stuck in but has the discipline and smarts not to become a liability.

For me that rules out a Dele or Lingard type. Probably back to Longstaff or hopefully Kante. Sorry, but I am allowed to dream.

Damian Wilde
202 Posted 31/01/2022 at 14:15:17
James 193, completely agree. We are desperate for quality midfielders. Great addition. Shame he's cup-tied.
Will Mabon
203 Posted 31/01/2022 at 15:29:56
Justin, hair colour and nationality aside, I hope he reminds me in no way whatsoever of Klaassen.
Jay Wood

204 Posted 31/01/2022 at 18:56:29
Officially confirmed.

Donny van de Beek

Danny O’Neill
205 Posted 01/02/2022 at 06:58:05
I can see the comparison's with Klaassen, but then I believe that Klaassen was and is a good player. His movement off the ball in particular caught my eye.

In some ways, both have had similar experiences, albeit at clubs operating at different levels.

Joining dysfunctional and unbalanced teams and clubs trying to get back to where they want to be with the constant managerial uncertainty in the background,

Let's see how he does for Everton. We need more players who like the ball at their feet.

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