Gbamin makes Moscow loan move

Monday, 21 February, 2022 149comments  |  Jump to last

Updated CSKA Moscow have agreed a loan deal for Jean-Philippe Gbamin who has been frozen out of the Everton first-team for most of the season.

Having been largely ignored by Rafael Benitez despite having finally regained some consistent fitness, Gbamin is reportedly not part of Frank Lampard's plans for the remainder of the season either and he has been allowed to leave on a temporary basis until the end of the season.

The Russian transfer window closes tomorrow and CSKA have completed a loan agreement with Everton that will involve the Moscow club paying 70% of the Ivorian's £65,000-per-week wages but an option to buy is not part of the deal.  

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Bjorn-Ivar Pedersen
1 Posted 19/02/2022 at 19:25:56
They can have him for free, if they take Delph as well.
Jack Convery
2 Posted 19/02/2022 at 19:29:15
Given the Ukraine situation, would you go to Russia right now?
Barry Hesketh
3 Posted 19/02/2022 at 19:56:14
The shape that this season is taking, I might put in a request to move to Moscow myself before this season ends. I'll still be surrrounded by reds but won't be able to understand their language.
Colin Glassar
4 Posted 19/02/2022 at 19:57:57
If they send him to the front, with Iwobi, the Ukrainians will have nothing to worry about.
Jim Bennings
5 Posted 19/02/2022 at 19:59:08
Good, the cull must begin!
Paul Birmingham
6 Posted 19/02/2022 at 20:29:37
Bjorn, good call, and also take Tosun, and the rest of the dead wood at Finch Farm.

Alan J Thompson
7 Posted 20/02/2022 at 05:18:50
Jack (#2); I'm surprised that Mykolenko hasn't brought his family to watch his first half-dozen games – at least before the big kick-off.
Dave Williams
8 Posted 20/02/2022 at 12:31:58
What is the problem with Gbamin? He seems fit, if not match sharp, but no one has seen anything in him to warrant a game or even a half! Has the injury finished him or is he just not good enough even for such a poor midfield?
Sean Roe
9 Posted 20/02/2022 at 12:36:58
£10 million... and throw in Iwobi, Keane, Holgate, Mina, Delph, Tosun, Gomes, Davies, and Rondon for free.
Shane Corcoran
10 Posted 20/02/2022 at 12:41:42
What would be the point in getting rid of him now on loan?
Martin Reppion
11 Posted 20/02/2022 at 14:57:20
Good point, Shane. But, if he is off the wage bill, even partially, it will leave us with more fire power in the summer transfer market.

Also, if he can play well in a lower league, his agent will have the ammo to get him a deal away from us in the summer.

What I saw in the pre-season games Gbamin has some talent. If he is so far behind in fitness, which will have been seen in training, then a move away now is the best solution.

I also think that Lampard will be happy to play youngsters who are fit and hungry ahead of him.

Mike Gaynes
12 Posted 20/02/2022 at 15:24:31
The key point is that we still don't know if Gbamin can play. The talent is there, but whether or not his injuries have left him with sufficient speed or mobility to be a Premier League player is something you can't find out in training. And at the moment, we have no margin for error to gamble on him in league games.

As Martin says, this is the absolutely ideal solution. CSKA is one of the better clubs in a second-tier league. If Gbamin can perform in that situation, he may be of value to us in the future, either as a player or a revenue-generating sale. If not, at least we'll know. And in the meantime we get much of his salary off the books.

Jack #2, not really relevant. Moscow is 500 km from Ukraine, and I doubt there will be much combat up there.

Brian Murray
13 Posted 20/02/2022 at 15:32:37
We don't have the luxury of letting Gbamin go if and it's an 'if' he can play at a top level. We made the daft mistake with Nkounkou; don't do it again. Send the pork n cheese snowflake there instead.
Justin Doone
14 Posted 20/02/2022 at 16:04:11
Try and get an upfront loan fee because he'll be back a few weeks later to keep the physios company.

Sell, just sell him whilst we can.

Otherwise play him and see if he is better than Gomes as a defensive central midfielder. The answer to that is Yes!

Mike Gaynes
15 Posted 20/02/2022 at 16:17:32
Brian #13,

I wouldn't be too sure we made a "daft mistake" loaning out Nkounkou. He had a very rough start at Standard Liege, seemed to pull himself together for a while, then fell back into poor form. He has now definitively lost his place at left-back to an 18-year-old Belgian named Alexandre Calut who wasn't even part of the first team until last month.

Nkounkou has played a total of 36 minutes in their last six games. He hasn't had a goal or assist all season. And if he isn't cutting it in Belgium, it seems clear the young man isn't ready for Everton.

Lee Courtliff
16 Posted 20/02/2022 at 17:25:08
For what it's worth, I thought Gbamin did as well as anyone when he came on against Chelsea and Hull. He certainly didn't look like a liability to me.

The Wolves game was different as he was thrown in at the deep end in a 2-man midfield that got swamped after he'd barely played in 2 years.

For the pittance we're likely to get for a loan fee, I'd keep him and use him as squad player. He wouldn't have done any worse than Gomes did on Saturday and he's been given countless chances.

Danny Baily
17 Posted 20/02/2022 at 17:29:56
In terms of moves that cost Rafa his job (and might cost us our Premier League status), I'd put the decision to start Gbamin away at Wolves on a par with the decision to take Gordon off against Watford.

Never working out for him here, we should get him out the door by any means possible.

Sam Hoare
18 Posted 20/02/2022 at 19:26:01
Given our lack of midfield options, it's strange he's not had more time. He looked a really effective player in Germany but maybe his injuries have curtailed that promise he had. I would have thought he'd at least get some matches with the U23s to regain sharpness but perhaps he's not up for it.

I wonder if that summer instead of Gomes and Gbamin we'd bought Douglas Luiz and one of the many decent wingers who came to the Premier League that time (Saint-Maximim, Sarr, Pedro Neto etc) whether things might be quite different? Perhaps Marco Silva may even still be around?!

Brian Murray
19 Posted 20/02/2022 at 19:37:00
Mike @15. Admittedly I haven't followed his progress since his loan. Too preoccupied with the shambles since.

At the time, he showed energy and skill not so much as an orthodox full-back but worth persevering with, like your countryman, Robinson. Another hasty decision.

Alex Gray
20 Posted 20/02/2022 at 20:03:31
Let him go. Not seen anything to suggest he's going to make it.

Hope there's an obligation to buy. Feel for the lad but time to offload these lads and get players who can help us.

Paul Hewitt
21 Posted 20/02/2022 at 20:07:55
I would play Gbamin ahead of Gomes every time.
Brian Wilkinson
22 Posted 20/02/2022 at 21:25:33
A lot of our players are not up to the fight, or injured, I would try and get Gbamin out of the door, even if only a loan for now, and use Onyango from the subs bench, think he would offer more than Gbamin or Gomes.

Against Borham Wood, I would look to try the likes of Onyango, Patterson and Dobbin out, not too many changes, but at the same time, a chance to try the above three out.

Mike Gaynes
23 Posted 20/02/2022 at 21:38:33
Brian #19, the kid certainly has bags of skill and pace. Apparently he just can't learn how to play the game well and consistently. I haven't seen him, but when you're 21 and supposedly a hot prospect and you lose your job so quickly to a teenager out of their academy, you have problems.
Andrew James
25 Posted 20/02/2022 at 22:05:05
I think we should keep him in the squad. Against Hull he looked a very tidy player who plays sensible passes in our half.

Gomes is so up and down that we need options.

Alan J Thompson
26 Posted 21/02/2022 at 04:21:40
Whether Russia invades Ukraine or not I doubt that there won't be some sort of financial sanctions against them which would put doubt on CSKA's ability to effectively pay his wages. Just can't see this happening unless Abrahamovich still has a finger in that pie.
Steve Shave
27 Posted 21/02/2022 at 08:09:09
I think the loan is a no-brainer. We have Doucouré coming back. I was very excited about the Gbamin signing, he looked just what we needed. Yes he looked off the pace in the first game but then many do.

He had all the physical attributes and technical ability to become the heir to the Idrissa throne. The lad has had rotten luck (as have we generally with injuries) and I feel for him.

For whatever reason, he has not been trusted, Carlo called the situation "complex" so there may be confidence/mental health aspects to consider too.

He needs a chance in a team playing top-flight football to either find his feet or hasten his exit. He has no resale value right now and we might get his wages off the books. As I said, no-brainer. I would love to see him come good but that feels like a fairy-tale right now.

Robert Tressell
28 Posted 21/02/2022 at 10:18:17
Mike @ 15,

I think Nkounkou has become more highly rated for not being played. He always looked a mobile, pacy attacking threat but it'll be interesting to see where his career goes.

I could see him being sold in summer for a modest amount – leaving Mykolenko and Godfrey to fight it out at left-back for a few years until Ishé Samuels-Smith is (hopefully) ready to start fighting for the spot age about 19 / 20.

Mark Ryan
29 Posted 21/02/2022 at 15:49:11
Paul Hewitt @ 21 100% correct. Let Gomes go to Russia, with love.
Christy Ring
30 Posted 21/02/2022 at 16:50:53
I thought he did well against Hull when he came on, even if they're in the Championship, and playing him in a two-man midfield against Wolves was the manager's mistake. He's fully fit and got some game time with the U23s.

He's the only defensive midfielder we have apart from Allan (I'm not including Delph, he probably has an apartment in the fitness centre) so I think it's a mistake letting him go on loan. He would have done a better job than Gomes last Saturday, unless Frank sees something different in training.

Pat Kelly
31 Posted 21/02/2022 at 16:58:20
Loan deal done with no obligation to buy. The Russians aren't that stupid. He'll be back to see out his contract with us. Without a locker.
Mike Gaynes
32 Posted 21/02/2022 at 17:09:48
Great. By the time he comes back we'll know if he can play for us. Which we don't know right now.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
33 Posted 21/02/2022 at 17:29:29
Agreed. The guy came with high hopes. He spent 24 months fighting to get fit. I'm not sure my head would be right by now. Should I go into that 50/50? Will it injure me again? Will it finish my career?

There was a general opinion on here that Barkley was a "little timid" for a number of years after his leg break. But people on here expect Gbamin to hit the ground running. Let us wait and see.

Robert Leigh
34 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:02:59
Unfortunately for Gbamin, we're not in a position to do what he needs right now – minutes on the pitch.

This move makes perfect sense. Game time under his belt, some confidence in the bank, and come back ready for a full pre-season. I don't think he's been injured this season (though I know he hasn't played really).

We've got him til the end of his contract if he doesn't play, so either shop window time or go time?

Derek Knox
35 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:10:34
This could be a good Steppe in his career, as long as he is not Russian into things! :-)

Could have taken the Fresh Prince of Bell End with him (Gomes)!

Danny Baily
36 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:17:10
I can't believe someone's agreed to pay his wages. Brilliant stuff.
Mike Doyle
37 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:30:45
Like Sam [#18]

I'm really surprised he hasn't been used in some of the U23 games. Without playing any games, it's difficult to see how he could regain any sharpness or match fitness.

Hope the move works out well for him.

Mike Gaynes
38 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:33:52
DK, you're in top form today. Groaners galore.
John Graham
39 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:34:12
Since his injuries, he doesn't seem to be interested during training or in games and has just gone through the motions, even in the U23 game he played.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end for him, but hopefully it will give him the game time he needs to reignite his passion in the game.

Looks a beast of a player and has shown some nice touches at times but, if his heart isn't in it, then we are never going to get the best out of him.

Hopefully it will do him some good and he will come back to show us what a good player he is.

Good luck, lad.

Dale Self
40 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:35:21
One of those players who might have worked out if events allowed them the chance but, at the pace the Premier League's rosters are improving, it is not clear he will ever make good.

He did look strong enough to handle the No 6 position but never looked comfortable throughout, always seemed to lose attention or confidence, which isn't unusual for the time off. This is probably the best move given circumstances.

Steavey Buckley
41 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:41:27
I personally would have kept Gbamin. I prefer him to either Delph or Gomes. But not much to choose from.
Colin Glassar
42 Posted 21/02/2022 at 18:54:08
I saw him a few times and like too many Everton players, he’s an empty shell.
Brian Murray
43 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:03:59
Apparently totally injury-free before he joined us. I think he ran over Zouma's cat.


Alan McMillan
44 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:04:08
Perhaps he will regain match sharpness, prove to himself that his body is up to the rigours of professional football. Surely his issues, after 2 years of horrendous bad luck and injury, are as much psychological as they are physical.
David Bromwell
45 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:06:01
Apparently we have been playing this lad £65,000 per week, truly unbelievable. My guess is that Frank simply has too many players in the squad who he simply cannot envisage playing, and he needs space and time to concentrate on those he feels who can do a job on the pitch.

Let's hope he can move on a few more.

Bill Gienapp
46 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:07:42
Good move. I suspect his Everton career is probably over, but if there is any hope of salvaging him, he needs regular minutes to regain his form. And he's clearly not getting them here (as hard as it is to believe there's no potential opportunity, after what we saw from Gomes on Saturday).
Jay Evans
47 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:25:45
Mike Gaynes – when you say ‘the talent is there' are you talking about Gbamin?

You really can't be.

Andy Crooks
48 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:39:16
Disappointing. When he came on against Hull, he was the best player on the pitch.

Every player needs a run of games, look what it did for Gordon. I hope that Lampard has the guts to give players a chance.

Gomes should never play for our club again. He is actually a match loser, and there aren't many of them around. He is a goal start to any opponent. He has perfected the, actually quite enviable skill, of looking good while actually being really bad.

Pickford has a bit of that too. Holgate has it in spades. Kenny has the second part of it. Seamus has it in reverse and Delph looks quite bad while really being utterly shite. Then we have Rondon and Tosun who are bad beyond words.

Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:41:29
Yes, Jay #47, I am. He was a youth international for France at four different levels, including two victories over England U-21s. A full-time starter in the Bundesliga at 21. Started two World Cup qualifiers for Ivory Coast at 22. Scored for his country at AFCON. Hell, yes, there is talent there.

Whether he is physically and mentally able to exercise that talent is another question altogether... one that hopefully will be answered in Russia.

Bill #46, to be honest, I have thought that from the moment the second catastrophic injury was announced. But I still hope against hope to be proven wrong. His contract with us runs through June 2024.

Andy Crooks
50 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:46:47
Spot on, Mike. He has been desperately unlucky. But, get rid, dead wood, living stealer, sick note etc, etc.

Barry Hesketh
51 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:48:26
Andy @48,

I'm going to have to watch that Hull match again, because if you'd have asked me before I read your post, I wasn't even aware that Gbamin had taken part!

However, I was overly concerned about the result and was fretting about Everton being knocked out. I have now looked up the team for that night and he came on in the 88th minute and played throughout Extra-Time and, according to the site I visited, he did assist Townsend's goal.

Football eh, you just can't rely on your own memory, well certainly when you reach a certain age.

Mark Ryan
52 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:48:57
Who scouted him? Brands per chance??
Jack Convery
53 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:51:54
Good luck to him. He's had none here.

I wonder if we'll try and bring in an out-of-contract player on about £25k for the rest of the season?

Neil Copeland
54 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:52:27
Andy #48, you are on form, made me laugh - thanks!
Mike Gaynes
55 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:53:54
Andy #50, yeah, I roll my eyes at that stuff too. Unlucky doesn't even begin to cover it -- he suffered two exceedingly rare and mostly career-ending injuries just a few months apart, and then a third slightly lesser one a year after that. It's like being struck by lightning three times.

Tell ya what, if he is able to come back all the way, it'll be one of the most miraculous recovery stories you'll ever see.

Neil Copeland
56 Posted 21/02/2022 at 19:59:38
Mike #55,

The very fact that he has got this far with his recovery is near-miraculous in itself. Like others, I don't think he will make it with us but really wish him well and hope he can do a job in a lesser league. Russia may just suit him.

Mike Gaynes
57 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:00:49
Mark #52, yes.

Andy and Barry, I still go back to when he debuted with us. Had a first-game nightmare away... was pulled at halftime... and then was MOTM the following week in a Goodison win over Watford I believe. I was so impressed with the confident way he had shaken off his first miserable performance so quickly. Got pretty excited about him.

And then, in training a couple days later, the sky fell in on the poor guy.

Ian Riley
58 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:01:16
Frank must be very confident we will have Premier League status next season. Personally, I haven't seen enough like many to judge his play.

I do hope Frank is reading such forums or walks around talking to fans within the community. He needs to understand the players from fans who watch, week-in and week-out.

As big as relegation would be for Everton, managers never recover from relegation. Start listening, Frank, as certain players are sinking you and the club. Game after game, players are letting the club down. You must get a tune from them now but you must be brave as well. Your choices have today become more limited.

Christopher Timmins
59 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:03:34
Good luck to the boy, he had none with us!
Robert Tressell
60 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:08:43
Wish him the best of luck but, honestly, if he does well I will be so annoyed.

He is exactly the player we need right now (or would be if fit).

Unfortunately, I expect he is physically finished.

Jay Evans
61 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:13:25
Quite clearly, Mike, the talent was there but unfortunately it has never been there for us.


He is now either not arsed or genuinely terrified of getting injured again. Either way, he is stealing a living and all the France Under-21 caps in the world can't change that.

If he is so talented then why have we never seen it? Not once.

Talent? Really? If he concentrated more on applying himself instead of arguing with our fans in the family enclosure, who knows, he might have had a chance of a career with us.

He looks lovely and warm in that snood of his though. Nice and cosy.

Barry Hesketh
62 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:20:05
Mike @

I just about remembered Bernard's goal in that Watford game, it's only as recent as August 2019, yet it seems to be from decades ago. The previous game, which was the opening game of the season at Palace, I read that he came on to replace Gomes shortly before half-time – the game where Schneiderlin was sent off in the 76th minute.

Line-up for Watford at Goodison Park, August 2019
Digne (Holgate)
Richarlison (Walcott)
Bernard (Goal)
Calvert-Lewin (Kean)

Neil Copeland
63 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:26:53
I went to the game at Palace and Gbamin came on at end of the first half. He looked a bit short of pace but showed the odd nice touch.

Moise Kean also made his debut as a second-half sub around 65 mins I think.

Gbamin was better in our second game at home to Watford but I don't remember him being MotM. Although I do remember him playing okay.

Christy Ring
64 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:44:24
He has been fully fit for months, and should have been playing with the U23s to get match fitness, but considering he's the only defensive midfielder we have apart from Allan, I'm surprised he's being loaned out.

Gomes definitely didn't work, and he did well against Hull.

I hope he gets his confidence back, gets plenty of games and comes back a new player. You have to credit him that he wants to go to Moscow to play football, as we have other players who wouldn't go out on loan in England, and just picked up their massive salaries.

Mick Conalty
65 Posted 21/02/2022 at 20:50:06
Mike #57

"Poor Guy"

£65k a week, wish I was that poor.

Jack Convery
66 Posted 21/02/2022 at 21:10:28
2015-16 Injured for 17 games – knee injury.
2016-17 injured for 5 games – thigh problems and muscular problems.
2017-18 injured for 9 games – pulled hamstring at the abductors, muscle strain, muscle problems.
2018-19 injured for 2 games – pulled hamstring at the abductors,

2015-2019: Games played for Lens and Mainz: 193. For Ivory Coast full / U21: 36 games. Total = 229. Total games missed through injury = 33.

Since joining Everton, he has played 8 games.

Surely the leg muscle injuries and especially the pulled hamstring at the abductors should have been a red flag. The Premier League is only for the very fit and any club looking to sign a player with a dodgy hamstring prior to signing, should be very wary indeed.

In case anyone is interested, Delph missed over 70 games for Man City before we bought him. Who is in charge??

Mike Gaynes
67 Posted 21/02/2022 at 21:36:23
Barry and Neil, you're right, it was Palace away, and your memories are clearer than mine! I just remember him having a rough go in that one, and then looking stellar against Watford.
Paul Smith
68 Posted 21/02/2022 at 21:48:40
Great post, Jack Convery.

The bigger picture really is one of impulsive buys with a lack of due diligence. Delph, I mean WTAF??

Brian Wilkinson
69 Posted 21/02/2022 at 22:11:08
Mike @57, not sure about the sky falling in on him... As far as I remember, one of our players fell in on him, in training.

As for appearances, think he picked up more points on his Driving Licence, for drink driving, while out injured, than points he picked up for the first team.

Good move for all involved.

Peter Carpenter
70 Posted 21/02/2022 at 22:28:35
Crikey, what a time to go to Russia. Good luck to him.
Phil McKeown
71 Posted 21/02/2022 at 23:20:46
I heard the deal is off, he got injured lifting the pen to sign the contract.
Kristian Boyce
72 Posted 21/02/2022 at 00:11:40
I watched him in Florida this past summer in the second game against the Mexicans. He looked superb and was a genuine bright spot of the game.

Speaking with other fans after the game, most were in the agreement that they were impressed and were expecting a big season for him. Obviously that hasn't happened.

The loan should be good for him. Either get him fit and ready to play regularly for us, or put him in the shop window.

Simon Dalzell
73 Posted 22/02/2022 at 01:18:38
Maybe he's going to Gobombing.

(Sorry, that's not funny at this serious time.)

Phil Smith
74 Posted 22/02/2022 at 03:02:14
See Niasse has joined the mighty Burton Albion today as well. Had some money well spent over the last few years us, ain't we?
Ajay Gopal
75 Posted 22/02/2022 at 04:36:25

To be fair to Oumar, he scored a couple of important goals to keep us out of the relegation battle under Koeman until the Premier League higher-ups said "All right, who do we make an example of for trying to con the referee – someone from a club that doesn't protest too loudly?!"

He was banned for 2 games just as he had scored a couple of goals and got us a penalty that got us 3 points. No, I loved his attitude. File him away under the likes of Stracqualursi, Rondon, etc. Guys who were not talented enough to play for Everton, but did not stop trying.

Justin Doone
76 Posted 21/02/2022 at 07:23:57
Maybe the treatment room has nicer wallpaper. Maybe the club doctors have more advanced 'medicine'?

Good luck to him. I wanted a fee before he moves for free. I can't believe that he can't get into our midfield. He must be a poor trainer.

Eddie Dunn
77 Posted 22/02/2022 at 08:05:11
This guy must stink in training.
Nick Page
78 Posted 22/02/2022 at 08:12:09
The poxy RS would buy him and he’d turn into Marcel fecking Desailly but we buy him and his leg falls off. Anyway, good luck to the lad.
James Newcombe
79 Posted 22/02/2022 at 08:51:58
I don't know what's up with him but, if he can't get into this injury ravaged midfield, then…
Jerome Shields
80 Posted 22/02/2022 at 09:30:42
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank is delighted to sign Oumar Niasse who he allowed to train at the club. His work and hunger to play, plus his experience lead Jimmy to think that he could make a difference in the run into the end of the season.

As far as Gbamin is concerned, I expect him to do well at Moscow and secure a move. The Moscow team will probably be better than Everton at rehabilitation. Gbamin will be going into a better attitude environment.

As far as Everton is concerned, it reduces wages and Lampard has been advised that he will not be robust enough to play in the Premier League. It could be to suit.

Make your own mind up.

Alan J Thompson
81 Posted 22/02/2022 at 14:01:55
Jerome (#80);

Their medical treatment room is in Novosibirsk, apparently.

Latch Sharp
82 Posted 22/02/2022 at 14:31:52
Surely Bill's butler might've mentioned to him this morning that the strictest financial sanctions ever to be imposed on any country, have just been imposed on Russia – whilst we hope to get some financial return from CSKA... only at Everton FC!!

The other day, there were discussions on this platform about the never-ending dire management decisions made at our club? Surely this transaction must go straight in at number 1 (just above Rafa selling Digne for insane stupidity)!!

ps: I nearly agree with Sean (@9) except there would be a few more!

Christy Ring
83 Posted 22/02/2022 at 14:43:42
Benitez couldn't wait to get rid of Digne, brought in two full-backs, Mykolenko started shakily, but why pay £10M+ for Patterson, who hasn't kicked a ball yet?

Something doesn't add up; he only played 6 times for Rangers all season, so who saw him play, and would Gerrard not have tried to sign him for Aston Villa if he was that impressive?

Seamus is 33, he cannot play every game. If Kenny wasn't good enough, we needed to buy an established full-back who can play now.

Paul O'Neill
84 Posted 22/02/2022 at 14:51:00
So Everton have yet to declare sanctions against Russia then..
Mike Gaynes
85 Posted 22/02/2022 at 14:57:41
Latch #82, please explain how the sanctions against Russia impact this loan.
Barry Hesketh
86 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:04:45
Well, we may well be detrimentally affected by any further sanctions in the near future. What a time for the other lot to play Chelsea in a final, as if they don't get help as it stands, can we really see any other outcome than a Chelsea loss on Sunday?

Abramovich and Usmanov named by Dame Margaret Hodge in parliament as “kleptocrats who have stolen from the Russian people” and should be sanctioned. PM replies today's sanctions are “just part of the first barrage” & “Abramovich is already facing sanctions. Source: Tweeted by Paul Brown.

Barry Hesketh
87 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:15:10
As a rider to my previous post - I've just watched a clip of Dame Margaret Hodge's statement in Parliament and she doesn't in that clip at least mention anybody by name. Perhaps Mr Brown saw more of the statement than I could find.
Tom Bowers
88 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:18:25
Another one bites the dust. Everton probably have signed more sicknote players than any other club in the last 10 years. Either that or some other malaise has affected their form and they have contributed very little whilst drawing big wages.

Yes, I agree it's unfortunate when players get injured… but it always seems to happen after they sign for Everton!!

There have been many disappointments with our signings compared to most but that must be down to bad scouting and managerial decisions.

This season is already a washout and, if we survive the drop – and we should –then hopefully Lampard gets the support from the board to move out much of the dross still on the books. This will help bring in a little more class, especially to the midfield areas, where we were very weak – even when everyone was fit.

Barry Hesketh
89 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:28:52
Sorry to harp on about Margaret Hodge, but I've now found a clip where she does indeed name Usmanov and Abromovich in her statement.
Danny O’Neill
90 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:40:25
From the few glimpses we got of him, I liked what I saw and really wanted this to work out. But the reality was, it never would. Good luck in resurrecting your career.

Sanctions? 5 major banks and a few named individuals having assets frozen in the opening round.

I can't see how it would impact a football loan deal. Usmanov? Is he high enough up the food chain to be targeted? I don't know as I'm no financial wizard. Far from it.

Anyway, surely Everton are savvy enough to have done their homework in the event of? I'm here all night.

Brian Harrison
91 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:41:37
Just a pity Margaret Hodge, who has been the chair on a couple of Select Committees, didn't raise any concerns about either years ago. I think Abramovich has owned Chelsea for about 18 years, and Usmanov was a shareholder at Arsenal for a number of years.

Maybe it would be nice to hear about her thoughts on allowing the murderous regime that has just taken over at Newcastle? Talk about being a fit and proper person to own a football club. To think the way the Geordies vilified Ashley yet welcome the Saudi murderers with open arms.

Bill Gall
92 Posted 22/02/2022 at 15:49:17
According to the BBC news. Boris Johnson said sanctions have been put on 5 banks and three individuals. the three individuals are, Gennadiy Timchenko, Boris Rotenburg and Igor Rotenburg.
Mark Taylor
94 Posted 22/02/2022 at 16:16:09
The idea of Gbamin always exceeded the reality. Shame because what comprises the former is exactly what we need right now, the defensive high energy midfield options are very bare and one reason we concede so many goals.

Allan on paper looks like he can do the job but doesn't have the legs; both Van de Beek and Doucouré are better in a more attacking role while Davies has never showed he could tackle.

I leave out Gomes because he is such an obvious liability in that role and arguably any role. As for Delph, how would we know? It's been so desperate some have even proposed Holgate or Godfrey in that role.

Gbamin has been injury-free for some time now so, if not now, at a time of near desperation, when?

I've tried to stop thinking this way, because the idea of Gbamin has always appealed, but I think I may need to move on to the acceptance stage, that he won't be seen again in an Everton shirt.

Jerome Shields
95 Posted 22/02/2022 at 16:31:16
Alan #81

Take your point: high performance or else.

As for sanctions, Everton is set up to avoid them for property.

My accountant attended a conference in London, where a senior Inland Revenue official admitted that most of London Commercial property is owned and was transacted through a myriad of offshore companies, which makes it impossible to identify beneficial owners and tax liability.

Joe McMahon
96 Posted 22/02/2022 at 19:30:13
Great timing to be going over there. Yet another Everton injury/transfer disaster. As bad as he is, gotta be better than Gomes?
Michael Connelly
97 Posted 22/02/2022 at 19:40:49
Just the 5-year contract we gave Gbamin - Jesus wept.
Derek Knox
98 Posted 22/02/2022 at 20:32:01
Michael @ 97, and he is just one of many, who either through bad luck, or bad judgement in acquisition in the first place, has either been a professional patient in the Treatment Room, or just not been good enough to justify the massive outlay, both in fee and wages for virtually nothing in return.

I'm sure you can attach many more names to that formula, and it almost beggars belief, but this is Everton. Hopefully Frank will be a lot more astute in getting players in who are suited to the roles, and not being potential sicknotes from the off. Plus offering more realistic contracts, with sensible options to extend rather than carte blanche 5 years, irrespective of consequences.

Tony Twist
100 Posted 22/02/2022 at 21:50:19
Would he have done any worse than Gomes in the last match? He has been mismanaged, like with the new left- and right-backs, they should be coming on, say with 10 minutes to go, then next match, 20 minutes to go etc.

In Gbamin's case, he was thrown under the bus away at Wolves by Benitez. Just doesn't make sense; he is the type of player we need with Doucouré injured, unless of course he is unable to recover from his injuries.

Hope this is the bottom and he comes back really strong and we finally get the strong athletic centre-midfield player we'd hoped for. Best of luck to the lad.

Mark Andersson
102 Posted 23/02/2022 at 05:10:02
Andy Crooks @48,

That put a smile on my face, cheers.

Bobby Mallon
104 Posted 23/02/2022 at 09:00:13
I don't care about the new ground.

If Usmanov is in cahoots with Putin, then freeze his assets in this country and make sure sanctions against Russia cripple the richest and the country. Make the people realise Putin is a fucking nutcase who has robbed their country, along with Usmanov and Abramovich, for decades.

That ground of ours will be built by someone it's too much of a money-maker for it not to be built.

Peter Mills
105 Posted 23/02/2022 at 09:20:27
I was reading Forbes magazine the other day (I was just checking, I’m expecting to move up a couple of places in the Top 100 shortly, so I’m hanging back on renewing my season ticket).

Usmanov is reputed to have “solved” many business issues for Putin. In addition, Usmanov is married to Irina Viner, a legendary Olympic rhythmic gymnastics coach who helped Alina Kabaeva, widely believed to be Putin’s mistress, win gold in the 2004 Olympics.

If there is any truth in that, Alisher and Vladimir have probably been for a pint together now and again.

Jerome Shields
106 Posted 23/02/2022 at 10:11:41
Peter #105,

Actually linking Usmanov to Everton would be difficult. The sponsorship is through a Company. He has never been a Director or Shareholder of Everton or had any direct financial involvement. He may have given unpaid advice. Even Moshiri, a UK passport holder who is resident in Monaco, is a shareholder but not a Director.

Everton is effectively financially controlled from offshore and set for this eventuality. It is Boris who is talking about sanctions, which have already fallen a long way short of his previous threats.

Boris taking actions pro-Brexit that would affect trade and London's offshore business is a non-runner. Other Premier League clubs may raise the issue, but Bill and Denise are stronger than ever on the Premier League committee, after the European Super League debacle.

Peter Mills
107 Posted 23/02/2022 at 10:34:37
Jerome, it’s probably just a touch of paranoia creeping into me, given the importance of the stadium to our future.

Although, as Evertonians, we are entitled to refer less to “paranoia” and more to “waiting for the inevitable”.

Mick Conalty
108 Posted 23/02/2022 at 11:11:49
Good choice Gbamin going to Russia.

He has had his assets frozen for years.

Andrew Ellams
109 Posted 23/02/2022 at 11:17:08
Barry @ 89, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran read a list of 35 names out in Parliament yesterday. Both Abramovich and Usmanov were also listed there.
Brian Harrison
110 Posted 23/02/2022 at 12:01:12
Obviously I am sure our editors don't want this to turn into a political debate, but Abramovich and Usmanov have been in this country for years and both have had links to Putin. But this isn't anything new, this speculation about Abramovich and Usmanov has gone on for years, so if Abramovich's ownership of Chelsea and Usmanov owning shares in Arsenal, why wasn't it flagged up when Putin moved into Chechnya in 2014.

The Conservative Party have had huge donations from Russians who had links to Putin, and actually recommended one for a peerage. I would also ask Layla Moran and Margaret Hodge if they are so sure of their cases against Abramovich and Usmanov, then make the statements outside parliament. They won't because they can say what they like inside parliament because they are given diplomatic immunity.

Just to be absolutely clear, neither should have been able to invest in football clubs, and that's even more the case with Saudi investment in Newcastle Utd.

Obviously, like all fuel-rich Arab countries, they are realising that the oil cash cow is coming to an end so they are moving in all different directions to protect their wealth. And this country is helping them facilitate that.

Frank Crewe
111 Posted 23/02/2022 at 13:26:04
As far as the Premier League is concerned, the only thing English about English clubs are the fans. Foreign owners, foreign players and foreign managers. If all the Russian, Arab, America and other assorted foreigners took their money out, English football would be bankrupted overnight.

But let's face it, as with the recent selling of Newcastle to the Saudis, fans don't care where the money comes from or how the owners got it. Just as long as they keep spending it on ever-increasing transfer fees and wages. That's all that matters.

Tony Everan
112 Posted 23/02/2022 at 13:43:46
Moscow reportedly paying 70% of his wages, it's an opportunity for him to put himself in the shop window. With FFP we need non-contributors off the books.

In June, Sigurdsson, Delph, Tosun, and maybe Gbamin will release £300,000 + per week wages. It will give us a bit of financial headroom and a chance to rebuild.

Danny O’Neill
113 Posted 23/02/2022 at 14:04:53
I don't always like doing stats Frank (Crewe), but you made me!!

English players in the Premier League = 36%

English managers = 6 out of 20 (add Rogers & Moyes if you want to go British).

"Local owners" = 5.

Andrew Ellams
114 Posted 23/02/2022 at 14:25:24
On the subject of English managers in the league, this season is the 30th anniversary of the last time a team with an English manager were champions (Leeds, Howard Wilkinson) and that was the only occasion since Howard Kendall in '87.

There have been 3 Scots in that time.

Danny O’Neill
115 Posted 23/02/2022 at 15:24:16
Back to the stats. The interesting thing is looking at the other major European leagues and their percentage of native players.

Serie A is slightly better than England at 39%, the Bundesliga comes in at 42%, Ligue 1 has 47% with Spain's La Liga being top of the pile with 58%.

Now it does beg the question, those other 4 nations have always had a history of their players opting to gain experience in other countries and leagues, which can explain. We don't typically. So where are all the English players?

If the quote on Moscow paying 70% of his wage, that's a good financial deal for Everton I guess?

Mike Gaynes
116 Posted 23/02/2022 at 16:22:56
Pete #105, great catch. It's an honor to know someone who reads Forbes.

After your head's up, I found the article on their website under the title Meet Putin’s Oligarchs Most Likely To Get Slapped With Sanctions By Biden Over Ukraine. Apparently Abramovich and Usmanov are at the top of the list.

Here's the full Usmanov summary, which doesn't mention Everton but certainly has some interesting information:

Usmanov’s largest holding is steel giant Metalloinvest. Thanks to Yuri Milner, then chairman of Mail.Ru Group, formerly known as Digital Sky Technologies, Usmanov was an early investor in Facebook. Usmanov owns stakes in Chinese tech giant Xiaomi as well as other telecom, mining and media companies. He also caught the English soccer-team bug, once owning 30% of Arsenal. In 2018, Usmanov sold his stake for $712 million to American billionaire Stanley Kroenke, owner of the Super Bowl-bound Los Angeles Rams, among other valuable properties.

Usmanov has repeatedly fronted for Putin and solved his business problems, according to the expert. In one instance, in 2006, Putin’s telecommunications minister, Leonid Reiman, was revealed as the owner of a stake in Megafon, a company his ministry oversaw. Soon after, Usmanov bought Reiman’s stake.

In December, Usmanov’s holding company sold its investment in Mail.Ru, which had been renamed VK, to Sogaz, an insurance company that is partly owned by Putin ally Yuri Kovalchuk, whose net worth is $3.6 billion. Usmanov also works closely with Andrei Skoch, another Russian oligarch (net worth: $7.7 billion) whom the U.S. sanctioned in 2018.

Usmanov’s ties with Putin go beyond business. He’s married to Irina Viner, a legendary rhythmic gymnastics coach who helped Alina Kabaeva, widely believed to be Putin’s mistress, win the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics.

Given that the Biden administration is targeting oligarchs that have assets in the West, Usmanov fits the bill with vast real estate holdings peppered throughout Europe. He owns two sprawling estates in London–the Beechwood House and Sutton Place–that together are worth nearly $300 million. He also has properties in Munich, Monaco and Sardinia, among other locations.

Dale Self
117 Posted 23/02/2022 at 17:08:52
Hey I like new stadiums as much as the next guy and avoiding more club drama is desirable but I was never really Alisher about the dude. I'm much more of a Ustinov guy.
Jerome Shields
118 Posted 23/02/2022 at 20:33:58
Mike #126

I have just came across on Twitter that Paul the Esk has concerns that the finance for the new stadium is still not in place, though assurances have been given that it would be... It is likely that Moshiri would use Russian financial sources.

Your informative post makes worrying reading. If Biden acts, he will be looking for Britain to follow and support.

Usmanov is very exposed and, though not directly connected to Everton bar sponsorship, his impact on Moshiri raising finance could be telling if he is targeted for sanctions.

Peter #105,

Acknowledgements to your discovery on reading Forbes.

Dale Rose
119 Posted 24/02/2022 at 09:39:34
How will the trouble in Ukraine, affect the Club in respect of Usmanov, who according to Yahoo news this morning will be one of the oligarchs that will be targeted for sanctions? Also in respect of Gbamin’s move to Moscow, will this now be shelved?
Paul Hewitt
120 Posted 24/02/2022 at 11:24:13
Everton simply have to get rid of Megafon and USM. We should not be doing business with any Russian company, even if it impacts on us financially.
Simon Dalzell
121 Posted 24/02/2022 at 13:28:00
Spot on Paul (119). Football seems meaningless at this time. Every financial or other contact with this evil regime needs cutting. If we have to suffer financially in this country, it's the least we can do. Our government will have to subsidise the poorest and most affected here.
Dennis Stevens
122 Posted 24/02/2022 at 13:42:28
Aye, all very worthy. No doubt our leaders have already turned off the Russian gas tap, purely as a matter of principle!
Simon Dalzell
123 Posted 24/02/2022 at 14:16:35
What? I don't really understand Dennis, but I'm pretty thick.
Barry Hesketh
124 Posted 24/02/2022 at 14:47:51
I understand the sentiments expressed on here and elsewhere about the origins of the Oligarchs riches; however, bad human rights and despotic behaviour can be found all over the world. That hasn't stopped the money being accepted by most of the 'free world'.

Fifa, Uefa, national associations and clubs have all ignored the true source of any money they gratefully accepted and encouraged in the last couple of decades, indeed possibly for the entire period that these bodies have been in existence.

It's very easy to say "don't deal with such entities" but it will never happen in the long-term. Known associates of Putin may well be targeted in the here and now, and Everton FC and other major clubs may suffer as a consequence, but there are plenty of other sources of dirty money swirling around the globe that won't be touched by governments.

I wish that all of the riches in the world had been gained by honest means and that it was in the hands of decent, honest, upstanding people, but the world has never worked in that way and I shouldn't expect that it will work like that in the future.

Brian Harrison
125 Posted 24/02/2022 at 15:27:29
I see Shalke in Germany have removed their main sponsor's name from their shirt – their sponsor being Gazprom, a Russian company.

Although it hasn't happened yet, there seems to be a move by western governments and the USA to impose sanctions on Russia as retaliation for this invasion. There also seems to be a move to sanction anyone who has close links to Putin.

Abramovich and Usmanov are clearly in that bracket, although Abramovich is now an Israeli citizen and will have his money where no western government can get to it – and I would imagine the same with Usmanov.

As I said in an earlier post, these guys have been here for years and living with impunity, and back then, everybody and his wife knew they had links to Putin, but obviously because this Conservative government have taken handouts from other Putin allies, they chose to look the other way.

I don't see the western governments taking a stand against Qatar holding the World Cup – a country with some of the world's worst human rights abuses. Also seems that many on the committee which selected Qatar were given lavish gifts for their votes.

Despite the atrocities committed by China, the West were quite happy to send representatives to the recent Winter Olympics. Even our own Premier League never had any qualms about letting Abramovich buy Chelsea from Bates, or have any qualms about the murdering Saudis buying Newcastle.

The ones I really feel sorry for are the Russian people who don't want this war but have no say in the proceedings, yet any sanctions will hit the ordinary Russian people very hard but will not hurt Putin or his Oligarchs.

They can't remove Putin – any voice, and there have been many speaking against Putin and his regime, have been quickly silenced.

Bill Gall
126 Posted 24/02/2022 at 15:33:15
What amazes me is that this invasion of Ukraine has suddenly got people worrying about Usmanov and where his money come from. There are not a lot of billionaires around that are not without shady deals with unsavoury people, so there is no surprise here.

Anyone with a computer or access to Google could have found out this information as soon as Usmanov started sponsorship of Everton with his USM connections,

If the Government is going to take their stance on Russian oligarchs, then they should take it the next step against other unsavory regimes, and not only moving the Champions League Final from Russia – they should ban teams from Russia in other European competitions.

Putin will not change, it is the support he gets that has to change.

Michael Williams
127 Posted 23/02/2022 at 15:39:41
We should cancel this loan if we can. Everyone should stop doing business with any entity in Russia to every extent possible.
Michael Lynch
128 Posted 24/02/2022 at 15:53:56
Got to feel sorry for Gbamin. Absolute disaster of a spell at Everton, he finally gets a move and finds himself in the middle of World War Three. Must be the unluckiest footballer of all time.

Meanwhile, it does look like the naming rights for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock might be up for grabs if Usmanov is persona non grata around these parts. How about we put in a low-ball bid for the ToffeeWeb Arena?

Michael Williams
129 Posted 24/02/2022 at 15:56:39
UEFA moving Champions League Final out of Russia:

Russia to be stripped of Champions League final as boycott calls grow

Terry Downes
130 Posted 24/02/2022 at 16:16:17
Micheal @126,

Get a grip, lad, it won't make any difference what we do? Take his money because, when it's all over, nothing will have changed in this country.

Mike Gaynes
131 Posted 24/02/2022 at 16:25:39
Brian #124, good callout. There's an inexcusable hypocrisy in world sport prostrating itself to autocracies while people suffer so much in the real world. As for Abramovich, not only his Portuguese and Israeli citizenships will protect him but the fact that he's not much involved in Russian-based business ventures anymore. Having made his pile in Russian criminal enterprises but now is involved mostly in charity work and his anti-Semitism crusade. His image in Israel could not be shinier.

Agree Bill #125 also, but has any direct legal connection has been established between Usmanov and Everton? Do any of the checks for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock have his fingerprints on them? I'd be interested to know how the club's finances are really endangered.

Michael #126, yes, symbolically appropriate, or Gbamin himself could pull the plug on it.

Danny O’Neill
132 Posted 24/02/2022 at 17:14:42
Some good call outs by Brian on the hypocrisy. FIFA gave him the World Cup in 2018 and the Olympic Committee the 2014 Winter Olympics. Money talks, I guess.

Lots of talk about Gbamin's move to Moscow, 500 miles from the Ukraine and under no threat whatsoever.

Spare a thought for young Mykolenko. In a strange country, still finding his feet and no doubt worried sick about his nation and his family. I trust the club are supporting him.

Rob Halligan
133 Posted 24/02/2022 at 17:22:54
Danny, there is a piece in the red echo about the club saying they will support Mykolenko any way they can. Some of the comments however, from RS fans would make you want to vomit. They truly are the most despicable, vile bunch of vermin you will ever encounter anywhere.

Everton to offer Vitalii Mykolenko support following Ukraine invasion

Bill Gall
134 Posted 24/02/2022 at 17:23:01

I am not sure how it was financed but isn't Usmanov sponsorship with Finch Farm?

But, as people are saying, no matter how they made their money, it is most probably in offshore markets, the same as Moshiri – who you can question as he was Usmanov's accountant, who paid him.

Mike Gaynes
135 Posted 24/02/2022 at 17:24:05
Danny #131, yes, and I assume City and West Ham are doing the same for Zinchenko and Yarmolenko.

Some pretty tough athletes will be in on the fight. The mayor of Kyiv is Vitaly Klitschko, and his brother Wladimir enlisted. They posted a video together this morning.

Bill #133, Usmanov's previous criminality is well-established, and it seems certain that Moshiri was paid with some less-than-clean money in the years he worked for Usmanov, but that in itself does not implicate Moshiri. And I'm not aware of any allegations of criminal conduct by Moshiri himself, or his own Russian venture USM.

Brian Hennessy
136 Posted 24/02/2022 at 17:55:43
Sport pales into insignificance compared to the unfolding situation in Ukraine; that does not, however, mean it does not have a role to play.

All Russian teams should be banned immediately from all sports across the globe. All international sporting fixtures this weekend should play the Ukrainian National Anthem as a show of support.

If indeed it is Russian money behind our stadium, as expected, I don't care if we never see a ball kicked in it if this is the type of people we have gotten into bed with.

Simon Hermansen
137 Posted 24/02/2022 at 18:03:32
Is this part of the UK sanctions against Russia?
Mike Gaynes
138 Posted 24/02/2022 at 18:20:17
Brian #135, interesting idea about the anthem. Might see something like that tonight in the NBA.

The most prominent Ukrainian player in the league, Alex Len, plays for the Sacramento Kings, and they have a home game tonight. Sacramento also has a large Ukrainian community. Would not be surprised to see some blue and yellow flags flying tonight in their arena.

Our fans could do the same for Mykolenko at Goodison.

Danny O’Neill
139 Posted 24/02/2022 at 18:21:05
It's always inevitable but sad when politics and sport collide. I'd rather the two were kept separate.

Smaller scale, but in some ways closer to home, even though it was a conflict fought thousands of miles away for different reasons. I remember at the time of the Falklands and the furore around Ardiles and Ricky Villa playing for Tottenham at the time.

For those who make the banners, a Ukranian flag for Mykolenko on Saturday, playing or not.

The more I think about it, the more I think this loan for Gbamin should be cancelled. If he's fit, we can use him still.

Bill Gall
141 Posted 24/02/2022 at 18:41:10
Brian #139,

There is no need to get excited, Moshirii's the one who is getting the finances in order from various institutions who are registered in offshore accounts. The one thing that Usmanov is supposed to be involved in was naming rights. I think the last time I read about it, it was supposed to be £30million. It may be debatable if that is correct or if any money was paid.

As I said previously, I am amazed about people going on about Usmanov and Abromovich as their friendship with Putin is well known. Who cares where the money comes from? Premier League clubs don't if it means they can buy the best players coaches and managers.

War is despicable and countries are correct in putting sanctions on the Russian government. Uefa are correct in moving the game, but I wonder why the Olympics was allowed to take place in one of the most oppressive countries in the world – China? Enough of politics – I have already had some of my quotes removed.

Paul Birmingham
142 Posted 24/02/2022 at 20:44:14
A dark day for mankind.

I sense Everton will have to lead by example with their sponsorship deals being nulled or cancelled?

As for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, no -one bar Moshiri and perhaps Kenwright know the finance plan for the new stadium.

But more important things than football at the moment; let's hope Everton as a club can galvanise in the face of adversity and face Man City and beat them.

Warwick Jones
143 Posted 24/02/2022 at 20:47:16
Evening all, I write as an exiled True Blue Scouser living in Fakenham, Norfolk. My friend Charlie in Fakenham, who is also an exiled True Blue Scouser, has asked me to post this on his behalf:-

"If my memory is right, Everton were at the forefront against the takeover of Newcastle Utd FC. The Club and its fans now need to look in the mirror and ask the same questions given its ownership and investment from the oligarchs & kleptocrats over the last few years.

My pet topic, I know, and have been saying this for years now. The People's Club should not in any way be associated with a murderous regime."

Neil Copeland
144 Posted 24/02/2022 at 21:01:05
Paul, I think the USM sponsorship deal of Finch Farm ends this year, so that maybe be an “easy” one.

Agree that we should at least consider suspending the current deals until the conflict situation is brought under control.

Dale Self
145 Posted 24/02/2022 at 21:12:22
Fair play Warwick, I'm with that.
Kieran Kinsella
146 Posted 24/02/2022 at 21:38:02
But explain to me how the unfolding crisis in Ukraine warrants sanctioning Usmanov who is from Uzbekistan while 233,000 people and counting have been killed in Yemen over the last three years largely due to the proxy war there between Iran and Saudi Arabia who own Newcastle Utd, and who also killed Kashoggi, etc.

Or indeed why we just had the Olympics in China where 2 million are in concentration camps?

Or why we bombed Serbia in the 90s but never did a thing about Rwanda or Congo?

My point being, that yes, terrible things are occurring, but it says a lot about our societies when we only seem to take action or pay attention when it affects people who look like us.

Dennis Stevens
147 Posted 24/02/2022 at 21:48:56
A cynic might wonder whether the Saudis buying our arms is more important to the West than the Russians supplying us with their gas, Kieran.
Dale Self
148 Posted 24/02/2022 at 22:02:17
Since mine was the post just before I will reluctantly respond.

Usmanov has undoubtedly been a Russian state money conduit and has stayed close to the political elite. Given the Russian declaration of war, it would seem he is fair game and Chris Bryant, a Labour MP, is now waving about a Home Office paper that purportedly documents Abramovich engaged in political influence.

While that may be the line where Usmanov is on the other side, there is little doubt they are similar characters. Basically, if Roman gets a look, then Alisher can't exactly hide out without some scrutiny.

Everton did get out in front of the 'ooh that's bad money' brigade and thus need to look in the mirror. If you can come up with some reasonable rhetoric as to why this is different ethically, then let's hear it. Everton prides itself on being straight up when it counts and this is one of the tests of whether that endures in these times.

As to why this requires action where others have not, I can only offer that this was a declared war which has removed some complexity for some to hide behind while obviously bringing it into undistracted focus for everyone.

There is obviously some discrimination in our application of moral causes and I don't wish to discount that.

Dennis Stevens
149 Posted 24/02/2022 at 22:10:58
I'm sure it'll be swiftly resolved, after all, Biden has said that sanctions against Putin personally "are still on the table" as a possible option!!
Dale Self
150 Posted 24/02/2022 at 22:19:09
The rouble has tanked and the Russian Central Bank had to do some massive currency intervention so I hope that isn't a dig on Joe. Europe is not willing to take Russia out of the SWIFT system while not having some backstops in place financially. There is a method to this and there really hasn't been much time outside of negotiations for making such plans concrete and actionable.
Anthony Lamb
151 Posted 24/02/2022 at 23:08:01
This would appear to be a dilemma for Everton and indeed all those who have embraced those oligarchs who have grown phenomenally wealthy as a result of their exploitation of the post Soviet situation in Russia.

I do not know what Mr Usmanov’s precise involvement with Everton is, if any… however, although Everton’s plight at the moment on all fronts is precarious, nevertheless I think that – should there be any such involvement – then it is incumbent on the club to sever all ties with the man, however limited or substantial those ties may be.

No matter what I, and perhaps others may think about Everton needing all the help it can get to get out of its current mess, there are some things more important even than the possibility of relegation from the Premier League.

As a supporter of the club for well nigh 70 years, I would hope that somewhere within the club there is at least the vestige of some moral and ethical stance that enables them to be clear as to who it is willing to “sup” with in order to solve its problems.

Warwick Jones
152 Posted 25/02/2022 at 14:00:14
Considering the air raids taking place in Ukraine, I would suggest that we dispense with the air raid siren intro to the Z-Cars theme for the time being out of respect for those suffering the real thing.

In any case, it was always more than capable of generating enough excitement without the (recently) added intro.

Dale Rose
153 Posted 25/02/2022 at 15:45:20
There is very little in any sponsorship these days that doesn't cause an issue. If you dig into most things, there is plenty to find that is unpalatable.
Nick West
154 Posted 26/02/2022 at 12:10:41
Man, this guy's unlucky. You wouldn't get on a plane with Gbamin.
Robert Leigh
155 Posted 01/03/2022 at 08:53:46
Played 90 minutes on Saturday, subbed in minute 90 but hopefully that does his confidence some good.

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