Everton seal Maupay transfer from Brighton

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Everton FC

Everton have signed Neal Maupay from Brighton & Hove Albion in a deal that is officially undisclosed but which could eventually be worth £15m.

The Frenchman, who looked set to join Nottingham Forest and was the subject of serious interest from Fulham only last week, underwent both parts of a medical on Merseyside this morning after the Blues had agreed a fee with the Seagulls but he was not registered in time be eligible to face his former club Brentford tomorrow.

Forest had agreed a reported £15m fee with Brighton for the forward and then the Cottagers held extensive talks about a deal for the same price but once Everton's interest became known and Frank Lampard spoke with Maupay personally to convince him to join his project at Goodison Park, the 26-year-old's mind appeared to be made up.

"Everton is a great club with unbelievable fans and I am so, so happy to be here,” Maupay said. “It feels amazing.

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"It was an easy choice for me when I started to talk with the club. I knew straight away I wanted to play for Everton and help the club to succeed."

His new manager, Frank Lampard expressed his satisfaction at having added a much-needed attacking option to his squad while he awaits Dominic Calvert-Lewin's return to fitness from a knee injury.

"We're delighted to bring Neal to Everton, a player of proven quality in the Premier League.  “We wanted to strengthen our attacking options and Neal provides a goalscoring threat, as well as bags of energy and a fighting spirit that are vital to what we're building.”

Maupay played 109 times for Brighton since joining them from Brentford in 2019 and scored 27 goals, an average of nine per season. In 2021-22 he notched nine goals in 35 appearances in all competitions.

According to the reports, Everton will pay £12m for the striker, who signed a three-year contract with an option to add another year, with another £3m in appearance-related add-ons part of the final arrangement.


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Kevin Molloy
1 Posted 25/08/2022 at 20:47:49
Neil Maupay incoming at £15M according to reliable sources.
Brian Murray
2 Posted 25/08/2022 at 20:52:42

Maupay looks a player to me with a good edge about him. Could do a lot worse. Just a shame him or whoever is not here for Saturday. Potentially another 3 points up the swanny. And then Tuesday.

Tony Everan
3 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:05:06
Yes, Kevin, The bobble just tweeted we are in talks to sign Maupay. He's usually on the money.
Kieran Kinsella
4 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:07:23

El Bobble has been off his rocker lately. Confirmed Gueye about two weeks ago and said on his podcast we had agreed terms for Sarr.

Tony Everan
5 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:08:39
Ha! Bobbly having a wobbly.
Brian Murray
6 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:08:43
Is Maupay an international? World Cup year might
make him hungry especially. Looks a good mentality from what I've seen.
Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:14:52
Brian, Maupay definitely has a good edge. He just doesn't have it in front of goal. Scores every 290 minutes in the Premier League. That's only marginally better than Rondon.
Kieran Kinsella
8 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:20:39
I heard Frank is upset with the way things are going and went to see Bill.

Kenwright said "What can I give you that will make you happier?"

Frank thought about it and said "More pay?"

Bill got right on the phone to Brighton… Total mix-up.

Neil Copeland
9 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:36:08
Kieran, I heard that Frank also asked for some kudos, Bill cocked that one up too….

I will get my coat!

Gaute Lie
10 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:42:51
Sam Hoare
11 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:43:44
Lots of Maupay talk tonight. Some in-the-know types saying we're close to signing him.

Not one of my favourite options but better than what we have (not that I think that is a good reason to sign someone).

Tony Everan
12 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:51:07
Mike, those stats are worrying. Frank personally spoke to him on the phone over coming here a few days ago, if the rumours are to be believed, so they must see him as a forward who can offer something a bit different to give him options starting and also from the bench.

I need convincing too, I found this on Grand Old Team that gives a good case for him, worth a read:

Reasons why I think at £15M he'd be a good, pragmatic signing.

- Brighton wanted to keep him. He wouldn't renew. He's been an important player for them and still would be if he wanted to stay.

- He's only available, and for a good price because he's in the last year of his deal. From January, he can open talks with any foreign club about a free transfer.

- League goals - 10 in 37, 8 in 33, 8 in 35. Their top goal scorer in those 3 seasons. Over those 3 years, he's contributed a third of their goals.

- Compare how he'd rank at 10, 8 and 8 in an Everton team the past 3 years.

- He's 25, he hit double figures (ok, 10 league goals) in his debut season as a 21-/22-year-old for Brighton.

- It sounds daft, but he tends to score goals that matter. It's not like he slots 3 in a 4-0 win to bump up his numbers - 'Take away the nine he netted in 2021-22 and Brighton's record-breaking ninth place finish becomes 14th spot in the table. Maupay was single-handedly worth seven points last season.'

- He has a very good fitness record.

- People like to say 'Brighton create loads of chances, Maupay misses loads' - he has a better conversion rate than most, including Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison.

- He's low risk in that he's 'proven' in the Prem, young enough to do a few years and sell for profit.

- Playing style. He's a bit street footballer – he brings energy, tenacity and some snide. He's a bit of an angry ant -– he can't play upfront on his tod, but he creates space for those around him. Evertonians tend to like that type of player.

- Long term target so it's not a knee-jerk panic - we were linked last summer but had no chance because Brighton wouldn't sell.

He'd be a very useful player and for £15M, all day.

It would be double that, and I doubt Brighton would sell if he had 4 years on his contract.

Brian Murray
13 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:56:20
Is it a goer or another red herring (no fish puns intended).
Fran Mitchell
14 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:56:38
For the £15 million quoted fee, he's not a bad option. He's got pace and skill and can play football, also he's very hard working and always running. He's not and never will be a prolific goalscorer. His finishing will frustrate He will get 8-10 goals.

He's always seemed to underachieve, but he's not a bad player. At 26 he's at a good age. He'd be an adequate replacement for Richarlison in terms of output.

Not the same potential, but again, with our current target of securing a mid-table finish, he's a decent option at the price.

He's not the Striker/goalscorer we need, but will suffice as one of the (2?) wide-forward signings we need.

A busy week ahead

Alex Gray
15 Posted 25/08/2022 at 21:58:06
Isn't Maupay famous at Brighton for not scoring goals and missing sitters? Not sure about this one.
Derek Moore
16 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:01:36
Doubt we'll get our ducks in a roe this window Brian (#2). I don't think we'll be landing anyone or bringing anyone aboard.

(Fish/nautical puns intended)

Sam Hoare
17 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:02:47
Not mad about this one but not the worst option. Will work hard, be a shithouse, dribble the ball a bit and score a few crackers; will also miss some sitters, lose the ball annoyingly and probably never score more than 8-10 in a season.

Wouldn’t be my top choice but then beggars can’t be choosers.

What annoys me is that I think Brighton will be chuffed to get £15m for a player in his final year and will probably use it to buy a younger striker that we should be getting instead of Maupay!

Brian Murray
18 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:03:27

Impressed with the variety of goals, doesn't look too shabby to me, but all a throw of dice in that price bracket!

Kieran Kinsella
19 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:05:11
I have had luck with Maupay in Fantasy football if that counts? He does have that knack of getting important goals.

Given our start, I'd say the next handful of games are pretty important so he must be nailed on to score.

Will Mabon
20 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:05:46
Important topic at this stage, Derek - no time to be fly.
Ciarán McGlone
21 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:13:56
This is a fairly tragic signing. Another striker that doesn't actually score.

If you're content with this signing then you've been desensitised to the utter shit show that this club has become.

Demand better.

Brian Murray
22 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:14:57
Even if 8 to 10 a season it's 8 to 10 more than what's there now and he can move a bit. If we can get another one close to double figures, that's us safe.

I'm not including Calvert-Lewin because we can't rely on him staying fit and no doubt he won't even be here soon enough. Another one that gets better the more he's out.

Jerome Shields
23 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:15:04
Sam #6

That is a realistic assessment of Maupay's and Everton's failings.

Mark Ryan
24 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:18:31
"Judge me after the window," he said.

I'll do it now if this is true: "Guilty!"

Andy Meighan
25 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:19:59
Got to agree with Ciaran. This is so underwhelming it's untrue.

Believe me when I tell you this lad is as ordinary as it gets. Why the fuck doesn't this club just go out of business and do us all a favour.

There's hundreds and I mean hundreds of better options out there. Fighting for his signature with a club that's spent the last god knows how many years out of the top flight.

Fuck off, Everton, please... seriously, Fuck right off. So annoyed.

Brendan McLaughlin
26 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:20:56
Pretty uninspiring news.
Paul Jones
27 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:21:59
If I were to judge the board at this stage of the transfer window, the verdict would be an overwhelming "Shite".

Anyone who sees Maupay as a decent signing has clearly been battered into submission by a completely inept transfer strategy.

I'm of the opinion that Gordon is signed and sealed for Chelsea but with a clause to say he can't make the move until transfer deadline day. He won't be in the starting XI on Saturday due to another mysterious injury.

If we go beyond deadline day with no Richarlison and no Gordon but with Maupay holding up a shirt at Finch Farm, then we're fucked. We deserve to go down for putting up with this crap.

Joseph Walsh
28 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:25:34
The most underwhelming striker signing out of all the strikers we have been linked with.

Is that really the best we can come up with? A player who cannot get into Brighton's first team as a regular starter?!

“Judge me at the end of this window” – I am and it reinforces what I think – the club is clueless in unearthing hungry enthusiastic gems from lower leagues or abroad. Surely Diaz from Blackburn represents better value for the same price?

Chris Jones [NZ]
29 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:26:34
I can't shake this image of Frank and Kev sitting down at the end of last season with a 12-pack and a giant bag of Doritos to watch Moneyball.
Ray Jacques
30 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:27:06
World beater.

Sad reflection on the shit show that is Everton FC. I wish him luck, he will need it.

Hopefully sell Gordon and get a few loans from Chelsea and we might make 36 points.

Dale Self
31 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:27:08
We are so damn Gull'able. Take Trossard and leave that one.
Brian Murray
32 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:28:06
Get what you pay for. That £20 million for the needless signing of McNeil could've gone to a £40 million striker but no that's thinking outside the box too much.

Just treading water it's what we do... don't mention the War, or the Board.

Alex Gray
33 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:28:23
Not to be a cynic but, if he scores 8-10 goals for a Brighton side that create a lot of chances and play attacking football, how will he cope with our brand?

Diaz, whilst untested, scores quite a variety of different goals... but I'm no expert.

At the end of the day, he's better than Rondon.

Joseph Walsh
34 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:33:21
In Columbo fashion.... and another thing -
If El Bobble is allegedly a club insider / club stooge (if rumours are to be believed) to garner fan support for potential news /signings we need to blitz his Twitter to tell him how we feel about this and the running of the club.

I also hope the guy with the spray can who wanted Lampard in has been off to Halfords for a few fresh tinnies to suggest some more fan-friendly options outside Goodison!

Derek Moore
35 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:37:03
You reckon they were watching Moneyball Chris? (#18)

Much more likely it was something more to their speed. Dumb and Dumber or the Police Academy franchise spring to mind.

Bill Gienapp
36 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:38:14
He's a decent enough piece, if one of several attacking reinforcements. If he's the only signing - oof.

For what it's worth, the Diaz talk is also heating up on social media.

Ashley Roberts
37 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:40:31
It is a definite No for me. We need a goal scorer and this guy has problems in finding the back of the net.

The fact that Brighton doesn't really care if he leaves says it all. Why would Everton want or need to buy a Brighton reject?? This is worse than buying Man Utd cast-offs. Dump this idea now.

Will Mabon
38 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:40:38
This is deliberate.
Joe McMahon
39 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:41:01
A good addition for now, he runs at defenders, and – like it or not – will score more goals this season than Gordon.
Sam Hoare
40 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:41:15
Diaz vs Maupay is an interesting contest. Diaz scored 22 in 34 last season but was patchy before that. Maupay scored 25 in 43 in his last season in the championship and has been hitting 8-10 since then.

Think I’d see them as pretty similar output wise to be honest. Not sure sure either would really elevate us considerably but both should be able to offer something and hopefully around 8-12 goals a season.

Think it’s plausible we get them both, especially if we sell Gordon.

Also, I’m not sure it’s fair to call Maupay a Brighton reject, he’s been their top scorer 3 years in a row and would be staying if not near end of his contract, which I believe he didn’t want to extend.

Mark Ryan
41 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:47:23
Isn't Cavani a free agent?
Jermaine Jennings
42 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:47:52
This is a shambolic signing – is this the best we can do?

What has happened to this club? Slipping to such low standards has now become the norm.

Kevin Hayes
43 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:53:45
Is this how far we have fallen, buying a striker who is not even a Brighton regular, very underwhelming!!

I really despair at the way the club is being managed and the waste of money buying dross over the last few years.

After the pain of last season, I was hoping for something better this season. A 10th place finish would have been good enough for me and then a rebuild and reset.

However, based on what I have seen so far, I fear the worst. How the mighty have fallen!

Simon Dalzell
44 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:54:03
I'd much rather have Diaz.

Maupay's kind of infamous for the ones he misses.

An earlier poster says ' at least he's better than Rondon' ... jeez.

Robert Tressell
45 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:56:09
Probably about right, Sam. Very similar standard.

On balance, I favour Brereton-Diaz because I expect he's desperate to make the step up and will put the work in. Maupay might just be after a 3-year wage packet, having already peaked.

Calvert-Lewin is comfortably better than both, surely, when fit.

If Gordon goes, maybe one like this and then a younger, more exciting talent like Wahi or Joao Pedro would be good – players who could well become better than Calvert-Lewin.

Kieran Kinsella
46 Posted 25/08/2022 at 22:58:00

Yeah but he's 35, injury-prone, and wants about half a million a week.

Derek Moore
47 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:01:00
"Yeah but he's 35, injury-prone, and wants about half a million a week"

Sounds like the dictionary definition of a Moshiri era signing then, doesn't it KK? (#35)

Extra bonus points: he's South American to boot!!!

John Kavanagh
48 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:01:38
No way, Maupay.

What a day. Deadwood out followed by more deadwood in. A veritable log flume of never-ending deadwood. At least we know who we'll be adding to the Turkey list next summer to try and offload part of another 3 years' pay and possibly recoup one or two million pounds.

He works hard. That makes him the new Bernie Wright then, but with Barlow's finishing skills thrown in. Better than Rondon? Hardly a qualification. I bet there's a couple of hundred TWers on here that could legitimately claim that after the Fleetwood 'performance' and won't cost £15 million. Potter will be laughing his head off if they can offload Maupay and get millions from the biggest mugs in the Premier League in the process.

Seriously, I believe Simms has more to offer than Maupay and won't cost £15 million.

Tom Bowers
49 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:02:08
He won't need to be much to be better than Rondon.

However, I no longer feel confident about anyone we sign being able to make a difference.

Everton must be the World's leaders in signing duds and then we can't get rid of them.

It was a big disappointment for Dele Alli not to have made the grade here as he was quite the livewire in his early days at Spurs. But his story can be applied to many who have come to Goodison in recent years.

Kevin Molloy
50 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:18:41
Feeling pathetically grateful for this signing. This really is psychological torture in real time. I think he's what we need to stay just outside the relegation zone.

If only there was a teleprompter for us all to express our joy and thanks to Blue Bill. I knew there was a reason besides football that 1984 didn't seem so bad.

Kieran Kinsella
51 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:22:00

He's like a James Rodriguez big brother.

Kevin Hayes
52 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:26:31
I still hope this is lazy journalism, as we have been linked to hundreds of players, however, most have just been to fill the media lines.

Not for me even at £15M. Simms should have been given a shot for that outlay,

I am lost with the Gordon saga. I can't be sure if it's conspiracy leading to a Deadline Day sale and the money being whisked away or if its real negations to get a good deal,

Either way, another frustrating depressing week -- not looking to the weekend again... doubt if we will get anything from Brentford!

Colin Glassar
53 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:33:30
Can we judge Moshiri yet?
Bernie Quinn
54 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:40:40
Every time I read of these transfer 'links', I am reminded of that old anti-war song by Peter, Paul and Mary; where the line goes – "When will they ever learn?"

It certainly applies to Everton. I wish to God that this Transfer Window was over!

Kunal Desai
55 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:41:05
I don't mind Maupay, I was an advocate for getting him in when he was at Brentford.

I think he'll bag a few goals and will create more movement in and around the opposition box. He's certainly an upgrade on Rondon.

There has got to be a realisation from our fanbase in regards to tempering expectations, and that in all likeliness, it will be a Bottom 5 or 6 finish this season.

Mal van Schaick
56 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:43:52
Sorry. Not my idea of a marquee signing. Another candidate for a Turkish loan deal in January.

I don't rate Che Adams as well, so stay away from that one.

Nearly on four games in, another week gone by and no forward signing. Mismanagement.

Rob Jones
57 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:54:20
Honestly, all that people do on this God forsaken website is complain.

Of course he's no world beater.

We can't afford a world beater. And frankly, if we could, he wouldn't want to come to us.

He's better than what we have, and our ambition right now is to finish somewhere between 9th-15th.

Certainly we should want better, but I'll take mediocrity ahead of what we suffered through last season.

Maupay and Diaz will do nicely. Let's walk before we can run.

Jay Harris
58 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:55:44
Just what we need... another low-grade Premier League player.

Way to go, Everton. If we sign this reject and get rid of Anthony Gordon, then we had better strap in for a relegation fight.

Rob Jones
59 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:56:46
Jay, we're IN a relegation fight.
Derek Moore
60 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:58:25
Did you mean 'marquee' signing perhaps, Mal? (#45)

Because Maupay is definitely a 'marquis' signing. Marquis de Sade anyway.

It helps that our prospective signing is French as well.

Colin Glassar
61 Posted 25/08/2022 at 23:58:58
The lad from Blackburn is the type of bargain basement buy we should be going after. Cahill turned out alright as have quite a few who've come up from the championship.

This smells of desperation to try and placate the fan base.

Tony Hill
62 Posted 25/08/2022 at 00:06:01
Rob @46, is surely correct. This is now our sort of forward option.

Jay @47, we are already in a relegation fight (with Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest and Southampton or Aston Villa).

I happen to think that it's a fight we won't win this time, after years of negligent decline. If we get Maupay, it will be somehow apt.

Bernie Quinn
63 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:12:21
Well, if I have to throw my hat into the ring re an incoming player, then I'm with you Colin @ 50.

Diaz sounds the sort of forward we should be signing.

Ian Riley
64 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:22:48
We need somebody to score goals! The situation is desperate. The club need to get on with it or our first win may be weeks away.

Is it me, but frustration turns to laughter sometimes supporting this club. Just don't understand why a striker even on loan wasn't brought in pre-season?

Rob Dolby
65 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:29:14
Underwhelming... but beggars can't be choosers.

How can we justify keeping Gordon when £50M is on the table? Surely we need to sell Gordon and go and buy a half-decent striker.

Maupay is one of those players that does a fair bit of running and is a pest but he does miss more than he scores.

On a positive note, he is better than Rondon and is mobile enough to play in a front 3.

He could be the next Peter Eastoe or Eamon O'Keefe for all we know!

Lester Yip
66 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:30:31
Fran (3). I agree it's not bad value.

Players moving from Championship the goals output is about half to 1/3 in EPL. So Maupay and Diaz is on similar level. I think in Brighton's model, they'll buy players with potential and see if they hit the jackpot. They've been very successful recently with their scouting and dealings. They can do that because their goal is probably just stay in EPL. Not aiming to challenge the top 6. Also, they've already established a good core and work ethics in the team.

On the other hand, we are at a different point on the curve at the moment. We're in crisis. We need someone proven rather than betting on potential. That's why the Maupay deal suits both parties. Bright take the $15m and bet on younger potential who might score 20 goals in EPL per season. Or could turn out to be a dud. Where we need someone proven who's hard working, can complement DCL and within how much we can afford.

Lester Yip
67 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:30:31
Fran (3). I agree it's not bad value.

Players moving from Championship the goals output is about half to 1/3 in EPL. So Maupay and Diaz is on similar level. I think in Brighton's model, they'll buy players with potential and see if they hit the jackpot. They've been very successful recently with their scouting and dealings. They can do that because their goal is probably just stay in EPL. Not aiming to challenge the top 6. Also, they've already established a good core and work ethics in the team.

On the other hand, we are at a different point on the curve at the moment. We're in crisis. We need someone proven rather than betting on potential. That's why the Maupay deal suits both parties. Bright take the $15m and bet on younger potential who might score 20 goals in EPL per season. Or could turn out to be a dud. Where we need someone proven who's hard working, can complement DCL and within how much we can afford.

Neil Tyrrell
68 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:41:04
What Rob Jones said above. This is our level at present, no world beaters are signing for Everton.

Maupay and another similar player signing up front is probably about what we can hope for now. Let's hope it's enough to keep us safe.

Jack Convery
69 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:51:17
Brighton bought this lad for £14M in August 2019. He's falied, as far as Potter is concerned and that's why he's surplus to requirements.

We now buy a failure for more than Brighton did. What the Fuck!!! We are the Fuckwit Club of all Fuckwit Clubs???

Steve Byles
70 Posted 26/08/2022 at 01:13:40
I’d be happy with Maupay, Diaz and Broja. It’s steady progress and enough to keep us out of the bottom 3.
Dupont Koo
71 Posted 26/08/2022 at 01:17:59
If we can get BOTH Maupay & Trossard, I'll be happy as they both are versatile, work hard, have pace and decent football IQ: not likely however as Brighton would only sanction the sale of either one of them and not both.
Teddy Bertin
72 Posted 26/08/2022 at 01:20:08
Anyone saying that Maupay is rubbish and doesn’t score goals is basically falling into the same camp of all the Spurs fans who said that Richarlison is awful, doesn’t score goals and helped a team nearly get relegated by missing sitters.

Ie. Didn’t watch any Everton games last season to see what a handful Richarlison was even when he wasn’t scoring.

I do get bored of people slagging off players that they haven’t watched aside from against Everton. We just start to sound like Arsenal and Spurs fans.

We are where we are. If we could get Maupay and Brereton in then it would massively improve this current squad. We have nothing upfront. We need people that are a handful and want to play for the club.

If he wants to come just for money then fair enough, move on. But if he’s up for it then get him in because we need to compete up front

Barry Williams
73 Posted 26/08/2022 at 02:50:04



I don't know much about this guy - I only watch Everton games - fallen out of love with football a long time ago - but still an Evertonian - the madness!

His stats appear much better than Gordon's, marginally worse than Richarlison's - read into that what you will!

I know I am not looking at the potential factor here - but needs must!

Also - could be a load of bollox - I never believe a player has signed until he is running around in an Everton shirt!

Kieran Kinsella
74 Posted 26/08/2022 at 03:22:50
Just wondering with FFP and Brexit etc the US Congress have said this week some UFOs are likely extraterrestrial. I know work permits are an issue for foreign humans but is there anything to prevent us signing up some greys or reptilians? I’m thinking the latter would be pretty slick, the former can use mind control? Have our inept board not looked until this avenue? Or are we going to wait until Man City pick off the best Martian’s and go cap in hand for their rejects? Kenwright out!
Jay Harris
75 Posted 26/08/2022 at 03:52:16
The last 2 seasons he has scored 8 in 32 games and in 33 the season before that.

I don't believe for one minute that that's acceptable for an Everton forward let alone one with little physical presence and not good in the air.

FFS who is making the decisions at Everton. We need 50 goals a season to end midtable.

Lets say 5 come from the defenders and 5 from MF that leaves 40 from the front 3 so that will be 1 for McNeil, 6 for Gray, 8 from Maupay and 25 from DCL or his replacement and that's assuming we don't go 5 at the back all season.

Now if were talking Brereton-Diaz and DCL or Broja and bring in this Garner lad I would be more confident but not someone as mediocre as MAupay and before anyone says it I have watched Brighton over that last few seasons and the lad is a waster in front of goal.

Phil Head
76 Posted 26/08/2022 at 03:52:55
Anyone that's got anything positive to say regarding this news, is quite frankly a complete and utter Moron.

Selling Richarlison and Gordon and replacing them with Dwight McNeill and Neal Maupay even tops replacing Lukaku with that Rat, Wayne Rooney.

In 2-3 windows, we've sold half our best players, collected a plethora of attacking players incapable of scoring or assisting, not a single fullback that's anything better than useless. Accumulated 6 Centre backs, 3 of whom
are donkeys, 4 of whom, can only play in the centre of a 3, with the 2 left, being the appalling Holgate and a guy thats out again, for half the season.

We also haven't got a single midfield player that's remotely comfortable with a ball at their feet and a squad that's ever increasing with age.

No amount of fan intervention will be enough to rescue this shower of shit from relegation this time round.

Yet no one can argue, that it would be thoroughly deserving, to see Everton finally get what the board has clearly been craving.. . . Championship Football, in a 60,000 seater stadium!

Being an Evertonian, is like having Inherited a smackhead as an offspring.

I too feel robbed, abused, pittied, drained of life and enthusiasm.

I too have reached the point, where washing your hands of the issue, is the only logical and healthy solution.

Lee Jackson
77 Posted 26/08/2022 at 04:04:53
Barry (62), I'm not one for stats like this normally but thought I'd see how he compares to DCL. The absolute huge stat that stands out to me with DCL is the number of big chances missed - a whopping 50 in 164 games. That's huge. 1 in 3.28

Richarlison is way better, 42 in 175 games. 1 in 4.17

Maupay is 26 in 102 - 1 in 3.92

Interesting then that Maupay has a reputation for missing lots of chances.

Don't get me wrong, I'd take DCL and Richy over Maupay every time. I'm just wondering where the 'misses lots' reputation came from.

BTW, as one may expect with the finishing we have seen from him, Gray is excellent in this regard. Only 9 big chances missed in 170 games, 1 in 18.9 or about 2 a season.

Interestingly enough, and proof that stats don't tell the whole story. Harry Kane has missed 117 big chances in 285 games (1 in 2.4 games). Salah even worse at 95 in 196 (1 in 2.1). The big difference of course is they get a lot more chances and are probably 3-0 up when they miss!

Anyway, as I said, not a big one for stats ;-)

Lee Jackson
78 Posted 26/08/2022 at 04:16:08
15-20m is a 'gamble' price for a striker - we all know good ones cost 50m and excellent ones 80m+.

Diaz or Maupay are likely to cost somewhere in that 15-20m. Therefore its a gamble. The issue I have is that with Maupay, that gamble was already taken by Brighton and appears to have failed. 8 a season being proof of that.

With Diaz, we simply do not know how he would cope with the Prem and in that sense it is a true gamble. But that's what a gamble is. Not wasting money on an already failed gamble but having a go at something else. He may get 20 a season or he may get 8. But I think its unlikely he would get less than Maupay.

Sean Roe
79 Posted 26/08/2022 at 05:29:46
Surely there must be another Premier league striker that scores less than five goals a season that the press can link us with, we've already had this one?

Mike Gaynes
80 Posted 26/08/2022 at 05:35:29
Lee #66, the "misses lots" reputation comes from watching him... my impression of Maupay was that his pace, workrate and touch are all exemplary, but he misses more sitters than a drunk in a pay toilet.

Transfermarkt statistics bear me out. Maupay has scored a goal every 290 minutes in Prem competition. That's poor for a striker, barely better than Rondon (325).

By comparison, Richarlison scored every 234 minutes of his Everton career (all competitions) and Calvert-Lewin has scored every 213 minutes.

Barry Williams
81 Posted 26/08/2022 at 05:52:30
Lee Jackson - 66

Agreed, stats only tell a bit part of the whole story. I just put it out there for people to have a convenient gander at and maybe to suggest that the outgoings weren't/aren't as productive as fans think, and the incomings not as bad. That said, I have no idea about this player other than a quick look at the stats and better informed ToffeeWebbers than me could possibly spread some objective light on this.

Ed Prytherch
82 Posted 26/08/2022 at 06:05:12
Surely minutes played per goal is a much more meaningful statistic than percent misses. Goals scored from open play should be the gold standard for strikers.
Lee Jackson
83 Posted 26/08/2022 at 06:21:45
Yes Ed (71), I would agree, I was just pointing out that the idea that Maupay misses a lot (as mentioned by several posters in this thread) is somewhat unfairly applied as statistically, he misses less 'big chances' than DCL.

Mike (69) - Goals per game or minutes per goal (same stat really) are indicative of the whole team in general though as well as the individuals skill to finish them. He can't score them if the chances are not created etc etc. Percent of 'big chances' missed is purely a player skill/composure thing and nothing to do with the team.

Don't get me wrong, I would rather have Watkins, Diaz, Broja and even Adams ahead of Maupay. I just think the 'Maupay misses a lot' is an unfair label.

Ian Bennett
84 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:02:03
Bang average, but an upgrade on Rondon. But what wouldnt be, he's probably one of the worst strikers in the top 2 English leagues.

Our striker hunt is a bit like the dead parrot sketch in monty python...

Totally agree with Sam on Brighton. Brighton have bought well, got their use out of him and will get £15m for him with a year left on his contract.

We get an OK forward that will have no resale value at 30. Whilst they'll invest £15m in a young striker with potential. Roll on 4 years, and we have no asset and they probably have a £30-50m striker.

Alex Winstanley
85 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:04:03
If you keep buying championship standard players you will end up with a championship team! We are now in the same arena as Forest, Fulham, Southampton when it comes to transfers. I despair !
Tony Abrahams
86 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:08:27
This player has always impressed me with his work rate, and might just do better playing for a team with a more direct style than Brighton.

I’m obviously being positive, because like Barry W said, I only really watch Everton nowadays, but I now feel that it’s time for Evertonians to put real pressure on our absent owner, to sell the club and let us try and progress, or change the hierarchy, which I'm not sure he’s prepared to do, in these very worrying times.

Something tells me that there’s going to be a lot of movement in the last week of the transfer window, because we definitely need more players, otherwise it’s going to be a very, very long season. We will see?

Michael Burke
87 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:09:20
Mike @69, that stat is not comparable. I'd like to see Richarlison and DCL golas per min in the PL, excluding Cup competitions as Muapays is. Interesting that Richie has scored only 4 more goals than Muapay in the last 3 years in the league. But one is a flop and the other one if the lost expensive signings of the summer.
Graeme Beresford
88 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:31:34
Just to think we had Carlo as our boss, we signed James, Allan and Doucoure and had a team consisting of all of them and a fit DCL, Richarlison, Digne.

Just like Everton to mess it up. That is the moment we should of been improving the squad. Covid killed us but so did our inept board who failed to progress and then hired Benitez.

Sad to think out of all them names only Allan, Doucoure and DCL remain as Everton players. Scary stuff.

Andrew Brookfield
89 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:35:24
Better than Rondon, but not as good as pretty much every other teams first choice striker in the league. Disappointing.
Mick Roberts
90 Posted 26/08/2022 at 07:58:04
Everton allover sell our best players replace them with dross moshri you have been judged and found guilty of having absolutely no knowledge of how to run a football club at all so pack yours and kenwrights bags and do one
Danny O’Neill
91 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:01:25
I think many have acknowledged that we're not going to get a £50M / 20 plus goals a season striker. We're unfortunately not in that space.

Back up or an alternative for Calvert-Lewin? That't the space we're in and maybe this player can be that.

I always like to wait and see how a player performs for Everton before judging them. Paul Power, Seamus Coleman, Tim Cahill. All underwhelming signings at the time, but went on to become favourites and in one case, win the league title. Trust the manager and let him make his decisions based on the space he is able to operate in. As mentioned earlier, the player is a hard worker. That is a fundamental aspect to a footballer and one that will resonate with Evertonians.

For those promoting Potter as a manager, he has obviously trusted this player for a couple of seasons. In another universe, had he been appointed Everton manager and brought him to Goodison, would you be as critical of this potential signing?

Alan Johnson
92 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:04:35
Heard that EL BOBBLE has a seat in the Directors box?
Frank Sheppard
93 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:05:25
Friend of mine who’s a Brighton fan told me that on their fan site last week, vote was nearly 100% to get rid of him, not liked, not wanted.
Brian Murray
94 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:05:35
Tony post 75. All well and good trying to get moshiri to sell but a a man utd and toon etc found out that doesn’t happen overnight. The more pressing matter is who he left in charge and he or us have the power or influence to change that. As for maupay or whoever what it it takes these players weeks or longer to bed in and show their worth. Another 12 points maybe gone by then. Scary times rinse and repeat. Just cut off the snakes head please moshiri.
Tony Everan
95 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:09:39
I can understand the general sentiment here of being underwhelmed. It’s a bit like waiting for the latest model PlayStation at Christmas, opening the wrapping paper and getting an old box of Lego from the charity shop instead.

Frank personally spoke to him on the phone about coming here a few days ago if the rumours are to be believed so they must see him as a forward who can offer something a bit different to give him options starting and also from the bench.

I think he is definitely being signed as a no2, also someone who compliments DCL in the expected 352. DCL is seen as a very valuable asset and they will want to keep him as the main man getting the goals, to keep his sale value high as well as being good for us.

I need convincing too, I found this on Grand Old Team that gives a good case for him, worth a read. (Posted on the Gordon thread but more relevant here).

“Reasons why I think at £15m he'd be a good, pragmatic signing.

- Brighton wanted to keep him. He wouldn't renew. He's been an important player for them and still would be if he wanted to stay.

- He's only available, and for a good price because he's in the last year of his deal. From January, he can open talks with any foreign club about a free transfer.

- League goals - 10 in 37, 8 in 33, 8 in 35. Their top goal scorer in those 3 seasons. Over those 3 years, he's contributed a third of their goals.

- Compare how he'd rank at 10, 8 and 8 in an Everton team the past 3 years.

- He's 25, he hit double figures (ok, 10 league goals) in his debut season as a 21/22 year old for Brighton.

- It sounds daft, but he tends to score goals that matter. It's not like he slots 3 in a 4-0 win to bump up his numbers - 'Take away the nine he netted in 2021-22 and Brighton’s record-breaking ninth place finish becomes 14th spot in the table. Maupay was single-handedly worth seven points last season.'

- He has a very good fitness record.

- People like to say 'Brighton create loads of chances, Maupay misses loads' - he has a better conversion rate than most, including Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison.

- He's low risk in that he's 'proven' in the Prem, young enough to do a few years and sell for profit.

- Playing style. He's a bit street footballer - he brings energy, tenacity and some snide. He's a bit of an angry ant - he can't play upfront on his tod, but he creates space for those around him. Evertonians tend to like that type of player.

- Long term target so it's not a knee jerk panic - we were linked last summer but had no chance because Brighton wouldn't sell;

He'd be a very useful player and for £15m, all day.

It would be double that, and I doubt Brighton would sell if he had 4 years on his contract.”

I think this signing would not be enough, but gives some depth and options to our forward line. Not a no1 dynamic player at all but someone who is a proven PL operator.

Sometimes it is not just about having three megastar Billy Big Bollocks as forwards but players who dovetail , form an understanding and play well together. I think this is what Frank is trying to achieve.

I think there is no doubt we need more forward threat too, especially with Gordon’s likely exit DCLs injuries, Dele leaving and Rondon being wholly inadequate at this level.

Steve Shave
96 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:14:13
Danny you make some excellent points. I am as underwhelmed as many on here but I also see this for what it is. We are signing a back-up striker, not a first choice striker (yes I know DCL has injury problems etc etc) so what represents good value? He has bags of PL experience and may just yet prove most of you wrong. Strong, hard worker.

Adams would have been a better bet but his price has gone up, I actually saw a big improvement in Che Adam's towards the end of last season so not surprised he's started the season well.

If I were Maupay I wouldn't want to come here, the typical knee-jerk "we are Everton we are better than this" emotional nonsense which remains firmly based on an institutional memory of greatness last witnessed 35 years ago. I'm not saying forget, I am saying stop judging our standards now based on then! It generates negativity which permeates the club and transcends to the players. Thankfully we have top business people running the club who know what they are doing! Ok that last sentence was tongue in cheek :)

If Frank and our DOF have chosen him then that is the plan based on the resources at their disposal. We have to let them get on with it, Maupay is not a bad player and an able deputy. Personally I would have preferred the punt on Brereton-Diaz who may just kick on to be better but its a gamble, Maupay is the safer option. Semenyo from Bristol would cost the same and is a relative unknown, a bigger risk.

I do think however that much depends on Gordon, if we sell and suddenly have a pot of cash then we would be missing a trick not to have upgraded our replacement striker. I am starting to think Chelski had a deadline and didn't meet it. Maupay, Kudos on loan and Garner might be the remaining incomings for a total of about £30-£35M.

Mark Ryan
97 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:25:51
Very underwhelmed BUT he is better than what we currently have as our striker option which is NOBODY. Somebody is better than NOBODY
Anthony Dove
98 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:29:34
I’m afraid it’s an awful state of affairs when we have to buy cast offs from Brighton.
Also In case none has noticed with Brighton they have loads of possession but can’t
turn that into goals.
Bob Parrington
99 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:36:29
Ronaldo doesn't need the money and he sure knows where the net is. Maybe he'll take a free and 50k per week pocket money. Ha! Ha! His Ma would likely want him to join The People's Club, too.
Andrew Ellams
100 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:38:27
We're starting to move back towards the days of signing people like John Spencer. This is a signing of a team that knows it's in a relegation battle but doesn't have the means to bring in better.
James Marshall
101 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:42:05
Massively underwhelmed here as well, but it struck me:

Runs about a lot. Works hard off the ball. Scores about 8-10 a season. Sullen of face.

He's a near exact replica of Richarlison!

God help us if this is the best we can do.

Mick O'Malley
102 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:42:55
Surely we can do better than this fella, I know we’re desperate for a striker but this is very underwhelming, quickly losing interest in football, the prices of average players is astronomical, I love Everton but hate this modern football industry
Joe McMahon
103 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:51:49
He isn't here yet and already he's being slagged off. On the subject of missing chances, DCL misses his fair share.

I remember talking to a United fan years ago and he was whinging about the chances Andy Cole missed. I had to remind him exactly how many goals he scored (a hell of a lot).

Tommy Carter
104 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:52:35

Maupay is not a bad option. Albeit, not
a great one.

He’s better than Rondon and nobody which is what we currently have available, that’s for sure.

He has a 1 in 4ish record for Brighton. If we can get him and another player capable of getting between 5-10 goals in a season then this is an improvement on our current options. The assumption is that DCL returns to the team and should be a 15 goal a season type striker.

What I like about Maupay is that he’s horrible to play against. He’s a pest. He’s confrontational. He backs himself.

Everton and it’s players have lacked belief for so long it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have someone with these qualities at the club.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
105 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:55:50
James Marshall, you have just written

He's a near exact replica of Richarlison!
God help us if this is the best we can do.

But I bet you would have been happy if Richarlison had stayed and we went into the season with him and DCL up front.

Mark Tanton
106 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:57:05
We really shouldn't be writing players off before they've even put on the shirt. He does have some decent qualities and, as others have alluded to, has a nasty streak in him which we need.

I don't know what kind of players some of you expect Everton to be able to compete for.

Paul Hewitt
107 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:58:25
People saying we can do better… we’re Everton —this is as good as it gets.
Iain Johnston
108 Posted 26/08/2022 at 08:58:45
Tony @ 81. Wasting your time mate, your post doesn't suit the negative narrative.

Me, I'd sign both Maupay and Diaz for a combined £30M which would probably give us 15 -25 goals a season and two players who are comfortable in multiple forward positions.

I'm looking at them compared to the likes of Ivan Toney and Ollie Watkins. Those two would probably cost a combined £70M for a very similar number of goals.

Phillip Warrington
109 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:04:07
This would be a joke, we get rid of our top striker… about to get rid of our brightest hope. To be replaced by a player who can’t get a game at his current club.
James Marshall
110 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:09:07

I was taking the piss.

Paul Hetherington
111 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:09:21
I watch most Premier League games and this guy is in my top 5 most frustrating players in the league (think A. Traore, McNeil, Mbuemo, Podence etc.) when it comes to providing output.

He's basically a striker who needs more chances than average to get a goal. This is fine when playing for a zippy, exciting Brighton team who create loads of chances but will be quite different when playing for us. A fit DCL would get a hatload playing in the 6 yard box for Brighton.

A further problem with him is I can't think of a player more unlikely to undo his own good work over the course of a game. Missing penalties he's won, getting a red/yellow after scoring etc.

Sad thing is that we probably do still need him. I think that's more an indictment of us than an endorsement of him, though.

The only slightly positive thing I can say is that his snarky, shitty attitude is the kind of thing we like, and will be a breath of fresh air compared to the diminishing numbers who don't seem like they could care less.

Kevin Molloy
112 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:09:21
if we don't like him we can sell him on in a year for what we paid. This is a no brainer. We are desperate for players, he will move us up the pitch. Also means we can play hardball with Chelsea, we are no longer desperate for Broja.

I'm starting to feel impressed with Thelwell again (although no doubt I will change my mind several times before next week), if we'd signed Adams for £25m I'd have had my head in my hands (again)

Christopher Timmins
113 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:14:39
He is an upgrade on the currently available striking options and with a 1 in 4 scoring record he should contribute 10 goals a season. He represents better value than Adams, some reports are suggesting a £25 million fee for him.

We need a central midfielder, I prefer Garner to Gana but would take Gana, as again he would be an upgrade. We also need a player who can play along the front line, hoping for Diaz. Any additional recruits will be a bonus at this stage.

We just have to accept that given our finances and our current status as a club, trophy less for the past 27 years, that this is the space that we find ourselves in.

Success this year, will be good runs in both Cup competitions and no relegation worries in the month of May. A mid table finish would be an achievement as our squad is nowhere near as strong as:

Manchester City
West Ham
Manchester United
Newcastle and

Best of luck to the boys heading out to Turkey.

Lets get behind the manager and the team and if we hit a points total for the season somewhere in the high 40's that will definitely be a sign of improvement.

Stu Darlington
114 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:16:54
Tony @84
Good,thoughtful analysis.
BUT we don’t need back up or deputy strikers,we haven’t got any to back up.
We need someone to come into the team NOW and be a genuine threat up front.
I know we are not going to attract any marquee strikers, but we all know there are better options than Maupay out there.
The exasperating thing for me is why aren’t we out there pursuing them?
Ciarán McGlone
115 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:16:57
I'm astounded by some of the comments on this thread.. and we wonder how and where Kenwright gets the temerity to remain ensconced in this club.. there's your answer.

We are not, I repeat NOT, in a relegation fight. It might be your opinion that we may end up in one.. but we are currently not in one. However if we sell our best assets and are 'willing to to accept the mediocrity' of replacing them with shite - then we certainly will be.

Have some bloody dignity.

Lester Yip
116 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:23:14
Tony (84). I agree. A team of players with great stats do not warrant a great team. DCL is very good at winning the first header but a lot of times we lack someone to pick up the second ball. Maybe he can do it? Also, at times I think both Rich and Gray tend to do too much themselves and force a shot when passing/crossing is a better option. We need someone who plays for the team but not just focus on his own stats.
Jon Harding
117 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:23:23
Cheers me up that the majority of the 97 previous posts on this thread are in line with my thinking - no way Maupay. Those that are more positive often use "better then Rondon" - this in no way should be a qualification for being signed by Everton.
DCL was injured before the season began. Even if we sign Maupay or ANOther this morning, it will be 4 league games gone tomorrow without a striker so over 10% of the season. That is negligence on behalf of those running the football club, be that management, DOF and his team plus the Board.
Personally, I still cannot get over the incompetence once Richie was sold of relying purely on DCL and loaning out all 3 of Simms, Dobbin and Broadhead.
I cannot take Rondon seriously as an Everton player. If you disagree, get to the game early and watch him in the warm up. It will break your heart.
Iain Johnston
118 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:39:23
Just looked at Maupay over his 3 years of Premier League football compared to Richarlison.

Maupay, 102 games, 26 goals, 8 assists. Cost Brighton £14m

Richarlison, 100 games, 30 goals, 11 assists. Cost us £35m.

Maybe, just maybe, the moral of the story is that we should have bought Maupay and not Richarlison and saved £21 million in transfer fees & £40k a week in wages.

Mick Roberts
119 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:42:23
Mark 95 you say we shouldn't write players off before they put on the shirt no need brighton and their fans already have they want shut says it all really
Barry Rathbone
120 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:43:13
As usual I have to watch the showreel because I've no idea who he is but on that evidence I reckon he's a good 'un.

He is a rarity at this price of having good technique with the ability to score the scruffy as well as quality goals. Good passing ability and aggresive with an air of cockiness I say get him.

Peter Hodgson
121 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:45:20
Steve @ 85

I like the way you have, in your words, put all this in context. None of us fans are able to immediately see the bigger picture in the way that Lampard & Co are. Also we all have our own, relatively fixed ideas as to who fits whatever bill we are talking about.

I too looked at the potential signing of Maupay and thought and said to myself that his stats (goals) is not good enough for what we need. There are much better out there for about the same money.

But I have to agree with the view you expressed which really sums up the situation as it actually is when you said, "If Frank and our DOF have chosen him then that is the plan based on the resources at their disposal. We have to let them get on with it, Maupay is not a bad player and an able deputy (to DCL). Personally I would have preferred the punt on Brereton-Diaz who may just kick on to be better but its a gamble, Maupay is the safer option "

It is they who will be judged on their actions at the end of the day and NOT us.

I just wish they would get on with it and put us out of our misery.

Michael Lynch
122 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:46:19
I guess if we sell Gordon and spend the money on Maupay, Brereton-Diaz and possibly James Garner, it at least brings in more bodies, and kind of reflects where we are right now - somewhere between a Blackburn and a Brighton.
Andrew Ellams
123 Posted 26/08/2022 at 09:56:21
Ciaran @ 104, if you end one season in a relegation fight then start the next one with a team less capable of scoring goals you are in a relegation fight.
Andrew Ellams
124 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:00:49
Anyway, SSN saying it's all but done and he's likely to be available for tomorrow.

First home game against the RS next week, at least he has some sort of chance to become an instant hero. The last forward I remember making his Goodison debut vs them is still quite popular after nearly 30 years.

Geoff Hind
125 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:01:05
Possibly translates to Gordon staying, cheap option + another loan. If Gordon does go he will fall out of the reconing.
Geoff Lambert
126 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:05:42
Keep the faith blues, we have got a week to get the right personel in. Let the manager and his staff do the work and come back in a week. Maupay now having a medical according to Sky.
Danny O’Neill
127 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:07:15
Who knows? Let the manager make his decisions and live by them.

The untried Grahame Sharp from Dumbarton for £150,000.

The crocked injury prone Andy Gray from Wolves who no-one else wanted and didn't seem to score regularly for ages but we supported him to the hilt.

I go back to my earlier point, if Potter was Everton king for a day, I doubt many would question this one.

For the stattos, this player's statistics are on a par with Richarlison, so not bad back up if that's what he's being brought in for.

To reiterate my previous, I'll wait and see him in a Everton shirt. If it happens.

Kevin Prytherch
128 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:07:36
This is a lazy signing. £15m on an 8 goal a season striker? Do we have a scouting network? Are there not any players in the £5m price range with similar attributes? What happens next season if we sign him, he instantly blocks the path of the likes of Simms because we are averse to picking a youngster ahead of a so called senior pro when it comes to the premier league.

Everton’s signings in general have been poor. Onana might turn out to be good, but we’ve paid £30m for a player who was only £6m 12 months ago and only started 11 games last season. Why can’t we find these players when they’re £6m players? Why do we trust Onana at 21 years old, but we don’t trust Warrington at a similar age? Why do we spend £20m on McNeil? Are there not equally as promising players in the lower leagues for a fraction of the cost?

Imagine getting rid of Gordon who epitomises everything we should be in terms of commitment and replacing him with McNeil and Maupay. We’re meant to sell to reinvest, not sell to paper over cracks.

Tony Sullivan
129 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:10:37
If this deal goes ahead it will be an indication that the club is entering the real world at last.
Allan Board
130 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:14:49
The guy has scored 26 in 84 starts over 3 seasons. And has 7 assists. Pretty much same as DCL in terms of goals per game etc. And injury free. Nearly same age too. And supposedly playing for a boring compact Brighton team if you listen to some.
Don't see the problem here- a decent,committed lad who gets stuck into defenders.
Has it crossed anyone's mind that Frank is playing hard ball with Chelsea over Gordon and wants Broja and Gallagher as part of a deal? He might be happy to keep Gordon anyway if Chelsea won't agree to that.
None of us can decide who goes or comes in,but we should acknowledge that the dross is being slowly dumped and or sidelined. I hear DCL is back training also?
I don't agree about this "there is no plan" either-seems the manager and Dof are very aware of the constraints at Everton-there is no big money to spend- and they are trying to get half decent players in who can do a job for a couple of year's, keep Everton up and buy better quality when the finances allow. This, alongside implementing a solid,controlled, football intelligent style of play for the team. Everton have been a joke to watch for year's-lacking in basic football nous-it is a huge undertaking for the coaches and with the constraints, will take a considerable time.
I really hope that finally we have a staff set up that has a plan and long term objectives of stabilising the play and improving in increments year on year. A plan/strategy works-take a look where Brighton, Wolves, Brentford, Leeds etc were 10 years ago.
It may not be palatable for us as Everton supporters, but it's where this club is now after a scatter gun approach to transfers, zero planning, a sense of entitlement, rank bad coaching, and living in the past.
It's a long way to the top if yer wanna rock n roll!
Michael Lynch
131 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:18:22
Kevin @117 can't really argue with any of that.

But we are a mediocre club right now, with an immediate ambition of staying in the Premier League. We're paying for years of mis-management.

The best we can probably do is a mixture of short-termism and long-term thinking – so we buy Onana for the future, but sell Gordon. Buy Patterson, but also buy Maupay and McNeil. It seems to be a mix of high-risk punts on youngsters, and journeymen for relatively low transfer fees.

The depressing thing is just how unambitious our squad will look when the transfer window closes. Richarlison and Gordon gone, McNeil and Maupay in. No disrespect to the latter two, but surely nobody can see us as a club with ambition with that kind of a transfer policy? But that's the reality of where we are.

Trevor Peers
132 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:21:14
If Everton wanted Maupay, why didn't they sign him in time for the Chelsea game? He might've gained us points with a goal or two.

Instead, we did nothing and have already lost the points and probably will do at Brentford tomorrow, without any new additions up front.

I imagine this is Kenwright's doing, he dithers as head of transfers, he's a dinosaur when it comes to pushing through deals and one of the main reasons for our permanent decline. Get him out, for pity's sake!

Steve Brown
133 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:26:20
Maupay is a regular starter in a better team than Everton. He has deep experience of the Premier League and won't need to adapt. He works his arse off and has a heavy streak of shithousery. Sign him.
Andy Williams
134 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:31:25
If you factor in assists as well as goals he averages one every 171 minutes. Decent. I rarely read anything on here now because of the overwhelming negativity. I will judge him after I see him play regularly in our team.
Allan Board
135 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:33:48
Trevor @121,

I will concede that twat needs to go, but I always have done!

Out-dated, reminiscing, self-centered twerp!

David West
136 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:33:59
Come on guys he's not the "Hollywood" signing a lot of people want and, on his own, he won't solve all our problems but, for £15M his output is decent.

Richarlison was never prolific. His goals and assists in the Premier League are on par with Richarlison and every time I've watched the lad, he runs his socks off, is a real pain in the arse for defences, makes things happen, a lot like Richarlison.

I think he's one of them players, like Richarlison, where if he's playing for your team you appreciate what he brings, where other teams don't really see it.

10-12 goals would be more than any of Gray, Gordon, Rondon & any midfield player. So let's not write the guy off because we are not buying him off PSG or Real Madrid.

I can recall a lot of people slating Everton for buying a Watford winger for £40M who didn't have the best record. He turned out to be crowd favourite, despite not being prolific.

It's a squad game and we all know our squad has been weak, an injury or wo and we struggle. He would be a good addition to the squad, an option when Calvert-Lewin is out or not having a good game, or give Calvert-Lewin a reminder that he's not guaranteed to start if not in form.

Good business for me.

Eddie Dunn
137 Posted 26/08/2022 at 10:50:25
Maupay will do well for us; once we see him pop a few in, everyone will be saying what a great bit of business this was.
David Bromwell
138 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:00:42
Apparently undergoing medical at Finch Farm and will be in the squad for tomorrow. Not sure where the money is coming from, but that's not unusual.

Hope young Gordon stays, but I expect his sale will partly fund this purchase and an additional midfielder.

All a bit of a mess, but we expected that and I think we might just be going in the right direction. A win tomorrow would ease the nerves.

Michael Lynch
139 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:03:34
I suppose another positive about this deal is that he's very different to Calvert-Lewin, so can play as a second striker, or coming on as a sub once Calvert-Lewin is back.

I like the idea that he's as big a twat as Richarlison, we need some of that in the team.

Danny Baily
140 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:11:12
Michael @128, his different style is one of the few things that puts me off this deal. I don't see how he fits in with the system Frank has committed us to. Will he be effectively isolated up front?

Generally speaking, he scored a hat full in the Championship and has had a decent return in the Premier League. I'd be happy with him coming in.

Colin Glassar
141 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:12:22
A team of twats? I'm warming to the idea. Tarkowski, Cody, Holgate, Allan, Maupay, Onana etc…. It's about time we had a few of in-your-face types rather than the shy, quiet types like Keane, Gomes, Davies, Calvert-Lewin, Iwobi.

I'm not a fan of Maupay but once he puts the shirt on …

Kevin Molloy
142 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:14:00
Bill is rightly taking a lot of stick these days. But I definitely wouldn't be calling for his removal so that we are left with the biggest dickhead in the world running things.

At least Bill knows his way around, I'm sure Moshiri is pissed every day in Monaco before noon. Let's not insist he takes full control, let's just get him out!

Mal van Schaick
144 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:19:11
Having medical, signing today, available tomorrow.

Hallmarks of a panic buy.

Chris Hockenhull
145 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:24:00

“Bill Knows His Way Around”...?!

That runs “We've Had Some Good Times” close.

Steven Telford
146 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:24:51
We really have come full circle. What an absolute mess this club is in.
Clive Rogers
147 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:26:33
A very underwhelming window. The club is just looking for survival.

I'm very disappointed with Thelwell. I thought he would unearth a few young gems who would excite the fans with their potential.

With the exception of Onana, we have gone mostly for cast-offs.

Kevin Molloy
148 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:27:16

Compared to the last 5 years. the Kenwright years are starting to look like the Wonder Years.

Pat Kelly
149 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:27:33
Never mind the quality. He's cheap.

Who needs goals anyway?

If this is the only "striker" we get, we'll be relegated.

Brian Murray
150 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:30:15
Kevin Molloy @131,

You didn't really think you could slip that in there as a throwaway comment. His continuing damage and ineptitude know no limits. I wouldn't mind so much if he was a Peter Swales type. Best interests of the club at heart but a disaster for everything he touches.

Clive Rogers
151 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:30:22
Kevin, 137, the last five years are part of the Kenwright years. The owner hasn’t been to a game for months. He has given up.
Colin Glassar
152 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:30:23
Kenwright might know his way around certain parts of Liverpool and London but, as far as I'm concerned, he hasn't got a clue about running a successful football club. The proof is in the pudding.
Brian Murray
153 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:33:54
Kevin Molloy. Was it cold in the ground this morning? Obviously had your head in it for a while.
Joe Digney
154 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:36:41
Will score the winner tomorrow against his old club after winding them up for 90 minutes with pure shithousery… it's written in the stars.
David West
155 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:37:15
Mal @133,

I don't agree it's a panic buy. A panic buy would've been getting someone as soon as Calvert-Lewin got injured. They have taken their time, which I'm all for.

Some people have short memories. Don't they remember fat Sam panic buying just to get bodies in? We ended up with Tosun for 4 years on £100k a week, Walcott too on similar or more wages. What a disgrace. I'd rather they get the right people than just bodies for the sake of it.

Some people always think we are 2 signings away from being fucking boss again… get real! This is a long-term job, the shitshow Frank and Kev inherited is going to take 2 years minimum.

We need people to do a job now that maybe won't be around in 2 years as the squad and team develop, that's how you progress.

So much negativity, don't matter what strikers or forward options we get, Frank and Kev are not going to please everyone, especially on TW. There will be people on deadline day calling for his head even before any signings have kicked a ball for the Blues.

Andrew Keatley
156 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:37:36
Some interesting arguments being made on here. Not so much by the naysayers – it's easy to declare players aren't good enough – but by those trying to see some sense in signing Maupay.

Lester Yip (105) makes a very good point about trying to find a player who might work in tandem with Calvert-Lewin – running beyond the striker, which is an area we've struggled in for years. It might not be how we end up playing, but at least there is some thought behind it.

Kevin Molloy (101) also points out that the proposed fee of £15 million is not exorbitant for a player who has done all right in the Premier League. If he wasn't in the last year of his contract, then he'd be commanding a £20 million fee at least.

That would be a fair market price for him, considering he has only just turned 26. As long as his wages are not prohibitive, then the option of offloading him for a similar fee in the next 2 years is probably there.

I have never been very impressed by Maupay. I think he does the basics okay, but is not blessed with any major attributes – skill, pace, power, aerial ability, shooting – everything is average at best. His strengths are that he is tenacious, that he is a nuisance, and that he has it in him to put extra pressure on defenders.

I think Lampard wants a striker who has it in him to buzz around defenders in a high press, and Maupay will bring that quality in a much greater fashion than Calvert-Lewin and Rondon can.

Colin Glassar
157 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:39:34
Sounds like Anthony is staying, so let's get a couple of strikers in (Maupay, Brereton Diaz?) and Connor Gallagher on loan (plus Gueye) and we'll be more than okay this season.
Andy Williams
158 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:50:30
£12M plus £4M more in add-ons. Good business.
Christy Ring
159 Posted 26/08/2022 at 11:51:03
Sam says that Brighton will probably go and buy a young striker now.

Maupay is only 26, so I believe he's the best option for the figures quoted, as Diaz hasn't played Premier League yet. He is skilful, good feet, good in the air, scores special goals, misses easier chances, but will definitely be a big improvement on Rondon.

The reason Potter is selling him, he's in the last year of his conract, and listening to Potter last week, he was hoping he stays. I also hope we sign Garner.

Watching Frank's press conference, he's disgusted that the "powers that be" still haven't the signings made so late into the window. He also wants to keep Gordon.

Fran Mitchell
160 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:03:11
All but a done deal it seems, not a world beater but an immediate improvement on what we have and a low fee when compared to others around: João Pedro talk of £30-35million, £25mil + for Adams.

He'll be able to walk straight into the team, he'll work hard, be a bit of a shithouse, and can play with the ball at his feet. If he can get 10 goals, he'll be a big hit with the fans.

At 26, he's reaching his prime now, and will be a good option for 3-4 years to come. Again, not a world beater, but we are not at the level of buying Nunez, Isak, or Gabriel Jesus.

If we get him, Diaz, and Calvert-Lewin can get fit, we actually have options going forward.

Steve Shave
161 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:21:44
Can everyone just calm the fuck down please. The man says judge at the end of the window, it is not the end of the window.

Lots of moving parts, to those of you playing Football Manager, here in the real world, this is a complex process. Finding the right players with the right attitudes with the right profile and at the right price (including contract) is tricky, especially when every other club is doing the same.

I think we are all in agreement that not having a striker for those first games was a dreadful bit of Everton planning. Lightly brushing aside that ridiculousness, we are where we are.

One can only assume we've been putting some eggs in another basket and that gamble has backfired, I don't believe it's a case of the complete ineptitude it seems to the rest of the world. There will be a story behind it and one we will unlikely ever know.

One of two things are likely to happen now IMO. Maupay is our out-and-out (back-up) striker. If Gordon is to be sold, I expect £60M to go on Brereton Diaz, Garner and perhaps Kudus with money to swell the coffers/fend off FFP. Or Gordon is to be kept and we get Gana, another striker on loan along with hopefully Kudus on loan. I want Brereton Diaz as well as Maupay as it means we can move on Rondon and he gives us another option at 4-3-3.

Would this be such a bad team:

Holgate or Godfrey
Garner or Gueye
Iwobi or Kudus
Brereton Diaz or Maupay

Mick Fallon
162 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:24:47
Long time reader, first-time poster. I think as expectations go we must be starting from the lowest base I can remember in recent memory, no doubt fuelled by the debacle last season. This season will be a struggle but something feels a bit different:

1. The players we have recruited all have good injury records as far as I can see and will contribute this season, however mediocre that may be.

2. It looks like Moshiri is keeping his nose out of footballing matters and perhaps has been scared straight after the abyss his investment was looking into last season. He will sell, no doubt about it, but for him lower mid-table is now his Champions League position. Once that happens and the stadium is built, he will be off. No bad thing.

3. I much prefer Thelwell to Brands at this stage of both their time with us. We were all very charmed by Brands as we had Walsh before him.

Kevin Thelwell has proven Premier League experience and I think the side will evolve for the better under him.

For me, Frank is passing through but, if the foundations are laid, we will be a better side to manage. The DoF is so important these days and he appears to be quietly doing his business rather than staring in club press releases telling young players' mums “We'll take care of him” – that turned out well!

Rob Dolby
163 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:26:19
Let's face it, if we had money, Maupay wouldn't be anywhere near the club.

We are buying on the never to meet FFP.

I just don't understand why we haven't sold Gordon. We will never get offered that money again for him.

Jerome Shields
164 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:27:22
Everton's current ambitions are really no different than a promoted team – to be one of the rest and survive in the Premier League. They are now not even pretending to be otherwise, like when they were a midtable club with much talked about ambition, which never materialised

The club is a very long way from European Football or winning any competitions.

Colin Glassar
165 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:38:14
Sad but true, Rob. Dear Leader and Gormless Moshiri have almost ruined the club with their reckless spending and piss-poor recruiting of both managers and players.

My only hope is we survive in the Premier League until the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is finished and these two cowboys ride off into the horizon (with their millions) and leave us the fuck alone.

Bob Parrington
166 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:44:11
If he joins Everton, there will be only one way to judge the decision. If he fits in well - it's a Yes, if he doesn't fit in - It's a No.

It's something like a game of chess for the manager/coach - do you sacrifice a rook but gain a knight and a bishop that might be a stronger option?

Robert Tressell
167 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:48:07
Maupay fills a gap in our squad and will become, in effect, our reserve striker when Calvert-Lewinis injured.

There is obviously some urgency to the signing of a striker, so this resolves it. However, a few observations.

Brighton have already bought his replacements in Sima, Encisco and Undav for about the same cost. Encisco and Sima need time but each could be a lot better than Maupay. Brighton can use the proceeds to buy more high-quality youth. This is how they have assembled a good squad so quickly.

We on the other hand continue to pay the premium for Premier League players. This is okay now and again but the continued focus has seen our overall quality deteriorate sharply, and at great expense, since Moyes left. It's a bad strategy.

I am hopeful there will be another forward acquisition – and surely there will be if Gordon leaves. Hopefully that is someone who we believe can become better than Calvert-Lewin over time – that is how we improve.

Hopefully, having steadied the ship with a lot of Premier League ready but also fairly average players in Maupay, Tarkowski, Coady and McNeil - we start to look for higher potential players at source in South America, France etc in coming Windows. Otherwise, we will be perpetually average.

Rob Jones
168 Posted 26/08/2022 at 12:52:55
"We are not in a relegation fight."

Delusional, soft-brained nonsense.

Our squad is, as it stands, weaker than last season's.

Our immediate rivals have strengthened, or are in the process of doing so.

I'm sick of the section of our fanbase who absurdly believe we deserve better because of what amounts to ancient history.

Being honest about our current situation and location on the totem pole is not equivalent to offering succour to that bastard Kenwright. If anything, the relentless need to attack other fans does far more to enable him than any imaginary crime you might accuse others of.

Steve Shave
169 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:04:41
Mick @155 good post pal and welcome to TW! We need a few more measured posters on here.

Robert @160 "I am hopeful there will be another forward acquisition - and surely there will be if Gordon leaves. Hopefully that is someone who we believe can become better than DCL over time" I wonder if that is Pedro? We will only go after him as a Gordon replacement, someone who can play along the front line and offers high potential.

Ciarán McGlone
170 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:06:53
Bollocks Rob... do you understand the concept of past, present or future?

We are 8 points off the top of the Premier League. How in the name of fuck is that a relegation fight?

And people like you are part of the fucking problem.

Andrew Ellams
171 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:11:27
Ciaran, we are outside the relegation places based on having scored 1 more goal than Wolves.
Ciarán McGlone
172 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:15:16
Has it escaped you that we've played 3 games?
Nick Page
173 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:15:26
I see Maupay was at Brentford and then Brighton. For a club like Everton, ie, one without loads of money until recently, these are the sort of players we should have been finding.

But most of you know why we weren't. Regardless, he's a good player and will do well even though he's hardly “prolific”. A very good squad addition.

Andrew Ellams
174 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:21:44

So your comment about being 8 points off the top was bollocks then?

Ciarán McGlone
175 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:26:12
You make my point for me, Andrew.
Derek Knox
176 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:29:43
Well I suppose Maupay makes a pleasant change to the ones we normally sign - More Pay, less output!

Wouldn't have been my choice had it been down to me, but a pair of wellies with a hole in is better than none at all.

Who knows… he may suddenly become the top scorer, Golden Clog etc. Nurse, nurse, my medication is making me hallucinate again!

P Ron Wells
177 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:46:59
Necessity is the mother of invention but unfortunately not at EFC.

We send out Simms on loan to bring in a Maupay? Is a striker who scores 8 or 9 a season a striker? Tick the box you want.

The points ratio since the start of the year (0.88 a game with EFC the bottom of the league) needs reversing and honestly I can't see the kind of business done in this window turning the curve up much.

Steve Shave
178 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:49:23
Derek @169

I said something similar to a Gooner pal just now. At least this time we are buying an underwhelming option rather than our usual strategy of over-paying for a future star who disappoints.

David West
179 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:50:13
Ciaran 163 agree totally mate.

3 games in, we are not scrapping relagation yet!! Just like if we were top after 3 games, we wouldn't be thinking we're going to win the Premier League!!

It's a long season and only just started. These negative comments will just breed more negativity and put Frank under more pressure than he should be.

People want everything solved in 1 transfer window.. deluded! Sensible fans realise the massive job Frank has, that will take time and patience from fans or we will just be hopping from manager to manager forever getting nowhere.

Let's give Frank a chance, get off his back and support what he's trying to do!

Soren Moyer
180 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:52:14
I've watched Brighton enough in the past and can say that this dude does miss sitters a lot.

We are signing Brighton rejects now!! Dear me!

Ciarán @163. We were joking about that in the live forum. 8 points from the top!!!!? You can't be serious!

Danny O’Neill
181 Posted 26/08/2022 at 13:59:42
Relegation? We are 3 games into the season. We are no closer to fighting relegation than we are to challenging for Europe.

2 points below where we were at this point in 84/85.

For those who consider that ancient, our 1 point is less than the 7 we'd accumulated after the first 3 games last season.

It's August. We're in the next round of the League Cup and I'm going to break my Emirates duck next month.

Ciarán McGlone
182 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:01:12
"We send out Simms on loan to bring in a Maupay?"

This is the problem with this signing in a nutshell.

George Cumiskey
183 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:02:46
Scraping the bottom of the barrel for me!
Ciarán McGlone
184 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:03:56
Soren, it was a rather tongue-in-cheek remark to try and highlight the absurdity of claiming we are in a relegation battle after 3 games.
Danny O’Neill
185 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:04:14
I'll turn to those who have watched Simms closely. I haven't so can't comment other than watching him a few times on televised appearances.

Is he or isn't he? It seems several managers aren't yet convinced??

James Hughes
186 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:06:51
I am concerned about this season but will hope we get that Wembley final.

Martin Reppion
187 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:10:54
Neal Maupay in many ways reminds me of Steven Naismith.

Some would say an uninspiring signing. On the other hand, he is coming in as a squad player.

Naismith gave his all and never let us down. Okay, that is because we never really expected much. But in both cases, they were what we could get at the time and I can live with that.

I would have preferred that money to go on Brereton Diaz, and I'd still like to see us sign him. But I am more trusting of the judgement of the professionals than most on here.

If, as seems likely, Gordon goes for daft money to Chelsea, we may have the chance to sign a £35M player to create and score chances. Until then, 'better than Rondon' is the best we can hope for.

Kieran Kinsella
188 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:12:27

It was thinking the exact same thing with Naismith. Granted he's a lot more expensive but could have a similar utility.

Danny O’Neill
189 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:12:55
I thought after 3 games in 84/85 (so August 84) we were on 3 points? So now we are 2 points behind that?? Unless I'm incorrect.

James Hughes
190 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:16:25

I read it wrong the first time, and thought "How can we be 2 points behind what we have now?"


Paul Hewitt
191 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:19:58
That must mean the RS are in a relegation scrap then?
Robert Tressell
192 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:23:33
Danny, I think the managers / club have concluded Simms needs games on loan to develop. I wouldn't say they don't rate him.

Steve # 162. Yes, Joao Pedro might be that high-quality long-term player. Strange to me, that we hunt such a player out from Watford rather than in Brazil or elsewhere, where the prices are so much lower.

Danny O’Neill
193 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:23:57
No apologies needed, James. A long season ahead either way as always with the blues.
Ian Hollingworth
194 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:24:06

I love your enthusiasm and I look for your posts just to cheer me up. However I think we both don't believe that this lot could do an 84-85 again.

Like you, I constantly believe but, by Christ, this lot make it hard.

Dave Williams
195 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:25:59
Martin #180 – common sense so welcome!

If we had unlimited funds and no problem with FFP we wouldn't be looking at Maupay but we haven't and we have!

This guy is a decent pragmatic solution and will be a good squad player. Yes, we need better but that might come if Gordon goes and we therefore solve cash and FFP issues.

A good, solid buy for me!

Kieran Kinsella
196 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:30:34
Danny & Ciaran,

If we are not in a relegation battle, what is our current state? We have to have some sort of physical reality.

If you say, well we're not in a relegation battle as we don't know the outcome of the season. That's like saying we can't confirm you're alive until we see that you died at which point we say "he used to be alive."

This sort of "it's a marathon not a sprint" is a poor analogy. Mo Farrah hangs back the first few laps of the 10,000m until the other jokers get knackered then he flies forward. But there is no cumulative scoring effect on the race's outcome if he is in last place for a few laps.

A better analogy would be a tennis game where a series of events each have an outcome that directly affects the final outcome. In which case we are down love – 2 in the first set. Yes, it's recoverable but, having dropped serve, we are losing, ergo we are in a relegation battle at this time.

George Cumiskey
197 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:35:50
You've gotta love ToffeeWebbers trying to big up this signing. Ha, ha ....
Danny O’Neill
198 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:37:06
3 games into a 38-game season in my eyes, Kieran. A point behind Liverpool and one ahead of West Ham.

I know you're not that way inclined, but I'm just not getting the panic and hysteria.

And one step closer to Wembley with a winnable next round.

Rob Williamson
199 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:41:58
Lampard's comment at the press conference:

“Frank Lampard wants Everton's recruitment to be completed much earlier in the years ahead.

"I hope that the powers that be understand that this isn't the perfect way to do it.

"It's far too long into the season, there's no doubt. We want to look at the season with a balance, so we can construct a squad from the start of the season to the end.

"Now, we're going to be, by the time the window shuts, nigh on six games in and for me that doesn't feel right and I hope they get that right next time."

Hey Frank, welcome to our world. Exactly what did Kenwright & Moshiri promise you? Did you get it in writing? Have you cancelled any plans for next Wednesday night?

Bill Gall
200 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:43:01
Has Maupay signed? He was supposed to have signed by noon to be eligible to play tomorrow. I have not seen the obligatory shirt or scarf photo.

Nice to hear Lampard speak about the Gordon transfer and debunk the amount of what was quoted as the transfer fee. Still hope he stays.

I don't think we can afford another striker who is better than Calvert-Lewin, and I'm not sure who we can get who will battle him for that starting position.

Ciarán McGlone
201 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:45:05
That's some fine sophistry, Kieran.
Nick Page
202 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:50:59
Rob @192 - I can't be arsed checking cos I'm on feckin holiday but did Frank really say that? Lol
Brian Murray
203 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:51:31
All we want is this most boring uninspired talentless group to get us to Wembley and win the League Cup so Danny O'Neil can get to his mortal coil happy.

Oh and a derby win and mid-table.

Dave Cashen
204 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:54:03
Relegation fight?

How can you be in a fight which hasn't started yet?

Rob Williamson
205 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:56:36
Nick #195.

Yes, he did. Surprised it's taken so long to say it…… in public at least.

Ray Jacques
206 Posted 26/08/2022 at 14:59:34
Any bets Toney will rip us apart tomorrow?
Tony Hill
207 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:03:52
Of course, it isn't just 3 games; it's the 38 from last season which set things in proper context.

We were most certainly in a relegation fight 3 months or so ago and we have done precious little, if anything, to change that landscape. As Rob Jones has pointed out, others have strengthened around us meanwhile.

Paul Jones
208 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:08:30
If he did sign in time for tomorrow's game, I'm sure Brentford will be absolutely bricking it. 🙄

The Magpies sign Isak for £60M. We sign Ballsack for peanuts.

Habib Erkan Jr
209 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:09:59
Lain#111 righteous 👍
Kevin Molloy
210 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:12:55
I think people are right to be alarmed. If you took Richarlison and Gordon out of that side last season, we'd have been relegated at Christmas, but it seems our masterplan for this season is to sell those two and start from there.

Having said that, if we get the recruitment right, we could even improve. But it's a dangerous strategy, and will mean for the second year running, no actual investment in a ramshackle squad.

Probably helps if you're going to insist on playing Russian roulette that you've been bankrolled by one of Putin's besties. maybe this was just another far sighted plan by Sir William?

David West
211 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:16:03
Rob @192,

I think Frank was referring to the window being open until six games in. And he would like it closed before the leauge starts. "The powers that be" — I thought he meant the Premier League. People are too quick to read negatively.

It's like when Frank said he's not going to say that Gordon will definitely be here at the end of the window as he doesn't know if he will be. People took it as, if he doesn't get what he wants, he's gone.

But what he meant was it would be naive to guarantee anything or he would be setting himself up for a fall.

People making shit up now to support their narrative. God help Frank if this is our "support" for him.

Mike Gaynes
212 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:17:08
Michael #80, fair enough. Richarlison's number for Prem games only at Everton is a goal every 260 minutes, compared to 291 for Maupay.

Those numbers include penalties, but I don't have time this morning to pull up a breakdown of how many penalties each player has scored. I agree with the poster who says goals from open play is the goal standard.

Tony #88, thanks for posting that. It's good perspective.

Andrew#149, good summary IMO. You may very well be right that Frank wants his particular style to meld into the team he wants to put on the pitch.

Jerome Shields
213 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:19:39
I don't see Maupay as reserve back-up to Calvert-Lewin, but as serious competition.

Calvert-Lewin's performance when playing has been underwhelming: poor positionally, woeful on the ground, with poor finishing shooting. He is good at heading the ball, but rarely attacks the near post.

The only time he p!ays well is when he is injured, and seems to have a standard of abilities that are not seen when he actually plays.

Robert Williams
214 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:20:05
ST139 "We really have come full circle. What an absolute mess this club is in."

Not full circle yet, Steve, only semi-circle – full circle will be back to the Holy Trinity era!! So there is quite a way to go yet to complete the circle.

Ray Jacques
215 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:20:41
How many games then until it's a relegation fight?

By next Saturday evening, we will have played 6 games and, if results go as expected, will likely have 2 points, possibly 3 out of 18 available, with Arsenal away to come next.

Once the league is set, it is difficult for teams such as ours to go on a winning run. We may win one or two and then lose 4 dependent upon fixtures so it is tough to climb the league and improve position as points gaps start to appear between the usual grouping of teams.

Unfortunately we are in the bottom grouping of the worst 5 teams.

Brian Murray
216 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:24:16
Neil @204

The Friday before the FA Cup semi-final, we threw away against them (the last one) I had a bit of so-called banter with him in Formby. My actual words was "There's nothing down for you tomorrow." then I got a load of verbal abuse, calling me a blue this n that.

Obviously I gave it back told him their fans are an embarrassment everywhere they go him also. Wouldn't get out his car, kopite gobshite. Told Kendall what happened a few weeks later, he was a gent and didn't want to comment on it, which is fair enough as he lived there.

Soren Moyer
217 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:26:50
We will be in one of the relegation spots when the Premier League takes a break for the Qatar World Cup. Don't worry!
Mike Gaynes
218 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:28:10
Mick #155, welcome, good post.

Martin #180, interesting comparison.

Andrew Clare
219 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:33:53
I fear for us this season. We are buying 'okay' players while our rivals are making much more exciting signings.

It's going to be tough. I thought the Moyes years were bad and then I think about Arteta, Pienaar and Cahill in that team. Have we got anyone like them now?

I hope I am wrong and I hope we complete two exciting signings before the window closes.

Rich Evans
220 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:37:10
We could easily have 5-7 points on the board this season if we had any decent striker on the pitch during those games.

Maupay might not be the first choice for many on here, but he is decent enough considering our financial position. He pesters defenders and, as mentioned by many above, he will further add to the character of the team with leaders like Coady, Tarkowski and Onana.

Clearly the Manager and the DoF have identified what we have known for a long time that, with the odd exception, our team lacked leaders and backbone and they are clearly addressing this with their recent signings.

I may well be in the minority here but I am happy with this signing and with the direction we are moving.

Joe McMahon
221 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:40:21
Andrew, (not this again) he had 11 years, and we got 3 wins against Liverpool in well over 20 attempts.
Kunal Desai
222 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:44:58
We'll be playing catch-up and firmly bedded in the bottom three before the international break.

Many fans will still be in denial that we're not in a relegation scrap by then.

Sam Hoare
223 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:47:51
Martin@180, yes I think I see Maupay as being somewhere between Naismith and Danny Ings.

He wouldn't have been my first pick and, if the fee is close to £17M as some are suggesting, then I think Brighton will be pretty happy.

Not an exciting signing per se but – similar to Tarkowski and Coady – he can do a job.

Signing him at same time that Newcastle are getting Isak and West Ham might be getting Paqueta seems very indicative of the clubs' different trajectories over the last year or so. We all have to adjust to the unfortunate reality that our most likely rivals this season are Fulham, Forest, Bournemouth etc. If there was an available 15/20 goal striker out there (I'm not sure there is), he probably wouldn't want to come here anyway.

If Lampard can implement his system, make us hard to beat, and develop the likes of Patterson, Gordon, Mykolenko, Onana, Warrington, Welch etc then hopefully we can finish 14th/15th and have a more solid foundation to build upon next season.

Joe McMahon
224 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:51:39
Sam, it's frustrating. Everton did have the money but it was pissed up the wall. Over £40 million on Sigurdsson for example.

Newcastle and West Ham also already have the stadiums, and yes West Ham were gifted theirs.

Christy Ring
225 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:53:52

Love you're optimism. Toney is gonna rip us apart tomorrow, we're going to lose our next 3 games, unreal.

We've only played 3 games, we have the same pessimistic views on here from a certain few followers, and complaining about us buying Maupay, hopefully in my opinion, and Newcastle spending £60M on Isak, how many even heard of him before Howe bought him?

Anyone know if Maupay has signed and registered?

Iain Johnston
226 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:54:12
Rob #156. If we had money we wouldn't buy him?

That's been the problem, spending huge sums of money on players who don't perform any better.

Take Newcastle and Isak. 32 goals in 103 games in arguably an easier league compared to Maupay's 26 in 102 games in the Premier League.

How the chuff can the new Barcodes man be worth 4 times as much?

David West
227 Posted 26/08/2022 at 15:56:32
Ray 199,

Nice positive attitude.

Why not hope we get Maupay and he gives Brentford a fucking terrible afternoon?

Some People!!!

Brian Wilkinson
228 Posted 26/08/2022 at 16:04:53
I know a few might not be inspired if we sign Maupay or Diaz but, with a centre-forward who can get into the danger areas,it suddenly strengthens our wide players who actually have someone who will get into the danger areas, and give them an additional option.

This player could improve players who have been getting a bit of stick after only three league games, McNeil ... cough cough.

Calvert -Lewin was banging the goals in 2 years ago – all provided from wide players getting good balls into the danger area. What option have these players got to aim for: Gordon, false number nine; before he left, pre-season Alli, false number nine; Rondon who, for all his efforts, just does not have it to be in the danger zone.

So what Maupay might lack, he will bring an improvement on other players, it is down to him to put those chances away when they come his way. If not Maupay, then whichever striker we sign.

But for me, if we get a striker, we will improve in other key areas as well, win-win for me.

Mike Owen
229 Posted 26/08/2022 at 16:13:18
From the bits I have seen of Maupay, he puts me in mind of Tomas Radzinski, darting here and there.

And if we'd have had a Radzinski in the last three league games, I fancy we'd have got a point against both Chelsea and Villa, and a win over Forest.

I always think a striker has to be judged in the context of the service he receives. Not easy for our guys over the last 30 years.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Maupay expected to get on the end of some long balls from Tarkowski and Coady. Time will tell.

Danny O’Neill
230 Posted 26/08/2022 at 16:39:03
Neil @204. I can't look at him, which makes it difficult given the family ties to Villa. Alongside spit the dog, I can't stand him. I'll leave it there otherwise I'll get a yellow card, possibly a sending off.

Ray @209; alternatively after 6 games, we might be on 10 points.

Charles McCann
231 Posted 26/08/2022 at 16:44:26
For what it's worth, at I believe £15 million, this would be an absolute waste of money. Surely we can do better than this bang average player?

If this is the best we can do, it is really worrying.

Rob Jones
232 Posted 26/08/2022 at 16:54:21
Reports that he's not registered in time for tomorrow.

So another game with either that softy Gordon or that fucking donkey Rondon at Number 9.


David West
233 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:04:25
Oh my god... this thread is depressing me.

"Get a striker" they say, anyone is better than Rondon. We look like getting one with comparable stats to Richarlison and we are getting relegated!!! What the fuck!!

People don't want us to progress or they won't have their favourite hobby of moaning about the Blues.

Mike Gaynes
234 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:15:10
Rich #220, maybe and maybe not.

Rondon actually made some pretty good runs through the box early in the Forest game, but the crosses missed him -- one in particular by Vinagre sailed just over his head. Not sure whether the run or the service was more to blame, but a striker can't score without the combination of both.

And the longer the game went on, the worse our crosses got. No striker on the planet could have scored off some of the crap we were putting in.

I said when we brought in Rondon that his scoring record sucked, and he has certainly lived down to it, but the blame is not all his.

Sean Roe
235 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:17:44
I keep flitting between thinking it's a complete waste of money and thinking that average players fitting into a system can be the difference between an average team and a good one.

Marcus Bent was a completely uninspiring signing but his willingness to chase anything that moved and running the channels suited our 4-1-4-1 system fairly well, in my opinion.

Derek Taylor
236 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:25:16
There can be little doubt that Maupay will improve our chances if he is included tomorrow but then, anybody would be an improvement on what we've got at this moment.

Frank is still insisting that Gordon is our player and will be available for selection tomorrow but, knowing Everton's luck, were he to play, he'd probably get wounded and end up going for £15M rather than than £50M – as happened with Barkley.

Me, always fearing the worst? Never!!!

Dale Self
237 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:31:39
Martin and Kieran, I like the Naismith angle, and nice take, Sean.

Thinking of building a squad, this isn't a big letdown, he's useful, but only with someone like Broja or an in-form Calvert-Lewin could he make a difference in the final third where we need the most help. He certainly isn't the type of forward who can make it happen on his own.

Joe McMahon
238 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:35:13
Dale, Kieran and Martin, as long as it's not the Norwich version of Naismith.

My mate's son was a Uni there at the time, unfortunately didn't do it for them.

Tom Bowers
239 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:36:25
It's normal for most fans to be wary of what is happening (or not happening) at the club these days.

We try to keep looking on the bright side and try to be optimistic but they keep producing the same old garbage on the field.

Last-minute desperation deals because of mistakes made earlier seem to be the norm.

With selling Richarlison, they, for some reason let two promising young strikers go on loan and then don't have the confidence to start Rondon.

Most of us agree Rondon is not up to snuff so who was going to partner Calvert-Lewin before he got injured???

That partnership didn't look like something to savor anyway but what did the club do? Absolutely nothing... or were they in too deep with finances that they couldn't?

Seems at least now they are freeing up some wages with Dele and Gbamin going on loan but the future does look grim with what we have left, especially on the offensive side of things.

Mike Corcoran
240 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:39:57
A pragmatic signing. Time on his side age-wise, bit of versatility and energy.

He's no prime Ronaldo but he is happy to use both feet, good with his back to goal in the box, can strike a ball well, and is a niggly little pain in the arse for the opposition.

Would suit playing as one of two strikers in a 3-5-2 or inside forward in a 3-4-3. Unfortunately those look like the formations that will be foisted on the squad.

Dale Self
241 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:40:12
Hey Joe, I think Sean has the right subtle take that he could have the qualities that make the other pieces more productive. McNeil is intelligent but he needs options to play off of for his dribbling to be effective.

Maupay runs the channels well but I don't remember how useful he was bringing the ball out of their third. As long as he isn't selfish in possession, there are some useful aspects of his game that we would no doubt benefit from if utilized properly.

Pete Neilson
242 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:43:38
David (228) well said. Like many others I'll be heading down to Brentford tomorrow.

Maybe some of the seers could send through the result as it's a seemingly foregone conclusion. We can then just stick a bet on and stay home.

Drew O’Neall
243 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:44:55
Oh, it’s alright. We’ve got Neil Maupay.
Matthew Williams
244 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:45:14
There's definitely a real edge to this lad, at times he reminded me of Cahill in terms of his "Waspish" quality.

The problem I can see with him is simply he doesn't score enough goals...still a welcome addition like but we need another striker still, imho.

1-1 draw.

Drew O’Neall
245 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:47:48
Hopefully this is part of a wider strategy where Kevin Thelwell gets the third-choice striker in first so he doesn't put off the real target we are bringing in.

Maupay was hopefully easiest and quickest to snare because there was least competition for his signature but for our other targets we have to let the transfer window domino effect to begin.

Martin Mason
246 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:52:09
I believe that we may be disappointed with all of our purchases who are generally coming from poor teams and this is a tactic which has caused all of our failures so far. I really hope not and really want them to gel.

If they do, Lampard could become a Kendall-type legend; the alternative is we get into the relegation mix again. It will take a miracle for us to recover because, amidst these multiple incoming buys, we've lost 2 exceptional players.

Michael Burke
247 Posted 26/08/2022 at 17:53:43
Thanks for the numbers, Mike. As expected it is quite a bit closer (mins per goal) than many expect.

Muapay has 5 penalties to Richarlison's 4 in the Premier League. Muapay's were in a team trying to cement their holding in the league too.

John McFarlane Snr
248 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:02:54
Hi David [234] I agree entirely with you regarding the pessimistic views of some posters, I find it depressing that a player can be pre-judged before he has kicked a ball. I have often wondered how many of these critics actually attend games, and if so are they among those who stream out of the ground when the team needs them most?

Some on this site don't like me revealing my age or length of support, so I'll just say that I witnessed Everton's relegation in 1951 and I have never left the ground before the final whistle.

I don't single out players for criticism, it's my belief that games are won or lost as a team, and I never predict results as I believe that anything can happen in a game of football, a prime example being the victory of Wigan Athletic over Manchester City in the FA Cup Final.

Jerome Shields
249 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:07:39
Brian #228,

"Calvert Lewin was banging them in two years ago. "

That was under Ancelotti and his advice to try to score with one touch. At the end of that season, Calvert-Lewin poo-pooed the suggestion that this advice helped. He has never applied that advice since when he has played.

Ancelotti IMO suggested one touch to focus Calvert-Lewin to get in the right position. Calvert-Lewin thinks he is better than that and the fact is he isn't.

Keith Gleave
250 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:20:45
Joke, nothing more nothing less
Dale Self
251 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:24:11
Carlo has a fairly good record against the 'poo-poo' purveyors!
Barry Williams
252 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:24:38
We are a point behind Liverpool — at this stage of the season, most would have taken that scenario.

Oh, wait a minute…

Derek Taylor
253 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:27:22
Okay, John, you get medals for long service although I think a knighthood would be in order if you can still enjoy watching this lot!

In my late '80s too, I no longer go to games but don't miss many – thanks to gizmos and magic boxes my grandkids set up for me.

Unlike your goodself, I see little joy in the crap we've had served up to us in the Premier League era and have to wonder if the tolerance and goodwill you extend to Kenwright & Co isn't partly the reason he is still here to call most of the shots?

I admire your 70 years of patience and goodwill towards all things Everton but I tend to see the world with both eyes open!

Soren Moyer
254 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:38:22
Arouna Kone Mk II.
Danny O’Neill
255 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:38:27
John Senior @249,

I respect everyone's right to follow Everton from wherever they are or however they can. I've had to do it myself from many different locations and by different means over my 50 years.

But I get your point. Until that whistle goes and that last ball is kicked, It's never over.

Against Palace last season, when I mistakenly ended up amongst the Palace fans, I had to be removed from the ground by the stewards. Not because I was causing trouble, but because I was last man standing after they had all congratulated me after watching me and taking in the atmosphere. They were shutting the stadium down.

Many times I end up at Lime Street at 5 am in the morning waiting for the first train back to Euston. Last week, I stayed until the end to see the equaliser. It only gave me 45 minutes to get out of the Upper Gwladys and into town to get the last coach back to London (train strikes). 2 minutes to spare.

Some seem to judge after minutes, let alone a couple of games.

See you in the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and then Wembley. I don't care what the doctor says, it's a Guinness.

Brian Wilkinson
256 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:51:51
Yes, that's a fair assessment, Jerome, and to a point, I agree.

The Palace game when Calvert-Lewin scored was the perfect option for the players to whip a ball in. When Calvert-Lewin has been out, because of Rondon's poor awareness and also false number nines, it has given less options to get a ball in the box.

McNeil has been written off. I would say judge him when he can play to his strengths of feeding the strikers and getting quality balls into the box. A bit harsh judging him after only three league games. It's only since we have started playing Iwobi in his favoured position of inside forward that we are now seeing the difference. The same will happen with McNeil, I have faith in the guy.

One other difference if we get Maupay is the likes of Patterson and Mykolenko will be able to get those crosses in. So, although Maupay might not be to everyone's liking, he will bring so many more of our players into play.

You can go back to all our great wingers – Morrissey, Thomas, Steven etc – they all had one great asset: a target man to aim for... Royle, Latchford, Sharp, Gray. Down the byline and cross in the danger area, These strikers would be there on the end of them. This season, we have put some crosses in and you hear the crowd groan saying "Who was that to?"

The player who put the cross in has done their job; however, because our striker had not got into that position, it had made the other player look bad. How many times has Coleman put a first-time cross in but no-one there? Same with Mykolenko. If Maupay has that awareness of getting in those positions, it's half the battle won straight away.

Could be a very shrewd signing, this.

Frank McGregor
257 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:56:58
I really wonder how much superior Maupay is to Ellis Simms?

Quite honestly, I believe Everton messed up sending him out on loan to Sunderland.

Derek Taylor
258 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:57:48
Since I posted my diatribe re medals and honours for long service at 254, a local councillor rings to inform me that our 'chief transfer negotiator' has been proposed for a knighthood ( for lifelong services to Football and the Theatre in the 2023 New Year's List ).

Perhaps, that will be the cue for his retirement ?

Colin Glassar
259 Posted 26/08/2022 at 18:58:46
It's almost 7 pm. Are we still close to sealing this deal?
Kieran Kinsella
260 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:00:50
Joe McMahon,

Yes, Naismith at Norwich was a funny one, kind of like Anichebe at WBA. Both did okay and got the chance to be the main man elsewhere but just floundered.

I don't know if it's the pressure of the spotlight or just the more they play the more the weaknesses become apparent? But then again didn't Naismith score a perfect hat-trick versus Chelsea? So that couldn't have been a fluke right?

Kieran Kinsella
261 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:02:05

We will probably get an update on Monday from Bobble saying talks are at an early stage. Bill is holding the receiver and is thinking about dialing the first number to call Brighton.

Dale Self
262 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:13:46
Hey hey, things are looking up. ESPN is reporting that Fulham are in ADVANCED talks to sign Maupay.

You see, we were only close to sealing. Big difference, I suppose.

Ray Robinson
263 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:15:44
Interesting take on Calvert-Lewin, Jerome (#250), who in my opinion falls well short of a top-notch striker. However, I'm interested to know what is basis for the following assertion which you seemingly present as fact?

“That was under Ancelotti and his advice to try to score with one touch. At the end of that season, Calvert-Lewin poo-pooed the suggestion that this advice helped. He has never applied that advice since when he has played.”

The first part of the statement is open knowledge but the second half … ? How do you know this?

On the subject of Maupay, if he scores 9 or 10 goals, he will match Richarlison's goal tally but I wait to see if he compensates for Richarlison's tracking back, helping the defence, gaining free-kicks and all-round enthusiastic play. Is he that sort of player? I must admit that I have paid little attention to his all-round play.

Ray Roche
264 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:29:42
TalkSport confirmed Maupay deal completed.
Tony Hill
265 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:30:33
If you want to cure or forestall a problem, don't you have to diagnose the nature and seriousness of it? Otherwise, the risk is complacency that the problem will go away or never happen.

I think that's what happened last season to the point of near-disaster (and it came close to happening in previous seasons): the players thought they were good enough to perform when it suited them and that they were far too good ever to go down. That has also been the philosophy of the Board for a long time, and dictates their own behaviour. Such is the real pessimism and the real recipe for mediocrity.

Delusion will do for us if we're not extremely careful and it's already happening. We had a massive warning last season and we'd best heed it by recognising the stakes we now face – by which I mean right now.

1 point from 9 with games already played against two of our main competitors in our mini-League. We need to see what's right in front of our eyes. Maupay or no Maupay.

Kieran Kinsella
266 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:36:29
Independent have an update on our slow moving striker search:


Derek Knox
267 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:38:01
Did he have to watch Blood Brothers before signing ? Why is that narcissistic maggot still involved in negotiations when we have a DoF and a Manager who knows what he wants from players ?
Dale Self
268 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:41:08
Crap, looks like Silva has announced expectation that Fulham will not sign Maupay.
Kieran Kinsella
269 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:44:06

I don't understand why negotiations continue post medical? Surely we agree money then the medical is just like getting an MOT on a car to make sure it's not a lemon. But we seem to have a lot of these deals get to the medical than unravel unless the player is clearly crocked in which case we push it through anyway.

Ray Smith
270 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:45:05
BK again!
Maupay was on Merseyside Thursday, why wasn’t he signed up to play tomorrow?
Simple BK!!
We will still be playing silly buggers right up to the window closing.
Frank has made his feelings known, that we need to wheel and deal earlier to get the squad settled.
4 games tomorrow, no recognised striker.
However, BK will still have his say.
He is why we are where we are.
If he had a brain he would be dangerous.
Bill if you read this, just go and take your sycophants with you!!!
Philip Bunting
271 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:51:45
These days the club have to create a movie to announce a signing...before he is announced. That's my guess anyway
Robert Williams
272 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:53:11
Rich Evans 221 If you are in a minority then I too am in that same boat - we are paddling in a maelstrom but in the right direction, IMHO
Derek Knox
273 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:55:07
Kieran & Ray, only one lemon involved in all this !

I would gladly run him over in a Chieftain Tank !

In Court " I thought it was a large mound of detritus Your Honour "

Yes you are absolutely correct " Case Dismissed " :-)

Brian Murray
274 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:55:21
All the while pugwash is oblivious to everything sitting on his yacht with no one with the brains or the balls to point out what he’s doing to his club. That leech won’t leave until he’s photographed cutting the ribbon at bmd.
Ray Smith
275 Posted 26/08/2022 at 19:59:14
Brian 275

Regrettably your 100% right, he will never go.

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
276 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:01:00

I gotta ask... how many times do I have to read this stuff from you about pugwash, yachts, the ribbon at BMD?

I don't think anyone else is gonna tell you, but please... give it a fucking rest, will ya! — He's signed already!!!

Colin Glassar
277 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:03:42
So Maupay has signed. Let’s hope he’s a success
Lee Jackson
278 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:06:42

Neal Maupay has completed a move from Brighton & Hove Albion for an undisclosed fee, signing a three-year contract until the end of June 2025 with an option of a further year.

Mark Ryan
279 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:13:28
Does anyone know if he can start tomorrow, was he signed in time?
Lee Jackson
280 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:15:08
No mention of it on the official statements Mark so assuming not. Or they just want to keep it unknown until the teamsheet is announced. At most he would be on the bench anyway I expect.
Tony Hill
281 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:16:17
He isn't eligible for tomorrow.

Welcome. May you be a lovely surprise.

Lee Jackson
282 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:16:43
I stand corrected: "The Frenchman is ineligible to make his Everton debut at Brentford on Saturday but set out his hunger to swiftly deliver for the Club and Evertonians."
Tommy Meehan
283 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:16:49
Mark, according to the OS, he is ineligible.
Brent Stephens
284 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:17:39
Michael #276 - you actually beat me to it! Though I was hesitating to repeat myself from last week.
Brent Stephens
285 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:17:39
Michael #276 - you actually beat me to it! Though I was hesitating to repeat myself from last week.
Brent Stephens
286 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:18:01
See what I did there!
Mike Brownlow
287 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:19:10
I'm happy as long as he's not our main striker. I would like him to be as a back-up to a quality striker with Calvert-Lewin in rotation to the main striker if he's not injured.

Ideally we could do with the guy from Blackburn and maybe Broja plus Gallagher for this window as a minimum. I can dream...

Danny O’Neill
288 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:20:42
Welcome and good look.
Christy Ring
289 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:21:41
I'm delighted he's signed and available for Leeds Tuesday night.

Another couple of signings by Wednesday night, a winger and midfielder hopefully, and a few of our non contributory high earners out, will have us turned a corner, and heading in the right direction by Frank and our DOF.

Dale Self
290 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:22:19
Getting the not so great feeling that our transfer targets are determined by the structure of payments rather than straight preference.
Oliver Molloy
291 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:23:10
Best of luck, Neal, you are going to fucking need it!
Mark Ryan
292 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:24:19
Talksport today said if he signed before a certain time today he would be eligible to play against Brentford, midday I think ?

Did anyone else on here listen to Holgate talking about how we need to score goals? No shit, Sherlock. I'm not his biggest admirer but he spoke okay and said the mood in the camp was upbeat.

Said "Del" had wanted more game time and was disappointed not to get it.

I hope Maupay can play tomorrow but it sounds as though some know it was too late. What a balls-up if that's true. He's been on Merseyside over 48 hours... doh!!

Brent Stephens
293 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:24:44
I don't know how well he's going to perform for us but I know we'll all be right behind him.

Good performances from him might equate to good results for us. I can see this guy pulling defences around for our other front men to take advantage of space created.

Tony Everan
294 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:26:49
Welcome Neal Maupay, good luck.

Jack Convery
295 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:27:51
Welcome. You are a blue, now. You will get great support for great effort and lots of goals and become a legend if you score against the RS next week and we win.
Mike Keating
296 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:29:10
Not enamoured with this signing but, as others have pointed out, we have known for weeks that we have no striker fit to wear the shirt and, even when we get one who might cause problems, we still can't get him signed up in time for our fourth game of the season. Utter bollocks.

Seems like Frank isn't going to put up with this either. Problem is he can walk but we're fans and have nowhere else to go.

Got a strange feeling Rondon will get a hat-trick tomorrow!

Sean Kelly
297 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:29:10
Brent what other front men? We don’t have them
Brent Stephens
298 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:31:54
Sean, those other players who have been playing in an advanced role. Up front doesn't necessarily mean in the centre.
Oliver Molloy
299 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:32:55
News is Wesley Fofana to Chelsea for £75 million done deal – crazy, but fair play to Leicester for getting the fee they demanded!

Still do not believe Gordon will go this window anyway, would be very irresponsible in my view if the club bowed to Chelsea.

Brian Murray
300 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:33:24
Get it right. Maupay and whoever else comes in are not back up in any way. If and when Dcl is match fit and for how long his intention is to maybe make the world cup but definitely be gone from here soon as. The food chain and our ambition dictate that. Always will.
Christopher Timmins
301 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:33:32
Welcome aboard Neal, hopefully you will bring an improvement to our fortunes.

One central mid fielder and keep Anthony Gordon and we will have an improved campaign.

DOF and manager appear to be making the calls which is a help!

Joe Lockrobin
302 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:34:20
It seems like our transfer policy, however disappointing, is based on us being a crapper prem team (which we are). Preferable to our past method of buying big team cast offs with huge wages and no hunger. As I say, a bit disappointing to accept we’re crap, but hopefully it’s a sign that we’re building a sustainable team with solid foundations.

I think he might be a bit narky, and hopefully, based on what Frank said, that’s what we’re after across the team. So good.

Good luck, and welcome 🙏🏼

David West
303 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:36:36
John snr 248
That's it John we are supporters.. we are meant to support our team. Not knock them at every opportunity.
I can see maupay proving a lot of these doom mongers wrong.
Hes going to rough up defences like we wish dcl would.
Hes got proven prem experience, stats on a level with Richarlison, he gives his all, won't roll over, won't take no shit
15m ?? It's fuck all nowadays what's not to like
Oh he didn't come from real or Paris or barca fuck that we need some grit and determination and this lad will give his all
Brian Murray
304 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:38:25
Mike post 296. Must be tangerine trees and marmalade skies to go with your strange feeling. Il have some of that.
John McFarlane Snr
305 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:38:39
Hi Derek [254] I don't understand how you have arrived at the conclusion that I 'enjoy the crap' served in the Premier League era, when the truth is I either enjoy or endure the performance I have witnessed. I would like to know where you have read of the tolerance and goodwill that I have extended to Kenwright & Co, because I have never expressed any opinion regarding the subject on this site.

Hi Danny [256] I realise that there are some who leave a few minutes early to enable them to avoid traffic problems, or as in your case, to catch a train. I was referring to those who 'stream out' when the opposition score.

I can't recall the particular game but there was one occasion last season when the opposition scored early in the second-half and that was the signal for a mass exodus from the Park End. Needless to say, that led to the chant from the visiting fans of "Is there a fire drill?"

I have always been of the opinion that "If you can't lose, don't play, and if you can't watch your team lose, don't go." Regarding the bottle of Guinness, I'm prepared to ignore the doctor's orders and I'm looking forward to meeting you again.

Tony Everan
306 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:38:59
Now from the sometimes reliable(!) Mr Bobble on Twitter:

“Everton have contacted James Garner's representatives. He's open to joining Everton.”

Sean Kelly
307 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:41:35
Brent sorry I didn't realise you were talking about the ones that can't score and run around like headless chickens.

Unlike Rondon who does his best Leaning Tower of Pisa act.

Brent Stephens
308 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:42:51
Brian #304 "Must be tangerine trees and marmalade skies to go with your strange feeling. I'll have some of that."

Brian, if it had that effect on you, I'd supply you for the rest of your TW days!

Kieran Kinsella
309 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:43:31

"That was the signal for a mass exodus from the Park End."

That is why I have always sat in the Gwladys Street end. Plus, as a bonus, you get a restricted view.

Brent Stephens
310 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:43:35
Sean, happy you now understand.
Garry Martin
311 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:45:08
Sorry to be disrespectful, but £15M on this player.... who is he?

Another EFC fuck up.

Iakovos Iasonidis
312 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:45:21
This is the team we are now and this is the type of players we can attract. Very logical acquisition, not exciting but reasonable.

We need another one up front and I hope we get Kudus and a central midfielder too at least.

Anthony A Hughes
313 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:48:22
Not read any of the above comments, so late to the party, but welcome to the madhouse, Neal and let's kick some arse, son.
Brian Murray
314 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:51:08
Brent post 308. lol it’s ok after half a century i’m punch drunk and immune to everything these clowns throw at me.
Ciarán McGlone
315 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:51:39
The kind of signing that got us into the mess we are in.. back-up players should be academy prospects. Not the flotsam and jetsam from inferior teams.

But he's here now so I can only hope he proves me completely wrong. I'll happily eat humble pie if that happens.

"Better than Rondon" (Our new motto).

Will Mabon
316 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:52:15
We've been here before after a similar kid-in-a-candy-store buying spree. I believe we were concerned about the disruptive effect of introducing so many new players, and how long it would take for the team to settle and find itself.

I guess we're going at it again, except this time against a rather more tenuous backdrop... and the big purchases aren't over maybe.

Brent Stephens
317 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:53:00
Brian, and I'll have some of what you're on! Your round first, mate.
Rob Halligan
318 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:53:32
Well, if the following statement is true, then he will do for me. Taken from a Twitter account so no guarantee's it's true…….

"I am very happy to sign for the Toffees and with a new stadium now being built, I believe good times lay ahead. Aston Villa showed interest but I believe this was the wise move due to a number of factors, Gerrard was not a very inspiring man, I do not say more………."

Welcome, Neal, to the greatest club on earth, with the greatest fans (apart from a few on here) in football. Just stay off this shit show of a forum where you will be hounded to death for tying your boots up the wrong way, and you will be fine!

Andrew Bentley
319 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:53:41
Was he signed in time to make his derby tomorrow? If so I may Chuck a cheeky bet on him scoring on his debut
Peter Carpenter
320 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:54:54
The competition will spur Rondon into a hat-trick tomorrow.
Will Mabon
321 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:56:15
Rob, maybe Digne gave him the inside skinny on The Crease Head.
Kieran Kinsella
322 Posted 26/08/2022 at 20:59:10
More from Maupay on Twitter:

"I have quickly learned one thing in my short time at Everton: Kenwright Out!"

Ian Riley
323 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:00:13

We are stronger than yesterday with more goal threat!!

Get a grip with expectations of who we can sign. Good value in my opinion.

Derek Knox
324 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:00:39
Peter @ 320, give me a pint of what you've been on!
Brent Stephens
325 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:02:47
Ian, I agree – about being stronger and about expectations.

Kieran, I don't believe Maupay posted that if he's only said it once.

Bill Gall
326 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:03:21
Seems a number of people on here thought Everton should have rushed through his medical and fitness program plus the transfer fee just so he could play tomorrow.

It is not easy fitting in with a different group of players after playing for a couple of seasons with another club that may play to a different set of tactics.

It seems to me that we have the DoF and the manager finally being able to work together in bringing in the type of player they need without interference from others.

This is another team player that should improve the team at a price we can afford.

Paul Kossoff
327 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:06:23
Christopher 113,

"Best of luck to the boys heading out to Turkey."

I hate to be a killjoy but those two have sat on their arses and done fuck-all for 2 years, been paid ridiculous amounts of money, never worked a day, multi millionaires, both in mid twenties, now off to sunny Turkey, and they will both be back leaching again – "best of luck" they definitely do not need!

Barry Rathbone
328 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:07:51
Welcome aboard, Mr Maupay, just give your best and I reckon you'll do just fine.
Mark Ryan
329 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:08:19
Got a great feeling about Mr Maupay. I think he could be a great addition. He's got a good work ethic.

Good luck to the lad. I hope he proves a big hit!

Jim Jennings
330 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:09:32
“I have always been of the opinion that 'If you can't lose don't play, and if you can't watch your team lose don't go'.”

And I've always been of the opinion that “If you can't tolerate when other fans at the game leave the stadium, then don't go on ToffeeWeb whinging about it.”

Neil Copeland
331 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:19:05
Rob 318, more than a few on here I would say …..

Welcome to Everton FC, Neal. Only two phrases you need to know are: Kopites are gobshites and UTFT.

Mike Gaynes
332 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:19:41
Kieran #322, wait until he finds out he's being paid with the Arteta money.

Anyway, welcome Neal, bon chance, hope you make me look foolish for doubting your goalscoring.

Terry Farrell
333 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:20:12
Please stop mentioning Rondon, it's not funny, even in jest. Hope he never plays in the first team again in any capacity.
Tony Hill
334 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:24:09
Now, now Terry @333 - you know how much I love him.
Paul Kossoff
335 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:25:46
Bill 326,

Either our DoF and manager have their hands firmly tied behind their backs or are so stupid they have put us where we are in this perilous position of being cut adrift early in the season!

No manager would have intentionally been so inept to believe that weakening the squad would make us safe. A useless winger, relegated; two centre-backs, one dropped from his team the other relegated, playing possibly the worst centre-forward in the top two divisions, a cast-off full-back, £30M for Onana who we could have had for £6M last year and has a 20% sell-on fee attached.

I truly believe that someone high up at Everton wants this team relegated and Lampard is in on it or very naive.

And yes, I really love a good conspiracy theory.

Rob Halligan
336 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:31:19
You’re so right Neil # 331. I actually meant to say apart from on here!
Mick Fallon
337 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:31:48
This is the type of Naismith-type signing we used to get over the line to finish mid-table. Those halcyon days. Keep calm.
Tommy Carter
338 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:34:49
Clearly Lampard has identified a type of forward he feels will improve this team. One who will work his tail off for the team.

I reckon Che Adams was probably first choice but Southampton priced him out of the equation. Fair play to them. Adams ain't a great goal scorer but he is a presence in an average team that they cannot do without.

Maupay is very similar to Adams in playing style. His statistical output is also similar in similarly performing teams.

Ultimately. He will work his socks off. He'll be a pain. He'll chip in with around 8 goals and about 2 or 3 assists.

Minus Calvert-Lewin, there is nobody in this squad capable of 5 or more goals this season, so this can only be viewed as a step in the right direction. We are more or less guaranteed those 8 goals.

Seldom is he injured and the only reason he hasn't featured yet is because he was always going to leave and Potter had moved on.

In other news. Interesting that Hans Vanaken is being linked with West Ham. A player I identified for Everton a couple of years back.

Andrew Bentley
339 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:35:33
Jesus, Paul #335 - everyone knows we are broke and have had to sell to try and keep us remotely close to FFP rules. The negotiations for players is taking its time as we aren't going in offering all the cash upfront as we don't have any!!!

No one related to Everton wants this club relegated. Who on earth would benefit from it?!?

All of us need to remember that, despite the fact that football teams are global brands, most of them are small to medium businesses and don't have the quality of people commercially to be a successful business.

Go back to your random conspiracies.

Ian Bennett
340 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:38:16
Signed, but can't play tomorrow.
Chris Hockenhull
341 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:39:03
Paul Kossoff @335,

There's some absolutely bollocks put on this site from all the “experts” but that comment wins the Shite Trophy 2022.

Congratulations… you've won our first trophy since 1995…. But please keep it to yourself.

Brian Murray
342 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:39:37
Reckon he's a good signing and an absolute pest always on the go. Not focal point probably so needs help.

Shame that Dutch lad is not coming but we've got time, I suppose.

James Newcombe
343 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:43:10
Hopefully we can sign Garner and Pedro / Diaz too. I'd take that for a transfer window that we really had to get right.

Then we just need to trust the Lampard / Thelwell plan(!) – it'll be a rollercoaster season.

Michael Lynch
344 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:44:41
Good first interview on the OS. Nice wry grin when he talked about how our players "welcomed" him by telling him how much they hated him! That's exactly the kind of player we need, someone known for their shithousery.

I think he'll do alright and, whatever, at least we've signed a forward!

Tom Bowers
345 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:46:24
Well, let's hope it works out better than a few signings up front over the last 10 years. Would be nice if it does and that he and Calvert-Lewin could work it up RS when it happens.
Tony Hill
346 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:47:41
What could be interesting is how Calvert-Lewin and Maupay might work together. You just never know.

I quite like the look of Brereton Diaz on YouTube but assume that Maupay is it now up front.

Garner might also be a bit of a stealthy coup. Gana maybe, too, is going to land. Iwobi blossoming at No 10. And who's that incoming, goalscoring winger who turns out to be a Thelwell masterstroke? Er, someone.

God, I'm starting to feel minimally optimistic.

Tony Hill
347 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:49:31
Maupay picture: is that a smile or a threat? Frightening man.
Tony Hill
348 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:54:31
Important words there from Frank : "... vital to what we're building". That'll do for me.
Adam Oakensworth
349 Posted 26/08/2022 at 21:56:09
One thing that is becoming clear in this transfer window is that Frank and Kev are prioritizing players with a strong mentality: Tarkowski, Coady, seemingly Onana despite his age, and now Maupay.

None of Tarkowski, Coady or Maupay are particularly inspiring but should add some grit and determination to the team and make us harder to beat. If we can still get Gueye plus another attacker, we should have enough to stay up and build from there.

That'll be a good starting point after what happened last season.

Jerome Shields
350 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:04:10
Ray #263,

After it was announced that Ancelotti was leaving, Calvert-Lewin was asked had he benefited from Ancelotti's coaching on the one-touch approach. Calvert-Lewin said that it may have helped occasionally, but was not significant in him getting his goal tally for that season.

Most of the goals he scored were one-touch. He was probably falling into line with the attitude at Everton regarding Ancelotti at that time. But he does not make the effort to get into position for the one-touch when he has played since.

This is in direct contradiction to what he said when Ancelotti was Manager:

"Calvert-Lewin explained the importance of continuing to put himself in goalscoring positions – and outlined how manager Ancelotti has ensured his confidence has remained high. He said:

“The ball hadn't quite been dropping for me in these past few games but I never stopped believing one is going to come – it's down to me to stay on the move in that 6-yard box and I was there tonight to put it in. ”

John McFarlane Snr
351 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:05:42
Jim Jennings [330] apologies, I didn't realise that it's alright to whinge about the owner, board, manager, and players but not to pass comment on the 'loyal supporters' (?) who turned their backs on the team, and vacated the ground when they were needed most.

I promise not to criticise them again, and that this will be the last time I will discuss the matter.

Mal van Schaick
352 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:07:37
We need to strengthen our attacking options?

No shit, Sherlock, 4 games in and points lost. We are playing catch-up already with 1 point on the board.

Good luck to the lad, still time to move a couple more out and get a couple in.

Tony Dunn
353 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:09:09
Isn't it funny how, when the optimism level goes up on ToffeeWeb, all the usual posters sort of drift away...
Steve Mink
354 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:10:40
I like Adam's #349 comment a lot. We've bought some real whoppers over the last few years.

The new signings have character. I see Maupay as Stracqualursi or Tosun with a bit more quality, he will be a good fit for us. We need to construct a midfield which allows Iwobi to get in the box more.

In fact, the whole team needs to get in the box more. Look at our play from a skycam – we seldom have more than 2 in the box.

Rob Jones
355 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:14:49
I like this signing.

We've been soft forever, and been bullied as a result. Instead, we now have a winner for a manager, and we're signing bastards (in the best possible sense).

Let's hope that the aggression permeates through the squad.

George Cumiskey
356 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:16:42
Only Everton could sign him too late to play tomorrow... fucking joke club.
Brent Stephens
357 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:19:49
Tony, you spoke to soon.
Nick White
358 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:22:31
For some reason, this signing reminds me of when we signed “the devil rides out” for a whopping £500k. We couldn't afford anyone else then either. Hope he does a good job for us.
John Kavanagh
359 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:24:38
Well, despite my reservations, I hope that, now we've finally signed him, Maupay does well for us and scores some much-needed goals, starting at Leeds. I also hope that tomorrow is Rondon's last opportunity to be an embarrassment like he was against Fleetwood.

So good luck, Neal.

Chris Hockenhull
360 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:28:12
Absolutely relieved this type of shite “I'm an expert on players, club finances, I watch YouTube so I know it all, I know everything regards youth players because… etc etc” didn't exist way back when.

Every player ripped apart by the armchair experts. Imagine the shite that would have been spoken in years gone by regards:

“Old Arse fullback playing for Huddersfield, for fuck's sake!”

“Why buy some bloke from Blackpool, for fuck's sake... We are Everton!”…

“Preston… for fuck's sake... Preston... jeez, we are Everton!”

“Dear lord… he's broken every bone available… Do us a favour... Wolves for fuck's sake...”

“Oh Fuck… no one wants to touch an injury broken relic from… Bolton…. Jeez… we are Everton!”

“A pisshead scrapper from Birmingham… do us a favour… should be in jail”

“Oh fuck… can't get into Liverpool team… why us?”

”A fuckin ex-Binman... from Llandudno?… do us a favour”

” He's a thug… he's goin to jail… what a waste… We are Everton for jeez sake”

And on and on and on and….on.

"Yes.., those Everton fans really know their football” – another urban myth.

As Neil Young said: “Don't Be Denied”

David West
361 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:28:47
John Snr @351

You call it how you see it, mate! The tone of your posts are spot on. I'm all for criticism where it's warranted, whether that be owners, board members, players, managers or fans.
It's about it being constructive, not vindictive and just plain nonsense that some people post.

Some people want to force their opinions and agendas on others and if you don't fall in line you are less of an Evertonian. Well it's bollocks

Maupay is a prime example.
Decent player, best years ahead of him, better that any fit forward we have, yet because he's from Brighton, because he's not £30-40M, it's "Everton are a shambles", "Everton are doomed".

I'd rather have 3 Maupays for £45M than Tosun and Walcot all day long.

Jerome Shields
362 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:34:55
Ray #263 This was the original quote. He did make other quotes while on England duty at the time praising Ancelotti. This he said when he was back at Everton:

"I was playing well under Ducan's influence. He (Carlo) didn't really give me too many instructions other than just to be more focused in the box, those were his words. He made quite a big thing of me scoring off one touch which has worked well this season.

"He stressed my job is to score goals so if I get players in to create chances my job's to put them in the back of the net and I think particularly in the first part of the season, that's how it went, " Calvert-Lewin said.

Kieran Kinsella
363 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:40:33
Chris Hockenhull,

The binman remark just made me crack up but that's an excellent post.

Will Mabon
364 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:40:57
Tony @ 353 - the hills have eyes.
Tony Dunn
365 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:42:32
Isn't it funny how when the optimism level goes up on ToffeeWeb, all the usual posters sort of drift away...

Brent @357, I know, it was ever thus, a small shaft of sunlight shone down on the rain-besieged town, then it was clouded over by the "He's Shite!" brigade. He hasn't even taken his coat off...

Sam Hoare
366 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:44:12
Adam@349, yes I think this is an important observation. Character is being prioritised. And snideness! Maybe this is the new identity we have been lacking for a few years?

We may not have the glamourous names, we may not play the best football, but we're kings of shithousing and no-one will enjoy playing us!

My expectations for Maupay are relatively modest but I think the fans will like his endeavour and energy. And compared to £27M for Tosun, £15M for Maupay is an absolute master stroke.

Will Mabon
367 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:51:29
"...we’re kings of shithousing and no one will enjoy playing us!"

Not exactly something you'd rush to have printed on a T-shirt, Sam.

Let's hope it gets results.

Jerome Shields
369 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:51:57
Adam @349 and Sam@366,

That is a good point.

Tony Everan
370 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:55:54
Also ‘robustness' was one of Frank's buzzwords for the window, players who can do a job but also are not made of glass.

Maupay, last three seasons, was 30+ Premier League games each season.

Nicolas Piñon
371 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:56:16
Good one!

David West
372 Posted 26/08/2022 at 22:59:02
Well, I'm looking forward to Maupay playing against Liverpool. If they thought we played nasty last time out... wait till we line up with Tarkowski, Coady & Maupay.

We now have a bit of steel. And am not talking about the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.


Brent Stephens
373 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:01:44
Sam, Tony, I agree about that robustness that we're bringing in. I hope that, alongside the cutlasses, we'll also bring in some stilettos (not for Calvert-Lewin).
Brian Wilkinson
374 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:04:06
The Brians we have on here is getting a bit like Spartacus.

Just to point out I am Brian W and so is my Mrs, blessed are the cheesemakers! :-)

Welcome to Everton, Maupay.

Mike Keating
375 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:13:58
Chris @ 360 - since when was Neil Young an Evertonian?
Justin Doone
376 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:18:53
The words that spring to mind to sum up Maupay are 'craft' and 'team player'.

I don't class him as a striker but he should be aiming for 10+ goals and can play with a striker.

He's a Naismith type of player who should out-run Alli in about 10 minutes.

Soren Moyer
377 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:22:28
We still need another striker and a proper midfielder and then get rid of Rondon.
Mike Gaynes
378 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:25:25
Adam, Sam and David, that's for sure.

Maupay had seven yellows in League games last season and 18 in his last two seasons in the Championship. That's not just nark, that's downright spicy. No question, Frank is emphasizing edge.

Bernie Quinn
379 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:29:12
To John Senior, Danny, and David West - It was great reading your posts, Thanks! I am sick of reading the negative posters whinging like mad about Maupay and Relegation. Surely a true supporter would be thinking and making positive comments.

Re Maupay – how can one criticise a player before he even wears a blue shirt? It matters not who he previously played for – it is how he performs for us that counts. Seeing that Frank phoned him a few days earlier, show he wanted Maupay in his squad.

Welcome, Neal, hope you are a big success. And just to upset the moaners, I never rated Calvert-Lewin as a great striker though I had the courtesy not to moan.

And as for Frank not building a strong squad!! As Christine recently pointed out, we are only two players short of a decent team. We now have one and I am still looking at a mid-table finish to the season – and winning Danny's Cup (and possibly the other one too!).

In Frank I Trust.

Brian Murray
380 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:34:27
Brian 374. I don't brag that I'm a god or a messiah. Just a very naughty boy.
Steavey Buckley
381 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:35:45
Sorry, not my type of striker. No doubt, with the cash, Brighton will find someone better. Something Everton aren't capable of doing right now, finding a good enough striker.
George Freeman
382 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:37:35
Well said Bernie @379 we all need to adopt a positive mental attitude, stop moaning and trust Kevin and Frank. Mike @375 maybe not an Evertonian but he did play at Wembley in 1974
Seb Niemand
383 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:41:37
Strengthen our attacking options? He IS our attacking options.
Matthew Williams
384 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:41:49
I've just read that Frank wants three strikers before the transfer window closes!!!

Maupay... done.
Diaz... close.
Pedro... maybe?

All good for me, feeling kinda hopeful for the season ahead... oh to finish 7th and Euro footy in our final season at the Old Lady next season would be so sublime!


Ciarán McGlone
385 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:42:51
'True supporter'

Tofeewebs Godwin.

Brian Murray
386 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:44:21
George. That's more than Newcastle did. They never turned up.
Pekka Harvilahti
387 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:52:46
Looks like we are going for another striker because Maupay as the only striker will not work.
George Freeman
388 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:53:05
Very true, Bernie, even with Malcolm Macdonald they couldn't score. Better not mention who they were playing...
Mike Keating
389 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:55:26
George @ 382,

Bugger Wembley... Neil Young at BMD would do me.

Kenny Smith
390 Posted 26/08/2022 at 23:59:11
I think this is a good signing and what we need. He's a scrapper who's hardly ever injured and works like fuck.

The squad last season was full of fannies that stumbled over the line in the end when they should've been relegated. There's a tough spine to the team now especially if Gueye comes in as well.

Frank's got the right idea – sort out weakest, then we can move forward.

Oh, and sell Gordon now!

David West
391 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:02:48

It's just like the news, mate – nobody wants to hear about the good news, they want to hear what bad things have been happening.

People don't want to hear that Maupay has pretty much the same record as Richarlison in the Premier League, even tho they have been screaming for his replacement since he left. They'd rather know why Brighton want to sell.

I don't claim to be a DoF, or qualified in football accountancy, a coach or a scout like a few on here. I support what Frank & Kev are doing because I see a change in direction.

It's not blind support, I didn't like Koeman or Allardyce. I thought Silva could've come good with time – and that is what is needed now, time. Time for Frank to build long-term.

Maupay might be a means to an end, he may not be here in 2 years as we progress, he might become a favourite of the fans for his efforts and desire, which I think he will. But it's all stepping stones to bigger things.

We are not going to be competing for Haaland or Jesus just yet, so sit back, people – get on board, back the manager, if there's no progress this time next year, then judge him.

George Freeman
392 Posted 26/08/2022 at 00:02:48
Good idea, Mike, he will only be 78 and younger than Macca so why not?
Ant Sorvoja
393 Posted 27/08/2022 at 00:10:25
George [392] Neil Young is always young and he still in a great shape though.

It is only about 5 years ago when he played ‘A Day in the Life' with Macca (funnily enough) and he broke all the strings in his guitar.

John Pickles
394 Posted 27/08/2022 at 00:23:21
It's taken 77 days to sign a striker with the criteria: 'Must be better than Rondon'.

Did 'Auto Predict' change it to 'Must be better than Ronaldo' and they only noticed yesterday?

Adam Oakensworth
395 Posted 27/08/2022 at 00:32:16
I agree David 391. We are resetting after failing with the approach of paying big fees and salaries over the past several years.

The strategy seems to be to solidify the team and then, maybe when we are out of the FFP woods in a year or two, we can start to augment with bigger names. A very good season would be a mid-table finish. It's the reality of where we are at the moment.

Dale Self
396 Posted 27/08/2022 at 00:36:18
Good work, David, but pace yourself, it never ends.
James O'Connell
397 Posted 27/08/2022 at 01:13:53
Give the lad a chance.

Good luck, Neal — unleash hell.

Andy McNabb
398 Posted 27/08/2022 at 02:38:30
Adam #395 - 100% spot on.
Mike Gaynes
399 Posted 27/08/2022 at 03:10:32
Adam #395, correct about mid-table, but for me a "very good" season would have to include a serious Cup run as well.
Chris Keher
400 Posted 27/08/2022 at 03:21:10
Personally I've always liked and rated him.

Pleased we've got a proficient striker in. We actually create a few chances nowadays; now we have a forward, you never know.

Steve Brown
401 Posted 27/08/2022 at 03:54:07
Looking forward to him winding up Van Dijk next Saturday.
Christine Foster
402 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:08:32
Mike #378,

I think you're right, Lampard wants fighters in his team, work rate and desire go a long way and for any team to be any good they need the grafters who will chase down and hassle. It's a spine to be built on, one we can add quality to without sacrificing points. I like it when a plan comes together!

Sean Roe
403 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:29:01
Justin @376

''He's a Naismith type of player who should out-run Alli in about 10 minutes.''

Sums it up nicely, exactly what we need and exactly what we haven't had since Naismith.

Welcome to the club, Maupay!

Sean Roe
404 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:40:02
Kieran @ 322


If I wasn't convinced he is the right fit, I am now.

Si Miles
405 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:42:41
The consensus on the Brighton fansites say he's shit and are happy for the dough.

Sounds about right... 🙄😔

Mike Dolan
406 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:43:45
Maupay is one of those players who will go out to play every game with his heart on his sleeve. He is a 5'-7” major shit disturber who under Lampard will likely average 10-12 goals a season, which isn't something to be sniffed at.

I really love this signing. He is more of a No 8 or a No 10 than a classic striker but he is every bit as good as offer unspectacular as players like James Milner, Johnny Morrissey, and our own Tim Cahill.

Welcome to Everton, Neal.

Dupont Koo
407 Posted 27/08/2022 at 05:52:37
£15M is a fairly decent fee for a proven Premier League performer, obviously due to him being an expiring contract. Fiesty with fire in his belly, Maupay is an ever-present on the team sheet, tenacious and gritty which would help making us a lot tougher to play against and beat as a team, something Frank puts a premium on.

Though not a back-against-the-goal type of target man like Calvert-Lewin or Rondon, Maupay's versatility across the front line would mesh well with all of our forwards and allow Frank to play a fluid set-up with more flair (regardless of Gordon staying or not).

A minor negative is that Maupay is given a "Player Option" to extend the deal for a 4th year that will bring him to 31 years of age.

Otherwise, another economical, relatively under-the-radar but practical acquisition by Thelwell.

Danny O’Neill
408 Posted 27/08/2022 at 06:18:11
Fascinating post. A few responses.

Christine, agree, but also I learned that no plan survives contact with the enemy, so always be able to adapt and have Plan B, Plan C... and if that fails, just wing it!!!!

Brian Murray – are you being picked on or just fatigued? Man hugs at the next match. I'll put an arm around you!

Kieran @309. I was in the Upper Gwladys last Saturday in the worst possible seat. Front row but right in front of a post. I had to keep moving my head left to right to follow the game. When I took my seat second half, the lad alongside me pulled a seat to my right down and told me to sit there. Apparently the season ticket holder never returns for the 2nd half and spends it talking with his mates in the concourse. Oh well, perfect view for me, so thank you!!

Rob Halligan @318. True or not, that does it for me!!

I'm now checking the odds for a Rondon Hat Trick on Paddy Power.

Michael @344. Hate is a strong word, but I always use that as a mark of respect. In a conversation with Stephen Vincent last Saturday, we both agreed that there is nothing worse than when a Kopite in-law or cousin tells you that they don't mind Everton. Insulting.

Chris @360. Quality. Just quality.

Bernie, the cup but 7th and qualification for the European Conference Competition thing.

I fly out to the US today so can't be at the next few matches. I'll be back for Arsenal away, so those who have my number and want to meet, give me a shout.



Dennis Ng
409 Posted 27/08/2022 at 06:24:27
I like the deal, a gamble given his late season form but we're not going to get easy deals.

Hopefully there is another striker coming in to provide competition. Gueye's deal is, at this point, annoying, feels like it's going to be a hit-or-miss on Deadline Day.

Lester Yip
410 Posted 27/08/2022 at 06:29:49
Welcome Maupay! Prove your doubters wrong with your fighting spirit and work rate.
Mick O'Malley
411 Posted 27/08/2022 at 06:57:37
I'll have to admit that I was underwhelmed when we were linked with Maupay, but there is no denying that this fella has an edge and is an absolute pest on the pitch, and we've been on the receiving end a few times.

I'll reserve judgment to see how he integrates into the team. He seems thrilled to be here, he can make himself an instant hero this week by scoring the winner at Leeds and then giving Liverpool the runaround next week, UTFT 💙

George Stuart
412 Posted 27/08/2022 at 06:58:35
To win a Premier League title, you need a 20-goal-a-season striker at a minimum. Then everybody else has to chip in as well (I know about Man City last season).

So a 10-ish-goals-a-season striker will do for me. 10th place. Even Ancelotti couldn't do better than that.

Rondon has scored 1 goal in 22 appearances. I'm not sure how that can equate to "slightly" worse than Maupay.
Don't get me wrong: I like Rondon. I'd put him in my team every time.

Thing is we play in the 3rd division of a rural Australian league. The only way he should be in an Everton shirt is if he bought one at the ToffeeShop.

Everton are my longest love BTW. 62 years and counting.

George Stuart
413 Posted 27/08/2022 at 07:00:12
I wish we'd signed Gabriel Jesus.

Player of the Season already.

Colin Glassar
414 Posted 27/08/2022 at 07:03:09
I wish we'd signed Mbappé.
Neil Thomas
415 Posted 27/08/2022 at 07:06:15
Not a bad signing at all, and shows that Frank is probably going to play a high pressing game, because this lad will run his ass off if nothing else.
Lester Yip
416 Posted 27/08/2022 at 07:53:01
George (413),

I am afraid even Jesus can't save us. He will be left alone on top pressing the ball. When we counter-attack, the wingers will dribble and fire the shot without considering him.

Graveyard for strikers. Look at Beatie and Yakubu. Well Lukaku is the only one to buck this trend.

Ray Smith
417 Posted 27/08/2022 at 08:30:41
I would like to see Brereton Diaz sign, together with Garner and Gana.
PSG are being bloody-minded, and hopefully Gana will be a last day arrival!

I hope all of Thelwell's team are working Bank Holiday Monday. Thursday is fast approaching, so a Bank Holiday day off is a definite no-no.

Bernie Quinn
418 Posted 27/08/2022 at 08:31:41
My word, Lester @416 – I wish I was as clairvoyant as you! Is the gift a blessing or a curse?
Alan Johnson
419 Posted 27/08/2022 at 08:34:46
#395 Adam. Totally agree with you.
Jeff Armstrong
420 Posted 27/08/2022 at 08:38:41
Now we've brought a forward in, Frank, you could let Simms go out on loan after today's game......??
Bob Parrington
421 Posted 27/08/2022 at 08:40:09
Chris @ 360 - That was hilarious. I'm chocking with my scotch while preparing dinner here in Australia. Thanks.

I have no problem with Maupay other than how to pronounce his surname – is it Mow - pay or More - pie? He looks like the opposition niggling forward that we've lacked for donkey's!!

Brian Wilkinson
422 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:07:42
To put it mildly, a few might be weary of the signing, but I guarantee, if he nets the winner in the derby, they will be the first in line of a very long queue, awaiting him to drop his kecks so we can all kiss his backside.

Give the guy a chance.

Geoff Lambert
423 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:14:46
Only Everton, how could they miss the deadline for him being able to start today by a few hours?

Do we need to get 3 points today? You bet we do or we are rock bottom for the foreseeable future with the run of fixtures coming up.

A really good end to the window is needed if we are going to move up to mid-table.

David Peate
424 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:17:53
As another quite elderly supporter, I fully endorse all that John MacFarlane has said. Wise words from an old head.
Robert Tressell
425 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:24:09
I wonder whether Frank will play Maupay alongside Calvert-Lewin when both fit. I could see that working quite well in 5-3-2 / 3-5-2.

Looking forward to seeing him play.

Adam Oakensworth
426 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:29:10
Mike 399,

I don't think I remember what a cup run looks like but agree that it would be magic!

Craig Walker
428 Posted 27/08/2022 at 10:44:00
Not confident today but I never am away from home.

Leeds away on Tuesday and the. The RS at Goodison next weekend. I'm starting to get that ominous feeling again.

Just hope we strengthen further and stick with Frank as I can at least see a plan and some tenacity in the players we're recruiting.

David West
429 Posted 27/08/2022 at 11:05:37
Lester @416

Didn't Yakubu score 20 in a season for us? I'd take that graveyard!!

Karen Mason
430 Posted 27/08/2022 at 11:18:38
Oh My God. Neal Maupay? Are they havin' laugh? Barn door & banjo are the 2 words that spring to mind. He's useless!

Just when I was beginning to have faith in our recruitment. Waste of money. Waste of time, waste of a shirt. In addition, I despise the little shit for what he did when Brighton beat us at Goodison last season. Walked the full length of the pitch to wind up the Gwladys Street.

It's not like he was good enough that we were givin' him stick through the game! Can't get into the Brighton side, so we've bought him. What the fuck!!! I'm feckin' fumin'!!! 🤬

Neil Copeland
431 Posted 27/08/2022 at 11:28:52
Not impressed then, Karen?
Kim Vivian
432 Posted 27/08/2022 at 11:30:18
Hope you're wrong, Karen – get baking that humble pie in case.

Sounds like just the sort of guy who we need if he can dish it out when taking it.

David West
433 Posted 27/08/2022 at 11:53:46

He's on our side now though but I'd love him if he done that in an Everton shirt in front of the red shite fans next week after scoring!!!!

Give the lad a chance. Go look at his record compared with Richarlison. Lad's on same level £40M cheaper than we got for Richarlison.

Don't know who some people are expecting us to sign?

Karen Mason
434 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:03:58
Derek @176,

I have had my angry head on all morning at the news about Maupay. Your last para made me laugh out loud. Thanks for cheering me up. I appreciate your sense of humour.

God knows we need one as Bluenoses and mine had deserted me for a while there.

Karen Mason
435 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:15:14
Kim @432,

I really hope I'm wrong too, matey. I'd be happy to go to buy & eat humble pie, as I can't bake. I'm not always right, of course, but I'm pretty confident on this one.

David at 433, to quote Derek at 176, Nurse, nurse, David's medication is giving him hallucinations!!

Christine Foster
436 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:22:02
Let's be honest, even if he were registered in time, Lampard would not have picked him, not even been introduced to the other players yet never mind a training session, so it was never going to happen. Get beat and I can see him playing midweek.

Which brings me to another point: we are three games in, our defence looks like a proper one, midfield has more bite, so as long as we don't sit and let teams come at us, we are going to be harder to beat. Far better than last season but not yet good enough.

We had a better shape with Rondon as it freed up Gordon and Gray, lost when he was subbed... learn lesson, play with a striker or makeshift one if need be!

Do this and we won't get beat, might be difficult to win, but go for set-pieces and corners, best hope for now.

Neil Thomas
437 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:31:21
There seems to be a lot of criticism on here about the lad. But look at our financial position, what do you all expect, a 30-goal-a-season a season 26-year-old for £15M?

We've had lots of people moaning about us having too many lazy players. Well, this lad will run himself into the ground for us. If he gets us 10+ goals and gives us 100% every game, then I for one won't be getting on his back.

David West
438 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:45:56
Karen who would you like ?

Maupay: 26 in 102
Goal every 3.92

Richarlison: 48 in 175
Goal every 3.64

I loved Richarlison and he mat get even better but was never prolific, £45M banked and Maupay. I'd say good business for 26-year-old in coming in to his prime. He's defo the type we need. I don't see why people are so negative about him?

I think Blues are going to love him scrapping and causing trouble for defences, maybe dcl will see him giving his all and turn up his desire a bit too.

Bill Gall
439 Posted 27/08/2022 at 12:55:11
Well we all know we don't have the finances to but one of the top quality strikers and cant go in a bidding war with those who can. As other supporters have said, Maupay is another player who will strengthen the team and help us become harder to beat.

But as this is ToffeeWeb, even if we bought Messi and Ronaldo, one would be too small and the other too old. Unless things change, it looks like we are going to rely on Calvert-Lewin's fitness, and that is why they should hold on to Gordon; start scoring and his value will increase.

Nick Bower
440 Posted 27/08/2022 at 13:03:11
We just have to wait and see... if he scores the derby winner, he will be an instant hero and his confidence will be sky high.

Okay not likely... but in football almost anything is possible. I say give the lad a chance and a bit of slack. Save booing him on to the pitch (as some are booing him on to ToffeeWeb) for a time when he has consistently failed to perform.

Brian Murray
442 Posted 28/08/2022 at 09:40:18
So the next two games, Neal, and the freedom of our city is yours!
Kevin Turner
443 Posted 28/08/2022 at 11:33:19
Haven't been on here in a while due to lots going on domestically but mainly because of the utter negativity from posters that just got too much to bear. Some of the ones for this signing are totally over the top.

We all want the same thing. Can we just get behind the team, Lampard and the staff, and wish the lad a warm welcome and good luck?

We aren't going to sign a prolific striker from our current position. We are way down the pecking order for players who bang in 18 to 20+ goals a year. We have to gamble on speculative signings from the Championship, players from the Premier League also-rans, and Europe's minor leagues.

Park your doubts and fears – it's not going to change things – and just get behind whoever comes in and give them an even break.

Kevin Molloy
444 Posted 29/08/2022 at 12:27:38
The report on him in this link below is very interesting.

Iridescent Maupay can be about more than goals for Brighton in 2022-23

I suppose we've all watched Brighton at some point and thought 'Bloody hell you should have buried that, lad' but I'm feeling quite positive about the other aspects of his game detailed below.

I didn't know he was such a good passer and at link-up play, which we are absolutely crying out for. Him and Gordon pressing at the same time must mean we would be up there with the best in the Premier League, and I think McNeil is no slouch in that department too. Might come in handy in the derby.

Michael Kenrick
445 Posted 30/08/2022 at 17:30:04
Looks like they finally gave him a number.

Found an old Gordon shirt at Finch Farm that one of the cleaners was using as a rag, and someone said. "Hang on, we can give that to the new bloke!"

It's only taken 5 days – and yesterday was a Bank Holiday.

Nick Page
446 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:02:06
Lol, pathetic isn’t it Michael. Absolute amateur hour. Knowing Kenwright & Co they probably forgot.


Paul Birmingham
447 Posted 31/08/2022 at 00:35:13
More to the point, the Premier League should pay compensation to Everton for failing their registration SLA, for Maupay.

It sums up the Premier League, they can't even manage their diaries.

I do think Everton would have won tonight with a real striker.

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