This column has been quiet since the end of last season, in part due to the fact that 2022-23 was so emotionally draining, but it’s also a reflection of the stasis at Everton’s, particularly with regard to the lack of transfer activity, and the general feeling that 2023-24 is probably, at best, going to be a year of consolidation and limited ambition.

Bigger, more lasting factors are playing out at Boardroom level, of course, with MSP Sports Capital finalising their first investment into the club but in the absence of confirmation, it’s a case of waiting and seeing on that front as well.

The Dele Alli situation, however, was genuinely intriguing even before his brave and revealing interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap this week. Coincidentally enough, I was working on a draft piece on the narrow window that Dele has to prove himself to Sean Dyche this season given that just seven more appearances for the Blues will trigger a £10m payment to Tottenham Hotspur according to the terms of the deal struck with Daniel Levy in January 2022.

There may well have been a feeling that Dele, with the reputation that has grown up around him in recent years, was quite some distance removed from the archetypal Dyche player and that it was more than likely that he would simply see out the final 12 months of his Everton contract, either out on loan again or kicking his heels in the reserves.

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But his candid and encouraging discussion on The Overlap offers the best hope yet in the 18 months since he arrived at Goodison Park that he could not only be a functioning part of the Toffees’ first team but a genuine difference-maker rather than the somewhat disengaged character that his demeanour in many of his first 13 games for the club suggested.

Indeed, if that hope engendered by the interview that he can get his once-stellar career back on track is realised in the coming months, then the whole picture around the 27-year-old changes dramatically. It really would be like a new signing.

On a purely human level, whatever happens with his career at Everton, it was genuinely heart-warming to see Dele in such a positive place mentally and in terms of his belief that he can get back to his best. Even if he never scales the heights he once he did, he now looks more likely to avoid the more destructive and sad fate away from the game that many might have feared he was heading for.

The impression you got from his alarming fall from grace, no doubt fuelled by the accusations of laziness that he addresses in the interview, was that of a player for whom super-stardom and national acclaim came too fast and too soon and that, as a result, his appetite for the game had ebbed away, particularly after his mentor, Mauricio Pochettino, had left Spurs.

The observation made recently by Alex Iwobi that Dele just wasn’t “a training-ground player” as far as doing the hard yards in the gym and in practice drills were concerned certainly played into the same narrative. But it’s clear, from his decision to drop “Alli” from the back of his jersey to the heartfelt revelation on The Overlap of the abuses and struggles he endured as a young boy, that there were deeper, darker forces at work than simply falling out of love for professional football.

The admission that substance abuse was affecting his ability to perform physically coupled with the mental battle against his critics and nay-sayers offers further context to his poor form and, under those circumstances, it’s perhaps not surprising that his supposed “fresh start” in the unfamiliar surroundings of Turkey didn’t provide the catalyst to change.

Instead, it was the injury he sustained at Besiktas, contemplating the surgery that would be required to fix it that, and the fresh media feeding frenzy that was thrown up by photos of him partying on his return to England that prompted him to take the step of seeking professional help to slay the psychological demons that have haunted him in recent years.

The proof of the pudding will, of course, be in the eating. Evertonians would dearly love to take Dele at his word and believe him when he says he has got the fire back in his belly and that his passion for the game he loves so much has been restored but he is going to have to show it on the pitch where it counts.

His situation is complicated, though, by the terms of the deal that brought him from North London to Merseyside which mean a first tranche would be due to Tottenham once he makes his 20th appearance and the fact that he only has 12 months left on his contract.

If there were any compassion left in football, Levy would agree to renegotiate those terms to allow Dele more latitude to rebuild his career at Goodison on the back of the Neville interview, but the game is all business now and the chances of that are remote.

As it stands, Everton would be loathe to trigger that first £10m payment during what would essentially be a trial period and then risk losing either a player reborn or one on whom another club might gamble for nothing next summer having invested a transfer fee in him.

Ultimately, assuming he doesn’t take the Premier League by storm this coming season once he regains his fitness, it could come down to a gut-feeling call from Dyche and Kevin Thelwell on whether to invest precious funds in Dele Alli by giving him the bulk of the season to prove himself.

If he rediscovers his best form, the hope then would be that he either contributes enough to help Everton to a higher finish than they otherwise might have without him (with the commensurate prize money bridging the fiscal gap) or that he opts to repay the faith the club showed in him by agreeing new terms in a year’s time.

Either way, the Dele story could add a fascinating dynamic to Everton’s 2023-24 season given that, on his day, he is a world-class performer capable of filling a variety of roles and both creating and scoring goals. And at a time when the Blues genuinely can’t afford to add talent like that to their ranks, he could provide a genuinely unexpected bonus.

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Gavin Johnson
1 Posted 13/07/2023 at 23:40:05
There's still a lot of 'what if's' here.

It was brave of Dele to give the interview and this openness could be the making of him revitalising his career. He had an awful childhood and I would imagine it would be wise for him to continue to have therapy to work through his childhood traumas. At least, it looks like he's recognised some of the triggers now for his self destructive behaviours.

He seems genuinely hungry to get to a similar level as before, but as someone who doesn't seem like a trainer in the Alex Iwobi mould, he's still going to have to convince Dyche to give him 7 games in the Prem to audition for a full time role at Everton.

It's vary rare nowadays for managers to give talented players, like mavericks from days of old like Stan Bowles and Rodney Marsh to get a pass in training. De Bruyne isn't a very good trainer apparently but he seems an anomaly in todays game, so Dele is going to have to work like he did when he was MK Dons, before the money and fame. It's not going to be easy.

There's the worry that if we pay the £10m fee he'll be out of contract in the summer anyway, but there needs be an agreement in place that if Everton put their faith in Dele, he repay us by signing a new contract as a free agent.

As I say, a lot of what if's. He's got to be given the 7 competitive games, and then show some of the old magic for us to warrant paying out £10m. £10m will be a steal though, if can get anywhere close to how he used to be.

Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 13/07/2023 at 00:06:44
Setting aside for a moment all the powerful personal revelations Dele has made here and looking at this interview from a purely Everton football perspective, I saw and heard multiple reasons for at least guarded optimism.

He began the interview with a strong and unbidden expression of gratitude to Everton for the club's support (and we are a helluva club!), and he talked about several long and comfortable conversations with Dyche, a manager he had never previously met. He clearly has connected with the club on an emotional level.

He also made it clear that, contrary to what we all believed, he has not fallen out of love with football -- he had fallen away from himself, and is on the road to recovery, but his face lit up when he talked about playing footy again.

And he immediately dismissed Neville's question about getting back to what he was, setting his jaw and saying that he wants to surpass that level and play beyond it. The determination was clear.

Now I am certainly what a former denizen of this space used to derisively refer to as a "happy clapper" -- in fact I wear the barb as a badge of honor -- but I genuinely believe that, given an extended opportunity, he could become once again a football force, and that he wants to do it here.

There will definitely be some ups and downs to navigate -- chemical dependence and mental challenges are not overcome all at once, or in a steady way, and I expect to see some backward steps along the way. But after watching this interview (twice), I'm eagerly reversing myself on the possibilities of his future... and ours.

Jack Convery
3 Posted 14/07/2023 at 01:43:34
I wrote in another thread on the Dele Alli interview, that the human thing to do would be to secure a deferment on the £10M payment, especially as he appears to have been addicted to sleeping tablets at the time he signed for us.

Levy should be asked, in the best interests of Dele, that the £10M should be paid at the end of the coming season. Another solution, could be to pay £3-£5M at the 20 game stage and the rest at season's end.

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees. It appears to me that Everton are holding up their end. Maybe Levy may do his old boy a big favour and let him recover in an environment he clearly trusts and enjoys. Fingers crossed.

Whatever happens, I wish Dele all the best and thank him for his bravery in talking publicly about his many demons.

Julian Wait
4 Posted 14/07/2023 at 01:44:36
Emotional mode: I'd love him to succeed… anywhere!

Business mode: Sort the financials out in our favour and make it work with a hedge on him relapsing in some way!

Fan mode: what if he actually became better than before; where does that put Everton?

Romantic mode: imagine the story of he comes good and Everton rise with him — goosebumps!

Neil Tyrrell
5 Posted 14/07/2023 at 02:13:56
The romantic in me sees Dele coming on to the Goodison pitch to the biggest roar he's ever heard, playing the game of his life in response, and never looking back. And never wanting to play for anyone else.

Rarely if ever works out like that, but dare to dream…

Dupont Koo
6 Posted 14/07/2023 at 02:24:22
Not likely that Levy will bite on re-negotiations, but I sent a Tweet to Spurs' official account and see if it moves a needle!

Regardless, when we thought our lives are tough, there is always someone like Dele going through tougher things that cannot be imagined from our perspective.

I personally just want to see Dele overcoming his inner demons for good, be happy and content for the rest of his life. Whether he rebuilds his career on the pitch, that is only icing on the cake.

Bill Watson
7 Posted 14/07/2023 at 02:26:51
It must have taken tremendous courage for Dele to publicly face his demons and I'm sure we all hope this is a new start for him, both personally and professionally.

We've all known there's a player in there but, so far, we've only seen glimpses of it. In the 45 minutes when he replaced Gomes v Palace, the season before last, he was instrumental in turning the game which made us safe.

If he can replicate that over a sustained period, then we really have a player on our hands. Let's hope he's soon fit and able to show us what he can do.

Anthony Jones
8 Posted 14/07/2023 at 04:10:07
There have been many thoughtful comments here on this lad's situation. I am quite concerned for him now he has opened up, for two reasons.

The first is the possible targeting of him by other teams' supporters. Remember Robbie Fowler?

The second is more close to home. We have a large group of very vocal fans who essentially go the game to vent and abuse. Goodison is not somewhere you want to be when the chips are down and your passes aren't coming off.

As an attacking midfielder, Dele needs to take risks to perform. He will not be given a free pass because of a difficult childhood.

For his own sake, I think he needs to get away from the Premier League completely, unfortunately.

Ed Prytherch
9 Posted 14/07/2023 at 04:34:22
Neil, a great dream. I too hope that it comes true and I am mildly optimistic that it will.
Chris Jones [NZ]
10 Posted 14/07/2023 at 04:51:44
A thoughtful article as always Lyndon.

And Jack #3, exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps the club could approach Levy along those lines and quietly let certain trusted journos know they've done it? Given the outpouring of support for Dele, surely even Levy couldn't say no.

Lee Courtliff
11 Posted 14/07/2023 at 07:40:39
If he regains just 80% of what he used to be, that makes a huge difference to our team and, obviously, our League placing.

10 League goals and 5 or 6 assists would be a massive improvement on anything we've had from midfield in the last 2 seasons. He's a far superior No.10 than Doucouré.

Good luck to him regardless of what happens on the pitch but, with us being Us, I wouldn't be surprised to see him play really well this season then leave on a free to Chelsea or some other Champions League club!

Derek Thomas
12 Posted 14/07/2023 at 08:05:03
Dele comes good, scores winner in Cup Final - magic.
David Bromwell
13 Posted 14/07/2023 at 08:13:34
I know we all like to dream, but come on, Boys! Aren't we already in enough trouble?

In my view, we should never have involved ourselves with Dele. Obviously I wish him well and hope that he can get back to full fitness. But it should not be our problem and – if the "deal allows it" – we should send him back to Tottenham.

The constant changes in managers at the club have left us with little sense of team structure, with apparently some players being paid vastly more money than other more effective players in the team.

I had hoped that we might see some evidence that our latest manager would be given time to build a team with some homegrown talent given every encouragement to succeed. I cannot believe that it is worth taking the chance on 'Hollywood Signings' who do little to create any sense of team ethic.

Brian Ronson
14 Posted 14/07/2023 at 08:33:15
Presumably the Dele Alli deal was negotiated by our "great negotiator" Kenwright. Genius!

Play badly and we pay Dele allegedly £100k a week for doing nothing. Play well and we can't play him without triggering a fee that we can't afford!

If it was Kenwright, he should be sacked for this mistake alone.

Larry O'Hara
15 Posted 14/07/2023 at 08:53:37
Levy is a reptile who will give us nothing. And this contract is yet another item on the Kenwright charge-sheet.
Alex Gray
16 Posted 14/07/2023 at 08:58:12
There’s 7 games before we owe spurs money. See how he gets on preseason and it essentially gives us six games to judge.

Like others i’m glad he’s facing his demons and seems to be in a better place but football at this level is ruthless. The club pay him 100k a week and 10mil is a big hit in out budget sadly.

Si Pulford
17 Posted 14/07/2023 at 09:01:39
Really brave of him to take the interview on. It was a gamble in itself. Really interesting to see how public opinion can be influenced so easily. That Netflix documentary helped kill his career and framed him as the archetypal modern day footballer. A hate figure and the epitome of a rich, brash, lazy millionaire with more money than sense who didn’t care about his god given talent. Little did we know.
Now he’s given this interview and it’s got people on side and empathetic to his situation.

A five minute YouTube clip helped ruin him hopefully the Gary Neville interview helps save him.

Stu Darlington
18 Posted 14/07/2023 at 09:27:10
Excellent piece Lyndon. You outline the different facets of a very complex situation clearly and concisely.
To me it all comes down to a simple choice.Do we persevere with Dele and hope he has somehow turned the corner so we benefit from his obvious skills as a footballer or do we cut him loose now?
If we keep him we risk £10m we can’t afford,if he goes and recovers his form and desire for the game elsewhere we’ll be kicking ourselves for a lost opportunity.
I honestly don’t know which side I would come down on,but am leaning towards a clean break and a new start both for the player and the club.
The Dele situation brings a further complication to Everton that we don’t need at the moment.Hard on the lad maybe,seems a bit like kicking him when he’s down,but our focus has got to be on the next few weeks and signing a striker or two which is our most desperate need at the moment.
John Pickles
19 Posted 14/07/2023 at 10:24:46
The bigger problem is that there are 2 Dele Allis, neither of which fit in at Everton. There's the useless Dele Alli that's been around for the last few years, and there's the world class Dele Alli that existed before.

Let's say Dyche likes what he sees in training, plays Dele, and his form starts returning to Dele Mk. 1. Everton pay out £10M, £20M, £30M for a player dozens of better teams will want and is available for free at the end of the season.

Now Dele might be grateful to Everton but he will have his agent in his ear, telling him not to waste his second chance in a relegation fodder team, when he could and should be playing in the Champions League.

As it stands, it's just not worth it for Everton, it's lose-lose. The only way it could work is if Everton say to Dele, 'We'll give you a chance, swallow the payments to Spurs, but, you must add an optional year onto your contract where Everton can opt to keep you for another year'. That way Everton can at least command a decent fee for him at the end of the season.

Derek Thomas
20 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:05:29
David @ 13; fair enough, its a valid opinion and who am I to argue, but the romantic in me wants it to happen.

Also, sometimes though it's just about doing the right thing, even if it costs you, maybe especially if it costs you and you can't really afford it, because it's the right thing to do.

Everybody counts or nobody counts and we may as well shut down EitC to save money too.

Danny Baily
21 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:17:52
The way this deal is structured, coupled with our precarious financial state, means this lad cannot kick a ball for us again realistically.

It's good to hear the club have been supportive though.

John Kavanagh
22 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:33:44
Question. Was the infamous nitrous oxide photo before or after his rehab? Frankly, for the wages and £10 million on top after a handful of games, he simply presents too big a risk, especially given our desperate financial plight.

Unless he plays out of this world and bags some goals in just a few games that is, but we've allowed undue optimism and sentiment to overrule sound judgement before.

Eddie Dunn
23 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:38:02
John -in the interview, he said he got out of rehab three weeks ago.
Dave Lynch
24 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:38:17
As far as EITC is concerned.
I went to a meeting in my capacity as a mental health nurse in the Walton area with them
They are a self funded organisation, Everton allow them to use their name and logo to promote themselves, they are not, I was told connected to the club in any way financially
Ben King
25 Posted 14/07/2023 at 11:45:03
To be clear, Levy WILL NOT do Everton or Dele a favour. He’s a shrewd business man, constructed a deal that should Dele get back to form then Spurs get paid.

If Dele doesn’t get back to form, well he’s off their wage list. It’s was genius and we lapped it up.

As others have posted: Dele doesn’t belong here: he’s either washed up and thus no use. Or he’s excellent, too expensive and deserves a bigger stage.

Sadly, this won’t work out for us

Will Mabon
26 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:06:34
Julian @ 4:

Romantic mode + Realistic mode: Dele gets to even 90% of where he was and makes it stick - in come the "bigger" clubs with inevitable results.

Truth is, Dele would never be here if it were not for his troubles. I hope he gets to where he wants to be in himself and we'll just have to see from there.

Joe McMahon
27 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:07:10
Ben correct Levy will chew Kenwright up and spit him out. One is a hard faced cold businessman (that always gets top dollar), the other is an old fashioned romantic lovey who idolisises the likes Danny La Rue, Liberace and football from a bygone era.

The one thing they have in common, they're both narcissists, wankers and put themselves first before fans of their clubs.

Will Mabon
28 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:09:22

I think you said it more succinctly than me in that last paragraph.

Sam Hoare
29 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:11:55
I think Dele will need a good amount of time to really get himself together. Physically and mentally. I'm not sure Everton fans placing any sort of expectation on him is what he needs to be honest.

Some things are more important than football.

Frank Crewe
30 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:23:43
When you look at our midfield options you have to wonder why Everton struggle so much. Alli, Doucoure, Gomes, Gueye, Onana, Owobi, Garner. Not to mention the now departed Sigurrdson and Schniederlin. All internationals. All arrived for big fees and with big reputations. On paper these players are a match for any other midfield in the PL. But they need some proper strikers to create chances for.
Dale Self
31 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:28:34
Aren’t we in a sunk cost situation regarding his wages up to his future seventh game for us? Unless we could challenge the contract we are stuck and looking for any recovery of services from the player. This would imply that giving him the support to maximize his chance regaining form is our best move.

Whatever comes at the threshold of the contract is another consideration. We should make clear to him the complications financially then put our arms around him and help him get it right. We may be disappointed with his ultimate repayment but we will have done the right thing financially. This short term disappointment would be well outweighed by the enhancement of Everton’s image.

It’s early, I could be dreaming.

Richard Duff
32 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:34:52
A "Playstation" player, in a "Commodore 64" team. Just not going to work.


Maradona was never going to work at Napoli either

Dale Self
33 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:37:40
And not to get sordid but did they have a tank of nitrous oxide on that tape or was it those little twist off capsules? And did anyone get filmed doing ‘the Fish’?
Derek Cowell
34 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:45:23
This has a similarity to the Christian Erikson situation after his heart attack. He became a free agent and was taken on and paid by Brentford. As soon as he proved his ability over a season he was off to Man Utd. Now of course Brentford got him for free in the first place. If we gamble and pay £10m to Spurs it would mean he had played 7 good games for us but an improving Dele would be off at season's end like Erikson was but unlike that situation we would have paid £10m for a 1 season player.

I wish Dele well but his recovery as a top player will not be done overnight.

We could even now contemplate getting a fee for an improving player in the January window before we have to pay Spurs depending how long it takes him to play those 7 games and how he does in them. His wages though could also prove a problem for any interested clubs.

Only Kenwright could have saddled us with such a deal. In the circumstances he should have been free like Erikson. After all Spurs would still have got his big wages off their books.

James Hughes
35 Posted 14/07/2023 at 12:46:38
I don't understand the negativity around Dele as he is worth the effort. The interview was a hard watch for me but there was a sparkle in his eye again and that is a good sign, he lost the dead fish look.

We have had major trouble scoring goals recently and he could alleviate that situation. If we finish five places higher then that is equal to the money we owe that 'massive club' called erm, is it Spuds ?!

Plus if he is doing well and other big clubs come a calling, then by association means EFC are doing well and will not be looking over our collective shoulder at the end of the season.

Glass half full for me

John Catto
36 Posted 14/07/2023 at 13:17:25
I agree with James 35.
We struggle to score goals and he is capable of getting double figures. He could be the guy who keeps us in the premiership.
Let's not forget we have been at the bottom of league for 2 years.
It will cost more than 10 million if we get relegated.
So lets see if he can get back to any where near his old self.
We still have 7 games and can always send him out on loan again if it looks unlikely.
Good luck to lad what ever happens.
Michael Lynch
37 Posted 14/07/2023 at 13:24:30
£5m in wages and a £10m fee if he play seven more games for us; a very non-dyche player who doesn’t like hard training; a player with addictions who is a long way from fitness and who has been dreadful for a few years now; a player who leaves at the end of the season for no fee.

I wish him the very best and am so glad he has spoken out and sought help, but I’d be astonished if this works out well for Everton.

Pat Kelly
38 Posted 14/07/2023 at 13:37:57
We really are getting desperate
Ian Jones
39 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:15:13
To perhaps get some insight as to why Levy let Dele go to Everton under the current arrangement, I took a look at when Dele's contract at Spurs was due to end. Seems his contract was extended in October 2018. Originally due to finish in 2022, extended to 2024, presumably to end of of June. Didn't help with any insights, other than the timing as Everton signed him for the last 2.5 years of what was remaining on his contract at Spurs. Add Richarlison into the mix...

As I said on the other thread, I wonder whether both clubs were aware of some of the issues that Dele had, so agreed the sort of pay as you play deal to get Dele away from the environment at Spurs/London and see if he could re-kindle his love of the game.

Seems from reading the reports that Dele was looking forward to playing under Frank Lampard. Did Dele regard Frank Lampard as being of a similar mindset to Pochettino?

I also read an article about Dele when he signed for Everton I have added a link below for those who have the inclination and time to read it. Apart from the usual stuff I knew, a couple of paragraphs stood out...which sums up where best to play Dele to get the best out of him.

'His impact came as a support striker making late runs into the penalty box. He was combative and cute so could play deeper but that was not his main strength.

Over time, Alli has been deployed further and further away from the opposition goal, even used in a midfield two, where the responsibilities in the build-up play put greater emphasis on other aspects of his game. It has become hard to remember what made him so good.'

That just about sums him up. Reading some of his stats, it seems the further away from goal he is, the less of an impact he has...


Whilst I appreciate that at the end of the day, it is important to put Everton first, the idea of playing Dele for a further 6 games, see how it goes, and then if not working out, loan him out in January 24, probably wouldn't be useful to Dele's well-being.

Another point....Wasn't there a rumour that Spurs would get a certain percentage fee of any transfer fee Everton received if they were to sell Dele (I seem to remember 25% was mooted) - that would make sense to Levy with the original structure of the transfer?

Peter Warren
40 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:24:23
Got to say, I wish all the best - my opinion of him totally changed. Seems a great young man - selfless and brave. What he has achieved already is unbelievable - I’d be dead and out a long time ago if I had his upbringing

Playing side - an option in place for EFC being able to extend his stay by 12 months seems the best solution. That works so if he does well then we can sell him or look to renegotiate another contract in 12 months or just keep him for 12 months.

Spurs - you can’t expect them to just be nice guys. A compromise if we believe in him if we pay you £5m no matter what or £10m at end of season might get Levy to renegotiate.

Ian Jones
41 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:38:00
I don't see why Levy should renegotiate the deal. He's ours now.

In a perfect world, if Dele shows his true worth and gets playing time at Everton triggering at least the first payment to Spurs, then all sides could win.

However, we can probably only win if Dele extends his contract with us, so we can sell him to Chelsea for a fortune so that he gets Champions League footie with Pochettino and Levy gets his penny's worth.

Gary Brown
42 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:50:29
Ian - there is no way in hell we’ll be paying £10m for even the full season.

If Dele were to agree a longer term deal on reduced wages it’s theoretically possible, but he’s in no real state to be having those kinds of discussions right now either. He needs to be taking things day by day right now. For himself and the club.

Think Levy (and Everton) could easily offer to alter the clause to say “£10m if any further contract is signed”. That way we can free the lad to play and worry about future later on. Levy gets a WIN here as it is the only change they have of getting £10m anyway. It increases it anyway.

Doubt such common sense will prevail. In all likelihood we won’t see anything of Dele till the new year, and if he’s still about between Jan-may then we might get a few cameos until the trigger figure is reached.

Tony Graham
43 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:51:53
i,m in the washed up and useless camp. we can't

afford the big gamble, we need consistent performers, this season is going to be a tough one..

Nick Page
44 Posted 14/07/2023 at 14:57:19
Interesting what’s being said in the BBC article:

“ Addiction to sleeping tablets is widespread, much more than people realise," he said. "There is also widespread use of caffeine stimulants for matches.
"Players are pretty wired during games because they want to give themselves a legal buzz for when they are playing - but then they cannot get to sleep at night.
"They are therefore prescribed sleeping tablets and the cycle goes on."

Imagine if the diabolical media actually did some digging on this and found out what their beloved Bingo was up to. Don’t hold your breath though, for as long the agenda is part of their narrative, everything is fine.

I wish Deli all the best. Hope he can rediscover his form. We could do with a bit of luck for once and getting a former top pro back up to speed would be amazing.

Robert Tressell
45 Posted 14/07/2023 at 15:00:21
I disagree that this is in Levy or Spurs' court to resolve. He's no longer their player. This is now for Everton and, importantly, Dele Alli to resolve.

As things stand, he has about 6 or 7 games to rescue his career at Everton. After that, then we incur a £10m liability for a player who could walk for free at the end of the season.

We've already paid Dele Alli huge sums for 18 months of pretty much zero contribution.

If player wants an Everton career, then he needs to dial down his wage demands to offset our £10m liability - and give us an option for a further 1 or 2 years on much more modest wages.

If he does that, he gets some stability in back in his life and the opportunity (which he seems to want) to become a real player again with a Premier League club.

If he doesn't want that, then he can continue to make a non-playing contribution to get the remaining year of high wages from us. However, after that, no-one will ever take a risk on him and his only chances of a decent wage are probably in Saudi Arabia.

It would be brilliant for both him and club if he can work on something like this and deliver. I do really feel for the guy and fear for his future. What he has been through is probably so destructive that it would be absolutely extraordinary if he could come back from it. Here's hoping.

Kieran Kinsella
46 Posted 14/07/2023 at 15:08:55
Don't we have a game today?
Ed Prytherch
47 Posted 14/07/2023 at 15:38:36
Of the list of 7 midfielders in Frank's #30 post, I think that 5 of them will be free agents at the end of the season. Everton have decisions to make on all of them and a decision on any one will impact the decision on the others including Dele.
Nick Page
48 Posted 14/07/2023 at 15:46:02
Under Moyes, Ed we were quite good at squeezing a last season out of most of the squad on expiring contracts. A squad which also performed best when it was on its arse…largely because (IMHO) Moyes never knew his best 11. Could the same thing happen again here?


Jay Harris
49 Posted 14/07/2023 at 15:52:08
Sam #29 I was thinking exactly the same.

4 years and a limited number of Premier league minutes and the abuse his body has taken will mean a long path to recovery of fitness let alone the mentality issues.

It would be great if we could dream of a world class player again but we have to be realistic.

All the stars are aligned against EFC. It will take a miracle for it to happen but you never know.

James Flynn
50 Posted 14/07/2023 at 16:00:36
Levy DID NOT get one over on us. He just wanted Dele out of Spurs. Mostly, I'd guess, Levy wanted him out of the locker room, whatever deal he could cut.

Based on that deal, 18 months ago, we've paid Levy zero.

If in the end, we have to pay Alle's final season's wages, we'd have laid out a total of about £12.5 million. Bad enough, fair enough.

Until we compare it to what we paid for players before they even posed holding the Shirt or cashed an Everton paycheck:

Maupay - £14 million (Still owed £7.25 million)
- B&HA got one over on us.

Gomes - £22 million (Already paid approx. £22 million.
Still owed approx £6 million)
- Barca got one over on us.

Godfrey - £20 million (Still owed £7.8 million)
- Watford got one over on us.


So, yes, we're basically giving Alli a giant lottery ticket win. He's not the first. But as far as bum signings go the last few years, his is waaaaaaay down the list.

Levy had to leave it up to Everton whether Spurs got ANY money for Dele (Which, again, is zero). That's how desperate he was to get the boy out of his club.

We took on a known risk with a potential huge upside. It didn't play out so far and likely won't. But Levy didn't have our "pants down".

Jay Harris
51 Posted 14/07/2023 at 16:06:21
Yes Kieran,
12pm ET and 5pm UK time.

Be good to see the players after some Dyche training sessions.

Robert Tressell
52 Posted 14/07/2023 at 16:09:42
I completely agree with the sentiment James. Levy did not get one over us. He gave away a bag of damaged goods for nothing and we willingly took on the wage liability. That's why I think it's now simply a matter for Everton and Dele Alli. Spurs have nothing to do with it anymore. The ball is not in their court.
Ben King
53 Posted 14/07/2023 at 16:17:41
Erm, Levy DEFINITELY did get one over on us. He totally did.

The other players mentioned didn’t didn’t work out but weren’t damaged goods in the same way Dele was (pls excuse the phrase but you know what I mean).

The other players simply haven’t been as good as expected or been in poor form or unlucky with injuries etc.

Dele had an addiction and mental trauma. Levy would have at least known about the addiction. He got his problem over to us (huge wages) and stands to make money if Dele comes good. It was superb business acumen by Levy and he definitely tickled our tummies

Mark Ryan
54 Posted 14/07/2023 at 16:29:37
What Rob @ 52 has said. Its a win win for us. Its not Spurs business anymore. He is ours and we have to harness his potential and use it to good effect financially or simply as our player. Its time we had some good luck
Robert Tressell
55 Posted 14/07/2023 at 17:35:31
Ben @ 53, Levy didn't pull our pants down - we enthusiastically volunteered a moonie. Levy wasn't privy to some secret insider information. Dele Alli's situation was in the papers, in the Mourinho documentary and - very obviously - not happening on the pitch.

Why else would a player worth about £100m a few seasons prior be given away for nothing!?

The terms of the deal are ours to live with.

Mick Davies
56 Posted 14/07/2023 at 17:49:55
James @ 50, Godfrey was signed from Norwich City
Mike Gaynes
57 Posted 14/07/2023 at 17:55:18
Pat #38, disparate perhaps, but not desperate. Yet.
James Flynn
58 Posted 14/07/2023 at 17:57:03
Mick (56) - Whoops.

Thanks for the correction.

James Flynn
59 Posted 14/07/2023 at 18:44:39
Ben (53) - "The other players simply haven't been as good as expected or been in poor form or unlucky with injuries etc."

Decribing Dele to a "T"

He no doubt hasn't been "as good as expected".

For sure, he's "been in poor form".

Also, he's been "unlucky with injuries". Recovery right now from surgery needed from a piece of bone breaking away from his hip.

And I have to say, I'm impressed that you so willingly just waived off £90 million+ wasted on just 3 players:

Maupay - Who has to be the slowest forward in the Premier League.

Gomes - Must be the slowest midfielder in the Premier League.

Godfrey - a poor centre-back who can't play football.

£90M+ right down the spine of the team. You're a more forgiving supporter than I am.

But, somehow, £12.5 million lost on a player who meets all of your "Oh well, shit happens" financial reasoning, amounts to Kenwright having his pants pulled down?

You and I are just going to have to disagree.

James Flynn
60 Posted 14/07/2023 at 18:54:41
Robert (52) - Agree.

No more to it than that.

Nick Page
61 Posted 14/07/2023 at 20:00:56
James #59.

The thing that gets me every time is that these players were all decent when they first got to Everton. Still had that desire and fire in their belly. Then the rot sets in.

The rot is all due to the philosophy of managed decline that Kenwright has bestowed upon the club. They aren't all, all bad players – it's what the club has become. The players realise it, couldn't really give a fuck cos the club doesn't set winning anything as a target, and you get these half-arsed performances.

Rooney has highlighted this. It's why I'm so vocal about that despicable parasite called Bill Kenwright. He's ruined Everton, and ruined it all for fans. The only hope is getting rid of him, and any trace of his being here. And everyone and anyone associated with him.

Then we move forward as Everton Football Club once again. It would reinvigorate the playing side instantly.

Jerome Shields
63 Posted 15/07/2023 at 08:53:45
Whilst I wish Dele Alli all the best and can very much sympathise with him, he is at a crossroads in his professional career. Where it is being asked if he will be able to play to the minimum standards of a £100k-per-week player.

He has to do something by appearing to be doing something about it. It is down to whether he will be able to deliver on his promises, which as yet have not been put to the test.

He does look better and seems to be in good sorts. The process is acceptance, letting go of unrealistic goals and, the all-important chestnut, time. He is saying he is at the acceptance stage. His goals are the next step. I think there has to be adjustments in his contractual agreement for the next stage. so that realistic goals can be set. Then no fixed time limits, which are unrealistic anyway in such a situation.

There are a few hurdles on his journey going forward if he is real and going to deliver on what he is promising.

Dale Rose
64 Posted 15/07/2023 at 16:19:36
When on song, a high quality player. Looking at our history of buying duds, I don't see how we can't give him a chance. The very best to him.
Dave Abrahams
65 Posted 15/07/2023 at 16:37:11
Dale (64),

Yes, over the years we have had more than our fair share of duds, one who would be hard to beat was a player who joined us from Portsmouth for £10,000 in 1948 when I first started watching the Blues. His name was Albert Juliussen, he never played many games, he was unfit to play more than he was fit, I think we got our money back, one of his ailments was varicose veins!

Takes some beating that even if he was getting on a bit, he'd been around various clubs not to mention being in the Second World War for 6 years – although the varicose veins might have kept him out of that.

Dave Abrahams
66 Posted 15/07/2023 at 16:46:21
Robert (52),

Are you saying Everton don't have to pay Spurs any more money no matter how many games Dele plays for us?

Robert Tressell
67 Posted 15/07/2023 at 17:25:54
No, I'm not saying that. See comment at 45.
Dave Abrahams
68 Posted 15/07/2023 at 18:49:31
Robert (67)

Yes, there is a difference in your two posts and one of the big differences is that Levy most probably knew that Dele was going downhill regarding his form but didn't know the the revelations Dele has just come out with now.

We all know Levy is seen as a hard-hearted so-and-so when it comes to getting the best he can for his club, and himself as co-owner, but possibly might react differently to it now with Dele's future career at a crossroads.

Derek Taylor
70 Posted 15/07/2023 at 19:43:14
The situation is beginning to sound like a determined attempt to 'sell' Dele to us as an excuse for the failure to sign a decent striker.

'How can we afford to gamble on an experienced goalscorer when we already have two who just might come good?' is the message I'm getting over this Dele weekend.

I can't see Dyche buying into this one so get ready to clear the decks… again!

Robert Tressell
71 Posted 15/07/2023 at 20:24:28
Dave #68,

But it isn't Levy's fault that Everton are so skint that they can't afford now to honour their side of the deal they struck with their eyes open about the state of the player. It's not Levy who is stopping Dele Alli from playing, it's Everton.

Kieran Kinsella
72 Posted 15/07/2023 at 22:26:31

When we signed Dele people said it was a great deal as we paid nothing upfront. He had been a great player a few years earlier and if it had worked we’d have been laughing — had we not spent all our money so couldn’t pay it anyway. Now we are saying he might come good and we expect Spurs to drop the fee if he does so. But if he is back to the old Dele then surely Spurs will be thinking “we let him go too cheaply” they are hardly likely to say “well let’s drop the comparatively small fee to benefit a club who decieved us by taking on a dent they can’t afford.”

Jeff Armstrong
73 Posted 15/07/2023 at 22:56:35
Everybody, including me, wants it to be like a movie, but life’s not like that,

it’s just not.

He’s been out of rehab for 2 weeks, he’s made a docu that sounds like it’s been forced on him for whatever reason , everybody’s on a high about his self redemption and rightly so, but let’s see where we all are in 3 months, 6 months,

12 months, give the lad some time to recover, if he ever does recover.

Give him time.

Gary Brown
74 Posted 15/07/2023 at 23:27:48
Robert, forgive me but that’s just utter shite. The deal itself is the issue, and there were 3 parties to that deal - ALL of whom (including spurs and Levy) tried to be too smart with it. The kind of shite that could end up in a restriction of trade / Bosman ruling if anyone took it up.

The people who can solve it are the same three idiots who formed it. Can’t be done without agreement of ALL THREE. Levy is the one holding the main blocker and if he agreed Dele would be free.

If he won’t come to the table and negotiate the only options are a) Dele cannot play b) Dele gets farmed out on loan again. That’s it. Any notion that Everton will or can pay a £10m fee for one season is insane. It isn’t happening.

This should be about what Dele wants and needs now. If he wants a loan that’s easy. If he wants to stay and play then the other two fools need to sit down and work out a sensible compromise.

Jamie Sweet
75 Posted 15/07/2023 at 23:28:59
Firstly, a wonderfully written piece Lyndon. If only some of the mainstream media were capable of something so well balanced.

Secondly as others have mentioned, there is no way Levy is going to do us or Dele any favours.

So surely our best bet is to renegotiate with Dele himself.

I'm not clever enough to work out if it's feasable, or legal, but I'm thinking something along the lines of:

If we trigger the $10m clause then Dele moves to a pay-as-you-play contract for the remainder of the season with Everton able to trigger a two year extension (perhaps on more favorable / stable terms for Dele) at the end of the season.

So then Dele has 6 games (plus 6 weeks of training) to prove to us he's worth the $10m. We reduce the damage if it all goes wrong after those 6 games (he only gets paid if he plays). Then if it all goes well, we either get him for at least another couple of years, or have managed to guarantee a transfer fee if he goes on to better things.

Mike Gaynes
76 Posted 15/07/2023 at 23:34:15
Sometimes movie endings do happen in real (reel) life, Jeff. Christian Eriksen was quite literally dead on the pitch. He'll be a movie someday, just like George Foreman and Niki Lauda and Greg Lemond have been. (I haven't seen the Foreman movie yet, but I will.)

Dele can absolutely make it back if he wants it bad enough.

Robert Tressell
77 Posted 15/07/2023 at 23:35:23
Gary, what you are asking is for one of our competitors to give us, in effect, £10m. Why would they do that?

To be nice? Because there's a moral obligation to let Dele Alli play football again?

If that's the case, then surely we (as his employers) now have a moral obligation to forego our much needed new striker in order to let Dele Alli pay. That would free up £10m quid.

Daniel Levy said goodbye to the obligation in relation to Dele Alli when we took him off Spurs' hands, in full knowledge that it was a very risky deal - albeit with some upside if the risk came off.

It's our problem.

Laurie Hartley
78 Posted 15/07/2023 at 23:53:21
I really hope Everton and a Sean Dyche decide to become part of Dele’s “second chance”. If they do I am backing him to rebuild his life and football career.

If that happens I am also quite certain that Dele will pay the club back in spades because when you are recovering from addiction “doing the right thing” is the foundation stone of recovery.

Kieran Kinsella
79 Posted 16/07/2023 at 00:43:41
Jamie Sweet has a good point here that has nothing to do with Levi — our deal with Dele. If we cut his pay in half we’d save 2.6 million and he’d still be far wealthier than any of us bringing home 50,000 a week. Spurs at this point lost a one time at least 50 million rated asset for zero. Yes Levi may have known his issues but obviously we witheld the thruth to— the fact we couldn’t afford the staggered fee. Instead of acting like Levy should do the right thing and write off the fee, why don’t we — if he is actually able to play again — find a club to take him on who will pay the fee due to Tottenham? I’m not fan of Levy but berating him when we are pretending it’s all about Dele when in fact it benefits Everton is highly disingenuous
Don Alexander
80 Posted 16/07/2023 at 02:34:10
Steady on Keiran, it's seemingly like you're saying that Levy spread our most experienced, expert, much-respected (allegedly, according to them alone) negotiating team right over a barrel to render them helpless to resist being well and truly fucked by him.

And yet some people seem to think Levy will give a fuck right now by finding a streak of altruism?

Yeah, right.

Levy is someone who far eclipses Kenwright and Moshiri in every salient aspect of professional football chicanery.

Spurs under Levy (and his financially savvy backers) get a new stadium and success way beyond us in recent years, whilst we incrementally plunge to even lower depths with those two still at the top.

Ernie Baywood
81 Posted 16/07/2023 at 03:23:28
Everton and Spurs probably won't do any kind of deal that doesn't mutually benefit.

But then people seem to be overlooking Team Alli also. He's not just a player, he's a business in his own right. As appreciative as he might be for Everton agreeing to him going into rehab (and what else would they realistically have done?), he's not going to sign a deal now. His value is diminished as footballer after years of underperformance.

There are still huge question marks as to whether he can be a top level player again.

And similar sized question marks about his contractual future.

The former is a big challenge. The latter is practically insurmountable.

For me I just wish him the best personally and forget the idea of him being a top level Everton player.

Kieran Kinsella
82 Posted 16/07/2023 at 04:17:39

Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting Kenwright isn’t an inept narcissist. But what I am suggesting— since apparently he negotiated the deal — is that in this case his other trait of being a pathological liar trumped Levy. How could an EFC chairman not know our financial situation when agreeing such a deal? He materially mislead Levy despite him and his CFO Grant Infles knowing— assuming they can do simple arithmetic— into agreeing a deal we could not afford to honor. Much as it pains me to portray the slithering so and so as such, in this deal Levy was a victim.

Gary Brown
83 Posted 16/07/2023 at 04:25:38
Robert - there is no way in hell we are (or even can be) paying £10m extra for Dele. None. Zero. Not a sausage. Zilch. Zero. Not for an asset that could be worth nothing in June. That’s the key difference between him and your “£10m striker” who’d be on a 4-5 year contract and financially depreciated (or ‘God Forbid’ APPRECIATED) as such.

Levy must know he’s *not* getting it, so by clinging on to a false belief he is, then the ONLY thing he’s doing is restricting Deles options of getting well. Maybe he doesn’t care about that, and we can all differ in our views of him if he doesn’t. Personally I think he’s a tit for it.

The simple solution is for ALL THREE parties to sit down and work out what’s best for the lad. If it’s staying here and playing, why can’t Levy just agree to change the clause to say “payment to be made on any future contract between Everton and Dele”?!

That way Levy has a chance of getting something, and Dele can be left alone to play or not play instead of being farmed out to Saudi or Turkey or being left to rot.

Robert Tressell
84 Posted 16/07/2023 at 06:41:12
Gary, I agree. We won't pay that £10M because we cannot afford to and need to allocate the money to (hopefully) acquisition of a striker etc.

I can't see why Spurs would waive / delay the £10M to let us have our cake (the chance of a rehabilitated Dele Alli) and eat it (a new striker). How stupid would Levy look if that came off for us and we finished above them?

Might Spurs have a better chance of getting that £10M if they give Dele Alli another 20 or 30 games before it is triggered? Possibly, but the only reason he's playing for us on these daft terms is that they concluded 18 months ago that he's finished. Although what we have seen this past week is absolutely heart-rending, it's not really changed the position on the pitch.

If one of the 3 parties involved is going to take a financial hit to allow Dele Alli to play football for us, it should be Dele Alli.

As per my comments #45 (and similar comments
by Jamie #75), Dele Alli has the option of dialling down his wage demands with us to offset our liability to pay £10M. He could play for free – and buy himself a shot at first-team football with us.

He's already had huge sums from us for doing nothing for 18 months (and from Spurs for doing nothing of note in about the last 3 years for them). If he's serious about becoming a player again (possibly with an extended contract with Everton) then he can take a financial hit to earn it.

If he'd rather just collect the big Everton wages for another year, then he can still play, but on loan rather than for us. It's a sad end to the story but because no-one (including Dele Alli) will want to lose money over this, that loan is the likeliest option for him now.

Steve Brown
85 Posted 16/07/2023 at 06:50:30
Here's the reality for all three parties:

1) Dele's career as a top flight player will effectively be done if we don't play him, as no other team will take a chance on him.

2) Spurs will not receive a penny if we elect not to play him.

3) Everton will suffer financially if we have a £100k-per-week player in the squad who never plays.

That looks like the basis for a negotiated compromise that benefits everyone.

Ernie Baywood
86 Posted 16/07/2023 at 07:04:39
Steve, if there was any prospect that Dele could be a top player again... then there would be teams in the Premier League willing to offer us derisory sums for him and take the risk.

Let's face it, we'd accept given we can't afford to take the risk on playing him and paying for him. And we can't afford to pay him and not play him.

His market value is still his market value.

We're screwed on this deal. So are Spurs. Dele is the one with the options. And he doesn't need us. He's got a £100k-a-week contract.

Tony Everan
87 Posted 16/07/2023 at 08:26:18
It would seem a negotiated compromise makes the most sense for all parties.

Something along the lines of Dele drops his wage from £100k to £50k pw and Tottenham get £5M not £10M, after 30 games instead of 20.

Anything less and Everton won't take the financial risk. Dele will hopefully get healthy these next 5 months, then be off on a full or subsidised loan somewhere in January.

Tony Abrahams
88 Posted 16/07/2023 at 08:58:25
Even with the seriousness of everything that has come out this week regarding Dele Alli, I can't help but shake my head and smile at the two vultures who negotiated the terms of this deal.

It seems like Alli has been lost for a while and he probably came to Everton because of Frank Lampard rather than thinking everything through.

To be fair to Bill Kenwright, The Russians never invaded Ukraine until the February, meaning that Everton might have been able to pay this staggered contract if the player would have been a success.

This saga has got me whistling that old children's nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice in my head.

Robert Tressell
89 Posted 16/07/2023 at 08:58:36
Spurs were never expecting to get the £10M. They knew he was finished. That's why they let him go for free. Their financial win from the deal was getting the player's wages off their books – not the prospect of getting £10M.

The £10M (and some of the other add ons) were anti-embarrassment terms. In the very unlikely scenario that Dele Alli turned his career around with us, then these payments stop them looking like mugs. At the moment, they don't look like mugs.

It's unrealistic to see them as holding out for that money; they're not. They moved on 18 months ago. And unfortunately, 18 months into a 2½-year deal, Dele Alli has not turned his career around and is currently injured. So, although the interview is heart-rending, I can't see why Spurs might think there's now some prospect of getting the £10M.

And given Dele Alli's playing record for what must be getting on for 5 years now, it's extremely unlikely he will come good for us even if he agrees to play for free. He'll know that too – which is why the loan then free transfer next summer remains the likeliest outcome.

Colin Glassar
90 Posted 16/07/2023 at 09:27:03
Good luck to the lad. I hope he can resurrect his life and career but I doubt he will be an Everton player come Xmas.

As for the sleeping pill addiction, I think all our squad members from the last two seasons should be tested as they all played like zombies.

Danny O’Neill
91 Posted 16/07/2023 at 09:29:14
You touch on a point, Tony, that we have discussed on many threads and in person.

These players are manipulated and treated as commodities from a very young age.

They grow up in a bubble, detached from real life and with high expectation placed on young shoulders.

Like you say, the vultures circle.

Christopher Timmins
92 Posted 16/07/2023 at 10:23:38
Hopefully the guy can get his life back on track and if that results in a sensational upturn in his paying career, that would be great.

We can but hope.

Danny Baily
93 Posted 16/07/2023 at 10:27:47
I can't see there being any renegotiation of the deal. That would be in no one's interest but our own.

It's either a loan spell or a year of being frozen out of the squad.

Fingers crossed there's a loan opportunity that suits the loanee and player. One that allows us to pay half or less of his wages would be the best possible outcome for all parties.

Paul Hewitt
94 Posted 16/07/2023 at 11:21:31
We should just offer Dele an extra 12 months on his contract and pay the £10 million. He's said he feels better than he has in years and just wants to get back to playing football.

If we can get him back to being just half the player he was at Spurs he's definitely worth the £10 million fee. He will also feel like he owes Everton for helping him.

Peter Hodgson
95 Posted 16/07/2023 at 12:10:02
Robert @ 84 & 89, I agree wholeheartedly as that is what I was saying, in different words on the other thread @184 or thereabouts I think). Dele has to be the master of his own destiny on this and that should be explained to him.

We should not pay Spurs any more money because we can't afford to do so with the associated risk involved. I don't think that would be something that Levy would expect but we must involve Dele in the conversation to be fair to him and, of course, ourselves.

Dan Nulty
96 Posted 16/07/2023 at 12:53:08
I am sure, with all that has come out, Spurs would happily delay our £10M payment until after the next year-end. The fact they didn't support him but got rid doesn't reflect well on them.

I hope he does become like a new signing and brings the forward drive we really miss.

I know we are economically challenged but I'm really surprised by the lack of urgency here.

Peter Hodgson
97 Posted 16/07/2023 at 13:12:24
This is the problem with our Kenwright's Everton. Everything is shrouded in mystery so we haven't got a clue what money we have or haven't got. This is on purpose obviously. He thinks we are mushrooms not human beings and you can't have any sort of a relevant conversation with a mushroom can you.

I suspect his thinking is that, if we pay the £10M to Spurs, he will treat it as us signing a striker and not bother. That's if he is intending to do something on that score, which I doubt anyway.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
98 Posted 16/07/2023 at 13:32:07
Peter, I always remember an episode of Porridge when MacKay lost his watch which made its way to Fletcher's possession.

Barrowclough was charged with recovering the watch.

Approaching Fletcher, he started with "I have been authorised to offer up to Five Pounds for the return of the watch."

Fletcher's response: "Well, the quicker we get to £5, the quicker we can get this resolved."

You might be frustrated not knowing how much we have, but if that means our "suppliers" (clubs from whom we are buying players) don't know and we tell them we are skint and play hard ball – we might actually have the money for more players than if we blow it all on just 2 because they know how much money we can afford.

Just remember how we paid £45M for Sigurdsson because Swansea knew Koeman wanted him and Moshiri had deep pockets.

John Connor
99 Posted 16/07/2023 at 23:09:45
I have watched the interview twice now and still don't understand why the horrific abuse and extreme poverty in his upbringing manifested itself recently? How was it hidden for so long. I remember him at Milton Keynes before the transfer to Spurs and in all honesty has not set the world on fire since his move there.
Despite the upbringing, he reminds me of so many young players lauded as the next big thing, but can no longer perform at premiership level at say 25. Everton have had loads.
While I sympathise with his earlier upbringing, which should not happen to any kid, from what I have seen so far he is no longer a premiership player and to suggest we pay £10m for him now seems a waste of money. I can't see him making a success of his Everton career, but if we do sign him I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
Coady at £4.5m would have been a better purchase imho
Bob Parrington
100 Posted 17/07/2023 at 03:13:39
We know he can perform at premiership level. If he has turned the corner he can be a really good addition to the squad.

Of course, many people will have doubts about his mentality. Clearly, Spurs don't want him back. I'd like to suggest that we keep him and that we have a sensible discussion with Spurs to review the payment terms to a considerably longer period. If they have any "heart" they should understand that now is a critical time to give Dele some encouraging support. We need the money for new transfers just now and this would help us with providing him a chance to show that he has turned that corner.

John @ 99. Perhaps you have not been traumatised in life so far and find it hard to understand how one can/will keep such hidden, even feeling shamed at something that occurred. I think Dele made a good attempt at explaining this.

Laurie Hartley
101 Posted 17/07/2023 at 03:58:33
Phil#98 - very astute observation!
Greg Nelli
102 Posted 17/07/2023 at 04:04:24
John (99)

Generally, trauma doesn't really manifest when things are going well, it may have resurfaced in his consciousness when he started having a bit of a form dip or was under some stress elsewhere, from there it could be a very quick steep descent.

Who knows, everybody reacts differently perhaps he had techniques to compartmentalise that, and those mechanisms stopped working.

Gary Brown
103 Posted 17/07/2023 at 04:13:58
Robert - good we agree the common sense view that £10m isn’t getting paid for this season. Not so sure it is JUST in Dele hands, but if he sat down with Everton and agreed a 3 year deal on say £50k a week, then I think there is argument that it’d then be on us to take the chance and pay the £10m.

It’s a massive gamble though for a player who hasn’t played a decent game for 3 years, and clearly ain’t in a great place. As much as I don’t like the idea, Ross Barkley on a free would offer a safer bet…..and that tells you the risk level.

Still think the most reasonable approach of all is either;

a) Levy changes clause to be paid on any new contract with Everton and Dele (something employment agencies do all the time so very legal)

b) we act quick and find him a loan to go will both play and support him or

c) we all leave him to recuperate this year and accept his wage cost is just another cost of the idiocy of Bill and Mosh years.

a) would likely be morally right, but I too agree Levy (and football in general) ain’t got morals….so I suspect it’ll be c) all day long.

Greg Nelli
104 Posted 17/07/2023 at 04:15:14
I mean realistically 10m isn't going to get us much on the market and yes we could add that to other funds (if any) but realistically he's here, has addressed his problems (the first step in fixing them) and has demonstrated previously that he is capable. I think in our position we just need to take the chance and play him often.
James Flynn
105 Posted 17/07/2023 at 15:01:19
Robert (84) and (89) - Agree.

Julian Wait
106 Posted 17/07/2023 at 15:28:02
John @99 - I am not an expert, but I know that trauma operates in some counter-intuitive ways, and doesn't make sense to those experiencing it until explained. It is not unusual for trauma to lie in wait and pounce at the most unexpected times. It wires itself into the brain, and interrupts cognitive functioning and control areas, including frontal cortex. Memories of trauma are not pushed to the "past" in the brain, but remain in the "present" in the brain, until treated.

Trauma is also pain, and anguish, and self-blame. The treatment itself can be very intense as well; anyone who is even willing to undertake the treatment is very brave in my book, so kudos to Dele Alli for taking that first step. I am sure there will be more steps, and I am sure that he has been told that already.

Playing football will be a massive bonus, but also perhaps a useful tool in his treatment. My personal view is that Everton will need to support Dele going forwards, and if there's any chance we can get 10 second-halves like the Palace game out of him, we should use him.

Sam Hoare
107 Posted 17/07/2023 at 15:56:25
I think people are maybe equating him giving this very brave interview to him turning around his fortunes on the pitch. They are not the same thing.

Dyche wants players who put in ‘maximum effort’ at all times and in recent evidence that is not Dele.

I really hope he’s able to turn it around but I think people believing it will be at Everton under Dyche are being wildly optimistic. He struggled to make any impact last year at a club where Nathan Redmond, Cenk Tosun and Wout Weghorst were tearing it up.

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