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Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

Who are the players in the dance to own Everton?

Lyndon Lloyd
Five different entities appear to be in the running when it comes to the future ownership of the Blues. A look at who they are, how much they're worth, and what their plans might be.

The Right Man at the Right Time

Lyndon Lloyd
It's been a restorative week in terms of the manager’s standing with many fans and Dyche has now proved that he represents a rare and much-needed element of stability at a club still distressed by an uncertain future

Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

Lyndon Lloyd
If there was one message that could be delivered to the players, it's that you are a lot better than performances and results have demonstrated in recent weeks. The four key matches against teams around us that remain provide the perfect opportunity to prove it.

The Line Between Seeking Justice and Witch-hunt

Lyndon Lloyd
If the Premier League had had their way, Everton would have been deducted SEVENTEEN points this season. And despite two Independent Commissions and one Appeal Board, they're still fighting the club over stadium interest costs while Nottingham Forest got half the penalty and the Manchester City case remains a mirage

No Excuses

Lyndon Lloyd
Everton couldn't have asked for better circumstances, relative to their wider predicament off the pitch, to turn their form around heading into the final 10 games of the season

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Lyndon Lloyd
The threat of the charge for a second alleged breach of PSR still looms large but the Club and its fans at least have a modicum of clarity about their situation following the Appeal Board ruling

VAR is killing football. Making it palatable is likely beyond the powers that be

Lyndon Lloyd
The evidence of the past four years shows that the great promise of Video Assistant Referees as a panacea to controversy was a false prophecy. VAR, as implemented by these officials and under the current guidelines, is deeply flawed and the soul of the game suffering for it

The Unofficial Everton Timeline – 2014-2023, The Moshiri Years

Lyndon Lloyd
Out now, a new book that documents unbridled ambition crashing into chaotic reality, starting in 2014 when Farhad Moshiri first began talks about taking a stake in Everton and going right up to the present day.

Everton’s Double Jeopardy and the Farce of the Premier League’s PSR

Lyndon Lloyd
It's absurd that Everton could be punished for the same crime twice in the same season

Selective Punishment of Everton Betrays the Rot in the English Game

Lyndon Lloyd
The 10-point penalty meted out to the Blues was what so many have said – a disproportionately harsh sporting punishment for a financial crime that makes a mockery of the very concept at the heart of the Premier League's unevenly applied rules: sustainability

Independent Commission into Everton breach feels more Show Trial than fair trial

Lyndon Lloyd
It’s hard to shrug off the feeling that there was nowhere near enough distance between the prosecution and the adjudicating entity for this to have been a truly fair process.

Creeping Anxiety and a Social Dilemma

Lyndon Lloyd
Emotions are already running high after Everton's bad start. Neither the actions of a tiny few nor a media waiting to pounce are helping

A Dele Reborn Really Would Be Like a New Signing

Lyndon Lloyd
If he can regain his fitness and his form, the Dele Alli story could add a fascinating dynamic to Everton’s 2023-24 season given that, on his day, he is a world-class performer. He might only have a narrow window to prove it, though

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