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Season 2012-13

Column Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

From My Seat: Liverpool (A)

An eye witness report on one of the flatest derby games in many a long while...
by Ken Buckley : 05/05/2013

From My Seat: Fulham (H)

Fulham at home so that is 3 points in the bag then as history would dictate.
by Ken Buckley : 27/04/2013

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

After our long journey to The Emirates on Tuesday, we set off in the opposite direction for the delights of the North East with a spring in our step, facing a poor Sunderland side whom we hadn't lost to for some eleven years — surely could not prevent Champions League aspirants the three points — or could they?
by Ken Buckley : 20/04/2013

From my seat: QPR (H)

After our disappointment at Spurs, a victory today was paramount; as the afternoon wore on, we were not to be disappointed for a second time...
by Ken Buckley : 13/04/2013

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

Overall a good evening out to witness a typical Stoke encounter.
by Ken Buckley : 30/03/2013

From My Seat: Manchester City (H)

"What is it about our games with City. It has certainly baffled one Italian gentleman we have heard of."
by Ken Buckley : 16/03/2013

From my seat: Wigan (H)

Woe, Woe, a thousand times Woe... Overall, a day to forget but one that needs attention from all concerned with the club.
by Ken Buckley : 09/03/2013

From My Seat: Reading (H)

Three points gained and from my seat well deserved in what was really a bitty lacklustre first half but a much more rewarding second.
by Ken Buckley : 02/03/2013

From My Seat: Oldham (H)

Overall a good night out because we won and go to the next round; as for the match, well it won't be one etched into the memory and at times it resembled two teams making a series of mistakes. We made the fewer so onward and upward.
by Ken Buckley : 27/02/2013

From my seat: Norwich City (A)

Overall a big disappointment as our overall play deserved the points but when you are in a spell where you can dominate and at the same time not score or defend then not much is down for you.
by Ken Buckley : 24/02/2013

From my seat: Oldham (A)

Rip-roaring cup-tie as Everton stooped in class to match a determined Oldham side and produce a performance that had Blues fans tearing their hair out as they urged them to win the ball with power and fight and then use it with accuracy and thought instead of quite a bit of aimless percentage stuff which Oldham found to their liking as it reflected the league they play in.
by Ken Buckley : 16/02/2013

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

Overall I think you can say that the best team won but yet it is only our 4th defeat of the season so far. 12 games to go and who knows how we might do but I have to say that players are looking a touch jaded and with no real replacements to give them a breather then the inability to do business in the window may well have put paid to our Euro ambitions via the league; I hope not and pray for a second wind from somewhere.
by Ken Buckley : 10/02/2013

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

A thriller for the neutral, a killer for the dedicated.
by Ken Buckley : 02/02/2013

From My Seat: West Brom (H)

A crucial must-win top-half six-pointer between Champions League contenders
by Ken Buckley : 31/01/2013

From My Seat: Bolton (A)

"Overall it has to go down as a poor performance but a win was achieved, we are in the next round and that is all important."
by Ken Buckley : 26/01/2013

From My Seat: Swansea (H)

Frustration was the theme again for the Blues as they were held to a goalless draw
by Ken Buckley : 12/01/2013

From My Seat: Wigan (H)

Overall three points is three points even if the fare on display was not of the best
by Ken Buckley : 26/12/2012

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (A)

Match Report from Upton Park
by Ken Buckley : 23/12/2012

From My Seat: Stoke City (A)

Stoke City 1 - 1 Everton
by Ken Buckley : 15/12/2012

From My Seat: Tottenham Hotspur (H)

Words fail to capture such excitement, disbelief, relief and just sheer joy that stayed with us until the whistle went.
by Ken Buckley : 09/12/2012

From My Seat: Man City (A)

A trip down the East Lancs Rd to take on the might of the Premier League Champions.
by Ken Buckley : 01/12/2012

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

An excellent game that could have gone either way and saw the return of two players from weeks of injury who showed us what we had been missing.
by Ken Buckley : 29/11/2012

From My Seat: Norwich City (H)

Match Report: Norwich City (H)
by Ken Buckley : 24/11/2012

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

On an unbeaten run and playing what some describe as our best football for many a year we meet a lowly side in Sunderland at home and fans expectations are quite reasonably high as we normally beat them at Goodison no matter what their status. Today turned out to be anything but predictable.
by Ken Buckley : 10/11/2012

From My Seat: Fulham (A)

Blues totally dominated the opposition to such an extent that 8-0 or more should have been achieved.
by Ken Buckley : 04/11/2012

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

Not the greatest from a purist’s viewpoint but a meaty roller coaster derby that aroused emotions that only these encounters can. I think every fan got their money’s worth today.
by Ken Buckley : 28/10/2012

From My Seat: Wigan (A)

Experience tells me it is better to turn up away mid-table than second in the league as today’s game showed in spades — OR actually play like a top 2 side.
by Ken Buckley : 06/10/2012

From My Seat: Southampton (H)

Overall a good day out, second in the league after 6 games gives a warm glow, Imagine how warm that glow will be if we are still in second after 36 games...
by Ken Buckley : 29/09/2012

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

A beautiful sunny day and a trip to South Wales for a Sky-inspired daft-o’clock kick-off meant fans of a Blue persuasion on the roads early.
by Ken Buckley : 22/09/2012

From My Seat: Newcastle Utd (H)

Everton 2 - 2 Newcastle Utd
by Ken Buckley : 18/09/2012

From My Seat: WBA (A)

Players and fans full of confidence head to the Hawthorns.
by Ken Buckley : 02/09/2012

From My Seat: Leyton Orient

Ken was at Goodison to see the Blues run riot against the League One side
by Ken Buckley : 29/08/2012

From My Seat: Villa (A)

Ken Buckley reports from Villa Park on the Blues' rampant display and 3 - 1 win
by Ken Buckley : 25/08/2012

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

A balmy evening in north Liverpool saw a shirt sleeved throng assemble to witness the Blues entertain ‘Team Sky’ and what a good job they made of it as predictions of bookies, pundits and no-mark experts had their predictions well and truly rammed down their throats.
by Ken Buckley : 21/08/2012

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