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Match Reports

Accounts from matches by our editorial team and featured correspondents

Are you (allowed to be) entertained?

Let’s draw a line under this season and go again next season with a new, better, manager. A big breath of fresh air is needed. There’s a lot of cobwebs to blow out of the club.
by Paul Traill : 06/05/2018

Will finishing well mean starting well?

We're experiencing a strange end to a difficult season. It's great to see us finish strongly. In any other season, such a strong finish could be a very good catalyst to hit the ground running with pre-season and start the next season well...
by Paul Traill : 29/04/2018

Surely this can be handled better?

Everybody knows Sam Allardyce will be leaving at the end of the season. We know it, the players know it, Moshiri knows it, Sam knows it. This doesn’t stop the circus continuing on into town though and we remain a laughing stock.
by Paul Traill : 24/04/2018

Why can't we ever just do it?

Whatever the reason, I wish that for once we’d just do it. Missing sitters in the last few minutes of a derby against under-strength Liverpool – we won’t get many better opportunities than that!
by Paul Traill : 08/04/2018

Allardyce interview fail

Sam has now failed in his job interview for me, with the only hope of resurrection being an emphatic hammering of Liverpool next weekend, but we all know that won’t happen.
by Paul Traill : 31/03/2018

Big Sam's eight game job interview

We still have an opportunity to look up rather than down this season. If, and it’s a ginormous if, we can go unbeaten in these games and win the majority of them, this gives us quite a platform and good momentum going into pre-season. This then makes it difficult to move Sam Allardyce on.
by Paul Traill : 11/03/2018

A Never-Ending Nightmare

The latest away defeat under Sam Allardyce has increased the despondency around Everton
by Paul Traill : 04/03/2018

Looking up, not down

Report of the 3-1 win over Crystal Palace
by Paul Traill : 11/02/2018

Win relief

Eventually we were able to see the game out and claim a vital, and ultimately deserved three points. Though we were up against it in the final 20 minutes, for the best part of an hour of this game we were the better team.
by Paul Traill : 01/02/2018

Woeful Everton take undeserved point

It’s a mess alright, and I can’t wait for this season to end...
by Paul Traill : 20/01/2018

Second best

Relegation is not a threat, but surely the plan has to be to attack better than that?
by Paul Traill : 01/01/2018

Almost a Christmas miracle

A resilient effort from Everton and if you cast your mind back a month to that wretched performance versus Southampton, you would never in your wildest of dreams have us walking away from a draw with the champions a little miffed that we didn’t have more of a go at them.
by Paul Traill : 24/12/2017

Giving something back

What a tremendous trip. I enjoyed every minute. Great company with Gaz and Dan, and it was superb to meet so many other Blues who had travelled from afar, most notably John and Stretch.
by Paul Traill : 08/12/2017

Playing Devil's Advocate

Why the sudden upturn in performance? Has David Unsworth finally found his best team, albeit too late? Has the penny finally dropped what is required for the players? Or, is this simply the reaction to a new manager coming in?
by Paul Traill : 30/11/2017

You learn who you can depend on

The game meant nothing. The team talk on the face of it should have been a piece of piss. “Right you lot, here’s your opportunity. Prove to me why you should be in the team”. Unfortunately the majority out there only really proved why they shouldn’t be in the team.
by Paul Traill : 24/11/2017

Crisis of confidence

We just don't have the confidence currently. I believe the players are good enough but it'll take a bit longer yet until we get any sort of swagger back. Players just don't look for the ball enough. Too many hide and there's a real lack of responsibility on the field.
by Paul Traill : 19/11/2017

Sausage Party!

A splendid day out at the game. Them fun days only ever happen about once or twice a season so I was glad to make the most of it, even if I paid for it a bit in work today.
by Paul Traill : 06/11/2017

For how long does this go on?

I’m not one for sacking managers quickly. I like to see managers given the opportunity to build a team. It hasn’t been our style and I want to believe it can work under Ronald Koeman. That said, the pressure is on, and failure to beat Arsenal, a Carabao Cup exit at Chelsea, and defeat at Leicester City would pretty much make his position untenable.
by Paul Traill : 20/10/2017

The board have a big decision to make

The talk on everyone’s lips after the game of course was, should Ronald Koeman be sacked. It’s safe to say, most of the supporters seem to think so. Personally, I’m pretty neutral.
by Paul Traill : 01/10/2017

It was just so Everton

The Europa League campaign doesn’t have to be doom and gloom just yet but we are certainly doing it the hard way.
by Paul Traill : 29/09/2017

Niasse brace gets Koeman out of jail

Win we did. It still wasn't especially pretty up until the winning goal just five minutes later, but we persevered
by Paul Traill : 24/09/2017

One foot in the group stage

With four clean sheets in four games, it’s hard to complain. I’ll be interested to see where we stand in a month’s time.
by Paul Traill : 18/08/2017

Welcome home, Wayne

With the fixtures upcoming, I was simply relieved to be coming away with the three points, our first opening day win for five years
by Paul Traill : 13/08/2017

Evertonians just get everywhere

Luckily we didn't book our trip to the Netherlands for Everton's game-that-wasn't against Groningen and so, when the game against Genk was announced, Gaz and I were able to book some flights to Brussels Charleroi.
by Paul Traill : 24/07/2017

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