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Usmanov ready to give up Arsenal fight for Everton?

| Thursday, 17 May 2018 94comments  |  Jump to last
A report in the Netherlands has lent weight to the periodic speculation that Alisher Usmanov is ready to throw in his lot at Arsenal and sell his shares in the London club to link up with his friend and business partner, Farhad Moshiri.

Unsmanov has spent years trying to either gain a seat on the Gunners board or convince owner Stan Kroenke to sell his majority stake to him and hand the Usbeki billionaire control.

Kroenke has steadfastly refused on both counts, leaving Usmanov, who has a 30% holding after he bought Moshiri's 15% stake in 2016, out in the cold.

In a report claiming that new director of football Marcel Brands could get £100m for new players, De Telegraaf say, however, that despite his insistence that he has no intention of selling up, Usmanov has grown tired of waiting and Everton could be the beneficiary.

Moshiri currently owns 49.9% of Everton's shares but has the option to increase that over time to around 76% buy buying out the other major shareholders.

Reader Comments (94)

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Gerry Quinn
1 Posted 17/05/2018 at 12:10:48
This story has also been picked up by The Everton Forum:

Erik Dols
2 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:08:20
Gerry: The article begins with

"Reports in Holland from one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands De Telegraaf have indication that Uzbeki powerhouse Alisher Usmanov could be set to join his friend Farhad Moshiri at Everton."

De Telegraaf is the least trustworthy newspaper in The Netherlands, nothing short of a tabloid. I stopped reading there and then.

Gordon Crawford
3 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:11:02
Strongest rumour yet that Usmanov will pump money into Everton after he sells his shares to Stan the Man. That would be a most welcome addition to our men in suits.
Steve Ferns
4 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:19:57
I'm not sure I would describe Usmanov as most welcome. It's a tentative welcome from me at best. There's big question marks over the way he obtained his money and he is a very controversial figure.

But, most modern football club owners have made their fortunes by dubious means, particularly Man City (albeit generations ago, but there is a lot of controversy over their regime) and Chelsea.

James Marshall
5 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:33:08
I'd be delighted if we (Everton) were bankrolled by Usmanov. Football and big business/Government are all corrupt as we all know and I'm sick of supporting tinpot Everton – I want us to be the all-conquering, rich bastard Everton sweeping all before us with the best players on the planet.

Show us the money, Alisher!

Soren Moyer
6 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:46:50
We can only hope.
Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:05:06
Steve, question marks? I'd say so. Spent six years in prison for fraud and embezzlement, a conviction later overturned by the Uzbek supreme court. The former British ambassador Craig Murray called him a "Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist" in this article 11 years ago:

Usmanov is a crony of Putin and has gone after Putin's political opponent Navalny with tremendous ferocity, as well as journalists reporting on his criminal case. Forbes once called him "the hard man of Russia."

That said, he didn't make his money off gifties from Putin — he's a ballsy investor specializing in undervalued assets. If he's interested in investing in Everton, that's how he views us.

And he doesn't lack for guts. He's a Muslim who married a Jew in a region that doesn't exactly welcome that.

Sam Hoare
8 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:05:18
No story here. Yet.
Mike Gaynes
9 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:17:49
Is Usmanov the kind of investor we want just because he's obscenely wealthy?

Former ambassador Craig Murray called him a "Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist" in this article 11 years ago:

If even some of these allegations are true, Usmanov makes Abramovich look saintly by comparison. What is certain is that he is a crony of Putin and has gone after Putin's political opponent Navalny with tremendous ferocity, as well as journalists reporting on his criminal case. Forbes once called him "the hard man of Russia."

Being a rich club would be very nice. But there's a reason Arsenal never gave this guy a seat on their board, even though he's a major investor.

Michael Kenrick
10 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:25:18
By my estimation, buying out Kenwright and Woods would net Farhad Moshiri only 68.7% of Everton's shares.

To get to 76%, he'd have to buy the 7.9% tranche that I believe to be still owned by Lord Grantchester who is the only other 'major' shareholder.

My understanding is that he's held that number or thereabouts throughout all the ructions of the last 25 years at boardroom level.

There's some uncertainty in my numbers as I'm not sure what happened to Sir Phillip Carter's smaller wedge of ~714 shares (2%) when he died.

Moshiri's shares are strictly held by Blue Heaven Holdings Ltd, which presumably he would be a partner in with Usmanov, if he came on board.

If the controlling share ownership goes above 75%, I recall reading that this may trigger a mandatory buyout of all other remaining shareholders? Perhaps someone who knows these share ownership regs could confirm?

Jay Wood

11 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:33:42
There are definitely lots of skeletons in Usmanov's cupboard, Mike. And other well-concealed locations as well, in all likelihood...

All just periodical speculation we get on the fellah due to his close association with Moshiri, but if it ever does become a genuine 'goer', without doubt, for me personally, it will represent a real moral dilemma as to whether we take his money or not.

But then, by extension, if we are to be consistent should we not already be posing the same question about Moshiri as he has earnt his fortune almost exclusively from his kinship with Usmanov?

It's a tricky one...

Jimmy Hogan
12 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:41:43
And elsewhere I read he's in Milan today to discuss buying one of their clubs...
Drew Shortis
13 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:43:19

Despite all the abuse Kenwright has received over recent years, I think he has had the best intentions of the club in mind when it comes to finding a new owner.

If these allegations are true, then we should be wary. Massive transfer budgets are good, but what would be the costs in terms of the club's soul?

Winning at all costs is not what should be our primary motivation when it comes to fundamental issues such as ownership. Our honour should come first & foremost.

Paul Ellam
14 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:53:35
Lots of reasons for Usmanov to get involved with Everton:

● We are a project that could be very exciting.
● New stadium (can even call it the USM stadium for me!)
● Best mate's already there.
● Chance to get one over Kroenke.
● Chance to be the main man – not just a bit part.
● Prospect of huge profit.
● Prospect of trophies galore.

And plenty more reasons too.... I really really hope this happens.

Jon Withey
15 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:55:07
If we want a nice owner, we should have stuck with Bill Kenwright in all honesty.

If he is that bad, then why have Arsenal allowed him so many shares and why have we got his best mate as our soon-to-be majority shareholder???

Gerry Quinn
16 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:55:11
If he is that corrupt, wouldn't we have kept SA on then... :)
Lawrence Green
17 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:57:10
I personally don't believe that Usmanov has any interest in Everton FC and is more likely to buy another European club in the future. Moshiri on his own is okay for now, but he hasn't got the financial resources to quickly bridge the gap between Everton and the other big hitters in England. It was a strange thing for the Dutch newspaper to include in their report, perhaps they were just fishing?

I can see Everton FC being sold on after the Stadium is delivered... but, for now, we'll just have to do with a single figure Billionaire.

Michael Kenrick
18 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:01:28
Jon Withey, re share purchasing, I can't imagine there is anyone who could have said:

"Oi, You... NO!!! You ain't purchasing any of our nice shares coz you're a thoroughly nasty bad twat."

I mean, honestly, this pious social media-driven PC righteousness is getting totally out of control and needs to be kicked hard in the goolies at every opportunity. IMHO.

John Keating
19 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:08:19
Yes let's only get people involved in the Club who are beyond reproach and whiter than white.

Kenwright, Earl, Green et al.

Then of course the league may not allow such a guy as Usmanov to take control as he would be the first to have control of a British club where there are doubts about his zillions.

UEFA and FIFA those bastions of purity no doubt would sort any approach to Everton out.

Great being perfect at least our permanent 7th-8th place will be earned "the right way" "the Everton Way".

Ian Bennett
20 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:15:22
How Everton would it be if Uefa or the Premier League changed the fit and proper rules to deny Usmanov joining...
John Pierce
21 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:17:27
Is this story doing the rounds again in part because of Everton's appalling season both on and off the field?

Perhaps a further clue could be the state of Arsenal. They are on the wane, and will have a new manager on the heels of a legend, a bar difficult to reach. A lull could be reasonably expected.

Add the third continuing theme which is Usmanov's standoff with Kroenke.

Stir them all up and it could be a recipe for a story. Directly or indirectly dirty money flows through football, a moral objection is hard to muster when the English game is awash with dubious characters. Everton are not whiter than white.

Where is line morally? Muddy at best.

Dave Brierley
22 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:21:49
It's not too often that I agree with you, Michael, but you're bang on.
This virtue signalling, sanctimonious bullshit is bordering on ridiculous.

"We only want decent morally upright citizens to be a part of our ownership. Let's be careful who we allow to uphold our perfect standards etc.,"

Anyone who amasses a large amount of money, at some stage got their hands a little mucky. Such is life.

Mike Gaynes
23 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:22:09
Jay (#11), a worthwhile question for sure. But Usmanov's business operations in the 1990s, in which Moshiri has been a junior partner, have been considered unusually clean compared with most of Putin's oligarchs.

As I mentioned before, he appears to have built his fortune on smarts and big cojones, not baksheesh from the Kremlin. Most of the ugliest allegations against Usmanov are from the 1970s and 80s, long before Moshiri met him.

I'm not aware that Moshiri has ever been accused of misconduct, either business or personal. And I'm certainly not aware of any statements he has made or actions he has taken that would indicate he shares Usmanov's outspoken devotion to Putin.

Geoffrey Williams
24 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:23:18
There are some who would happily sell their soul to the devil for a semblance of success... not me!
Raymond Fox
25 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:33:07
If I'm honest, I'm not too concerned with how Usmanov made his money; it's history now and in Russia, from what I've seen and heard, you need to be corrupt to make it big.

Looking at the betting for the Premier League next season, we are 125/1 to win it, that's with Betfair.

They're not taking much of a chance are they! I think 1,250/1 more like it.

Mike Gaynes
26 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:37:28
Jon/Michael/John/Dave, I'm not being either PC or sanctimonious. Nor am I propounding (despite the predictable sarcasm) that only morally pure people should be allowed to invest in the club.

I'm simply sharing background information about the guy that nobody else thought worthy of mention. Apparently Kroenke considered it at least somewhat relevant, because he didn't give Usmanov a seat. And I can tell you from multiple conversations that plenty of Gooners outspokenly opposed his bid for majority ownership, even though they weren't exactly thrilled by Kroenke.

But if you guys don't think the subject is even worth bring up, fine, blow it off.

Danny Broderick
27 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:39:51
This story seems to have leaked in Holland following our appointment of Brands. There does seem to be a lot of change in the air at the moment – having Usmanov with us would take us back to the big table in football. I'm hoping it's true. I don't really care about his background.
Brian Williams
28 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:43:14
If he's done wrong, make him say sorry... then we'll HAVE HIM!
Jay Wood

29 Posted 17/05/2018 at 17:51:48
Good points Mike about the separation of Usmanov's timeline and Moshiri's association with him.

As for those taking a rough and gruff stance towards the moral dilemma of Usmanov investing in Everton, I too don't care for evangelical self-righteousness that pervades the social media piety some are given to.

If you drill things down to the 'nth' degree, we are all culpable and party to unsavoury practices and illegal acts by being the consumers we are.

The very clothes we buy and dress in... the food we eat... the electronic devices we cannot do without...

Some things, possibly even many things, on which we depend have been produced in sweatshops made by the hands of children and the extremely poverished, in awful conditions, working extreme hours in hostile and unhealthy environments, as bonded labour or slave wages, presuming they are paid at all.

So whilst not a purveyor of extreme piety, which is often only superficial anyway, nor am I a fan of riding roughshod over people's genuine concerns about associating with individuals, brands, corporate and political figures who are tainted with more serious demeanours.

Where you draw the line is for each individual to decide. That's why it's described as a moral dilemma.

Jay Harris
30 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:01:34

"Despite all the abuse Kenwright has received over recent years, I think he has had the best intentions of the club in mind when it comes to finding a new owner" — That gave me the best laugh of the week.

This is a man who turned Mansour away because he wanted to retain control; Involved Green and Earl (enough said there, then); and was ready to sell out to a guy who lived in a rented flat in Salford.

He will get over 㿞M out of his involvement with EFC despite not putting a single penny of his own money into the club. If he had an ounce of real feeling for the club, he would put some of his ill-gotten gains into the kitty.

Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

Jer Kiernan
31 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:03:46
I for one welcome all Billionaires to the club.

Come one, come all... You can never have too many, I say. :)

John G Davies
32 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:05:08
Michael Kenrick.

Absolutely bang on the money.

Imagine wild celebrations: "I can't believe we have won this trophy, and it's all down to the money Usmanov provided."

"Huh, I for one refuse to get involved in the celebrations, look where Usmanov's money came from."

Jim Potter
33 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:07:47
We've just got rid of one overweight corrupt so-and-so and potentially we could be lining up a doppleganger. They're like buses.

But at least this guy would be bringing the wads of dosh in rather than taking them out. (Pretty sure brown paper parcels and sports bags will be involved in both cases.)

I'm sure we'd help him lose some pounds one way or another and, given his vast corpulence and this hot weather, I'm sure some laundering would be much appreciated.

Tony Rio
34 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:09:27
Der Telegraaf is not a typical British tabloid as suggested. Its football news tends to have integrity and is well sourced.

I lived in the Netherlands and had never any reason to doubt it. Its links with Marcel Brands shouldn't be underestimated and he will have been given an outline of our plans by Moshiri. Hence his eagerness to join us.

Usmanov's issue at Arsenal has been finding a buyer for his 30%. That's been the only delay. Moshiri is now able to trigger the contract agreement that allows him to buy additional EFC shares from Jon Woods. Usmanov will not get anywhere near the market value for his Arsenal shares as what single buyer would buy 30% with no place on the board?

The below market value will be offset by the acquisition in Everton at virtually no cost. This huge saving will be plowed into the team. For example, 𧷤 million for the Arsenal shares can be put directly into the transfer coffers at Everton at no cost to Usmanov or Moshiri. Both will see their investment and shares increase exponentially because of the value of the squad and the new stadium. This business model is no secret and was outlined in an open letter to Arsenal fans written by Moshiri and Usmanov several years ago.

I honestly believe we are on the cusp of something massive. The pair of them dwarf every single other owner of a Premier League club in terms of their combined wealth — bar Man City, who are actually owned by a country, in effect. (There's a legal challenge brewing by the European Union which states countries cannot subsidise private businesses as it prohibits fair competition — watch this space!)

John Keating
35 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:15:41
Geoffrey (#24). If you feel so strongly, why are you still supporting us?
Mike Gaynes
36 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:16:45
"The pair of them dwarf every single other owner of a Premier League club in terms of their combined wealth."

Actually, it would be mostly Usmanov, who is worth about $15 billion, dwarfing Abramovich's $9 billion.

Moshiri by comparison is a bag lady at $1.7 billion.

Ian Hollingworth
37 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:20:55
I don't give a shit where or how he got his money and would be very happy if he wanted to pour it into Everton FC to make us all-conquering champions.
John McFarlane Snr
38 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:21:32
Hi Steve [#4], if you seek relief from the upheaval of the last few days, may I suggest that you have a look at my latest offering, When 'Legends' were thin on the ground.

I'm quite sure that there were some shady characters in the period I've written about (1946-47 to 1950-51), but we were oblivious to matters off the pitch.

I have double checked, and am satisfied that Everton called upon the services of 50 players, my first article covers the Everton career records of 6 of them, so only 44 more to go.

I have been toying with the idea of seeing if any of the "ToffeeWebbers" who wished me well following my stay in Southport Hospital would consider joining me in celebrating my 80th birthday on July 15th, and as you were instrumental in my embarking on a one-finger keyboard career, I feel it would be nice to put a face to the name.

If anyone else would be interested in joining me, I would be delighted, and making arrangements would free me from this laptop.

Jack Convery
39 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:37:15
If he wants to be a part of EFC, let him make a charitable donation and have Klopp's gnashers darkened, as every time he opens his mouth and grins, a ship turns away from the Mersey for fear of hitting unchartered rocks or a sand bar.
Pat Kelly
40 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:40:31
Tony (#33). Interesting comments. You say Usmanov would not get anywhere near the market value for his shares as what single buyer would buy 30% with no seat on the board? Wouldn't that be reflected in the true market value of those shares? Presumably Usmanov is aware of this.

I would like to see Everton having the benefit of such a fortune but a 𧷤M transfer kitty I find hard to imagine. We've already spent a small fortune on players that hasn't much increased the value of the squad. Perhaps Brands is the man to ensure future investment, whatever it may be, isn't wasted. We can only hope.

On the issue of the morality of receiving investment from dubious sources, I believe Everton already crossed the moral Rubicon in appointing Allardyce who was deemed to have brought football into disrepute – by the FA no less.

Kevin Tully
41 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:54:30
There were 8,758 alcohol related deaths in the UK in 2015, mostly from Chang poisoning. So I find it really difficult to start down ANY moral path when discussing football, and the source of any money in the game today.

Who is to preach which pound is more dirty than the other? British politicians have signed the death warrants of thousands in the Middle East over a conflict based on lies. Andy Burnham is a big Evertonian. Who already sponsors Finch Farm again?

Best to leave moralising and politics out of football altogether. I'm not accusing anyone BTW. Cheers.

Paul Brown
42 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:55:55
I can see Usmanov now, queuing up for a pie dinner in the “this chippy is open” on Goodison Road, then necking a couple of Ivanovo vodkas in the Winslow before heading into the match. He will love it here, parts of Kirkdale will remind him of his war-torn home, the dog shit, the burnt out houses will all look familiar.

His bodyguards can link up and form an alliance with the local Deli mob so Usmanov can walk freely after the match between the brick and sizzlers kebabs and end his night in the Kentucky with friends or maybe even a stay behind in Crofts?
Who knows?

Terry Riley
43 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:56:47
Erik, I'm with you. I also live in the Netherlands and I wouldn't have the rag in mijn house.
James Marshall
44 Posted 17/05/2018 at 19:02:40
He's probably WAY MORE corrupt than Allardyce has ever been, but I'll wager the majority of Evertonians would welcome his very deep pockets.

I know I would.

We're a fickle bunch aren't we...

Len Hawkins
45 Posted 17/05/2018 at 19:06:39
Jer (#31),

You and me both, I'd welcome any £billionaires.

46 Posted 17/05/2018 at 19:21:14
And you say he's a crony of Putin? Brilliant! Putin's worth even more billions! We'll be able to buy the RS and close them down.
Steve Ferns
47 Posted 17/05/2018 at 19:35:05
Count me in, John! I'll check your article out. If it's in Southport, then that's fine as my parents live up that way.
Geoffrey Hall
48 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:10:57
Please let this happen. I can't believe some people are saying he wouldn't be welcome — just remind ourselves where we actually are...
Gaute Lie
49 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:15:00
If he is half the crook some media says he is, we're better off without his money, methinks.
Steve Ferns
50 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:18:11
I never said I wouldn't welcome him. My welcome would be with reservation, and hope that the rumours are not as bad as made out.

As pointed out, if we are waiting for a Saintly Billionaire benefactor, then one is never going to come along. Some of us have waited for too long to taste any success at all. Everton haven't won anything since I was a child, for example.

And right now I'd be happy with most dubious Billionaires if it meant winning something and celebrating that with my father. Some blues really can't wait too much longer, and beggars can't be choosers.

Colin Glassar
51 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:31:32
I've been saying he will come on board for ages now. He's got nothing left to do at Arsenal and he can't buy out Kroenke and vice versa. He can, however, be the main man at Everton and that must be enticing and an attractive idea. He's a massive gooner but he'll see Everton as a good investment as part of his portfolio.

As for the moral part, I can't stand these Russian oligarchs but if he puts us back on top I might just hold my nose and look away.

Gordon White
52 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:37:55
This is an Everton forum, not a Quaker blog FFS! Bring it on. Like ABBA said – it's a rich man's world.

If you want to get prissy about backgrounds and how people earn a living, start with the Houses of Parliament. And the Church.

Jamie Crowley
53 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:38:24
How is it pious or sanctimonious to want your owners to be upright businessmen / businesswomen?

Don't you want your Club to be the pillar of what football should be and how it's run? Of course you would.

What a load of crap to say you should bother with the ethical makeup of a possible owner!

I'm not taking any opinion of Usmanov. I don't know enough about the man.

But surely if someone has some shady background it's well within a fan's right, as a fan always wants what's best for the Club and for the Club to conduct themselves of the highest manner, to question if an association with a possibly shady character is best for the Club?

That's not sanctimonious in the least. It's wanting what's best for the organization.

Jesus talk about getting on a high horse!

PAH-LEEZE!!! Absurd.

Don Alexander
54 Posted 17/05/2018 at 20:54:53
West Ham are owned by porno "kings", City by a ruling family who permit public flogging and stoning as part of their legal system, and Newcastle by a slob whose employees in his own industry are treated just slightly better than medieval serfs.

It's called 'football', folks, a slightly less sleazy way for very wealthy people to try to glean for themselves a modicum of what they imagine is respectability, but only providing it's at the expense of, erm... what are they called, Farhad? Supporter thingy's or summat? Right. Cheers!

Andrew Ellams
55 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:03:47
My issue would be his relationship with Putin and whether he will be on the list of Russians sanctioned should the relationship with Russia deteriorate.
Seb Niemand
56 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:05:22
Come on, our club has whored itself out to the extent of employing Sam Allardyce. Let's not pretend or be too squeamish about whether or not we have any principles left. Face it, next to hiring Jabba the Hutt, giving Himmler a front office job would barely raise an eyebrow.

We have one filthy stain on our reputation it will take a lifetime to erase, if Usmanov is to be another at least this one can pay it's way.

Tony Everan
57 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:09:25
Usmanov is not getting any younger, he will want a project. He is finished with Arsenal, he would be dead before Kroenke sells up or gives him a seat in the board.

He may have decided that the time has come to join his buddy Farhad, be the main man for once, join in the fantastic project of building Europe's most iconic stadium. Have some fun while he still can!

It's not just a takeover of a club, it's an opportunity to leave an amazing legacy. And a great investment to boot. His interest is welcome, it will transform us to top 4 contenders every season.

That's ultimately what I want, to be able to challenge the Sky 6 on equal (or stronger) terms. Would anyone rather he invested in West Ham or Newcastle? And leave us playing catch-up from an even weaker position?

Mike Gaynes
58 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:20:14
Andrew (#53), interesting that you should ask. reported that in fact there was an intense effort by several US senators early this year to include Usmanov personally in the sanctions list because of several Paradise Papers reports, one specific to Everton:

"Usmanov, a metals magnate ranked by Forbes as the world's 66th richest man with a $15.9 billion fortune, owns a large stake in Arsenal FC, one of Britain's top soccer clubs, and was the subject of two embarrassing Paradise Papers reports. One reportedly saw him secretly buy a company that was supposed to be doing anti-money laundering due diligence on his own cash — a serious conflict of interest. Another suggested he may have broken Premier League rules by “gifting” his business partner a chunk of cash to invest in Everton FC, a rival English soccer club. (His business partner denied it was a gift.)"

Usmanov was not ultimately among those sanctioned, and neither was his company USM, but one of his Metalloinvest partners was sanctioned (Andrei Skoch) and it's logical to assume that Metalloinvest will get nailed at some point. Likely so will Gazprom.

The real question is how much it would hurt him. My guess is not much. His business with the US is almost nil, and he has widened out into video games and telecom investments that wouldn't be affected.

Stephen Davies
59 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:25:50
I hope this happens. However, if he was to sell his shares (but not to Kroenke) who realistically would by them? ... considering they may not have a seat on the board or have any influence whatsoever?
Jim Potter
60 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:33:19
Stephen (#56) – any new purchaser may well be given a seat on Arsenal's board. I think Stan just doesn't want the Ruskie sat on it. Plus, it would have to be one hell of a tough seat.
Jim Potter
61 Posted 17/05/2018 at 21:35:43
Mike (#55) – when you say Usmanov has 'widened out'... you ain't kidding.
Liam Reilly
62 Posted 17/05/2018 at 22:20:20
It's also very possible that Moshiri won't want him as he'll undoubtedly want the lead role – and this is Farhad's project.

His plan is not just to reinvigorate Everton but to re-energise a huge area of the City.

If that's his legacy and he believes it to be achievable, then why would he want to pass the baton to someone else?

John Smith
63 Posted 17/05/2018 at 22:47:44
"At the base of every great fortune there is a great crime." — Balzac.
David Israel
64 Posted 18/05/2018 at 01:40:40
Michael (#10), I haven't read the whole thread, and so I don't know if anyone has answered your question concerning the 75% threshold. I think that that trigger only applies to publicly-quoted companies, and I stress think, which Everton are not. But then again, I may be wrong.
David Israel
65 Posted 18/05/2018 at 01:44:36
Irrespective of considerations concerning Mr Usmanov's fitness, there is now something in place which did not exist at the time of Chelsea's and Manchester City's 'eruption'. It is called Financial Fair Play.

Therefore, we could be taken over by the Sultan of Brunei but, at the end of the day, it wouldn't make much of a difference from the present regime.

Bill Watson
66 Posted 18/05/2018 at 01:47:25
Every year, on the anniversary of Hillsborough, I see many 'Boycott the Sun' Facebook posts. Great! I've been boycotting it since the Wapping dispute, in 1984, when Murdoch moved from Fleet Street and sacked all the printworkers.

I ask these posters if they also boycott Murdoch's Sky TV as the revenue from that subsidises the newspaper arm, The answer is usually a silence.

People are very selective; easy to boycott a newspaper when there are lots of alternatives but less easy to forgo a TV channel they subscribe to for sport, films etc.

So, be sanctimonious about Usmanov, if you choose, but also have a look at other dodgy operators you do support.

SD, as already mentioned, Amazon, MacDonald's, Asda and Tesco who avoid UK Corporation Tax etc etc etc.

Michael Kenrick
67 Posted 18/05/2018 at 02:34:18
Thank you, David (#63). I think you might be right. I found a website for private limited companies, and the only context with a 75% figure was with respect to removing unwanted shareholders.
Jamie Crowley
68 Posted 18/05/2018 at 02:37:39
Maybe we should find a porn-king pedophile rapist who's a billionaire!

I mean it's a slippery slope and I ate at McDonalds two weeks ago, so???

I mean, everywhere you look they're all corrupt. When in Rome and all that, so let's just go full bore and get the richest, dirtiest motherfucker we can find and win, baby!

Gerry Quinn
69 Posted 18/05/2018 at 07:30:41
Paul @14,

Add to your list:

● Bramley-Moore Dock in order to berth "Dilbar" when Everton playing at home...

John Keating
70 Posted 18/05/2018 at 07:36:32
Gents, let's not look so far afield, let's stay close at home when talking about pillars of society and bastions of the truth.

Everton Football Club, Kenwright, Earl, Green. Why bring in outsiders when we have our own???

Andrew Heffernan
71 Posted 18/05/2018 at 09:08:31
Bill, none of the corporations or any like them set up offshore/international companies without sitting down with HMRC and agreeing what will and won't be included in their plans – following which HMRC will approve a transfer price agreement; the alternative would be to look at being more aggressive or consider alternative countries – all about the 'margin!

Football is a business and no better so I have little time for the 'moral conversation' when it comes to owners – the FA / Premier League and to a point UEFA govern European clubs... if they don't like it, they can change it... but I think that horse bolted decades ago...

I'm fed up with being plucky Everton – I had one sanctimonious Celtic fan (but his English club is 'that lot'!) from 'Glasgow', I kid you not, telling me we (Everton) were wrong to fire Fat Sam and will finish 8th at best next season!

Show me the money!!!!! COYB.

Dermot O'Brien
72 Posted 18/05/2018 at 09:42:24
The year 2031...

Martin Tyler "...and Everton make it 5-0 to secure the European Cup for an unprecedented tenth consecutive Premier League / FA Cup / League Cup and European Cup Quadruple... and there's some Everton supporters down there who are not happy they have made their way onto the pitch with flag showing the images of the classic combination of former chairman Bill Kenwright and manager David Moyes and a banner that says 'Usmanov Out! WE don't want your dirty money!'"

Merson..." I think they have a point Martin"

Sutton "Yes, I agree Paul, these are true Everton supporters, they know their place."

Martin Nicholls
73 Posted 18/05/2018 at 10:07:25
David Israel is correct in drawing a distinction between public and private companies.

As for Usmanov's Arsenal "dilemma" I see no reason why he could not place his shareholding in a trust under which he absolutely divests himself of beneficial ownership but has himself as first named trustee thus retaining de facto control. This would satisfy FA/UEFA rules and allow him to buy into another Club. If that is what he wants, I'd be surprised if he hasn't already got his trusted accountant Moshiri working on the finer details!

Martin Nicholls
74 Posted 18/05/2018 at 10:11:07
Andrew (#71) – only yesterday, I had a Villa fan expressing astonishment that we fans wanted Allardyce out!
Tony Abrahams
75 Posted 18/05/2018 at 10:47:11
David@65, this is the reason that I'm hoping Usmanov, is not on board yet.

The Yanks, are going after these Russians, but whose going after America, and its pipelines of oil, out of the Middle East?

Be corrupt, or be onside, because if you don't learn to turn the other cheek, the worlds biggest policemen, will only be on your tail!

James Flynn
76 Posted 18/05/2018 at 11:12:27
Um, no. The US needs zero oil from the Middle-East. None. That 6-7% we get from there is from Saudi Arabia. And that's due to a political arrangement. Not need for their oil.

James Marshall
77 Posted 18/05/2018 at 11:14:43
We're owned by Farhad Moshiri which means we've been in bed with Usmanov for 2 years already anyway in effect.

Football is business and business is corrupt – any moral high-ground has long since left the building where Everton is concerned. Remember all our offshore dealings that came up earlier this year?

It makes me smile when Evertonians talk about not daring to besmirch the good name of our proud club, and other such grand proclamations, as though we follow some saintly organisation run by God himself.

Bizarre in the extreme.

Allardyce, Moshiri, Usmanov... all have crooked leanings of one sort or another, and we already accepted Moshiri, so...

James Flynn
78 Posted 18/05/2018 at 11:34:49
This discussion zoomed off the rails immediately and remains there. Except for Liam (62):

"Its also very possible that Moshiri won't want him as he'll undoubtedly want the lead role - and this is Farhad's project. His plan is not just to reinvigorate Everton but to re-energise a huge area of the City.

If that's his legacy and he believes it to be achievable then why would he want to pass the baton to someone else?"

That's the situation we have. Why on earth would Moshiri go through all the trouble he has and then simply give it over?

Plus, should we wave aside that just last year, Kronke publicly offered to buy Usmanov's shares? Which offer Usmanov publicly rejected.

Dan Davies
79 Posted 18/05/2018 at 12:27:57
Usmanov. King of the Royal Blue USM Stadium.

Bring it on!

Tom McEwan
80 Posted 18/05/2018 at 13:59:54
James @76, where are you getting that misinformation from mate? The US imports petroleum related products from about 84 different countries. About 79% of which is crude oil. That information is from the US Energy Information Administration regarding 2017.

Normally I would agree this discussion has no place on a football forum but it reminds me of the misinformation, from certain, quarters, regarding Silva's 'qualities' in relation to becoming our new manager.

Jeez! Is 'Post Truth' really here to stay?

Ian Burns
81 Posted 18/05/2018 at 14:10:50
Mike - 58 - hope you are doing well.

Just lazily reading through the posts and I came across this little gem you included in your post Mike about the Paradise Papers.

"One reportedly saw him secretly buy a company that was supposed to be doing anti-money laundering due diligence on his own cash — a serious conflict of interest."

"A serious conflict of interest" — or a very smart move?

I am beginning to like this fellah!

Micky Norman
82 Posted 18/05/2018 at 14:27:27
Kevin Tully @ 41... Chang Poisoning! Coffee came out my nose at that one. USM Finch Farm... nuff said.
Tony Rio
83 Posted 18/05/2018 at 14:32:55

I mentioned in my previous post the Open Letter to Arsenal fans by Moshiri and Usmanov. It's well worth a read. If they have had their way Wenger would not have had to sell his best players to fund the new stadium and fans would not be paying massive ticket prices to do likewise.

This is the same business model used by the American owners at LFC also. Instead, our owners business model is for him to get back the money by way of the value of his shares in the club increasing.

Dave Speed
84 Posted 18/05/2018 at 19:31:37
Tell me, Alisher, who do you want me to kill to get some silver in the cabinet? I couldn't give a shite where the money came from. As others have pointed out, there is corruption and immorality all over the place. All the history books ever show is who won what.

At this moment, now that Tranmere have been promoted last week (well done lads), every club in England I am told has won silverware or a promotion or something since 1995, our last trophy year.

I couldn't give a monkey's chuff if it isn't true. 23 years is a disgrace (already it will be 24 unless we win the mickey mouse cup in March), more so then any disgrace associated with anyone's money.

I'm sick to death of being self-righteous little pure and virginal Everton. Let's go out and f*ck everyone! Let's be "nasty-don't-dare-cross-us-or-you'll-be-sorry" Everton and perhaps the injustices will stop, as they (whoever THEY are) will thing frigging twice about shitting on us.

Rant over. Yachts to the left, Super Yachts to the right and just leave your skeletons on the quayside Messrs. Usmanov and Moshiri. We'll dump 'em in the dock later when it's dark.

Chris Davies
85 Posted 19/05/2018 at 04:06:05
Dave Speed (#84),

I like football first. Winning is a fantastic by-product. I think many Evertonions would agree with me?

Mourinho is one of the biggest serial winners since Fergie, but his anti-football is unpopular (eventually).

Give me Martinez's season 1 finishing 5th and playing most teams off the park (including the “big” boys) against Davey Moyes's “winning” team of Champions League qualifying losers any day.

Colin Glassar
86 Posted 20/05/2018 at 08:23:09
Is the cheque in the mail yet?
Anthony Murphy
87 Posted 20/05/2018 at 08:40:25
One thing is for certain: if Usmanov does come on board, the pundits and media will waste no time in ripping us apart for linking up with a man whose past isn't perfect.
Colin Glassar
88 Posted 20/05/2018 at 08:50:22
They did that, to a degree, with Man City and Chelsea, Anthony. I remember Mike Summerbee (City legend) almost in tears (of rage) when the sky presenter dissed city for challenging for their first title.

Chelsea were also, initially, looked down upon by the media who wanted to protect their top 3 (Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool) from any potential intruders. They were “buying” the title.

If, and it's still a huge 'if', Usmanov comes on board, the same will happen to us. Once we start winning trophies, they will fall in love with us as money is the world's greatest seducer.

Dave Abrahams
89 Posted 20/05/2018 at 08:51:47
Antony (#87), don't worry about it too much, sticks and stones etc.
Darren Murphy
90 Posted 20/05/2018 at 19:19:22
Although I doubt that this will happen, at least if it did and we started winning trophies the media and all the twats who'd try dig up his past etc wouldn't matter because unlike Chavski and Citeh we have history we earned not bought.
Dale Rose
91 Posted 22/05/2018 at 13:35:26
Many people made money in Russia when the reforms came, many people in the USA and all over the world make money from disaster capitalism. If Usmanov offered donations to the Tory Scum, they would have his trousers down very quickly to kiss his arse.

At the end of the day he is a businessman he is rich and is a friend of Moshiri. If he wants to invest in the club, that's fine by me. Football is one of the most corrupt games in the world, full of double standards; the problem being is that we all love and watch it.

Alan J Thompson
92 Posted 22/05/2018 at 15:15:07
However he has made his money, he has never lowered his standards to the extent that he's been seen treading the sidewalks of Coronation Street! And let that be a lesson.
Colin Glassar
93 Posted 22/05/2018 at 22:49:57
Daily Mail once again mentioning Usmanov possibly replacing Boys Pen Bill in tomorrow's edition.
Jay Harris
94 Posted 22/05/2018 at 22:57:09
We have had a crook and his cronies in charge for the last 20 years. Where is the public outcry against that???

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