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Everton looking seriously at Celtic’s Tierney

| Saturday, 30 June 2018 56comments  |  Jump to last
Everton are said to be preparing an offer for Celtic fullback Kieran Tierney according to reports.

Sky Sports are a number of outlets suggesting that the 21-year-old could be the Blues' first signing of the summer if Marcel Brands has his way.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the bid will be around £25m for a player identified as the long-term successor to Leighton Baines.

Everton apparently face stern competitor from Manchester United who have been tracking Tierney as well.

Reader Comments (56)

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Chris Watts
1 Posted 30/06/2018 at 01:31:48
Now we're talking. Just get him.
Drew O'Neall
2 Posted 30/06/2018 at 01:54:37
It's a ‘yes' from me. Something of the Gareth Bale about him. Might end up on the wing.
Colin Glassar
3 Posted 30/06/2018 at 06:51:38
Just the type of young player we need. He can play right across the back four as he's comfortable with both feet. 㿅m sounds like a bargain to me so get a move on Brands.

Thorgan(?) Hazard is another great little player. Very similar to Tierney so he could be a viable alternative.

John Malone
4 Posted 30/06/2018 at 07:29:48
Young, athletic, talented and British – no brainer for me; exactly the type of transfers we should be looking at to build a team for the next 10 years.

I still can't believe we signed Davy Klaassen from Holland and this year, top young talent's like Justin Kluivert and Frankie de Jong are there.

Talk about waste of money!

Jeff Armstrong
5 Posted 30/06/2018 at 07:47:20
Maybe get Rodgers reunited with Ashley Williams and 㿀 million.
Sam Hoare
6 Posted 30/06/2018 at 07:51:03
This would be a great signing I think as Tierney has huge potential and held his own in the Chanpions League.

Trouble is that he's a massive Celtic fan and may want to stay as they go for their 10th league title in a row. Other, bigger clubs will also be well aware of him.

If we could get him for 㿀-25m that would very possibly solve our left-back spot for the next decade or so. He's fast, energetic, competitive, has a great left foot and will contribute assists and the odd goal. His defending possibly needs more work but he will learn.

Martin Nicholls
7 Posted 30/06/2018 at 07:53:52
I haven't watched this guy and I wonder how often his many admirers on here actually have. I make this comment not as a criticism of the player or of other posters but because I fear a signing such as this would push Antonee Robinson (a player who I have watched occasionally) out of the door for a knockdown fee.
Ian Burns
8 Posted 30/06/2018 at 08:09:11
I have watched Tierney a number of times, albeit on television only, but I have never failed to be impressed and I agree with Colin (#3) – he's precisely the sort of player we need.

However, I also have some sympathy with Martin (#7) with regards to Robinson. The boy has already made his debut for the USA and Mike Gaynes has spoken highly of his performance. So I ask the same question: Where does that leave Robinson?

Derek Knox
9 Posted 30/06/2018 at 08:14:34
I think this would be a great signing if, we could indeed make it happen. What is there not to like about it?
David Greenwood
10 Posted 30/06/2018 at 08:50:49
Tierney would be an excellent signing. Mainly left back but can play as a left-sided centre-half.

He is a narky, aggressive sod who isn't backwards at coming forwards, gets stuck in and will go to places like Old Trafford, Etihad and Mordor and expect to win.

I have said on TW for more than two years we should be signing him. His price has gone up every transfer window.

I understand the argument in relation to Robinson but if he's good enough he'll get in the team.

Back to Tierney and he is Celtic's best and also the most popular player with the fans. As mentioned above it will take a lot for him to leave and worth clubs like Bayern and Man Utd also showing interest it could be a difficult one to get over the line.

Come on, Marcel, make it happen.

Drew Shortis
11 Posted 30/06/2018 at 08:55:20
Ian (#8),

If this is Baines's last season, or if he moves this summer, then we'll need two quality left-backs, so I can see Tierney & Robinson both having a part to play. Whoever comes in at left-back will need competition and cover. If Baines stays and we buy someone like Tierney, then it might make sense for Robinson to spend one season on loan playing regularly before coming back to compete with the new guy for the position.

We have two good options at right-back with Coleman & Kenny. If we can get a similar balance down the left and not have to spend most of the season with Martina, that would be fantastic. He tried his best, but he's clearly not a natural left back, a position that has provided a lot of our attacking impetus over the past decade. Koeman should have sorted this out last summer. I remember everyone commenting that it was a weak area if Baines got injured & they/we were correct.

John Keating
12 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:08:30
Martin (#7),

I have seen Tierney in the flesh and on telly since he broke into the Celtic team. believe me he is the real deal.

I've been singing his praises on here for the last couple of seasons. this kid can play anywhere he's that good.

obviously his preferred position is left back but he can play anywhere across the back line. Celtic have used him regularly on the left side of midfield as well. strong, athletic, good crosser of the ball and a good head on his shoulders. He would be a great acquisition.

Now Besic and a few bob to get Gibson from Boro.

Andrew Ellams
13 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:08:34
Robinson is not ready yet, Tierney is. Plus it's a squad game — two good young players competing for the same position can only be a positive.
Mike Keating
14 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:08:37
Where does the 㿅m price tag come from?

Transfer Tavern have him rated at ٢.5m!

Ajay Gopal
15 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:09:02
Jeff (#5), the rumours today are that Stoke are interested in Williams. May not be the worst move for all 3 parties.
Paul Birmingham
16 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:13:33
If this transfer happened, it would be a great boost to the squad, but it will be interesting times as the club still needs to offload plenty of deadwood to support Marcel's transfer plan.
Ray Roche
17 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:18:46
Mike @14, I was looking at a Celtic fans forum and they were talking about 𧴰m! They also regard us as a small club not good enough for Tierney and think that he is just about ready for Man Utd. At least.
Chris Watts
18 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:55:52
I hope we go for Dembele too. We can offer Celtic numerous players in return. Heck, they have a choice of 10!
Iain Johnston
19 Posted 30/06/2018 at 09:58:09
I did a Meg Ryan when I read this yesterday... Yes!, Yes!!, YES!!!
Ian Bennett
20 Posted 30/06/2018 at 10:11:13
I've not seen a lot but, from what I read, he's absolutely the type we need in our team.
Kevin Prytherch
21 Posted 30/06/2018 at 10:16:53
If he's going to be the long-term replacement for Baines then snap him up.

We could have 10 years of Tierney and Robinson battling it out for the left-back role, which is what we ideally need if we're serious about being in Europe long-term.

It also gives us the option which, in my opinion, has been criminally underused in the past, of playing a left-back and a defensive left midfielder if we know we're going to struggle against a team.

Clive Rogers
22 Posted 30/06/2018 at 10:24:33
He could play left midfield in front of Robinson.
Martin Nicholls
23 Posted 30/06/2018 at 12:42:27
John (#12) – thanks for that. An endorsement of Steve Ferns proportions that I'm happy to go with!
Paul Dewhurst
24 Posted 30/06/2018 at 12:54:44
Why is everyone so keen on Robinson? Played 30 games for Bolton who nearly got relegated last season. Few Bolton fans I know said he's okay; two games for the US and he's the next best thing?

How many people have seen him play? I haven't so why is he held in such high regard?

John Keating
25 Posted 30/06/2018 at 12:54:53

I can't compete with Steve's level of support for Silva; I still have my doubts.... however, with regards to Tierney, he already is a top performer and has the potential to go higher.

The thing is, once it becomes obvious Celtic would listen to offers, then there will be a lot of Clubs on his case.

Man Utd are in the market as Shaw is crap. Unfortunately, I doubt we'd have a chance if they came in. If we could get him it wouldn't be case of him being Baines's understudy; Tierney would start every week, unless we played him on the left side of midfield.

I think Bale was similar, full-back moved forward.

Martin Berry
26 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:00:50
We need to wrap this one up quickly and due to the story breaking I think talks maybe well underway behind the scenes, same with The Vida. Klassen swop deal at Besiktas.
Martin Nicholls
27 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:14:15
Paul#24 - not sure why you thknk everyone is "so keen on Robinson". I put forward his name as a viable option for left back and I, along with several thousand others have seen him play, albeit at U23 level - that, along with loan spells is where most fans form opinions on young players. I didn't see him play for Bolton but would think the calibre of the opposition he faced in the Championship on a weekly basis would be similar to most that a Scottish PL player would face. John K has given some first hand insight on Tierney having watched him play - would you not agree that it's a little harsh to write off a young player, as you seem happy to do with Robinson, without seeing him play?
Tony Williams
28 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:16:07
Typical, shall we or shant we, thinking about it again. Go in with an offer and get him. This, as I said before, could turn into another Maddison. How many times has this happened over the years and nothing has come of it? Very frustrating.
Soren Moyer
29 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:17:00
Get him ASAP! Ship out more deadwood ASAP!!!!!
Sam Hoare
30 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:20:58
Extremely unlikely but getting Tierney, Loftus-Cheek and Lozano would be very, very exciting and a big step on the road to competing at the higher levels.
Tony Everan
31 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:22:12
Get him in .

I would like to see him signed next week, easier said than done, but far better than dragging it on for a month. If it means we have to pay a premium, go for it, it is good business.

We are the best club for him at this stage in his development.The premier league is a step up for him . He will be a regular starter and be able to seamlessly continue his progress.

Then we can concentrate on the Left side Centre Half position .

Chris Clark
32 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:28:30
The real question is where does this leave Martina? :)
Paul Tran
33 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:49:40
Would be an absolute coup and a half if we get him. An excellent young defender. My gut tells me that when he leaves Celtic, it'll be for a bigger club than us, but if Silva & Brands do a good sakes job on him, I'll be pleasantly surprised and delighted.
Fran Mitchell
34 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:50:49
Tierney and Robinson as left back options would be great. Both are young, so both would benefit from being able to be rotated and not have too much of a spotlight.

Baines as a mentor to them both, or maybe Baines would be viewed as an optimal signing for a club like Celtic to replace Tierney. Baines could get some silverware, his final years he'd get much playing time, then he comes back as a coach in 2 years.

Dave Abrahams
35 Posted 30/06/2018 at 13:52:48
Chris (31), not sure if we will get Tierney but I'll let you worry about Martina, ps I know you are only joking. !!!!!
Simon Smith
36 Posted 30/06/2018 at 14:05:48
Let's be honest, we have all worried about Martina, when any opponent was attacking!
Tony Everan
37 Posted 30/06/2018 at 14:14:35
He signed a 6 yr contract last year, so it is a possibility that his agent had a buyout clause in there.

Also, a possibility that the buyout clause is for 㿅m.

David Reid
38 Posted 30/06/2018 at 14:22:01
Sam @ 8 Rooney was a massive Evertonian didn't stop him leaving us to go to Manure.
Rodgers is right when he says "it would be immoral not to let the player fulfill his ambitions at a top class club were he will become even better" Let's hope it's us he chooses to seal the deal we could throw in a pair of Celtic pyjamas.
Jay Wood

39 Posted 30/06/2018 at 14:24:59
Nice one Chris @ 31.

And Simon @ 35 "Let's be honest, we have all worried about Martina, when any opponent was attacking!"

'All' minus (at least) one - moi. Martina was nowhere near as bad as some wish to portray him.

Tom Bowers
40 Posted 30/06/2018 at 14:33:41
If Manure are interested then he won't come to Goodison but then again he may want to play as a first choice right away in which case he may have a better chance at here. They have Young, Rojo and Shaw at left back whereby Everton have Baines as I don't think Martina doesn't has much chance.
Nathan Ford
41 Posted 30/06/2018 at 15:38:58
Offer 25mill and Robinson on loan for the season. Robinson plays champs league and improves and we get a ready made left back.
Mike Gaynes
42 Posted 30/06/2018 at 15:51:08
I haven't seen Tierney play, but given all the endorsements from those who have, I'd be delighted if we get him -- and I'm probably Robinson's biggest booster here. David, Paul and John know their stuff, and if they say he's top class, I'm good with that. This club needs great young talent, the more the better, and it'll be Silva's job to sort out who plays where and when.

Paul #24, I watched Robinson closely for the US, and he's an outstanding young talent. Blistering pace, solid fundamentals, dangerous in attack and remarkable composure and confidence for one so young. He had a classy assist against Bolivia, and against France he ably shut down whatever attacks came down his side, including two of the guys who are torching Argentina's backline right now.

Sam #29, I'm afraid Lozano is beyond our reach now. Barcelona is his next stop.

Gavin Johnson
43 Posted 30/06/2018 at 15:59:48
This will be a great deal if it happens. Celtic fans think we've got no chance but I think Celtic will take the money. Let's face it, they'll win the league whether the lad stays or not. The media are saying Spurs and United are sniffing around, but Luke Shaw's now staying and Spurs won't pay big money unless they find someone to buy Danny Rose. It'll come down to the player. Lets hope Brands and Silva can pursued him to sign.
Jamie Crowley
44 Posted 30/06/2018 at 17:18:29
Just saw this. This kid's good. Sign him ASAP.
Jamie Crowley
45 Posted 30/06/2018 at 17:22:21
I could see Celtic telling the boy to stay through the CL group stages. If they make it out he stays, if not he could go in the winter.

They have a rabid fan base. They have to be reasonable and keep them happy. A "shot" at the Champions League and success in that tournament is the thing for them I'd think. The domestic league lately is a joke they'll win it by Christmas.

James Stewart
46 Posted 30/06/2018 at 17:49:40
Quality player and rapid. Would be very surprised if we managed to sign him.
Andy Casey
47 Posted 30/06/2018 at 18:22:19
I'm a Celtic fan as well as an Evertonian and, as much as I'd hate to see Tierney leaving, it really is only a matter of time. And I'd love to see him in royal blue! He is a top top player; great work rate, quick in the tackle and brilliant going forward. I'm very excited about the idea of watching him and Seamus running up and down the wings. Make it happen!
Bill Watson
48 Posted 30/06/2018 at 18:58:14
Fran #33

..."then he comes back as a coach in 2 years".

Fran, I can never understand why posters often advocate players should come back as coaches.
Why? Surely coaches should be employed because they are good at the job and not because they've played a few hundred games in our first team.

Fraser Auld
49 Posted 30/06/2018 at 19:13:50
This would be a major coup if we pull it off. I wondered why we'd never been linked with him before. He's a standout young talent at left back and we've desperately needed a successor to Baines what took you so long Everton?! Make it happen!!
Paul Dewhurst
50 Posted 30/06/2018 at 19:47:34
Martin # 27 have seen a few posts on other threads saying how good he is. I've never seen him play. So wondering what people have seen. I think you are being kind to the Scottish league too, as I think Celtic would struggle in the Championship.

Mike# 41 Thanks for the response sounds like can do both defence and attack required of a modern full back. We are going to need that as looks like Silva will want a lot of width from them.

Pat Kelly
51 Posted 30/06/2018 at 19:57:36
I'm sure Everton will get him. After he's played ten years at Utd.
Terry White
52 Posted 30/06/2018 at 20:13:16
Amazing how excited we TWers get over rumours.

Plenty of mention of Robinson. How wabout Connelly? A versatile player, a regular for the younger England teams, and a regular last season on loan in a Championship side better than Robinson's Bolton.

Any way you cut it, if a seasoned player is signed it blocks the way for younger talent unless he can be converted to play in a different position. Very few these days are happy to sit as a back up to an experienced player.

Paul Birmingham
53 Posted 30/06/2018 at 22:07:50
We live in Hope and Bob Hope, at GP, for most of my years, but if we got this player, I sense good times, and happier days ahead, for all EFC supporters.

But it's a tough life and world, over to the DoF.

Paul Birmingham
54 Posted 30/06/2018 at 22:20:21
Andy @46, and based on my friends views, from Scotland,, he's a proper footballer, and it seems the real deal. I hope we break the bank for him, as we will get a proper player, who cares.

For me it's a tough preseason and God help us. It's EFC, but we live in hope.

Sam Hoare
55 Posted 30/06/2018 at 22:49:51
Please can we hijack Arsenal's signing of Torreira. Think he looks a cracking little midfielder.
Andy Williams
56 Posted 30/06/2018 at 23:00:31
I think I may have signed in to the wrong website. Everybody's in agreement. Just to add some balance I have not seen anything of this lad - he's obviously not good enough for us.

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