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Column & Opinion Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

World Heritage Site status… time to say what we (all) mean and mean what we say

Paul The Esk
Since 2012, Liverpool has been placed by Unesco on the “danger list” with the threat of removal as a World Heritage Site. Should Everton plan on not being constrained by the threat of the city losing that status?

Club or Corporation?

Paul The Esk
Maybe it’s time to redefine “the Everton Way”? Maybe it’s time for realism rather than idealism.

More fan engagement required above and beyond stage 2 of the public consultation

Paul The Esk
It is my belief that the more information is shared, the greater the level of understanding and “buy-in” into what is being proposed from all parties.

The Impossible Dream

Paul The Esk
I wonder about our ability, indeed desire “to run where the brave dare not go”. Part of our DNA I believe as Evertonians is to “reach the unreachable star” – let’s do what’s required to achieve it.

3 years into the Moshiri era, belatedly, it’s time to act

Paul The Esk
The thinking at Everton hasn’t changed in more than two decades, even after 3 years of Moshiri’s involvement which is long enough to evaluate, to move on those associated with the past, and to know that businesses are only as good as the people leading them

Diversification and our future growth strategy

Paul The Esk
As the more forward-thinking clubs look for growth away from traditional broadcasting & commercial income sources, what will Everton's response be?

Everton’s January transfer window driven by regulations or pure financial sense?

Paul The Esk
The reasons for the club’s reluctance to enter the market this January are very clear. The “financial conditions” referred to by Silva are on the basis of very obvious commercial considerations not per se driven by compliance issues relating to FFP.

Bramley-Moore demand and how to grow it further

Paul The Esk
The second piece supporting the case for a 60,000 capacity at the Blues' new stadium

Analysis of the proposed 52,000 capacity for Bramley-Moore, including season ticket pricing

Paul The Esk
A focus on the business case and the impact a smaller stadium capacity has on ticket prices (particularly season tickets)

Interview with Sasha Ryazantsev

Paul The Esk
Paul sat down for an exclusive interview with Everton's Director of Finance today.

Investment in squad & exceptional expenses return Everton FC to losses – Report & Analysis of 2017-18 Accounts

Paul The Esk
The story of this year’s accounts is one of huge spending with increases way beyond the increases in income funded by player sales, capital injections from Moshiri, the use of debt facilities and some increase in commercial income.

Where is the Growth Coming From?

Paul The Esk
The question for the Everton Board is how do we achieve revenue growth when there appear to be limits on our 3 main income streams, broadcasting, matchday and commercial?

The “Complexities” of Financing a Stadium Build

Paul The Esk
Just how complex is it, and is it different for Everton than any other club?

So where did all the money come from?

Paul The Esk
A look at how Everton financed the last transfer window's activity, and the consequences going forward

The case for 60,000

Paul The Esk
Amid suggestions that the club's hierarchy are considering a capacity of between 52,000 and 55,000, the argument and justification for 60,000 at Everton's proposed dockside stadium are worth repeating

Time for Patience – On the Pitch, at Least

Paul The Esk
Brands and Silva have to restructure the footballing side of the organisation. That cannot be done in one window, it might be done in three or four. It will require a huge amount of patience from fans but it also urgently requires an explanation from those in charge

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing

Paul The Esk
That was the stunningly simple assessment from one of the world’s greatest investors, Warren Buffett, when asked to define risk.

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