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Column & Opinion Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

A New Everton

Paul The Esk
We have perhaps one last chance to deliver. New investors, new board members, new executives, existing players and coaches, the responsibility to change is yours. Remove the systems of failure, reinvigorate this global bastion of club football and build a New Everton.

Summary of Everton’s current position: Not out of the woods

Paul The Esk
Funding for the stadium and Board changes with MSP Sports Capital's involvement won't provide funding for players or address the deficiencies of the squad but the latter will provide evidence of change

The sale of Moshiri’s stake in Everton looks increasingly inevitable

Paul The Esk
As new owners rather than new investment appear more likely, a look at how we got to this position

The “R” Word and its Financial Consequences

Paul The Esk
A detailed but stark examination of the financial implications for Everton should the worst happen this month

Everton 2021-22 Accounts: Analysis, Part III

Paul The Esk
Farhad Moshiri's investment, how we are financed, the stadium options, the 'going concern' issue, and what Moshiri needs to do

The Importance of Communication and Engagement in Our Current Plight

Paul The Esk
At a time when Everton's future will be driven by events in the next few weeks, communication is key. As Aristotle said "Communication must lead to change"

Everton 2021-22 Accounts: Analysis, Part II

Paul The Esk
Farhad Moshiri's investment, how we are financed, the stadium options, the going concern issue and what Moshiri needs to do

Everton 2021-22 Accounts: Analysis, Part I

Paul The Esk
The great Moshiri experiment has reached the stage where the risk profile of the business has reached untenable levels.

Referral by the Premier League, P&S explained, and the potential consequences

Paul The Esk
The implications of the Premier League's referral of Everton to an independent commission are huge for the club. Without hyperbole, this is the existential threat Moshiri spoke of

Leadership required urgently from Moshiri

Paul The Esk
The empty seats in the Goodison Park Directors Box are a visual representation of the board through a lack of its own leadership. We cannot wait another day longer for him to make the personnel changes necessary.

Moshiri’s financial commitment, stadium financing & minority investors

Paul The Esk
A detailed look at Farhad Moshiri's spending on Everton so far and how the stadium financing can be achieved

Survival Strategy

Paul The Esk
How do we get through the next four months? What happens then? Doing nothing is no longer an option. That’s the challenge facing Farhad Moshiri, the very survival of Everton Football Club.

Moshiri’s £830 million commitment to Everton

Paul The Esk
A look at the extent of Moshiri's financial commitment to Everton and the future financing options open to him

Everton, Elevate Sports Ventures and Bramley-Moore Dock

Paul The Esk
A look at Everton's decision to outsource the commercial development of Bramley-Moore & the questions re funding that arise from that

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