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Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

In the Cold Light of Day – Everton’s Position, the Absence of Leadership & Aligned Interests

Paul The Esk
Everton's position is desperate but still recoverable. It is a really tough ask but the only survival chance going forwards requires new management, new players (in every sense) on and off the pitch

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part III: Everton Stadium Development Limited

Paul The Esk
To complete the analysis of Everton Football Club Company Limited Report and Accounts for 2022-23, Everton Stadium Development Limited warrants its own analysis

The Inescapable Reality for Everton’s Directors

Paul The Esk
Never has the need for them to act responsibly been greater than it is now.

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part II

Paul The Esk
It almost doesn’t require saying but the financial condition of Everton Football Club is frankly absurd, and testament to the atrocious management of the club by Farhad Moshiri.

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part I

Paul The Esk
The club continues to be caught in a perfect storm of underperformance on and off the pitch, combined with the complete indifference of the current owner.

Moshiri is about to lose control of Everton – the question is to whom?

Paul The Esk
We are reaching the critical point in the Club's ownership saga. Within weeks, the current owner may lose overall control to MSP Sports Capital and administration remains a possibility if 777 Partners' takeover isn't approved

The reality of the “conditional minded to approve” requirements

Paul The Esk
Far from being a conditional approval, these are terms  that, in my opinion are impossible to meet.

Bloomberg report of conditional approval for 777 Partners crystallises minds

Paul The Esk
If it’s true the Premier League has issued them the reported letter, they have thrown down the gauntlet to 777 Partners: Meet our conditions; otherwise, there is no approval.

Accountability and the Role of Both Moshiri and We, the Fans – Everton’s Last Defence

Paul The Esk
It’s a big week ahead for Evertonians. Time to consider our role in decisions made "on our behalf”

Everton, the Senior Club in the City, and the Importance of Ownership

Paul The Esk
We deserve much more than Farhad Moshiri has delivered. We deserve, the club and city requires, much more than Moshiri promises in terms of his potential new owners in 777 Partners.

How Moshiri can end Everton’s paralysis now

Paul The Esk
An assessment of Moshiri’s culpability in Everton’s position and a suggestion as to how he can partially redeem himself

Everton’s Debt Position and Ownership Alternatives

Paul The Esk
Whatever the solution is going forwards, Moshiri has caused huge pain to himself, the club, the fans (most importantly), creditors, sponsors and their backers. The longer we wait for a solution or resolution, the worse our situation becomes.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter...

Paul The Esk
What are the options ahead of us? Who should take the pain of our past management?

Summary of the Commission decision

Paul The Esk
A summary of the justification the Independent Commission used to recommend a 10-point points deduction for Everton

Does 777’s performance match Josh Wander’s claims?

Paul The Esk
Assertions made by both Moshiri and Josh Wander as to the suitability and performance of 777 partners as Everton's new owners deserve scrutiny

777 Partners – Moshiri’s final misjudgement?

Paul The Esk
An analysis of the Florida-based investment firm's suitability as future owners of Everton Football Club

Significant Barriers to Conclusion of Moshiri and 777 Partners 'agreement'

Paul The Esk
The Esk stands by his initial assessment that 777 Partners do not have the resources to successfully acquire Everton, nor will they get the support of all parties required

Everton’s Finances – A Projection for 2022-23

Paul The Esk
So where are we financially? The last set of accounts takes us to 30 June 2022. It is possible to project forward 12 months to see how we enter this current financial year.

Frustration and Fear

Paul The Esk
With Finch Farm welcoming back the first team squad on Thursday and the Everton management maintaining their strict omerta, a call for action and communication

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