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Column & Opinion Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

Five Years of Farhad

Paul The Esk
As Everton have found out under Farhad Moshiri, just being better resourced financially does not necessarily lead to better outcomes. Are fans right to be frustrated that we’ve not made the progress we ought to have after five years under his stewardship?

A Momentous Few Weeks (On and Off the Pitch)

Paul The Esk
The short, medium and long term future of Everton Football Club will be much clearer on and off the pitch in the coming weeks.

Thoughts on the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Paul The Esk
Paul argues that last night’s AGM wasn't an objective analysis of how the club is performing and the presentations didn't offer much in terms of future strategy

The significance of Everton's Annual General Meeting and why it can’t be an opportunity lost….

Paul The Esk
The significance of Everton's Annual General Meeting and why it can’t be an opportunity lost.

Brands’s value to date and the scale of the challenges facing him

Paul The Esk
A look at the challenge Marcel Brands faced when he arrived at Everton, what he's done to resolve it and the big issues ahead in the summer

Cash flow, Moshiri’s capital injections & the potential placement of new shares

Paul The Esk
What factors influence cash flow, how do clubs deal with negative cash flow and what is the situation at Everton under Farhad Moshiri, particularly in view of the mooted issue of new shares?

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, the governance and cultural changes required for it to become a reality at Everton

Paul The Esk
"Corporate culture eats strategy for breakfast". A look at the governance and cultural changes required at Everton for NSNO to ever become a reality once more:

A simple but fair redistribution of football revenues

Paul The Esk
A look at a possible solution to the massive imbalances that exist in the professional football game in England and a simple solution

Big Picture proposals put the emphasis on Everton’s international development

Paul The Esk
Despite the initiative being rightly canned, the issue of international broadcast rights will be back. It is almost certain that the largest clubs will want to see an element of selling exclusive rights off their own platforms in this next round and those with the greatest numbers of overseas supporters are going to be the initial winners.


'Project Big Picture' exposing the self serving interests of MUFC and Liverpool

Paul The Esk
The proposals have exposed the these two clubs' seek to secure their current economic advantage and protect their future revenues.

The 2020 Summer transfer window from a financial perspective

Paul The Esk
Analysing the business done across the Premier League and a nod to the turn-around in the overall levels of the squad at EFC with such relatively small increase in costs

Football Shorts – Part V: The Reality of Reducing Income and Fixed Costs

Paul The Esk
A look at the impact of virtually no crowds in the Premier League this season, the impact Covid-19 is having on broadcasting revenues and the volume of transfer business

How do we fund squad improvements this summer?

Paul The Esk
An over-sized, over-priced, mostly under-achieving squad, financial constraints, and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis pose significant challenges to Everton this summer. Where is the money coming from for new signings?


Paul The Esk
What should Everton’s brand and brand values be?

The Financing and Accounting of Transfers and How We Operate in this Window

Paul The Esk
A detailed look at the financial implications behind the transfer options open to us, how it's financed and what it means for Everton

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