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We disappoint me!

I'm sorry to say this but I am referring to a segment of our own fanbase. (Great way to start by getting everyone onside, eh?) Here is where our fickle minority have an impact.

ToffeeWeb has been running a poll for the last week or so as to whether Sam Allerdyce should remain at the end of his 18 month contract. Not only does the prospect of another year petrify me personally but the question pertains to renewal of the contract after that!

We have had two wins at home to a weak Brighton and away to a struggling Stoke. Both of these teams were down to ten men, the former for the last ten minutes and the latter for over an hour and yet we barely scraped a 2-1 win there!

All of the luck that went against us before Allerdyce joined has largely been going for us since he arrived. Liverpool should've been 4 or 5-0 up when we got the accurate penalty to get a 1-1 draw. Newcastle hit the woodwork twice when we beat them 0-1 in the next game and that was the pattern of Allerdyce's tenure thus far for me. Just about getting points courtesy of luck. He has the audacity to try to take credit for the West Ham 4-0 win, to blame the players for losses and take solitary credit for wins. He offends me utterly as our manager.

So why is the title We Disappoint Me and how does that relate to the poll? Because this couple of very narrow wins has caused the poll that was fluttering around 96%-4% and 95%-5% to now sit solidly at 93%-7%

A minute change you might say and still overwhelming support for him not seeing 2019/20 onwards with us but I wonder what is in the heads of those few hundred who have switched so readily on such meagre evidence.

God forbid if we actually finished in 7th place, some people on here would be calling for him to be knighted and it sickens me. Just for total transparency, I, for one, am not a fan!

Lee Mandaracas     Posted 20/03/2018 at 15:40:00

Much for Big Sam to ponder

A season that promised so much has failed to live up to expectations for Everton and any chance of threatening to break into the top six has long since passed.

Last summer’s spending spree seemed to herald a new era at Goodison Park but, with a managerial change in November last year, it has been very much a case of one step forward and two back.

Sam Allardyce has steadied the ship and three wins from five has ended any talk of relegation, but there are clearly issues that need to be addressed as thoughts turn to next season’s challenge.

It seems as though spending £150m on recruitment is not enough for success these days and, as politicians clash over bookmaker shirt sponsorship, it seems as though the Toffees, who recently announced SportPesa as their new shirt sponsor, will have to find more money in the summer to solve a number of problems.

Big Sam will doubtless start from the back and the centre half position needs work in the off-season, with Ashley Williams and Phil Jagielka not getting any younger.

Michael Keane arrived to much fanfare but has failed to hit the heights while the jury is still out on Ramiro Funes Mori.

The Blues shipped 50 goals in their first 31 games this season and that is not something you normally associate with an Allardyce side.

Leighton Baines has never let anyone down in his 11 seasons at the club but is also the wrong side of 30, while Séamus Coleman will need to prove himself after his injury absence but has the class and work ethic to get back to his best.

Goals have been hard to come by, especially away from home with just 12 on the road all season, and it is a collective failing of the attacking players and cannot be levelled at just the strikers.

Romelu Lukaku’s goals were always going to be hard to replace and it is telling that Wayne Rooney leads the goalscoring charts with just 10.

The former England captain has played with passion and no little skill but Allardyce has made it clear that he does not want to partner Rooney with Gylfi Sigurdsson, and it is open to question whether the current set-up is getting the best out of the Iceland international.

He will surely be persevered with as he has obvious class but other big-name players might be on their way at the end of the season.  

Strikers feed off the midfielders and Morgan Schneiderlin has failed to make much of an impact despite having plenty of top-flight experience, and it seems inevitable that Allardyce will look to strengthen his midfield ranks at the end of the campaign.

Cenk Tosun has started to find his feet and the net after his winter arrival but the fans are crying out for a 20-goal man up front.

It is not all doom and gloom at Everton, however, and, with the upheaval of Ronald Koeman’s departure, it always seemed as though the remainder of the campaign would be about consolidation.

That will not be enough next season and it looks set to be a busy summer for the veteran coach as he plots a way back to the right end of the table.

Gary McCarty     Posted 20/03/2018 at

The Special One

I know were not encouraged to talk about the other lot on these pages, but at a time when our current manager is under intense scrutiny, and largely unwanted by the vast majority of our fans, I had a wry smile once again at 'Jose' and his gameplan on Saturday.

Once again, he was quite prepared to change the playing style of his team to nullify the opposition, and in the process, totally isolate Saleh and Co, in a style not seen this season.

How many managers would have the audacity to happily concede possession at home, in the knowledge that his forwards would bully the opposition centre-backs into submission, by the use of the long ball?

James Pearce, self-confessed Liverpool fan and Liverpool Echo reds correspondent, claimed rather sheepishly after the defeat, 'that Mourhino would never be suited to be manager of Liverpool'.

I pointed out the fact that whilst Mourhino had been collecting trophies for fun, at various clubs over the last 15 years, Liverpool had one solitary League Cup win in the last 12 years!!

I never did receive a reply.

I guess the point I'm making is that, whilst Everton aren't really in a position at the moment to attract a manager of the calibre of Mourhino, we must select a young forward-thinking candidate whose prepared to challenge the status quo, and bring a new dimension to the club.

That's the real challenge ahead for Moshiri.
Steve Hogan     Posted 12/03/2018 at 12:02:13

More than a spat

I've always thought that ex-Liverpool players have an unhealthy representation on all football programmes - and frankly I'm sick of seeing them.

Having watched Jamie Carragher spit at a 14 year old girl because her dad was gently teasing him over United's 2-1 win I find too much.

No insults. No swearing. Just "2-1 Jamie lad. Hard luck" is what I saw on the clip that I watched. He didn't have to roll down his window. He didn't have to engage with the family. And he certainly didn't have to gob all over a kid.

This guy's a role model? For who? The BNP?

I've written to Sky saying that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and he should go. Carragher was way over the top and should now pay the price for his stupidity.

And if there's once less kopite on TV - happy days.
Jim Potter     Posted 12/03/2018 at 08:22:43

Liverpool Judies

That Bramley-Moore dock has been chosen for our potential new home, is amazing. A new Iconic landmark, on the Liverpool Waterfront, and it will ours. As many will know, the Sea Shanty Liverpool Judies, mentions the dock in the song.

It kept playing in my mind. I decided to try and write, adapt some relevant verses to the tune. This is the result. Fellow Blues have told me I should send it to you. A lot of verses I know... well, we're Everton, aren’t we.

Stanley Park, Priory Road, then to Anfield we went
Where we won our first title and up went the rent
With Mere Green in our pocket, across the Park we did go
And the rest, well it's History, as all Toffees know

And It's Goooo! Go Toffees Go, To the banks of the Mersey
There's going to be a show

The emotions you feel when you watch the Blues play
There not manufactured, we were all born that way
The highs and the lows, the trouble and the strife
Were the People's Club, welcome, to the rest of your life


Most years in the top fight's one record we claim
“The School of Science”, is our famous nick name
With Prince Rupert's Tower, displayed on our crest
“Nil Satis Nisi Optimum”, Nothing but the best.


The last of the Corinthians once famously said
Just one Evertonian's worth 20 in red
The Great Ball of Fire he too made a claim
Once touched by the Toffees, nothings ever the same


There are so many hero's, let's mention a few
The Cannonball Kid, The Holy Trinity too
Big Dunc, The Golden Vision, the great Dixie Dean
Sharp, Reid, Gray and Ratcliffe all graced Kendall's team


There's those who both managed and played in Royal Blue
Royle, Harvey, Kendall, and Billy Bingham too
All played for the Catt, of whom little is heard
Not a media favourite, no credit when deserved


Great Goodison Nights, in our folklore are set
The game against Munich, probably our best yet
As we bombed the Germans, we'll never forget
How the Gwladys Street End, Sucked the goals in the Net


Now our Grand Old Lady, is showing her age
The time it has come for a new modern stage
We'll still have fond memories, of our favourite stars
Proudly running out to the theme from 'Z-Cars'


And next we'll be heading to Bramley Moore Dock
And all Evertonian's to the Pier Head will flock
The site has been chosen, once the plans are Approved
Eighteen Ninety-Two, the last time we've been moved


Good Health to all Toffees, where err you may be
Born into the Family, that is EFC
As for the Kopites, you bitter red bores
It's not just the City, the Liver Birds aren't yours

Geoffrey Cadman     Posted 09/03/2018 at 12:36:27

Nil Satis

My First memory of Everton is from the 1952-53 season and I've seen a few ups and downs; my sister goes back to the 1940s. When we chatted last weekend , we agreed that for the first time as Evertonians, we are not upset when the side loses. We've come to expect abject, disorganised, leaderless surrender.

We seem to have lost our 'soul'. Koeman's style was cold and he clearly saw us as simply a jumping-off place to the big European post. Allardyce was never a suitable fit for 'The School of Science' – I remember him as a player and a manager.

Joe Royle and David Unsworth, real Evertonians, have left in despair , Moshiri is a business man - but what does he know about football?

We badly need leadership in the Boardroom and on the field from men who love the club and have a long term investment in it... remember the days of 'The People's Club'? We need that spirit back again – and soon.

We could start by abandoning the new stadium and investing in Goodison Park – our roots and traditions – and build from there. My fear is that, otherwise, we will go in the same direction as owners of other nearby fancy stadiums – Wigan, Bolton Wanderers and Leeds – ie, down!
Maurice Reid     Posted 05/03/2018 at 14:17:16

My Dilemma

I was brought up in Dublin and, back in the late 70s, the time came to nail my colours to the mask and to choose a team. To this day, I don't know why exactly I was drawn towards Everton as opposed to the usual suspects of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and, at the time, Leeds United, but drawn I was and Everton I chose.

Back then, we had some quality players like: Mick Lyons, Davie Thomas, Andy King, Duncan McKenzie and Bob Latchford. One of my earliest memories is the League Cup Final in 1977 against Aston Villa. It wasn't shown live in Dublin but my father let me stay up late to watch the highlights and how I wept when we went down 3-2 in extra time.

My dad liked football but wasn't passionate about it so didn't support any team particularly; but I recall him comforting me that night by explaining how the players would be feeling a lot worse than me at the time. Maybe that was the case; it was a different game then.

Since then (apart from a brief interlude in the 80s and one day out in 1995), I've shed a mountain of tears and often rage over this club but that has now turned to a sense of apathy because, now matter how much things change with this club, things stay the same. This brings me to my point.

My own boys will shortly be of the age to choose their team and I as their father obviously will have an influence on that by which team I choose to take them to see across the water.

A friend of mine had a similar decision to make a couple of years back and brought his son to Goodison Park; the lad is now an avid supporter but he's often left in tears by what he sees on the field – the ritual Arsenal spanking at Goodison earlier in the season as an example. The lad then has to face his friends and foes in school on the Monday.

This is seriously hard on the dad and I'll be brutally honest here, I don't want to see my kids in tears watching the perpetual decline of this club and so I find myself at a crossroads as to which club to take them to see in England.

It'll not be Liverpool (if I've any say in the matter)... but, if I'm honest, I'm not sure it'll be Everton either.

Liam Reilly     Posted 05/03/2018 at 10:01:03

The Cure

It is customary now to preface any comments with a disclaimer. So, I never wanted Allardyce, I thought it was a panic appointment but I was prepared to give him a chance. I expected harsh medicine and dour football as he weaved his malevolent magic. He has done it before with lesser teams, therefore I was content to see him do what he does.

In return for dull uninspiring football we would become solid at the back, hard to beat and a team that no one likes to play against. We would move up the table with the foundations laid for better times next season. Sadly, the sacrifices have been made but the rewards have not been forthcoming. Sam’s medicine has not worked,; the patient rallied briefly but is once more at deaths door. Why did it work for lesser teams and, apart from a brief placebo effect, fail miserably for us?

We are not hard to beat, we are a shambles in defence and no one fears us. Is there a referee in the land who dreads Everton? Did anyone ever imagine that Allardyce would manage a team that are spineless? As we are bullied from pillar to post, Sam Allardyce stands on the sideline like some demented apothecary, utterly bewildered that his toxic medicine is failing before his eyes. The patient is unresponsive and the coach’s response is to increase the dose. He has no choice because Sam Allardyce has never had a Plan B.

I am thankful that, during Sam’s placebo period, we gathered some fortuitous points because this is one patient incapable of raging against the dying of the light. In my view David Unsworth has developed young players who are indeed up for the fight. Sadly, however, just when I believe we were turning the corner, a different treatment was introduced.

In the eighties, the stars aligned, circumstances combined, the right coach and players, perhaps with a great deal of luck, blended perfectly and something special happened. It happened at Leicester recently too. It is happening at Everton right now ... but in reverse. I believe we have a malign combination which has been inadvertently assembled. We have a poisonous mixture of nice guys, has-beens and some who really do not care. There are too few who are hurt as much as the supporters. They are too rich to really, really hurt. Add this mix to a coach who has seen his outdated methods work before and clings to the belief that they will work again and this is where we are.

In my view, there is no hope for this squad, whatever they are like as individual players. They are a failed team beyond any quick cure. We must limp along to safety while planning ahead. A new coach, and what a crucial appointment this is, must implement surgery. We are going to take a big loss on some players but there are few worth saving. Time to rip it up and start again.

Andy Crooks     Posted 04/03/2018 at 12:59:18

Our Everton

I have a fondness of Everton due to my 11-year-old son, Thomas, supporting them from the age of 5. We have travelled to watch them in numerous places over the country and have some wonderful memories. Roberto Martinez had the best win-per-game ratio and played exciting attacking football. We managed a 5th-place finish under his leadership.

Everton, undoubtedly have ambition under the guidance of the new owner, Farhad Moshiri. We have some quality players now, particularly in Sigurdsson, Tosun, Walcott and Pickford. Reliable, quality players like Gueye, Coleman and Bolasie. Youngsters for the future in Davies, Calvert-Lewin, Lookman and Holgate. We have to be patient and employ a young dynamic manager who will get the best out of these players. Sam Allardyce's predictable, defensive, percentage football is not what the great Toffee fans deserve. They need a manager capable of unleashing these players and addressing our weaknesses.

On watching our performance against Burnley, both centre-backs are slow and have poor positioning. We desperately need at least one world-class centre-back. Mason Holgate has got the potential to be great under the right manager.

Most great teams have fast, quality wingbacks. We have Seamus Coleman but we need a similar player on the left side. Martina is reliable but he is no Coleman. With managers on our radar such as Fonseca, Simone and Enrique, it shows you our ambition. Remember Manchester City's transition took several years and just look at them now. We are in the process of planning for a fabulous new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock; we need a new manager on the horizon who can get that extra speed, commitment and belief out of our existing players and a few quality players in to improve our weak areas.

A few years from now, I believe Everton will be a vastly improved team and we will just look back at 2018 as a disappointing period of uncertainty in this great club's history. All you wonderful toffee supporters, wishing you all the luck and happiness possible for the future.
George Gray     Posted 04/03/2018 at 09:00:09

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