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Opinion, Articles and Talking Points

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Punk Football at Everton

by Jim Keoghan : 25/06/2014 [Fan Article]

Can't Say I'm Too Disappointed

by Paul Traill : 25/06/2014 [Column]

Home Win For Chile

by Paul Traill : 19/06/2014 [Column]

Fifa and Alleged Corruption

by John Schrempft : 18/06/2014 [Talking Points]

Bad Knees, Visas and Just Dodgy Geezers

by Callum Grogan : 17/06/2014 [Talking Points]

Decision review system in football

by Rob Brown : 14/06/2014 [Talking Points]

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov

by Sean Smythe : 12/06/2014 [Talking Points]

Can we have our new crest please?

by Paul  Livesey : 12/06/2014 [Talking Points]

Bobby 'Brown Shoes'

by Dom Doherty : 09/06/2014 [Fan Article]

Moment of the season

by Brian Hill : 31/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part 3

by Carl Rutherford : 30/05/2014 [Fan Article]

Title Challenge?

by Brian Baker : 29/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part 2

by Carl Rutherford : 28/05/2014 [Fan Article]

Who Can Make Roberto's 28? Part I

by Carl Rutherford : 27/05/2014 [Fan Article]

Getting shirty

by Peter Lee : 27/05/2014 [Talking Points]

What Is Missing?

by James Martin : 25/05/2014 [Fan Article]

End-of-Season Playoffs

by Bill Griffiths : 25/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Goals when the ball is dead

by Thomas Lennon : 25/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Buy a new ground or buy new players?

by Albert Perkins : 23/05/2014 [Talking Points]

What might have been – James McFadden

by Sean Picton : 20/05/2014 [Talking Points]

The Barkley dilemma

by Danny Halsall : 19/05/2014 [Talking Points]

No More Excuses for Everton

by Clarence Yurcan : 19/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Keeping our stars

by Brian Baker : 19/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Free transfers

by Mike Allison : 18/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Stop Moaning About Loaning!

by Paul Ferry : 17/05/2014 [Fan Article]


by Andy Crooks : 16/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Fifa rule change

by Rob Halligan : 14/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Abu Dhabi Dooooo!

by Kevin Tully : 13/05/2014 [Fan Article]

Dyke's England Commission Report

by Michael Kenrick : 12/05/2014 [Editors' Blog]

From My Seat: Hull City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 11/05/2014 [Match Report]

Record points haul sealed in style

by Michael Kenrick : 11/05/2014 [Match Report]

Being Blue

by Steve Wright : 09/05/2014 [Fan Article]

A Busy Summer

by Sam Hoare : 08/05/2014 [Fan Article]

Champions League at City's Expense

by Karl Masters : 07/05/2014 [Talking Points]

We won the league!

by Charlie Percival : 06/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Europa League next season

by Andy Osborne : 05/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Crucial Win For The (Sky) Blues

by Paul Traill : 04/05/2014 [Match Report]

Que sera, sera

by Lyndon Lloyd : 04/05/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Man City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 04/05/2014 [Match Report]

Martin Tyler - What Was His Problem?

by Declan Brown : 03/05/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 37

by Patrick Murphy : 01/05/2014 [Column]

What's it worth, Guv?

by Peter Lee : 01/05/2014 [Talking Points]

1892: Goodison, 2014?

by Charlie Gibson : 28/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Saturday's Dilemma

by Simon Bradley : 28/04/2014 [Fan Article]

The Not-So-Beautiful Letdown

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/04/2014 [Match Report]

CD Everton Relegated

by Tom P Owen : 26/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 36

by Patrick Murphy : 26/04/2014 [Column]

Would You Swap Him For Anyone?

by Ben Hayes : 24/04/2014 [Fan Article]

Two Players For Every Position

by Mike Allison : 24/04/2014 [Fan Article]


by Andy Crooks : 22/04/2014 [Fan Article]

Everton on Film - The Pathé Years

by Rob Sawyer : 21/04/2014 [Fan Article]

Everton and Liverpool

by Paul Ferry : 21/04/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 20/04/2014 [Match Report]

Martinez Keeps Moyes Under His Thumb

by Lyndon Lloyd : 20/04/2014 [Match Report]

Revenge is So, So Sweet!

by Michael Kenrick : 20/04/2014 [Match Report]

Deulofeu replacement – do we need one?

by Ben Jones : 18/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Distin trolled by twit

by Damian  Braithwaite : 17/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Let's not become like Arsenal fans

by Michael Brien : 17/04/2014 [Talking Points]

It's the Hope that Kills You

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/04/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (H)

by Ken Buckley : 17/04/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane – Match 35

by Patrick Murphy : 16/04/2014 [Column]

Clattenberg... Collina Revisited

by Nelly  Verdonghan : 15/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 34

by Patrick Murphy : 14/04/2014 [Column]

Fortune Favours the Persistent

by Lyndon Lloyd : 13/04/2014 [Match Report]

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

by Ken Buckley : 12/04/2014 [Match Report]

Colin's Cracker — 1 April 1970

by Rob Sawyer : 12/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Deulofeu magic brings seventh win

by Michael Kenrick : 12/04/2014 [Match Report]

Is it time for salary caps?

by Andy Osborne : 11/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 33

by Patrick Murphy : 10/04/2014 [Column]

Sandy Brown Did Play Every Position

by Harold Somers : 09/04/2014 [Fan Article]

From The Dixie Dean Suite...

by Paul Traill : 07/04/2014 [Match Report]

Tim Howard

by Dave Roberts : 07/04/2014 [Talking Points]

The Summer Striker

by Jim Bennings : 07/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Sign Here, Señor Martínez... Please.

by Kevin Tully : 07/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Dunc the difference?

by Steve Jones : 07/04/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

by Ken Buckley : 06/04/2014 [Match Report]

Let's go for the title!

by Fran Mitchell : 06/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 32

by Patrick Murphy : 04/04/2014 [Column]

The McMagic Ingredient

by Daniel Summerton  : 03/04/2014 [Talking Points]

A bit of anger?

by Trevor Thompson : 02/04/2014 [Talking Points]

Is it too soon for what ifs?

by Andy Osborne : 31/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Time for fans to deliver

by Brian Harrison : 31/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Potential Difference

by Rob Newling : 31/03/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Fulham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 30/03/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane – Match 31

by Patrick Murphy : 28/03/2014 [Column]

Richard Scudamore

by Peter Morris : 28/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Talk of a new stadium

by Peter Laing : 28/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Resurrecting the Straw Man

by Lyndon Lloyd : 28/03/2014 [Column]

Martinez: The 'Do or Die' Factor

by Oscar Huglin : 26/03/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Newcastle (A)

by Ken Buckley : 26/03/2014 [Match Report]

How we can measure this season

by Kevin Tully : 24/03/2014 [Talking Points]

The 'Phenomenal' Remarks

by Kevin O'Regan : 24/03/2014 [Talking Points]

The Europa League

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 24/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 30

by Patrick Murphy : 23/03/2014 [Column]

When We Were Fab!

by Patrick Murphy : 23/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Problems so far

by Mark Johnson : 23/03/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Swansea City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 22/03/2014 [Match Report]

Goalkeepers As Captains?

by Paul Traill : 22/03/2014 [Match Report]

Blues struggle to a narrow win

by Michael Kenrick : 22/03/2014 [Match Report]

Time for Some Radical Thinking

by Paul  Niklas : 21/03/2014 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane – Match 29

by Patrick Murphy : 20/03/2014 [Column]

Record points haul?

by Rich Williams : 17/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Time for McGeady to shine

by Chris Sillett : 17/03/2014 [Talking Points]

We Can't Keep Sneaking These Wins

by Paul Traill : 16/03/2014 [Match Report]

Space – the final frontier...

by David Cooper : 16/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Slow Starters and Boring Blues?

by Nigel Gregson : 16/03/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Cardiff City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 15/03/2014 [Match Report]

The Goodison Problem

by Mike Oates : 15/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 28

by Patrick Murphy : 13/03/2014 [Column]

New ToffeeWebber

by Rob Halligan : 11/03/2014 [Talking Points]

''That Arteta Is a Bit of a…''

by Paul Traill : 09/03/2014 [Match Report]

Style of play?

by Kevin Dale : 09/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Have We Improved? - Redux

by Nigel Gregson : 09/03/2014 [Fan Article]

Arteta: Classless? Or an Over-reaction?

by Mark Pierpoint : 09/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Are We Progressing?

by Mike Oates : 08/03/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Arsenal (FA Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 08/03/2014 [Match Report]

We are lacking inspiration

by James  Martin : 08/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Are we too nice?

by Adam Baig : 08/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Time for change

by Steve Gaskell : 08/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Blues crumble at The Emirates

by Michael Kenrick : 08/03/2014 [Match Report]

Everton miss out on my £50

by Joseph Bell : 07/03/2014 [Talking Points]

Oviedo – the 'miss' of the season

by Anthony Lamb : 04/03/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/03/2014 [Match Report]

On We March

by Paul Traill : 01/03/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane — Match 27

by Patrick Murphy : 27/02/2014 [Column]

Heading for fixture congestion?

by Jim  Bennings : 27/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Martinez's big club mentality

by Trevor Thompson : 26/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Roberto's Transfer Improvements?

by Dick Brady : 24/02/2014 [Fan Article]

Next Season

by Kevin Tully : 24/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Punchless Everton Are Punished Again

by Lyndon Lloyd : 22/02/2014 [Match Report]

Everton and the Europa League

by Andy Crooks : 23/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Andy Gray – Everton Giant

by Graham Mockford : 23/02/2014 [Fan Article]

Good Foreplay... No Penetration

by James Martin : 23/02/2014 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Chelsea (A)

by Ken Buckley : 22/02/2014 [Column]

Rooney Deal

by Matt Traynor : 22/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Bryan Oviedo — What A Gent!

by Paul Traill : 20/02/2014 [Column]

Money and Europe

by Brian Harrison : 20/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Barkley as a front man?

by John Boon : 18/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Watering of the pitch

by Peter Laing : 17/02/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Swansea City (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 16/02/2014 [Match Report]

Blues stumble into Sixth Round

by Michael Kenrick : 16/02/2014 [Match Report]

After the cameras are gone

by Kris Boner : 14/02/2014 [Fan Article]

The Way It Is

by Simon Davis : 14/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Still points to be won

by Lloyd Brodrick : 14/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Tic-tac or counter attacking?

by Mike Oates : 11/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 26

by Patrick Murphy : 10/02/2014 [Column]

From My Seat: Spurs (A)

by Ken Buckley : 09/02/2014 [Match Report]


by Trevor Thompson : 09/02/2014 [Talking Points]

He who hesitates is lost

by Michael Kenrick : 09/02/2014 [Match Report]

Everton Equivalents?

by Tony Stanella : 08/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 25

by Patrick Murphy : 07/02/2014 [Column]

Everton and Football

by Brian Hill : 07/02/2014 [Talking Points]

My greatest night at Goodison

by Mike Corcoran : 06/02/2014 [Talking Points]

To Trust or Not To Trust?

by Bill Griffiths : 06/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Time to Prove It

by Darren Hind : 05/02/2014 [Fan Article]

Forgotten again?

by Dave Roberts : 04/02/2014 [Talking Points]

World Everton Day

by Ciaran Duff : 03/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Our current squad situation

by Trevor Whyte : 02/02/2014 [Talking Points]

Kingdom of God

by Mike Oates : 02/02/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/02/2014 [Match Report]

Brilliant comeback led by Naismith

by Michael Kenrick : 01/02/2014 [Match Report]

Annual Report & Accounts 2013

by Joe Beardwood : 30/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane — Match 24

by Patrick Murphy : 30/01/2014 [Column]

Transfer deadline

by Mark Johnson : 30/01/2014 [Talking Points]

How the Derby Was Lost

by Adam Luszniak : 30/01/2014 [Fan Article]


by Thomas Lennon : 30/01/2014 [Talking Points]

McCarthy: The elephant in the room

by Barry Green : 29/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Playing at Anfield second

by Kevin Naylor : 29/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Question Time for Roberto

by Phil Friedman : 29/01/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Liverpool (A)

by Ken Buckley : 29/01/2014 [Match Report]

Plan B

by Mike Oates : 29/01/2014 [Fan Article]

It's far from over. Stay positive.

by Kevin Stanley : 29/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Let's hear it for the Refs

by Adam Baig : 29/01/2014 [Talking Points]


by Paul Tran : 29/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Our Anfield Agony Goes On

by Lyndon Lloyd : 28/01/2014 [Match Report]

Sin Meido? Sin defensivo.

by Michael Kenrick : 28/01/2014 [Match Report]

The Meaning of Life (aka Football)

by Dom Ashton : 28/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Special One at a Special Club

by Martin McGeever : 27/01/2014 [Fan Article]

A new stadium needs your support!

by Sur Jo : 26/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane — Match 23

by Patrick Murphy : 26/01/2014 [Column]

Life after Lukaku?

by Paul Ellam : 23/01/2014 [Talking Points]

The Beatles and Everton Football Club

by Rob Madigan : 23/01/2014 [Talking Points]


by Andy Crooks : 22/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Weak wingers

by Jimmy Sørheim : 22/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Drumming up the atmosphere

by Robert  Thomason : 21/01/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: WBA (A)

by Ken Buckley : 21/01/2014 [Match Report]

More Misery for Moyes

by Michael Kenrick : 19/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Magic moment?

by Mick  Davies : 18/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 22

by Patrick Murphy : 17/01/2014 [Column]

Must Do Better!

by Kevin Tully : 16/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Consistency and expectation

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 16/01/2014 [Fan Article]

The best post you never wrote

by Andy Crooks : 15/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Lack of Firepower? Afraid so!

by Mike Oates : 13/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Communications Director

by Brian Harrison : 12/01/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Norwich (H)

by Ken Buckley : 11/01/2014 [Match Report]

Impressive Everton Power Past Norwich

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/01/2014 [Match Report]

Goodison Atmosphere

by Sean McKenna : 11/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Luke Garbutt Report (Gillingham)

by Dick Brady : 11/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Quality goals seal superb Blues win

by Michael Kenrick : 11/01/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane – Match 21

by Patrick Murphy : 09/01/2014 [Column]

The Men Who Bankrolled Everton

by Tony Onslow : 08/01/2014 [Column]

Hitzlsperger comes out

by Paul Olsen : 08/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Eusebio at Goodison

by Fran Kearney : 07/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Cup Banana Skins

by Karl Parsons : 07/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Always Eternal, Eusebio

by Tony Draper : 05/01/2014 [Talking Points]

The 'Cult' of Martinez

by Richard Pike : 05/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Being A True Blue

by Nicholas  Singh : 04/01/2014 [Talking Points]

QPR Effortlessly Brushed Aside

by Paul Traill : 04/01/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: QPR (H)

by Ken Buckley : 04/01/2014 [Match Report]

Goals coming from Coleman

by Protik Roychowdhury : 04/01/2014 [Fan Article]

What do you wish for?

by Phil Walling : 03/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Once a Blue, not always a Blue...

by Wally Melwani : 03/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — FA Cup Round 3

by Patrick Murphy : 02/01/2014 [Fan Article]

Pundits and Everton

by Brian Harrison : 02/01/2014 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Stoke City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/01/2014 [Match Report]

EFC1878 on BBC Eastenders

by Mike Berry : 01/01/2014 [Talking Points]

Osman's drive rescues a point

by Michael Kenrick : 01/01/2014 [Match Report]

Perfect mix

by Sean McKenna : 31/12/2013 [Talking Points]

A Tale of Two Secretaries

by Tony Onslow : 31/12/2013 [Column]

Southampton — Lesson to Learn?

by Mike Oates : 30/12/2013 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane — Match 20

by Patrick Murphy : 30/12/2013 [Column]

Interesting stats

by Jeff Beaumont : 30/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Luke Garbutt Report (Crewe)

by Dick Brady : 29/12/2013 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Southampton (H)

by Ken Buckley : 29/12/2013 [Match Report]

Attendances at Goodison Park

by John Boon : 29/12/2013 [Talking Points]

The Ghost of Everton Past

by Lyndon Lloyd : 26/12/2013 [Match Report]

Memory Lane — Match 19

by Patrick Murphy : 27/12/2013 [Column]

Sometimes Your Luck Is Just Out

by Paul Traill : 27/12/2013 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

by Ken Buckley : 26/12/2013 [Match Report]

Luke Garbutt Report

by Dick Brady : 26/12/2013 [Fan Article]

Half-Term Report: So Far, So Good

by Paul Tran : 24/12/2013 [Fan Article]

The difference will be Man City

by Paul Niklas : 24/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 18

by Patrick Murphy : 24/12/2013 [Column]

Matchwinners and defining moments

by Nick Wall : 23/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Greater use of full backs

by Nick Oakley : 23/12/2013 [Talking Points]

The First Everton Scot

by Tony Onslow : 23/12/2013 [Column]

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/12/2013 [Match Report]

When You're Smiling

by Paul Washington : 22/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Absolutely Brilliant From Everton!

by Michael Kenrick : 22/12/2013 [Match Report]


by Keith Young : 22/12/2013 [Talking Points]

A Changed Man

by Selby Wells : 20/12/2013 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane — Match 17

by Patrick Murphy : 20/12/2013 [Column]

A Surprisingly Positive Negative Stat

by Lee Mandaracas : 18/12/2013 [Talking Points]

New Year Wishes

by Mike Oates : 17/12/2013 [Fan Article]

The Lukaku effect (Martinez & Clarke)

by Ian Tunstead : 15/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Mourinho's mind games

by Mohammed Horoub : 15/12/2013 [Talking Points]

We Can Do It When We Have To

by Paul Traill : 15/12/2013 [Match Report]

Everton Regroup to Kill Off Fulham

by Lyndon Lloyd : 14/12/2013 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Fulham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 14/12/2013 [Match Report]

The English Barcelona?

by Brian Baker : 13/12/2013 [Talking Points]

A (Foreign) Field of Dreams

by Jim Potter : 13/12/2013 [Fan Article]

WTF Osman!

by Graham Mockford : 13/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Mission Impossible!

by Kevin Tully : 12/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 16

by Patrick Murphy : 12/12/2013 [Column]

Please — No More 'Del Boy'

by Peter Fearon : 11/12/2013 [Talking Points]

New composed centre backs

by Ben Jones : 11/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Ted Critchley – My Dad

by Rob Sawyer : 10/12/2013 [Column]

Howard Kendall Interview

by Paul Traill : 10/12/2013 [Column]

The Key Early Martinez Factors

by Matthew Roache : 10/12/2013 [Talking Points]

A Shanklyesque Revolution, Anyone?

by Tony Sullivan : 10/12/2013 [Fan Article]


by Nick Entwistle : 09/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Best team at the Emirates

by Alan Taylor : 09/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Ross Barkley. The real deal?

by Sean Mckenna : 09/12/2013 [Talking Points]

New, borrowed... and blue

by JImmy Sørheim : 08/12/2013 [Talking Points]

A table within a table -- needs format

by Toby Smith : 08/12/2013 [Talking Points]

The Baines plot thickens?

by Phil Friedman : 07/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 15

by Patrick Murphy : 07/12/2013 [Column]

What If...?

by Chris Hockenhull : 06/12/2013 [Fan Article]

The end of an era

by Andy Crooks : 05/12/2013 [Talking Points]

This Time It Was Different

by Lyndon Lloyd : 04/12/2013 [Match Report]

A very special celebration

by Mike Gaynes : 05/12/2013 [Talking Points]

From The Prawn Sandwich Section

by Paul Traill : 05/12/2013 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/12/2013 [Match Report]

A Loud Blue in Texas

by Mark Pakulak : 04/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Mick Meagan

by Brendan Sliney : 04/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Yet more Moyes arrogance

by Ste Traverse : 03/12/2013 [Talking Points]


by Nick Entwistle : 03/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 14

by Patrick Murphy : 03/12/2013 [Column]

Five for 4th

by Lloyd Brodrick : 01/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Lovely header by Skrtel

by Michael Kenrick : 01/12/2013 [Talking Points]

Who chose this man to manage Everton?

by Jim Bennings : 01/12/2013 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 30/11/2013 [Match Report]

Anyone Else Won Over?

by Paul Traill : 30/11/2013 [Match Report]

Sumptuous Stuff Sinks Stoke

by Michael Kenrick : 30/11/2013 [Match Report]

Memory Lane — Match 13

by Patrick Murphy : 28/11/2013 [Column]

The FA Cup Scandal

by Tony Onslow : 27/11/2013 [Column]

Luke Garbutt Report (vs MK Dons)

by Dick Brady : 27/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Football Won

by Paul Traill : 24/11/2013 [Match Report]

The Martinez Difference

by Chris Leyland : 23/11/2013 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Liverpool (H)

by Ken Buckley : 23/11/2013 [Match Report]

Derby dates: why is Goodison always first?

by Mike Iddon : 21/11/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 12

by Patrick Murphy : 20/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Tiger does it again for Oz

by Dick Fearon : 19/11/2013 [Talking Points]

Sir Dobbo — Goodison Aristocrat

by Rob Sawyer : 19/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Why we should embrace Bobby

by Toby Smith : 18/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Should we adopt the 3-5-2 formation?

by Mark Frere : 16/11/2013 [Talking Points]

The problems of Nikica Jelavic

by Ben Jones : 15/11/2013 [Talking Points]

Styles of Play or just Great Players?

by Brian Harrison : 15/11/2013 [Talking Points]

Pass, pass, pass... and pass again.

by Nick Entwistle : 11/11/2013 [Talking Points]


by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/11/2013 [Match Report]

It Could Be Worse...

by Paul Traill : 10/11/2013 [Match Report]

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Sheffield Utd)

by Dick Brady : 09/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Toothless Blues stymied again

by Michael Kenrick : 09/11/2013 [Match Report]

Memory Lane – Match 11

by Patrick Murphy : 07/11/2013 [Column]

Charitable Double Standards

by Tony Doran : 05/11/2013 [Talking Points]

The Good Doctor of Everton

by Tony Onslow : 05/11/2013 [Column]

Put a pile past Palace, Please

by Dominic Tonge : 04/11/2013 [Talking Points]

10 Game Review

by Chris Ashton : 04/11/2013 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Spurs (H)

by Ken Buckley : 03/11/2013 [Column]

Coleman Comes Good

by Ger McNally : 01/11/2013 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane – Match 10

by Patrick Murphy : 01/11/2013 [Column]

Fer play, lads

by Dominic Tonge : 01/11/2013 [Talking Points]

The Pressing Game

by Sean McKenna : 31/10/2013 [Talking Points]

My First Love with Everton

by Jimmy Sørheim : 31/10/2013 [Fan Article]

How Good is Our Squad?

by Stuart Obee : 30/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Seventies Memories

by Bill Griffiths : 29/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Three at the back?

by Jeff Beaumont : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]


by Trevor Thompson : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Kenwright - Thank You

by James Flynn : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Am I the only one?

by Jimmy Sørheim : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]

FA — 150th Anniversary

by Norman Merrill : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]

A short, but important question...

by Ognjen Mojovic : 28/10/2013 [Talking Points]

A few questions from the new Blue

by Mark Pakulak : 27/10/2013 [Talking Points]

From My seat: Aston Villa (A)

by Ken Buckley : 26/10/2013 [Column]

Halloween XI

by Gavin McGarvey : 26/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane - Match 9

by Patrick Murphy : 24/10/2013 [Column]

Everton Archive Film

by Chris Hockenhull : 22/10/2013 [Talking Points]

We've Already Taken This Step

by Darren Hind : 21/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Do we need a new Goalie?

by Tom Martin : 21/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Passing it to death

by Peter Cummings : 21/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Still boxing the corner flag

by Peter Fearon : 21/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Fear factor – in transition

by Thomas Lennon : 21/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Slick Finish Heralds Pienaar's Return

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/10/2013 [Match Report]

Meaningless phrases

by Andy Crooks : 21/10/2013 [Talking Points]

A Proper Midfielder

by James Martin : 20/10/2013 [Fan Article]

A new Blue attends his first match

by Mark Pakulak : 20/10/2013 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Hull City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 19/10/2013 [Match Report]

Tigers make it hard work for Blues

by Michael Kenrick : 19/10/2013 [Match Report]

Not worth the paper it's written on

by Michael Kenrick : 19/10/2013 [Editors' Blog]

Par score

by Kevin Tully : 17/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 8

by Patrick Murphy : 17/10/2013 [Column]

Plenty of room for optimism

by Matthew Roache : 16/10/2013 [Talking Points]

In My Blue Life 2

by Fran Kearney : 15/10/2013 [Column]

Four measures to rate Martinez...

by JImmy Sørheim : 15/10/2013 [Talking Points]

What a load of Red Bull

by Dom Ashton : 14/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Walsall)

by Dick Brady : 12/10/2013 [Fan Article]

The Lost Professional of Everton FC

by Tony Onslow : 08/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Mick Buckley – A Tribute

by Patrick Murphy : 08/10/2013 [Column]

Born not Manufactured

by Kevin Thompson : 08/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Time's up, Leon?

by Sean McKenna : 07/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Optimum use

by Jeff Beaumont : 07/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Wolves)

by Dick Brady : 06/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Everton's Academy is our Foundation

by Steven Smith : 06/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Marks out of 10

by Joe Bibb : 06/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Fundamentals vs Fundamentalists

by Nigel Gregson : 06/10/2013 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Man City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/10/2013 [Match Report]

If Lukaku leaves, it will be for love

by Mike Gaynes : 05/10/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 7

by Patrick Murphy : 03/10/2013 [Column]

Armchair fan to Goodison

by Kevin Thompson : 03/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Is it too soon to mention?

by Andy Crooks : 02/10/2013 [Talking Points]

“Everton's” first game

by Paul Kelly : 02/10/2013 [Fan Article]

Do We Ever Do It the Easy Way?

by Paul Traill : 01/10/2013 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Newcastle (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/10/2013 [Match Report]

The Ultimate Game of Two Halves

by Michael Kenrick : 30/09/2013 [Match Report]

The Ninjas of Goodison

by Gerry Quinn : 30/09/2013 [Fan Article]

In My Blue Life

by Fran Kearney : 29/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Leighton deserves a song...

by Paul Livesey : 29/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane — Match 6

by Patrick Murphy : 27/09/2013 [Column]

Evertonians and the League Cup

by Ste Traverse : 25/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Another Sickening Moyes Insult

by Kevin Tully : 24/09/2013 [Talking Points]

A double-edged sword

by Lloyd Brodrick : 24/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Everton FC and the Liver Bird

by Phil Parker : 23/09/2013 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 22/09/2013 [Match Report]

My First Week as a Blue

by Mark Pakulak : 22/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Luke Garbutt Report (vs Crawley)

by Dick Brady : 21/09/2013 [Fan Article]

A Great Pity – from an Old 'Un

by Ian Burns : 21/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Just a Wee Lad From Kilmarnock

by Tony Onslow : 19/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane — Match 5

by Patrick Murphy : 19/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Proud of Everton

by Ged Simpson : 19/09/2013 [Talking Points]

A Way Forwards?

by Christopher Kelly : 18/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Return to the School of Science

by Laurie  Hartley : 16/09/2013 [Talking Points]

A New Fan Finds His Team

by Mark Pakulak : 15/09/2013 [Fan Article]

Tactical Acumen

by James Martin : 15/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Cause For Optimism?

by Paul Traill : 15/09/2013 [Match Report]

How good can we be?

by Sean McKenna : 15/09/2013 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 14/09/2013 [Column]

Memory Lane — Game 4

by Patrick Murphy : 12/09/2013 [Column]

Cheers, Vic!

by Ray Williams : 12/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Hoodwinked Again!

by Mike Oates : 11/09/2013 [Talking Points]

A Chant for Baines

by Mike Casey : 08/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Gem Stones

by Tim O'Connell : 06/09/2013 [Talking Points]

What's happened to Vellios?

by Scott Flaherty : 06/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Reasons to be cheerful

by Mikey Cummins : 04/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Intrusive adverts on ToffeeWeb

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/09/2013 [Editors' Blog]

Going Forward with Roberto

by Jim Knightley : 03/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Well done, Everton...

by Kev Quilliam : 03/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Hopes, fears and reality

by Andy Crooks : 02/09/2013 [Talking Points]

Yellow Card for Seamus?

by Michael Kenrick : 01/09/2013 [Talking Points]

If You Know your History!

by Steve Barr : 01/09/2013 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Cardiff City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 31/08/2013 [Column]

Memory Lane — Match 3

by Patrick Murphy : 29/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Barclays interest / borrowing

by Lewis Barclay : 29/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Up the Tempo!

by Nelly Verdonghan : 29/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Cutting Edge

by Brian McGee : 27/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Where are the new midfielders?

by JImmy Sørheim : 27/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Not Very Convincing

by Paul Traill : 25/08/2013 [Column]

From My Seat: WBA (H)

by Ken Buckley : 24/08/2013 [Column]

The End of the Marriage

by Tony McDonald : 24/08/2013 [Fan Article]

From 'Moyessiah' to Pariah?

by Lyndon Lloyd : 24/08/2013 [Column]

Song For Whoever!!

by Steven  Wilson : 20/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane - Match 2

by Patrick Murphy : 21/08/2013 [Column]

Ideal Replacements

by Phil Armstrong : 21/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Anyone else feeling embarrassed?

by Matthew Svatos : 21/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Everton defence myth

by Mark Jensen : 20/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Concern at lack of investment in team?

by Chris  Sillett : 19/08/2013 [Talking Points]

ToffeeWeb Talk – #1: The Former Referee

by Matt Traynor : 19/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Slipping between the cracks

by Ciaran Duff : 19/08/2013 [Talking Points]

What is the matter with Baines?

by Ajay Timothy : 18/08/2013 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Norwich City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 18/08/2013 [Column]

Pre-season lessons

by Tony McDonald : 13/08/2013 [Talking Points]

A Season of Transition?

by Ian Burns : 12/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Carrow Comparisons

by Dave Arrow : 12/08/2013 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Real Betis (H)

by Ken Buckley : 11/08/2013 [Column]

Reasons to be hopeful

by James Martin : 10/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Link, anyone?

by Tony Cheek : 10/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Fees and Wages

by Gavin McGarvey : 09/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Expectations for the season

by Varun Rajwade : 09/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Saha retires

by Richard Pike : 08/08/2013 [Talking Points]

It's Not the System that Counts

by Greg Dawson : 08/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Concerns over the Martinez system

by Scott Phelps : 07/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Memory Lane – Match 1

by Patrick Murphy : 13/08/2013 [Column]


by Michael Kenrick : 06/08/2013 [Talking Points]

The Dithering is Disturbing...

by Robbie Muldoon : 06/08/2013 [Talking Points]

What happens to Pienaar this season?

by Dave Trudgeon : 06/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Vamos Everton

by Tom P Owen : 03/08/2013 [Fan Article]

Power and The Glory

by Rob Sawyer : 03/08/2013 [Column]

A Grand Old Evening

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/08/2013 [Editors' Blog]

Transfer spin again?

by John  Cotton : 02/08/2013 [Talking Points]

We Are No Longer Beef, We Are Now Veal

by Lee Mandaracas : 02/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Short Term... Long Term

by Ciaran Duff : 01/08/2013 [Talking Points]

Is it three billionaires and counting?

by Clive Rogers : 29/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Feeling Bullish

by Alun Willis : 28/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Roberto's 2nd game in England

by Lee Molton : 28/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Fellaini at centre back?

by Kev Johnson : 28/07/2013 [Talking Points]

First Team and Formation

by Sam Hoare : 28/07/2013 [Fan Article]

Statistics, Damn Statistics

by Jim Potter : 26/07/2013 [Fan Article]

So who are our competitors?

by Tony Bell : 26/07/2013 [Talking Points]

An Open Letter to Mr Rooney

by Andy Osborne : 25/07/2013 [Fan Article]

Strange News Day

by Matt Traynor : 24/07/2013 [Talking Points]

The new away kit?

by Brian Garside : 24/07/2013 [Talking Points]

The back three

by Chris Hannon : 23/07/2013 [Talking Points]

The Jelavic Conundrum

by Lyndon Lloyd : 22/07/2013 [Column]

Player Power Diminishing?

by Kevin Tully : 22/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Our Club and Its Principles

by Gavin McGarvey : 20/07/2013 [Fan Article]

Stoke scores easy PR win

by Matt Traynor : 20/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Level of Performance

by Simon Davis : 20/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Alex The Great

by Michael Kenrick : 20/07/2013 [Editors' Blog]

So... what has changed?

by Simon Davis : 18/07/2013 [Talking Points]

The best back four in the Prem?

by Jay Harris : 13/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Our New First XI?

by Gavin McGarvey : 11/07/2013 [Talking Points]

My Second Team...

by Kieran Kinsella : 11/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Fulham for sale?

by Ben Dyke : 10/07/2013 [Talking Points]

What we really need

by Andy Crooks : 10/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Talking Points

by Charlie Percival : 09/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Leroy Fer off to Norwich?

by Erik Dols : 09/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Last season and the Next

by Gavin McGarvey : 07/07/2013 [Fan Article]

Squad Size and using the Young 'Uns

by James Wood : 05/07/2013 [Talking Points]

EFC Examinations Board 2013

by John Brennan : 05/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Love Affairs & Marriage

by Paul Traill : 03/07/2013 [Column]

Roberto Martinez

by Bill Griffiths : 03/07/2013 [Talking Points]

Taking One Step Back

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 02/07/2013 [Fan Article]

What if Rooney was to return?

by Noel Early : 01/07/2013 [Talking Points]

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