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Fan Articles

Contributions from Everton fans and outside writers. Submit your own article for consideration

The other School of Science...

Jim Potter : 24/06/2017

The CIES Football Observatory has developed a powerful approach to estimate on a scientific basis the transfer value of professional footballers. It says it has produced an algorithm that has been based from analysis of close to 2,000 previous transfers over the past seven years, with such factors as player and club performances, international status, experience, book value, contract terms, age and position helping to provide an accurate and realistic value.

Grounds for Optimism but Reasonable Expectations

Ray Robinson : 19/06/2017

In case anyone thinks that this article is in anyway pessimistic, it’s not. I’ve never been more optimistic about a new season for many a year.

The Weird Case of Alex Nyarko

James  Williams : 09/06/2017

Alex Nyarko – “The New Patrick Vieira” – was heading to Merseyside but delivered more complications to Goodison Park that many Evertonians to this day cannot understand why it didn’t quite work out.

Financial Fair Play or Financial Unfair Play?

Andy Osborne : 02/06/2017

Financial Fair Play (FFP). I have researched, read and read again. I still can't work it out. From my (limited) understanding of FFP, a club has to make a profit, in order to buy. If there is no profit, a club must "sell to buy".

What (who) do we need?

Sam Hoare : 29/05/2017

A very Football Manager type piece that many on here despise but I'm fairly confident many, like myself, quite enjoy. Naturally it will be filled with wild speculation and based on almost nothing except the invented tat found online and in the least acceptable of newspapers.

Preparing the squad for 2017-18

Graham Holliday : 23/05/2017

In order to effectively mount a challenge in all competitions next season and achieve the ultimate aims of silverware and Champions League football, we should expect a significant turnover of players this summer

Which way forward for the team?

Peter Lee : 20/05/2017

So, after this season, are we any closer to understanding what Koeman's vision might be? He went public with his displeasure at the lack of fitness of the squad generally. Credit to him for doing this. Post-Christmas we were much improved in this respect. What does he want from a fitter squad though?

Moving On? A Ross Barkley Conundrum

Daniel Mottram : 14/05/2017

Koeman is ambivalent to the prospect of Barkley leaving and it could also explain why, during the final home game of the season, the song for Lukaku was far more loudly sung than the song for Barkley, despite the latter scoring the winner. It is clear which one is harder to replace.

The Past Is Another Country

Rick Tarleton : 16/04/2017

Football, like life, is better in the modern age

Why the BBC makes us Bitter Blues

Paul McParlan : 20/03/2017

Everton fans like myself have always suspected that the media have always been stringently anti-Everton.

Selling and Replacing Lukaku isn’t so Simple

Palmer Marinelli : 15/03/2017

Without agreeing a new contract with a set release clause, Everton have the ability to only accept an offer suitable for the club.

The Solid Three-Nil Win

Jack Williamson : 14/03/2017

It's every football fan's dream. The ‘Solid Three-Nil Win’. No tension, no worry, just simply watching the team you love knock the ball round with ease and going to sleep at night comfortable in the knowledge that, man for man, you were the better side.

Seventh Heaven!

David Cooper : 12/03/2017

The Sky 4 have monopolized the FA Cup semis so 7th place will gets us into the qualifying rounds of the Europa Poisoned Chalice Cup.

Alex Young - A Personal Reflection

Tommy Bowman : 09/03/2017

Alex Young – a personal reflection on the ‘Golden Vision’

The Case for Rooney

Teddy  Bertin : 06/03/2017

Wayne Rooney would improve any squad in in the English Premier League and his return would provide a massive boost to the fans and players.

Battered, Bullied and Blue

David Cooper : 06/03/2017

Were Everton mis-matched physically with Tottenham during the clash at White Hart Lane?

The Patience of Saints

Julian Exshaw : 05/03/2017

I don't want to think of the future anymore. I am tired of false dawns

The Day I've Been Dreading

Stewart Oakes : 27/02/2017

Memories of the first time seeing Alex Young

Here Comes The Sun

Jack Williamson : 25/02/2017

An occasionally witty and moderately well-written assessment of Everton FC

Our 124-Year Love Affair...

Jamie Armstrong : 18/01/2017

Next time you are on the way to the match, pause for thought and think about your first journey and game at the Grand Old Lady, it will bring back some great memories. Goodison Park – a bastion of English football, what a place!

Youth system — Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

Joe Duffin : 17/01/2017

Joe outlines the factors that have allowed Everton’s academy staff a luxury that many others would not have, the promise of progression and first-team football, which in turn creates a desire and optimism within the youth ranks.

The Poisoned Chalice

Rick Tarleton : 10/01/2017

Has the Everton manager's job proved to be a bigger job than Ronald Koeman expected and will he ever have a passion for the club? Beyond that, can the Toffees ever become an elite brand to attract the world's best coaches?

The Cost of a Brand

Alasdair Mackay : 09/01/2017

The future is bright off the pitch but as yet the team on the field hasn't caught up. Is Ronald Koeman the right man to lead the Blues forward in the new Farhad Moshiri era?

Looking for the Man in the Middle

Adam McCulloch : 06/01/2017

A look at prospective signing Morgan Schneiderlin who has been hotly tipped to join Everton this month

From My AGM Seat

Ian Smitham : 05/01/2017

A first-hand account of the 2016-17 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that took place in the Philharmonic Hall last night.

State of the Blues 2017

Palmer Marinelli : 04/01/2017

In response to the typical New Year coverage and summary, and the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Everton Shareholders, it seems important to write something that summarizes some of the strategic issues the Club is encountering, both on and off the pitch.

Gareth Barry and the Importance of Context

Chris Marks : 29/12/2016

With Old Father Time increasingly against the veteran midfielder, does Barry need to be used more sparingly or in a slightly different role?

Everton’s Pressing Concerns

Chris Marks : 23/12/2016

With Ronald Koeman now six months into his Everton tenure and having had enough time to fully assess his squad, things should start taking shape in terms of his vision for the team and the players he wants to fulfil it

Derby Day Christmas Blues

Graeme Beresford : 20/12/2016

There is plenty wrong at Everton at the moment but can Ronald Koeman fix it?

Goodison Park Redevelopment: Ideas

Tom Hughes : 14/12/2016

Tom Hughes, a long-time advocate of redeveloping Goodison Park since the collapse of the Kings Dock proposal, presents what he feels remains a compelling case for rebuilding on the current site in Walton, particularly as a preferable option to Stonebridge Cross.

Reflections on an unforgettable Goodison journey

Patrick Finegan : 09/12/2016

A fan savours his first trip across The Pond from the United States to watch Everton at Goodison Park for the first time.

Do You Remember December 4th?

Patrick Murphy : 01/12/2016

How the Blues have fared on this date in recent years

A Change Has Gotta Come

Mike Green : 28/11/2016

They have proven over the last three years if nothing else they simply don’t have the mental strength or team spirit to step up and put in performances that we can be proud of.

The Honeymoon Close to Divorce

Andrew David James : 09/11/2016

Recent results and the manager's latest comments regarding Romelu Lukaku have damaged Ronald Koeman's standing with many Evertonians just a few months into his tenure.

A special evening at Liverpool Cathedral

Paul Traill : 29/09/2016

An unforgettable dinner in the splendor of the Anglican Cathedral to celebrate Everton and Dr David France's book, Everton Crazy.


Mark Finnegan : 27/09/2016

Taking stock of the Blues' start and their promising future with the foundations in place under the new manager.

Ross Barkley – Have we really got a diamond?

John Daly : 22/09/2016

As the moments that lit up his early appearances in Royal Blue become increasingly rare, is the Everton prodigy struggling under the weight of expectation or can he fulfill that rich promise?

You don't have to be a great player to be a great manager of Everton - but it helps

Paul Newton : 21/09/2016

Nobody would argue that great players necessarily make great managers – the list of managerial casualties who used to be great players is too long for that. But at Everton…

A new era, media portrayal and owning our identity

Gareth Cooper : 18/09/2016

Five weeks in to the Moshiri/Koeman era and there seem to be very few blues who aren't happy with the start we have made. Even the more cynical fan has been impressed.

Shutter Island 2?

Simon Davis : 16/09/2016

A few weeks ago I was on the iPad, working my way through various topics on ToffeeWeb, my wife meanwhile was watching one of her favourite films on the box, namely Shutter Island.

Brave new world – or false dawn?

David Booth : 05/09/2016

The transfer window has certainly focused attention on our current status and divided opinion as to whether we are generating sufficient head of steam to begin to pose a threat to the Sky-favoured elite, or just blowing hot air.

So, Are Things Good or Bad?!

Stephen Parris : 03/09/2016

The goings-on on transfer deadline day have dampened a lot of the rampant optimism surrounding Farhad Moshiri. In search of some reassurance that everything is going to be alright.

Yellow Tie Blues

Adam McCulloch : 01/09/2016

(Mobile link fixed) The best business of this transfer window, whether done by ourselves or others, was all completed early on. Let’s stay unbeaten and stick with what we’ve got.

Same Old Bill's Everton

Jose Walsh : 01/09/2016

This Transfer Deadline Day has left me feeling utterly deflated. More so than usual years because we were promised so much. New owners. New DoF. Alleged new wealth. New ways of working. Yet nothing has changed!

Remembering Harold Matthews

Keith Harrison : 26/08/2016

The Odyssey of Harolds’ Wreath – The Toffeeweb (Offside Forum) tribute to Harold Matthews

'Here We Go'

Simon Hart : 10/08/2016

Here We Go: Everton in the 80s: The Players’ Stories’, a book comprising interviews with a dozen players from the era, who together recall not just Everton’s silver-streak years, but the full span of the decade – from Mike Lyons at the start through the likes of Kevin Ratcliffe and Derek Mountfield to Pat Nevin at the finish.

We're a Hopeful Bunch, We Evertonians

David  Randles : 04/08/2016

We need numbers and we need quality and we need them soon. We just never do things the easy way, but maybe there will be some Everton rabbits pulled from hats before too long. I hope so, because we're a hopeful bunch, us Evertonians.

My First Match

Kieron Sloan : 03/08/2016

Everton 1 - 1 Manchester City

4 November 1967

Identity Crisis

Adam McCulloch : 10/07/2016

There is confusion about what we want Everton to be. We had wanted to return to the days where we would dominate teams, playing them off the park. And yet we seemed to lack the bite, the intensity, the pride of pulling on the Royal Blue jersey.

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