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Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

Russian Roulette

Lyndon Lloyd
Farhad Moshiri has spun the chamber, pulled the trigger and been fortunate that the barrel has been empty both times over the last two seasons. Everton urgently need a change of leadership because the owner - and, by extension, the club - likely won't be so lucky next time.

Relief and Indignation Should Replace Jubilation if Everton Stay Up

Lyndon Lloyd
As 1998 went after 1994, so should 2023 go after 2022 if Everton manage to secure their Premier League status next weekend.

Time to Stand Up and Fight, Everton

Lyndon Lloyd
Regardless of who plays, the 11 that take the field need to stand tall, be brave, and fight for the shirt from the first minute to the last at Leicester on Monday evening.

None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

Lyndon Lloyd
In poking a section of the fanbase with his mis-guided and divisive open letter, "Chairman Bill" betrayed a galling lack of self-awareness and humility at a critical time for the club while also proving the protesters' point: the time for him to step down has long since passed

The Accelerating Decline of an English Giant

Lyndon Lloyd
The debacle of this transfer window and the failures of the last one are an indictment of the inadequacy of Everton’s leadership and the mismanagement of the time available to them which has put the club's Premier League status in genuine jeopardy

Divided We Fall

Lyndon Lloyd
Things do seem to be irreparably broken at Everton, at least in the short term. There are moves the hierarchy can make, either through decisive action by the owner, or humility and acceptance from others around him, but in the meantime, the fans have to stick both together and with whatever players are in that squad come 1 February

Knives Out or Dig In? The Case For and Against Frank Lampard

Lyndon Lloyd
Six months is a very long time in football. Frank Lampard has gone from being the toast of Goodison to a man whose future as Everton manager is in question just 15 games into what is supposed to be his first full season in charge. Not all the problems of his making but he quickly needs to show he has what it takes to mitigate them and keep this club afloat


Lyndon Lloyd
Farhad Moshiri has restated his commitment to Everton but, without any tangible change in how the club is run from the top, there is little hope it can make any meaningful strides towards realising the owner's stated ambitions from six years ago.

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