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Everton Reserves, 1998-99

A complete record of the final season for Everton's Reserve Team in the Pontins League Premier Division



Results & Fixtures  A full record of Everton's reserve matches for the season
League Table  The final standings in the Pontins League Premier Division
Match Details  Teamsheets and brief reports for each match
Appearances  A table of reserve appearances for all senior players
Friendlies Results from reserve-level friendly matches in 1998


     Date    Ven Opponents           Result  Pos   Scorers                             

August 1998 

     Tue 18  (h) Derby County        D 1-1         McCann
     Tue 25  (a) Nottingham Forest   W 2-0         Jevons 2


     Sat  5  (h) Manchester United   L 0-2
     Mon 21  (a) Sunderland          L 0-3   6th


     Mon  5  (a) Blackburn Rovers    D 1-1   9th   Madar
     Sat 10  (h) Liverpool           W 2-0   6th   Jevons, Madar
     Wed 21  (h) Preston North End   W 2-1   4th   Branch 2


     Mon  2  (a) Leicester City      W 2-0   3rd   Oster, jevons
     Tue 17  (h) Stoke City          D 1-1   3rd   Farrelly

December 1998

     Wed  2  (a) Birmingham City     W 2-1   3rd   Jevons 2
     Tue  8  (h) Aston Villa         D 0-0   3rd 
     Wed 16  (a) Derby County        W 3-0   3rd   Elliot (og), Branch, Jeffers

January 1999

     Tue  5  (a) Preston North End   W 2-0   2nd   Branch, Jevons


     Mon  1  (a) Leeds United        L 0-1   3rd


     Sat 27  (a) Manchester United   L 0-3   5th 


     Tue  6  (h) Sunderland          L 2-5   7th  Cadamarteri, Milligan
     Mon 12  (a) Stoke City          L 2-3   7th  Jevons, Oster
     Wed 14  (h) Blackburn Rovers    D 0-0   6th
     Mon 19  (h) Nottingham Forest   W 5-2   5th  Cadamarteri 3, Milligan, Degn
     Mon 26  (h) Birmingham City     W 3-0   4th  Grant, Cadamarteri, Jevons
     Wed 28  (a) Aston Villa         L 0-3   6th

May 1998

     Mon  3  (a) Liverpool           L 0-1   7th
     Mon 10  (h) Leeds United        W 1-0   5th  Jevons
     Wed 12  (h) Leicester City      W 4-0   4th  Milligan, Cadamarteri, Jevons 2

Home games are at Goodison Park or Autoquest Stadium, Widnes.

 Friendlies and Other Reserve-Team Matches

Pre-Season Friendlies, 1998
     Day  Date   Ven Opponents           Result  Scorers                              
     Thu  8 Aug  (a) v v Una (Hol)       W 6-1   Branch, Madar 3, Spencer, El Hamruun


Club                          P    W    D    L   GF   GA   Pts
Sunderland                   24   14    7    3   46   18   49
Liverpool                    24   13    7    4   28   16   46
Manchester United            24   13    4    7   48   28   43
Nottingham Forest            24   11    6    7   35   26   39
Everton                      24   11    5    8   35   28   38
Blackburn Rovers             24    8    7    9   31   26   31
Leeds United                 24    9    3   12   40   43   30
Leicester City               24    8    6   10   30   41   30
Aston Villa                  24    8    5   11   36   37   29
Stoke City                   24    7    7   10   24   32   28
Preston North End            24    7    5   12   20   42   26
Birmingham City              24    5    9   10   24   34   24
Derby County                 24    3    7   14   26   52   16


The section below contains team details, scorers, and brief match reports for all Everton Reserve matches during the 1998-99 Season.

 Everton 1 - 1 Derby County

Reserves Match No 1: Goodison Park, Tuesday 18 August 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Thomas, O'Kane (65' McDermott), Allen, Watson, O'Brien (75' Jevons), Oster, McCann, Branch, Cadamarteri, Ward.
Subs not used: Farley, Milligan, Poppleton. Scorers: McCann.

Everton fell behind to a goal from Mark Bridge-Wilkinson after 19 mins, but grabbed a deserved point when Gavin McCann fired in a 25-yd cracker.

 Nottingham Forest 0 - 2 Everton

Reserves Match No 2: City Ground, Tuesday 25 August 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Thomas, Watson, Allen, O'Kane, Oster, McCann, Hutchison, Farrelly, Madar, Jevons.
Subs not used: Delaney, Milligan, Regan, Poppleton, Eaton. Scorers: Jevons 2.

Three classy stops by keeper Gerrard kept Everton in this match during a sloppy first half. Then Phil Jevons struck when a John Oster corner was flicked on by Gavin McCann.  His second goal came soon after, with excellent set-up work from the same two players.

 Everton 0 - 2 Manchester United

Reserves Match No 3: Goodison Park, Saturday 5 September 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, McDermott, Thomas, O'Kane, Farrelly, Ward (28' Poppleton), Hutchison, Jevons, McCann, Milligan.
Subs not used: Delaney? Eaton, McKay. Scorers:

Jenny Roberts The first half was dominated by Everton, and the team played well together as a unit. Unfortunately, Jevons was unable to capitalise upon the crosses that Regan, Ward and Milligan worked so hard to put into the box.

The players made excellent use of the wings and, had we played a forward of aerial ability, we would have been several goals up by half-time.

Farrelly proved quite dangerous on the edge of the box, with several efforts blocked, and one goal disallowed for a (dubious, as ever) off-side decision. The 'goal' was well-taken. He lifted the ball above the stranded Van Der Gouw with ease.

Jamie Milligan took the corners well, but Hutchison, the captain, who was just about the tallest of the side, insisted on staying on the edge of the box, so we were unsuccessful in finding a giant to nod them home.

Gavin McCann looked excellent. He had one slightly mis-timed challenge early on, which the referee rather harshly booked him for. It was quite unfair, as the players had not really settled into the pace of the game, and so several tackles were clumsy.

Gerrard looked relatively consistent during the first half, blocking the initial shot, but occasionally needing to scramble for those that escaped his grasp. The worst moment of the half for Gerrard was watching Jonathan Greening's shot hit the inside of the top corner of the goal. Fortunately, Gerrard rapidly retrieved it, and as we all gazed at the referee in expectant horror of confirmation that the ball had crossed the line, we were amazed that the goal was not given. I think it was a goal, so we were lucky to escape from that incident with the 0-0 scoreline still intact.

Gavin McCann had a flying collision with a United player, which Mr. T A Parkes deemed to be a second bookable offence. McCann realised the situation, and began the lengthy and traumatic walk back to the tunnel before he even saw the yellow and red cards raised. He was applauded off the pitch by the crowd, as his possession so far had promised an exciting performance. Really, the loss of equality between the two sides was the turning point of the match.

Mitch Ward did not last long either. He was substituted during the first half for Poppleton, as he looked to have aggravated the ankle once again. Fortunately, unlike the last time he was injured, Ward managed to walk off the field. The loss of Ward also affected the side, as, although Poppleton was a satisfactory replacement, Ward had discovered masses of space on the right wing. Despite his ideal position in the midst of this space, his team-mates insisted on passing it to Milligan down the left instead, who was often surrounded by defenders.

Half-time came, with the scoreline remaining 0-0. The second half proved less exciting, with United making better use of the extra man. Blomqvist's only contribution to the match was a spate of blatant dives. The referee rarely saw through them, and any debatable decisions constantly went United's way.

Wayne McDermott ordered the defence about well during the first few minutes, and the back line looked quite organised until Jordi Cruyff broke through to score. Paul Gerrard was a transformation of the goalkeeper that was quite reliable during the first half.

The heads hung, the team appeared despondent, and it seemed unlikely that the team would recover. It was hardly surprising that Jonathan Greening found himself gifted with an open net, and the ball at his feet, enabling himself to extend the lead a few minutes later. Shortly after his goal, he was substituted, but I cannot remember who came on!

Man of the Match: Although Milligan worked excessively hard, Carl Regan takes it. He was extremely effective in defence, and even managed to provide a few crosses when attacking.

 Sunderland 3 - 0 Everton

Reserves Match No 4: Ferens Park, Durham, Monday 21 September 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Thomas, Eaton, O'Kane, McDermott,.Poppleton, McKay, Farrelly, Milligan, Spencer.
Subs not used: Regan, Farley, Hibbert, McLeod, Delaney. Scorers: .

A young side, tired after their FA Youth Academy matches at the weekend, started well but eventually succumbed to Sunderland. Paul Gerrard was kept busy in Everton's goal, and Jamie Milligan worked hard to get some shots on goal before Sunderland struck.

 Blackburn Rovers 1 - 1 Everton

Reserves Match No 5: Ewood Park, Monday 5 October 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Cleland, McDermott, Thomas, O'Kane, Grant (75' Milligan), Jevons, McCann, Madar, Spencer, Farrelly.
Subs not used: Delaney? Poppleton, Regan, Jeffers. Scorers: Madar.

It was a comeback game for Tony Grant, who got 75 minutes under his belt with no ill-effect. Grant will probably play in the mini-derby at Goodison on Saturday week.

The Reserves had to comeback from a a goal behind to draw the game. Everton's goal was scored by Mickael Madar with a firm header in the last minute.

 Everton 2 - 0 Liverpool

Reserves Match No 6: Goodison Park, Saturday 10 October 1998

Everton: Gerrard; Ward, O'Kane, Thomas, McDermott; McCann, Grant, Farrelly, Oster; Jevons, Madar.
Subs not used: Regan, Eaton, Poppleton, Hibbert, McLeod. Scorers: Jevons, Madar.

The goal that separated the two sides at half time was a Phil Jevons' header after 11 minutes. The Reds' reserves showed that, much like the first team, they cannot defend from set pieces. Gareth Farrelly took a free-kick aimed at Gavin McCann and Jevons looped the ball over Tony Warner.

Everton thoroughly deserved their win with Gerrard playing well on the rare occasion he had to.  McCann was organised and confident, as was O'Kane. Thomas showed flashes of indecision as a centre back and Madar cried all the way through without putting in any effort at all (he still scored again though). Grant looked close to the top man he keeps threatening to be. He along with McCann controlled the midfield and it was his run and pin point pass that led to Madar's goal. Grant must at least make the bench on Saturday and should probably play and give the in-form Redknapp a run for his money.

 Everton 2 - 1 Preston North End

Reserves Match No 7: Goodison Park, Wednesday 21 October 1998

Everton: Simonsen; Ward, Thomas, O'Kane, Eaton; Oster, McCann, Poppleton, Milligan; Madar (McDermott), Branch.
Subs not used: Regan, Jevons, Farley, Delaney. Scorers: Branch 2.

Two goals from Michael Branch showed that he is right back on track after a long battle with injury.  Oster and Milligan also impressed in this one, with new-boy Steve Simonsen having nothing much to do, but doing it well enough.  For a detailed match report, visit Steve Bickerton's Blue Horizons Website.

 Leicester City 0 - 2 Everton

Reserves Match No 8: Filbert Street, Monday 2 November 1998

Everton: Simonsen, Thomas, McDermott, Dunne, Bilic, Grant, Cleland, McCann, Jevons, Oster, Milligan.  
Subs not used: Jeffers, Poppleton, Regan, Farley, Delaney. Scorers: Oster, Jevons.

We controlled from start to finish. The "outstanding" Oster scored the first, Jevons added the second. Oster played in a free role just behind lone striker, Phil Jevons. We had a strong side out which included the returning Slaven Bilic who played the full 90 minutes.

 Everton 1 - 1 Stoke City

Reserves Match No 9: Autoquest Stadium, Widnes, Tuesday 17 November 1998

Everton: Woods, Ward, McDermott, Thomas, Bilic, Farrelly, Oster, McCann, Jeffers, Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Regan, Farley, O'Brien, Eaton, McKay. Scorer: Farrelly.

Slaven Bilic helped lift some of the gloom enveloping Goodison when he took a significant step on his comeback from injury. The Croatia star played the full 90 minutes as Everton reserves played their first game of the winter at the Autoquest Stadium, Halton.

Paul Gerrard was down with a virus; Steve Simonsen and Dean Delaney were on International Duty, so goalkeeping coach, Chris Woods stepped into the breach.

Stoke scored first before we levelled with a "stunning" 25 yard drive from Gareth Farrelly. Farrelly also hit the bar in the second half. Our best chance fell to Franny Jeffers who saw his penalty saved after Phil Jevons had been fouled. Scouts from 15 different clubs were apparently at the game.

 Birmingham City 1 - 2 Everton

Reserves Match No 10: St Andrews, Birmingham, Wednesday 2 December 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Ward, McDermott, Bilic, Farley, Oster, Barmby, Farrelly, Madar, Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Regan, Poppleton, McKay, O'Brien, Delaney. Scorers: Jevons 2

We had a strong side out including Bilic and the "impressive " Barmby both of whom played a full 90 minutes.

Jevons got both goals, the first was a cracker from a long Bilic pass. Birmingham then equalised before Jevons got the winner after being set up by Madar.

 Everton 0 - 0 Aston Villa

Reserves Match No 11: Autoquest Stadium, Widnes, Tuesday 8 December 1998

Everton: Simonsen, Ward, McDermott, Bilic, Thomas, Barmby, Oster, Farrelly, Jeffers, Jevons, Milligan (75' Poppleton).
Subs not used: Regan, O'Brien, Farley, Delaney. Scorers: None.

John Oster's rasping right foot drive was the closest Everton reserves came to breaking the deadlock in a disappointing goalless draw against Villa. The busy Oster was involved in most of the Blues approach play, combining well with Nick Barmby who continued his comeback from injury.

Barmby was denied by the body of Villa keeper Peter Enkelman and then Oster saw a drive tipped over by the Villa reserves' number one Enkelman, who was by far the busiest man on the field, was also on hand to palm away a Bilic header just after the break.

Tony Thomas did well in the centre half position and together with Bilic kept the Villa front line quiet all night

 Derby County 0 - 3 Everton

Reserves Match No 12: The Baseball Ground, Wednesday 16 December 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, Ward, Farley, O'Brien, Oster (20' Poppleton), Farrelly?, Barmby, Branch, Jeffers (64' McKay), Jevons (73' Logan).
Subs not used: Delaney? Milligan?  Scorers: Elliot (og), Branch, Jeffers.

The highlight of the game for the Blues was a superb individual goal from Michael Branch who picked up the ball some 30 yards out before cutting inside a defender and unleashing a superb strike that curled around the home 'keeper.

Everton had taken the lead through a Steve Elliott own goal midway through the first half while the other goal came through Francis Jeffers shortly before the hour. Michael O'Brien was forced to limp off before the end, with a serious injury. Derby's Chris Riggot was sent off for the challenge.

 Preston North End 0 - 2 Everton

Reserves Match No 13: The Victoria Ground, Chorley, Tuesday 5 January 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, McDermott, Farrelly, Oster, Ward, O'Kane, Poppleton, Branch, Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Valentine, Eaton, Logan, McKay, Penman.  Scorers: Branch, Jevons.

Both goals came in the first half Branch heading in Oster's cross, and then Jevons scoring from Branch's pass. Both Branch and Jevons missed chances in the second half to increase the lead with the Preston 'keeper being described as outstanding. Simonsen produced one excellent save to deny Preston.

 Leeds United 1 - 0 Everton

Reserves Match No 14: Elland Road, Leeds, Monday 1 February 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, McDermott, Eaton, Farley, Poppleton, O'Kane, Farrelly, Jevons, Branch (74' Penman), Milligan.
Subs not used: Valentine, Kearney, Lester, Hogg.  Scorers:

This was a very young, inexperienced reserve team, a number of players were held back for Tuesday's FA Youth Cup game. The only players with first team experience were O'Kane, Farrelly and Branch.

Clyde Wijnhard got the only goal of the match one minute before half-time but Leeds dominated proceedings and, had it not been for the excellent Steve Simonsen in the Everton goal, the score could have been much higher. Simonsen was very impressive, making a string of fine saves. Michael Branch had a chance to nick a share of the spoils late on when he was clean through on goal, only to be stopped by an excellent tackle by Tommy Knarvik of Leeds.

 Manchester United 3 - 0 Everton

Reserves Match No 15: Old Trafford, Saturday 27 March 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, Knowles, O'Kane (80' Clarke), Ward, Eaton, O'Brien (45' Hibbert), Poppleton (45' Osman), Milligan, Branch, Jevons.
Subs not used: n/a.  Scorers:

Old Trafford again became a grave for Everton's aspirations as 15,000 Mancs watched a 3-0 win led by youth team striker Ian Fitzpatrick, who grabbed two first-half goals against Everton. Although it was a young United side, they proved to be too good for an Everton side ravaged by International call-ups. Reserve team rookie, John OShea, opened the scoring after 33 minutes. There were no goals in the second half, largely thanks to United goalkeeper Nick Culkin who made some excellent saves from Everton's keen young attackers.

 Everton 2 - 5 Sunderland

Reserves Match No 16: Autoquest Stadium, Widnes, Tuesday 6 April 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, Eaton, Clarke, O'Kane, Ward, Degn, Oster, Cadamarteri, Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Poppleton, McKay, McLeod, Hibbert, Osman. Scorers: Cadamarteri, Milligan.

The reserves got turned over 5-2 at home by Sunderland, this despite having taken the lead twice.

The Blues opened the scoring after just 2 minutes through Danny Cadamarteri but the lead lasted for just four minutes before Michael Bridges levelled for the visitors.

Some excellent approach play by Mitch Ward and Phil Jevons created the opening from which Jamie Milligan fired Everton back in front on the half hour but again Sunderland hit back through Daniel Dichio a minute before the break.

The visitors dominated the second period and further goals from Bridges, John Mullen and Jody Craddock sealed a comfortable 5-2 success. Ex-Blue Gavin McCann had a good game for the Mackems.

The Blues had Mitch Ward and Peter Degn cautioned in the second half.

 Stoke City 3 - 2 Everton

Reserves Match No 17: Lyme, Monday 12 April 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, Eaton, Ward, Clarke, Degn, Jevons, Cadamarteri, Branch, Oster, Milligan.
Subs not used: McKay, Osman, Hibbert, Knowles, Southern.  Scorers: Jevons, Oster

Stoke took a 2-0 lead before Everton pulled one back when Jevons converted an excellent Milligan cross, and then equalised when Oster scored direct from a free kick. There was to be no come from behind victory as despite two fine saves from Simonsen Stoke eventually clinched a late winner.

This was again a relatively young, inexperienced side, only Mitch Ward could be described as experienced.

 Everton 0 - 0 Blackburn Rovers

Reserves Match No 18: Goodison Park, Wednesday 14 April 1999

Everton: Gerrard, Poppleton, Ellison, Clarke, Eaton, Regan, Oster, Farrelly, Branch, Jevons, O'Brien.
Subs not used: Cadamarteri, Degn, Howarth, McKay, McAlpine. Scorers: None.

A young and inexperienced reserve side were held to a goalless draw by Blackburn Rovers at Goodison Park last night, despite having much the better of the contest in the opening period. Phil Jevons came closest for the Blues when he shot wide after only five minutes. Tim Flowers was the only player boasting any first team experience in the Rovers' line-up.

Paul Gerrard played his first game after his return from his loan spell, and Gareth Farrelly played his first game after injury.

 Everton 5 - 2 Nottingham Forest

Reserves Match No 19: Goodison Park, Monday 19 April 1999

Everton: Simonsen, O'Kane, Ellison, Degn, Eaton, Farrelly, Oster, Jevons, Branch (45' Regan), Cadamarteri, Milligan.
Subs not used: Valentine, Tuft, Lester, Price. Scorers: Cadamarteri 3, Milligan, Degn.

Danny Cadamarteri netted an impressive hatrick as the Blues second string gained an emphatic victory over their Forest counterparts.  Jamie Milligan and Peter Degn grabbed the other goals.

Kevin Ellison, on trial form Conwy United, played well at left-back.

 Everton 3 - 0 Birmingham City

Reserves Match No 20: Goodison Park, Monday 26 April 1999

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, Phelan, (45' Eaton), Ward, OKane, Grant, Oster (15' Milligan), Farrelly, Cadamarteri, Jevons, Degn.
Subs not used: Delaney, Ellison, Kearney. Scorers: Grant, Cadamarteri, Jevons

From the Everton Website: Terry Phelan made his first appearance in an Everton shirt for over 15 months when he played 45 minutes for The Blues Reserves against Birmingham City at Goodison Park. Phelan gave a steady performance at left back before being replaced by Adam Eaton at half time.

The Blues strolled to a comfortable 3-0 success with Tony Grant, Danny Cadamarteri and Phil Jevons on the mark.

Grants opener came in the 25th minute when he turned Jamie Milligans low centre past the keeper from 10 yards. The midfielder then turned provider when he played a through ball into the path of Cadamarteri who turned and fired a rising shot into the roof of the net on 34 minutes.

Phelan almost blotted his copybook three minutes before the break when his mis-placed back pass was seized upon by James Dyson, but Paul Gerrard stood firm and saved the shot.

The Blues came within an ace of increasing the advantage when Jamie Milligans 25 yard free-kick was turned away by Ian Bennett and the visiting keeper was well positioned again to block a fierce drive from Peter Degn.

Cadamarteri should have scored in the 78th minute when he rounded Bennett inside the 6-yard box but defender Darren Wassall made a last gasp interception just as the Blues striker was poised to shoot.

He made amends in the very last minute though when he raced clear of the Birmingham defence before unselfishly squaring the ball for Phil Jevons to prod into an empty net to complete the scoring.

Phelan was taken off at half time purely as a pre-caution, Oster limped off with a groin strain.

 Aston Villa 3 - 0 Everton

Reserves Match No 21: Aston, Wednesday 28 April 1999

Everton: Gerrard, Ward (68' Eaton), Phelan, Dunne (68' McAlpine), O'Kane, Farrelly, Degn (10' Regan), Grant, Cadamarteri, Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Delaney, Logan.  Scorers: None.

The "Golden" reserves lost some of their lustre last night with a bit of a nightmare at Villa. Peter Degn went off with a knee injury after 8 minutes, 10 minutes later Terry Phelan's return from injury was hampered when he got himself sent off for handling a cross.

Terry Phelan's continuing comeback from injury was ended prematurely at Villa Park when he was shown a red card after just 18 minutes, as the Blues reserves went down 3 goals to nil.

The night started badly for the visitors when Peter Degn left the field with a knee injury after 8 mins, and just ten minutes later a cross from the left seemed to be headed clear by Phelan only for the linesman to flag the referee back to point out that the Irish international had handled.

Ref Brian Curson decided it was deliberate and Phelan was off after completing just 63 minutes of football this season, Alan Thompson converted the resulting spot kick to put the home side in front.

Everton's best chance of the first half was a free kick from Mitch Ward and it wasn't until the 78th minute that we saw the next goal with Villa increasing their lead. Lloyd samuels shot was well saved by Gerrard only for the rebound to be put in by Mark Delaney.

Michael Blackwood completed the scoring on 90 mins with a left foot drive from the edge of the box.

Booked: Ward, Milligan, Farrelly, Cadamarteri.   Sent Off: Phelan 17'

 Liverpool 1 - 0 Everton

Reserves Match No 22: St Helens, Wednesday 28 April 1999

Everton: Simonsen, Regan, Eaton (81' Southern), Dunne, O'Kane, Degn, Farrelly, Phelan, Jevons, Cadamarteri, Milligan.
Subs not used: Delaney, Pilkington, McAlpine, Wright.  Scorers: None.

It was the mini derby yesterday, played at Knowsley Road, St. Helens' Rugby League ground, in front of 4,000.

Unfortunately we got beat 1-0. They scored ten minutes into the second half following a mix up between Simonsen and Regan. It sounds like we had several good chances to equalise, Cadamarteri and Jevons both squandering good chances.

Richard Dunne played a full 90 minutes as did Terry Phelan, others who played included Simonsen, O'Kane, Farrelly, Milligan, Degn, Jevons, Cadamarteri.

 Everton 1 - 0 Leeds United

Reserves Match No 23: Goodison Park, Monday 10 May 1999

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, Phelan, O'Kane, Clarke, Grant, Degn, Farrelly, Cadamarteri (45' McLeod), Jevons, Milligan.
Subs not used: Knowles, Wright, Hibbert, Eaton. Scorers: Jevons.

A real end of season affair; Goalscoring opportunities were few and far between in a disappointing contest with Everton fielding no less than nine players with first team experience. Peter Degn had our only on-target shot of the first half. His cross-cum-shot almost decieved Nuno Santos a couple of minutes before the break.

Danny Cadamarteri injured his leg in the first half and was replaced by Kevin McLeod at half-time.

A brilliant second half strike by Phil Jevons secured the 1-0 win, the goal coming in the 65th minute when some excellent approach play was finished off in style by Phil Jevons whose superbly struck shot found the top left hand corner of the net.

The young striker had a couple of further opportunities to increase the advantage but couldn't find the net in the closing stages. Tony Grant should have increased the score late on but failed to do so.

 Everton 4 - 0 Leicester City

Reserves Match No 24: Goodison Park, Monday 12 May 1999

Everton: Gerrard, Regan (45' Wright), Eaton, O'Kane, Clarke, Farrelly, Degn, Grant, Milligan, Branch (70' Cadamarteri), Jevons.
Subs not used: Knowles. Scorers: Milligan, Cadamarteri, Jevons 2.

We opened the scoring in the first half when Jamie Milligan scored from Tony Grant's cut back. We then had to wait until the second half to increase the lead when substitute Danny Cadamarteri scored after being put through by Tony Grant. Phil Jevons added the third on 88 minutes after being set up by Jamie Milligan, and then completed the scoring with his second on 90 minutes.

Interesting to note the way that Peter Clarke has been "fast-tracked" through this season. He started the season in the under-17 side and has ended it as a regular in the Pontins side. Not bad for someone of his tender years.

 Reserve Team Appearances and Goals, 1998-99

Listed by Premiership Squad Number (SNU = Sub Not Used)
 No  Name         Apps    SNU  Goals   Comments                        
  1  Myhre        -(-)     -     -       
  2  Cleland      2(-)     -     -       
  3  Ball         -(-)     -     -       
  4  Dacourt      -(-)     -     -       
  5  Watson       2(-)     -     -       
  6  Unsworth     -(-)     -     -       
  7  Collins      -(-)     -     -       
  8  Barmby       3(-)     -     -       
  9  Campbell     -(-)     -     -       
 10  Hutchison    2(-)     -     -       
 11  Spencer      2(-)     -     -      (Transferred to Motherwell) 
 11  Gemmill      -(-)     -     -       
 12  Short        -(-)     -     -       
 13  Gerrard     13(-)     -     -       
 14  Grant        7(-)     -     1       
 15  Materazzi    -(-)     -     -       
 16  Branch      10(-)     -     4       
 17  Farrelly    17(-)     -     1       
 18  Madar        5(-)     -     2      (Transferred to Paris St Germain) 
 18  Weir         -(-)     -     -       
 19  Oster       15(-)     -     2       
 21  Ward        15(-)     -     -       
 22  McCann       8(-)     -     1      (Transferred to Sunderland) 
 22  Degn         8(-)     1     1       
 23  Tiler        -(-)     -     -      (Transferred  to Charlton Athletic) 
 24  McKay        1(1)     7     -       
 25  Williamson   -(-)     -     -       
 26  Bakayoko     -(-)     -     -       
 26  Allen        2(-)     -     -      (Transferred  to Tranmere Rovers) 
 27  Dunne        3(-)     -     -       
 28  Bilic        4(-)     -     -      (Long-term injury) 
 29  Cadamarteri  8(1)     1     7       
 30  Jevons      22(1)     1    11       
 31  Phelan       4(-)     -     -      
 32  O'Kane      18(-)     -     -       
 33  Parkinson    -(-)     -     -      (Long-term injury) 
 34  Jeffers      3(-)     2     1       
 35  Simonsen    10(-)     -     -       
 36  Milligan    17(2)     3     1       
 37  Farley       4(-)     6     -       
 38  Regan       12(2)     9     -       
 39  McDermott   10(2)     -     -       

 R01  Woods       1(-)     -     -       
 R02  Delaney     -(-)    10     -       
 R03  Eaton       9(2)     7     -       
 R04  Poppleton   6(3)     7     -       
 R05  O'Brien     4(-)     3     -       
 R06  Hibbert     -(1)     5     -       
 R07  McLeod      -(1)     3     -       
 R08  Logan       -(1)     2     -       
 R09  Penman      -(1)     1     -       
 R10  Valentine   -(-)     3     -       
 R11  Kearney     -(-)     2     -       
 R12  Hogg        -(-)     1     -       
 R13  Lester      -(-)     2     -       
 R14  Knowles     1(-)     3     -       
 R15  Clarke      5(1)     -     -       
 R16  Osman       -(1)     2     -       
 R17  Southern    -(1)     1     -       
 R18  Ellison     2(-)     1     -       
 R19  Howarth     -(-)     1     -       
 R20  McAlpine    -(1)     2     -       
 R21  Tuft        -(-)     1     -       
 R22  Price       -(-)     1     -       
 R23  Pilkington  -(-)     1     -       


 Everton Reserves

Close Season, 1998

The reserves did not play any friendlies per se, but Everton did field a second-string side against V V Una during their pre-season tour of Belgium and Holland.


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