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Fan Articles

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2022-23 Fan Articles »

Is it only the players?

Jacques Sandtonian : 02/12/2021

Brands discerned that this man wanted him out of the club, justifying his view with an accusatory “Did you recruit them?” Brands’s response was curious: “Is it only the players?”

The Shape We Are In

Martin O'Connor : 02/12/2021

"Under Moshiri, if we are not careful, it will be terminal."

How can our academy improve?

Robert Tressell : 13/11/2021

There have been a few good articles and debates recently about the state of our academy. I thought it would be interesting to compare it to (a) other Premier League academies for output, and (b) other celebrated academies in Europe

Former player Ashley Williams attempts to Hammer Everton

Kevin Murray : 13/11/2021

Time is perhaps the most precious of commodities in the career of any Premier League manager in the modern era

Par for the course out in the middle

Martin O'Connor : 09/11/2021

Everton Football Club has no proper vision or strategy, and until the Board and leadership at the club is changed (and the majority shareholder as well), we will be forever at best “Out here in the Middle” of the Premier League. On that note, Benitez is, so far this season, on course to deliver the usual mid-table mediocrity.

John Bramley-Moore – Lord Mayor of Liverpool and Slave Trader

Stephen Ashton : 01/11/2021

The city of Liverpool's entanglement with the slave trade is well documented. Less well known, however, is the role played by former Lord Mayor, John Bramley-Moore after whom the site of Everton's new stadium is known.

Crisis, what Crisis?

Stephen Vincent : 27/10/2021

The hysteria since Saturday’s defeat, whilst predictable, has been way out of proportion to the actual event. Yes, we lost to a team that, on paper, we should comfortably defeat at home and which in 15 previous visits had never ever won at Goodison Park. But we are not the worst team in the Premier League and we are not going to get relegated, nor are we a laughing stock.

Crisis Point

Robert Tressell : 24/10/2021

Compare and Contrast

Martin O'Connor : 06/10/2021

With nine games played, two being Carabao Cup games, it is possible, even at this early stage of his tenure, to compare and contrast the work Rafa Benitez has done vis-à-vis the so-called Magnifico, Carlo Ancelotti.

Only a Small Club – ToffeeWeb Golf Day 2021

Jon Harding : 02/09/2021

A sunny Friday in August proved an excellent date for a motley bunch of Evertonians to gather at Aldersley Green Golf Club in rural Cheshire for the 2021 ToffeeWeb Golf Day

Is it Really That Bad?

Richard Parker : 01/09/2021

We needed a reset and a summer of taking a step back actually might not be the worst thing to happen to our club. We have to take the hit, plot the course for solving our current problems and move forwards.

Poundland Special

Martin O'Connor : 01/09/2021

As the summer transfer window closes, what do we make of the Toffees’ business?

First Real Away Game in 18 Months

Rob Halligan : 22/08/2021

The Young Ones – Part 1

Phill Thompson : 26/07/2021

At this time of the year, the new First Year Scholars are at Finch Farm and some are starting to appear in games. Their names are available, but we’re still waiting for the Club’s official “Meet the Scholars” video…

Assessing Toffee Transfer Targets Benítez is Already Eyeing

Gary McCarty : 20/07/2021

Here we take a look at some of the players that Everton have already been linked with this summer and run the rule over which ones would be the best additions to an already tasty squad.

Financial Warning Shot

Martin O'Connor : 17/07/2021

The warning shot about our financial position was given by Benitez himself at his press conference: players leaving will fund incoming transfers, probably for a number of seasons to come. It is then imperative that they take a good look at the Academy and try and get it fit for purpose. But more power has been given to one of the main impediments to a functioning academy in David Unsworth, instead of removing him and the good Old Blue Boy network beneath him.

Time To Move On

James Lauwervine : 06/07/2021

I’ve come to realise over a period of time that I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t feel that pride or affinity I once had; I just feel increasing alienation, disappointment and disillusionment. When the news was released that Benitez was to be our next manager, it hit me that I simply didn’t want to be part of this anymore.

Three Bedsheets Outside Everton, Moshiri

John Daley : 06/07/2021

“This didn't put an end to shit, you fucking retard; this is just the fucking start. Why don't you put that on your Good Morning Missouri fucking wake-up broadcast, bitch?”

Conservatism, Conspiracies and Counter-intuition

Paul Tran : 04/07/2021

I wouldn't put a penny on it, but it will be interesting to watch things unfold, probably more interesting than the football on offer. Talking of the football, it can't be worse than under the previous few mangers, can it? No, I wouldn't put a penny on that, either.

Agent Rafa?

Mike Cheshire : 01/07/2021

I can’t help thinking that he believes he can be the ruthless bastard required to sweep away the structures and inertia that have crippled our beloved club and become the ultimate rarity – a manager beloved of our entire city.

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