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Fans Comment, 2005-06

Contributions from our readers run the full gamut, from adulation to controversy.

''The best referee in the world'' {9 Jun}
Leaving Liverpool... {9 Jun}
Sweet Dreams {31 May}
Dithering... Yes, No, Maybe... {26 May}
Talent-spotting from a portakabin {18 May}
Full Term Report {16 May}
No more defeatism, please! {14 May}
Attacking the real Problem {11 May}
The Scrimschank Redemption {8 May}
The Choice {28 Apr}
Fatal Attraction {28 Apr}
Never forget... {27 Apr}
A Story of the Blues {26 Apr}
Route Planner {26 Apr}
Renewal? Not this time {25 Apr}
What future do you want? {25 Apr}
To Invest or Not to Invest? {24 Apr}
Eat your ham and shut up! {23 Apr}
A Tale of Two Evertons {23 Apr}
A Day in the Life... {20 Apr}
Welsh Chip Shops {17 Apr}
Moyes is a Good Manager {14 Apr}
Can Eveton be a Big Club again? {12 Apr}
1500 Mascot Fee: nonsense {12 Apr}
The Great Moyes Debate {12 Apr}
Wholesale changes needed? {11 Apr}
Moyes's Report {10 Apr}
Scenario {7 Apr}
A more appropriate model {7 Apr}
Supporting Everton {5 Apr}
Fans Comment: Creating a New Model {5 Apr}
James McFadden! {2 Apr}
Goalkeeper Crisis {28 Mar}
All too predictable {26 Mar}
When skies ARE blue ? for now {23 Mar}
Best Centre-Back Partnership {22 Mar}
Just sign here {5 Mar}
Decisions, decisions... {26 Feb}
The Tribes within The Tribe {13 Feb}
Goals, goals, give me goals {9 Feb}
Form for Formation {7 Feb}
Did we win or lose? {6 Feb}
The Glass is Half Full {6 Feb}
'Not a straight line' {5 Feb}
The Offical End of the Season {4 Feb}
F E A R ? For everything a reason {4 Feb}
Dark transfer-window cloud {3 Feb}
Balance and redress {3 Feb}
Prisoners of Millwall {27 Jan}
Enough is Enough... {23 Jan}
Little & Larger {23 Jan}
Strikers {20 Jan}
A Striker Now, Please!! {20 Jan}
Let's end corrupt transfer system {20 Jan}
What a difference 11 years make {17 Jan}
All lost in the supermarket {15 Jan}
Alan Green is our friend {12 Jan}
Whatever happened to the Likely Lads? {11 Jan}
What's wrong with Blue Bill? {5 Jan}
We got it going on! {4 Jan}
Why get rid of Moyes? {2 Jan}
We're cursed I tell you... {31 Dec}
Change Required {30 Dec}
Gives Moyes a Chance {30 Dec}
Where will the points come from? {30 Dec}
Championship Here We Come {30 Dec}
No Answer {30 Dec}
Optimism? Big Picture? {30 Dec}
Gearing {29 Dec}
Get A Grip! {28 Dec}
Hit me Davey one more time {28 Dec}
Those Anonymous Men! {28 Dec}
In whom can we trust? {27 Dec}
Sleepless in Seaton Sluice {27 Dec}
What the next year will bring {26 Dec}
A Quiff Like Elvis {24 Dec}
Once in Royal David's City {23 Dec}
Mental Health Therapy {22 Dec}
These boots are made for walking {22 Dec}
Sunday dinner with the 'Devil' {16 Dec}
Perspective, please {16 Dec}
Phil Neville Interview {16 Dec}
Harry Catterick: The Forgotten Man {14 Dec}
Special {13 Dec}
Points = Prizes {13 Dec}
Christmas in Uruguay {13 Dec}
Different from any other? {12 Dec}
The Numbers Game {1 Dec}
Loyalty ? weakness or strength? {29 Nov}
Unthinking the 'unsinkable' {25 Nov}
Going Schizo {24 Nov}
Don't say you weren't warned {24 Nov}
There are none so blind... {16 Nov}
Reasons to be cheerful {11 Nov}
Same old, same old {27 Oct}
Farewell my love {22 Oct}
Things will change {19 Oct}
The Fear of Relegation {19 Oct}
Check the Bill {19 Oct}
I've had enough! {18 Oct}
The more you know... {17 Oct}
Hard Work in Battle {16 Oct}
Half-Empty or Half-Full {14 Oct}
The damning indictment {12 Oct}
Ask what you can do... {12 Oct}
Making up the numbers {7 Oct}
When your luck is down {3 Oct}
Fans Comment: Bigger Picture {30 Sep}
Evertonians in the trenches {21 Sep}
Time for a new gameplan? {20 Sep}
European Tour ? You're Havin a Laff {19 Sep}
Embarrassed? You should be! {18 Sep}
Moyesey deserves some loyalty {18 Sep}
Wait 'til the crocks are back {18 Sep}
Players in a tragedy {18 Sep}
Get rid of Moyes {18 Sep}
No laughing matter {18 Sep}
Time out... {18 Sep}
It's the players, stupid {18 Sep}
The problem with Everton {18 Sep}
Kenwright's gotta go {18 Sep}
Broken Blue {16 Sep}
Those Icons: Our Centre-Forwards {16 Sep}
Ticketing ? Yet Again! {14 Sep}
Half Full or Half Empty? {5 Sep}
Falling Standards {2 Sep}
Falling short? Get real {2 Sep}
The Waiting Game {2 Sep}
Green, Schmeen... {20 Aug}
Never mind the Quality... {19 Aug}
The Man with the Plan {15 Aug}
Blowing the European Money Myth {11 Aug}
Last of the Corinthians {8 Aug}
Wasted opportunity? {5 Aug}
Stay Positive! {5 Aug}
Bread {5 Aug}
The Trouble with Everton {2 Aug}
Concern over Dithering Dave {2 Aug}
Evertonian Delusional Disorder {2 Aug}
Letter to Keith Wyness {2 Aug}
The Knives Are Out {1 Aug}
Another Year Goes By... {28 Jul}
A Lack of Leadership? {27 Jul}
Where do we go from here? {27 Jul}
End of the World? {26 Jul}
Burstin' {18 Jul}
Forget about it {18 Jul}
Transfer Market, You're havin' a laff {11 Jul}
Goldfish out of his Puddle {9 Jul}
Food for Thought {1 Jul}

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