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The Mail Bag

June 2010 Archive
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Moyes Book Cancelled?

Maybe this is old news & I'm just the last to hear about it, but I recently received a mail advising of the cancellation of the David Moyes book: Manager.

"We regret to report that the release of the following item has been cancelled: David Moyes "Manager"."

I'm not too disappointed, as I'd prefer to see Moyes write books at the end of a long and successful career as Everton manager. However, I'm a bit surprised that the plug would appear to be pulled on a book that was orginally advertised for pre-order quite some time ago.
Dennis Stevens     Posted 01/07/2010 at 01:59:50   Comments (6)

Summer Sales?

June is usually the time when there is a wholesale clear-out of young talent from the Everton Academy and Reserves squads. But I don't recall seeing anything recently about young players being released.

Checking the player lists provided on the Official Website and comparing them with the records we have compiled of appearances for the Reserves and Academy sides would seem to confirm that very few have left. The following Reserves players who featured at some point during the last season appear to be no longer with us:

  • George Krenn (was released last August)
  • Lars Stubhaug (returned to Norway)
  • Karl Sheppard (joined Galway Utd in February)
According to Wikipedia, Everton paid €280k to Shelbourne for Sheppard 3 years ago.

Hallam Hope and Ross Barkley are not listed but I think they are still classed as Schoolboys. The rest of the regulars, including last summer's new arrivals, Luke Garbutt. Femi Orenuga, Cory Arnoux, Anton Peterlin, and Shkodran Mustafi are still at the club... although I'm sure a number of them were only given 1-year contracts, so I guess we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Has anybody seen anything hidden away in the darker corners of the Echo or any other local sources?
Michael Kenrick     Posted 30/06/2010 at 14:24:57   Comments (17)

New Kit 'Technology'

I am on the whole excited by the new kit being released; however, the continued talk of 'brand new technology' is making me think I should prepare myself for another dud!

I as a fan believe that, if Le Coq want to develop the technology of a shirt, the main areas that would interest fans would be pie juice and bovril repellent material with wonderbra-esque developments that improve the look of an out-of-shape male's bust.

Let's face it, the majority of these shirts are not worn for playing football in... and, as much as I believe in giving the players the best shirt to compete in, please please please just concentrate on what it LOOKS like — I am sick of looking a twat with the biggest ever triangle on my chest!
Rob Wilkinson     Posted 30/06/2010 at 08:58:47   Comments (40)

Who's this Gueye?

Apparently we have bought or are about to buy another young striker:

Everton have agreed a fee with Strasbourg for striker Magaye Gueye, according to the France Under-21 international.

Sky Sports sources reported on Monday that Goodison Park officials had approached the French club with an offer of just under £1million for the 19-year-old.

Gueye said: "I was over the moon when I heard that Everton had agreed a fee with my club.

"I was so happy and I am looking forward to developing in the best league in the world."

Strange that Moyes has (if true) now bought three new strikers. Stranger still when you consider he usually only plays one.

Apparently this guy is absolutely rapid and can also play in midfield. My guess would be that Moyes perhaps see's him as the pacey winger we have been looking for. At 19, I would imagine he will be plying his trade in the reserves this season. At least to start with.

Good to see early business at least even if we are yet to make any 'marquee' signings, whatever they are.
Sam Hoare     Posted 29/06/2010 at 12:16:43   Comments (23)

Moyes – Tactical genius

So here on ToffeeWeb, for many years people have hammered David Moyes for his 4-5-1 approach.

The media are up in arms that Fabio was too rigid in his 4-4-2 formation and that all the teams are playing ''modern'' formation (4-5-1). Brazil, Spain and Holland all play with one up front and United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea all play this way now.

Moysie has been using this system since we came fourth all them years ago. Granted the first year we used the system it was very defensive but more recently it has evolved into us playing some great play and some neat interchanging.

I think Moyesie deserves more credit for his tactics and it would appear that the national press agree with his formation.
Kevy Quinn     Posted 28/06/2010 at 17:31:31   Comments (31)

Everton and England

I have just watched that ridiculous England match and the the deluded comments of the players post match. The only person who sounded objective was Milner, who has only just joined the circus.

I sense that Jags & Leighton have dodged a massive bullet by not being part of that fiasco. Fancy being influenced by Terry, Lampard, Cole, etc??

Hopefully our current players can form some part of a better future for a national team and a successful Everton team? I sense a tipping point for the pampered prima donna European approach.

Did you see the different approach between the Italian, French, England teams and the USA, African, Asian teams? There may have been a difference between skill, stature, and wage but there was a massive difference between desire and patriotism...

I hate everything that England stands for these days but still retain great memories of Reid, Lineker, Steven, Stevens, Bracewell all appearing in the same team. Seems so long ago now...

What for the future after today?
Neil Patten     Posted 27/06/2010 at 22:56:56   Comments (142)

No surprise for Wilson!!!

"Well, it was no surprise to me. In fact I predicted this 4 - 1 disaster (and the ludicrous goalline decision) in my post FOUR MONTHS AGO! My Wilson-like football knowledge knows no limits and continues to make me loadsa money." -- Dave Wilson
Michael Kenrick     Posted 27/06/2010 at 16:49:55   Comments (95)

The end for Arteta?

Well, today it has been revealed that Mikel Arteta wishes to return to Spain for the sake of his son, as he has been diagnosed as being partially sighted. This although being silly season seems to warrant a certain amount of acknowledgement as I don't believe it to be just lazy journalism, surely even a journo' wouldn't stoop to using a players child as a reason for wanting a move away?

If this turns out to be true, I have no problem with Arteta returning home, he has been an exemplary servant for the club and he would leave with mine and probably every Evertonians support and best wishes.

What worries me the most is where would it leave Everton? Who could we get to replace him? Would the likes of Peinaar, Fellaini, Bily and Johnny H want to stay (I believe the style of football he promotes within the team is integral to this).
Luke Berry     Posted 27/06/2010 at 13:08:22   Comments (36)

Daddy Donovan

I have just read an interesting article from which I know is not the most respected football rumour rag, however it has attached the story from Sports Illustrated who are probably one of the most respected Sports Journalism organisations in the states, with what appears to directly quote Landon.

Basically he thinks he may have got a girl pregnant during his time over here and accepts it may be true and if so that he will take responsibility. Clearly that probably means a lucrative maintenance package but I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if the general consenus would be whether or not it would help or hinder a permanent deal? I have copied the article below.

Sports Illustrated's website,, has broken the story that USA star Landon Donovan stand accused of paternity by a British woman.

According to SI, a British tabloid is set to run a story in which a U.K. woman says she is pregnant with Donovan's child.

"I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support," Donovan reportedly told

Donovan and his wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, announced their separation last summer, though the split was said to be amicable. A divorce has not been finalized.

In fact, the two appeared to be close to reconciliation. In several recent interviews, Donovan publically thanked her for helping him mature and blew her a kiss after on-camera remarks at the World Cup.

In turn, Kajlich had posted supportive messages on her Twitter account for the USA's world Cup campaign in general and Donovan and particular.

"Man oh man. Tough loss. So proud of our boys..." Kajlich posted after the USA loss to Ghana.

Donovan was a key part of the USA's World cup campaign scoring three goals before the Americans were ousted from the tournament.

In the winter of this year, Donovan went on loan to Everton Football Club and lived in Liverpool for ten weeks before returning to his hometown Los Angeles Galaxy club.

James  Cadwaladr     Posted 27/06/2010 at 10:33:39   Comments (7)

Up England

OK you wimpering bastards professing your disinterest/venom for England's National Side.

Here's the Yank from NYC saying the sausage-eaters will be on a flight home this time tomorrow. Don't come in here after the game proclaiming what you knew all along if England loses. Make a call. Say it now.

England or Germany?

I say, if no one interrupts Capello's nap while the game's on, Rooney can sneak forward and score at will. Yes Germany has a predator or two. But connecting to them will take 2nd place to worrying about England's attack.

England 2-1. Fuck the Deutchers. England's better.
James Flynn     Posted 27/06/2010 at 02:31:23   Comments (34)

If the worst should happen

As the Everton contingent gradually head home from the world cup maybe it is time to start dreaming of next season. Frankly, I'm a glass half empty sort of guy so I'd like to look at the worst that can happen and then see how I can cope. In my view the worst that can happen is that Pienaar goes and the money is not available to David Moyes. Where will that leave us on the opening day of the season?

In goal, Tim Howard has exhibited some of his usual flaws but he's good enough.Right back? Soon it will be Coleman but I'll start with Neville, an admirable captain. At left back Baines. He must be smarting and I believe he will have a fine season.

Centre backs? Jags, fit and approaching his peak Yobo, yes not a great world cup but he has, in my opinion, one fine season in him.

Midfield, Vic on the right Not ideal but this is the worst case scenario. Again, this is his time to prove he has it. Heitinga in the holding role, he just might come back as a world cup winner and is more than a central defender Along side him the best player at the club, Mikel .On the left Bily. Ideally I would play him behind the striker. He will be rested and more settled and will score some special goals but in the presumed absence of Pienaar he should start on the left.

Up front? Cahill behind Beckford. Tim has showed in the world cup that he retains his zest and enthusiasm and he too has one more great season.

Finally Beckford. Unproven at top level, arrogant and possibly damaging to morale. But, pacey ,arrogant (yes it can be a positive) and with more to prove than any player in the premier league. I have a gut feeling that he will be something special for Everton.

Look at our bench. Ruddy, yes I'd have him as second choice. Distin, Fellaini, Osman, Saha , Yakubu and some decent young players, Duffy, Silva and Baxter.

So, if the worst comes to the worst we might just be ok. I have loads of reservations about the management of Everton but I'm trying to be positive. .
Andy Crooks     Posted 27/06/2010 at 01:09:38   Comments (4)

Chile FA slam Torres

It should be of no surprise to anyone that Harold Maynes-Nichols, the president of the Chile FA, should condemn Fernando Torres for his "lack of sportmanship" in getting Marco Estrada sent off last night in the Spain v Chile match. What was missed by our well-prepared commentators was the fact that Estrada was an ex-Everton player, having clocked up 84 games for the Ruleteros of Viña del Mar before moving on to Univesidad de Chile in 2006 and Montpellier this year.

Anyone wishing to congratulate Señor Maynes-Nichols in person for his astute assessment of the offending / offensive Torres can do so at Goodison Park on 4th August when the FA President will be one of the guests of honour at the Everton FC v CD Everton pre-season friendly.
John Shearon     Posted 26/06/2010 at 18:06:52   Comments (9)

Everton imagery in unusual places

Did anyone else watch BBC coverage of Glastonbury lastt night ? On "the other stage" the cameras panned round the crowd and took long shots of the stage. In all of these shots a large Everton flag was very visible and in some shots covered the screen!

We could possibly use this as a thread to look out for and report on all things Everton in unusual places.
Steve Guy     Posted 26/06/2010 at 09:17:54   Comments (11)

The rest of the WC player ratings

No question about it, our Everton World Cup representatives continue to do us proud in South Africa. Here's how I rate the final five Blues overall for their first-round performances:

Howard – 8

Could our keeper have been more commanding? He inspired a ragtag, injury-hit defense, with two center backs who had never played together before. He made every save he was supposed to make, and wasn’t at fault for any of the three goals he gave up. He owned his area. And his usual weakness – distribution – helped put the US through. That great throw to Donovan was actually his second in the final minutes.

Donovan – 6

Yes, I still count him, because I still think he’ll be back, at least on another loan deal. The glory of the The Goal and that powerful finish against Slovenia have obscured the fact that the US captain didn’t exactly come up big for the most part – he had an anonymous second half against Algeria until the goal, and he pretty much let BelHadj run rampant up the left side. But clutch is clutch, and Donovan is now a US legend.

Cahill – 5

This rating reflects a man-of-the-match performance in Australia’s biggest win ever – a great goal and end-line-to-end-line inspiration – that salvaged a catastrophic World Cup for Tiger Tim. Especially given the deified media status he holds in Australia, which Jip described in his post, I’m very glad he didn’t go home in disgrace.

Mucha – 3

Beating Italy is splendid, but , I am thoroughly unimpressed with our new keeper. He’s quick and athletic, but totally unconvincing in the air and clearly not in command of his defense. He flapped at one cross so badly that he had to be rescued by the RS Skrtel on the line. I’ve never seen Ruddy play, but I understand why you guys who have seen him would prefer to have him back at Goodison this season as Howard’s backup.

Heitinga – 7

You know what’s great about Heitinga? It isn’t just that he’s barely put a foot wrong in three games, that he’s been immaculate on and off the ball, that Holland have given up one goal (from a penalty) and only nine shots on goal. What’s really great is that he’s only our second-best center back. I’ll say it right now – Jags, Johnny and Howard give us the best defense in the Prem, and I think we’ll prove it this season.
Mike Gaynes     Posted 24/06/2010 at 23:00:46   Comments (37)

No escape from Tim Cahill

As an Evertonian who moved to Darwin, Australia, three weeks ago; I’m sorry to report that I now have an over\-exposure to Tim Cahill. Let me explain. All the World Cup games are on one TV channel over here (SBS 1), so, from pretty much 7pm onwards every night, all that channel shows is football — at first highlights from the previous day, then the live matches through the night.

It really is the only thing worth watching over here, so that’s how I’ve been spending my evenings. The trouble starts when it comes to the ad breaks. Typical break goes like this:

  • Sony advert — starring Tim Cahill (people following his training regime – so close as to “feel the experience’)
  • Advert for local BBQ centre
  • Optus advert (mobile company) — starring Tim Cahill (and Lucas Neill playing football against alligators and elephants).
  • Advert for local car dealership
  • Sony advert — starring Tim Cahill (playing football on a Playstation, as Tim Cahill of course).
Then back to the TV show. I guarantee that 3 out of the 5 adverts will have Tim Cahill in.

Sometimes they will have Lucas Neill in them. It’s like that all night. But then I go to the supermarket — one of the first things I see is a big stack of Weet-bix (sic) with Tim Cahill on the box and a big cardboard cut out of him. And he’s in magazines everywhere. There is no escape...

Then again it could be a good thing. Okay, so Australia (or the Qantas Socceroos as they are known as) are out, but at least Tim scored. And this advertising seems to suggest that he is their favourite / most marketable player. So Lucas Neill features in the adverts, but has to say “Hi I’m Lucas Neill” (I guess as they don’t recognise him).

I know people have previously moaned that we don’t have any famous players that they layman in the street could name, but perhaps we do, just not if you ask an English person. Hopefully when Everton come over for the pre-season tour they will be able to build upon the popularity of Tim and get more people to the match and start to follow Everton.

And one last thing — at least it isn’t Harry Kewell!
Jip Foster     Posted 23/06/2010 at 23:42:41   Comments (30)

Landon Donovan

To my mind, easily the outstanding performer in the group, with three telling performances. And under pressure too. It was Donovan's emphatic finish that started the comeback against the Slovenians and he started and finished the move that saw them qualify... Oh, and avoid the Germans in the knockout round.

He was nothing but quality throughout and clearly was the dominant figure on a very well organised team. We should sign him up, except he's worth how much now? Nice job missing another trick, lads, he'll be good for whoever is lucky enough to get him.
David  Cornmell     Posted 23/06/2010 at 21:49:35   Comments (21)

Not Good Enough

England may have won, but it wasn't enough to win the group. We desperately needed to score more goals. We now have to face the possiblity of playing Germany, and then Argentina. We don't stand a chance. Not based on our form so far.
Dave Smith     Posted 23/06/2010 at 16:58:09   Comments (59)

First three Evertonians out...

... , 3 (or 4 or 5) remaining.

With the first group completing play, the first three Boys in Blue are done at the World Cup. My rankings:

Pienaar – 5
I predicted beforehand that South Africa would become the first host team to fail to make the second round, amarket value and generate big-money bids from CL teams. And that’s how it turned out. The Pocket Rocnd that Pienaar would do little to enhance his ket was every bit as commanding against France as he usually is for Everton, but he did little of note in the first two games and never came close to making the impact he makes for us. I think Moyes’s gamble of not re-signing him before the WC has paid off.

Yobo – 4
We saw the Yobo we all know as he captained Nigeria – some great tackles, excellent positioning and otherwise intelligent play marred by ugly blunders at the rate of about one per game. He abandoned his mark in game one and headed a clearance directly into an attacker’s chest in game two, yielding unnecessary scoring chances both times. And it’s an ominous sign that he came off at half-time in the biggest game of his life. That said, I don’t think Nigeria’s elimination was in any way his fault – he did his best. Let’s just hope he’s healthy again by September.

Yakubu – 3
What can you say? Three minutes after one of the worst misses in tournament history, he tucked away the penalty with absolute composure. Overall, it wasn’t good. The Yak was definitely fitter and more mobile during the World Cup than he was during the EPL season, and he showed some nice touches. But the old explosiveness was nowhere to be seen.

Every time he was 50-50 with a defender for the ball, he got outrun. We saw all we needed to see in minute 58 against the Koreans... first he couldn’t reach a perfect pass from Etuhu, and then he was presented an open chance and was hopelessly slow on the ball, losing out meekly to a faster defender. He was put clean through in game 2 and had it saved by the keeper. That’s not the Yak we knew. And it never will be again.

Still in the tournament: Heitinga, Cahill and Howard, plus Donovan and Mucha (who aren't Blues yet, but will be). Go get 'em, boys.
Mike Gaynes     Posted 22/06/2010 at 21:22:31   Comments (32)

The French “bomb-de-temps”!

Call me old-fashioned, but I honestly believe that players representing their team, never mind their country, should show more professionalism with regards to their Manager and their supporters. Alright, it’s feasible that the French Management Team may have continued doing something to allow things to boil over in such a way, but the events of the last 48 hours should not have been allowed to happen in any sport – or business, or life, for that matter.

If an Everton player behaved the way that Anelka did in South Africa (no matter which International country he played for), or if an Everton player led or joined in the events culminating from that farce, what would your reaction be to him?

Personally, I would want rid of him – tantrums and childish behaviour like that can only destroy any team strengths you may have – as proven with this whole ridiculous episode.

Yet another negative for this World Cup, and I am relieved that we had no players involved.
Gerry Quinn     Posted 22/06/2010 at 17:15:51   Comments (55)


After watching the Brazil game last night and seeing the Kaka incident on view to millions throughout the world, I just thought what a great opportunity for Fifa to make a real statement about cheating in the game. They missed the chance with Thierre Henry.

I would love to see them rescind the red card given to Kaka and give a red card and subsequent ban to the Ivory Coast player. The referee did not see the incident so I can't understand why he sent him off. If either the referee's asistant or the 4th official advised him, they obviously need to go to 'Specsavers'.

Players receive retrospective punishment from video evidence for incidents the referee has missed so why not for cheating?. By not doing anything about this type of thing, Fifa are in fact condoning cheating.
Ron Haslam     Posted 21/06/2010 at 10:12:27   Comments (50)

What price being in the 'Everton Family'?

Seeing as we're apparently now offering Steven Pienaar £55k a week (when he could possibly earn more at a more lucrative club), I am interested to hear what you guys think being part of the Everton 'family' is worth in monetary terms — does it add, say £10k a week to someone? I know I'd take less money to feel more loved in my job. Maybe it means different things to different players, I'm thinking about the 'journeymen', the 'one-club players' or the 'mercenaries' here.

Could it be about happiness? Or security? Being part of a loving family where you feel you have a part to play and where you feel a 'belonging' — that's got to be worth more than money, no?

I certainly think that having a manager stick around allows a team to nurture their 'family' — more so than if you chopped and changed each season. So, when we offer a player £55k, are we actually offering them more than someone like Tottenham/Chelsea/Man City, when they will pay the same player £65k? ,p. What is our 'family' worth?
Andy Whittingham     Posted 20/06/2010 at 17:27:38   Comments (37)

Mucha do about nothing

After watching the Slovakia vs Paraguay game with interest, I am still not sure what to make of our new recruit, goalkeeper Jan Mucha.

A few smart saves but his kicking looked very suspect. Took an age to deal with any backpasses and nearly had one taken off him. I would personally still like to see Ruddy come in as No 2 and play a few cup games but that looks unlikely now. Seems a shame to bring in players from other countries just as backups and limit the opportunities for a young English prospect.

Mucha just seems to be slightly younger version of Carlo Nash. Fine as backup but you wouldn't really want him to play! Whereas Ruddy has shown promise and proven himself north of the border.
James Stewart     Posted 20/06/2010 at 15:41:20   Comments (7)


I am so pleased that Baines and Jagielka are not part of this shambles that is the England football team. What an embarrassment! Overpaid, overrated and under-talented. I have just listened to the Capelo interview after the game. How can this man communicate with the players... his command of English is totally inadequate. The sooner we appoint an English manager the better in my opinion.

Carragher booked again, the only good thing being that he misses the next game. What on earth is he doing in SA?
Ron  Haslam     Posted 18/06/2010 at 22:26:44   Comments (103)

Star pundit: David Moyes

I watched the last South Africa game and today's USA on t'internet with the 5 Live commentary option.

I'm bound to be biased but, even so, I was very impressed with David Moyes's insightful comments and all-round `nous'. It was so refreshing to hear some sense and relevancy from a `pundit'; he did us proud.

He predicted that if anyone was to score an equaliser for America it'll be Bradley and said there were two penalties as the ball came in for the disallowed `winner' (he also predicted a Rooney hat trick against Algeria - watch this space).

A nice sense of humour also; his co-commentator waffled on about the USA players sharing 2 to a room, so Landon gets a room to himself... "because he's their top player, I suppose, David?"

Back came Moyes: "Perhaps it's `cos he's got no pals!"
Phil Bellis     Posted 18/06/2010 at 18:54:23   Comments (15)

Brilliant goal by Landon

Absolutely brilliant! The moment of the World Cup for me so far. Maicon's was more difficult but always the question mark over intention, whereas there can be no doubt whatsoever that Landon intended to burst the roof right off the top of the net with that stunning shot. Even scared the shit out of the poor goalie! Fantastic moment.

Such a shame for the game that, yet again, the fucking referee is the one to make the real difference, denying what looked like an excellent winning goal, the delivery for which from that free kick was also absolutely perfect from Donovan, placed exactly into the space between the keeper and the attacking line.

Question marks too on Howard, who was transfixed on the first goal. The trajectory didn't seem to be that far from him... I just felt he should have at least made some effort to move. He didn't exactly make himself big on the second goal either.

Good game form Donovan... although still room for improvement and better consistency from him, I think.

Michael Kenrick     Posted 18/06/2010 at 16:57:36   Comments (33)

Jurgen Klinsmann

I remember reading in the tabloids in the summer of 1994 that Peter Johnson and Mike Walker offered Jurgen Klinsmann a helicopter to fly to and from London for training if he agreed to join Everton. True or not, he decided to join Spurs instead and all year we heard about his Cup dream until Amokachi ruined it in the semi-final drubbing.

Clearly Jurgen holds a grudge against us because, on USA TV, I've no heard him suggest that Tim Howard, Landon Donovan and Steven Pienaar should all forget about Everton who are "nice an all" and join a "top 10 team in the world." His idea of the top ten if anyone cares is comprised of the sky 4, Barce, Real, Juve, AC, Inter and – suprise surprise – Bayern Munich. I haven't heard him say anything about anyone else needing to join these "top ten clubs" — just Everton players or, in Donovan's case, a player who had just been interviewed about how he loved playing at Everton this year.

I am just waiting now for the Slovakia - Paraguay match on Sunday so we can hear about how Jan Mucha "should join a top 10 in the world club although Everton is nice and all...."
Kieran Kinsella     Posted 18/06/2010 at 02:33:53   Comments (30)

Leighton Baines the left midfielder!

Just a new tactical idea after seeing the success of Gareth Bale at Spurs in the last 2 months of last season. If we manage to bring him in as a new left back (with a bit more height and experience) then why not give Baines a run on left mid?

He is a workhorse with defensive qualities — playing left mid would mean Leighton would get even more assists than he already does — probably more goals and he has an excellent burst of pace over 50 yards. This could also give Pienaar a chance on our 'problem area' of right mid. If not saying I'm a tactical genius, just an idea — definitely worth a try in my opinion.
John Crook     Posted 17/06/2010 at 21:57:36   Comments (17)

Pienaar should stay at Goodison

If there was ever a great example of a player who has been moulded by Moyes to bring out the best in that player within a structured team pattern and ethic, then that player is Pienaar.

Against Mexico and Uraguay he had been played (what for Everton would have been) out of position. For the Blues he plays wide and cuts in, runs back and supports the defence, links passes with midfield. In these two games he has played forward and behind a lone striker and has looked average and has been the coach's first choice to substitute in both games so far.

He needs to think long and hard before leaving Goodison. For us he plays in a pattern which suits him and Everton. I'm not sure he will fit in so well elsewhere... the Arse play a different more fluid system and Spurs are different again. On the basis of his performance in a different system tonight I would seriously doubt his ability to adapt to another style of play.
Steve Guy     Posted 16/06/2010 at 21:10:24   Comments (61)

Glad Spain Got Creamed

Why am I glad Spain got creamed by the Swiss? Because the stupid Spanish Manager (Vicente del Bosque) can choose players like David Silve, Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Sergio Basquests over our very own Mikel Arteta.

I mean, from their performance last night, Mikel is miles ahead of them in terms of skill and ability. Serves Del Bosque right for being such an idiot. If Mikel was playing, things may be different, from where I’m sitting. Serves them right for losing. They’re paying for their own stupidity.

All this while, I was under the impression that Arteta is below par. But, last night’s performance shows that such notion is nonsense. May Spain lose more games for their stupidity. As for Vicente, damn you!!! May you rot in hell forever.

The Swiss played in a way that reminded me of us when we won 4th place: defending in large numbers, offensive plan consisting of mostly counter-attacks, goals from dead balls, hoofballs and ability to break up play in the middle of the park.

And getting rid of Senderos was a good decision by David Moyes. In fact, I was surprise Sanderos started. True enough he didn’t last more than the first half.
Abdul  Rahman     Posted 16/06/2010 at 17:52:35   Comments (38)

Donovan's Salary

The MLS Player's Union just released the salaries of all its players this year.

Apparently, Landon Donovan is making just over $2 million dollars £1,436,328. I'm curious where that would put him compared to other Everton players, and if it has any bearing on a potential move.

On a related note, when player's weekly salary is reported, does that only count for weeks during the season, or is that 1/52 of their annual salary?
Daniel Kaufman     Posted 15/06/2010 at 22:38:13   Comments (47)

If Arteta does sign....

If Mr Mikel Arteta does sign the much mooted contract extension, I would suggest that that would make him the Matthew Le Tissier of Everton — i.e. a legend and a hero for all of us true believers.

C'mon, be a legend for us Mikey!!
Giles Larkman     Posted 15/06/2010 at 18:47:13   Comments (12)


Apparently he would like to test himself in the Premier League after playing for a small fee to please the fans at Boca.

His comments below relate to the kind of club he would like to join!

Sounds like Everton would be his best choice. Sign him up: 31, free transfer and a great player.

"In precise words, Riquelme has said that in terms of going to a club like Manchester United, it wouldn't really be an attraction to him because if he goes there they could win the Champions League - they've already done it - or they win the FA Cup - they've already done it.

"He wants to go to a club where he's going to make a mark."

Gary Tudor     Posted 15/06/2010 at 18:36:31   Comments (22)


Is there anybody old enough out there to back me up in a discussion I'm having?

December 6th, 1969 ... we're going to lose 3 - 0 to L'pool. I am certain Sandy Brown scores his own goal at the Park End, my mate says it's the Street End. Anyone willing and able to settle the argument beyond any doubt?

A stunning, brass plated vuvuzela to the provider of the most convincing answer!
Mike McLean     Posted 15/06/2010 at 16:00:45   Comments (22)

The Sound of Silence

Despite world-wide complaints, vuvuzelas will continue to mar this viewer's World Cup. Surely it is not beyond the wit or wisdom of TV people for them to allow match commentary without it being drowned out by incessant ear-shattering horn blowing?

Does a ToffeeWebber with medical/audio expertise hold a view about potential health hazards of these blasted things?
Dick Fearon     Posted 14/06/2010 at 23:04:45   Comments (39)

The World Cup affecting a Player's Value

Here on ToffeeWeb and all over the television are continuous references to guys having a "Great" World Cup and increasing their value in their Club career.

I find it hard to believe this actually happens? That is, some fellow playing out of his mind in a World Cup and Clubs thinking, "My God, who's that, where does he play, and how much will he cost to get"?

I understand the media have to fill time and/or space and players/agents/sponsors have an interest in World Cup performance being viewed a legitimate measurement of player worth. But how many genuine talents can there be on some World Cup national team who are not already known?

I don't doubt some club team has tossed big bucks at a player based on the World Cup. If nothing else, pro sports ownership proves riches and stupidity are not incompatible.

But how do you come to the conclusion a player is worth substantially more based on one 7 game-maximum sample of his play?
James Flynn     Posted 14/06/2010 at 21:35:09   Comments (20)

Refs: The Football World is Changing

This is the World Cup, with world referees and sorry Tim – you can't tackle like that at all. Some will get away with it at times, like Carragher last night but the “Latin" Refs, or the “3rd nation” refs will ultimately pull out the cards, yellow if you're lucky... but red if you ain't.

The tackle itself was late and to be fair it could have seriously damaged the German lads leg/ankle. The game IS MOVING towards a non-contact game, not necessarily in England but, as the Rest of the World move that way, the refs will use that as the standard and unfortunately the tear-away’s like Cahill, Rooney, etc will get punished.

Like it or not, this is what is happening – side-note: Moyesie be aware for Everton in Europe, when we get there. Passion won't do!
Mike Oates     Posted 13/06/2010 at 21:44:20   Comments (58)

The EFC Lads (Part I)

How have our boys done so far at the World Cup?

Howard - A MotM for me. Several big saves boosted US confidence. Put the team in a position to win without a doubt.

Donovan - B+ Back to being targeted by opponents, but kept his composure. All over the pitch and made some neat passes. I saw the maturity lacking in 2006 WC.

Yak & Yobo - C (B- maybe?) The pitch was tilted down towards Nigeria's goal almost the entire game. Nigeria was way too timid. You have Yak and Yobo FFS. Attack.

Pienaar - Solid B Good job all-round. SA will look even better next game and expect him to shine.

Moyes - ???? Anyone catching his commentary? How's he doing?

James Flynn     Posted 13/06/2010 at 02:41:00   Comments (34)

England - US: We'll Take It

Not the game of the year. US's main problem shown again. We don't take advantage of chances. Too many times we don't even get an open shot on net. When we go out, this will be the reason. Not the opponent.

Fucken DeMerit on Rooney!!! Who knew. And thank God for Timmy Howard.

Is Lampard injured? A guy that talented invisible?

Plus, I thought the altitude affected both teams toward the end. On we go.
James Flynn     Posted 12/06/2010 at 21:24:39   Comments (29)

Carlton Cole

West Ham obviously want Yak. West Ham have put all their players up for sale except Parker. So common sense says a part-exchange and some cash... How about £5 million and Yak for Cole???

Is Cole the type of striker we need? Would he work well with Saha (providing Moyesie gets adventerous and plays 4-4-2)?
John Crook     Posted 12/06/2010 at 15:27:01   Comments (18)

Swiper! No Swiping!

Excuse the 'Dora the Explorer' quote , but could we all collectively tell Arsene Wenger to sling his hook and stop trying to swipe our players now he's found his transfer wallet — after mislaying it for several years, it seems. First of all it's Peanuts who gets the come-on and now (according to the Daily Mail) he's after Jags as well.

I've lost faith with Peanuts of late (I was a fan when he first came along and took a lot of stick from most TW scribes when I was supporting his early transition). I'm praying he has a blinder to bump up the price in the remaining Group A matches, as let's face it, despite his Christian exterior, he's clearly as mercenary and materialistic as every other modern footballer (unlike our Tiny Tim, thankfully).

However, I think Jags has the potential to be as loyal a centre-half as the likes of Labone and Lyons and as he regains this monumental pre-injury form over the next few months, he's an asset we must keep if we are to remain even vaguely contenders next year.

Why don't you search elsewhere, Arsene — and leave a proper club alone — you disappoint me with these types of newspaper quotes. I thought we'd seen the last of those with the demise of Mark Hughes! COYBs
David Edwards     Posted 12/06/2010 at 01:25:56   Comments (19)

No Accounting For Rooney

20 hours away from our game against England. I have come up with many scenarios good for the US. Except most require I pretend Wayne Rooney's not playing (That sawed-off SOB).

England have a bunch of good players for sure, but always do. Talented as they may be, nothing presents to make me feel afraid for the US. The way Mexico went tearing through the heart of England's defense? Friendly or not, I got a big lift watching.

Then I pictured Rooney laughing at me. A Rooney leading the 3 Lions. A Rooney the pride of England! What's the world coming to?
James Flynn     Posted 11/06/2010 at 23:42:06   Comments (33)

They're Off!!!

Well... certainly not a scintillating performance from our wee Stevie. Did he do anything of note?

RSA started off utterly hopeless and gradually improved. Fairly open game in some ways but the quality of some of the football was laughable, and the defending for the Mexico goal absolutely criminal.

The Mexicans have always puzzled me: good on the ball but they usually always fail to deliver.

Absolutely top class goal though to open the tournament. That is how to score a goal from that wide angle, across the keeper, and just inside the top corner. Brilliant finish. And the lad never even looked up. It's that magical sense of knowing exactly where the limits of the goal are... or a large slice of luck!
Michael Kenrick     Posted 11/06/2010 at 17:24:01   Comments (43)

Samba Star

Well, not exactly... but believe we must sign another defender – even if Yobo stays. Not only do we need more bodies in the squad in this position but we need somebody challenging to start next to Jags. Perhaps Duffy but probably too inexperienced at present. I don’t rate Distin highly and I think we have a gaping hole in central defence when he plays.

I would like us to sign someone who takes no prisoners, i.e. a Vidic / Carvalleo type player.

A realistic target would be Samba and he would compliment our team and this would also assist in having cover for Baines, as we only have Neville at present. The signing would free up Distin to play there if Baines got injured.
Peter Warren     Posted 11/06/2010 at 13:40:57   Comments (17)

Emerging Star?

While waiting for the start of the World Cup, I can't help but wonder, who will emerge as the overwhelming star. There are household names already in abundance, Kaka, Messi, Maicon, Snejider etc.. But, at each and every major tournament, there emerges a player who, up until that particular moment in time, was barely, or, not even on the radar.

Now I am not propositioning that we should go out and sign him but Michael Bradley, the son of the USA coach, Bob, will emerge as a very attractive midfield proposition to an EPL club. I have watched him from the time he started at Heerenveen in Holland, through his subsequent transfer to Borussia Mönchengladbach. He is an athletic 6' 1" central midfield player who, depending on whom you talk to, is either an aggressive attacking midfielder, who has averaged 12 goals a season over the last three seasons in both the Dutch and German leagues, or is an aggressive defensive midfielder who is prone to lapses in discipline.

He is not our answer to an attacking, flair like right sided midfielder, but he is most definitely, an EPL calibre player. He will, I believe, come August, start his season with an English club in the Prem. I would further venture that it will be the likes of Birmingham, Sunderland or maybe Newcastle who buy him but, because of obvious connections, would not rule out a move to Villa or even Liverpool.

His defining moment will be this coming Saturday, when — and you can take this to the bank — he will be the one that the US will assign to man-mark Rooney. Not only will he prevent Rooney from being of any influence in the game, he will either set up or score the winner, therefore, setting himself as the early contender as the emerging star of the 2010 World Cup!

Jimmy  Daly     Posted 10/06/2010 at 11:42:26   Comments (35)


I was intending to leave this until later in the summer but, as silly season has blossomed already, I brought my plans forward.

I thought it would be interesting to find out what silly little superstitions we Evertonians have, whether on match day or just in general.

For me, if I don't fold my shirts with the badge facing outwards and on the top then Everton will lose... oh yes, the badge must be visible when they are on the washing line too.

So what do you do to ensure the mighty blues success, and what did you do differently in the glory years of the 80s?
Steve Pugh     Posted 10/06/2010 at 08:25:43   Comments (17)

Signing announced

The official site has today announced the signing of Joao Silva.

Although we all had an idea this was a done deal, this does come to a surprise to me as we have recently signed Beckford on a free.

This news must surely mean that at least one striker is sure to leave.

I can't believe were in June and we have signed 3 players already!! Not used to this.
Josh Holmes     Posted 09/06/2010 at 17:22:52   Comments (79)

Petrov... Worth a Punt?

Now that Martin Petrov has officially been deemed surplus to requirement at Eastlands, I was wondering what people thought of the prospect of signing him up.

Maybe not the mega-star winger we're crying out for, but surely good cover at the very least and at a price which suits our budget. Whether we manage to hang on to Pienaar or not, it is widely acknowledged that we need more quality options out wide.

One minus point is his age, but at 31 he could still have a couple of good seasons ahead of him.

With an international scoring record better than one in four, and a decent scoring record throughout his career, may I suggest that Moyes acts quickly on this one and snaps him up sharpish (assuming he's fit and well).
Jamie Sweet     Posted 09/06/2010 at 02:46:44   Comments (50)

Sir Terry Leahy

Following the announcement that Sir Terry Leahy is standing down as Tesco Chairman in March, I think he would be a great addition to the board, with a whole host of skills to help Everton.

He has turned Tesco into an excellent company, the Number 1 supermarket in the UK. Tesco shares have fallen today which says a lot about the City's opinion of him. He tried to facilitate Everton with Destination Kirkby – agree or disagree, he was trying to help his boyhood club.

He is a very experienced man with a lot of high profile contacts. Please, Terry, come and spend some your hard-earned on your beloved club. You have just netted £5.2 million! Or take a honourary place on the board.

I hope Bill Kenwright has been on the phone already!!!
Gary Tudor     Posted 08/06/2010 at 12:55:51   Comments (54)

Cost of the New Kit

Just been on the official Everton website to order the new pink away kit for my 7-year-old daughter. Ordered the shirt with her name on it, her name consists of five letters. Put the number 7 on it for her age. Then the shorts and socks.

Total price £88:00.

With money being a tight can anyone suggest a cheaper way to obtain the kit.

And does anyone think the cost is taking the piss?
Robert Johnson     Posted 08/06/2010 at 11:56:32   Comments (36)

Fixtures 2010-11

Totally bored with the England players' glass limbs at the moment, so what about next season? The fixture list for the 2010-11 season is published at 9:00 am on the 17 June.

Who do ToffeeWebbers want in our first game? I am hoping for Blackpool away, and have had a bet with my lad, we get them in our first three fixtures. Also can't wait for the Goodison Derby.

With Hodgson in charge of the RS and all their decent players gone, it will be like playing Fulham at home, guaranteed 3 points !
Kevin Tully     Posted 08/06/2010 at 08:50:27   Comments (5)

Eleven Tiger Tims please...

Heres a longish cut and paste, sorry, from todays Gruniard by our Tim. (Contrast this with Messrs Heitinga and Pienaar...)

"It was the night of Graham Poll's three card trick against Croatia and Australia had squeezed through. Thunderstruck by AC/DC reverberated around the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium in Stuttgart and as Cahill cavorted around the running track he spotted a royal blue No 17 jersey in the crowd. His next move was no insincere badge-kissing display of affection.

He recalls: "I saw Everton jerseys at every Australia game in the last World Cup and when we qualified against Croatia there was one close to me, so I went into the crowd and swapped jerseys. It was a big moment in my life and something I'll never forget. It's priceless when I play for Australia and see an Everton shirt in the crowd, or when I play for Everton and there's an Aussie supporter there, and that was the most prized possession I have given away."
Mark  Murphy     Posted 07/06/2010 at 14:24:28   Comments (55)

Should we really sell the Yak?

Yakubu has been at the centre of plenty of media speculation recently linking him with moves away from Goodison, but should we sell him?

Lot's of fans I have spoken to said they would take £5/6 million for him, but personally I think this would be terrible business. He had a great goalscoring record up until his injury and Moyes has said it might take him about 6 months from the injury to regain his fitness — so surely next season he could regain his form and, if he does, he is surely worth the £12 million we paid for him plus more in the current market.

I still believe he is the best striker at the club; if we sold him, what goalscorer could we sign for the £5/6 million we would recoup? And apart from Saha, who has well documented fitness problems, we would not have any proven Premier League goalscorers in Anichebe, Beckford or Vaughan.
Anthony Millington     Posted 07/06/2010 at 10:18:11   Comments (25)

Neville to take a back seat?

I think Philip Neville has done pretty well for Everton in the past but think his time as a first team regular is behind him. He's good to have around as a squad player, as is cover for both full-backs and can hold in midfield and will do a decent job with 100% commitment. But we have better options in all these positions.

Hibbert is a better right-back, if only because he is a better defender as both Hibbert and Neville are suspect when going forward. I would also like to see Coleman given a chance but feel Moyes will take his time with him, as his defending needs improving.

Baines is a much better left-back!

Holding midfielder? I would put Neville behind Fellaini, Heitinga and Rodwell in this position. They all offer something more, with passing and composure key.

I was against the signing of Phil Neville at first, but will now agree he has been and still is a useful player and has been a leader to the players around him. I don't want to get rid of him, but hope Moyes sees the team as better with him on the bench.

So, if he is benched, should he be captain? But that's another argument with other candidates likely to be Jags, Arteta, Cahill and Heitinga. With Neville perhaps being the club captain?

Martin Clark     Posted 07/06/2010 at 00:23:03   Comments (20)

Contacting an Evertonian

I used to live next door to an Evertonian who lodged at 94 Summergangs Road in Hull back in 1970. His name was Mike, maybe Williams... but it was a long time ago. I'm sure he stills goes and maybe even looks at ToffeeWeb.

I remember talking to him over the fence and he'd tell me about the games in that golden period — as a 11-year-old who'd never been to Goodison, it was fantastic to hear about it. He also brought me a programme back from the FA Cup game v Colchester, they were giant killers having disposed of the great Leeds United side 3-2.

Of course, the cameras were there to see another upset but no chance that day as we won 5 - 0. I've still got the programme and still love the Royal Blues.

If you see this, Mike — I owe you a pint!

Ian Buffey     Posted 06/06/2010 at 21:28:39   Comments (3)

A Donovan plea?

Landon Donovan's current status on Facebook....

"P.S.-It was great to see Tim and Lucas. I miss my Everton teammates!"

He still considers our boys his teammates despite being a Galaxy player. Wonderful!

Go get him.
Neal Sutherland     Posted 06/06/2010 at 14:53:48   Comments (38)

Media Speculation

A lot of posts are commenting on media speculation concerning our players and in some cases our manager.

Next season, IMO and with our current squad, it will be Everton that will have the top four looking over their shoulders. We know it but so do the top four clubs, as well as City, Villa and the once almighty Liverpool.

Now the best way to fuck all that good work up is to buy their best players, and if possible pinch their manager, and the media are doing what their masters want by stating that Arteta, Pienaar, Rodwell, Heitinga, Jags, Rodwell, Yak, Fellaini & Baines are all wanted by bigger and better clubs (I have seen reference to all these players being linked with other clubs).

Basically guys we have a cracking team and we are going to have to live with the media speculation. Man Utd had it with Ronaldo and now Rooney, Arsenal now have it with Fabregas and Spurs have it with Bale and Modic. Do you people not think that it’s fucking brilliant that we have the same media speculation for so many of our players, that’s because we have the players that other teams want!

Journalists sell papers and will print a sentence in any manner that will sell their papers, maybe twisting a word or two here or there. In particular reference to Heitinga, the guy plays for Everton and is contracted to Everton but more importantly he gives 100 percent effort on the pitch, until that scenario ends, he will always have my full support.
Mike Gwyer     Posted 04/06/2010 at 11:24:38   Comments (22)

Moyes for Liverpool?

So, it is an Evertonian web site, for views about Everton.

Today on Talk Sport (Alan Brazil's programme) specualtion was about replacements fro Rafa Benitez at Liverpoool. Part of the discussion was with "Chicken" and there was a suggestion that Mr Moyes may well fit the bill.

Wondered what others think?
Ian Smitham     Posted 03/06/2010 at 20:15:28   Comments (45)

Johnny Heitinga

I don't know if this was mentioned on here the other day about Heitinga talking about 'big club' Manchester City, but he has gone one further today with the following quote:

"I have no next employer in my head, but I would still like to reach the top. The chance that I could go to Liverpool is certainly very small, but joining another English club seems nice and if Barcelona comes, I'd go on a bicycle with a large flag to get there. There is a return to Ajax also in the planning, but it should be no farewell tour. I would come back to win some more, otherwise it makes no sense."

Seriously, somebody needs to tell this dickhead to shut the fuck up.

I have (had) high hopes for Johnny, I like the way he plays and he looks a real find, potential hero status, future captain.

This type of shit really gets on my fucking nerves, it makes a mockery of the club if you ask me, having its best players trying to engineer moves to all and sundry.

I don't think I'll be cheering his name quite as loudly next season. Shame.
Franny Porter     Posted 03/06/2010 at 16:23:42   Comments (69)


After much specualtion about our new 'revolution' we have been served with our new Hot Pink away shirt:

I actually like it — no, I am not drugged or drunk. It will sell well with the women especially and is not that salmon colour as was thought to be previously.

My concern is Howard's GK shirt. It looks just like a jumper. I like the blue across the chest of the shirt but that means that it will be white on the home shirt and we will look like Birmingham

Your thoughts, everyone... who will buy it.

Me for one!
David Moore     Posted 03/06/2010 at 09:46:06   Comments (98)

Beckford in - Yakubu out?!

According to the Telegraph - no red top rubbish here - Beckford's arrival at Goodison could spell the end for Yakubu's Everton career.

I am generally quite happy to let Moyes get on with the recruitment, without worrying too much. He seems to get a fair bang for his buck in most deals. But, Christ, if we're considering swapping one of the most consistent top flight scorers for a 3rd tier Johnny BigBollocks, then I won't be putting anything on us cracking the top four this season.

That'd leave us with 2 crocks in Saha and Vaughan, a distinctly average Anichebe, and a player who has proven absolutely nothing that would make even a Sheffield Wednesday fan get excited about signing him.

I really think that with a full pre-season after the World Cup, the Yak will find his shooting boots again. I'd go as far as saying that I wouldn't be surprised to see him take 1st choice spot from King Louis if he hits form. And if he's still around.
Richard Parker     Posted 02/06/2010 at 11:03:54   Comments (34)


Well the time has come to addess our pre-season ritual (to the States and beyond). Now it appears to work well for Chelsea, The Scum, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City and even the Red Shite! They all get to go abroad (or stay at home) and play in tournaments with worthwhile teams (earning millions) while we get to play in the States against, erm, er, is it Salt Lake City?

Answers on a post card please as to why we're so poor at pre-season! Gotta be some benefit to hitting the season running!
Jimmy Saville     Posted 01/06/2010 at 20:08:08   Comments (29)

An Evertonian World Cup

There's plenty for every Evertonian to shout for during this World Cup. I'm hoping Tim Cahill's Australia, Tim Howard's USA, and Johnny Heitinga's Netherlands do extraordinarily well.

I am hoping Yak scores a couple of brilliant goals for Nigeria, raising his transfer value while covering up his inconsistency and fragility so we can unload him before August. I am hoping South Africa fails to impress, lowering Steve Pienaar's profile and appeal so we can fend off other clubs and keep him next season.

As for England — for me, they will always be just another London club. If Rooney embarrasses himself (again), I won't be unhappy. Best case scenario: Gerrard and Rooney both miss crucial penalties in shoot-outs.

I know that makes me a bad person. I don't care. Otherwise, good luck to all of our boys in South Africa.
Peter Fearon     Posted 01/06/2010 at 19:23:09   Comments (44)

Baines has a summer holiday

Although it keeps him out of the lime light, what a disgrace that Baines looks to be out of the World Cup squad.

Ok he had a shakey game last week, but why not give Warnock a game on Sunday to make sure he is up for it?

Looking at some of the other rumoured selections, has Capello only picked people who he hasn't played in these friendlies?
Craig Taylor     Posted 01/06/2010 at 13:47:41   Comments (132)

Everton scouting Marcus Pedersen

In the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, Everton are said to be one of four Premier League clubs to have watched Norwegian striker Marcus Pedersen last Friday, as he scored two goals against Hungary for the Under-21 national side.

Pedersen has scored 6 goals in 13 matches for top flight side Strømsgodset this season, and the 19-year-old is one of the most promising strikers in the country.

Being a Norwegian, and having watched Pedersen for the last couple seasons, I'm unsure as to whether I think Everton should go for him or not. He is 19, too old to go into the Academy, and at the same time I struggle to see him getting into our first team at once.

Also he is known to be a moody player, sometimes getting into unlucky situations on and off the field. That being said; Craig Bellamy has been one of the most successful players from Wales in the PL the last 10 years — so who knows?
Kjetil Moen     Posted 01/06/2010 at 12:50:00   Comments (8)

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