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The Mail Bag

April 2010 Archive
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Joao Silva Action

Here you'll see him go down in the box like a big girl's blouse, score a goal, do a trick before being tackled, and a failed assist. Note this massive passionate crowd. Full of Ultras.

Now in this match he scores the second goal. And I may be mistaken, but is this the ground of the famous 'keeper blunder where he goes to throw the ball out to a team mate but swings it round into his own net?

Nick Entwistle     Posted 30/04/2010 at 12:43:31   Comments (18)

And How it Continues...

My original article, So It Begins... was aimed at being a question mark concerning the PR / Marketing of Everton FC. After posting, it hit me that in fact what I should do then, if I was this concerned, was to write to EFC and make a few suggestions...

Here is my email to Ian Ross:

Subject: Everton Publicity
From: Rupert Sullivan
To: Ian Ross

Dear Ian,

My apologies for the nature of this e.mail; however, I am incredibly disappointed with the apparent failure of EFC to capitalise on the publicity possibilities of the World Cup this year, especially given the fact that Steven Pienaar is an EFC player and is one of the hosts' star players.

Do you think that Everton could possibly do something in the next couple of weeks to really push this angle, get lots of stories in the press, and benefit from Steven's image as an ambassador for both EFC and South Africa?

Perhaps Everton could ask Steven to wear his EFC shirt in a few interviews in South Africa, or EFC could organise a quick football traning camp in Jo-berg with Steven and give out some free EFC footballs, or some free EFC shirts with Pienaar on the back. Some further ideas I have would be:
  • Donate 1000 pounds to a charit in each country when an EFC player scores a goal in the World Cup - Pienaar in SA, Cahill in Australia etc
  • Erect a free World Cup Outside Telly in South Africa sponsored by Everton & Chang - assuming broadcast rights allow
  • Run an internet fantasy football site from for the World Cup
  • Produce a Steven Pienaar highlights program for South African (or world) Telly based on his Everton career
  • Give him a new contract and publicise it when he scores his first goal in the World Cup (or before)
  • Ask the South Africa Team to play a freindly at Goodison before the World Cup, you don't even need to have them say yes, you can just ask
  • Produce a half and half strip like for Barcelona but with South Africa and Everton
  • Ask a famous South African clothes designer to design a Third Kit for next year
Assuming that you find some merit in these contributions then please consider that Everton Football Club have the right to use any of these ideas for the benfit of Everton Football Club during the World Club.

I'm sure you have a great many ideas yourself, I just thought that it would be nice to see some positive coverage of Everton in the news.

Many Thanks

Rupert Sullivan
I didn't to be honest expect a positive response... I didn't really expect a response but within a minute Ian Ross responded to ask who I was and what capacity I was writing. After I explained I was merely an Everton fan with no interest other than trying to be supportive of Everton Football Club, he replied by saying that even simplest of ideas are very difficult to implement. Now, forgetting the appalling nature of the communications, the lack of introductions, the lack of formalities etc, the fact that the Everton FC email system doesn't have a corporate stamp at the bottom of emails, no Job Title, no legal statements – you know the usual, expected business addresses and blurb. This is the manner in which our club (as much as it can be so called) approaches its PR – no wonder we haven't got any positive publicity going!

Perhaps Ian is correct – Perhaps even the simplest of ideas is difficult to implement.

Note: The exact text of Ian Ross's emails have been removed from the site at his request, per Comments #33 and #40.
Rupert Sullivan     Posted 29/04/2010 at 17:45:48   Comments (72)

Pre-Season Friendlies

As the season draws to an end, many of us are looking forward to next season with hope and expectation for a better outcome. One of the best things I enjoy about football in the summer, other than the transfer rumours, is the pre-season friendlies. They give Blues a chance to look at the new signings and evaluate our chances for the new season.

The games usually mean a chance to see new grounds that you may not visit in Europe or England. If anybody remembers the game against Anderlecht in 2002, Everton took about 1,500 to Belgium and it was a great laugh for all involved. It was a chance to go to games in Europe for less than £100 and anybody could get a ticket without having to go on the expensive official packages that operate for Europa Cup games.

But recently, Everton haven’t had any decent pre-season games... preferring to go to ridiculous places like America and this year maybe Australia. While I accept Everton have quite a large support in those places, I think that it would be commercially viable if the club played better opposition.

Teams like Spurs and Aston Villa play against the likes of Inter Milan, Roma, Juventus, and Barcelona while Everton play... Malaga. I think this year, Everton should think about playing a decent European team as it would be nice if Everton fans could go somewhere good in Europe, such as Ajax, Hamburg or Werder Bremen — as it doesn’t look like we’ll qualify for Europe. It would also be nice if we could play someone reasonably decent at GP so we can get a good crowd and some much-needed revenue.
Chris Butler     Posted 29/04/2010 at 16:13:34   Comments (31)

Everton not in Europe

Having watched the Barca – Inter Milan game last night, it left me thinking that perhaps in some respects i would be quite happy for Everton not to qualify for Europe this next season.

The amount of play-acting, gamesmanship, professionalism — call it what you will — bloody cheating if you ask me. I mean that idiot that got sent off, it was ridiculous, he even had the audacity to check if people were watching.

The way the game seems to be going at the moment, you won't be able to touch anyone without getting booked. When did football become a non-contact sport? last night's game, i was really looking forward too... I know the rules have changed, and there are certain aspects of the game that are not acceptable anymore, but it was a really poor effort from too supposedly excellent top-quality football teams, who seemed to want nothing more than to roll about on the floor and gain advantage, either through free kicks or penalties.

I just think Everton don't need to be a part of that.
Mark Hill     Posted 29/04/2010 at 07:58:54   Comments (121)

New signing?

Not sure if this story is legit and/or been posted already, but it looks like we have wrapped up our deal for Joao Silva:

Nothing on the OS yet, but it looks like DM could be sorting out his transfer business early rather than late this summer...
Neil Humphrey     Posted 28/04/2010 at 17:59:41   Comments (50)

Can Big Vic save us a fortune ?

Victor Anichebe hasn't always endeared himself to Evertonians, he hasn't always behaved in a way you would want him to and, if reports in the press are to be believed, it seems he had started to believe his own publicity, the potential he'd shown when he first burst onto the scene just seemed to vanish.

Many accused him of acting like an over-privileged teenager... but was that so unforgiveable? After all that's what he was, by the time he was 18-19; he'd played for Everton in places some of us haven't even heard of.

Vic was 22 this week, in his thus far short career, he's been through a fair bit, he's was brought back down to earth with a career threatening, attitude adjusting injury, but it seems like he may be coming out of the other side, he was brilliant at B/ham and although he has since suffered a relatively minor setback, he has come on twice in as many weeks to help swing games that were going away from us.

So is he the Answer ?

As wingers go Vic's certainly unorthodox, nobody will mistake him for wee Jinky, he often looks disinterested, his touch isn't always assured, he spends far too much time whinging, or worse, on the floor — usually knocked there by someone half his size, frankly at times he looks like a big baby, but then...

I've always felt Big Vic has the attributes to be a top Premier League player, but God knows he's raw and underneath the bravado is a kid who seems to need confidence like the rest of us need oxygen. A confident Anichebe is powerful in the air, his first touch improves immeasurably, he strikes a terrific ball with either feet, he can cross too, but his main attribute is when he turns and runs at them, OK he doesnt always take the right option and he won't trick his way past defenders, but by fuck he causes panic, he terrifies them and judging by the crowd reaction when he goes on these runs Goodison is beginning to sense it.

So what do you say? Does Moyes persevere? Can Vic save us a fortune, can he develop into a kind of footballing Jonah lomu, scaring the shit out of opponents? Or is he just another youngster who we will eventually prove not good enough and have to cut adrift ?
Dave Wilson     Posted 27/04/2010 at 19:44:53   Comments (46)

Are we really contenders?

I have read a number of articles recently debating our chances of making a real impact on the top 4 next season, even winning the league has been mentioned.

It's hard to get perspective from the current season really, but perhaps a good start would be to look at the last 19 games played by the "Big 8". 19 games, as you will know, equates to exactly half a season. So the half distance, up to last weekends games provides the following top 8 table:

1. Chelsea - W13-D3-L3 - 42 pts
2. Man Utd - W13-D3-L3 - 42 pts
3. Everton - W11-D6-L2 - 39 pts
4. Arsenal - W11-D4-L4 - 37pts
5. Spurs - W11-D4-L4 - 37 pts
6. Man City - W11-D4-L4 - 37 pts
7. Liverpool - W10-D5-L4 - 35 pts
8. Aston Villa - W7-D8-L4 - 29 pts

Now what this tells me is 3 things:

1 - Everton can make a sustained push over a long sequence of games on the top of the league

2 - It is incredibly tight up there. Being in the mix is one thing, but winning such a tight contest, that's another thing all together.

3 - Liverpool are a shambles

Do I think we can challenge for the league next year? No, but I hope and prey I am wrong.

Do I think we can challenge for the top 4 places? OF COURSE. We are easily as good with a mostly fit squad to choose from.

What ever we believe, I'm sure we can all agree that there is massive hope and a fair bit of expectation on our blue boys for the 2010-11 season.

Gareth  Mercer     Posted 27/04/2010 at 11:14:25   Comments (27)

Ground move low priority?

Pressure of work and an addition to the family have kept me away from ToffeeWeb as well as several matches recently and I am only just picking up the threads. Readers will be pleased to learn that my enforced absence from the Everton scene has somewhat curbed my enthusiasm for 'all things Kenwright' as I have reflected more objectively on the challenges ahead.

My major diappointment has been the total lack of progress — or news of it — on the plans for a new or re-vamped home for the Club. Many positive noises were made following the demise of Destination Kirkby ("fresh opportunity"... etc etc.)but over five months have elapsed without any indication that alternative plans are afoot.

Again, I may have missed something but it seems that even KEIOC are more interested in building hotels and museums in Stanley Park along with our neighbours than they are in planning for a new home.

Have I got it all wrong (as usual, some will say)? Or has the stadium issue been kicked back into the long grass in which it resided for all those years following the failure of the Kings Dock project?

Answers, please!
Richard Dodd     Posted 27/04/2010 at 09:55:07   Comments (34)

Wealthy Evertonians

An article recently appeared in the Liverpool Echo regarding the Times rich list and highlighted the some of the most notable names connected with Liverpool including Sir Paul McCartney, Lord Grosvenor, Steve Morgan etc.

The name that really surprised me was Lord Grantchester who was quoted as having a fortune of £1.2 billion inherited from the Moores dynasty and his late Grandfather Sir John. Over the years, I have been intrigued by Lord Grantchester and his tenuous links with Everton FC... is he really a fan or does he take a mere passive interest in our fortunes?

On delving a little deeper he is involved with the Everton Collection as a trustee. Grantchester obviously has his reasons for keeping his distance from the running / ownership of Everton; however, given the Moores connection with Everton and his obvious wealth, it begs the question: Why hasn't he been more actively involved?
Peter Laing     Posted 27/04/2010 at 09:52:32   Comments (17)

Books about Everton

As we approach the season's end I was just wondering what people's favourite books about Everton are? Keep me going during the summer after Argentina win the World Cup!!!
Rob Murphy     Posted 26/04/2010 at 22:00:41   Comments (23)

Roll on 2010-11 — time to take a tilt at the title?

So that's the season over then, we've given it a bloody good go in the second half to recover from our injury-ridden start (which in itself is worthy of note) but ultimately come up just a little bit short in Europe (undone by the dastardly Portugeezers) and the Premier League (what no prize for 8th).

Yet, despite this relatively mediocre final outcome and the lack of any European adventures, next year I actually think 2010-11 will represent our best chance yet to scoop some silverware and to have a genuine go at the title.

Yes, it sounds like madness, but there is some method here for 3 reasons:

1. We have a first team capable of beating anyone (Sky 4 included) This year saw us finally record some sustained results against the big boys, with wins over both Chelsea and Man Utd (and we deserved a win at the Emirates), not to mention rolling over pretenders Man City twice, deserving better against Villa twice and being robbed by Liverpool.

With Jags, Arteta and the Yak back, Heitinga and Fellaini have overcome initial issues to look like real class acts, the likes of Baines, Pienaar, Saha, Cahill all creating/scoring and Howard and Neville being pretty solid, our first team looks good; and what's more....

2. We have a half-decent squad too For once, we've got Premier League quality cover and options in virtually all positions:

  • Goal: Nash, Turner or Ruddy
  • Defence: Hibbert, Yobo, Distin, Senderos, Coleman Midfield: Billy, Osman, Rodwell, Gosling (when fit)
  • Forward: Anichebe, Vaughan
Of these, in Rodwell and Coleman we appear to have two up-and-coming stars in the making, whilst the likes of Agard, Baxter, Mustafi and Co offer promise of others that could step up.

All of which means that...

3. We could have a proper, calm pre-season Granted we could still do with more pace and endeavour on the flanks (Donovan was a great addition), some less-injury prone cover up front and another left-back option... but generally we could go into a pre-season without needing to completely rebuild in the transfer market.

Also, without the qualifying rounds of the Europa League to worry about, we shouldn't get drawn into unnecessary games.

Also, compared to our nearest challengers, we have comparatively few players involved in the tiring, injury-producing clamour of the World Cup (okay - Baines, Pienaar, Howard, Cahill and Heitinga aside).

4. It should be another 'open' league Whilst many fret about the addition of extra challengers (and to be fair, they appear relatively accurate this season, considering we're going to finish 8th), I actually think this could work in our favour in terms of evening out the points and allowing more teams a crack at finishing high up.

Sure, we're not going to be improving our squad in the transfer window, but I can't see the existing teams strengthening that much either. Neither Man Utd or Liverpool will spending a fortune on players this summer due to their financial plights (especially with Liverpool losing out on CL), indeed the latter could even lose one of their 2 only real matchwinners. Abrahmovich has the cash but is less willing to splash it than he was; O'Neill's already evidently arguing with Lerner about the return for expenditure to date; and Wenger is unlikely to change his habit of a lifetime to splurge on big names.

Of course Spurs will spend serious money (seriously, where DOES it all come from?) but it's likely to mostly go on yet more promising midfielders, which just leaves Man City who WILL spend VERY big, most likely on the stars of the World Cup, and WILL improve their squad... although it's potentially only later in the season that they'll really gel.

Add all that together, take away the distraction of European football (for 1 season only hopefully), divide it by at least one inevitable disruption (Pienaar departure?) but multiply it by fans optimism leaves me with the conclusion that, with a little bit of luck, we actually really could be up there challenging for the title next season.

So COYB and roll on August!
Chris James     Posted 25/04/2010 at 17:08:10   Comments (72)

Last-Minute Penalty Salvation

With end-of-seasonitis taking a firm grip on Goodison Park, the Fulham game seemed to took an age to get going after Bily surprisingly shook the post with an early volley inside 3 mins.

But the main action of the first half was Fulham being gifted a goal off a dreadful backpass by Baines.

Bily it was who was yanked off at half-time, and his substitution by Anichebe paid dividends when he forced home a weak header 5 mins after the restart.

But Everton would labour at times through the second half, giving Fulham a couple of opportunities to wrap things up that they failed to take, and it looked like yet another dreary draw until the 3rd minute of added time, when Arteta was illegally kicked and calmly smacked home the spot kick. Phew!

But this is not the level of performance we need to be taking into the start of next season... is it? What are the excuses this time? No Heitinga, No Rodwell???
Michael Kenrick     Posted 25/04/2010 at 17:27:59   Comments (34)

Buy Buy Bill?

Came across this little snippet on the NSNO Facebook page.

Apparently (allegedly), Bill is preparing to sell up, the rumoured new owner is supposed to be one of the parties who where formerly interested in buying out LFC but see us as a better investment.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?
Franny Porter     Posted 24/04/2010 at 20:53:28   Comments (51)

Is there a new kit on the horizon?

We've had one every season since 2002 under the old Puma and Umbro deals. Anyone got a steer on whether this is the case with Le Coq too? It's coming up that time of year...
Richard Pike     Posted 24/04/2010 at 12:34:34   Comments (31)

Rodwell's Contract

Would Everton really increase the contract of a guy, who just having turned 19, has four years of earning £1 million a year?

He's not a 25 year old key player with a year left, he's a kid with four years of comitment, Everton have him essentially by the balls.

So why do as his agent wants and shell out another million and a half a year.? They should leave it till 2012 before pay increases and of course extentions. Until then the agent can go jump.

Then again, The Times citing The Yak and Cahill as top earners on £50,000 per week shows lazy journalism, when we all know Johnny H is the top earner.
Nick Entwistle     Posted 23/04/2010 at 17:31:10   Comments (21)

If Baines can do it...

As Baines has racked up nine assists this season was wondering how many assists have come from the right side of the team?

It shows how reliant we are on the left hand side combination and the best we've looked this season was with Donavan on the right. Meaning that teams had to consider both wings!

Bily the lad has managed to clock up a few assists this season. Considering how bad some have commented on him playing. He's been played in a variety of positions and just think that people have been a little harsh.

Be good to see what a refreshed Russian can do next season?
Martin Clark     Posted 23/04/2010 at 13:38:14   Comments (9)

The Importance of Arteta!

Following on from a recent article laying out our improved form since late December I thought I would look at the games since Arteta came back against Chelsea. I won’t list every result but it does make interesting reading, I think!

We have averaged 2.0 points a game — maintained for a full season, that would give us a points tally of 76 but even better if you only use the games Arteta has played in (he missed 3 games, Wolves, West Ham & Villa) it is an average of 2.4 points per game, or 90 points for the season.

I know this is pure speculation but at the end of the day that’s what we do as fans, look for things that might give us optimism for the future.
Ed Staunton     Posted 23/04/2010 at 09:41:07   Comments (15)

Moyes and Pienaar

Moyes is quick to state to Pienaar about Everton being the right club for him with many leaving and failing. I think he needs to show his own commitment by stating '"I will be the Everton boss for as long as the fans want me."

I feel his response to the links for the Manager's Job at Man U was a 'come and get me' comment.
Chris Kennedy     Posted 22/04/2010 at 22:58:37   Comments (24)

Moyes on BBC World Cup team

I see David Moyes is part of the BBC's World Cup team on 5Live radio. I quite like the idea as we know that he'll be out there and able to scout players (which I'm sure he would have done anyway but at least it's on BBC expenses), and I think that a wider audience will hear him and could increase respect for him from neutrals and supporters of other teams.

What do you think? Should he perhaps be busy with Everton affairs instead?
Jip Foster     Posted 22/04/2010 at 21:24:09   Comments (35)

Are we going to support Liverpool?

Portsmouth have just been told that they cannot play in Europa League next year! This would mean that seventh place would get their spot next season. That's Liverpool at the moment but if they win the Europa league then surely common sense would say 8th place gets Pompey's space!

So, although I will never support them, in the interest of Everton, I hope we get Europe next year through luck rather thank skill! After all, we could do with some good fortune once in a while.
Andy Fair     Posted 22/04/2010 at 12:51:34   Comments (68)

The Rivals Game

After hearing the worrying rumour for all blues that Pienaar will be leaving this summer, it got me thinking... why would he move?

I’m sick of Everton being labelled a small club compared to clubs like Aston Villa and Spurs. I’m sick of continually each season Everton’s chances of breaking into the top 4 being mocked by pundits. I think if you look at the facts realistically Everton are far better than our nearest rivals.

Only a week ago, Everton were minutes away from beating Aston Villa who are meant to be top 4 contenders. Manchester City, another pundit’s favourite, were well beaten in their own back yard by a superb Everton team. Yet, after all this, why do pundits never mark Everton down as top four challengers? If you look at it, Everton could easily be 4th or 5th if luck had gone our way.

What annoys me is the fact that the media continue to make out that teams like Aston Villa and Manchester City are far more superior to us despite the fact Everton are the only team that have broken into the top 4 recently.

What has annoyed me also is the recent speculation about Pienaar's future: I wouldn’t have a problem if he wanted to move to Chelsea or Manchester United but to move to clubs that really aren’t that much better than us it begs the question: Is money the only thing that matters to modern footballers?

Personally I wouldn’t shed any tears if he left but selling our players to our rivals would be a big mistake.
Chris Butler     Posted 22/04/2010 at 12:35:29   Comments (15)

Learning From Others

As Everton fans we do not readily give praise to other teams/managers or players, but I feel that there are times that, as a club, we can learn from others.

This article is specifically about Seamus Coleman and the fact that many EFC fans want to see him be part of the first team next season. I believe, although I haven’t actually heard him say so, that DM thinks Coleman is a bit too naive as a defender to play at right back in the EPL. We all know, the boss included, that he is a real menace going forward however. So, how can we learn from others?

The most obvious comparison is Gareth Bale at Spurs. Last season he lost his place, and his confidence, through a series of costly defensive errors. Harry Redknapp clearly didn’t think that he was good enough to play at left back, even though he is a real menace going forward. Sound familiar?

Redknapp’s response has been to recognise his attacking potential and reposition him in left midfield with licence to bomb forward at every opportunity with the bonus that he can cover the left back when needed.

Whether you love or hate the way Spurs play (or couldn’t give a damn), it would be hard to deny that Bale is a really exciting player to watch. From what I have seen of Coleman, he could be our Bale. I do not seriously believe that DM will play him at right back ahead of Neville/Hibbert but why not in right midfield?

Most of us would say that almost all of our threat comes from the left through Peanut and Baines with little or nothing down the right. Coleman could give us a better balance and make us a real attacking threat.

Even if we don’t like to heap praise on others, credit should be given where it is due. I say well done Mr Redknapp for what you have done with Bale this season. I hope that we can learn from this and at least consider doing the same with Coleman.
Mick Stanley     Posted 21/04/2010 at 16:30:49   Comments (46)

Fergie's Blessing!


I just read the paper round on Yahoo and I can't help finding it worrying (even if it is from The Sun) the reports that Fergie would like Moyles to replace him after he retires next year!

Though I know that I'd prefer to stay at Everton I am not so sure that Moyles would be able to turn down the chance to manage Man Utd.

Even if Everton had a great season and qualified for Champions League next year! I still think he'd be off.

Should Everton at least try to have a contingency plan and have our second in command trained up to take over from the possible departure of Moyle the Messiah! Though he couldn't be the messiah if he only does half a job!

Don't really know much about Steve Round but Moyles really wanted him when it came to replacing Alan Irvine.

It just seems that Everton are able to perform where they are through the consistency and stability we currently have with Moyles. We were all over the place before Moyles came and declared Everton the Peoples club, with a lot of managers coming and going and I for one am happy with the level were at and at least being able to be optimistic about the chances of Europe or silverware next season rather than being happy to just stay up!

What are your thoughts?
Martin Clark     Posted 21/04/2010 at 12:23:11   Comments (41)

Off to Oz?

I know we seem to have this every year but we do seem to have a lot of support in Oz at the moment. But it would seem a bit strange though, not going to the US after the Donovan effect! I'm in China and quite a few Americans I bump into all know who Everton are now.

Anyway, what would people prefer US or Oz?

Anyone else heard anything?
Steven Barton     Posted 21/04/2010 at 03:18:46   Comments (44)


I know we've all moaned and groaned about the negatives of this season. With all the so called big boys dropping points here, there and everywhere, we could have finished a lot better than where we are. I would just like to comment on the positives — if there are any.

My number one is the fantastic addition of Heitinga. Whatever his cost its been a snip. Started slow — as expected — but has been a delight since.

Secondly, the Big Fellai has justified his big fee and a bad injury has ruined a potentionaly great season.

My final positive is that all the whipping boys, Hibbert, Osman, Neville and Cahill have accounted for themselves and over the piece have been a positive more than a negative.
John Keating     Posted 20/04/2010 at 21:39:01   Comments (15)

Moses Barnett & fellow youngsters

I would like to know why many youngsters are released from Everton (for free) and little or no fee is ever recouped for all the hard work?

Furthermore I don't know why former England youth player Moses Barnett is about to leave our club for little or no money whilst Man U, Liverpool etc seem to sell youth players for quite handsome fees.

I used to attend youth games in the past. I was fortunate enough to see a young Rooney ply his trade. I have no idea what standard this current crop of players is like but I find it hard to believe that a former England youth player can't generate some sort of fee.

Does anyone go to these games? Are our youth players really that bad that we can't charge a single penny?

I guarantee in the Summer Man U etc will sell a couple of youngsters for handsome fees. Whilst former youth players of ours (Michael Johnson (City), Daniel Fox (Burnley & Scotland) to name but two) will generate further handsome fees for heir current clubs.

Any thoughts fellow Blues?
Henry Jones     Posted 19/04/2010 at 19:11:06   Comments (45)

Food for thought!

From the BBC Website - oh, my, let's get light-hearted!

"Middlesbrough manager Gordon Strachan forced his team to leave behind £250 worth of pizza as they boarded the team bus to travel back from their 2-0 defeat by West Brom. The former Celtic boss was so annoyed by his team throwing away their faint play-off hopes that they had to go without their post-match food."

If you were David Moyes after some of our miserable performances at Hull, etc, what would you have done?

Personally, I would take the following actions:

1. Allow Yak to have only 1 post-match slice of pizza — and ban him from the 10 pre-match ones altogether!

< 2. Allow Osman to eat Yak's 10 pre-match slices to "beef" him up a bit;

3. Confiscate Bily's sleeping tablets and replace them with adrenaline tablets;

3. Order Tim Howard to eat less hot-cross buns thereby making him come out more positively for the real hot-crosses instead!

4. Provide Hibbo with medication that gives him a stronger dose of the attacks

5. Provide Nev with medication that makes him pass something more accurately than his wind!

Bon appetit...

What would you allow your boys to eat pre and post match?
Gerry Quinn     Posted 19/04/2010 at 18:54:53   Comments (10)

Building the "Dixie Dean" Stand

We have not heard anything from the club about their future plans for Goodison for a while now. It seems the Board has ran out of ideas and money, and they need to bring someone on board with some fresh thinking from outside the club. Or shall we sit round the phone waiting for that elusive Arab, Indian or Russian billionaire?

How about this for starters?

Take down the Gwladys Street towards the end of next season, re-name it the " Dixie Dean Stand " and it will cost you £50.00 to have your name inscribed on a wall.

We have got to start somewhere, you don't have to bulldoze the whole site, and you can pre-fab most of the structure with modern fabrication techniques. One stand a season, with the Bullens Road next... why not?
Kevin Tully     Posted 19/04/2010 at 13:33:05   Comments (18)

Bullshit Summer, Round 2

Yes it is just around the corner, most likely to happen in June / July:

Moyes: "I have targets lined up and no-one is leaving this club."

Kenwright: "Wow, that's what I said to David when I saw the things this kid could do!"

"It will be like having new signings, whe the Yak and Ossie get fully fit."

"It will take a massive £50 million before Jack leaves here."

"Watch this space..."

"He cried down the phone begging me to let him go."

"David's got a great replacement lined up."

"He is definitely coming in, on loan initially and if we like the look of him, well who knows?"

Likely to come out around August 25th":

Moyes: "I would like to bring in 1 or 2 maybe loan signings, we have no money."

"Hopefully we can avoid relegation this year."

Kenwright: "We have money — I just can't spend it."

"It's getting tight out there!"
Chris Perry     Posted 19/04/2010 at 12:49:51   Comments (59)

Scoring 3 Goals in a Game is The Only Way We Can Win

That’s the truth that no one can deny. Since our defence is in a shamble, the only way we can win a game is by scoring a lot of goals. For my money, a minimum of 3 goals is need to win a game.

The Blackburn (A) game is testimony to this. When we scored our first and second goal, I was not even elevated. I knew we were going to screw up big time and give away goals to Blackburn for some reason or another.

My instincts was proven right. Each time we got a lead, we screwed it up. However, on the 90th minute, Yakubu, playing one of his best football, escaped his marker and crossed close to the goal-line with his left foot. And Cahill was there to finish it with his foot.

I knew when we scored the third goal that Blackburn will not come back into the game. It’s as if our defensive instinct is restored to our greatest heights whenever we score 3 goals in a game.

I think in order for us to secure 9 points our of the remaining 3 games, we have to score at least 9 goals, no exception. It’s too short of a time to sort out the major screw up in our defense. Playing Yakubu for 20 minutes or so seems to help our offense. So, we should maintain that.

As for our defence, I forsee they will remain the same failure for the next 3 matches. In short, they’re hopeless. Period.

Expect them to concede 2 goals per game minimum until the end of the season. I still say we should maintain 4-6-0 for 65 minutes of the game and go 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 in the last 25 minutes.

And, we need to get rid of Bily. He’s a dud. The way he’s playing, we’d be better off putting John Paul Kissock there. At least we know John Paul Kissock would not screw up worse than Bily. Plus, John is free. If we wanted someone to play the way Billy played, might as well use our Youth or Reserve players. They cost nothing. Rahman Talib
Rahman Talib     Posted 19/04/2010 at 05:41:46   Comments (36)

Swing of Power

Great news. Torres is out for Liverpool’s remaining fixtures. But why do I bring this up? Some say ‘who cares what the other lot do’. Not me, I hate them… I really do. Support for Everton and hatred of the Reds are one and the same for me, no excuses.

You’ve got to admire Torres though don’t you? Bastard.

With Torres out we have a great chance to over-haul them in the league and say that we are rightly better than them. Sure we lost the derby games but if we top the Reds we would had to have found 7 full points where they didn’t. Stunning considering their resources and how we started the season.

But let’s say we don’t, what would make up for it? I’ll tell you. Rafa essentially relegating Liverpool from their Champions League cash cow, and watching their disintegration over the summer. Beautiful.

But has their pact with the Devil come to an end? Who would want to buy them now they’re out Europe’s riches? And without the lure of the CL to bring in the big players this summer it would take a rebuilding effort of some ability to get back in contention, with or without Torres and Gerrard at Anfield. Over to you Rafa…

We are in interesting times. Yes we can expect a full on assault of the Champions League qualification next season, but amazingly witness a swing in power on Merseyside. Could it be?

Of course the Devil could have a chuckle at the last, make them win the Europa final and cause a rule change and it’s the Champions League for them again.

Me, I’d want Fulham three down at half time and come back to win on penalties… am I bitter?
Nick Entwistle     Posted 18/04/2010 at 22:55:25   Comments (32)

Fulham (H): Sat or Sun?

Does anybody know, if Fulham are unable to play Hamburg on Thursday (decision to be announced by Uefa on Monday), will our game will revert back to the Saturday with a 3 pm kick off?
Mark  Jones     Posted 18/04/2010 at 20:58:22   Comments (8)

Pienaar to Spurs?

I've seen an increasing amount of FM type / tabloid shite gossip recently about Pienaar going to Spurs this summer. With him still to sign a contract and the World Cup starting soon, I guess this type of stuff may continue into the summer.

Whilst for me I'd prefer to keep him rather than receive a reasonable transfer fee, as I think he'd be hard to replace for the amount of money we'd get with him having only 12 months left on his contract. I also think it would be bad move for him and for us to sell one of our better players to a direct rival would seem mad.

The rumour did get me thinking about some of Spurs fringe players though and I started to wonder about the merits of swapping Pienaar for both Keane and Bentley. This could help solve two problem areas and we also have Bily to play on the left (if he comes good).

If the worst happens and he does leave then what would people find acceptable?
Kev Lacey     Posted 18/04/2010 at 14:17:05   Comments (37)

Match of the Day

After reading the BBC match report describing some of our play yesterday as mirroring Barcelona (

"Rovers went into the match having kept three clean sheets in their last three games but they were stunned by Everton's blistering opening which saw them keep possession in a manner akin to Barcelona."

I was looking forward to watching Match of the Day.


  • Did MotD show anything of our passing game?
  • Did they comment about us only losing 2 games in the last 21?
  • Did they comment that our form is only bettered by Chelsea and Man Utd during this time?
  • Did they compare Tottenhams win against Arsenal and Chelsea to ours against Man Utd and Chelsea in the same week?
  • Did they even talk about the match once it had finished?....nope
It was straight onto Stoke v Bolton — which, for the record, they spent a few minutes talking about afterwards. They even spent more time talking about Burnley v Sunderland! I'm literally completely dismayed with MOTD. Do they ever give us the credit we deserve!?!

Fingers crossed Goals on Sunday show a bit more of our passing game and also talk a bit about how good of a run we are on. All this still without ever having our first choice 11 on the pitch for 1 game this season!
Paul Moreton     Posted 18/04/2010 at 10:04:03   Comments (25)

Dazed and Confused

Right, now I played football yesterday; it was hot, a tough game, and I took a heavy blow to the face at one point, so I could do with your help.

I've just watched Sky's Football First highlights of the Blackburn match and the following four questions occur. I think I know the answers, but I'd like some independent confirmation:

1. Did Tim Cahill score a goal with his foot?

2. Did Tony Hibbert put in an inch-perfect, Beckham-esque whipped cross?

3. Did Phil Neville play in midfield, looking assured, solid and using the ball well?

4. Did David Moyes make a brilliant, bold attacking substitution that changed the outcome of the game?

Like I say, I did get hit pretty hard in the face, so apologies if I sound like I've gone mental.
Mike Allison     Posted 18/04/2010 at 09:20:33   Comments (12)

New Goalie

It's not always a good time to criticise a player when you're basking in the glory of an exciting win but Tim Howard's performances are becoming increasingly poor.

My main concern is he never saves long shots. Having watched yesterday's goals, I was reminded of the cup final, Howard never seems to get much sideways movement on his dives. I actually think he should have had both of Blackburn's goals yesterday and he should have saved Lampard's shot. I also think a decent keeper would have saved Jagielka's own goal in the game against Villa.

I watched the game on Wednesday and yesterday's game on an internet link and the commentators during both games were saying how Howard was struggling with crosses. He was totally to blame for Liverpool's goal and he never seems to get near those balls that are whipped across the 6-yard area.

I think Howard has a lot to do with our poor defence this year. I know Howard has saved a couple of penalties this season (Spurs and West Ham) but his overall contribution this season has been poor even by his own standards. Last season, I would have said he saved us more points than he cost us... but it's the opposite this season.

What does anyone know about this Slovenian keeper we're supposed to be bringing in and is the plan for him to be back-up or replacement for Howard?
Alan Clarke     Posted 18/04/2010 at 06:48:19   Comments (27)

Timmy Cahill

I hope Tim has shut up the people who want to sell him. 10 goals this year now is it.

£1.5 million for him was a steal, his workrate is always spot on, his commitment the same, his goals are priceless and yet some people want to get rid.

Ryan Holroyd     Posted 17/04/2010 at 17:20:06   Comments (54)

Coleman... The New Johnson?

The debate is well and truely raging. Should Moyes have let the young lad Coleman go on loan? Is he worth a place in the team over Neville? Our marvel Captian Pip! Where does Hibbert fit into all of this?

My line of thought is he could be a great right-sided winger... a la Glen Johnson. It's almost likely that we won't be able to afford Donovan. So let's stick Coleman on the right side of midfield.

Isn't he already getting goals and assist already at Blackpool?

Defender or midfielder.......... your choice!
Jimmy Saville     Posted 16/04/2010 at 21:44:18   Comments (24)

Two main points to consider!

I just want to bring to your attention two ideas that have been running around my mind for a few weeks now that I feel we should address seriously as they are both important in raising our club's standing worldwide and also hopefully improving our financial situation:

1. We currently have in our squad at least three main world players in their particular countries, namely Tim Cahill (Australia); Steven Pienaar (South Africa); Howard USA; and, until recently, Landon Donovan (USA)... plus a number of marketable players in Fellaini and Bilyaletdinov. How come we are not, as a club, reaping the benefits of commercial marketing in these countries? Believe me, my family hail from down under and when Harry Kewell was in his prime you saw as many pics of him in his LFC top as his Aussie top.... surely we are not as switched on in this field of global marketing as we should be.

2. Why do we not make a concerted effort for the next three seasons to secure players on free transfers who are still in their prime rather than have to sell one of our better players and bring in untried replacements for big money? There are definitely players coming out of contract that would improve our squad... Joe Ledly to name just one. surely this is a prudent way to keep our finances in check?
Steve Cotton     Posted 16/04/2010 at 17:18:01   Comments (19)

Secrets and Lies?

Liverpool have just brought in Martin Broughton as Chairman and hired Barclays to secure the sale of the football club. These actions are all 100% solid indication of an owner looking to sell the club on to secure investment and look to the future.

Why then, as Evertonians, are we happy to take the word of Bill Kenwright — a man who has proven over and over again that he has neither the capital to take the club forward or the will to look for a sale personally — to sell the club and seek the investment we desperately need?

Surely if Kenwright undertook the action Liverpool have done today, then a sale would be one step closer. Yes, I know Everton are a "stable" club, but "stable" applies to both our finances and our league position. The way things stand, with the Sky Four dominance and the inevitable emergence of Manchester City, Tottenham and Aston Villa, if we maintain our current course then 8th place every year would be a top achievement.

So why aren't we taking positive action aimed at taking the club forward? Is it just a case that "Bullshit" Billy knows he's allowed to keep his toy whilst we're doing well because the fans are powerless to stop him doing whatever he wants? Whilst I understand we cannot do exactly what has been done over the park, surely there has to be some method available to Kenwright other than trying "24/7 to secure investment"...
Lee Kidd     Posted 16/04/2010 at 12:22:59   Comments (39)

Rooney Sell-on Clause

I was just wondering, after reading reports that Real Madrid may make a €90M bid for Wayne Rooney, did Everton insert a sell-on clause in his transfer deal, and if so for how much?

I think I remember reading at the time that there was one, so if anybody knows for sure it would be great if you can fill me in. Imagine, lets say 25% of 9€90M thats €22.5M! Wow, let's see Bill try to hide that!!!
Stuart O'Malley     Posted 16/04/2010 at 10:19:12   Comments (17)

What Has Happened To Our Defence?

I think something stinks in our defense deparment. We’re doing well in our scoring department 'cause we got 2 goals past Villa in their backyard. What more can anyone ask? Other teams come to Villa Park and they’d be lucky just to escape with a 0-0 draw.

In truth, our problem in the last 10-15 games is our defence. In the season when we finished 4th, we scraped through on a series of 1-0 scorelines. And we were happy as larks with that kind of scoreline.

We defended anything brought down to us and more. We were SOLID in the back and everyone in the league knew that for a fact. Then, we wanted to play more passing football, we wanted to keep the ball on the deck, we wanted to pass the ball around more and all that jazz.

Look where it has brought us this time? We improved on attacking and got suckier in the defense! This is DEFINITELY not PROGRESS. The Villa result to me is a CLEAR SIGN that our DEFENCE is easily COMPROMISED. IMHO, I think we still have not found the right replacement for Carlsley. We are missing Lee Carsley big time.

Which brings me to my earlier post, where I advocated the use of 4-6-0 formation. Last night, had we gone with 4-6-0, we would’ve scored 2 goals while breaking up their plays so many times that they’d be lucky to get just one shot at goal.

The extra man in the midfield is just what our defence needed to keep the opponents at bay while our sole attacking midfielder upfront, Tim Cahill, can come in from the deep and score goals.

If we had gone 4-6-0 last night, the scoreline would’ve been 2-0 easy (maybe more). But some readers on TW think that it’s a bad idea and that we won't be scoring many goals if we play without a striker. Fat lot of good our strikers did last night, didn’t they?

For God sake, we just don’t have the strikers yet for 4-5-1. We ended up scoring two goals while playing with ten men. We’re damn lucky to have only conceded 2 goals. Other teams concede more than that when they’re down to 10 men.

That should answer the mystery as to why we cannot keep a clean sheet in the last couple of games. David Moyes got it right from the start. A good team will strengthen their defense first and keep improving their defense while working on their offense.

Here’s looking at you, kids.
Rahman Talib     Posted 16/04/2010 at 10:22:11   Comments (22)

New position for Bily?

Yes, yet another article about Bilyaletdinov, but this is slightly different to the others, where I'm thinking about the future.

I see him succeeding Tim Cahill basically... simple as, really. I think he's too slow to be a winger, especially in the Premier League, and he has attributes that would help him fulfill the role. He has a knack for goals, has excellent technique and is even decent in the air. Obviously he has not got the movement, positional sense, aggression of Tim Cahill etc, but Bily adds something different, and this is why I believe he will be a master stroke by Moyes in about 2 years.

I don't think he has the mental and physical attributes yet, but that will come in time as he gets more experience. I mean he was captain for Lokomotiv before he came here — surely that shows he is strong mentally, though he hasn't shown it yet.

I see him more of Frank Lampard type attacking midfielder. Timmy is one of a kind, and proved yesterday, still has an important role in the club.
Ben Jones     Posted 15/04/2010 at 17:39:27   Comments (14)

Same Old Blues Feeling

Oh well.. There we go again.. Another game which we had within our grasp just tossed out the window thanks to our inability to see a game out. How many more times? The reasons being?

Our goalkeeper... Yes, he makes some great saves but he also makes too many game-changing errors. The second goal was weak on his part, also the Anfield derby this season and last season in the cup. Lampard's winning goal in the FA Cup Final was weak on Howard's part too. Mistakes that Nigel Martyn wouldn't have made. We need a better keeper.

Then we have defence. Our full-backs never stop crosses. Baines has improved greatly but is no Gareth Bale as he doesn't have the strong running body strength. Neville is past it. The centre-half position worries me. Distin is like Yobo... Jagielka I fear will not be the same now that the double act with Lescott has gone.

No matter what we think of Lescott, we can't deny that was a good partnership with pace and power — something which I don't even see Jags and Heitinga giving us as neither is the quickest.

Then further up we have the lack of genuine pace up front/down the flanks that this summer must surely seen rectified. I can't subscribe to that theory of not wanting to get into Europe next season only to try and finish there next May. I mean, what's that about?

It would be nice to think Moyes will get a sugar daddy's cash rather than working on a shoe string yet again... but it won't happen. So I'm afraid it will be another season of nearly but not quite —which I'm getting used to.
Jimmy Hughton     Posted 15/04/2010 at 08:02:12   Comments (21)

Three Draws and 8th place it is

It's time to accept 8th place. Injuries, Lescott, and at times a lack of a cutting edge have led us here. And honestly, now that we are here I feel like I'm fine with it. What has the Europa League really done for us? Tired our players... given us European experience? It just seems like it's proved to be another competition we don't have the stones to advance in.

Obviously people are looking back and saying... we'd be in 6th now if we'd have won these past three games. And we would, but that's over now. This season is over. We are very close to being a great squad. But we are missing a couple pieces.

This summer, as always, will be crucial. If Moyes messes it up, 3 seasons in a row, it's time for a change. Either from Bill, or from Moyes, or both. They need to have a good pre-season, keep their players healthy, and for God's sake start the season right.

Until then I'm going to try to not think about Everton as much as I do every day. I'm going to enjoy the World Cup and tune out all the drama if I can. I'll fail... but dammit I am going to try.
Joey Brown     Posted 14/04/2010 at 22:54:30   Comments (32)

Sad result at Villa

Just got back from the pub, gutted, we only drew away at Villa and from my view we were simply better than them.

Respect to our glorious fans who went and showed we are a proud and big club (see THFC fans at Wembley at the end? Wow — how not to behave)

Our players tactics and play were a credit to the club tonight and aside from the start of the season we have been as good as I have seen.

Proud that we are a real force; next season cannot have such a bad start and we will really be challenging

God I love my Everton.
Ian Smitham     Posted 14/04/2010 at 22:14:53   Comments (28)

Investment a Must

Money flows to money, I think that’s an old adage or have I just made it up? What I’m obviously writing about is the current news that Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool are all being set up for imminent take-overs. These take-overs will undoubtedly release fresh funds for player investments and the rich get richer…

Does this concern me? Well, yes it does as I suspect that you can now also add Spurs, and Man City to the above three and of course Chelsea, meaning that the likes of us, and Villa will continue to struggle to get quality replacements and have the squad size to be able to cope with the demands of the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and whatever European scraps come our way.

I know a number of you will say, "Who wants rich benefactors – look at what happened to Pompey, expectations at City, the current malaise at Liverpool etc etc." But look at the likely tables and FA Cup – City should get 4th (and prove Lescott was right), Liverpool will still comfortably outpoint us, and Pompey have just got into their second FA Cup final in 3 years.

Whilst the rest of clubs, prominent sport celebrities etc admire Moyes and Everton for “playing above their weight”, it just doesn’t get results – and by that I mean CL entrance or having a trophy for your cabinet.

Moyes will continue to wheel and deal and produce good quality teams who can produce good quality football but I suspect we will continue to see us just fall short of the major prizes. Both he and the team will never get the experiences they need to win the biggies (Hodgson is doing it at Fulham in the Europa Cup because he’s been there before with the likes of Inter Milan) and we will never have the quality cover if you loose the likes of Arteta, Pinnear, Fellaini, Jagielka with injuries etc.

We need investment and we need it quickly as the longer we don’t, the more we will fall behind the pack.
Mike Oates     Posted 13/04/2010 at 12:33:16   Comments (69)

EFC Dissertation issues

Hi, Evertonians,

My name is James Folksman. I am wondering if you would be able to answer/comment on a few questions for me. I am a final year student at Liverpool Hope University and I am writing my dissertation on Everton FC. My title is:

Is change for the better? A critical examination concerning the proposed ground move of Everton Football Club.

Within the dissertation, I aim to tackle the following:

1. Examining the circumstances behind the proposed move. To include the historical, cultural and economic reasoning behind the ground move.

2. To investigate the pressure elite-level football clubs are under in order to maintain high levels of attendance, and sustainable economic growth.

3. Examine the initially rejected proposed ground move of EFC to Stanley Park and the Kings Dock and the impact this may have had on the relationship between the supporters of Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs.

4. The long-term implications of a move outside of the city boundaries by one of two major football sides in the city?

5. The question of tradition versus modernity.

6. The option of a ground share with LFC.

Any of your views or comments on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
James Folksman     Posted 12/04/2010 at 23:07:30   Comments (26)

Moyes on Sunday

I was wondering if anybody else caught David Moyes on goals on Sunday? As there wasn't that much action on Saturday, an awful lot of the program was dedicated to questions about Everton and he was remarkably frank.

Probably of most interest was the peice about Donovan: DM was asked outright if he fancied him full time and what were the chances... He said he would love to have him but he believed the Americans want more for him than he can afford. Moyes heaped huge praise on the attitude of Brian McBride and Tim Howard too, stating the Americans have been terrific for him. He spoke about MLS now wanting top dollar for their players... he was certain Landon was their brightest star and that would be reflected in his price. Alas for many, he didn't believe Landon was a realistic target.

DM also spoke about local players saying they dont always get appreciated as much as they should be. goals from Ossie were being shown as he spoke

He was asked about the Lescot saga and was STILL scaything towards Mark hughes and City, he said he would have been far happier if Hughes phoned him . . he even went as far as to say if that happened, he would have asked Hughes for a bit of time to get a replacement. then the deal would have been done.

He spoke about Fellaini, Pienaar, and other foreign players taking time to settle in; amazingly, he admitted Bily has been a bit of a passenger this season but he expect a lot more next season. I thought I was hearing things when he said several overseas players openly asked him what they had let themselves in for by coming to the Prem, Apparently Johnny H was in shock for weeks and in his first few games he was cramping up . . IN THE FIRST HALF!

I can't remember all of the interview — maybe someone else who saw the program will chip in — he did speak about how daunting the Celtic job is.

Oh and this one will upset all the Blue Bill fans: it wasn't Kenwright who selected Moyes — it was his partner Jenny! Apparently Kenwright was doing his interviews at his house and Jenny suddenly piped up during Moyesie's interview "You can't let this fella get away, Bill!"

Moyes claimed it was his "Glasgow patter" that charmed her... whatever it was — he was offered the job!
Dave Wilson     Posted 12/04/2010 at 19:06:17   Comments (14)

Big Club Bias

Whilst watching the Portsmouth/Spurs FA Cup Semi-FInal, I caught a reference to the Chelsea/Villa semi-final which I previously hadn't seen. Why the hell wasn't Terry sent off for that tackle on Milner? And surely Villa should have had a penalty??!! Milner was lucky to walk away from that challenge unscathed.

I don't deny that Chelsea are probably the best team in the Premier League, but surely officials should be prepared to show a bit more courage when having to make those big decisions? They "bottle" it too many times when big names are involved for it not to be a coincidence, but it's part of what they are paid for.

Our stone bonking penalty that wasn't awarded when we played Liverpool the other season (Carragher's foul) is a case in point. And what if we were a team on the brink of relegation needing 3 points??

Howard Webb hasn't had a great season, and he is often held up as a top referee. Im not going to raise the issue of replays being accepted, because in the incidents I have seen, there simply was no need for a replay, a penalty and booking should have been given, no ifs or buts.

Perhaps if other managers, ours included, spoke as unequivocally as O'Neill did, the powers that be just might instruct officials to come down just as hard on the Terrys and Gerrards of this world as the other "lesser" lights.

Let's wish Villa luck after we have beaten them on Wednesday when Saha wins us a certain penalty??!!
John Brennan     Posted 11/04/2010 at 19:46:25   Comments (49)

Fair Play League

I heard on the radio that Birmingham still have something to play for this season because eighth place will likely get them European football next season via the fair play league.

Seeing as we look good for eighth, especially as Birmingham are getting well beat at City, where does this leave us?

In the Fair Play League we're currently 11th and Birmingham are 17th, respectively.

I'm confused as to how this works and relates to European places as it always seems to be changing. Can anyone shed any light?,,12306,00.html
Richard Murray     Posted 11/04/2010 at 17:38:38   Comments (34)

Right Back vs Right Wing-Back

A lot of people have been rallying thier support for Coleman recently... This has got me wondering about the bigger picture.

Right now, Everton play with Pienaar as a left winger and Baines as a left wing-back. And normally in a 4-5-1 that utilises a defensive midfielder (Heitinga/Fellani) for cover. But on the right we have a right back and right midfielder. Our lack of width on the right side effectively makes us a one-sided team.

Neville and Hibbert are both right backs, and have come in for lot of stick for not being right wing-backs. Therefore it becomes clear that the right side of the field is where most people believe we need to start improving.

A lot of people have also been talking about winning silverware. I believe that won't happen until we bring more balance into the squad.

Which brings me back to Coleman. He is quite clearly a right wing-back. Were we to get a right winger, would he be good enough to do the job at a consistently high standard? And do we need a right wing back rather than a right back, working with a right-winger?
Dave Smith     Posted 11/04/2010 at 15:18:34   Comments (12)

We don't need additions?

I can see where they're coming from, having such a good second half of the season. Everyone wondering 'what if?', had we not started so badly! But we should always look to keep building when we can, and it could always happen again as we still have a small squad just less players chatting with Baz in the Physio room. But we will always get injuries, they happen and that's why if you can you make your squad as strong as possible... like in the summer!

I believe firstly an attacking right midfielder such as Landon Donovan who had a fabulous impact allowing us to be dangerous from both sides or someone with similar characteristics.

Secondly a striker! Now I'm a fan of both the Yak and Saha, but they both have reputations to drift and blow hot and cold. I would love to get someone like Romelu Lukaku of Anderlecht who is the Belgium version of Rooney, but bigger, maybe more like Drogba! I would be happy to blow what we have on this guy as only 16/17 years of age and is league top scorer and looks to have great attributes. I'm sure he is well known with the big teams but would love some young, hungry raw talent again upfront.

Save money and keep Senderos for back-up as he's a good bench warmer (but better than having to do what happened last season and play full backs at centre back) as long as his wages aren't too much. And if a full back can be found and snook in under Harry Redknapp's nose, that would be useful too... but to say we don't need any new players is short-sighted.

Martin Clark     Posted 11/04/2010 at 11:56:26   Comments (29)

The Value of Tim Cahill

I have been seeing more and more people who want Tim Cahill benched. I am a bit bewildered by this. The only explanation I can think of for this is that those who don't want Cahill in the squad don't understand what exactly the Cahill role is.

The main difference between Tim Cahill and the average attacking midfielder is that Cahill defends from the top. He is there to stop the other team's plays from starting. This makes him as valuable to our defense as he is to our offense. The average attacking midfielder plays more forward than other midfielders, coming back for defense only when necessary.

Attacking midfielders can be judged based on their quality in setting up goals and how many they score themselves. That is only part of Cahill's game. While he can be criticized for his lack of offensive production this year, he is as far as anyone from being out of the squad and rightfully so. His all-around ability is imperative to the team's success.

If you don't think he has been playing the Cahill role up to par, I don't have a problem with that. I completely disagree with you but it is not you who I am directing this toward. To those who say that Cahill should be dropped because of a relative lack of offensive production: I don't think you understand what it is that he does for this team.
Pat Finegan     Posted 11/04/2010 at 07:18:22   Comments (22)

Coleman's First Real Test

Since Seamus Coleman joined Blackpool on loan there has been a huge amount of moaning from fans that he should be playing for Everton regulary.

On this very web-site Coleman gets his own mail bag submission after every single game he plays (nobody bothers with James Vaughan because most are now accepting that he's rubbish).

When Blackpool beat Swamsea Coleman got his mail bag thread. When Coleman scored his first goal for Blackpool, another mail bag thread.

And in all these mail bag threads the general opinion is that Coleman's ready for the Premiership. He's better then Neville. He is the player Everton need to crack the Top 4.

Well in the interest of fairness I believe Coleman should have another mailbag thread after his game today.

Today Coleman had his first real test. Newcastle are the only side in the Championship approaching Premier League class. This was finally a chance to see Coleman playing at a half way decent level. So how did he do?

Newcastle 4 - 1 Blackpool

Oh dear. Four goals conceded. Are we still sure he's ready for the Premier League?

Look I'm not against the lad. I like him. I think he'll have a great Everton career and eventually be a regular starter.

I just hate that some people have heard he's had a few good games in the Championship and immediately declared him better then our skipper.

Personally I trust Moyes. If the manager think Neville is better at the moment then I'm happy for Coleman to go out on loan.

Hopefully Coleman will return a better player. Today's result does show that Coleman may not yet be ready for the highest quality.
Dick Anderson     Posted 10/04/2010 at 21:24:26   Comments (44)

Oh no!!.... MotM again!

See that Davey just got Manager of the Month again... that's the Villa game up the shoot then!!!
Tony Cheek     Posted 10/04/2010 at 06:50:07   Comments (31)

Future Tsar?

I just thought I'd drop a fair comparison onto the site with regards to Bily. Whilst it seems that many on here believe him to have been a waste of money, I would like to compare him with my favourite Everton player whilst growing up — fellow Russian, Andrei Kanchelskis.

Andrei scored 16 goals in 32 games in his first season for Everton — a great haul; however, Bily has 6 in 18... not in the same league, you'd have to agree.

But Andrei was already used to the Premier League... with many seasons spent at Man Utd; his first season for United, however, shows a meagre 5 goals in 34 games.

Yes, this does not show the bigger picture... and Bily doesn't have the pace of Andrei... but give him time and I believe this to be good business and maybe a future talisman???
Rob Wilkinson     Posted 09/04/2010 at 18:32:46   Comments (16)

European Quality?

I am sat here unfortunately watching Five and it seems there is an unbalance between our claims of 'beating anybody on our day' and 'not needing Europe'. Let me clarify what I mean here, as in recent times we have beaten the current League Champions and the team top of the league as of this moment. In fact, dare I say it, we have looked impressive in games since new year. However, when it has came to Europe, it has been a different story.

As i type this, Benfica are out of the Europa League. As of the last round, so are Sporting Lisbon, two teams that showed us our arse this season. considering the team that knocked Benfica out tonight, I wonder how good we really are in Europe. Our best campaign since '85 resulted in going out on pens due to a poor away performance. Our worst was two poor away performances in a row, in two competitions.

My point here is this: I do believe we need Europe to attract players. At the same time, In all of the campaigns under Moyes, we have never performed well enough to win the thing.

What should we do? Do an Aston Villa and qualify.... only to throw it in the opening stages to concentrate on finishing in that 4th spot just to attract players? I mean money or not, i want Everton to finish 4th and win the Champions League, not make the numbers up for a little pay day.

The other alternative is to push for the Europa League and hinder ourselves every season as, in the eyes of some Evertonians, for a trophy that does not bring much reward. Neither one seems beneficial to us right now, so what do we do?
Chris Ashton     Posted 08/04/2010 at 21:49:16   Comments (51)

We Need To Revert to 4-6-0

Let’s admit it... WE HAVE NO STRIKERS!

Yakubu is still reclaiming his form. Saha’s season is effectively over. He needs to be rested for next season. I don’t know what happened to Vaughn. And to make things worse, Anichebe is also out injured.

With the 4-5-1 system we’re working on, it’s like 4-5-0. No wonder we cannot provide the destruction of Wolves and West Ham early in the game. We were playing one man short all the time. We need to play where we once proved to have been effective. Last season, when all our strikers were out, 4-6-0 proved very effective. The only time we went back to 4-5-1 is during the FA Cup Final... where we lost.

David Moyes will have to live with the fact that, if we are to get a shot at Europe next season, he has to admit that we are now without any effective strikers. We can, however, play 4-5-1 via substitution during the course of a game. But, not as a rule. Cahill’s ability to come in from the deep is an asset that enables us to implement 4-6-0 so effectively. With Rodwell coming of age, that extra man in the midfield makes us more lethal when it comes to counter-attacking.

Plus we can give a test to the likes of Agard or Baxter in the sole striker position. I wished we hadn’t sold Bent. He would’ve been perfect for the predicament we’re in right now.

DM must make this necessary but hard decision. Otherwise, we’ll be left with a bunch of draws and a lot of people going home angry and regretting what could’ve been...
Rahman Talib     Posted 08/04/2010 at 16:37:25   Comments (35)

Our other good youngster

I have just read the Rodwell article on one previous mailbad thread about the prospect of selling him. Does anyone remember we have another good prospect in Dan Gosling? Is it just me or does no one remember this? Because he's been linked with that Utd too.

Just want everyone's thoughts on him really; does he have potential as good as Rodwell? I think not, and it hasn't helped with the injury. But he is gonna be a fantastic player, I think a future shoo-in for the first team here.

Another thought, where does everyone see him playing in his prime? It's a strange one, because Moyes puts him on the wing. I can't see him staying there because I don't think his strong points match the wing position.

I think he can be a future box-to-box midfielder. He is fit, he's decent at passing and tacklng, and, more importantly (the strong point of his game in my opinion), he does have a knack for goals. I know he hasn't scored many, but every time he plays, you always hear him associated with a chance — always in the right areas — and I believe that is unique in him. Just thought I'd like to give some fan attention to our Derby scoring hero!!!
Ben Jones     Posted 08/04/2010 at 10:58:36   Comments (32)

Sky 4

I wrote an article the other day about our future and thoughts about the squad.

I wrote a few weeks ago saying the SKY 4 are in decline.

Just watched Man Utd, a squad in decline.... Chelsea, too old... Liverpool — pick an excuse; and Arsenal — "will be good for the future" [click], "will be good for the future" [repeat]....

With our squad, young keen and fit, has the time come???
Ian Smitham     Posted 07/04/2010 at 21:40:33   Comments (40)

Nev says it best when he says nothing at all!

Let me start by saying that I normally don't mind the odd trumpeting report from our players on the OS, as it’s always nice to read positive reports even if they appear to be slight PR stunts.

However, the article on the OS today from Phil Neville has incensed me more than any I have read. Whilst I’m sure the sentiment is positive it come across unbelievably negative.

If you haven't read it, the basic premise is our squad is good enough to beat anyone on their day so we don't need to bring anyone in this summer.

So there we go... our season is disappointing despite injuries this year, and now we can look forward to yet another inactive summer. All purely in the hope that we have better luck with injuries next year to push on!

Now if we were on the cusp of winning the league and brushing away everyone in our stride, I could agree, and in fact on our day we can beat anyone, as we have shown against Man City, Chelsea & Man Utd. The problem being that our day doesn’t happen often enough... Twice v Liverpool... Sporting... more recently, Wolves & West Ham are all examples of where we just weren’t on our game — and there are many others.

What we need is a squad that provides options from the bench that enable us to change games when we are not quite at it. It is naïve to believe that we won’t have any injuries next year, so please let’s not adopt this attitude and get out there in the summer and improve our squad again!
Dave Whitwell     Posted 07/04/2010 at 13:19:36   Comments (39)

Hypothetical straw breaks Evertonian's back

This is a question based on a hypothetical situation.... (Agreed - not the most promising start...) However, it's a hypothetical situation that I believe most Evertonians — certainly after recent 'events' — would agree is not 'pure fantasy, lad' and that there is a chance of it happening.

Ok... it's this: At some stage in the near future, Manchester United (or Chelsea or... whoever) put in a daft bid for Rodwell and, after a bit of Lescott-style huffing and puffing from us/Moyes/Kenwright/Elstone etc, he goes. The question is: Would that be the straw that breaks the Evertonian's back?

Now obviously nobody, myself included, is going to say "Yeah me, fuck Everton, I'm not a Blue no more"... but ONLY because I don't think supporters ever end things that way with the clubs they support, or end them totally. (I know many Blues who don't actually ever go to a game.)

What is possible, and more likely (and therefore a worry), is that continual disappointment starts a bit-by-bit, season-by-season, process of disillusionment and (often unconscious) disassociation.

I'm already aware that my relationship with the club has changed in the 40-odd years I've been watching, simply because I've aged. As a kid, every player was great, as was the manager and... that was that. These days... well actually let's leave that one!

The question I'm asking myself (and you) is that, if Rodwell goes, cementing our place as a kind of 'decent young player farm' for the affluent, what would the effect be on my (and your) support? I have a feeling for me it would have much more effect than Rooney.

I'm older... money's tighter... and I have a feeling I can only ask myself 'What's the fucking point?' so many times.

For the first seven years I was living in Dublin, I was able to afford to travel home (thanks, Mr O'Leary!) for virtually every home game, plus a couple of aways and Europe. This season, due to a shot economy and a four-day week, my trips to games have been few and far between.

I REALLY hope we can keep Rodwell (if offers do come), because — if we don't — I think this time we could lose a lot more than a good young player. For one thing, I know I could never again get worked up about an exciting young prospect coming through the ranks.

I mean... what would be the point?
Eugene Ruane     Posted 06/04/2010 at 17:22:27   Comments (42)

Bumping into David Moyes

I was walking to Lime Street Station in Liverpool on Monday evening and looked up to see David Moyes himself, on his own and heading right towards me, dressed smartly in his suit. He came almost within touching distance!

At first glance I thought he looked taller and younger looking in the flesh so I had to do a double take. I was so excited I actually had to ask my girl friend if it was really him, which is quite funny as she is the last person I would ask a football question, especially regarding Everton, as she is a disgusting Liverpool fan who has no clue about footy (even though she thinks she does!).

Then she had to embarrass me by shouting “Moyes!” in a stupid childish voice, and as he looked back I had no clue what to say or do.

I then began texting nearly every Evertonian I knew what I had just witnessed. A friend of mine then replied to me saying did I get his autograph? I said no because I didn’t have a pen and paper. Another friend asked did I shake his hand? I said no because I had just been to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet and my hands were still sticky from the kung bo ribs, I didn’t want to grease up his hand or suit.

My brother said I should have asked him to bring Seamus Coleman back into the team and is Pienaar going to sign his contract?

My question to fellow toffeewebers is if you were me in that situation and you had a one off opportunity to ask one question to David Moyes what would it be? Hopefully if the opportunity happens again I will be better prepared.
Ian Tunstead     Posted 06/04/2010 at 18:20:24   Comments (54)

Lost in Translation?

I've just read an interesting article on Bily reflecting on his first season in the Premier League. He reckons its been 'one of the best so far in his career.' He states that he has scored more goals than he previously has and views his time at Everton as a career highlight.

I've been disappointed in him so far. I know it takes time to settle in the Premier League but he seems a total passenger for large periods of the game. I just don't think he works hard enough throughout a game. On the other hand, he does score fairly often and has got good ability.

So... do you think Bily has been a success so far at Goodison? If not, do you think he will ever make it? How much time should he be given?
David O'Connor     Posted 06/04/2010 at 14:03:04   Comments (23)

Coleman on fire again

Moyes was apparently at Blackpool yesterday watching Coleman, who won the man of the match with two interventions to stop Doncaster scoring. He also had another mazy run at Doncaster and nearly scored.

I am right in thinking he has complete a months loan, but Blackpool have the option to keep him for another month. Should we get him back and put him straight in the team/squad,or would he be better getting more experience with them playing Newcastle next?
Kevin Thompson     Posted 06/04/2010 at 08:47:35   Comments (28)

Champions League? You're havin' a laugh

I've been looking on the site with some bewilderment over the last couple of weeks. People have actually been predicting the remaining results and have suggested that a Champions League place is possible. Seriously... they have.

After the Barcelona – Arsenal game, I suggested we might be a million miles away. I was wrong; for miles, substitute light years.

I believed that we were misguided to offer David Moyes his inflated contract. I still feel that way, and here's why: He lacks the guts to make tough decisions — he has favourites who aren't playing well enough but who will never be dropped.

He doesn't give young players a chance unless injuries force him to. Seamus Coleman could have made a world of difference last night, but the mind-boggling decision to send him on loan made that impossible.

We have dropped ridiculous points against poor sides and for these games the team seem to lack motivation. Yesterday was abysmal and, frankly, an insult to those who paid good money to watch it. West Ham wanted it more...

The last two summers have shown appalling mismanagement; why will this summer be any different?

We have witnessed some dreadful football over the last eight years and yet to suggest that it doesn't have to be this way brings a torrent of abuse.

Andy Crooks     Posted 05/04/2010 at 18:39:57   Comments (28)

18 Points dropped???

A bit bored on a Bank Holiday Monday... so I've been analyzing where we have dropped or thrown away points over the season.

Yesterday we deserved nothing more than a draw so I'm not going to say it's 2 points dropped. However, I do feel my analysis of the points dropped this season is fair and justified. Others will feel the likes of Liverpool at home and Fulham away might've brought something but my analysis is based on the following:

  • Arsenal (A) — 2-1 up and concede in injury time (2 points dropped);
  • Spurs (A) 2-1 down and Donovan misses an open goal (1 point dropped);
  • Birmingham (A) — 2-0 up and throw away the lead (2 points dropped);
  • Birmingham (H) — Saha's goal disallowed, even though clearly onside and the ref didn't give penalty for clear handball by Carr (2 points dropped);
  • Stoke (H) — (2 points dropped);
  • Wolves (H) — (2 points dropped);
  • Wolves (A) — We leathered them but could not score in a brothel (2 points dropped);
  • Bolton (A) 2-0 down but we get into gear... 2-2 and we still trow it away (1 point dropped);
  • Hull (A) — Come on, it's hull for fuck's sake (3 points dropped).
  • Burnley (A) — missed penalty by Saha (1 point dropped).
For me, that's 18 points thrown away. Yes, I know every club will have their ifs and buts and coulds and shoulds... but I believe my assessment is a fair analysis.


Lack of a clinical finisher (whether we like it or not, we need a Torres). Even with our injury crisis, we should be sitting pretty in 4th now. The squad is absolutely fine but we need a Torres. Hopefully there's a cheap one at the World Cup this summer who we can buy... and hopefully he won't look like a girl.
John Crook     Posted 05/04/2010 at 12:00:06   Comments (15)

So near but yet so far

I don't know what it is with us, but as soon as we get within touching distance of that lot across the park, we do our upmost to mess it up. Anyway, it seems now our season will just fade off into the relative mediocrity that is middish table but, looking back over the last few weeks, things could've been oh so different...

Waking up today, I feel more deflated than angry, and I feel like yesterday was our last chance to get in the mix. Like so many years before, though, the Chelsea/Man Utd results are always balanced up with those against Birmingham, Wolves & W est Ham.

I really do hope we can keep the likes of Arteta, Fellaini and Jagielka fit for a WHOLE season, try and get a little more out of Saha, polish off Rodwell, and have Heitinga just playing like he is right now. Possibly then we may have the nucleus for a team that can overhaul the also-rans of this world (Liverpool) and finally kick on into that elusive top four.
Craig Bellew     Posted 05/04/2010 at 09:28:52   Comments (13)

The Passing Philosphy of Moyes

Bad performance and result yesterday, which all but nails our European ambitions. I'll leave it to others to dissect the performance.

It was interesting watching the game. They must have a mic near the dugouts. During the first half, you could clearly hear Moyes's instructions:

"Give and go"
"Get it inside to Jonny Heitinga"

The commentators also picked up on this, one of them (ex player, can't recall who) making the point that Moyes's Everton used to play long ball not so long ago, but were now more of a passing side.

Also of interest is the fact that, during the first half, it would have been Pip and Bily nearest, and Moyes was trying to get them to get it to Heitinga to switch the play over to our left, suggesting even he sees the Baines-Pienaar axis as more of a threat.
Matt Traynor     Posted 05/04/2010 at 01:28:57   Comments (19)

Captain terrible

This is not a knee jerk reaction, this is not a slagging match of one of our players, this is about a leader who fails to lead. Today's performance from our captain was an absolute shambles, I'll challenge anyone to disagree with these pointers that I will mention below:

1. Phil has no pace whatsoever
2. His passing for an ex Man Utd player is shocking to say the least
3. Tackling Phil likes to dive in at any opportunity giving away needless free kicks
4. Attacking full-back? Couldn't cross his legs
5. Awarness? Always get caught out of position
6. Leader? Maybe off the pitch, but on it he can be a major weak link.

Well there you have it, these comments are not based on just today's performance, it's Phil Neville week-in, week-out. Today, Phil had all the space in the world and didn't make one good cross, will he ever score from right back? NO!

Either give Coleman a chance or buy a right back in the summer; either way, if Neville is still in the first team next season, it will be nothing less than criminal by Moyes.
Sean McKenna     Posted 04/04/2010 at 19:34:36   Comments (55)

Everton v West Ham

Unbeleivable performance today, hardly a shot on target and players who didn't play. Why Moyes plays Biliatdynov beats me, scores and then vanishes. Osman back to his normal form, Pienaar useless... the defence in the second half absent; Saha hopeless. Shoddy all round. The Hammers fully deserved their point, I hope they survive.
Peter Cummings     Posted 04/04/2010 at 18:17:53   Comments (9)

Bily & Louis Start

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Louis Saha start for Everton for the visit of West Ham.

Everton: Howard, Neville, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Pienaar, Osman, Heitinga, Cahill, Bilyaletdinov, Saha

Subs: Turner, Hibbert, Yakubu, Senderos, Rodwell, Duffy, Wallace

West Ham: Green, Faubert, Da Costa, Upson, Spector, Noble, Parker, Kovac, Behrami, Mido, Cole

Subs: Kurucz, Gabbidon, Ilan, McCarthy, Daprela, Spence, Stanislas

Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

Let's see if the live forum is up and running....
Michael Kenrick     Posted 04/04/2010 at 15:34:04   Comments (33)

The Road to 4th

Assuming Man City continues to tonk Burnley...

Everton win remaining 6 67 pts
Spurs: L Arsenal; L Chelsea; L Man U; D Man City 65 pts
Man CIty: L Man U; L Arsenal; L Villa; D Spurs 66 pts
Villa: L Everton; L any other of remaining games 66 pts
Red Shite: L Chelsea; L any other remaining games 66 pts

In the USA we have the NFL. About week 14 of a 17 week schedule every proud geek sits down and maps out the scenarios for playoff berths. Figured I'd have a look this morning at remaining fixtures and what needs to happen for Everton.

Yes, I need a life desperately. And yes, I think 6th now, despite unbridled optismism I held even last week, is the best we can hope for.

It's too much of a long shot. I think we really missed a golden opportunity in 2009-2010.
Jamie Crowley     Posted 03/04/2010 at 18:02:11   Comments (20)

Finch Farm Cruciate Calamities

Anyone think there might be something in the way the pitches have been laid at Finch Farm that's causing all these cruciate problems? That's now 4 and I don't think we had any problems like this at all in all the years at Bellefield, neither from what I can make out have any other club.
Barry Lightfoot     Posted 03/04/2010 at 12:41:55   Comments (18)

Keith Wyness at Prenton Park

Was watching Tranmere tonight against Norwich, whose manager got sent off and had to sit in the stands. Sat right behind him was our ex-CEO Keith Wyness...

Apart from the obvious, what's he doing there?
James Tunstead     Posted 02/04/2010 at 21:12:43   Comments (7)

Was Moyes watching Coleman today?

Only read the reports from various sources and not seen the highlights but Coleman had another great game for Blackpool again today, floating in a great cross that was put into his own net by Wright, and capped it with a mazy run through the Scunthorpe defence before smashing the ball into the roof of the net from 8 yards out. Hopefully if Moyes wasn't there to see it, someone else was, the boy is certainly making a mark at Blackpool.
Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 02/04/2010 at 19:23:11   Comments (38)

Everton TV

As some of you may have already seen, the Official Everton Website are offering one month's free subscription to Everton TV.

Living abroad I find this site extremely beneficial. Its main attractions are the 20 minute highlights of every match and the Live Commentary on each match (via Radio Merseyside). The commentary avoids too much frustration with poor streaming on the Internet.

There are also features such as interviews with manager, players and special guests (often former players giving their opinions on the current team). There are occasionally brief highlights of Reserve matches. All Everton goals can be viewed separately along with the highlights. The Archive enables you to watch highlights/goals from previous matches.

I recommend this site to all Evertonians, including those who regularly attend matches. You no longer have to bother waiting for brief highlights at the end of Match of the Day. There is one slight catch. The OS want you to register for a full subscription (£40 pa) before you can have your free time. However, you are at liberty to cancel before your free month runs out.

I believe that this is a genuine offer, as it was posted at one minute to midnight on 31 March!
Robert Workman     Posted 02/04/2010 at 12:02:17   Comments (14)

Peanuts & Jack

Many articles today have linked Pienaar & Rodwell to Chelsea for £32m. Whilst I'd hate to see these two players leave the club, surely at that price we would be daft not to sell!!!

Maybe get in Joe Cole as part of the deal and have cash to spend on a pacy right winger (Donovan?) and a top forward...
Paul Lindley     Posted 01/04/2010 at 14:17:44   Comments (53)

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