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Opinion, Articles and Talking Points

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Deulofeu's Welcome Return

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/06/2015 [Column]

A Question of Style

by Sam Day : 28/05/2015 [Fan Article]

My interview with Andy King

by Brian Viner : 28/05/2015 [Fan Article]

Mr Kenwright – In Quotes

by Chris Feeley : 27/05/2015 [Fan Article]

Frustrating Season Ends on a Sour Note

by Lyndon Lloyd : 24/05/2015 [Match Report]

Poor End to a Poor Season

by Paul Traill : 25/05/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Tottenham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 24/05/2015 [Match Report]

Poor half by Blues sees Kane win it

by Michael Kenrick : 24/05/2015 [Match Report]

Goodison Forever

by Lyndon Lloyd : 23/05/2015 [Column]

In Praise of the Midget Gems

by Fran  Mitchell : 19/05/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat – West Ham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 16/05/2015 [Match Report]

Lukaku grabs last-gasp winner

by Michael Kenrick : 16/05/2015 [Match Report]

Rotterdam Blues

by Ian Hollingworth : 15/05/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

by Ken Buckley : 09/05/2015 [Match Report]

I Thought It Was My Lucky Day

by Paul Traill : 09/05/2015 [Match Report]

Blues give up two horrible goals

by Michael Kenrick : 09/05/2015 [Match Report]

Just Making Do

by Mark Finnegan : 05/05/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Aston Villa (A)

by Ken Buckley : 02/05/2015 [Match Report]

Our Immediate Future

by James Flynn : 30/04/2015 [Fan Article]

Martinez Rediscovers His Mojo

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/04/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 26/04/2015 [Match Report]

A Question of Strategy

by Fran Mitchell : 19/04/2015 [Fan Article]

Difficult to be inspired

by Paul Traill : 19/04/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Burnley (H)

by Ken Buckley : 18/04/2015 [Match Report]

The Lost Tribe of Everton

by Patrick Hart : 15/04/2015 [Fan Article]

Everton Pass Up Fourth Straight Win

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/04/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 11/04/2015 [Match Report]

The Etymology of Everton

by Sam Day : 06/04/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat – Southampton (H)

by Ken Buckley : 04/04/2015 [Match Report]

Everton plunder a win

by Paul Traill : 04/04/2015 [Match Report]

Early Jags goal defended to the end

by Michael Kenrick : 04/04/2015 [Match Report]

The Changing of the Guard

by Jamie Armstrong : 26/03/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: QPR (A)

by Ken Buckley : 22/03/2015 [Match Report]

The Everton squad

by Graham Holliday : 21/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Fish and Chips

by Kieran Kinsella : 20/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Spot On Lukaku

by Rodger Armstrong : 17/03/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Newcastle (H)

by Ken Buckley : 15/03/2015 [Match Report]

Barkley Seals Vital Win in Style

by Michael Kenrick : 15/03/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Dynamo Kiev (H)

by Ken Buckley : 13/03/2015 [Match Report]

Finally a Bit of Fight

by Paul Traill : 13/03/2015 [Match Report]

Blues come back after early shock

by Michael Kenrick : 12/03/2015 [Match Report]

Alan Ball – Little Man, Big Heart

by Frank Mullin : 11/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Talking a Good Game

by Rodger Armstrong : 10/03/2015 [Fan Article]

The Intransigent Mr Martinez

by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/03/2015 [Column]

A Young Blue Down South

by Sam Day : 06/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Tony Cottee – My Everton Years

by Rob Sawyer : 06/03/2015 [History]

The Perils of the Final 10

by Chris Feeley : 05/03/2015 [Fan Article]

An Open Letter to Roberto

by Steve Stobie : 05/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Miedo and Other Sins

by Jim Potter : 05/03/2015 [Fan Article]

Stick or Twist? Sink or Swim?

by Dave Randles : 05/03/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Stoke (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/03/2015 [Match Report]

It's All About Belief

by Mike Oates : 01/03/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Arsenal (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/03/2015 [Match Report]

Normal Service Resumed At The Emirates

by Lyndon Lloyd : 01/03/2015 [Match Report]

Blues domination but no penetration

by Michael Kenrick : 01/03/2015 [Match Report]

Can We Play You Every Week?

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/02/2015 [Match Report]

The Most Fun This Season Yet

by Paul Traill : 27/02/2015 [Match Report]

What's the Story?

by Jack Garrett : 24/02/2015 [Fan Article]

The Enterprising Mr Sawyer

by Rob Sawyer : 24/02/2015 [History]

Late Equaliser Rescues Bungling Howard

by Lyndon Lloyd : 23/02/2015 [Match Report]

Will the Misery Ever End?

by Mike Oates : 22/02/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Leicester (H)

by Ken Buckley : 22/02/2015 [Match Report]

Change the Keeper. Simple!

by Paul Traill : 22/02/2015 [Match Report]

It's Now Or Never For Kenwright

by Steve Hogan : 11/02/2015 [Fan Article]

Rebuilding the House Roberto Built

by James Martin : 09/02/2015 [Fan Article]

Yet another derby draw

by Paul Traill : 08/02/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

by Ken Buckley : 07/02/2015 [Match Report]

Blues lack decisive drive upfront

by Michael Kenrick : 07/02/2015 [Match Report]

A Call to Arms

by Dave Williams : 05/02/2015 [Fan Article]

Disciplined Everton grab the points

by Paul Traill : 01/02/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (A)

by Ken  Buckley : 01/02/2015 [Match Report]

Blues hold on for precious win

by Michael Kenrick : 31/01/2015 [Match Report]

Don't Mention the 'R' Word

by Steve Hogan : 23/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Why the Fans Are As Wrong As Martinez

by Sean Wafer : 20/01/2015 [Fan Article]

In the Grip of Fear

by Lyndon Lloyd : 20/01/2015 [Match Report]

When Will This Nightmare End?

by Paul Traill : 20/01/2015 [Match Report]

Let's Not Kid Ourselves

by Mike Oates : 15/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Could It Be Turning?

by Ian Robertson : 15/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Your Move, Roberto

by Charlie Gibson : 14/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Back From the Asylum

by Wayne Stamps : 14/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Drama to the end of the shoot-out

by Michael Kenrick : 13/01/2015 [Match Report]

Blues Rediscover Their Fight

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/01/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Man City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 10/01/2015 [Match Report]

Did the Players Have a Word?

by Paul Traill : 10/01/2015 [Match Report]

Naismith header rescues a point

by Michael Kenrick : 10/01/2015 [Match Report]

Changes, Changes and More Changes!

by Ged Dwyer : 07/01/2015 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: West Ham (FA Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 07/01/2015 [Match Report]

At Least We Stopped the Rot

by Paul Traill : 07/01/2015 [Match Report]

Who would you call?

by Paul Traill : 04/01/2015 [Fan Article]

'Tis the Winter of Our Discontent

by Cam Matthews : 03/01/2015 [Fan Article]

Deep in the Doo-Dah!

by Jay Wood : 03/01/2015 [Fan Article]

New Year, Same Problems

by Lyndon Lloyd : 02/01/2015 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Hull City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/01/2015 [Match Report]

Lukaku is the Problem

by Martin Wallace : 30/12/2014 [Fan Article]

Jack Earp The Gentleman Amateur

by Rob Sawyer : 30/12/2014 [History]

Where's the Pivot Pointing?

by Paul Tran : 29/12/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Newcastle (A)

by Ken Buckley : 29/12/2014 [Match Report]

Quo vadis, Martinez?

by Michael Kidd : 28/12/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 26/12/2014 [Match Report]

Competition for places.... Really???

by Wayne Stamps : 25/12/2014 [Fan Article]

Dixies' day as it happened

by Dave Price : 22/12/2014 [Fan Article]

Welcome to the Asylum

by Wayne Stamps : 21/12/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Southampton (A)

by Ken Buckley : 21/12/2014 [Match Report]

Alius Falsus Matutinus

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/12/2014 [Match Report]

Everton Fans' Forum

by Richard Knights : 18/12/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: QPR (H)

by Ken Buckley : 16/12/2014 [Match Report]

QPR Blown Away

by Paul Traill : 16/12/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane - Everton v QPR

by Patrick Murphy : 14/12/2014 [History]

Plenty to Learn From Europa Experiment

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/12/2014 [Match Report]

In Search of George Brewster

by Tony Onslow : 11/12/2014 [History]

What's Gone Wrong?

by Mike Oates : 08/12/2014 [Fan Article]

Will All This Pain Pay Off?

by Kevin Tully : 08/12/2014 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Man City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 06/12/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Hull City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 04/12/2014 [Match Report]

'This Is Pathetic, This'

by Paul Traill : 04/12/2014 [Match Report]

Lukaku Shines As Blues Tame Die Wölfe

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/11/2014 [Match Report]

What Do We Want?

by Patrick Murphy : 27/11/2014 [Fan Article]

Do We Give Youngsters a Chance?

by Mike Oates : 24/11/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 23/11/2014 [Match Report]

Blues win a rip-roaring encounter

by Michael Kenrick : 22/11/2014 [Match Report]

Tommy Eggleston Remembered

by Rob Sawyer : 17/11/2014 [History]

From My Seat: Sunderland (A)

by Ken Buckley : 09/11/2014 [Match Report]

Why Can We Never Capitalise?

by Paul Traill : 09/11/2014 [Match Report]

Lukaku: A Corner Turned?

by Paul Traill : 07/11/2014 [Match Report]

Stylish Blues Dismantle Lille

by Lyndon Lloyd : 06/11/2014 [Match Report]

The Barkley Enigma

by Rick Tarleton : 05/11/2014 [Fan Article]

The Blacksmith of Crossmyloof

by Tony Onslow : 04/11/2014 [History]

Blues Draw a Frustrating Blank

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/11/2014 [Match Report]

A draw was on the cards...

by Paul Traill : 02/11/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Swansea City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/11/2014 [Match Report]

No way past 10-man Swansea

by Michael Kenrick : 01/11/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Burnley (A)

by Ken Buckley : 26/10/2014 [Match Report]

Lille On Wheels

by Chrissy Smith : 25/10/2014 [Fan Article]

We'll take the train next time...

by Paul Traill : 25/10/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane – Burnley

by Patrick Murphy : 25/10/2014 [History]

An Unspectacular Job Done

by Lyndon Lloyd : 23/10/2014 [Match Report]

In the presence of greatness

by Paul Traill : 19/10/2014 [Fan Article]

Professional job by the Blue boys

by Paul Traill : 19/10/2014 [Match Report]

Much More Like It

by Lyndon Lloyd : 18/10/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

by Ken Buckley : 18/10/2014 [Match Report]

Barkley returns and Blues shine

by Michael Kenrick : 18/10/2014 [Match Report]

A Tribute to Matt Woods

by Rob Sawyer : 14/10/2014 [History]

Stadium Design Questions

by David Shaw : 09/10/2014 [Fan Article]

Mitigating Circumstances?

by Alan Wilson : 08/10/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/10/2014 [Match Report]

Everton and Lille

by Pete Jones : 05/10/2014 [History]

Di Maria and Falcao do the damage

by Michael Kenrick : 05/10/2014 [Match Report]

Barry and McCarthy

by James Martin : 29/09/2014 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Liverpool (A)

by Ken Buckley : 27/09/2014 [Match Report]

Jagielka stunner rescues a point

by MIchael Kenrick : 27/09/2014 [Match Report]

Follow Europa's Lead

by Nick Entwistle : 25/09/2014 [Fan Article]

Let History Repeat Itself

by Mike Owen : 25/09/2014 [Fan Article]

Timothy Matthew Howard

by Paul Ferry : 24/09/2014 [Fan Article]

The Eternal Triangle

by Bob Carlton : 22/09/2014 [Fan Article]

Everton, That...

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/09/2014 [Match Report]

Nobody Blows It Quite Like Everton

by Paul Traill : 21/09/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (H)

by Ken Buckley : 21/09/2014 [Match Report]

Clinical Blues Tame the German Wolves

by Lyndon Lloyd : 19/09/2014 [Match Report]

We Have Lift Off!

by Paul Traill : 19/09/2014 [Match Report]

Where's The Pub?

by Paul Traill : 13/09/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: WBA (A)

by Ken Buckley : 13/09/2014 [Match Report]

Blues win with two fortuitous goals

by Michael Kenrick : 13/09/2014 [Match Report]

Alex ‘Sandy’ Young Grave Ceremony

by Tony I'Anson : 06/09/2014 [Fan Article]

The Legacy of Pre-Season

by Jim Knightley : 02/09/2014 [Fan Article]

Three Key Positions Unaddressed

by Wayne Stamps : 02/09/2014 [Fan Article]

I Fell In Love

by Paul Traill : 31/08/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 30/08/2014 [Match Report]

Jagielka & Distin: The Dilemma

by Paul Ferry : 30/08/2014 [Fan Article]

Memory Lane - Chelsea (H)

by Patrick Murphy : 28/08/2014 [Column]

The Ghost of David Moyes

by Paul Traill : 24/08/2014 [Match Report]

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

by Ken Buckley : 24/08/2014 [Match Report]

Two more points thrown away

by Michael Kenrick : 23/08/2014 [Match Report]

Memory Lane - Arsenal (H)

by Patrick Murphy : 21/08/2014 [Column]

From My Seat: Leicester City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 16/08/2014 [Match Report]

2014-15 Season Preview

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/08/2014 [Column]

Second-Season Syndrome

by Trevor Powell : 27/07/2014 [Fan Article]

Does It Always Have to Be This Way?

by Sid  Logan : 22/07/2014 [Fan Article]

Robert and Roberto Q&A at IFB 2014

by Jamie Rowlands : 22/07/2014 [Fan Article]

Don't Panic, Captain Mainwaring!

by Wayne Stamps : 06/07/2014 [Fan Article]

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