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The Mail Bag

June 2008 Archive

Another one bites the dust...

Just came upon this article on Skysports website -

"Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone has signed a new five-year deal at White Hart Lane. The 21-year-old, who joined Spurs from Derby in 2005, has pledged his future to the North London club until 2013."

I guess that puts to bed another bout of lanky midfielder speculation. I wasn't all that fussed about him in the first place, but roll on the next name!
Adam McCulloch     Posted 30/06/2008 at 16:45:51   Comments (32)

Does he know something?

So our revered chairman has fallen out of love with the Government. Mr Kenwright, who has given £255,000 to the Labour Party over the last year, is reported to have said yesterday, "I think the Government has lost all touch with the people. The leadership has to look at itself very deeply. There appears to have been a bit of an energy bypass recently."

Now that`s a very strange thing to be coming out with as our club awaits a vital decision from Government Office. Unless,of course, he already knows the outcome and said it in a fit of pique. And after `investing` all that money, too! (Although that was probably for the knighthood!)
Brian  Noble     Posted 30/06/2008 at 14:30:38   Comments (26)

Yobo's ankle

Does anyone agree with me this is some good news and not all bad?

In the case of Yobo having a little rest, we are currently living in the situation of having 3 great full backs, and only 2 positions available per game. This resulting in Lescott being moved to left back which in his own right he's one of the best, but defeats the opportunity of another wonder.... Leighton Baines, who I still believe has the pace and quality of one of the top left backs would get more of a starting berth with Yobo out of the side. Along with his ability to overlap and cross just as well as Lescott does.

I see this as Leighton's chance to prove his worth, and reinforce Moysey's statements that there is a future for him at the club! The only downside I see is if Jags manages to get himself injured as well leading up to the season. But I think he should make it relatively unscathed.

It's only the midfield we really have the worries in. And I hope Moyes doesn't get too hard on the lad for striving for his country and developing goalscoring skills with the likes of his full back partner Lescott. :) Man to have both our full backs scoring... it's a bit weird but wow it's a great thing to read, see and hear about!
Mike Coates     Posted 30/06/2008 at 06:49:32   Comments (10)

How many beans make 5?

How many ' things' (for want of a better word) have to be in place for a transfer to take place?

The obvious springs to mind: to make rabbit stew, first catch your rabbit ? or, if you are Polish or Scouse, first steal your rabbit... (old Polish proverb adapted to fit here, before the PC mob write in.)

Deffo the cash. Maybe it's a willing buyer and seller, all 3 have to be together at the right time.

The cash used to be simple: transfer fee... see John Moores; not any more... more's the pity. Nobody seemed to whinge back then when Mr Moores, who was the Abramovich(?) of his time, stepped in. Now, there is the fee and the even bigger problem of the wages.

Does the Club have potential? is it on the right track? Is it in europe? ... all the boxes ticked there.

Wage structure I can understand: pay more to Joe Bloggs (he seems to be the only player we aren't linked with) and the others, rightly or wrongly, think they are worth the same.

Does the manager actually want him? Will he fit in the jigsaw? (Again, always assuming we know what our best 11 is and the best formation they will play in.) Will he want to come? Some players (and especially their WAGS) won't come north of Watford.

Q: What prompts these musings ( some might say ramblings)?

A: reports in various papers that Inter have bid £8M for Lampard, who has only been offered a 2-year contract when he wants 4. £8M is not the end of the earth even for us; yes, I know his wages, at £90k+, are part of the problem.

Sidwell may go to Villa for £5M and £30k per week... not the worst player in the world (debatable) and the price is in our range.... Yet all I hear is the sound of silence.... and, oh yes, the sound of Blue Bill fiddle-ing while Goodison burns.
Derek Thomas     Posted 29/06/2008 at 07:57:24   Comments (12)

The agony goes on

You could have almost guaranteed that the decision on the stadium would be delayed just to prolong the agony.

I fear for the sanity of some No voters who seem to have become more demented by the prospect of the move as time has gone on and who will probably spontaneously combust should it be approved.

I think for reasons which have nothing to do with Everton it may be still be approved in that a Labour govt will want to support a labour council and stick two fingers up to the Lib Dems in Lpool, whilst also keeping Leahy and Green sweet

Even it is called in this will probably only lead to several more weeks of waiting until they decide if a full public enquiry is required and god only knows what effect this would have on our spending plans.

I suspect that by now the vast majority of blues including yes voters would simply breath a sigh of relief if the project does die as most peope I have spoken to are more alarmed by the split in the fan base than by any other issue.

The increasing number of people coming on toffeeweb to say they will never go to Kirkby or bizarrely that they have even stopped going already is utterly shameful. In the end both the club and these individuals will lose out if they carry out their threat.

We can ill afford to lose any fans and the refusniks will condemn themselves to a future with empty saturday afternoons whilst watching their kids and grandkids grow up as RS and whilst also receiving the false and mocking commiserations of their RS mates.

If the club does wither in Kirkby then the refusniks will have the hollow and grim satisfaction of being right but they will also have to carry with them the knowledge that they played their own little part in the death of a great institution

As it happens if Kirky does fall then the club may be in serious trouble anyway. Robert Earl and Green may bale out and then the banks wont lend us a penny for transfers or ground development.

Is is too much to ask that in this period of great uncertainty we shoud be able to rely on one thing - if you are a blue you stay a blue until you die and if you go to the match now you go to the match (even under protest) in the future even if it is kirkby.

We talk a lot on this site about what great fans we have, well it is time for all this crap about not going to stop.

John Doolan     Posted 28/06/2008 at 21:15:38   Comments (42)

Angels on a Pinhead

Some hundreds of years ago, wise men, learned in the law, debated how many angels would fit on the head of a pin. As they were purely creatures of spirit, would the number be infinite? Or might Almighty God defy his own laws to limit their number?

Until this evening, I had thought that such insane conjecture had traipsed into the history books, then I read a series of comments on the problems and expense of designing a stadium whose foundations are sufficently deep to add a third or even fourth tier to accomodate the flocking tens of thousands who will beat at the doors of DrearyDrome to watch Franchise Everton.

I imagine that these correspondents are talking of fans in the spiritual sense: without physical form, invisible to the naked eye? Because if ? and, Oh! Dear God, please let it not be true ? they believe that any move is going to increase crowds, they have less than minimal knowledge of the club's attendance history and still less knowledge of what attacts the uncommitted to a match.

Everton are the Church of England of Merseyside soccer. A lot of people give it vocal support and think it's a jolly good thing ... but simply don't bother turning up for Divine Service unless there's a significant family event ... such as a derby.

Even Dixie was far more used to crowds of thirty-plus thousand at home games than this fabled number some of our present-day friends talk about in such casual fashion. Friends, there is no infinite number of angels waiting to fill seats.
Mike McLean     Posted 28/06/2008 at 20:20:55   Comments (13)

Called In!!!

I was told yesterday from a 100% relaible source within the club that the ground move WILL be called in, defintiely. The Board are obviously aware of this (goes without saying).

The board need to move now to make decisions on a way forward before we're left behind in the transfer goings on.

I'm actually that confused by it all I don't know whether it's good news or bad?
Brian Williams     Posted 28/06/2008 at 14:05:24   Comments (35)

Masters Football

Just thought I'd let you all know that Everton, Liverpool, Tranmere and Wigan are playing in the Mersey Masters football tonight. It's on Skysports 2 at 8pm.

Big Dunc is playing for the Blues. Can't wait to see the big man again.

Meanwhile, just looking around on the net and i came across this article. Looks as if Manny is on his way out and Everton are leading the chase. I hope we get him as he's a raw talent! COYB
Tom Campbell     Posted 28/06/2008 at 13:33:10   Comments (11)

Steve Round

Just read on a few websites in the North East and Newcastle have given Steve Round permission to talk to Moyes to be his new No 2!!

  • Does this mean Moyes is ready to sign his new contract?
  • Does this mean Moyes is happy with the money he has to spend ??
  • Or does this mean he has his targets ready to sign from 1 July???

Terry Smith     Posted 27/06/2008 at 10:53:05   Comments (20)

Is Kirkby designed for success?

Just say, for skae of arguement, that Kenwright et al are right and the location of Kirkby is correct. By correct I mean that it allows us to reach our long-term goal of regular Champions League football, attracting bigger named players. (Bear with me here...)

We are playing in the biggest league in the world already, so we can then attract a new fanbase, as location is not as important as television or success when new fans decide on who to support. And, after a number of years of sustained competitiveness with the elite of Europe, we are ready to return to our place alongside, if not above, Liverpool and Man U.

So, if Kirkby is a success, we shall be playing in a 60,000 stadium, Liverpool 73,000 and Man U at least 76,000. Hmm.... Kenwright et al can't have much faith in Kirkby reaching our long-term goals then, can he? The white flag is up before we've even started.

Where are the options for expansion? Why isn't each stand built to one day hold an additional tier? We all know that the new stadium isn't designed for atmosphere, whether the corners are filled in or not, but why isn't there options not to have a bowl shaped stadium?

If Kenwright did have faith in Kirkby then he would have allowed it to one day be the same size as our competitors. So what are we going to do if Kirkby is a success? We won't be able to expand to the same size as our competitors, we'd have to relocate 4 miles down the road..... to Skem!
Derek Turnbull     Posted 27/06/2008 at 10:34:43   Comments (17)

Who's in charge here?

After hearing the director of communications for Uefa state that it's up to the old G14 clubs if prize money is distributed more fairly, I was wondering what chance do we have if we are up against this pathetically weak attitude from the bosses of football? Why would those clubs agree to any changes which would cost them? They already have massive wage bills and fans expectations to sign world stars each season!

If Uefa just decided to show some balls and say "from 2012 it will be a 70-30 split" (that to me sounds fair and it is nowhere near that now), then what would the G14 clubs do about it? Create their own league? Big deal, it wouldn't last 5 minutes because fans couldn't afford it.

I'm sure they would still get decent sponsorships but I just couldn't see it lasting as its human nature to oppose such a massive change (e.g XFL football league in US)! Why can't Uefa tell the old G14 clubs to either like it or not to slam the door on their way out?
Dan McKie     Posted 27/06/2008 at 09:02:33   Comments (10)

City centre presence

With a lot being made of the lack of Everton Football Club's presence in the city centre I reckon we should take matters into our own hands.

Scarfs tied to lamp-posts, flags in shop windows etc etc etc - as if we were in a cup final or something (seize the day!). Please note I'm not advocating graffiti or litter or anything like that (hate all that crap) - this is something I want to do tastefully

I'm going to try and start this off this weekend and see if it takes off. Please join me. Maybe in a weeks time Everton FC will have huge presence in our city centre. Probably not but it's worth a go.
Mark Stone     Posted 27/06/2008 at 08:57:10   Comments (8)

Can This Be Serious!?

Ive just read in the Daily Mail that "Everton are relucantly going to sell Any Johnson for £10m to fund urgent tranfers". On the BBC website then says we are bigging £2m for a teenage left back from Leicester!!

Embarrassed!! Annoyed!! Confused!! Can this be fucking real!? We sell one of our better players, and the only one with any pace to fund transfers!? And to top it off, all the clubs intereseted are the teams we're battling with!! No wonder Moyes hasnt signed a contract, who in the right mind would!?

If this is true, it's a fucking joke and its going to be one long season. Moyes needs to be pulling some rabbits out the hat to even get close to acheiving what we did last season.

Yes this is probably knee jerk and a bit emotive, but I am sick and tired of the shit we get fed through the media. It all can't be lies, the stories have to start somewhere. The board need to get their fingers out their arses and sort something out quick. Or even better sell up and leave us all to move forward.
Carl  Wright     Posted 27/06/2008 at 08:52:02   Comments (15)

Bill and Keith — a defence?

As someone relatively new to Toffeeweb I have been surprised at the negativity towards Bill Kenwright and Keith Wyness. This is a genuine question, naive as it may seem, but why?

Bill Kenwright (I've only seen him on TV) seems to be a sincere man with the best interests of the club at heart. Keith Wyness I know nothing about other than the fact that someone thought he was a man who could do a job for our club.

I am opposed to Kirby, I think our club is badly marketed, I complain, like every football fan, about the board, but hope that there are people running the club who are better informed and wiser than me. Is there anyone out there who can defend Keith Wyness and explain that he is doing a good job? I would genuinely be glad to hear positive comments.
Andy Crooks     Posted 27/06/2008 at 00:34:40   Comments (35)

Supermarket IN stadium likely

I just had a peek inside the Mailbag and had a chuckle at people thinking that it was a typo regarding the supermarket inside the stadium. I'm an expat living in Seoul. I go to the match most weekends. The Seoul World Cup Stadium has a huge Carrefour supermarket underneath the pitch. It is a good utilisation of space and, to be honest, it is not that noticeable.

The stadium parking doubles up as good supermarket parking. The only problem is that it is open during match day so it is quite amusing dodging between away fans and determined mothers trying to get the weeks shopping in. If you look at the stadium you would never notice a huge supermarket lurking beneath!

Just so you all know. Supermarkets inside stadiums do exist and Tesco will no doubt be looking to utilise all space available.
Mike  Teppic     Posted 26/06/2008 at 23:49:47   Comments (10)

Profit of Doom

It seems to me that our "competitors" Newcastle, Villa, Spurs etc are in a much better financial position that us.

Given that the placings virtually match the money spent, I can't see us getting anywhere near the top 6 this season. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I can see us struggling, again, in 2008-09.
Danny  Bee     Posted 26/06/2008 at 22:57:07   Comments (21)

Shavin' £££

Did that performance this evening for Russia just prove that Andrei Arshavin is NOT worth the supposed £20M Barcelona were lining up, that he is actually not that good, or did his value just drop down to a reasonable level and we'll be able to get him in the end.

Do we still want him now the "big guns" will probably have cooled somewhat ?

I do.
David Smith     Posted 26/06/2008 at 22:08:19   Comments (17)

Tesco store inside the stadium?

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the article in Accountancy Age that is highlighted on the Toffeeweb homepage. The paper copy of the article (and, in fact, the online copy before it was modified) contained a couple of mistakes which show the quality of the research involved.

The club's "exuberant chairman" was given as "Ben Kenwright" and Manuel Fernandes was said to have "recently signed after a loan spell".

Accountancy Age may have some inside information, I suppose...but I doubt it.
David Roscoe     Posted 26/06/2008 at 16:30:01   Comments (17)

How Much Improvement?

In the absence of any transfer news at GP, I decided to take a few minutes to pick out my bets for the opening games of the season as I have come up with a system that has a chance of making me rich (FYI-if you bet on one game each week at odds of 1/2 on, starting from a tenna it will snow ball to over a million after 30 games).

Anyway, my point is that I came across the odds from Sky bet for EFC to win the Premiership without the top 4 and it would seem that although we have finished 4th, 5th and 6th in the last 4 years, that the bookies do not hold much faith in us for next season as the betting is as follows:-

Tottenham 9/4
Villa 4/1
Man City 5/1
Everton 6/1

Now my initial thought's were, cheeky bastards, what do we have to do to get some respect, but thinking about it, do they have a point as Tottenham are spending big and to be honest Villa ran us close last season and have a fair amount of cash and Man City are believed to have a titanic amount of cash to spend.

Are they right? Especially with Moyes not signing a new contract yet and rumours of us having little cash to spend, coupled with the fact that the other teams mentioned could well strengthen in depth and quality or does it simply come down to complete lack of respect for how good of a team we have become?

How much do we really need to improve?
Mark Griffiths     Posted 26/06/2008 at 14:13:53   Comments (4)

Speed things up!

I've been a bluenose for well over 40 years (god help me!) and have a lot of videos of us winning Leagues, Cups, etc over the years, but after watching a recent 'freebee' from EFC on the 1987 League win there is one thing that stands out compared to way we have been playing for a long time.

When watching footage of many games on the DVD, I couldn't get over how fast we attacked: the ball was fed down the flanks or down the middle, channels, etc at such pace teams were simply blown away.

Today's football seems so pedestrian compared to that and it would be great to see us play like that again, fast lowing football to feet. We don't need (but it would be nice!) to have world class players, just the philosophy of passing and moving quickly, it would surely give better results than our recent seasons.

Don't get me wrong, we are vastly improved from the recent past but when you see the speed we used to play at (and don't forget some of those players were not world class players either) it would be nice to see some sort of return... then I woke up in the shower!
Russ Quinlan     Posted 26/06/2008 at 12:20:24   Comments (8)

What Lies Beneath?

I was chatting football with a Spanish colleague on the way to work this morning and he mentioned to me that he had seen a report on the ground move on Spanish TV. No mention of moving outside city boundaries, they seemed to think the biggest problem would be relocating the bodies buried under the pitch!

Admittedley I didn't see the report but he was adamant that there really are, and him being Spanish there wasn't much chance of a language problem. Is he right? Please tell me he's not as he also told me Barça had agreed a ?15M fee for everybody's favourite Russian this morning.
Gary Walker     Posted 26/06/2008 at 11:08:16   Comments (13)

Letter to Everton Marketing Department

I have just sent an email to the marketing department at Everton. Thought I would post it on here for all to read. I think the moe pressure we put on them, the better! Let's see if they actually reply.

Good morning,

My name is Graham Duffy. I have been an Everton supporter all of my life. I have a Season Ticket in the Park End.

My concern is that on numerous occasions I have been to the Club Megastore in an attempt to purchase some Everton merchandise, and the vast majority of times I have been told that the items I want to buy are out of stock.

Most recently, last month, I went in to the Megastore to try and buy a car sticker and a scarf for the back window of my car. I was told that there was none in stock and that there would be no more until the new stock arrives in July.

Can you please explain to me why there was neither of said items in stock? I appreciate that the new home shirt is not out until July, but why, when the sticker and scarf show the Club Badge, and this is not changing, is there none in stock?

This poses another question as to why is the new shirt not available until July, when other Premier League teams wore their new shirts for the last game of the season?

Furthermore, please can you please explain why we have no Club Shop in city centre Liverpool, yet there is one in Birkenhead?

Given that this is the Capital of Culture year and as the Liverpool One shopping centre has recently opened, thus attracting thousands of visitors to the city, can you explain to me why we have no visible presence in our city centre?

JJB are supposed to be our ?retail partner?, but if you have actually set foot in their shops, you will know that their stock of Everton merchandise is an absolute joke. I was in JJB recently and all that was on show were Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea gear. When I asked for directions to their Everton merchandise, their employee pointed me to a discount bin which contained only xl Everton shirts and socks - Is this good enough for Everton??

Surely the club are missing out on a great deal of money when us fans are willing to pay our money for Everton merchandise, but the stock is not available.

Ian Ross said recently in defence of the relationship between Everton and JJB that shirt sales have increased since they took over. This is to be expected because we have been doing better on the pitch, however, I believe, along with many, many fellow Evertonians that we are completely neglecting the retail element of our football club. If we had our own Club Shop in city centre Liverpool, stocking wall to wall Everton merchandise, I believe that we would significantly nearer fulfilling our retail potential.

I look forward to your response to each of my concerns outlined above.


Graham Duffy
Graham Duffy     Posted 26/06/2008 at 10:33:33   Comments (29)

Old Days

Just watched Everton v Liverpool FA Cup tie from 1991, 4-4 after extra-time. Absolutely quality game, first time I'd seen it!

Couple of world class saves from Big Nev, Kendall and Harvey on the touchline, Graeme Sharp up front - quality.

Even better, Daglish resigned after and we won the replay!
Dan Parker     Posted 26/06/2008 at 02:57:13   Comments (13)

What's an Evertonian?

I didn't get a vote on Kirkby. My reasons for opposing the move are entirely sentimental and in some ways I feel that my views do not count as much as those of Tony Marsh or Gerald Madden but maybe there are some people who read ToffeeWeb who are in the same position as me. Here's why:

May 1966, FA Cup Final, Everton 2-0 down. I think, "I want this team to win..." So, I'm hooked for life.1968, my dad saves a few quid and we go (at huge expense then) to see Everton play Nottingham Forest. My God, Goodison Park seemed like the Vatican and the Taj Mahal rolled into one. The best day of my life and the best memory of my Dad that I have (crap game as I recall).

Then, the seventies, playing in the school team... pick what player you want to be .Well,I(honest to God) said "I'm Terry Darracott." Each trip to Goodison Park was like the greatest adventure on earth.

Then the eighties, working in Manchester, going to GP every home game ? the best days ever. Nowdays, I can't afford to go so often. So, am I still an Evertonian? I realize this might seem to the pragmatists like sentimental nonsense, but what the fuck , sentiment is under-rated. Not every Evertonian lives in Liverpool. There are many who didn't vote who don't want to go.
Andy Crooks     Posted 25/06/2008 at 23:46:47   Comments (20)

Moyes's future

With the speculation surrounding the delay of any announcement about Moyes?s future, I have begun to worry that his frustrations with the lack of spending power might finally have come to a head and initiate his departure. However, whilst I can imagine genuine concerns about our financial status, I do wonder if he is inclined to, just where would he go?

To be fair, Moyes isn?t top of any of the Sky4 clubs' wish-lists. He would probably be a popular choice for the Old Firm north of the border, but they hardly set the transfer world alight, albeit they need to spend less than in the English league to actually win silverwear.

As far as I know his international reputation is still fledging, but as with Steve McLaren, it seems English managers aren?t valued by the bigger clubs in Europe. So my point is, would he go to a Blackburn (obviously not now), a Boro or a West Ham? They hardly spend more than we do (West Ham?s recent splurge excepted) and are certainly a step-backwards in terms of recent league success. Newcastle may offer some more transfer funds, but the team is so poor he would have to spend £30m just to get the squad anywhere near the current Everton team!

My assessment is that, if we do spend around the £20M mark that has been mooted, we will be amongst the league?s biggest spenders (excluding the madness of the SKY4 transfer budgets). If the Board don?t back him to that extent then I would worry about his future, but hopefully he?ll realise that he?s not going to get much more of a war chest anywhere else.
Andrew Humphrey     Posted 25/06/2008 at 16:32:02   Comments (17)

Marketing and JJB

Having read all the comments on the difficulty buying merchandise from the existing megastore, and the lack of a city centre store, I emailed Everton, and refered them to some threads in the mailbag. To be fair I did get a reply and the guy had read the mailbag links as he copied them on the bottom of his email:



Thank you for your e-mail. We are launching our new kit on July 10th, and as a result we will have a greater presence in all JJB stores around that time, plus the club Megastore at the stadium, supported by all Replica Kit items including Goalkeeper kits, Training Range and related Accessories. This launch will be supported by outdoor media, press, radio and striking imagery outside the Megastore, including the Super Lamb Banana which is currently next to the Dixie Dean statue. The Megastore will also open early on launch day to service supporters on their way to work and school etc. JJB will also have additional window graphics and internal signage in their local stores to highlight kit launch. I am sure JJB will do everything they can to help promote Everton sales in their stores on July 10th and beyond.

We have increasing shirt sales year on year, and already pre-orders for the new shirt are higher than last season. We are very happy with the designs we have chosen this season, and all 3 kits are very strong, and we expect to have record sales again as a result.

We are looking at our options for a store in Liverpool City Centre, but we have no plans to open anything in the immediate future. This forms part of the review of our long term retail strategy.

I appreciate you taking time to contact me with your thoughts.


Gary Wilton
Dan Sedlak     Posted 25/06/2008 at 12:38:27   Comments (45)

Kirkby and the purse strings

Forgive me if this post comes across as completely naive on my part but I cannot help be but completely perplexed by this whole Kirkby scenario and how it affects our spending this pre-season.

Some media outlets say that how much David Moyes has to spend depends entirely on whether Destination Kirkby actually goes through; however, I am bemused by this. In what way would our spending be affected, and why should money for a stadium project affect squad building? Surely these are two completely different things and should not be related.

I have tried to understand how exactly our spending would be affected; if DK goes through, Everton will undoubtedly have to share the cost with Tesco, and if DK gets 'called in' and delayed this will also cost the club financially according to Keith Wyness, so it's a loss-loss scenario either way financially.

Everton are yet again in a situation where, after the best efforts of David Moyes and his playing staff, the club are in a stable position paired with which investment in quality playing staff and a bigger squad would arguably bridge the gap further and possibly even break the monopoly of the top four, yet they look as if they do not have the finance to do so. This is becoming an annoying trend and from my understanding would be further exacerbated by the Kirkby project being successfully implemented or even 'called in'.

The long term benefits of a new stadium are obvious, but I am quite frankly worried that the success of last season will not be sufficiently built upon this coming season with the quality purchases needed.

Furthermore, David Moyes's long term future as manager may well depend on the extent to which he and his squad is backed financially this pre-season and the delay is certainly worrying to say the least.
Dominic Fitzpatrick     Posted 25/06/2008 at 00:20:07   Comments (40)


I cannot bloody believe the latest rumours coming out of goodison park via the the local papers, suggesting that if the poxy stadium project gets called in then this will have an adverse effect on Mr Moyes spending plans. This is the last thing we need to hear now, it sounds like a ready made excuse for BK and KW.

For a multitude of reasons, this projet is totally wrong, but the one reason that concerned me the most is the one that is emminating out now. Moving should be the last thing we should be doing at this point in time as we finally might have a chance of breaking the sky four monoply, and I feel we are only 2/3 quality players from doing this. We need to focus all our energies and resources on obtaining this instead of splitting our fanbase and risking our current transfer kitty for the huge gamble on an out-of-town stadium.

You dont need to be a rocket scientist to work out that financially now is definately the wrong time to move ie credit crunch ,steel prices etc... I have a few friends around the country who support Spurs, Villa , Birmingham City, Utd and the ilk ,and all of them can't believe we are moving out of town to the stadium I showed them at this moment in time, but the biggest question they asked was why would your fans suupport that??? Now that's another story.
Steve  Wolfe     Posted 24/06/2008 at 10:50:59   Comments (54)

Arshavin or bust?

A purely hypothetical question, but considering that it is widely rumoured we only have £20mill to spend, and Arshavin's price tag seems to have risen from £8m to £18m, should we put all our eggs in one basket and just try to sign one outstanding player rather than 3 or 4 average players?
William Morris     Posted 24/06/2008 at 08:54:42   Comments (40)

Uefa Cup ? Waste of effort?

My article is triggered by an article in today's Guardian. The article highlights the financial rewards the English clubs made from last seasons Champions League. The list excluded gate takings and Man Utd topped the list with £33.9 Million. Chelsea made £28.7 M, LFC made £21.1M and Arsenal made £18.3 M.

Nice rewards if you can get them! So, what you may be asking yourself , did EFC make from our UEFA Cup run? £400k !! Yes, you read it right, £400K! It highlights the financial gap starkly as Arsenal spend their C League wad and announce the signing of Samir Nasri, the 'New Zidane', and we await with bated breath the signing of the 'New Carsley'.

I recall Tony Marsh being slated on this site for posting that the Uefa Cup is a waste of time and we should bail out as soon as possible. I agree with Tony on quite a few things and hope this short atricle will bring a few people round to the idea that we should play our weakest team and bail out of this Mickey Mouse competition and concentrate everything on getting that C League spot and join the gravy train.
Ray Said     Posted 23/06/2008 at 18:04:42   Comments (54)

Where next for the Blues?

I know we probably say this every year, but this month is crucial in terms of what can happen to our club.

Davie is apparently on his well deserved holidays. UEFA 2008 finishes on the 29th June, so things will soon start to get moving on the transfer front as we move into pre season.

  1. Will David Moyes sign a new contract ?
    I imagine this will depend on funds available, as well as a board that can share his aspirations. From what I have seen Moyes would stay if they can deliver, why wouldn't he ? This is all down to the board. If they fail in this, we are in deep trouble and the fallout would be massive. He is a good manager, not perfect, but stability is starting pay off for the blues and we are seen as a model club.
  2. Transfers
    Often we see a player like Ashton at Crewe to Arshavin at Zenit, but we cannot seem to close the deal early on and often are priced out, once the cat is out of the bag. We cannot deny that money does come eventually, but it is often late in the day, from unknown sources (debt ! Philip Green !). I bet this really annoys Moyes as I am sure he has a clear idea of the players he would like and the money to make it a reality.
  3. The competition
    As well as the SKY 4 - new money seems to be swishing around other clubs like Spurs, City and Portsmouth. Not saying we should sell out to the nearest Oligarch but the challenge to the board is the same, if we do not spend we will fall away from the top 4 not break into it. No doubt we have found some nuggets like Lescott and Cahill but we will need more depth and improved quality if we are to break into and compete in the Champions League. Other than the bottom 5 or 6 team, the rest of the league will be tough.
  4. New Stadium - The new arena at Kings Dock sticks in my throat every time I see it.
    I voted yes, because I thought we might get a fab new stadium to compete with the best in the UK, that could host finals and concerts, provide revenue for the club and we could be proud of it. However I am starting to think it is all going pear shaped and the new stadium is looking like an out of town white elephant. Having seen the Bernabeu recently, the new designs don't get me particularly excited. I love Goodison but accept that it too is not ideal. The new Anfield will no doubt get everything and we will get bugger all as usual.

Again the board need to pull a rabbit out of the hat if we are to move forward.

I will aways support the blues regardless of the stadium location and our position in the league. The real pressure is on the board to deliver. That is;. Keep Moyes, provide him the cash early on so we make some significant signings in quality and depth.

Deliver us stadium and a business model that can drive the club forward and allow us to compete with the SKY 4.

I am not ante the board, they have some real tough challenges, but our future success may well be based on the strategic and financial decisions they make in the next month. The key measure for them - Can they deliver what the club needs ? If not then take our thanks and move over, don't screw it up for year's to come !
Chris  Kelly     Posted 23/06/2008 at 16:05:24   Comments (20)

Should we be worried?

A lot of conflicting rumours going around about Everton over the weekend and today. Some are saying that Moyes is halting on a contract as he doesnt know what money he has to spend until stadium issue is sorted. Some say that Moyes is actually going as there is no money (if he was definatly going wouldnt he have gone by now?). Some are saying that Moyes is going to be offered the biggest contract any Everton manager has had and is going to sign or is trying to sign a number of players.

To me it is same old summer activity from Everton FC. Staying quiet about what they actually are doing and then we will be hit with a bombshell of some sort in the coming weeks. I for one hope its along the lines of the last few pre seasons where we have spent some money on some quality addition. If Moyes was to quit I think it would take a big man to fill his boots. Anyone else worried about the silence at Goodison and Finch farm?
Craig Taylor     Posted 23/06/2008 at 16:18:05   Comments (38)

Bent or AJ?

With Spurs signing Dos Santos and Modric, as well as already having Berbatov and Keane, it's being reported (in the Telegraph) that Bent will be allowed to leave for around £8m and that Everton are front runners.

Two things... first of all this report could be absolute rubbish, but it makes sense to me that Bent would be available given Spurs new signings plus the fact that Ramos very rarely started him last season. Secondly, our priority is midfield as we all know, but if we could move on AJ and bring in Bent for a similar price, thus leaving the transfer kitty relatively untouched... who would you rather have, Bent or AJ?
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 23/06/2008 at 13:50:00   Comments (52)

Going home...?

I thought I'd use this relative lull in the stadium debate to ask why not many people see moving to Anfield as a realistic and attractive alternative to Kirkby?

A ready made 45,000+ capacity stadium, plenty of executive boxes to keep Wyness happy and a famous name to boot.

This should at the very least be Plan C.
Jon Gorman     Posted 23/06/2008 at 12:01:08   Comments (18)

Good to be back!

Now safely ensconced in a new job in the private sector (some will say the waste disposal industry was waiting for me!) I can ,at last, renew my aquaintance with ToffeeWeb and the wonderful world of Everton fanatics.

As an `outsider` for the best part of 12 months,I have been struck by how divided we are over virtually every issue related to the Club except, perhaps, the almost universal recognition of David Moyes as a manager of true genius! What has particularly motivated my return to these columns is the apparent air of doom that hangs over the fiuture of the Club at a time when we should all be at our most optimistic.

Let`s face it, there is nothing unusual in a manager taking his time to say `yes`to a new contract ? however fabulous the terms on offer ? and it is certainly not the end of the world that, in common with virually every other top-notch club, we are still awaiting news of new signings. Whilst even average Premier League players can command £20k per week it is natural to allow their present clubs to pay for their summer beach time!

Of course, Destination Kirkby has become a most devisive factor but whether for or against the move, it remains obvious that the status quo is not an option and that with Tesco`s help, the club has at least a chance of getting a new home without breaking the bank.

It would,of course, be too much to hope that we shall ever all sing from the same hymn-sheet but I have no doubt that the Club is more stable and healthy than for decades and that we can afford to be just a little smug at the present time.

It`s good to be back!
Richard Dodd     Posted 23/06/2008 at 11:03:22   Comments (14)

AJ on his way?

Just a quick comment really with regards to Andy Johnson. How on earth in this day and age, with inflated prices left right and centre, would the club consider selling Johnson for anything less than the £8.6M we paid for him?

I like Johnson, his work rate is second to none and in an ideal world I'd like to keep him. However, his touch is pretty dire and if we need to sell to improve the team then so be it. Personally I'd like to see us get Downing in from Boro on a part exchange if not a straight swap.
Ray Lupton     Posted 23/06/2008 at 11:19:37   Comments (13)

Marketing or not

For those amongst you who have visited Liverpool One, you can't fail to have noticed that our presence in the city centre is as near to zero as it is possible to get. Many articles have been written here about the lack of club shop in the city centre and why this is due to the supposed losses of the previous venture adjacent to Central Station. Surely though having a presence is as much a part of marketing of actually making money from the marketing campaign itself?

Working for a major supermarket chain I am aware that the reason we and our competitors advertise is simply that others do, and if you slip off the radar then competitors will gain market share. Now I know that "selling" a football club is about more than the price of bread BUT when I walk through the city centre it is difficult for me to explain to my kids that we are a major club given the fact that the darkside are everywhere.

Yesterday I was in Kew near Southport and happened to go into the JJB superstore there. Now I thought that we were supposed to have some "tie-up" or something with JJB but on entering the store it was wall to wall darkside. Search as I did there was not visible item of EFC merchandising. Before anybody says this is because a new shirt is imminent how does this explain the lack of ANYTHING? There was actually significantly more bloody basketball stuff than EFC related!

No surprise then that I read somewhere last week that EFCs average age of fan is 40 something. As ever a short sighted policy that will come back to hurt us in years to come.
John Waugh     Posted 23/06/2008 at 09:00:02   Comments (6)

Asian Blueprint

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the supposed Everton blueprint for Asia? Other than this TV show what are they doing in Thailand, China etc in terms of marketing and sales...

Basically an Italian consortium have formed a partnership with AC Milan to market the A.C brand in Asia. They are looking for someone to come in and basically run with the ball and seem impressed with some basic ideas i have--just wondering how I could compare my thoughts with what Everton have already done etc...
Mark Cassin     Posted 23/06/2008 at 04:56:50   Comments (8)

Glass always empty!

Today's rags brought contrasting tales about Everton's current position in the transfer market. Depending on your choice of paper, you will either believe that Moyes is on the brink of signing a 5-year £12M contract and ready to embark on a summer transfer splurge (courtesy of the Sunday Express), or you will think that he's on the point of packing it in, frustrated by a lack of funds and with the board for being more interested in the stadium (courtesy of The People or Kopite Chris Bascombe at the NOTW).

Alternatively, you may not have picked up a paper today, therefore you might be relying on ToffeeWeb to bring you up to speed. No prizes for guessing which of the two stories ToffeeWeb decided to showcase on their headlines page! Bloody doom and gloom merchants, the lot of ya!
Jon Sellick     Posted 22/06/2008 at 16:56:58   Comments (35)

Are we just small fry?

While bearing witness to Arshavin's performance against the Dutch, I was partly delighted and partly in agony. I was delighted because I haven't seen a performance of this order since the heyday of Maradona. And I was in agony because we could have signed this player for less than ten million just a few months ago.

Now, it is goodbye to Arshavin. We are simply not a big enough club. Or are we? There were times when great footballers longed to put on the royal blue jersey. But nowadays we have players choosing upstart clubs like Blackburn and Boro ahead of us. How did this come about?

I will reflect only briefly on what brought us here. It is true that we chose the worst possible time to become a poor football team, viz., when big money was pouring into the top league. But, alas, how differently things could have turned out if, prior to the 87/88 season, Colin Harvey had been determined to build on the potential of our great club by making new signings (Barnes and Beardsley!), rather than attempting to ride the wave of past success.

I am tired of Evertonians who complain about the poor financial condition of our club. Yes, money does matter. But there are key moments in history that can change the fortunes of football clubs, men, and nations. It is for men of foresight to recognise these moments. If a bank robbery and murder is required of us in order to sign Arshavin, then this is precisely what we should do. It is my firm belief that with Arshavin we can break the top four monopoly. And I have my sights set much farther than that.

We are no upstarts. We are no small fry. We are Everton for God's sake! Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is our motto. To me it is no empty slogan. It is a motto to live by. It should permeate all our undertakings. Do those who run our club ever meditate on these words? If they don't, then let these words be carved on their gravestones:

Dominic  Bobadilla     Posted 21/06/2008 at 23:56:53   Comments (26)

Russians are the way forward...

How good are the Russian side in this European Championship? Let's be honest they have a decent manager with a good record. But we have to remember that they are the youngest squad, and knocked us out of the group stage easily. Arshavin - A true class act, not to mention the center back and left back who both have amazing vision and shooting accuracy from distance. Does anyone else agree that we should be buying players from this side of the world while they are young, cheap, and in their prime? Remenmber, it was the Russian side that won the UEFA cup this year, surely they can help us to the next level?
Joe Holden     Posted 21/06/2008 at 23:44:27   Comments (13)

Tony Henry........

Isn't Frank Arneson Chelsea's Director of Football or is he tasked with talent spotting?

Whatever the role, does anyone know of this guy Henry's credentials?
Andy Lea     Posted 21/06/2008 at 20:25:25   Comments (6)

Bringing Home the Bacon

There has been a great deal of credit attibuted to Bill Kenwright for having faith in David Moyes. Without Moyes the club was in dire trouble and his shrewd Scottish approach has drawn the best out of many within the squad. Indeed many have said that he has them punching over their weight.

I think it was more a case of Moyes delivering solid performances than faith from BK. I remember how much BK would praise Walter Smith. I guess you're only as good as your last game. It's a shame that doesn't apply to the board. Can you imagine if it was the board that was sacked for poor performances instead of the manager? Now that would bring accountability back into the game!
Christine Foster     Posted 21/06/2008 at 14:32:14   Comments (10)

Mikel Arteta

According to the boys at NSNO we have 'signed' a personal fitness coach (Joaquin Acedo) to work with Mikel Arteta for two weeks out of every month, does it signal indeed that Mikel is going nowhere and has anybody else heard anything about it. I haven't seen anything on the official site or anywhere else for that matter.
Carl Warriner     Posted 21/06/2008 at 13:34:12   Comments (5)

The Echo

Don?t you just love the Echo at this time? They have a policy to come up with a Blues story every day and our superb club PR team duly oblige. However, this all costs money and to save us the cost of the Blues PR team I have written some headlines for the next few days. May save the club a few quid...

?Lescott: we need to invest in a new ball.?

?Arteta: missing tapas scare?

?Baines: splinter nearly out of finger boost.?

?Superlambanana backs Kirkby?

?MK Dons hail EFC progress?

?Neville: Blues must eat fish?

?Blues join race for Ronaldo?

?Keioc: Kirkby leprosy claim?

?I knew in the first 5 seconds,? recalls Kenwright.

?Ground share with Marine gathers pace?

I can supply Dominic King full copy for these stories if he needs a holiday and every ToffeeWeb reader can have a copy to save 46p.
Ged Simpson     Posted 21/06/2008 at 08:28:23   Comments (33)

Impending Signings

Not into rumours and oh this fella said that and someone else said this, but Everton will complete the treble signings of Kris Boyd, Sean Wright-Phillips and Manuel Fernandes next week. Boyd for £3M, Wright-Phillips for an initial loan (loan fee £2M, then perm deal for £8m pre agreed) and Fernandes will sign for £5.5m. Everton are also in talks to sign Jimmy Bullard with Anichebe going in the other direction.
Thomas Kennedy     Posted 21/06/2008 at 00:11:18   Comments (12)

Gamst Pederson

Ok I'm bored and succumbing to Football ?Manager fever, but in the face of people wildly speculating about players on show at Euro 2008 I got thinking about players who maybe aren't in the spotlight at the moment. With Hughes's defection from Blackburn there is predictable speculation about Bentley and Santa Cruz, but Gamst Pederson appears to be off most people's radars. He had a poor season last year but I do wonder if he would be a worthwhile addition to oour squad? Perhaps a fresh challenge may get the best out of him again. Whilst some may say he is simialr to pienaar we do need cover and competition. I do wonder if he would cost too much as well as he isn't 'flavour of the month' at the moment. What does everyon else think (not that we'll make it any likely we'll sign him, but we love a bit of speculation on here!)?
Andy Morden     Posted 20/06/2008 at 21:41:55   Comments (10)

Foreign No 2?

Looking at the signings made over the past few years by Premier League clubs, it seems that the majority have obviously been foreign players wanting to ply their trade in the richest league in the world. The best and brightest young talent (Ronaldo, Tevez, Modric, most of the Arsenal kids) all seem to be picked up by clubs with foreign managers or at least a foreign Number 2 (Queiroz, Ramos/Poyet, Wenger et al).

I think David Moyes has for the most part been very astute in his transfer dealings (aside from the few we all know about), I just wonder how much more appealing Everton as a club would be to some of these foreign players if we were to have a Number 2 from the continent, or even from Asia or Brazil ? sure there would be language problems but think of the benefits of a coach that understands the continental mentality and the way European clubs work.

Moyes knows all about how the Premier League works by now, let's get someone in with a fresh perspective and who knows, we might end up with the next Lionel Messi or Sergio Aguero....
Neil Adams     Posted 20/06/2008 at 19:45:16   Comments (2)

Anti-Kirkby Cavalcade

Well some of you lads asked for it. Now it's here.

2pm Saturday Kirkby Stadium.

Your chance to get your feelings known about the TescoDome.

Jay Harrison     Posted 20/06/2008 at 16:40:24   Comments (14)

Tom Huddlestone

Whether you like him or not, I have heard thet Everton will be making Spurs an offer for Tom Huddlestone after losing out on Dutch international Orlando Engelaar. The fee will be around £7m and Tottenham will be looking to offload after signing another midfielder today.
Terry Smith     Posted 20/06/2008 at 13:28:39   Comments (39)

Joleon signs...

Joleon Lescott has signed on the dotted line for a brand spanking new Aston Martin. He has been to the factory today to see it being built. I asked my mate to ask him who we're going to signed but he said they were not allowed to talk to him, I'm gutted. Anyway, he deserves his treat ? he's going to be Everton's future captain .
Lee Rogers     Posted 20/06/2008 at 12:08:44   Comments (15)

Does size really matter?

It is well known that as a squad we are struggling for physical size (and numbers, but that is a different discussion). So much so we have to play Lescott at left back and exclude the exciting talent that is Baines (who incidently has excellent initials for his position).

Apart from Engelaar (who I don't rate at all) and Huddlestone the options available to us / names mentioned are hardly giants, e.g. Arshavin, Turan, Thomson, Moutinho, Annan, Saviola, Van der Vaart, Downing, Johnson, Riquelme.

(aside: Has anyone else noticed that Chelsea now have three good right backs - surely one of them could be up for grabs cut-price?)

This got me thinking, where is the height in the top teams?

Arsenal: Adebayor, Gallas, Toure Man Utd: Ronaldo, Vidic, Ferdinand Chelsea: (ok, most of this lot, bad example).

We already have Lescott, Yobo and the Yak all in the starting line-up, and I agree some height and strength in the middle of the park is required, but given that we would start to see ourselves on a par with the top 3 for physical presence.

After that it is more a luxury than a necessity to have height, especially on our budget. More importantly for me, if we are going to try and play the 'total' football seen on occasion last year at Goodison (and frequently at Old Trafford and The Emirates) maybe the focus should be on pace and agility. This brings all the players on the previous list back into the fold, and a good few more too.
Mike Smith     Posted 20/06/2008 at 11:01:34   Comments (2)


For all the talk of pending transfers. my one wish is to see James Vaughan fully fit and raring to go. I do believe this kid could be a star, natural finisher with plenty of aggression ? though he needs to channel it in the right direction. Forget the millions that's going to get wasted this season, this boy must be hungry for first-team football and once there he'll take some shifting BUT injuries is the worry. Hate to see us selling him for buttons then he reaches his potential. So come on, Vaughany ? 2008-09 is made for you.
Tony  Cornmell     Posted 20/06/2008 at 09:36:47   Comments (15)


I received the Evertonia membership application form in the post yesterday, as I?m sure many of you did. Decided that its worth the £19.99 a year to get the jump on the available match tickets etc.

Come into work this morning, logged on to the site to sign up as per the information leaflet and lo and behold the website is still set up for last season?s membership!

I mean come on Everton??? This must be one of the easiest revenue streams to operate and they balls this up too!? It beggars belief to think that we operate in the same league as the likes of our Northwest neighbours.
Chris Lawlor     Posted 20/06/2008 at 09:32:13   Comments (9)

An unbiased report

Caught a programme last night on Star Sports called Football Cities about Liverpool and given the complaints about media bias lately I thought it was a very fair effort.

They of course showed both teams but when at Anfield pointed out that it's where Everton once played and where Liverpool were born out of thorough greed.

They showed Goodison and mentioned our long history and talked about Dixie and did some background on the City itself.

The only thing I can fault them on is that they said Liverpool are the most successful team in the English League ? depends on how you measure success I guess. And they only talked about Liverpool from the 70's (except for their birth) missiing out their legends of the 60s.

It was probably made a couple of seasons ago as Bellamy was still in their team and my guess is it was produced by an Asian company with a target audience in Asia as the presenter was Asian.

So maybe that's why it was unbiased...
Eric Myles     Posted 20/06/2008 at 03:33:26   Comments (18)

There's football and there's rubbish

In the Euros it happened just once and I wonder did anyone else notice? A Dutch defender hoofed a useless long ball of the kind so often seen at Goodison. It was met with a deafening jeer from both sets of fans while all his team mates within camera range stood with hands on hips glaring at the culprit. The team coach was seen to throw his hands in the air in disgust. Makes one wonder at the kind of football played in the EPL.
Dick Fearon     Posted 19/06/2008 at 00:22:30   Comments (39)

Stadium Costs

It has recently been announced the cost of the new Olympic Stadium in London has risen from £280m to £525m in three years.

The rise in price has been blamed on oil costs, construction costs, raw materials and the credit crunch. We may find moving and redevlopment of GP out of our hands financially until we find new investors. Frightening scenario for all concerned. Does anyone know any Russian billionaires?
Kevin  Tully     Posted 18/06/2008 at 21:46:29   Comments (35)

Ar(you)shavin a laff?

Sat here watching Russia steam past Sweden and seeing our last lingering hopes of landing Arshavin evaporate in a cloud of smoking agents with pound signs in their eyes and thoughts of 'my clients looking for Champions League football' forming in their greedy little pea-sized brains.

Although I never expected us to make any in roads into the market till late June/early July I have to say that I think we've missed out on a brilliant opportunity here. We fans (and we're led to believe Moyes too) have had our eye on this lad since our UEFA group game and had we acted earlier we might have had a genuine chance of landing him ? although not a certainty.

Now he's a Russian hero though, we'll have all the Premier league suspects (doubtless including a prominent countryman) wearing a path to his door, he'll be £10mill+ with wages to match and the chance of us signing him are about as good as Liverpool sharing their new stadium...

Ah well, onwards and sideways... at least we won't face any additional competition when persuing those Polish, Swiss, Greek, Austrian and Romanian starlets. We might be able to pick up some cut-price aging French and Czechs too!
Chris James     Posted 18/06/2008 at 20:52:25   Comments (43)

Bentley? No Thanks

According to todays Daily Mail, DM will bid for David Bentley as a replacement for Mikel Arteta who is apparently going to Spain for £8 million. First of all, I wouldn't want Bentley anywhere near the club. There is a fantastic spirit at Goodison Park and I really don't think he would add to it.

I think that Mikey will go (hopefully for more than £8 million) and to be honest I wouldn't be too sorry. He's been great for the club but I think we've seen the best of him. Cash in now. I think DM should look further than the European Championships for signings. Over-inflated prices for players who turn it on once in their careers. I still think Michael Bradley would be a good move. Also, what about Jimmy Bullard?
Andy Crooks     Posted 18/06/2008 at 17:04:15   Comments (18)

Moved matches

Don't forget that the home game against Wigan scheduled for Sat 4th April 2009 will be moved to Sunday 5th because of the Grand National. Another fixture that was supposed to alternate between us and Liverpool but this is the 3rd season in a row it's our home game.
Mick Hoban     Posted 18/06/2008 at 13:30:26   Comments (1)

Who said that?

Just Read this on the BBC website:

"We only have one word to describe this stadium - perfection. The club will be playing a big part in the regeneration of the city and our fans will have the very best in terms of facilities and amenities, as well as an excellent viewing experience"

Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie on their new stadium to be built on the waterfront within Portsmouth "CITY"!!!!

This debate is going to go on raging and raging until it falls flat on it's face for one group of us. I don't want to go and I've said so in my other posts. I've seen and read all of the garbage coming from Everton and especially Wyness. We all know he can't be trusted with Everton's best interests. Surely this is more evidence that City stadiums are the way to go?

I'm wondering why Wyness hasn't come out and said the same as Storrie?? I'm thinking it's because he know's he's fucking us silly!!!!!!!!!
John  Hughes     Posted 18/06/2008 at 12:32:05   Comments (50)

The latest speculation

I am fully preparing myself to get shot at here, but I wanted to add my tuppence worth to the argument for potential additions to the squad.

There is talk this morning regarding a possible move for Bentley on the proviso that Mikky moves back to Spain. From a solely personal perspective and based entirely on the showings of last season alone, I think this would be a bloody good like for like. Arteta showed glimpses of brillance in what was an injury-plagued campaign. I do not doubt that having continual niggles and knocks is not conducive to a Ronaldo-esque season, but I for one was growing a little bit concerned on occasion by what I perceived as a lack of effort on behalf of the little man.

Plus, when is he going to realise that for all of his ability his set plays are absolutely shite? I think he beat the first man on a corner possibly twice last season and took maybe three or four memorable free-kicks. Not only is it that the set plays aren't the best, its his attitude towards others (most notably Stevie P) when a freekick is awarded that annoys me. He immediately strides over to the ball and won't allow anybody else to have a look in. This is all well and good if you are ripping a hole in the back of the net from 25 yards, but if you can't even work the keeper, let somebody else have a pop.

Bentley, at club level alone, is a class act. One of the lads in work is a Rovers season ticket holder (he is a bit of an inbred before you comment), and he waxes lyrical about the kid. He explained to me recently that Santa Cruz in his opinion is a fairly average player and his record of last season was largely down to the imaginative play of Bentley. Granted when it comes to the international team, the boy seems a little out of place (to be honest, I think Lescott is very similar when he plays for England) but I am sure it will come. Yes he is very confident (verging on arrogant) and yes he is a spice boy with a twat of a haircut, but he is dynamic, can beat a man, loves running a players, has some pace and his delivery is mostly very good.

In my opinion, outside of probably the Arsenal and Villa games (and on both occasions we very much contributed to our own downfalls), I thought the Rovers game at Goodison early in the season was amongst the toughest we played. Bentley, Pedersen and Cruz caused us no end of trouble and had it not been for a lovely finish from Jimmy Mc we would have been justifiably beaten.

The long and short of it, is that for me personally, were Mikky and his advisors looking to engineer a move back to sunny Spain, Bentley would be an absolutely fantastic signing.

Also, I bloody well hope we avoid Engelaar of Holland. I saw him play the first two games (I watched the Italy game last night, so I apologise if the boy had a stormer against Romania), and whilst he played well in the first his distribution is crap. He looks to me like a broad shouldered Momo Sissoko, and look what a fucking bullet we dodged there. To be a team challenging the top four, you need a holding midfielder who is accomplished on the ball, wins tackles and retain possession. Sissoko was like a headless chicken and Orlando doesn't look much better.
Nick Coyne     Posted 18/06/2008 at 08:58:45   Comments (54)

Ticket Help

I am an American Blue (If I can say that) living in New York City. I started following Everton a few years ago and have grown closer to the squad with every passing game. I have met a group of Everton Supporters here in the city. Most of them are from Merseyside. They have definitely been more then hospitable to an outsider looking to join the fray.

Anyway, to the point already. I would like nothing more then to see them up close at Goodison. I was trying to figure out the best way to aquire tickets and make the trip over the pond.

I was checking out flights (any good bets?) and saw the best rates seem to be around $700 or £350. Is the fall the best time to make the trip,or winter? Any help from the local blues would be greatly appreciated.
Matthew Braine     Posted 17/06/2008 at 15:51:31   Comments (23)

Ticket advice

I currently live in London so do not get to see as many games as I would like, and when I do go I book through the Everton Box Office hotline. However, I am going to buy a season ticket for myself and also for the old man but have a few questions:

1. As a season ticket holder is it easier to get away tickets (quite a few in London and I hate sitting with the opposition fans)?

2. Where is the best place to sit and enjoy the game, ideally no restricted views (would not be good considering 400-mile round trip!)

Fellow Everton fans please help. Thanks.
James Crolla     Posted 16/06/2008 at 21:11:01   Comments (10)

Interesting soundbites

Firstly did anyone else notice David Bentley's little added comment of, "I want to play in the Champions League or at least Europe", opening the way for Everton to bid for him. He's English, an international proven, pacy... he's an ideal signing.

Secondly news of Manuel Fernandes signing for a supposed £6m is great news bargain buy in my eyes.

Thirdly has anyone else been impressed with Orlando Engelaar? He'd add that much needed height, calm passing ability and strength in midfield. Imagine of a midfield of Pienaar, Arteta, Engelaar, Cahill, Bentley.

Finally, why is it the 2nd Derby game is again away, surely no coincidence.
Thomas Hardy     Posted 16/06/2008 at 16:48:55   Comments (27)

Arda Turan

Anyone else been impressed by this 21-yr old winger? Seeing him linked to us earlier in spring I've paid some attention to the guy and he looks damn impressive. Great skill, a knack for scoring and a big presence in the Turkey team. Sadly his value won't have gone down during this tournament, but he'd be a bargain at £15mill if you ask me.

He can cut inside, go wide, dribble and put in decent crosses. And most importantly, he can score. Didn't see him lose the ball once against the Czechs. If there's just a small chance of accquiring this guy, buy!
Paul Olsen     Posted 16/06/2008 at 13:50:52   Comments (18)


It's that exciting time of the year when we can scroll down the fixture list and check for certain games. In many ways it's nice to avoid the big 3 early on and on paper we have quite a nice August and September. However, playing all the new clubs in our first 3 aways games could prove tricky, these being games we would want points from.

The fixture list looks like it could build a positive start to help us build a successful season.
Ian Barker     Posted 16/06/2008 at 11:36:07   Comments (22)

Nuno No No?

Did anyone see Moysey last night on MOTD talking about Big Phil going to Chelsea? It was just following that embarrassing interview with Scolari and Nuno Gomes - DM said he had inside knowledge of Big Phil's motivational skills what with Nuno Gomes being at Everton.

Have we just made our first signing of the close season or does DM not know which Nuno is in his squad?
Chris McGlynn     Posted 16/06/2008 at 10:36:01   Comments (13)

You're 43, you're beautiful & you're mine!

In a few of the recent mail bag battles over the Kirkby move, I've seen a stat mentioned about the average age of our supporters. It's 43 apparently! Anyone know where this number came from? Is it the average age of season ticket holders attending Goodison? How does it compare to other clubs?

I guess the gut feeling is that its on the oldish side and the implication is that we are not attracting young supporters and why. Obviously lack of success in the last 10 yrs - really its over 20 yrs since we were really successful. I would have thought that might affect our global fan base more rather than locally on Merseyside where loyalty would be handed down from father to son (or daughter)?
Ciaran Duff     Posted 16/06/2008 at 09:58:49   Comments (14)

Fernandes & Bentley

Now hearing reports (rumours *cough*) of Fernandes going for more of a bargain deal at 6mill, we have to pick him up for this figure if this is true.

I swear I'll be the first to purchase a new Everton top with FERNANDES on the back. He'll be one of our steps up in class! I've always supported him, even through the bad and knowing he works/fits the mould he's a must have!

Other news just now, is that Bentley is finally wanting to be on the move. (is that good English? lol) I've always liked him as a player and feel he'd be a great addition to our squad. When thinking of Blackburn he's the player that comes to mind, and if he wants Euro football, well we have it, and next year with him on board and Fernandes, we'll be offering them even better in 09/10!
Mike Coates     Posted 16/06/2008 at 03:56:35   Comments (34)

Cahill update

Tim Cahill was on Oz TV this mornings at his old school having a schoolyard kick around with students.

Tim comes across as a really genuine, nice bloke. I saw no sign of protective footwear.
Dick Fearon     Posted 16/06/2008 at 02:28:28   Comments (2)

Boycott suggestion

As a season ticket holder and 'no' voter, I am becoming incresingly concerned about this Kirkby business. I know that stadium boycotts have been mooted in the past, but I feel that this is the only way to show the misguided custodians of our club the strength of feeling about this move. Obviously people are reluctant to miss a game that they have paid for, so what about organising a boycott for a televised game? At least we would be able to follow the game, albeit on TV.

This would also ensure that maximum embarrasment would be caused to the powers that be in front of a national audience. I recognise that there are drawbacks with this form of protest, but surely desperate times call for desperate measures. I certainly don't want to harm the team or the club, but I feel that nothing could be more detrimental than leaving our city.
Neil McDonald     Posted 15/06/2008 at 20:51:23   Comments (26)

Liverpool City Council

Maybe I am getting a little paraniod over this, but does anyone feel that there is something not quite fair happening at the moment? There are a number of issues now that have happened with our great city council that have been in all honesty totally anti-Everton.

OK, even if you are for Kirkby or not, the way Everton's sale of Bellefield was comprehensively 'knocked back' beggars belief, especially alfter they granted a 70,000 monstrosity to be built on public parkland. Was there not opposition to this build? Of course there was. The whole thing stinks and I worry this non-sale will affect Moysie's funds this summer, it must have a knock-on effect, we're talking about £15 million for the sale of this land.

In the end of the day the council will always bend over backwards for LFC simply because of the revenue brought in from outside the city for every Liverpool home game, you simply cannot get a hotel room in the city when they are playing at home. Also have you seen where the kopite lambbannana is situated, in Williamson Square; the Everton lamb is outside Goodison ? says it all really...
Mick Gillian     Posted 15/06/2008 at 02:20:06   Comments (10)


I just want to guage people's opinion's regarding the Euro 2008 finals at the moment. I for one think they have been one of the better tournament's i have seen, probably since the World Cup in Spain in '82 I think. Great tournaments are all about great matches and already there has been some great games.

My question is as Evertonians, have we really missed England in these Championships? Of course if England are in the finals we all sit around the big screen blues and reds, but do we really care? What do england mean to you? I remember a couple of year's ago, a survey was done nationally, the question asked was 'if you had a choice of England winning the World Cup or your team winning the League what would you pick' it was 90 odd % from London and the south picked England, whereas here it was the opposite.....

England mean nothing to me, this tournament has backed this up. COYB
Mick Gillian     Posted 15/06/2008 at 02:03:35   Comments (36)

Buy now....PAY NOW?

Has any one else used the Everton Mastercard to purchase season tickets on the buy now pay later deal? I did this last year, no problems. This year, however, I am getting letters off banks telling me I owe them £12 intrest payments.. Anyone else having the same problem? Or am I just feeling sorry for myself?
Andy Spence     Posted 14/06/2008 at 10:40:42   Comments (7)

Everton TV

I am looking for an unbaised opinion on Everton TV and have a few questions about it before I buy.

  1. Firstly, is it good?
  2. What does it cover?
  3. Does it have alot of new content daily?
  4. Does it have any match coverage (highlights, live?)
  5. How's the picture?
  6. Does it have many clitches?
On a personal note, we have a very fast broadband connection in our house and we are wirelessly connected to a small network of computers. If you subscribe does anyone know if you can watch it on more than one computer in your home as long as they are on the same network?

Anyone who has Everton TV I would be very grateful for anyhting you may be able to tell me about why I should or should not purchase it!

Thanks in advance
Ian Ankers     Posted 13/06/2008 at 13:20:55   Comments (21)

Just Like The American Election

I've been living in the States for a number of years and am closely following the Presidential election here. But reading the general public respond to newspaper articles or blog entries is so dispiriting as so much of these responses are made up of personal abuse/insults, ignoring the facts you find inconvenient or acting like there's no grey area in the debate.

It's become kind of like that on ToffeeWeb regarding the Stadium debate. Every thread seems to descend into a slanging match and people shouting at each other. A lot of responses seem to be off the cuff, impulsive and pretty emotional. Nothing wrong with that as an initial reaction, but what about taking some time to calm down and gaining some objectivity before writing in? Does it really need to be that way? And not just because we're all Evertonians, but because ultimately it doesn't really get us any closer to the truth of the debate.
Robert  Taylor     Posted 12/06/2008 at 22:52:30   Comments (41)

Solano anyone?

Having missed out on Gera, I think Nolberto Solano would be another good option as cover at right midfield. Just been released by West Ham after 1 season, 33 years old, perhaps offer him a 1-year deal with option of a 2nd (like the Valente deal was originally). He's good from set pieces, and would be good cover for Arteta and co. We need to sign 3-4 midfielders in my opinion, so to pick up 1 on a free such as Solano would be a good start on our no doubt limited budget!
Ben Rogers     Posted 12/06/2008 at 21:42:23   Comments (21)

When will they learn?

Another pre-season and early doors. So as per usual the annual summertime ToffeeWeb fretting begins. For fans that apparently pride themselves on common sense and not overblowing fickle media rumours, people on this site sure do a good job of acting the polar opposite. I know you all love the club, and just want to see new players in blue, but do you ever learn your lessons?

Who is signing whom at the moment? I'd love to see the amount of transfers into Premiership clubs so far since the window reopened. maybe it may calm a few hyperactive minds. Lets just use a bit of common sense for once instead of looking for more rope to hang everyone we can with.
James Mako     Posted 12/06/2008 at 14:03:19   Comments (13)


How about a petition in favour of the Destination Kirkby proposal in the interests of balance? Over 2,500 people have signed one in favour so far and one submitted at Knowlsey MBC last Monday at Council!
Mike  Kay     Posted 12/06/2008 at 12:36:56   Comments (53)

Fixture List

The fixture list is released on Monday!

Lots of talking points with the fixtures this year. The Sky 4 and a few other big spenders will be the first I look to.

The one game that sticks out to me though, is the away game against the RS.

People have noticed that we always seam to play this tie later in the season when our small squad comes in to effect and hinders us with injuries and suspensions.

Will we finally get an away tie against the RS earlier in the season? Will we have built up strength in depth to deal with the injuries suspensions and a late RS trip?

Will coincidence strike yet again and 'somehow' produce ANOTHER Sky Super Sunday?!
Brett Bradshaw     Posted 12/06/2008 at 09:45:35   Comments (8)

Sporting Lisbon

I was reading on another thread about some of the Portuguese stars that came from the Sporting Lisbon Youth Academy: Paulo Futre, Simão, Sabrosa, Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo, J.Moutinho, Miguel Veloso, Nani to name a few well known talents.

It made me think about Finch Farm and EFC's programs of "Football Prince" and "Soccer Dreams" based in the far East and USA respectively. For those that don't know I don't want to sound patronising but they are aimed at developing young "local" players into Premier League quality players.

I think it would be beneficial to see about linking up or maybe even "Twinning" with Sporting Lisbon to see how they do things because they are obviously having major success.
Jay Harris     Posted 11/06/2008 at 23:59:51   Comments (12)

Miguel Veloso

So I see that we will win the race for Miguel Veloso's signature. Now I'll be honest, I'd never heard of him so a little research via the internet (Wikipedia, etc) reveals that his CV is good but if the other teams linked with him come in for him, will we again be disappointed?

Oh, by the way, a bid of 25 million euros (£19.8m) will secure his signature. Hmm... now where will we find THAT sort of cash?
Matt  Kay     Posted 11/06/2008 at 16:53:58   Comments (22)

Joao Moutinho

Just saw on the BBC that we have 'stepped up' our interest in the Portuguese playmaker.

I went to the source website (A Bol) and translated the page (thank-you google)

Although the English in the article is quite broken I think the last paragraph speaks volumes when it says:

With Arsenal and Liverpool mindful of Moutinho, and with Barcelona also interested, it is difficult to guess the mission of Everton.

In other words, we have no mission of signing him. Yet even if he doesn't come in here's hoping we make the positive moves we need to this summer.

Google translation
Stan Sheppard     Posted 11/06/2008 at 14:22:51   Comments (17)

Marketing? What Marketing!

There was a message posted on here not so recently asking, following LFC?s club shop opening in Liverpool 1, why there is no presence of EFC in the city centre. Well, another cruise-liner has entered the River Mersey today (it?s right outside where I work and it?s bloody massive!), so there?s another influx of visitors to the city to be bombarded by billboards advertising all things LFC with not a single advertisement of EFC in sight (apart from that bus!)

It has got me thinking ? what is the job description for the members of staff in our so-called Marketing Department? It seems to me that they spend their days sitting on their arses doing absolutely fuck all!

Now I don?t like to see people lose their jobs, but if I spent my day in work doing nothing I?d get the sack pretty quickly (and before you start I?m writing this during my lunch break!) so why are they still in jobs? Have they been told by someone above them not to do any advertising work in the city centre? Are they in the process of launching some sort of amazing advertisement campaign that?ll turn everyone into blues?

I feel something needs to be done regarding the marketing team as it is just shambolic that there isn?t a single billboard in Liverpool City Centre with the Everton badge on it, which means a number of foreign visitors probably won?t know we exist!
Adam Bennett     Posted 11/06/2008 at 13:19:34   Comments (44)

Zoltan Gera

Its just been confirmed on Sky Sports News that Zoltan Gera has passed his medical for Fulham and has signed.

I believe he would have been an excellent squad addition on a free and it makes me wonder if Moyes is lining up enough additions to cope with the demands of competing on four fronts next season?
Sean McNally     Posted 11/06/2008 at 13:01:44   Comments (35)

Those Against

First time on here, don't normally bother getting involved in what can sometimes end up as a slanging match but there's something I've been wanting to ask for a quite some time now and that is: All of you who come on these sites venting your anger at the proposed move to Kirkby, how many of you will refuse to go to watch the Blues if the club move there?
Keith Davies     Posted 11/06/2008 at 10:38:28   Comments (3)

Songs that Time Forgot

Reading the thread that called for the return of "We shall not be moved" (which brought back a memory of a great rendition at Old Trafford in the 1971 FA Cup semi-final) made me think of other songs which time may have truly forgotten. It's time I think to bring them all back. So let me start off with two from the 60s.

Firstly to the tune of 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore' let's give a rousing chorus of 'Send St John to Vietnam!'. And then there was the curious 'Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankly 'Have you heard of the North Bank Highbury? 'No' said Shanks, 'I can't say that I have, but I've heard of the famous Street End!

So to take our minds off the silly transfer rumour season, let's bring on the best forgotten songs. COYB
Rob  Paterson     Posted 10/06/2008 at 22:11:33   Comments (37)

The man with the future of Everton in his hands

As we are all aware, Destination Kirkby is now in the hands of the politicians. The Everton Board of Directors want it to happen, the Everton supporters want it to happen (!!!), the enabling partner wants it to happen, and Knowsley Metroplitan Borough Council want it to happen.

I and thousands of others do not want it to happen.

Now is not the time for debating the rights and wrongs of the move as it is not productive. Now is the time for letting the politicians in this democratic country know what a lot of the people at the self-styled "People's Club" want.

I have this morning had a conversation with the Government Office North West and have established the name, address and e.mail address of the man in charge of the planning case work team. This man and his team will decide whether to recommend to Secretary of State for Communities Hazel Blears if a public enquiry is required in this case or not.

Make no mistake about it, if you want this move preventing you need to make your voice heard.

I do not want to drag ToffeeWeb into the process of dishing out names and address's online (unless they wany me to) so if you would like the man who, at this stage, holds the future of Everton in his hands please let me know with your comments and if the editors are comfortable with it I shall provide my personal email address later on.

At this moment I am unsure if the best way forward is by a single petition or by numerous emails/letters. As such your feedback would also be appreciated on this.
Gareth Humphreys     Posted 10/06/2008 at 10:20:12   Comments (82)

Ramsey to Arsenal

Looks like Ramsey has chosen Arsenal - and fair play to him. Amidst claims and counter-claims about media bias against Everton, there's a nice little reference to our club on the BBC website ...

"Aaron Ramsey is to join Arsenal from FA Cup finalists Cardiff City in a £5m deal, BBC Sport understands.

Champions League winners Manchester United and Premier League giants Everton were also fighting to sign the 17-year-old Welsh wonderkid."
Brian Richardson     Posted 10/06/2008 at 09:07:57   Comments (31)

We Shall Not Be Moved

One of the great memories for me of watching Everton in the glorious 1980s was the annual FA Cup semi-finals at Villa Park. Mainly because of the atmosphere generated in the way that only Evertonians can on such occasions. One of the contributing factors to this was the playing of the Seekers 'We Shall Not Be Moved' before the match (or was it at half time, I can't remember?)

I can't ever recall this being played at Goodison, at least not in recent years. Surely it would be an improvement on the frankly embarrasing 'It's a Grand Old Team'? Opinions please.

Oh, and by the way, it's on YouTube at
Dave Griffin     Posted 09/06/2008 at 23:25:50   Comments (15)

Orlando Engelaar

After watching the Holland game tonight, I must say that Orlando Engelaar how had a great game in my opinion seems just the sort of player we are looking for, tall, box to box, can pass and tackle and is an asset at any set pieces whether defensive or attacking.

I hope Moyesey noticed his performance as well, the main stumbling block would be that his team FC Twente has just qualified for the Champions League. On the plus side, there is talk of them hiring Steve McClaren so they would probably sell seeing as they haven't got a clue what they are doing!!!
Michael Ward     Posted 09/06/2008 at 22:10:48   Comments (31)

We're as good as them

I honestly think we have a good chance of going for 4th place next season. It seems as though Arsenal are wobbling and Liverpool are, well they only have 3 good players which hardly makes a team.

To state that our goalkeeper and defence (including strength in depth) are both vastly superior to either of those teams should be a given ? I can only think of Sagna who is better than Hibbert.. I am also going to go out on a limb and say that Yakubu is as good as Torres IF we feed him correctly ? in my mind (and many Arsenal fans) Adebayor misses loads. I would also say that Cahill as support forward is also better than what the other two have.

Pienaar and Arteta also have no equals so as seems relatively obvious we must strengthen the centre midfield which is a crucial area of the pitch. Where Arsenal have Fabregas and Liverpool have Gerrard and Mascherano we have no-one of this level. The only players we have been linked with who have any hope of being close to these players anytime soon would be Cana, Fernandes and Huddlestone.

Cana ? Awesome tackler and a fantastic leader on the pitch. The guy is simply awesome for Marseille.

Fernandes ? When fully fit has the ability to run games (I think he can be of similar quality to Fabregas)

Huddlestone ? How often do you see Andrea Pirlo bombing around like a madman? This guy can feed the Yak.

Who have we been linked with that could come in and over the season hit the levels of Gerrard/Mascherano and Fabregas?
Mark Cassin     Posted 09/06/2008 at 14:15:42   Comments (44)

Biased reporting?

Someone wrote to the mailbag the other day bemoaning the fact that we always seem to get negative, or no coverage by the media. I am inclined to agree with this and would point you to today's Independent transfer news with particular reference to the following:

The Cardiff chairman, Peter Ridsdale, said: "I spoke to Aaron on Friday. He told me he'd had a great day at United and was on his way to see Arsène. After that, the final decision is up to the boy. Aaron spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson before visiting United. He's a sensible lad."
I appreciate that the paper is reporting words spoken by someone and not the paper itself, but I think it goes to show where we stand in many people's eyes.
Tom Edwards     Posted 09/06/2008 at 09:39:15   Comments (9)

City v Everton

I am getting more frustrated with the stadium debate (of course it needs to be sorted) but this seems to continue to paper over the cracks that we have a very small squad, no or little investment and a manager that won't sign a new contract because of this. What concerns me now is that Mark Hughes knows how to play attacking football and he has plenty to spend, and the bottom line is would Man City be seen as a club to join if they were still playing at Maine Rd with no money?....well that scenario is Everton FC.
Joe  McMahon     Posted 09/06/2008 at 08:49:29   Comments (23)

Danger! Danger! High Prices!

So the Euro 2008 Championship is upon us and we will all be watching, even with England's notable absence. We've all heard our transfer target rumours so far this summer, a lot of which we will be keeping a close eye on as they play for their countries in the Euros this summer. Arshavin, Huntelaar, Kallstrom, Joaquin etc. along with a load of others who have in some way been linked with the blues!

The trouble with buying internationals after a big tournament is that their price can become grossly over inflated. I'm sure a lot of average or just above average players are going to be playing out of their skins in the Euros,which is arguably one of the highlights of any player' career. What you can end up with is a £5 million Kallstrom having a great tournament with Sweden meaning a good player becomes an overnight world beater and his price doubles.

It's happened so many times in the past. Liverpool with El Hadj Diof who had a great World Cup before showing his true colours in the Prem! What a waste of money! Even closer to home, remember Amokachi? Excellent World Cup with Nigeria, but found it hard to hit a barn door from three yards when he joined the blues (apart from on a couple of high profile occasions: namely the FA Cup Semi-Final v Spurs).

Now I believe Moyes is far too good a manager to be fooled by average players having tournaments of their lives during the Euros, but unfortunately, he will be powerless against the prices of these players going up significantly due to the Euros.

Sould we be looking at any big names from Europe, chances are we are going to have to pay top dollar! Will this scare Moyes or more likely our wallet-iding club away from the players we could and should be targeting?
Ian Ankers     Posted 08/06/2008 at 21:15:06   Comments (14)

The 6-5 Rule and Everton FC

People seem to be ignoring the potential impact of the 6-5 rule on purchases made by the Toffees this summer. Considering the lack of money we have as a club, spending a lot of money on players that in a year?s time we may not be able to use seems a bit of a bad idea to me.

If you look at the current squad we have five foreigners who are pretty much guaranteed a place in the starting eleven: Howard, Yobo, Pienaar, Arteta, and Yakubu. So any foreigners we bring in will have to replace one of these five in the team, or we need to find an Englishman that can replace one of our existing foreigners.

I believe that where possible we need to be looking at the best possible English players and signing them up to long contracts now before the big spenders start looking around. My targets this summer would have to be Michael Johnson, David Bentley and James Milner, three of the best young English midfielders around at the moment. If we had nicked fourth place from Liverpool then I would have quite happily given Villa £8M + AJ to get Gareth Barry but he wants the Champions League so he will go over to the dark side.

At the moment the only one of the big four with anything approaching a decent English contingent is Man Utd, the rest will need to buy in a lot of talent very quickly and that will lead to only one thing. Prices will go through the roof. At the minute, James Milner is valued at £7M, according to Keegan, as soon as the 6-5 rule comes in I would expect that to jump to at least £10M. In circumstances like that, a club like Everton will not be able to compete.

Now is the time that we have to gamble, if the rule doesn?t come in we may have lost out on some of our first choice players, but if it does, Everton FC will have one of the strongest sides in the Premier League.
Steve Pugh     Posted 08/06/2008 at 16:22:51   Comments (33)

Contract Talks

Have I missed something or has it gone deafeningly quiet on the Moyes contract? I suppose we'll be told it's because of holidays, prior commitments, a recent meteor shower or somesuch. Any ideas what the real situation is?
Mike Holt     Posted 08/06/2008 at 15:51:41   Comments (6)

Owen to Everton.

I have just received two text messages stating that EFC are looking at making a bid between £3-5 milliion for Owen. One was from a customer in the North East the other was from a Chelsea Fan in London. Any idea why both on the same day? I can't find any articles on the web?? COYB
Alan  Willo     Posted 07/06/2008 at 13:34:31   Comments (29)

Olivier Dacourt - Carlsey replacement?

An Italian mate of mine and Inter Milan fan says one of their fan sites is saying Dacourt has been released from his contract and has had contact from the Blues about returning to Goodison. I know he is 32 but could he be a good low-cost, short-term fix?
Ray  Said     Posted 07/06/2008 at 12:49:34   Comments (20)

Trevor Birch?

Sorry to bring up past failures but could anyone fill me in on what actually happened him and why he quit Everton?

Did it have anything to do with the Kings Dock fiasco?
Tom Campbell     Posted 07/06/2008 at 12:18:10   Comments (5)

In defence of Big Keith

Everyone on this site has had bad things to say about Keith Wyness. Most of you want to get rid of him asap but has the man really been that bad?

Let's start with his role as CEO. His job is to get Everton FC back on the map. He has taken us to the forefront of three massive international markets i.e Thailand, China and the US. In China, whilst Man Utd and Arsenal etc try to sell their shirts for 50p, Wyness has gone a step further and introduced Football Prince, a reality show about Everton, watched week-in, week-out by over 130 million people. The same show is about to be launched in the US. That how bad this man really is?

Point 2. Kirkby.. why are all Everton fans thinking that if we move ground we'll get bankrupt or something? Are you really out of your minds? Moving from Goodison is not an option ? it's a must. We need a new stadium to improve on our coffers and attract new players . Look at Finch Farm and the effect it's having on recruiting new and upcoming players.

I personally beleive that the Kirkby project needs some changing but we should try and see what changes to the development need to be done to be satisfactory for us fans and most importantly for Everton FC. Do people really beleive that staying at Goodison is the best for Everton FC when the top teams all boast super stadiums (with the exception of LFC which will be getting theirs soon)?

So, in my opinion, Wyness has taken Everton to another level and I hope he'll be able to take us to the next.
Darren Frendo     Posted 07/06/2008 at 10:25:01   Comments (8)

Alexie Sayle — Tosser

Did anybody watch that drivel on BBC 2 last evening? Written by southern-based (and never really very funny anyway) comedian Alexie Sayle, he sought to rediscover the city that he had abandoned twenty five years ago.

In a historical journey through Liverpools character throughout the 60's to the present day, Sayle chatted with a host of people who in his opinion had played a key part in the development of the city (good and bad) throughout that period.

In a programme that made numerous references to the cities footballing pride it was with great dissapointment that the mention of Everton Football Club was limited to a very short comment made on Harry Enfields 'Scousers', and a question to Sayle from a scally red neck news agent still hung up over The Sun's treatment of dark side after Hillsborough, when making reference to the fact that even bitter blues dont buy that paper.

In contrast they lingered their cameras over Analfield when making reference to the cities football traditions, spent time in a Kopite pub and chatted to a Union militant from Fords who claimed that he spent most of his time discussing the pros and cons of Liverpool FC while building Ford Anglias (no wonder the cars were shit).

But the thing that really pissed me off and had me shouting at the TV screen was an interview with Gerry Marsden after subjecting the viewer to his shit version of what can best be described as the devil's song; you know the one. It could only be described as ignorance, blinkered stupidity or even naivete that Sayle declared the song to unite ALL football fans throughout the city.

I found this particularly offensive and tantamount to the suggestion that Judaism unites the whole of the Middle East. I was at the so called freindly Milk cup final in 1984. Despite the wrongs of 'Hands christian Hansen', this was otherwise a friendly final and good advert for the City of Liverpool and Merseyside as a whole in the dark days of Thatcherism. But maybe Sayle shoul of investigated just why the scally newsagent felt the need to make reference to those 'bitter blues', and explore the reasons why those so called loveable reds are not so loveable after all.

Maybe then he could of presented a true picture of the Cities footballing divisions instead of falling into line with the medias passion for glossing up a club that were never truely punished, nor appologised to the nation for their role in the Heysel stadium disaster.

Maybe the he could of discovered why Evertonians have the right to be bitter. You'll never walk alone unites nobody but glory hunting bandwagon bastards with little knowledge or lust for the game of football, and led only by the southern media for which Sayle is very much a part. It would be nice to believe that our own blue Bill who must be on the periphery of that soceity could one day show Sayle the error of his ways, however Sayle has probably swanned off back to his London home (and good riddance) in the smug belief that he has portrayed the character of Liverpool to the country. Yet again we see another blinkered and biased picture of the cities football culture.
Colin Garland     Posted 06/06/2008 at 22:54:25   Comments (28)

Manny Fernandes

Can anyone tell me if they have heard any more news on Manny Fernandes, have we made any move to secure his services on loan or a permanent basis ?
Damien Kennedy     Posted 06/06/2008 at 20:56:26   Comments (11)

Ostrich mentality

Am I the only one angry at the stance taken by both Everton and Liverpool over the fresh proposals for all parties to seriously consider a joint stadium?

Given that both clubs are struggling to afford a stadium on their own it seems complete madness to me that both sides have come out in the last 24 hours and poured cold water on the idea yet again.

The posturing appears to pander to the view that the "fans" of both clubs would be dead against it. How do they know? It seems that as usual a vociferous minority hold sway. If we can have a ballot for Kirkby, why not have one to gauge the reality of feelings about this proposal?

For what it's worth, I would rather share a world class venue and stay in the City than move to Kirkby.
Steve Guy     Posted 06/06/2008 at 14:10:50   Comments (37)

Tom Huddlestone

Just read the Echo website and it seems we are interested in signing Tom Huddlestone. I personally think he would be a good acquistion to our team, he would be a big, strong presence in our midfield and he does pass the ball well.
Graham Duffy     Posted 06/06/2008 at 13:18:16   Comments (39)

New assistant... Watto?

With all the rumours that have been flying around about Steve Clarke and various others to be appointed as Moyes number two, it makes me wonder why we are not looking closer to home.

In my opinion, we have an ideal canditate in Dave Watson: he even managed us for a short time in the nineties after Royle's departure, he is an Everton legend due to the years of outstanding service he gave the club as a player, and I think he would instantly command the respect of the players.

He left on good terms at the end of his playing career, loves the club, and too my knowledge is not currently working in the football world.

Of course he may want to enjoy his retirement and may not be interested, but surely he would be worth sounding out...
Leigh Sadler     Posted 06/06/2008 at 12:01:27   Comments (12)

Coefficient ranking

Could someone please explain to me what happens to our ranking now that Porto and CSKA Sophia are out of European competitions? I have looked at UEFA website amongst others and they seem to have last year's standings listed. Any ideas?
Philip Jones     Posted 06/06/2008 at 11:55:34   Comments (2)

Megastore: Mega disappointment!

I have written in on this subject before, but despite the credit crunch biting I thought I would kit my family out in some Everton wear. So I head to the Megastore:

  • Mens home shirt, short sleeved ? OUT OF STOCK
  • Childs home shirt 6/7 ? OUT OF STOCK
  • Ladies home shirt size 12 or 14 ? OUT OF STOCK
  • Childs home shirt 4/5 ? OUT OF STOCK
  • Daughter of six needs new bags for school; Gym Bag ? OUT OF STOCK
  • Away kit ? nothing but boys age 13
  • Everton retro kit ? OUT OF STOCK
What a load of shit. I have sent Mr Wyness a letter of complaint, I could not imagine the Mancs or Kopites allowing this to happen. Why can we not organise a knees up in a brewery. I know the new kit is coming out, but for Christ's sake have some of the old ones available. May have to get them some Tractor Boys tops now, maybe not they are out of stock as well!!
Andrew McGreavy     Posted 05/06/2008 at 21:50:40   Comments (21)

Whay are the media so against Everton?

I have just been reading an article about Euro 2008 in next week's Radio Times (sad I know but I don't get out much nowadays). To those who have not seen the feature, it contains pen pictures of the 16 competing teams written by some nameless hack(s). Each team has notes in the following sections:
1. How does their strip score?
2. Who's their Beckham?
3. Who's their Rooney?
4. Name to master.
5. British connection.
6. In a nutshell.

Obviously these categories reveal the paucity of brain cells in the production team but it is the gratuitous mocking of Everton that I object to. For no reason that I can fathom, the British connection section for Italy contains the following;'Right-back Christian Panucci played eight games for Chelsea in 2000/2001, while Marco Materazzi once slummed it at Everton.'

Throughout the article, 16 teams (including Everton) are mentioned in the British connection sections, yet it is only Everton who attracts negative comments. To show the ignorance of the authors, they even say that Slaven Bilic was, ansd still is, a cult hero at former clubs West Ham and Everton. Only supporters on Incapacity Benefit would remember our Croatian Lawyer as a cult hero.
Brian Finnigan     Posted 05/06/2008 at 18:21:00   Comments (42)

Nordic Tournament

The main site claims that Jose Baxter is into the England U17s for the Nordic tournament. This is for Under-17s and involves all the Nordic countries ? plus England for some bizarre reason. Anyway, my research shows it's likely to start at the end of July and go on into August. There might be live coverage and a chance to catch a few more glimpses of our young starlet.

I'm guessing that Jack Rodwell is not in the team as no similar anouncement was made about him and perhaps he's gone into the Under-18s now. I think that there may be an Under-19s tournament too later this summer with Dan Gosling in action. I'll keep you posted.
Steve Ferns     Posted 04/06/2008 at 14:59:40   Comments (23)

Home and Away kit 08-09

After reading that the new kit would be available to pre-order this Friday, I thought I'd have a look to see if there were any links and lo and behold:

Follow the link to see next season's kits. Personally, I'm not too happy, the away kit is the generic Umbro effort and West Ham already have it for next season (in different colours). Not too much change; they are decent, nothing special.
Louis Huglin     Posted 04/06/2008 at 13:31:12   Comments (66)


Just heard on Roger Phillips show that LCC have formally objected to the Kirkby development. Also Sefton are likely to follow suit shortly. Does anyone know what this means planning-wise? What if KMBC still approve it? Who decides if it gets called in? Can anyone shed some light on the process from now?
John  Hughes     Posted 04/06/2008 at 13:22:25   Comments (29)

We must protest!!

Despite the original selling points of Destination Kirby unravelling before our very eyes (the 'no concerts' being the latest), despite the hideous prospect of Everton turning its back on a commercially vibrant City to go and play in a poor town in the middle of nowhere ? the project is more likely to succeed now than at any stage before, thanks to LCC deciding not to object.

Surely the time has come for us to stop whingeing on the message boards and organise a mass protest? It should be in Liverpool City centre and it should be at 3pm on a Saturday. I would gladly travel up from Cardiff to join in, are there others around the country who would happily travel to Liverpool for such an event ....?
Phil  Hamer     Posted 04/06/2008 at 11:12:32   Comments (16)

Aaron Ramsey

According to BBC sport we have had a bid accepted. However we are up against Arsenal and Man U. The only advantage I think we can offer is 1st team football right away. It could be another Alan Smith moment tho, you never know Blue Bill might pull it out of the bag, NSNO
Michael Ward     Posted 04/06/2008 at 08:22:33   Comments (32)

Everton Champions of Chile

In the rearranged game home to Colo Colo, CD Everton battered them, winning 3-0 and 3-2 on aggregate. Campeones indeed. heroes everyone and a centenary just around the corner. Ever forever en el corazon.
Tony Heslop     Posted 04/06/2008 at 02:46:42   Comments (15)

World Team of the Year 1985

Reading the Everton Wikipedia page, I came across this wonderful bit of info about the World Team of the Year:

Heres the full list: 1982: Brazil | 1983: Hamburg | 1984: France | 1985: Everton | 1986: Argentina | 1987: Porto | 1988: Netherlands | 1989: A.C. Milan | 1990: Germany | 1991: France | 1992: Denmark | 1993: Parma | 1994: A.C. Milan | 1995: Ajax | 1996: Nigeria | 1997: Borussia Dortmund | 1998: France | 1999: Manchester United | 2000: France | 2001: Liverpool | 2002: Brazil | 2003: A.C. Milan | 2004: Greece | 2005: Liverpool | 2006: Barcelona | 2007: Iraq.

We're in some pretty good company. Aahh the good old days.
Lee  Penswick     Posted 03/06/2008 at 14:10:48   Comments (21)

The new Ferguson?

Just been reading an article in the paper about Alex Ferguson. He's said that the person who replaces him must be an ideal replica of himself.

Ok thats pretty arrogant of him but it got me thinking about who is the most likely sucessor going to be, if he has a say in who takes over from him... the article did mention he would have to identify his sucessor, but didn't quote him saying this, so I think thats their words not his. The paper in question goes on to list... Steve Bruce(?), Mark Hughes, Roy Keane, and Carlos Queroz

Am I missing something here? Surely the man who most resembles Ferguson, and models himself on him is our very own Moyes? Bloody lazy jounos just picking out three ex-players and the current No 2 .

I think if Ferguson has a say in his sucessor he would pick Moyes every time. That would be a very sad day for us, so lets hope Ferguson stays on for a long time yet, or quits before we start winning anything as at least then the board wouldn't appoint a manager who had no trophies to his name.

It's interesting to note that despite winning 2 Manager of the Year awards, breaking in to the top 4 (albeit only for one season) and qualifying for Europe two seasons running, he still doesn't seem to get any plaudits? Unfortunately, those in the game know how talented our man is, and eventually he may well be offered a job that is too good to turn down. I firmly believe if this happens it will be as a direct replacement for Ferguson.
Andy Hudson     Posted 03/06/2008 at 12:59:45   Comments (24)

Moyes wins Libel Case

Glad to see Moyes won the libel case against Rooney and his publishers today. It is also refreshing in modern day football to have a person act with humility rather than calling Rooney & Co all names under the sun.

Added to the fact that the damages awarded are to be donated to Everton Former Players Foundation, I think that Moyes has come out of this affair looking by far the better party, with his (and our) dignity intact. I doff my cap to you, Ginger One.
Dean Paton     Posted 03/06/2008 at 12:12:04   Comments (30)

Hey Jude

Just wondering if anybody went over the park to watch that well known blue Sir Paul last night. A lot has been written on various forums about GP not being the venue, but even I will admit that the old place is hardly the ideal venue for all the reasons pro-Kirkby posters keep saying.

Being anti-Kirkby, even I would be overjoyed if we are to move that I may be able to watch a Reformed Pink Floyd play at our new home. I then remembered back to the FAQ page on the OS when we were due to vote:

"8. Will the stadium be used for events other than football matches? Although its primary use will, of course, be first-team matches, there will be the capacity to stage major shows and concerts at the stadium." ? Good thinks me then I read:

"The stadium shall not be used for any events other than sporting events. No concerts or music events shall take place."

This was taken from the Meeting agenda of Knowsley?s Planning Committee for the Planning application to be held next Monday.

Do people think (especially the Yes voters)? That this is:

a) Only right, it?s a football stadium after all.

b) A crying shame as we will need all revenue streams available to give this any chance of working.

c) Yet more out-and-out lies from the club.

As we all know, people, St Jude is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.
Tom Coleman     Posted 02/06/2008 at 20:52:10   Comments (39)

Hughes to City!

For the past 3-4 years, the anti-Moyes brigade has often identified Mark Hughes as an example of a better manager and the man they want to replace Moyes. Hughes apparently would take Everton into the top 4 and beyond.

I have never quite understood this. I do rate Hughes highly, the has done great at Blackburn; however, Moyes has always finished higher in the league while playing comparitively better football.

Now we see his head is being turned by those £££ at City. Say what you say about Moyes, however, I would never see him leaving a club for financial reasons. City are obviously going to be a perrenial train wreck ? big stadium, big players, big wages, and big talk and about THREE managers a season.

People often ask "Why isn't Moyes ever linked with Spurs, Newcastle, City, Chelsea..." Of course these clubs make moves, a manager with his record is never going to be overlooked; however, the reason he is never seriously linked is in my opinion the fact that he has no interest in them. Like Wenger and Ferguson, I don't see any other manager in the country that as a club we can be proud of as our manager. He is here for what we want: Success For Everton ? those other managers have the ideology of Success for Me.
Fran  Mitchell     Posted 02/06/2008 at 17:02:09   Comments (17)

The 'Big Name' game

During a piece on who the new Manchester City manager will be, the reporter started talking about who they would sign. It was interesting to note that all the talk was about 'big names' i.e. a person who will sell out the stadium, in their words a 'Michael Jordan of football'. In fact they did not mention the players' ability once.

For me, ability is the most important thing ? names mean nothing unless the talent is there to back it up. I would rather take a no-name from the Championship who could become a great than signing a player to increase shirt sales.

Surely a successful team will breed success in selling the merchandise... Or am I being naive?
Rob  Heaton     Posted 02/06/2008 at 16:19:22   Comments (7)

Affiliation Nation...

With all the transfer speculation doing the rounds at the moment, and the talk of Michael Johnson "returning" to the Blues, it got me thinking about other ways of getting hold of players, and making sure potentially valuable assests (see Baines and Jags) don't slip through our fingers.

A bit of Wikipedia hunting tells you that Everton have associations with three foreign clubs ? an Irish academy called Ballyoulster United, the Ontario Soccer Association and the Football Association of Thailand, where we just got our pop idol winner from! With Wyness always going on about the commercial aspects of the Prem abroad, I was thinking how far would linking up with another club or two across the globe would improve us. Setting up ties with say and African or South American club could potentially unearth a few hidden gems, and at least improve our image away from home. I don't have a great deal of insight in this area, but I know that Arsenal did have a link with a Belgian club who produced Toure's brother (who we were linked with a while back) as well as Emmanuel Eboué.

(I do however realise this Belgian link-up got investigated by police for money issues so you never know, bit of money laundering for big Keith!)
Adam McCulloch     Posted 02/06/2008 at 09:19:07   Comments (12)


It may be me being totally unaware, but where the hell is Lescott for the 2 recent England games? Is he injured? If not then surely these games would have been ideal occassions for him to showcase his talents. Surely Woodgate and Bridge aren't ahead of him in the pecking order?
Steve Roberts     Posted 01/06/2008 at 23:15:19   Comments (3)

Spreading the word

Last night, whilst flicking through the sky sports channels I settled for watching a couple of overs of the West Indies v Australia Test. As Bravo came into bowl I thought my eyes deceived me, could it be..?? Quickly picked up my sky remote and went back a few frames and sure enough there it was in all its glory, a big blue and white banner emblazoned with "He's just a big fat spanish waiter" What a warm glow that gave me remembering that fateful night in Athens when the arse ran onto the pitch pointing at his mickey mouse watch. Loved it.
Eric Yarker     Posted 01/06/2008 at 19:56:59   Comments (2)

Arteta to Newcastle?

So the silly season as begun. It always brings a smile to my face and it's great for a laugh. This has to be complete bollocks but figured it might make a few people chuckle. Apparently, Kevin Keegan has put Arteta high on his wish-list. Ha Ha Ha ha Ha! Oh those crazy journos eh? What will they think of next?
Trevor Thompson     Posted 01/06/2008 at 19:49:26   Comments (18)

Cushman and Wakefield

After the publication of that critique by the aforementioned regarding Destination Kirkby, Madden and Wordsworth will issue grovelling apologies.
Tony Kelly     Posted 01/06/2008 at 12:49:32   Comments (7)


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