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The Mail Bag

December 2007 Archive Want to have your say?

New Years Resolution: Tactical flexibility and a Plan B

People have questioned why Lescott was preferred to Valente or Baines at left back.

It was clear to me in the first half why he picked Lescott at left back ? when Arsenal had the ball Lescott tucked into the middle to form a 3 with Yobo and Jags, with Pienaar dropping to left back. With Carsley and Neville in front , the middle was blocked off to prevent Arsenal producing the slick one-twos to get through the centre, as they normally do. Worked very well first half, but then they by-passed the midfield with the long ball, especially when we were attacking and stretched. We all know our back four play deep, almost on the edge of our own box ? should have pushed right up a lot quicker and made it impossible for Eduardo to get quick shots off.

There is a joint responsibility between the manager and the players to be flexible and make the necessary adjustments during the game ? players should see it and the manager should recognise it and make the changes if they don't come from the players ? I never saw this happen against Arsenal ? so its something to reflect on and learn from during 2008.

Tactically that's why Wenger is top class and Davey still has a bit to learn ? but Moyes is very clear about his own development as a manager, so hopefully he will have a plan B in mind for future games.

Best wishes to all for next year ? here's hoping for glory !
Steve  Jones     Posted 31/12/2007 at 21:00:40   Comments (1)

Happy New Year

This is really one for you boys behind the scenes. Thank you for all the work and Happy New Year to you all.
Lue  Glover     Posted 31/12/2007 at 20:21:03   Comments (8)

Big bad four

Does anyone else think that the Premier League (Barwick's lot) have an influence over referees to ensure that the top four remain the top four and whenever one of the minions look like beating them the refs come up with ridiculous decisions or ignore fouls commited?

We all remember the derby, the foul prior to the United corner, now the Arsenal debacle. I am of the opinion that this could be true. It's not possible to get so many decisions against you without there being some sort of hidden agenda.
Mick Mac     Posted 31/12/2007 at 19:09:14   Comments (11)


From what people have heard, is he likely to with us in a month? Not being in the recent squads would imply not; however, the things that the club have come out with imply they would like him to stay.

Surely with our current midfeild 'crisis' he sould get an oppurtunity playing wide left, as we currently only have three other fit available midfielders to my reckoning. However, it would be more likely that we will have Neville in midfield again, which points to a dire game on News Year Day.
Steve Durrant     Posted 31/12/2007 at 12:20:43   Comments (27)

The End of Plucky Little Everton?

I've wanted an Everton team that passes, moves, scores goals and puts a smile on our faces. So a big Thank You to David Moyes for buying better players and having the courage to let them play.

Previously we would play hard-working hoofball against the big three/four, sometimes chiselling out a result that would justify playing the same way against the rest. Bad to watch, with the inconsistency to boot.

Our great recent run has been based on attacking these clearly inferior teams and putting them to the sword, just as we should. The rest of the world is noticing precisely because we are now good to watch, which in turn will make us more attractive to better players....

It was wonderful to see us have a right good go against United and Arsenal. We were treated as equals by both sides and pushed them all the way. Both sides are much further in their development and had more experience, depth and nous.

Instead of being 'plucky little Everton', we are now clearly one of, if not the best side outside the big three/four and certainly playing the best stuff. Interesting that now we are playing more positive football, we are progressing in two cups.

This run has been a reality check. One that has shown we can play attractive football regularly, we can finish teams off and we can compete with the big three/four. There is a gap between us and them, but if we keep playing the same way, while maintaining our attitude and strengthening in midfield, we can bridge it!

A Happy New Year to all Blues everywhere. Here's to a passing, moving, attacking and trophy-winning 2008!
Paul Tran     Posted 31/12/2007 at 09:59:44   Comments (6)

60 Points, top six once again!

9 wins from our last 18 games will secure successive top six finishes for the Blues — 60 points (two more than the final tally last year) will do the trick and should see us safely into the UEFA Cup for another year (if not qualifying as Carling Cup Winners or UEFA Cup Winners of course this season).

Winnable games? Middlesbrough A, Man City H, Wigan A, Reading H, Portsmouth H, Sunderland A, West Ham H, Derby H, Newcastle H — and if we fail on any of the aforementioned then I am sure we will pick up the odd point here and there from one or two of the other games not mentioned, even with the ACN absentees.

Alternatively, we are two wins and a draw away (or even a defeat and two wins dependent on goal difference over the semi two legs) from European qualification once again via the Carling Cup. Not to mention we are pretty much nailed on to get into the last 16 of the Uefa Cup this time around at the very least.

All in all we are in great shape for the coming year and a couple of decent signings away from having the most exciting, consistent side we have had since the mid 80s (arguably we are there already without any new additions).

Well done to the Blues this year and particularly well done to David Moyes whom I have criticised many many times but has now proven to me he is the right man to take us forward and any alternative is not even worth contemplating with our limited purse strings.
Steve  Callaghan     Posted 30/12/2007 at 19:37:39   Comments (6)

The back four?

Is it me being stupid, or did we have a fully fit perfect back four to choose? We had Neville, Yobo, Lescott and Baines/Valente available. Don't get me wrong, Lescott played well at LB, but if we had our two best centre-backs in the right positions, would we or would we have not made the elementary mistakes we did against Arsenal?
Tom Rowe     Posted 30/12/2007 at 19:51:14   Comments (15)

Learning & Flashpoints

United and now, Arsenal. I've already heard many differing versions on where the blame lies for these two defeats. Something?s though, have changed since we starting putting together quite a run (opposition or not). Anyone who sneers should just look at the change in our way through a match since what was quite a flat performance against an even flatter Liverpool side back when.

Rather than in the past putting up a spirited fight and maybe getting the odd result against United and Arsenal we actually attempted to play against these. And by god I don?t think any sane man can suggest we disgraced ourselves. I come out of these games now for once, not thinking that we?ve been shown where we belong. But more that we have come a long way and if there?s one thing that has become clear to me during the past few seasons it is that Moyes learns from moments like these, as will this young team also.

This I believe is another flashpoint for Everton and where the season goes..? Whisper it quietly but I think we could be looking back to this game at the end of the season. I?m Not Down...
Jimmy Henderson     Posted 30/12/2007 at 14:28:12   Comments (16)

The thug who threw an object

To the individual who threw an object at Toure, your a coward and not an evertonian or even a football fan. You're a disgrace and I hope to high heaven that you are found and disciplined accordingly. Cowardly malicious scum like you sully Everton and the game as a whole and you aren't welcome anymore.
Boris Berezofski     Posted 30/12/2007 at 09:51:49   Comments (19)

Man Utd 0 - 2 Everton...

I distictly remember that my first ever Everton game was at Old Trafford with Howard Kendall as the manager. We won 2-0 with Sheedy and Peter Beagrie scoring, with the moustashioed winger doing his trademark somersault.

I thought it would be interesting to look up the details of the game and I've found two 2-0 victories in the rough era that it could have been. One in 1989 where Sharp scored twice and one in 1991 where Newell and Watson scored.

I remember that Kendall played 4-3-3 with Beagrie and Nevin (I was mesmerised by his keepy uppys during the warm up) either side of Sharp with Sheedy on the left of a three man midfield.

Confused, I've been going through the Everton archive and since Kendall was at the club between Nov 1990 and Dec 1993 in his second spell and Sharp left in March 1991, the game must have occured in those 5 months.

Sure enough, we did win 2-0 at Old Trafford in Mar 91 according to the Everton website, but the scorers were Watson and Newell!

Even more confusingly, this is the lineup: Southall, McDonald, Hinchcliffe, Watson, Ratcliffe, Keown, Nevin, McCall, Sharp, Newell, Ebbrell. Subs Cottee, Atteveld.

I thought I must have been mistaken about one of the details, so I went back as far as 1987 and forward to 1998 and those were the only 2-0 victories at Old Trafford during that time.

Does anyone else remember this match? It must have been in the 1990-91 season when I was about 14 or 15. I think Sheedy scored from a corner.

I surely can't have imagined this much detail?!! I think that my first ever game at Goodison was shortly afterwards against Sunderland and we won 2-0 again. I'll try and find that and see if it helps any.
Simon  Birdsey     Posted 30/12/2007 at 04:24:30   Comments (5)

Quality needed!

I thought Hibbert had quite a good game today but it shows our lack of depth when Hibbert has to play. I think Moyes has admitted his best right back is Neville and it's a bit poor that when we are lack of midfielders he always picks him to play there.

Moyes has got to sign at least two midfielders, either a right winger so Arteta can play inside or two central midfielders. I for one wouldn't mind Fernandes coming back because the lad will surely have a point to prove and he was quality. We also have to find a decent rightback, i like Hibbert as a player who gives 100% comitment to defending but the quality of all his other play is questionable.
Jamie Barlow     Posted 29/12/2007 at 23:59:02   Comments (12)

Great game, horrible result

I am bitterly disappointed today, we played so good in the first half, controlled the action, and scored a goal ? perfect. Then as it is always with Everton and the big occasions we pushed the self-destruction button.

Three hoofballs resulted in three horrible mistakes and unfortunately in three goals. For all their ?free-flowing? football Arsenal were pinned back in the second half with 60-40 possession in our favour, they couldn?t manage to get out of their own half, never mind putting us under pressure and yet how can we blow up every opportunity is something I can't understand.

Comedy of errors gifted them 3 goals; yes we can blame the referee about the second goal but the truth is that even if it was handball Yobo and Jag should have dealt with it. About the third, the less said the better.

We played all the big guns and although we played good in all the games we came out with nothing and unfortunately I can't say that this bad luck, we are missing something ? this kind of arrogance and self-belief which distinguish the top-sides from the good ones and we for now are clearly in the latter category.

I still hope we can finish in top 4 but the more realistically aim is Uefa Cup place, if we can manage a final in cup competition it would be great but sadly we are still not good equipped to challenge the top sides and I still have bitter taste.
Stefan Tosev     Posted 29/12/2007 at 20:04:30   Comments (9)


Is it me or did David Moyes do the worst possible thing he could have done in putting Johnson on for Hibbert?

Although I agree that it's good that we think we can go forward and keep attacking against such teams as Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, I do not feel that we can afford to do so. At 1-1 we would have had a hard-earned point and maybe in the closing stages (as we have done so many times this season) nicked a goal?

However, Moyes decides that with Arsenal having probably had a rollocking at half-time and having just scored to take a defender off? Bad judgement if you ask me.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Moysey and what he has achieved with this football club, however maybe it's not players we will need in January, maybe its an assistant manager?
Paul Sherlock     Posted 29/12/2007 at 19:34:26   Comments (9)

So we lost to the best team in the what!

After giving up my ticket for the game against Arsenal (remnants of cold/flu from freezing me bollocks off in Alkmaar) I settled down to watch the match on Sultana (good coverage btw) and was pretty happy with the way we started, deservedly went in front and looked good against an out of sorts Arsenal..

So what happened at half time?! I think someone from the Arsenal camp must of spiked our defenders' drinks (!) because we were nothing short of a shambles for the whole of the second half. (I know Eduardo handled for one of his goals) but we lost by 3 clear goals so there's no excuse.

All the old habits come back to haunt us. Cahill, Arteta getting involved in niggles. Arteta, Yak, Nevilie all diving, nobody accepting responsibility in the middle of the park, and what a waste of our corners (albeit our solitary goal was from one).

At the end of the game the air was blue, I battered the cushion (the dogs long departed), me missus thought I was nuts and guess what she said: "It's only a game"

"...*?//***/!" I declined to get drawn in. But after I calmed down, I thought,. ok, we lost against the best team in the division, they did not outplay us. I think we should allow the players this one and put it down to experience. No need to panic, we ain't the finished article yet but we have made great strides this season and I fully expect us to have a fine 2nd half of the season with the current squad and maybe a few loanees in January.

Anyway, hope you all have a calm and peaceful new year (not like the 2nd half against Arsenal).
Tommy  Gibbons     Posted 29/12/2007 at 19:22:00   Comments (8)

The ref is a tosser but...

Although today the ref was absolutely off his head, I thought our second half was absolutely awful. Three of the four goals we conceded were late Christmas presents for the Arse and we had no attacking impetus at all.

We may blame the ref for the second goal and a whole lot of other dodgy decisions but our defence was asleep.

Yobo had his worst game in a long time and Jags wasn't at his best either. I actually thought Hibbert covered his man well and played decently. Lescott as always was rampaging but didn't have the class to make the most of his opportunites. Cars was quiet and overall i thought we were lucky to score.

Now onto the ref, is he Crappenburg's brother or father? He had a shocker. Only one yellow in the first half when I counted 4 neccessary (2 to us for diving) and then handing them out like confetti in the second. Mikel was silly and if I look at it again i will think it was a red but at the moment I don't think it was. Their red should have been a straight red not a second yellow.

Their second goal was a clear handball! I saw it on tv and if I did how come the ref missed it? It just looks to me as the big four being helped along once again. The commentator even said that when he said "once again the big four get the Irish luck"

Over and out!
David Moore     Posted 29/12/2007 at 19:10:51   Comments (68)

Horrible Game

Even in the first half where we played alright we were not playing good football ? we were beating Arsenal by playing hoofball. Second half comes along and it was pathetic. Maybe we can't play with the big boys. The results this season have proved that. We're missing something for sure. Worst game I've watched in years. The referee was poor but we can't blame it on that this time. We sucked 100%. There goes the top 4.
Joey Brown     Posted 29/12/2007 at 19:06:08   Comments (14)

Anderson da Silva Franca

Is this boy gonna cut it? Apart from 10 minutes against Charlton, in which he looked scared to death. I've yet to see him play. Has anyone seen him playing at Barnsley and witnessed his talent The Club had to get through a lot of red tape to get him and I think he's back from Barnsley. Will he get a chance?
Adam Harris     Posted 29/12/2007 at 14:10:51   Comments (3)


I followed the link on the homepage to read the story about Peanut — bad news, not looking good for time off from the ANC. But next to the story Adidas are running an advert featuring Steven "Schillo" Pienaar. First time I've heard of "Schillo". Anyone know anything about the nickname or what it means? Perhaps any South African Blues can throw some light on it?
Steve Parry     Posted 29/12/2007 at 08:26:21   Comments (0)

Football is bad for your health

In the wee small hours of this morning I came across the classic piece of research that looked at the incidence of cardiovascular disease and the performance of your football team.

Results: On days when the local professional football team lost at home, mortality attributable to acute myocardial infarction and stroke increased significantly in men (relative risk 1.28, 95% confidence intervals 1.11 to 1.47). No increase was observed in women.

Conclusions: Results achieved by the local professional football team are associated systematically with circulatory disease death rates over a five year period in men, but not women.

I hope Everton keep on winning as I am approaching 46 and therefore classic heart attack material. The area the data was drawn from covers Leeds, Sunderland and Newcastle so perhaps we don?t need to worry too much.

So if we do go on bad run please cut out the Ale and the Pies and watch your missus checking the insurance policy. Apparently a similar study in Holland showed no affect of results on mortality (all too stoned to care I would imagine). Right I?m off the gym, grab some skunk and pray for a long unbeaten run. If those Geordies carry on they way they are doing, I am going to Newcastle to see the merry widows of the Tyne.
Ed Fitzgerald     Posted 29/12/2007 at 10:34:12   Comments (0)

Top 4

I may be damned for being pessimistic (and quite rightly) for writing this but all I want to do is point out a fact.

Everyone is going on about our inability to beat a team in the top 4. In fact we have only beaten one team in the top 12 all season. That includes Europe where all our competitors are languishing in the bottom half of their respective leagues except Zenit St Petersburg who won their league and are now in close season.

This is not said to dampen optimism because I think we are a much better team and improving. I just thought it was an interesting fact...
Mike  Kennedy     Posted 29/12/2007 at 09:31:57   Comments (7)

Our favourite ref

Just read the BBC preview of tomorrow's game and wondered how on earth we won last season:


Everton 1-0 Arsenal
18 March 2007 - Ref: Mark Clattenburg
Everton scorer: Johnson 90
Brian Hill     Posted 28/12/2007 at 17:51:15   Comments (13)

Stadium capacity and away support

Sometimes the most unimportant questions do trouble your mind. One of the things I've been wondering for quite some time now, is what the actual maximum capacity of Goodison Park is currently. In most guides, websites and games some figure above the 40K-mark is given. Now the game against Bolton on Boxing Day was a sellout according to the official site. That same official site gives an attendance-number of 38,918.

In the Clattenburg-Derby the official number was 40,049 . For me, that's as close to the 'real' maximum capacity as I can get. At the derby, you just know that every seat will be occupied.

So I got my answer to the question of the maximum capacity. Leaves me wondering where the difference of 1131 souls in the official numbers comes from. The only sensible thing is that the sell-out was based on home support only and that Bolton didn't sell out their contingency of tickets. In the short summary I saw, the away part of the Bullens wasn't shown at all, so I've got no clue as to my assumption is true or that there is another reason why a so-called sell-out delivers a significantly lower attendance than a derby match. Can anyone shine a light on this subject, ie someone present at the ground to verify that Bolton didn't bring that much of a support with them?

Sorry to waste your time with such an insignificant question! It's just that I'm bored at work. Those days between christmas and new Year seem to last forever... Thanks ToffeeWeb crew for providing the necessary distraction. Still love this site.
Erik Dols     Posted 28/12/2007 at 12:31:11   Comments (16)

Is that Anelka in your pocket...

...or are you just happy to be playing centre half?

OK, I?m going to say it. It?s on the edge but what the hell! It will probably provoke little more than 3 comments if I am lucky, but I honestly thought Jagielka was exceptional on Saturday. Bolton are the ultimate bruiser pub team. Their only strategy is to kick teams off the pitch, and they must have thought they could sneak a point at Goodison after the first half.

After an enthralling and very physical game at United two days before, where Jags and the back four were tested to the limit, this Bolton result should not be overlooked. Anelka is high quality and highly regarded, and Jags had him in his pocket all game. Dare I say he reminded me a little of Dave Watson?? Although he will need to play 400 more games to get into that category! Anyhow, a clear indication from the past few performances, that Jags? best position is indeed centre half. Keep it up Jags.
Chris Masey     Posted 28/12/2007 at 11:31:22   Comments (18)

Rumour Mill ? Who will it be?

I for one start to get this buzz when the transfer window opens, checking all available gossip, just to see who we have been linked with. But being realistic who do you see David Moyes seriously making a bid for, don't forget there are loads of players going to the ANC so the likes of Chelsea and Pompey will be active, most managers dont like selling half way through the season and you need to bed them in quickly, no pre season etc.

Vogel and David Albelda are two players who could be on the radar. Anyone got any other realistic players who might be a Moyes target or any gossip they have picked up, airport sightings etc?
Anthony Murphy     Posted 28/12/2007 at 08:35:03   Comments (34)

A Tribute to a TOP Blue!

I was gutted to hear the news of the untimely death of AJ Clarke, truly one of the most dedicated Evertonians I have ever known.

I had the pleasure of AJ's friendship as I'm sure many of you who regularly visit this site have also. I haven't seen him for a few years as I live in Bangkok and I will be unable to attend his funeral on January 3rd.

I travelled to Rotterdam with AJ for the scene of one of our greatest achievements. I'll never forget Duncan McKenzie being carried on the shoulders of the crowd in Rotterdam's main square. Just one of many truly fantastic memories.

Let us all hope that they catch the murdering scum who took AJ from us!

He liked a drink did AJ, so as I can't be there to say goodbye I'll raise a glass. "To a true blue, you'll be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, mate."
Colin Grierson     Posted 28/12/2007 at 02:27:02   Comments (3)

Xabi Alonso

I have absolute, undisputable black and white proof that Alonso will be an Everton player within a month.

The fee is ?19m, which is approximately £14m GBP.

The proof is an obvious format which I can't provide, as I, among others, will be sacked. It is so frustrating that I cannot provide any proof. The exact amount is a £14m one-off fee and estimated £750k compensation (I suspect to pay off Alonso's contract?)

You heard this here first!
Thomas Darin     Posted 28/12/2007 at 00:45:24   Comments (19)

UEFA via CC final?

Just wondered if anyone could help me out: I know we all want top 6 if not top 4 in the league, but I was wondering if we qualify for the UEFA cup if we beat Chelsea in the semi and Arsenal beat Spurs? Assuming Arsenal finish in the CL places would we qualify even as losing finalists? I know this happens in the FA Cup, but not sure about CC?

Hopefully we'll either win the Cup or qualify via the league, but just wanted to know?
Dan Sedlak     Posted 27/12/2007 at 23:57:31   Comments (10)

Setanta ad

Loving the ad for the Everton vs Arsenal game on Saturday, it goes on about it being a match between two of the best footballing sides and asks who will be top of the class? Who would have thought we would be seeing that about Everton just a few months ago? Brilliant, COYB!
Dan McKie     Posted 27/12/2007 at 20:29:37   Comments (6)

McFadden and Marseille

Just seen on the Rumour Mill that Marseilles are the latest club to show an interest in James McFadden. Straight swap for Cisse, anyone?
John Murphy     Posted 27/12/2007 at 19:23:46   Comments (12)

On the scoresheet

I'm absolutely delighted by the goalscoring form of the Yak and Cahill. I'm even more delighted with the way the goals are spread around the team.

By my reckoning, 14 different players have scored for the Blues this season:


This highlights the progress we have made. Other teams have to deal with goal threats from all over the park.

What odds Hibbert to get one before the end of the season?
John Conaghan     Posted 27/12/2007 at 18:17:48   Comments (8)


Michael and co,

I may be out on limb here, but after Arteta's illness keeping him out of the Man Utd game, only to return today, am I the only person to smell a whiff of last year's "gentleman's agreement"? Of course there are often spurious rumours linking him elsewhere, but if our Mikel heads to United after next Tuesday's opening of the window I will be majorly fucked off on a number of levels.

Am I overly cynical and suspicious? Do I need to dig out my tinfoil hat?
Mark Wynne     Posted 26/12/2007 at 23:10:12   Comments (33)

Chelsea Cup Semi

Does anyone know how many matches Carvaliho and Cole will be suspended for following the 4 - 4 Villa match?

By my reckoning, if it's 3 they will miss their home leg of the Carling Cup. As Terry is crocked it would be a great advantage!
Amanda Huddleston     Posted 26/12/2007 at 22:48:12   Comments (12)

Not a stylish win...

...but a well earned win. Bolton had no intent of playing a football game but just to grind out a draw. Well played to the lads for being patient, and also the fans for being patient and wait for the brakethrough, flukey if it was.

The players look to have a confidence that has a never say die attitude. Well played again to all.
Dave  Charles     Posted 26/12/07 at 20:45:05   Comments (16)

Moaning gits......

Many thanks to the gentleman sat in seat 256 row H, Upper Bullens at today's game. His general moaning, particularly against Gravesen, and insistence on providing a running commentary on the game totally spoilt my enjoyment this afternoon!

On days like this, the idea of standing on the terraces, which would enable you to escape the ramblings of such numbskulls, becomes far more attractive!

ps: Jagielka was awesome today. We have found our successor to Alan Stubbs...
Gareth Hughes     Posted 26/12/2007 at 18:02:21   Comments (10)


I have just read a contribution from another reader on another thread referring to Liverpool fans as 'murderers'. This is out of order as far as I am concerned. I'm not saying this as some armchair fan from elsewhere who doesn't appreciate the rivalry between both sets of fans - I'm from Old Swan and watch us all over. I'm as big a Blue as they come.

Referring to them like this does us no favours as fans, just like singing songs about Munich to Man United doesn't either. Gloating about tragedies such as Munich or Heysel shows a lack of class, and while I realise people have freedom of speech, surely the editors don't have to publish things like that?

Surely after the death of Rhys Jones, when they played Z-Cars at Anfield, can we not get back to a proper rivalry with them. I don't like Liverpool, and want to batter them every time we play them, but I also enjoy the banter with Liverpool fans, and don't appreciate this sort of vitriol. It is Christmas after all!

Note that the offending Comments were removed between the time that Danny's letter was submitted and subsequently published by Michael — Lyndon

Danny Broderick     Posted 25/12/2007 at 22:00:47   Comments (38)

Biggest game of the season

For sure, as Desailly would say on MOTD if Alan Shearer's phone is switched off, Everton's biggest game of the season is tomorrow against Bolton...

Why? Well, in previous seasons, we'd have a good run, lose one, then go on to lose the next four. So this is the biggest measure of how far we've come yet.

Happy Christmas all, COYB!
Nick Flack     Posted 25/12/2007 at 19:26:26   Comments (13)

Manny again...

I decided I would love to have Fernandes back. After considering the most recent rumor, which seems a little more legitimate, I realized something. If Moyes ever signed Manny again it would have to mean that the reason Fernandes went to Valencia was a good bit out of his hands. Because we all know Moyes holds a player's integrity pretty high up. So if come January Moyes brings him back, let's welcome him.
Joey Brown     Posted 25/12/2007 at 19:08:15   Comments (41)

Hidden Talent

Have a look at this I swear that's David Moyes on drums. He's not bad either.
Barry Lightfoot     Posted 25/12/2007 at 12:27:21   Comments (5)

2008 Everton calendar

So I woke up this morning and went for my first present knowing exactly what it was by the shape and the consistency of my Mum getting me one for the last 25years plus. The new 2008 Everton Calendar. P> Great cover, Ossy jumping clenched fist after scoring with AJ and Anichebe running to congratulate him. I turned to the back to have a look at the players for each month and there, in the biggest pic is fuckin' Gravesen! I look at the months and to my horror, no Carsley! WTF!!

Arguably our best, most consistent, player/midfielder for the last 3/4 seasons, a future Everton legend and he's not on there - to be replaced with a tired, fat, lazy Dane who's only here on loan! Sort it out Everton, that's really pissed on my Turkey!!
Graham Eaves     Posted 25/12/2007 at 11:19:14   Comments (8)

Injuries & Our Starting XI (Bolton)

Fate seems to be targeting our most vulnerable spot ? the midfield ? during our busiest period. Osman, Arteta and Cahill all out/doubtful due to injuries/illness has exposed our lack of depth in midfield badly.

Some tough decisions for Moyes to make. I hope it does not signal the return of the dreadful duo in mid-field - Jags & Neville. I was thinking about the options that DM has in the starting XI against Bolton (if Arteta & Cahill are both unavailable).

The back 5 selects itself (I think there is near unanimous consensus that Neville is best at RB):

Howard (GK) Lescott (LB) Jagielka (CB) Yobo (CB) Neville (RB)

Yakubu is sure to be 1 (or the only) of the forwards. Pienaar & Carsley are certainties in the mid-field. That leaves 3 slots to be filled.

I suggest that Vaughan would be an excellent replacement for Cahill's role (playing behind the lone striker). Johnson will play because of his phenomenal work-rate (possibly at right midfield). I would like to see Gravesen fill in Arteta's role as the ball-player.

Anichebe & McFadden to replace tiring strikers/mid-fielders towards the final 3rd of the game (to freshen up things).

My starting XI: Yakubu, Vaughan, Pienaar, Carsley, Gravesen, Johnson, Lescott, Jagielka, Yobo, Neville, Howard.

Only 2 players in this XI with questionable work-rate - Yakubu & Gravesen.

Subs: Anichebe McFadden Hibbert Valente Wessels

Merry Christmas !!
Ajay Gopal     Posted 25/12/2007 at 09:57:02   Comments (2)

Blessed Christmas to you all!

Dear Toffeeweb family,

I only found out about this site about 6 months ago and it has changed me... I used to have to follow Everton news on sites that devote little/no space for our club. To say that this site is amazing is a gross understatement coz Michael and the others on here are doing a monumental job. The diverse views that we have here makes things even more acceptable coz we get to see various views about the same issue.

This year has been a great one for the club with us finally looking like a side that other teams fear/dislike playing. We have a great nucleus of young players with some seasoned veterans too. The future of Everton looks good and as we enter this Christmas period again, I for one am truly thankful for the friends I have made here on ToffeeWeb.

So from my wife and family, I'd like to wish all the ToffeeWeb family a truly blessed Christmas and hope that the year ahead holds more good cheer for us... upwards and onwards... COYB
Santosh  Benjamin     Posted 24/12/2007 at 22:59:01   Comments (8)

Who would Kendall pick?

Just read an article by Brian Viner in this month's Evertonian. And in it he mentions a few current players who might have been picked by Kendall before the likes of Steven, Sheedy and Mountfield. The first players who come to my mind is Tim Cahill & Lescott. In the article Viner quotes Robbie Earle in saying that "Tim Cahill is no less a force in midfield than Gerrard, Lampard and Paul Scholes, vastly more feted players because of the teams they play for"
Thomas Murphy     Posted 24/12/2007 at 21:38:04   Comments (6)

Going forward...

Like most, I am disappointed with the end of the run. I have to disagree with those comments made concerning the true merit of results post Oct 20, beating teams in cup or league does not matter to me. Recent experience tells us that -? why else would we all feel so upbeat.

Where I do agree with views aired is concerning the manner of the defeat. The back five were heroes to a man; however, going forward (and there was plenty of space) we were extremely ordinary, bordering on poor.

I am particularly concerned with Johnson. Undeniably good workrate, but his touch, control and most especially his passing is below that needed for our now improving team. Given that the fee could be £10M+ ? what about cashing in on him?

All the best to one and all.
James McPherson     Posted 24/12/2007 at 17:15:24   Comments (18)

Jagielka ? Vast Improvement

I'm sure I wasn't the only person at OT to notice yesterday that Jagielka seems to be becoming more comfortable at CB than before. However, it seems he is getting little recognition at the moment for his contribution to the side.

When he was first thrown into the side as an anchoring midfielder, I felt sorry for him as you could see that it was a position he could not competently fill at the highest level. I became far more relaxed when he was put into CB position at the start of the month but he still was making, very worryingly, basic errors and looked completely out of his depth.

However, in the past couple of weeks he seems to have come on leaps and bounds to what I believe yesterday was best performance in a Blue shirt against our toughest opposition yet. He generally kept Rooney in check for most of the match, and you could see the frustration on Ferguson's face when everything into our box kept getting cleared, no-nonsense style, by most notably Jagielka. If it had been Stubbs playing instead I couldn't have seen us heading for a draw against United.

It also looks like he will be playing this CB position until after the ACN due to the Baines injury with Lescott slipping in next to him. If there is room for improvement, hopefully his passing out of defence will consist of more than "hoofball" against lesser teams than United but if he keeps up these standards of performances I can only see him becoming an increasingly important member of the squad until the season ends.

Richard Wallace     Posted 24/12/2007 at 16:50:30   Comments (7)

Wayne Rooney

So the little basterd is at it again, coming out and having a pop at our team. He claims that the victory against us made the three points that 'little bit sweeter.' He goes on to say, 'There is a bit of banter between myself and the Everton fans. Sometimes I come out on top, sometimes they do.' More like hatred, Wayne. Wasn't banter when he couldn't stop himself running into the Street End's boards and had to get away as quick as he could after hundreds of blues started running down the stairs. If only Carsley had of caught the bastards ankle.......
John Murphy     Posted 24/12/2007 at 15:39:27   Comments (18)


Moyes has been after a solid 'hard' midfielder with the likes of Essien/Parker/Sissoko for years now. It's obvious that we need to replace Carsley who, at the age of 34 will be lucky to last the season, never mind next -- hands up who wants Neville there??

Otherwise we also need to bring in a player who superseeds Arteta/Pienaar/Osman, or is at least as good as them. I feel that these 2 types of midfielder arre required for us to progress to the next level.

It's unusual to see a team suddenly start to implode as Valencia are doing at the moment and of course this takes an extra bit of interest for us Evertonians when we see Fernandes suffering there.

They have some great players, and noticably some strong midfielders too--Joaquin/Fernandes/Baraja/Albelda would be the most suitable for us. Of these, Joaquin was bought for 25mil Euros and Baraja is 32 years old.

Surely the rumours must be true? Fernandes(AM) and Albelda(DM) to Everton? This would make Arteta very happy as of course Albelda is watched for Spain and Fernandes is another ball-player.

Playing 5 games or more in La Liga means than you can't transfer in the same season to another Spanish club -- cut price deals for them both???
Mark Cassin     Posted 24/12/2007 at 14:24:59   Comments (6)

Reality Check

I can't believe the naivety of some fans who expected us to take the game to Man Utd and then crack on with going all out for the win near the end.

It's not being small-minded being happy with the level of performance yesterday and would anyone have been critical if we had got the point we deserved and would have got if it hadn't been for one individual error?

If anything, in playing the way we did yesterday, we were making a statement that we were now in the group of clubs who can look to challenge Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea. What I mean is if you look at the games that the so called big 4 play against each other and which the media love to build up as classics, they are all cagey affairs, with little flowing football and in all cases the away team takes a very cautious approach. Good examples of this were the 2 games last week between Arsenal v Chelsea and Liverpool v Man U, and despite all the plaudits there are for Arsenal's style, let's just see what sort of approach they take at Old Trafford.

Let's have a reality check lads. This is an Everton team moving forward, competing on all fronts and I for one haven't been so positive going into the second half of a season since the glory days of the mid-80s.
Lee Gorre     Posted 24/12/2007 at 09:21:25   Comments (3)

Limpar Mk 2

With Areta and Osman absent and the Question is Midfield and Gravesen, then on this occasion and this only, the answer has got to be Neville... Who you gonna call?? ghost-busters??

Apprentice Moyes has got rid of the darkside in his ranks, aka Irvine, but has still much to learn from the Jedi master that is Fergie, he turned the game, well maybe turned is a bit strong, but bringing on 2 fullbacks (forget Saha he did nowt as did the man he replaced who was so anonymous I don't even know his name) did nothing to weaken the side.

United didn't get out of jail, we were never in that much control, more like they were never brought to trial due to a legal technicality.... The trailing leg offenses act (mental tiredness and stupidity)1992.

Prior, I would have settled, albeit reluctantly, for one point V's. the 2 top teams, as essentially there are 6 teams playing for a not-to-be-sneezed-at 3rd place and any one of them will be lucky to get a point at home (eh redshite) or away.

Head up Stevie P laa, lesson learned, onwards and upwards.

In the 1st half there was a nice little passage of play that saw the ball cut back to...Neville, who promptly obliged with what could be called a typical fullback's shot. That is why defenders are defenders and acts of lunacy so witnessed today are why some attackers should just keep the fuck out of their own box. Limpar anyone?

Arteta ' ill ' afraid, be very afraid, in cyberspace no one can hear you scream.
Derek Thomas     Posted 24/12/2007 at 04:19:17   Comments (6)

Transfer target

We all know that we have to get a couple of midfielders in by january. the one that fits the bill for me is David Bentley of Blackburn. He ticks all of the right boxes that Moyesy wants, young, works hard, can play in a number of positions and very skillfull. Sell McFadden for 4m to Celtic put another 3m and we'll get our man.
Colin  Malone     Posted 23/12/2007 at 19:55:39   Comments (50)

Small minded

While I have not come on here to castigate Everton or Steve P, what's with this "oh, I'm so proud of the Blues" mentality? "We were unlucky," etc. We got what we deserved... nothing. From 30 minutess onwards we sat back and invited it on and then the inevitable finally came.

I thought we had moved on from this small-minded menatality both as fans and as players of EFC. We gave them too much repect, we did not play like a confident side we played the same we have for years at Old Trafford... scared. And still people say they are proud! If that's not small I don't know what is! Let's move on from this and get back to winning ways against Bolton and start another run.
Steve  Wolfe     Posted 23/12/2007 at 17:08:11   Comments (34)

Premier League Form vs Cup Runs

After reading David Jones's (quite sensible in my view) article "Can we have some perspective please" which was posted a few days ago, and reading some of the responses it received, I'm sure I'm going to get much of the same, as this is a similar post, but sod it, I'm a big boy and can take the abuse :)

Right, yes we are playing some good football at the moment and our cup form has been excellent, and I think Moyes has done a great job in the 5 years he's been here. And yes I would much rather be in the position we are in now than 10 years ago. It's just I'm a bit concerned about our Premier League form when it matters.

After today's match against United, it now means that we have won just 3 points from a possible 21 from teams in the top 9 of the table this season. If we are to push on for constant European football then surely this has to be better.

24 points out of our total of 30 have come from our 8 matches against the bottom 8 teams, with 5 of these being at home. It's all well and good hammering the likes of Sunderland and doing the likes of Fulham and Wigan at Goodison, but when it comes to the "bigger" teams, we're just not getting the points.

Our points from top 10 teams is 6 from a possible 24, points from bottom 10 teams is 24 from a possible 30.... Sums up my concerns really.
Lee Smith     Posted 23/12/2007 at 14:55:29   Comments (22)

Surgery a success; patient dead

That was on its way to being a great battling performance but for me the two substitutions pulled it apart. Gravesen should have come on for Neville, not Yakubu.

As always wth Neville, his ambivalence playing against Manchester United showed throughout his game. Every time there was a breakaway opportunity, he broke it up. Once Yakubu and Cahill went off, United were able to exert consistent pressure. That left the defense and midfield playing too deep, which led to Pienaar's error.

We needed more push, not less in the closing stages. Heartbreaking end, but the important thing is to not let it turn the tide of the season at a crucial time.
Peter Fearon     Posted 23/12/2007 at 14:38:15   Comments (21)

Lack of belief

It would be easy to go overboard after today's result but with a bit more belief we could have won it. Why we resorted to hoofball again after our recent displays is beyond me, I know Mikel and Ossie were missing but were better than that. We had chances in the second half to win it but lacked conviction.

Worst part for me was Davey putting the Grav on, we sent out a big signal to them with that substitution, I know he wanted to sure the game up but it was like a white flag.. Anyway my fellow blues lets look to the positive and get back to winning ways against Bolton, hope everyone is enjoying their break, great site lads, great time to be a Blue.
Steve  Lyth     Posted 23/12/2007 at 14:29:01   Comments (6)

Vs Man Utd

No Arteta today!!

Bit worried by the line up, gone to 4-4-2 with Hibbert at RB and Neville moving to centre mid with Carsley, Cahill and Pienaar wide. Stuart Mitchell     Posted 23/12/2007 at 11:37:20   Comments (25)

Alkmaar to Rome with RyanAir

Started our journey at 11.30pm Wednesday 19/12, 17 people to Stanstead, then to AZ via Eindhoven, Amsterdam, stayed in the Dam after the game on Thursday 20/12. On Friday 21/12 went to Eindhoven Airport. Flight cancelled due to fog, Ryanair's alternative? Fend for yourselves! No explanation, no help, no hotel accommodation, no alternatives offered as a way home until WE gave them the alternatives.

Upshot was 4 of the party paid (to another airline) the best part of £200 each to fly from Amsterdam on Saturday morning. Ryanair then sent 2 to Gerona, 4 to Marseilles and 7 of us to Rome (!) all to pick up flights back to Stansted, no help with accommodation, food etc. We got back home 4.00am Sunday 23/12/07. The time and costs we have endured as a group mean nothing to Ryanair. Please post this as a warning to others.

There were at least another 30 Blues on the flight, all left in the same predicament by Ryanair. Hope some of them see this post and add their experience of Ryanair's customer service!
Tommy  Gibbons     Posted 23/12/2007 at 05:28:22   Comments (4)

Season's Greetings to one and all

This is a bit of a drunken ramble, but I'd just like to say Happy Christmas to all the ToffeeWeb readers, contributors and especially the editorial team at TW towers.

These guys are doing a fantastic job providing us all with a platform to air our views and listen to those of others. In terms of unofficial sites TW is head and shoulders about any of it's rivals... And all for free.

I'm sure Micheal, Colm, Lyndon etc are too proud to ask, but running servers, web space, etc, costs £ or $ (depending on where you are). So I say to you, my fellow TW readers, donate $10 or whatever you can afford and keep this site the best in class:
Matt Geraghty     Posted 22/12/2007 at 21:17:18   Comments (1)

Goals scored!

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that we've scored 50 goals in all competitions this season! At this rate come the end of the season we may hopefully be looking at treble figures in goals scored.
Kunal Desai     Posted 22/12/2007 at 19:19:34   Comments (2)


Our football style is better since the derby debacle and we have been good value for our 11 wins and 2 draws (both from difficult away games) so we have built up a decent profile in the Premier and abroad but tomorrow starts the week that will put us in the spotlight.

We Evertonians have always had the gripe about the national media ignoring our club and here is the perfect chance to put them right ? together with all the doubters.

Three points from tomorrow's Old Trafford trip, a hatful of goals against a Bolton side that forgets any good habits it has when it travels away from the Reebok and then another win on Saturday against a decent Arsenal side that didn't look too clever at Newcastle or Middlesbrough will put us on the map ? big time !

Nine points by next Saturday evening and we will have 39 from 20 Premier games.

Do us proud ? again ? Blue Boys !

Happy Christmas to all Blues wherever you are out there !
Glen Strachan     Posted 22/12/2007 at 17:15:33   Comments (1)

Moyes's Man Management (McFadden)

Moyes has made some great signings and some bad signings, depending on your own opinion. To me Moyes has only made good singings but I have boiled down to man management. With some players Moyes has had the knack of getting the best out of them. From the previously frustrated Arteta in Spain, to the struggling Pienaar in Germany, the Championship players who have made the step up with ease such as Cahil and Lescott and also the home grown talent such as Osman who has made great strides recently.

His greatest achivement of all was getting the best out of an average/poor side that had finish 17th then lost its 2 best players and the next season managed to compete with the top 4, and indeed finished fourth ahead of the European Champions.

However, other signings have not been so successful and perhaps under-achieved under Moyes's management which has bemused and frustrated me to say the least. For example Beattie will probably be considered a bad signing by many but in my opinion was potentially a good signing. This was a good player and still is who was a top goal scorer and still is, who was on the brink of breaking into the England squad.

Moyes failed to get the best out of him and now he is top goalscorer with 12 goals in the Championship. Davies, arguably Wales' best player, and right now one of Fulham's most important players but could not settle at Everton. VDM, a fantastic Dutch international but has flopped comprehensively. Kroldrup, this was a player rated higher in his home country than Daniel Agger who has been fantastic for the shite. Others too have failed to impress that could and should have had bright and successful futures and perhaps still will just not with Everton.

Perhaps Moyes's biggest failing or the player failed most by Moyes is McFadden. He has been unable to get the best out of him. It's a great shame as he showed such promise in his early games and for Scotland but was dropped for no reason, sustained injuries, suffered loss of form and loss of confidence and has never recovered. It is ironic as the same thing happened to Arteta in Spain; they didn't appreciate him so he was forced to move on for more regular football and now look at him, 'the best little Spaniard we know' They should have remembered the old saying: form is temporary, class is permanent.

I don't think McFadden will succeed at Everton and is in need of a fresh start. I think he will have to move on to realise his potential and for regular football himself and will probably replicate Beattie at Sheffield at the very least and do great. And who knows he might even become the best little Scot we know.
Ian Tunny     Posted 22/12/2007 at 02:25:40   Comments (24)

Gravesen and team spirit

One of the things I am chuffed with (and there is so much to be chuffed about the way we are playing) is the team spirit. It's often mentioned by my non-blue mates as a real plus for us. So what was the to-do between Gravesen and Carsley just before the second half kicked off against AZ?

I watched it on Channel 5 and Grav appeared to be slapping Carsley around the chest in what looked like an attempt at keeping him warm. Carlsey however seemed well pissed off by this and mouthed as much at Grav and then pushed him away. I thought I saw a look of real disdain from Cars.

Firstly and quite simply did I see it right? Secondly, if I did does anyone think Grav may be a disruptive influence around a team that genuinely seems to enjoy being together?
Mike Dishome     Posted 22/12/2007 at 00:53:09   Comments (19)

Credit Where It's Due

The club get a lot of very legitimate criticism for their failures in ticketing and general organisation surrounding matches, but I think it's worth giving them a thumbs up for their arrangements in Holland yesterday.

Not travelling with the Thomas Cook arranged official party, but having flown into Amsterdam and headed up to Alkmaar, I was fully expecting to make my way to and from the ground under my own steam, via taxi or similar. So it was great to see very visible Everton stewards at Alkmaar station, directing fans to the waiting coaches that'd been laid on for fans holding match tickets. To be dropped right outside the entrance of the ground, and then picked up after the match for a quick exit and smooth journey back to Amsterdam Central station, all at no charge and available to all fans with tickets, was a real bonus. In fact it was efficiency all round from Everton on and off the pitch in my experience, with the clueless stewards being the Alkmaar ones at the stadium.

Helped make the whole travel experience stress-free and left fans able to enjoy another excellent performance on the pitch.
Robin Cannon     Posted 21/12/2007 at 14:28:51   Comments (10)

Toffees are coming to Norway!

What a great draw for all us Norwegian Evertonians! Can't wait to see us play in Bergen!

Brann play attacking, and I must say, rather attractive, football at their best, and like to keep the ball on the deck. Brann should not be underestimated, but we will be playing them a month before the Norwegian season starts, which gives us a huge advantage.

Some players you might have heard of before are Eirik Bakke (ex Leeds), Azar Karadas (ex Benfica and Pompey), Robbie Winters (ex Dundee United & Aberdeen), Hassan El Fakiri (ex. Monaco and Borussia Mönchengladbach). Watch out for the lightning forward Thorstein Helstad (22 goals in 24 matches last season), who has been linked with Everton in the past. Brann also have a very promising winger in Erik Huseklepp - one to watch for the future.

Bergen is a beautiful city and although Brann Stadion is smallish compared to Goodison, the home supporters are fervently supportive of their team ? by far the most vocal supporters in Norway. Come prepared for hefty beer prices, rain and a thoroughly enjoyable experience! See you all in Bergen in February!
Einar Meier     Posted 21/12/2007 at 13:51:32   Comments (23)

SK Brann

Probably one of the best possible outcomes of the draw for the boys ? Aberdeen aside maybe ? and a place in the final 16 looks increasingly likely after the draw and of course because of the past performances by the Blues.

If they were to get through to the final 16 they will face the winner of the Rosenborg - Fiorentina games. Personally I'd fancy another trip to Norway but then again I fancy our lot to beat everybody at the moment!
Thorgeir Finnsson     Posted 21/12/2007 at 12:28:43   Comments (8)

Man Utd ? Can the worm turn?

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs. Home or away if we were playing any of these on Sunday I'd be confident that the boys would be able to battle out a well deserved draw or if they really played well ? a win. But Man Utd... we never beat them. And they always always beat us home or away, no matter how well we are playing, no matter how many goals up we go against them. They are definately our bogey team ? and I can't stand it ? esp when Rooney scores against us.

But are we in a position now where we can nick a point at old trafford ? OR even better?! If we won on Sat it be our greatest result since i dont now when. What do u think - can we do it?
Seth DeMerit     Posted 21/12/2007 at 11:05:31   Comments (19)

Best Atmosphere?

Now that I am earning money I am planning on going to Goodison at least once a month. I was just wondering if any of you could tell me which matches usually have the best atmosphere as I can't really remember it too good as I haven't had a season ticket in years.
Rob Jones     Posted 21/12/2007 at 09:33:20   Comments (8)

Champions League = Uefa Failure

Sad bit of statistic checking, but remember when we had that disaster a couple of years ago going out of the Champions League and Uefa Cup? Well, I just checked on this year's 16 teams who lost their Champions League Third Round qualifiers:

6 Lost in the Uefa Qualifiers
6 more have gone out of the group stages

and of the 4 that went through, none won the group.

So it does seem it is not unusual to be psychologically affected by missing out on the CL.

The other bit of news is that for next season's UEFA cup, our 5 wins and a draw this year will improve our ranking so that we will be up around 20th compared to 34 this year. Of course winning it will make us even higher...
Phil Roberts     Posted 20/12/2007 at 23:45:14   Comments (14)

Disappointed in Ratters

We've been over this before about players going down to 'earn' a penalty but tonight's commentary annoyed me. Early on, James McFadden battled his way into the box determined to get the cross in.

To paraphrase poorly... 'I just thought with him being jostled there he should have gone down and got something'.

This live from a respected captain from our finest era, Kevin Ratcliffe. I know it's the "professional" thing to do, but if he's being fouled the ref will say so, if he goes down, it's a dive. It's cheating.
Nick Entwistle     Posted 20/12/2007 at 22:26:17   Comments (20)

Alkmaar Game

Great start by the Blues but we seem to be struggling, letting in an easy goal... I wonder how many of these raw young lasds will get their senior debuts in the second half?
Paul Hardcastle     Posted 20/12/2007 at 19:17:01   Comments (46)

Andy Gray ? Is this person for real ?

I am writing this post with a sense of disbelief. Just finished reading this article on by Andy Gray titled: "Half-Time Report" ? supposedly a reflection of the Premier League at the half-way mark of the season.

Only 2 teams did not find a mention in his article - Aston Villa, and guess who ?

Even Derby, Sunderland, etc got a mention, albeit in the "relegation battle". No mention of Yakubu in the "best signing", no mention of Tim Cahill's spectacular last gasp goal against Chelsea in "Goal of the Season".

That this person is mad was confirmed by this comment about the referees:

"I think they've been far too inconsistent this season. I'm not saying that just to put referees down because there are some very good ones in the Premier League - like Mark Clattenburg who is generally good."

What ??? !!!

Can anybody shed light on why this guy is so rabidly anti-Everton?
Ajay Gopal     Posted 20/12/2007 at 16:44:50   Comments (28)

Share and Shared Disslike?

Shared Stadium Anyone? Now that Stanley Park has gone tits up (always confused me that analogy, isn?t it a disaster when your tits start dropping? What do I know) and we are being sold a manifest disaster outside the city should we not reconsider a ground share on Stanley Park?

Pool our resources. Build a truly fantastic stadium for the city and our club?

I am in a good mood at the moment as I am sure many of us are, and charitable at this time of year?
Paul Ramsey     Posted 20/12/2007 at 15:07:35   Comments (25)

John Collins?!

He's just quit has Hibs manager, they are saying that it could be tied to the available Scotland job — of which I think he'd do a good job.

But we are still looking for an assistant — he know's the club and know's how to play good attractive passing football, which as we seem to be playing at the moment he'd fit in quite nicely. No?
Martin Lucas     Posted 20/12/2007 at 13:55:55   Comments (15)

Counting the cost

Without wishing to impose on private grief, the serious problems faced by our neighbours over the funding of New Anfield are brought into sharp focus in today`s Daily Telegraph.

The article serves as an economics lecture for all those misguided souls who think OUR club would have a hope in hell of raising sufficient money to build a new stadium without the assistance of a Tesco. I bet that as I write Parry &Co are putting the flags out for a similar partner without which their super project will founder.

Good!I hear you say!
Sebastian  St.Clare     Posted 20/12/2007 at 10:38:01   Comments (10)


Dont want to get all F.M. but BBC website says EFC have interest in David Abelda for 4Mill in January window.

Abelda is a regular in Spanish national team as a defensive mid but has been put on the shit list by Ronald Koeman, Valencia coach ( who won't last the year ). The Spanish national manager, Aragones, says Abelda is the top defensive mid in Spain and will stay a regular even if he sits in the Valencia reserves all year.

Abelda is a player that covers space well, makes plenty of tackles and knits the passing together by always being available to recieve the ball. I think he would be a great buy and may be the best available. views please.
Ray Said     Posted 20/12/2007 at 09:53:50   Comments (20)

Thinking ahead...

This may be a premature posting but god i hope not! Mainly aimed at the younger lads out there, as if we do get to Wembley watching your team walk out to that roar is the most emotional feeling you will ever experience in your life.

Some cry, some fall dumb but most just go ballistic with pride. If we do get there enjoy and take in evey last second, because when you get home and think back on the day it all feels like a dream.

It is over in a flash - win, lose or draw. If the dream comes true and we get there take the go ballistic route.

It's much more fun.
Dave  Lynch     Posted 20/12/2007 at 09:29:56   Comments (5)

Albelda, anyone?

Read in the papers yesterday that David Albelda is sacked (the term used, actually) by Valencia. Today, the BBC transfer rumors say 'various' media link us with the player.

Have to say I think it's a good idea. He's not young at 30, but he's a terrific player, and could very well be a replacement/backup for Cars. I'd say go for it!
Øystein Lemvik     Posted 20/12/2007 at 09:34:47   Comments (4)

The Fat Spanish Waiter!!!

Having watched the post match comments of that Fat Spaniard last evening, I have been provoked to vent my feelings towards that despicable man.

I may be going over old ground and simply regaling comments and themes that others have no doubt posted in the past, but his attitude and thoughts verge of the ridiculous. In many ways, you can view his "Small Club" remarks as simple rivalry between two city clubs. An easy way to get under the skin of the opposition, and whilst his

words were pathetic, I for one let them go over my head.

However, following the Freak's Chuck Norris impression last night against Mikel (who I also believe to be a dirty, over-rated bastard for the record), I was utterly flabbergasted by the comments of Benitez after the incident.

"It seems some people can tackle and some people are not allowed to tackle".

Bollocks!!! Mikel simply hassled and harried Crouch and he didn't like it. His reaction was petulant and he fully deserved his straight red and in my eyes a possible 5 game ban. Yet his wanker of a manager is too ungracious to commend a referee on what was a perfectly correct decision, instead taking the easy option of berating an official for not picking up on the fact that his player was "kicked twice".

The Red Shite have constantly accused Alex Ferguson of bias and of his controversial remarks in newspapers and interviews. Wenger, it seems, falls asleep everytime there is a contentious decision involving an Arsenal player (although even he agreed the referee had no choice but to send Denilson off at the Rovers on Tuesday). But this horrible Spanish man is beginning to eclipse them all and will once again establish those gobshites across the Park as the most hypocritical people in all the land.
Nick Coyne     Posted 20/12/2007 at 09:06:14   Comments (5)

David Albelda

Apparently, DM is going to offer £4m for the Valencia captain. Does anybody know anything about him e.g. defensive midfielder? This was on the BBC website.
Mike Hughes     Posted 20/12/2007 at 08:59:24   Comments (4)

Pride of Merseyside

Everton vs London. Well, that's it then, we've just got to win the cup.

From the 5Live commentary it sounded like Liverpool were very upset that they got a red card for what was described as a two-footed lunge. You'd think Beneathcontempt could have told them Twattenberg wasn't reffing.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 19/12/2007 at 21:39:12   Comments (20)

Faddy to stay

Fair enough I say, especially with the African Cup upcoming I wouldn't mind having such a dangerous player in the side. Maybe with Osman out we can get him some time in midfield, as I believe he is better farther from goal where he can unleash his devastating left-footed shots and/or crosses from space, as opposed to at centre-forward where he seems to get outmuscled & dispossessed all too often by opposing centre-backs.

With Anichebe, AJ & Vaughan all needing & deserving time on the pitch at CF, this may be our best option, as I don't think he warrants a place at striker at the expense of any of those three, especially as the spearhead of a 4-5-1.
Dave  Reiner     Posted 19/12/2007 at 15:29:26   Comments (10)


With the news that Everton have gone to Holland without regular first teamers Howard, Baines, Stubbs, Yobo, Osman, Arteta, Cahill and Yakubu, which of the younger lads are we likely to see coming as replacements?

We know all about Anichebe and Vaughan, but hopefully we'll get to see a couple of new prospects in first-team action tomorrow. We're particularly short at centre-half and it would be great to see Jack Rodwell on the bench as backup to Jagielka and Lescott. We're also lacking bodies in the middle of the park so maybe we'll get the chance to see a bit more of Vidarsson? Elsewhere experience in the form of Gravesen, McFadden, AJ, Hibbo etc will no doubt fill the gaps but I hope there will be a place on the bench for the likes of JP Kissock, Jutkiewicz and Boyle.
Mark Stone     Posted 19/12/2007 at 13:32:28   Comments (28)

Phil Neville, Superstar

This won't be popular, maybe with a few, but not many: Phil Neville, Superstar. You'd think he'd been at the Club all his life the way he's played lately. I've not seen so much honest, well directed passion in a Blue Shirt for years. So, why not get him his coaching badges.

Look ahead, keep him at the Club. His influence and experience has been massive this season. Regardless of how you feel about him as a player, he's good for the team and Club. When Irvine left we were all left scratching our heads looking for a replacement, there's not many good young coaches about.

Joleon has been player of the year by far, but I bet if you asked the players, Neville P's name wouldn't be far from the top of the list. A model professional, speaks well for the Club and for me one of Moyes's best signings.

You may open fire.
Nick Flack     Posted 19/12/2007 at 11:47:03   Comments (25)

Kept Apart

Why do I get the feeling that they'll keep Liverpool/Chelsea away from Arsenal in the draw for the League Cup? I'd love us to get Spurs but it's not gonna happen is it.... I think we'll get Chelsea when they beat Liverpool tonight.
Dave Trudgeon     Posted 19/12/2007 at 10:57:19   Comments (30)

Holding Midfielder

Just a thought on the midfield and in particular a holding midfielder. Don't get me wrong: Carsley is doing fantastic again this season....but he is getting on a bit.

I watched the Arsenal - Blackburn game last night and one player for me stood out. Maybe because I was looking for a holding midfielder. I don't know. Lassana Diarra, what a player. He can tackle. Get stuck in, protects the back four and more inportantly finds the right shirt everytime he passes. It's reported in the press he's unhappy at lack of starts at the Arsenal.... I think he'd be perfect. Plus he ticks all the Moyes boxes for age and maybe he's within our budget too
John Hughes     Posted 19/12/2007 at 10:31:57   Comments (12)

Dutch Police Strike

Just been talking to a mate in Netherlands and he tells me that this weekend was Super Weekend with PSV and Feyenoord and Ajax and AZ playing each other.

However there is a strike (probably work to rule/overtime ban) by Dutch police at the moment and therefore they could not provide the cover for such high profile matches. So AZ have not played since 9th December.

I pointed out that it is Everton fans coming to play AZ so they do not need that many police for us because we are just enjoying being on a European Tour. (Don't let us down lads!)

So we have our rezzies playing a fully rested team who need to win to stay in the competition. Well I would prefer the point from OT anyway
Phil Roberts     Posted 19/12/2007 at 09:35:34   Comments (8)


Whatever about the players being confident at the moment, it's an absolute joy to be an Everton fan at the moment. The reason I say this is that it's done wonders for my nerves every time I sit down to watch a match or listen to commentary.

Gone are the days when I would sweat blood and tears. Gone are the days when I would be afraid of walking away from the TV or radio for fear of jinxing things. Right now, I'm expecting things to go our way, I'm expecting to get a positive result. Jez, right now I'm not growing ulcers being an Everton fan.

And you know what, right now it's bloody great!
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 18/12/2007 at 18:42:23   Comments (11)

The Club of God

Whenever I think about players who were linked with us and have subsequently decided to play for another side. Manny being the latest in a long list of players. Isnt it strange that they always seem to fall on bad luck?

  • Sissoko went to Liverpoool and is now looking for out.
  • Parker and Emre boith went to the barcodes and again havent set the world alight ? so much so Parker was sold to West Ham.
  • Barmby went to Liverpool and look what happened to that gobshite.
  • Jeffers went to the Arsenal and bombed after too long.
  • Michael Ball the same.
  • Radzinski... need I go on??
  • I think we have the hand of god on our side so can anyone else think of others who have spurned us and come a cropper.
    Mick Mac     Posted 18/12/2007 at 18:23:06   Comments (36)


What The Fuck! Where do these threads come from? We need central midfield cover not wingers. Now that Ossie has crocked his foot (boot-manufacturers, this is becoming silly!), we need central players more than ever.

I've nothing against Downing but he is over-rated and at £8M over-priced! Who to loan/buy in January, answers on a postcard please...
Adam  Carey     Posted 18/12/2007 at 16:26:38   Comments (32)


It didn't take long did it?? The Daily Telegraph now has it that Yakubu is off to Chelsea for a paltry £15mill.

After proving he is worth the money we have paid for him, started to get him into the condition required to fit into the team, I am sorry but I can't believe this for one second. Do these hacks have nothing better to do than to make things up if there is no news..??

Do fellow toffees reckon there is any truth in this..? I am surprised that other teams haven't come in before for Cahill et al... well as far as we know they haven't!!
Mark Hill     Posted 18/12/2007 at 16:21:38   Comments (13)

Two make the Team of the Week!

From Premier League Team of the Week 17 by Gareth Maher, 17 December 2007:?

Right Back: Phil Neville - Everton

Even with Tony Hibbert back from suspension, Phil Neville retained his right-back slot after a number of impressive displays. He proved to be a commanding presence at the back and an option bursting forward for The Toffees as they claimed a 2-0 away win over West Ham United.

Centre Midfield: Steven Pienaar - Everton

He may be on loan from Borussia Dortmund, but Pienaar has been proving in recent weeks that he is one of the signings of the season so far. The South African playmaker has slotted in perfectly alongside Mikel Arteta, Tim Cahill, and Leon Osman in an attacking quartet that earned three points against West Ham.
Ricardo Humphries     Posted 18/12/2007 at 14:08:13   Comments (5)

Osman out for Six Weeks

Just heard the news that Osman has a broken toe and will be out for six weeks. A bad time for such an injury with so many games coming up. I was just wondering what you all think Moyes should do for the Utd game and beyond.

Personally I would hate to have the change the formation especially at Old Trafford, but we are already light in midfield numbers. Possibly giving faddy another go on the left and moving Pienaar into the middle.

Gravesen obviously isn't fit to play 90 minutes and I really don't want to see Jags and Neville in midfield along with Carsley. So I guess it is that or play 4-4-2 again.
Paul Lenehan     Posted 18/12/2007 at 11:54:19   Comments (27)

Yobo and Lescott

It seems the vast majority of people on this website wax lyrical about the ability of Joleon Lescott every week, but poor Joseph Yobo seems to get minimal praise. I have been reading the post regarding Moyes' best signings and Joleon has popped up in there with people stating he'll soon be the best. He was signed (albeit we haven't paid the full price yet) for £5mil ish, whereas Yobo was £4.5. Yobo has been excellent for 5 yrs plus and Lescott for less than 18 months.

Don't get me wrong, I think Lescott is excellent and hopefully a future England regular (as Terry and Ferdinand are overated), but I believe Yobo should certainly be mentioned in the same breath.

I am aware he is prone to the odd mistake (not made many this season at all), but I can remember a few from Lescott this season which have been conveniently forgotten or glossed over. The marking for the throw in against Reading which led to a goal for one and the terrible back pass in Europe which led to a one on one and an excellent save by Howard. I'm sure there is another one, but the game escapes me.

I think we have the makings of the best central defensive partnership in the Premier League, but i believe Joseph Yobo is just as good (if not better than Lescott) and should get the kudos he deserves.
Tony Bell     Posted 18/12/2007 at 11:17:44   Comments (14)

Fernandes on way out

According to Portuguese Sports Daily A Bola, Manuel Fernandes is on his way out of Valencia in the January transfer window after making little or no impact during his time there. The big question is of course where will he go...?
Paul Waring     Posted 18/12/2007 at 11:00:00   Comments (22)

Central Dock?

Whatever happened to the proposals of building a new stadium at the Central Docks? Developers were in talks with Michael Dunford shortly after the Kings Dock proposal collapsed but nothing ever seemed to come of it. This, in my opinion, would be the perfect site:?

  1. It is either within (or very very close to) Everton itself nevermind Liverpool.
  2. The site is big enough to house a 60-70-80,000 seater stadium plus the world's biggest Tesco store.
  3. Our "partners" Tesco would surely have a bigger captive market here than in Kirkby. Not sure, but I don't think there are any big stores nearby.
  4. Good access especially with nearby rail links already in place.
  5. I'm sure it was mentioned at the time that there would be financial help available in the way of grants due to urban redevelopement of the area. Also in order to pay for it could we not lease the ground with a "Right to Buy" at some time in the future.Kind of like the way we buy our players.
  6. The pubs along the Dock Road are generally dives which would make us feel right at home.
Does anyone know what actually happened to these proposals ? Were they just brushed under the carpet when Dunford left and Wyness took over?
Jimmy L'Anson     Posted 18/12/2007 at 00:08:50   Comments (9)

Best 5 / Worst 5

Who do you think David Moyes' five best signings are since he has been at the club and who do you think are the 5 worst. Mine are as follows...


  1. 1. Tim Cahill
  2. 2. Mikel Arteta
  3. 3. Nigel Martyn
  4. 4. Joleon Lescott
  5. 5. Joeseph Yobo
  1. 1. Per Krøldrup
  2. 2. Francis Jeffers (loan)
  3. 3. Richard Wright
  4. 4. James Beattie
  5. 5. Simon Davies
It took me a while to decide who came out on top out of Cahill and Arteta, but Cahill came from the lower divisions whereas Arteta had already played for some of the best teams in the world.
John Murphy     Posted 17/12/2007 at 18:09:40   Comments (27)

Easy Game

Did you see the stewards pushing Johnson away from the fans and then the ref booking him. Sad.

All the ref has to do is stop the clock. We play football to score a goal, simple as that. So why when you score should you be booked for celebrating after completing the task you have been trying to do for 90 minutes? The clock should stop when the ball enters the net and then started again when the opposition kick off.

I just don't get it. How anyone can waste time apart from the ref is beyond me coz THE REF HAS THE FECKIN' WATCH. It makes me laugh it is that stupid. Booking players for 'time-wasting' is simply ridiculous. All the ref has to do is add 30 seconds on to the end of the game; easy you would think. No ? it never is. This game has been made over-complicated and petty by people who don?t, nor ever have, played the game.

Goal-line technology should be used and football should have been the first to utilise it. It just beggars belief that a ball can pass over the goal-line and a goal not be given. This is because they don?t use video to review the decision. It would take 10 seconds for the video ref to say yes or no.

Yet the FA will use video to ban someone for 3 games if for example they have stamped on someone, but the ref ?didn?t see it?. Nonsense. In this respect why doesn?t the FA use video after the game to ban someone that dives to cheat the ref, all the players and everyone that has paid to get in the ground?

The off-side rule is the same; overly complicated. No one in the world knows what the fuck is going on in this department anymore. In my opinion you are either off-side or your not. Again, easy.

The issue surrounding the steward is a safety issue I?m sure, but there was no need for him be so aggressive. I personally would have poked him in the eye for his trouble? But that is another story. Up the blues!
Andy Callan     Posted 17/12/2007 at 13:28:17   Comments (22)

Foreign Investment

With all the foreign investment that has been pumped into Premier League clubs, I thought it was only a matter of time before our club attracted interest. But no such interest has been shown, whilst clubs like Man City, RS, Chelsea, Man Utd, West Ham, Birmingham have all recieved foreign financial backing or been taken over by foreign tycoons.

As an Everton fan I may be biased but I would have thought Everton would appear to be one of the most attractive investments in the League. Amongst our assets we have, great fans, a fantastic history, one of the best squads in the league, European football fairly consistently and of course one of the best managers in the country.

It has been proposed that with RS being seen as the (bigger) club, we as a club are a less sound investment, but this can't be true as surely Man City are in a similar position (although personally I feel we are a far bigger club than Man City). I'm sure Kenwright has said he would sell the club should he believe it is in the best interests of the club.

For the record, I am happy with the club being owned by a devout fan, it's just that a bit more transfer money could be made available...
Connor Davies     Posted 17/12/2007 at 13:29:45   Comments (24)

Should stewards keep their hands off?

Is it just me or are club stewards, especially away from home, becoming a little bit too "hands on" when it comes to stopping players celebrating?

Andy Johnson was virtually assaulted by the West Ham stewards for simply going close to the Everton supporters after scoring our second goal... and it's not the first time this season that I have noticed this. It's not only when Everton have scored that this is happening ? I've seen it with Arsenal , Man Utd and Birmingham... Cameron Jerome being dragged back after simply "high fiving" his fans at one game.

In my opinion, some of this heavy handed over-zealousness could bring about trouble, rather than prevent it.
Terry Maddock     Posted 17/12/2007 at 13:30:54   Comments (10)

Unsung Hero

Is there a more "unsung" player in the history of English football than Lee Carsley?

Non-Everton supporting friends of mine are quick to pinpoint Cahill as our best midfielder... and he is; in a sense. Like that egotistical twat from across the Park he gets himself into excellent positions and is a superb finisher but (like that egotistical twat from across the Park) his general midfield play (tackling, passing, instigating, dictating) is often less impressive. Of course this isn?t Cahill?s job so he absolved of his deficiencies (unlike that egotistical twat from across the Park ? the ?best Midfielder in the World?).

Carsley, Arteta and Pienaar on the other hand are the instigators. And Carsley is the most consistently effective ? not for the defence splitters but for all of the other stuff that makes a good midfielder so important to a team. Week-in, week-out, the guy sits in front of Yobo/Lescott/Stubbs/Jags and delivers honesty, craft, effort and a decent 20-yarder every so often. He breaks up play, rarely hoofs it, involves his full backs in attacks, and allows Pienaar and Arteta to do their thing.

Lee Carlsey will probably be forgotten well before Arteta and Cahill but he?s slowly and quietly become an Everton legend in my mind. There he was again on Saturday, at the heart of everything. And he nearly got his 20-yarder too. How will we replace him?
Jeremy Sweetnam     Posted 17/12/2007 at 11:20:54   Comments (29)

Some interesting stats

We have now played 17 matches against 17 teams in the PL so far this season. Against the teams from the bottom half we have played 10 games: W: 9 D: 0 L: 1 GF:26 GA:6 P: 27

That is just enormous! But against the top half we have played 7 games: W: 0 D: 3 L: 4 GF: 5 GA: 10 P: 3

Which is not that fantastic. Though we of course have to improve on this, I`m not too worried. We will because we play excellent football at the moment. And the following stat could explain quite a lot I think:

Games played with Neville in Midfield: W: 3 D: 1 L: 5

Games without Neville in midfield: W: 6 D: 2 L: 0

Anyway its just a fantastic time`to be a blue! Can`t wait to meet Man U, Bolton and Arsenal.
Hakon Raustol     Posted 17/12/2007 at 10:08:22   Comments (9)

Fernandes made one hell of a bad choice!

I know how the mention of Manny here drives debate, but after reading this, it got me thinking. That last minute U-turn of his to not join us, must rank as one of the worst decisions made by any player ever! Valencia are in right proper meltdown!

I for one, think that if he did become available we should not take him. Unless we can get some kind of Tesco value price for him! Sign Pieneer up pronto instead! A cheeky bid for a clearly disgruntled Joaquin might be a good idea too!
Emil Mathias     Posted 17/12/2007 at 10:10:35   Comments (4)

Tongue in cheek

30 points, 17 games gone, the Mancs and Arsenal coming up... if I were to believe Desailly MotD I'd say we were still in the mix for the title. He commented on Liverpool as still in with a shout so surely he would mention Everton in the same vien??? NOPE!!!

If we beat the Mancs it's possible, and turn over Arsenal, then surely we are title contenders. Any other team in any other league would be touted as such. Softly, softly, catch the monkey!!!
Chris Keightley     Posted 17/12/2007 at 09:16:30   Comments (7)

An apology to Moyes and Clattenburg!

I feel I need to make an apology or two! For the past 5 years I have been firmly in the Moyes is God camp. Even after the Tottenham game last year. However I must admit that before the game against Liverpool this year I had started calling for his head. The reason was that I was sick of seeing long ball football. FFS I thought. I'd rather get beat and see us start to keep the ball. Moyes has to go!

Then something happened! Mark Clattenburg came along and seemingly made everything worse. Yet here we are 12 games later, unbeaten and playing some of the best football I have seen in the Premier League at times. (I must admit i thought West Ham tried it too yesterday.) Therefore, I apologise to David Moyes for not trusting him. Its all finally clicking together!

As for Clattenburg, it's obvious now he had the bigger picture in mind and decided we just needed a little push! So Mr Moyes and Mr Clattenburg... I'm sorry for doubting you.

ps. can somebody now give Ozzie a bit of praise as he is playing as well as Peanuts and Mikky for me.

pps. read the SKySports website match report. You'd think they'd at least watch the game first!

As I write, Liverpool are gettin beat and me bird is doing a Christmas dinner! Happy Days!!!!!
Matty Dunn     Posted 16/12/2007 at 14:45:18   Comments (8)

Sinster tactics to unsettle Yakubu

BBC Sport gossip column has Yakubu linked with Chelsea. With the African Nations in January Chelsea will not be making an attempt to sign him.... I say Fuck Off The Biassed Media!
Adam Harris     Posted 16/12/2007 at 12:50:56   Comments (32)

Yobo and Lescott are they the best?

Living in Jersey, I have the chance to gage other fans' opinions on football. And last night down the local, everyone seemed of the opinion Yobo & Lescott have become the best centre-half partnership in the country. Solid, pace and skill. Its a pity the ANC is comming up. Jagielka looks solid at the moment playing in the centre... I just hope they all stay fit.
Frank Fitz     Posted 16/12/2007 at 10:29:17   Comments (12)

Great days

'........emulating Brazil with some mesmerising passing and neat interchanges.'

Let's be honest here ? who would have thought they'd be reading match reports on ToffeeWeb with sentences like this a few months ago?
Andrew  Conroy     Posted 16/12/2007 at 01:25:38   Comments (11)

Steven Pienaar: Benni said...

Everton and its history was the place for me!

I've just found this old article from the Liverpool Echo online on how Steven Pienaar came to join us! Thanks Benni for sending a gem our way!
Ricardo Humphries     Posted 15/12/2007 at 22:28:27   Comments (24)

Will we tire?

With Moyes using the same starting line-up today as he did midweek and not using any subs till late on it looks like we will be sending out a weaker side against Alkmaar on Thursday. I was surprised that Moyes didn't use his bench more because of our grueling campaign. I think that we will field a weaker side against Alkmaar to concentrate on the Utd game.

I am surprised that we havent rotated the squad more this month because of the 11 fixtures. We have the talent i think...
David Moore     Posted 15/12/2007 at 22:20:07   Comments (13)


Have you noticed that Clattenberg has not been our referee for any of te last 12 games and we have not lost any of them? Is that coincidence or what?
Phil Roberts     Posted 15/12/2007 at 22:15:08   Comments (13)

Jagielka and Yobo Partnership?

Wasn't able to watch the game today, but I am thrilled with the away-win and AJ's goal after being on for 5 mins! Jagielka seemed to be improving in the past few games in the centre-back position. WIth Baines out and Nuno Valente questionable, as well as Stubbs out, should Moyes leave Lescott at left-back and keep Jagielka at the back with Yobo? COYB! Bring on Man Utd!
Alexander Marsh     Posted 15/12/2007 at 18:13:29   Comments (10)

Where's the Christmas spirit?

Just watched another excellant away performance this week by Everton that was completely soured by the West Ham stewards refusing to let Andy Johnson celebrate after scoring in front of the away section of Everton supporters. And then he get's booked! And to cap it all off, at the final whistle the Everton player's tried to throw their jerseys into the everton crowd and yet the stewards were acting as if the player's were bomb terrorists! What a bunch of wankers!

Still, I suppose after beating the home team AGAIN in the space of three days you would expect some of of hostility, even if West Ham didn't show it! Well done Everton today!
Jamie Carroll     Posted 15/12/2007 at 17:13:30   Comments (11)

Now ain't it great...

... hearing the voice-over saying "classic away win". I am close to believe the we finally became ripe. Now I know it was only Hammers and ManUtd is just around the weekend, but have their Rooney-merchandise-buyers written another three points in their books? Don't believe so.

People, wave your hands up! Forget about Monday, Wednesday or whatever. It's only the next game. We're finally in it for the win! C'mon you Blues!!!
Srdjan Sekulic     Posted 15/12/2007 at 16:58:02   Comments (8)

Unchanged Team

The OS reports that the starting line-up is unchanged - the only change being McFadden coming in for Anichebe on the bench.

Good! Shoes that Moyes is serious about winning this one.

The game is being telecast live on ESPN here in India - so really looking forward to this one !

2-0 for the Blues !
Ajay Gopal     Posted 15/12/2007 at 14:37:44   Comments (21)

Sharing a thought

Noticed on paper talk on the ceefax that Liverpool are talking about abandoning the stadium build because of the credit squeeze in the USA. I wonder how Everton fans would veiw a groundshare now? Would it unite the Yes/No Kirkby debate or would it create a bigger rift in the ranks?

I am a dyed in the blue Yes voter but I would also be a supporter of a shared stadium. Not sure how the funding would go and still wouldn't expect the LCC to come up with much un the form of funding. But the thought must now be crossing all the parties minds. Would there be an action group set up against the plan...
Mick Mac     Posted 15/12/2007 at 10:05:22   Comments (13)

Touchline Ban?

Ferguson received a touchine ban today, I would imagine Moyes might be in for the same treatment, at a crucial part of the season. How will this affect our illustrious, but pitch-hugging, leader?

And more to the point - how will this affect the players? Internet rumours have abounded over the years over Moyes at times "having" or "losing" the dressing room with his hands-on training and match-time antics.

What will be the result? I for one will be watching with eagle eyes...
Jeremy Benson     Posted 14/12/2007 at 19:38:21   Comments (8)

Glass Full of Humble Pie

This is a post I've wanted to write for three years. I've been critical of Moyes, based on the evidence of hoofball, one-dimensional tactics, a lack of pass and move, no cup runs and the constant references to running and effort.

Its great to see the evidence changing to passing and moving, players going forwards and looking like they're enjoying themselves, a genuine goalscorer who inspires confidence and belief. This is allied to the defensive organisation and spirit that we know Moyes for.

For the first time in ages, we have an Everton side that is playing in a way that makes me proud. Moyes has developed a pacy, passing team with a good spine and we are looking like winners every game. I can't remember the last time when I can't see us losing! And two cup runs!!!!

Why the transformation? Maybe Moyes has more confidence in this squad and finds it easier to let better players play? Who cares! It's always great being an Evertonian. Its bloody marvellous now!

Thanks Davey... and please keep this style of play, particularly when we have a setback. It's effective... and entertaining!
Paul Tran     Posted 14/12/2007 at 16:08:15   Comments (23)

Mancs or kopites?

Chuffed to bits with the way we're playing, and the results we're getting... but I couldn't help notice the war of the baddies this weekend. Skeletor v's Voldemort... who do you want to win, or don't you care?

Other than the obvious bomb being dropped, I'd like to know what outcome is favoured by Evertonians. I also wonder if your opinion changes if you live in or away from Merseyside.

I've been travelling to home and away games regularly for about 15 years (since I could drive!) but wonder if there's more support for the RS from Evertonians living in Liverpool when they play the Mancs.

I personally always want ManUre to win.

Your thoughts please... and don't forget to say if you're from Merseyside or not. I'm not!
Duncan  McDine     Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:36:18   Comments (60)

Can we fly up the table and breach the top four?

It?s been a dream these last few weeks. Some truly memorable results, and undoubtedly the best period of football under David Moyes. Some are comparing it to the 84 side, which was unfortunately way before my time, and others are still talking about the importance of keeping our feet on the ground. We are in a cup semi-final and I honestly can?t believe it, but current form suggests (9 wins in an 11 match unbeaten run) we should be much further up the league than we actually are. On 27 points, 7th place, we are in touching distance of the top 4, and the next games against United and Arsenal will give us a valuable insight into how far we have actually come.

We breached the top four three years ago with much less resources, and I have this strange feeling in my stomach that we are going to do it again, but this time with attacking, flowing, exhilarating football. I might be in another world, oozing with positivity, but there is an ethos around this team that feels it cannot be beaten, and that is exactly the antidote you need to win trophies. You only need to look at all the late goals we are scoring to realise how on top of our game we are.
Chris Masey     Posted 14/12/2007 at 15:22:04   Comments (13)

Momo or Not

Ok, its pure speculation and pretty pointless but when were playing like we are now there not much room for debate, we all agree that we a doing great, which is fantastic but a little boring for internet forums. Signings however always offer debate, so:

Sissoko would be brilliant, I think he is potentially class but he has suffered in form and confidence since he nearly went blind, fair enough. But for 4-6million you wont get another big, strong ball winner as good as him. He cant get into liverpool team as they have 4 other top class centre mids, but we have Carsley and TG, so he would. If anything we should get him for next season, Moyes has proven with Arteta and Pienaar he can get the best out of players, if he does the same with Momo then he would be fantastic.

Wes Brown would also be an exellent addition. He is leaving in Jan for a token fee, he's better than Jags and can also play right back. A long term replacement of Stubbs.

These two are my priority, I would then move for Manny or Arshavan.

Manny is unwanted, his attitude has been bad and Valencia coaches and fans are unconvinced. I believe his attitude is the result of a transfer he didnt want, If we try and get him on loan again he would be exellent alongside Momo, and we would have one of the best midfield in the country Pienaar, Arteta, Momo and Manny with Cahill above them.

Or Arshavan, who apparantly wants to move to England. He could offer depth and enable us to rest Arteta, Pienaar and Cahill as he can play in all of their positions, And he is also Class.
Oliver McAdam     Posted 14/12/2007 at 13:20:12   Comments (21)


Jagielka's played really well in his recent outings at centre back. With Yobo leaving for the African Nations Cup soon, he could offer some genuine competition for his place. He was hopeless in midfield, but Sheff Utd supporters have told me that centreback was always his best position.

Just as Neville is looking better for a run of games at right back. Jagielka should be given the same opportunity to prove he is more than an average utility player. If he gets that extended run, Lescott and Jagielka have the potential to be a very promising partnership. Likewise, Stubbs and Jagielka.

Hopefully Yobo won't be missed as much as we previously feared....
Dawson Boyle     Posted 14/12/2007 at 12:34:17   Comments (10)

Bitter Curbs

"Everton are a very strong side. They make it difficult and work ever so hard. They were sharper and more physical than us," the Hammers boss reported.

"We know what we are up against tomorrow when they come back here. Their players were going up with their arms, getting us off balance, getting their bodies across us."

What ridiculous comments. We probably have the smallest team in the Prem after Arsenal. It seems as though every time we beat a team who have delusions about how good they are (all the media hyped London teams, Liverpool and Newcastle) their manager spouts the same shite, 'over physical' 'fouling our players' 'the referee was at fault', etc... it's pathetic.

I so hope we turn them over again with our fluid, crisp, fast flowing football. Come on boys let's ram those comments back down their throats. KEIOC.
Lee Penswick     Posted 14/12/2007 at 11:24:14   Comments (16)

Are the apologists due an apology?

My view that David Moyes had increased our expectancy levels and my faith in his ability to continue to oversee our improvement until recently ?epitomised the apologist?s acceptance of mediocrity?. ?The more astute Evertonians knew better? you see. ?This season of promise had turned to shite?, ?the ditherer had returned? and ?we needed to sack Moyes and get Hiddink in?. Otherwise we could forget about a top a top ten finish this season and ?start thinking of a number between 15 and 20?.

Well, please forgive me this for having this ?self indulgent little rant? now whilst your all eating your words. But I know it would only take defeats from Arsenal and Utd over the festive season for you to be calling for the Scotsman?s head again (fickle?). By the way ? if you realistically expect anything from those games ? just think ?how much Moyes has raised our expectations? recently!

Before anyone starts throwing their toys out of the pram this was written in jest - (albeit with a little smugness)! I think it's great that we're all now on board together and long may in continue
Mark Stone     Posted 14/12/2007 at 10:44:04   Comments (16)

Carling Cup Draw

Of the 6 teams left who do you want in the semi's and why? I'd favour Arsenal just because they play kids.
Dave Trudgeon     Posted 14/12/2007 at 09:52:28   Comments (20)

Attracting players

If i was a player sick of wringing my arse off for a club that does not really have dogs chance of getting a cup final or even a Uefa cup spot, the January transfer window given the oportunity would look like the perfect time to jump ship and get with a club who has a League Cup semi final berth in the bag and is guaranteed to be seeded in the Uefa cup come the new year, not to mention a good league position. On top of this they have just lost three key players to the ANC for a month.

Davey Moyes may have his work cut out just trying to keep the agents from breaking his door down.
Peter  Pridgeon     Posted 14/12/2007 at 08:16:51   Comments (3)


Well, we?ve all had time to reflect on the West Ham cup result. We?ve all read the papers and the internet. I think it?s necessary to put more flesh on the bone about the winning goal. At the very least, we can indulge ourselves.

From what I have read, the traditional media have stayed very firmly in their lazy, cliché-ridden half-hearted world and given stories as to how Yakubu?s late goal nicked it for Everton. Needless to say that there was much, much more to it than that.

The ins-and-outs of the game aside I, as one who was present, wanted to give a better summary of the winner than was scored. The details were overlooked by the media. I feel that my recollection of the details is worth recording.

There wasn?t long left. Most of us had long given up agitating for a substitution. It was widely accepted that we would be playing extra time. Then, a West Ham attack broke down and Carsley had the ball. From what seems like a million miles away, he belted it long. Hopeful, or not, I don?t know ? I?m not Lee Carsley. I will say this; he looked up. I saw his face. He belted it and Yakubu took off. He ran miles. The ball dropped in the West Ham area.

Green and Gabbidon bottled it. They let it bounce. Green dithered; Gabbidon panicked and touched his head on the bounced ball. Green flapped. Yakubu watched it all. He got in there and was part of it. He was big, strong and menacing. The ball dropped at his feet and the goal was open. Thousands of Evertonians were behind the goal giving it the dinner-plate eyes. Yakubu put it in the net.

Yakubu had a great game. He can play football, and well. He also smelled blood and followed it through. Green and Gabbidon crapped their pants. Yakubu didn?t. Single minded: one purpose.

We?re through. We have a great side. So far so good.
Myles Sunley     Posted 13/12/2007 at 23:50:48   Comments (6)

Stevie Pienaar — Cheat?

A lot was made on 5Live about this, and BBC Sports Review carried that on. I haven't seen it from him before, what was he like last night?

I don't like dishonest players, no matter how good they are. I hope this isn't the case as he is looking better by the game.
Jonny Brown     Posted 13/12/2007 at 21:26:18   Comments (30)

Americian Fitness Coach

David Moyes employed Kyle Thorne at the start of the season and I was wondering if this might be the reason why we look so strong towards the end of the game, when other teams are tiring?

I don't know the stats but we have scored a few goals in the last 10 minutes. Attention to detail in fitness training could be the diffrence between defeat and victory — look at the Yak now compared to a few weeks ago, you can see his fitness levels have improved.

I was told the fitness coach put all the players through a tough fitness test and Gravesen was miles away from the rest of the squad, but is now up to scratch after 6 weeks of intense fitness training.

Just another quick mention to Andy Holden who seems to have stepped into Alan Irvine's boots without much fuss.
Frank Fitz     Posted 13/12/2007 at 20:40:46   Comments (4)


Does anyone here really have doubts about Yakubu? It's no coincidence that he is scoring because we are not playing long ball , hit-and hope football. Granted the goal last night may contradict what I've just been saying, but the rest of his goals have more or less been because we have been playing football on the floor and setting up chances that play to Yakubu's strength.
Trevor Thompson     Posted 13/12/2007 at 16:12:45   Comments (9)

Transfers from the big four

I've just read the post below about Sissoko. Some of the comments attached have given out about buying players from the big four. Basically it was made out to be heresy of the highest order and that we are lowering ourselves by taking the big four's cast offs.

I honestly don't agree with this. Sissoko I know is different in that Liverpool thieved him from under us. But in general, to me there is no difference between a player being bought from an English top four side and one being bought from say a Spanish top four side. We would be all happy to take a player from Real or Barcelona if we thought he would be a good addition to our squad. What is wrong with doing the same if a Utd or Chelsea player became available? So what if we sign a player from Liverpool? If we get a quality player at the right price, it doesn't matter where he comes from. Tim Howard, Utd. Mikki Arteta, spell with Rangers, Scottish big two. Kanchelskis, Utd, Pete Beardsley, Liverpool. Gary Ablett, Liverpool, won a cup medal with us in '95. All examples of the quality of player available to be had from a big four club.

And when you think about it, turning your nose up at these supposed bigger club's players is hypocrisy of the highest order. We release academy players and youngsters on their first professional contract to lower league clubs every year. How many players have we sold to supposed lesser clubs in the Premiership and lower leagues? Players that have gone on to have good careers and have been a good and talented servant to these clubs.

It's common knowledge that not every signing is a gem, that's fair enough. But talent is also talent and it should be snapped up whatever the source.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 13/12/2007 at 15:22:57   Comments (19)

Opta stats

Just been reading the Opta stats on Sky Sports (yep i'm that bored at work) and came across an interesting stat...

Everton currently have the highest shots on target percentage out of everyone in the Premier League with 52%. The 4th highest overall shots on target (which is no mean feat when we have taken far less shots overall then other teams). The Yak also has the best shots to goals ratio of any of the top scorers with 33%.

Unfortunatly despite our imitation of Arsenal over the last few weeks we have made only the 16th most passes in the Premier League. I have to say though I'm quite impressed by some of our stats there and suprised too.
Andy Hudson     Posted 13/12/2007 at 14:27:53   Comments (11)

Are we already in Europe 2008?

Does anyone know the full UEFA rules for qualification for next season?

Its likely that we'll be joined in the last 4 of the Carling Cup by 3 teams who will qualify for the champions league. Thereby, we might already have guaranteed our UEFA birth for next season?

Or does it default to 7th...answers on a postcard please...
Jeremy Briggs     Posted 13/12/2007 at 13:17:37   Comments (20)

Tony Cottee

Am I over sensitive or did it bug anyone else listening to Tony Cottee on Sky last night? Now don't get me wrong, we all know where his loyalties really lie, but don't tell us one story in your Echo article as far as being happy for 'either of my teams' to be in the semi and on telly look as if your Granny's just died when Everton win. He looked distraught and even groaned when Osman equalised!

As I say, it's self-evident he'll probably always be a Hammer, but I have to say that I was very disappointed in his reaction to the result. These things last long in the memory of Blues in a similar way to Andy Gray's joyful "get in there" exhibition following Gerrard's CL goal against Olympiakos.
Baz Johns     Posted 13/12/2007 at 12:54:56   Comments (20)

Next Uefa Game

Does anyone else think that Moyes may play an experimental team in our next Uefa game? We have won the group after all. I?d like to see him playing a few of our less regular players, even a few of the reserves. Wessels, Gravesen and Vaughan could all do with a game. It might be interesting to see Vidarsson, Jutkiewicz, de Silva (if he is back from loan) and Boyle play as well. It just seems to me that, as nothing is riding on this game and we have a hectic fixtures list coming up, some of our regulars could have a rest whilst we see what these players can give us.
Pete Dancer     Posted 13/12/2007 at 12:29:47   Comments (6)

Wish you lot would get some attention!

I?m a die hard Man U fan and find it scandalous that the blue half of merseyside aren?t being recognised for your 11 game unbeaten run in all competitions. It?s simply disgusting.

I find it disgusting that all you hear about in the media are the red shite scum Benitez bust ups, Marseille etc and Gerrards fecking burgalry. Just think the media bias is terrible. What have you got to do to get some attention this year?

Even the blue half of manc got attention this year with Sven and the good start they got. But Everton just don?t seem to get anything in compariosn with the red scum. With your unbeaten run and a new stadium on the horizon you think you would be gettinga bit more buzz in the footbal media. Not to mention in europe you beat the newly crowned Russian champions and it didn?t even get a mention anywhere. I bet if we play them next year in the champions league it would get a lot more coverage.

All Man U fans hate the red shite with a passion but please believe when I say we are quite fond of the blue half over here. Us mancs would love it if you finished above the red shite this year oh how we would laugh if you made the top 4 and they didn?t.

Not looking forward to you guys arriving at old trafford, but it should be a good match. Will your african players miss the match due to the african nations cup?

Anyway good luck toffees.
Dan Johnson     Posted 13/12/2007 at 11:40:31   Comments (21)

Sky Sports website

Couldn't believe it this morning when I logged onto Sky Sports and the football headlines are ; England, Arse,John Terry and his captains armband, Manyoo and Frank Lampard. No mention of E.F.C. being through to the semi's. Proof of anyone outside the top four doesn't really matter to the Sky monopoly. Well done to Davey and the boys, brilliant result last night.
Kevin  Tully     Posted 13/12/2007 at 10:26:52   Comments (1)

Come off it Bertie!

Perfect ending the result last night. From the moment we set off on our journey at 12pm, the almost delay free journey (until we reached the car park that is the M25 - but even that was not too bad), to the fine pre-match meal in Wetherspoons and the trouble free meander to the Centenary Stand the omens were all good.

I agree with Moyes, I thought our football in the first half was a delight and we looked like the home team. A combination of poor form from Arteta and Cahill meant we could not quite reach the same levels in the second half but at the end of the day it did not matter - we are two ties away from guaranteed European Football next year and a trophy that are club has never won.

I was on cloud nine - then it dawned - we are going to be without Yobo, Peinaar and Yakubu for the most important period of David Moyes's reign - gutted. Yes, we have the likes of Vaughan, Jagielka, Baines (hopefully), Anichebe and McFadden to come in but it is a real shame in my eyes that we will not be able to pick our strongest team to assist in reaching Wembley ? that is really disappointing to me.

So, plan is Yakubu to be left out of the first game at the African Nations then have a row with Vogts and flies home. Yobo feels sorry for his mate and also requests a return ticket also and Pienaar sees sense and realises that he needs to help his club team to glory and secure a long term contract and so turns his back on SA for this tournament only.....I know it aint gonna happen but with a full compliment of players I fear no one over a two legged semi.

If we lose Pienaar then perhaps the signing on Downing would limit the impact of this and if we can get Anichebe and Vaughn games then the loss of the Yak may not be too bad.....but he is looking fantastic at the moment and unstoppable ? an artisan in the art of finishing ? even if the ball just ambles over the line sometimes ? he is a delight....

Anyway - I am just going to enjoy the moment now and similar to another recent post yes it does feel like 83-84 all over again.... same outcome? Well this time let?s hope for a win in the all Merseyside final this time that would be lovely. The chant of the night to the West Ham fans for me? "You can stick your "Fucking Bubbles up your Arse!" :)
Steve Callaghan     Posted 13/12/2007 at 10:14:57   Comments (0)


I've had this problem before but I can't get to the match highlights on evertontv... the link just takes me to a random page... how enfuriating!

I was really looking forward to waking up today - I have the day off work - and watching highlights of us beat Wet Spam and reaching our first Cup Semi Final in many years but I have been prevented from doing so by incompetence!

I have sent a query to the technical support team (which I'm sure they won't acknowledge) but in the meantime can anyone tell me how I can get to the highlights?!?

Yours frustratedly,
Graham Holliday     Posted 13/12/2007 at 10:17:47   Comments (6)

Last nights goals

Just watched the goals from last night on the web and I was very impressed with the 1st! The build up was patient, passing was accurate and meaningful, and the finish excellent. I really cannot remember an Everton team which played with so much swagger (am just a bit too young to remember the great 80's team).

I really feel that playing in Europe has helped us learn to retain possession better and this is being reflected in our domestic game.

I was impressed with the Yakubu goal too, and although it was a mistake by Gabbidon and Green, it was all down to the pressure put on them by the Yak. He chased that long ball like AJ would, but was also able to finish it off once the ball broke loose.

I just can't imagine what we could be like with a strong, tall, creative defensive midfielder.

The Yak will be a big miss during the ANC, but with the competition for places we now have I can see whoever steps into his boots will do a good job as they opportunity is there for them to stake a claim for a 1st team slot, and that should be enough to ensure our great run continues.
Andy Hudson     Posted 13/12/2007 at 10:10:15   Comments (8)

Michael Arteta?

Although I do not particularly care about anything else when Everton are winning, a few things have sprung to mind this week while taking into consideration Capello and his soon to be tenure as England manager.

Firstly, Everton have benefited from the experience and confidence that Joleon Lescott has gained from his international ventures with England no matter how bleak the overall England picture was. His performance in the second half against Zenit was truly class and he marshalled Arshavin extremely well, a player I rate extremely high. This improvement is no coincidence? I truly hope Lescott gets his chance under Capello to further his international credentials and experience to the benefit of Everton.

Secondly, I think Leighton Baines could benefit from a fresh England manager who has no scruples about who he picks, and will sooner rather than later get his chance at international level, again to the benefit of his game and Everton? It is only a matter of time until Vaughan comes into this category also? Maybe even Osman might get the chance that he truly deserves?

Thirdly, and my reason for writing this thread, I feel that Mikel Arteta would benefit enormously from international experience and take him to an entire new level, which is a scary thought, because for me and many Evertonian?s there aren?t many to match his ability in the Premiership and by inference the world. Spain squad for Euro 2008?

Yes, most likely if we continue to progress in league and cup, his contribution will not go unnoticed. However, I would rather see him playing on the left side of midfield for England in the 2010 World Cup. His technical ability would be extremely appreciated. He cannot be far from gaining eligibility for English nationality which I think is 5 years residence. He has currently been at Everton and in England for 3 ½ years. Does his time in Scotland count towards citizenship? I am the only one who would love to see Mikel work his magic for England? Surely it would again benefit Everton if this was to be the case, I think this is quite possible if Spain do not pick him for this summers Euros.

I apologize to anyone in advance who abhors my comments.
Paul Ramsey     Posted 13/12/2007 at 10:07:07   Comments (3)

Phil Neville - A True Blue

Last night Phil Neville?s performance silenced the many doubters who in recent months have questioned his abilities, captaincy and affection for Everton FC.

Along, with ten others he played his heart-out last night, encouraged his team mates on every necessary occasion and celebrated wildly with all of us at the end when the semi-final birth was secured. The image of him running 50 yards to join the Everton contingent in our celebrations at the final whistle said much for his affection for Everton. He leads like a champion and embodies all the characteristics of another Corinthian captain; Labby would be proud.
John  Sheron     Posted 13/12/2007 at 09:04:58   Comments (2)

Empathy in blue

At 6.45 a.m. (local time) when Yakubu scored his goal, I experienced a state of empathy with my fellow blue brothers and sisters at Upton Park. Bizarre.

A good sign of Everton's rising stock, we have had the Uefa game and last nights game live over here in Oz. It is highly unusual to show games at this stage in the competition on TV. Maybe they've realised that putting Everton on TV is a good draw card. To all my blue brothers and sisters wherever you are in the wold and to the guys and gals at Toffeeweb, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
David Stewart     Posted 13/12/2007 at 07:46:08   Comments (2)

5½ years...

... and we have finally found what we were looking for!!!

  • A team that can play together
  • A team that does not give up
  • A team thats not going to get thrashed
  • A team that can beat anyone on their game.
Thank you David Moyes, its been a while coming and I think I owe you a personal apology. It will be e.mailed tomorrow.
Steve  Lyth     Posted 13/12/2007 at 00:23:46   Comments (22)

Moyes quotes

Just read a quote from Moyes on the BBC website and Evertons "The way we came back after they scored was terrific. The first-half might have been as good as we have played in my time here."

I agree it was great to get back in the game, and it was a great win away from home, but having watched it i didnt think we played that well at all, although we where the better side throughout. Either he's been mis-quoted or I wasn't watching the right game... Again great great win ? just a little surprised to see those comments as we've played alot better and will again, does anyone agree with his comments, was it our best performance?
Mark  Culbert     Posted 12/12/2007 at 23:43:15   Comments (16)

It Feels like Kendall ? 83/84

Am I alone in thinking and feeling that this season is starting to feel like that of the 83-84 campaign?

One big difference is the length of tenure of the manager. However, while Kendall (Mark 1) may have achieved an upward curve in a shorter space of time, his able succesor is now equaling or surpassing what Howard did back then:

From late December through to early March, Kendall's blues swept all and sundry apart from losing to Villa in the second leg of the League cup semi ? what price the "True Ginger Mourinho" exceeding this, plus the bonus of a euro challenge as well?

Simon Temme     Posted 12/12/2007 at 22:37:49   Comments (10)

Bring the team to SA!

I would really love to see Moyes bring the team to South Africa during the next off season. Last off season I went to go and watch Spurs play against one the local teams, amazingly the stadium was packed to capacity. Everton has one of the biggest following in SA and I would like the management to explore this, cause I know where even bigger that Chiefs and Pirates (local giants) here.

Man U, Barcelona and a whole lot of teams have visited the country the last two year. We, the South African following are hungry to watch our team play or should I say slaughter our local teams! By the way, this is the best Everton sid I've seen in a long time. I wish to God we can play CL football soon, cause it kills me watching other English team doing well in Europe!
Ricardo Humphries     Posted 12/12/2007 at 19:13:39   Comments (14)

Extra Time

I will be the only one hoping for this but I want tonight's game to go to extra time. Before you slate me, let me explain. We are much much fitter than West Ham man for man. All of West Ham's best players are still injured or coming off the back of an injury.

If we can take them into extra time and win the game from there then we stand a great chance of doing the double over them this week because if Ashton and Parker have to play 120mins tonight they have no chance of being fully fit on Saturday, whereas we can change things up slightly. What does everybody think?
Dave Trudgeon     Posted 12/12/2007 at 14:09:19   Comments (23)


According to the BBC website, the football gossip section cites today's Daiy Mail with a story that Sissoko is seeking showdown talks with Beneathus which could alert Everton for the January transfer window. Given the comments I've heard from reds, he's now past his sell-by date and playing badly. Surely they must mean the other "Everton" in Chile because this would be stretching credibility to the limit -especially after he snubbed us two years ago. I'd rather have Kroldrup back than "momo".
Mike  Hughes     Posted 12/12/2007 at 13:43:18   Comments (24)

REMOVED: City of LiverpooI ? is this your culture?

I know it?s not strictly a football issue but the burglaries of Anfield players in Liverpool in recent months has gotten me thinking? Whatever about the ?fun? aspect of thinking its happening to that shower har har ? it?s not really funny. In fact I can see this issue and other violence (apart from the terrible grief which accompany such acts) as being very negative for the city in terms of attracting 1) Investment 2) Quality Footballers

We know that in the past that it?s not just factors directly linked to football which help make up a player?s mind which club to join, but also the surroundings in which he and his wife and children might be living. Fair enough maybe not too many players actually live in the city, but still I think this ?city of culture? seriously needs to tackle these issues along with the football clubs, and other sports clubs (eg. boxing).

These issues do affect our Everton and it?s players as well as the all important media presentation of a city. City of Liverpool ? please get your act together, offer kids a chance to play games and develop in a safe environment with a future.
Kevin O' Regan     Posted 12/12/2007 at 13:44:14   Comments (20)

Johann Vogel...

Sky has it he's set to sign in January. Betis are going to let him leave on a free. Is this the man Moyes intends to start in Carsley's position or is he bringing him in to bulk up the squad? Either way another international on a free no complaints from me!
Stephen Davies     Posted 12/12/2007 at 11:45:48   Comments (16)

Are Everton a Big Club?

I am a Boro fan. I have a few mates who are Everton fans and they seem to think Everton are a big club, but looking at the attendances for the Fulham game, only 32,000 went and considering you due to move into a 60,000 seater stadium, the question is will you ever fill it?

Also my friends think Everton are a bigger club than Boro! but apart from the Big four Boro are the most successful team in England over the past ten years with a Uefa Cup Final, League Cup Winner and two F.A Cup Semi finals! What do you think?

[Editorial note: We've passed this over once already but Craig's decision to resubmit his letter has tempted us into airing it, if only to have a little fun and show him the error of his ways. BUT, keep it civil, please!]

Craig Renwick     Posted 12/12/2007 at 04:59:30   Comments (37)

Macca has the Blues

Has anyone else seen The Word magazine this month? Paul McCartney is asked 'You've got £500. What are you going to bet on for 2008?'

His answer: 'Everton for the Cup! Ah well, we'll see....'

Does this clear up the debate about whether he is a blue or not? Seems he is as bad as the rest of us, dreaming of glory under the Moyesiah!
Steve Brent     Posted 11/12/2007 at 23:07:40   Comments (10)

Van about town

Is David Moyes leaving Andy van der Meyde to rot in the reserves? He scored against Wigan in the reserves maintaining some level of fitness. But there is bugger all info on the official site about him. Just wondering why are the club wasting money paying his wages for nothing? They had enough chances to terminate his contract.
Adam Harris     Posted 11/12/2007 at 21:26:41   Comments (20)

Female Commentators

I don't know if this has been picked up on by other contributors, but was anyone else's enjoyment of the Match of the Day highlights on Saturday spoilt by that female commentator. She was absolutely atrocious, infact she was embarrassing. Frankly, its tokenism gone mad, and typical of the PC numbskulls running the BBC. Maybe there are women out there who would make good football commentators, but this woman definitely isn't.

I actually switched the volume off it was so bad. With Match of the Day and Everton, if its not one thing its something else!
Gareth Hughes     Posted 11/12/2007 at 18:17:15   Comments (50)

Anichebe out of Nigeria squad

The good news is that Anichebe has not been selected for the Afrincan Nations Cup, the bad new is that Yakubu has.

See: Anichebe not selected.
Mike Wilson     Posted 11/12/2007 at 13:17:32   Comments (12)

January Crucial Period

Obviously we know the Christmas will be vital in our season albeit being a very tough run of games. But I feel how we cope with the lose of KEY stars will be the most important. You look at the players were going to lose and THREE of them are key players and bang on form.

Yobo - Who'll replace him?, Pienaar - No one has his technical ability, Yakubu - No one else has his scoring touch then obviously we lose Anichebe aswell. So that leaves us with Johnson,McFadden and Vaughan.

I can see Moyesy signing an experienced striker on loan for 3 months in a McBride type signing. I think we'll sign a top class midfielder in some shape or form and depending on defensive injuries a loan signing.

Also heard rumours that Moyes will make a move for Arsenals unsettled midfielder Lassana Diarra, anyone else heard anything?
Andrew Metcalf     Posted 11/12/2007 at 12:59:38   Comments (11)

FA Youth Cup

Does anybody know if we can use our season tickets for the FA Youth Cup game at Goodison this evening? I know season cards can be used for reserve games (i think!) but it doesn't mention anything on the OS website. I have tried to call the club but unfortunately I can't get through without having to wait in a queue for 20 minutes.
Paul Clays     Posted 11/12/2007 at 12:59:05   Comments (0)

Another lost prospect

What is going on with our Youth Academy and scouting system. I am constantly reading about young Premiership players, who were raised trough, the ranks at Everton and then released and I am not speaking about Owen, Fowler and Gerrard.

The likes of James McEveley at Derby,Barton at Newcastle and the last one - Michael Johnson at Man City who was released as recently as 2004, were all at our books. Yes we are producing some good young players ?mainly forwards but we are letting far too many quality youngsters slip through our net.

In times when we need good central midfielder for whom we are going to break the bank Michael Johnson with his energy and drive could have been very good solution and cost nothing instead he is making his name at City. The market value of the above three players is sure more then 10m GBP, moreover they would have been very good squad/first team players in the mood of D.Moyes signings ?young, hungry for success, with potential and abilities.

If we want to achieve success on modest budget we should not allow this to happen in the future and explore the talent among our ranks, although I have the feeling that it wont be the last time when we will lose a good prospect for next to nothing.
Stefan  Tosev     Posted 11/12/2007 at 11:32:44   Comments (8)

Are we bitter?

If you had could choose which of the following results to guarantee which one would it be? To beat West Ham on Sat to go through into the semis or alternatively for Lpool to get beat tonight and get thrown out of europe?

Me and my pal who are both big enough blues are divided on this one. It's not being completely small minded wishing them to fail: they are our rivals and to beat then they've got to lose as much as we win.
Dominic Buckley     Posted 11/12/2007 at 11:28:33   Comments (13)

Where have all the blue skies gone.

I dont have the information at hand to give exact details of when we had a runs such as we are currently experiencing. I am also aware I really enjoy walking to the ground talking with my mate about what the game is going to be like. No longer do I try to cry my luck about whether or not we will score a goal in the park end or not (the season before last we didn't see many).

Stupid I know but I used to worry if one of the first team was injured or someone had come in for Arteta. I actually believe now that, if we go one down, we play our way back, yes play, not claw our way back into a game.

We have been watching some lovely football coming out of Goodison Park by the boys in blue. When other clubs come calling for our players to join them I have confidence what the answer will be. I have always been proud to be an Evertonian and when I used to go ito work I used all of my political gerrymandering to argue my corner against the redshite. Now I can walk in head held high and argue a great case against anyone. We are going places and I am really yes really excited.

So come on boys instead of all this bickering and foghting and I have to say some negativity even in this climate (fancy slagging off Jimmy Mac who pulled us out of the fire at Metalist ) Get behind the boys. Not 8 minutes from Kirkby and did Earls business go bust and Wyness is a gobshite. This is your beloved blues you are talking about players, supporters and board. We are a magnificent club and are on the way to being a better one.

Come on You blues
Mick Mac     Posted 10/12/2007 at 22:31:01   Comments (7)

EFC Megastore

After eventually persuading my die-hard West Ham supporting other half that our five-year-old girl would look jolly good with an Everton bag at school, I logged on the Everton megastore website and was greeted by the following message all the time, OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF STOCK. I can only imagine the amount of sales the club must be missing out on.

Wake up Everton, it's nearly Xmas and people want to buy presents, surely you adust your stock at this time of year? But then again maybe not judging by the amount of things OUT OF STOCK.
Andrew McGreavy     Posted 10/12/2007 at 18:34:23   Comments (20)

January sales

As a supporter of the club for over 60 years I am pleased to see a turnaround in our fortunes, due mainly to David Moyes developing as a manager over the last few years, from a rather raw novice to a reasonably adept tactician. Game tactics were not his strong point when he arrived from Preston and it has taken him until this season to mature but he now looks like the real Macoy!

Regarding the January sales: I hope that, should he get rid of a striker, then Johnson would be my preference. My reasons are as follows:

  • Osman is developing into a similar sort of player and can now do the same job as Andy.
  • It would be wise to keep McFadden as we do not have another like him with the unpredictability factor, something most defenders find difficult to manage. He could work well alone or in tandem with Osman up front.
  • Vaughan is not quite the finished product yet and so could not be relied on to perform week in week out at present.
  • Anichebe is nearer but still needs experience under his belt before he can regularily lead the line.
  • Yak is the finished product and just needs careful management to keep him fit and flowing.
Maybe we could let Andy go and use the cash to get another right back and a big midfielder such as Gravesen but younger , not to say that he couldn't fit the bill given a chance but from what I have seen of him so far since his return, he doesn't look as assured as he used to before he left us.

I'm not convinced that Anton Fredinand is the right man for us, although it would be convenient as the Hammers seem keen on Andy but it may be that we should look abroad where there are many talented midfielders available.

The present squad are beginning to play in a style similar to the first Kendall teams and this pleases me but that team had midfield power which this one is missing. Arteta of course is a very talened player but his best and most effective role is as a winger in old style. Oh for a Peter Farrell to turn up!
Peter Davis     Posted 10/12/2007 at 15:06:54   Comments (20)

Who is the Goodison one?

Moyse has been quoted on the OS as saying he has 1 player in mind for the January transfer window.

I think we need a decent winger - could SWP or Downing be heading our way?

Any suggestions on who they could be?
Amanda Huddleston     Posted 10/12/2007 at 13:45:57   Comments (63)

Duncan McKenzie

I'd like to know what some of the other baby boomers remember of Duncan McKenzie. I don't think I've seen a more gifted footballer in a blue shirt, but he seems almost forgotten and I wonder why.

Was he not as good as I remember or did he play in a side we'd rather forget? While I'm getting nostalgic, can anyone remember what they were doing when they first heard Ball had gone to the Arse?
Marcus Dawson     Posted 10/12/2007 at 13:30:09   Comments (34)

Planet Everton

Quite apart from his land speed record breaking journey from Goodison to the Tesco site, I am sceptical about anything Robert Earl says or does. No-one ever mentions that Planet Hollywood nosedived years ago, having expanded too fast.

Shareholders who invested in Planet Hollywood when it went public mostly lost their money as the share price dropped from 20 pounds to about 75p in a couple of years. Earl's business went bankrupt twice and its global expansion failed miserably with numerous restaurant closings across the world. So don't be surprised when he tells you Kirkby is Paradise on the Alt and just a hop a skip and a jump from Goodison Park.

As much as I am heartened by the continued vocal opposition to the exit from Liverpool, these individuals, even if guided by the best intentions, are bent on pushing this Kirkby move down our throats and nothing we do can stop them. You only have to look at the way questions have been evaded, debate cut short and lies told throughout.

Only their own mis-steps will stop this happening.
Peter Fearon     Posted 10/12/2007 at 13:22:30   Comments (20)

Acid Test?

I have always thought that our only priority over the last five years was our position in the Premier league. It cannot be a coincidence our cup form has been so bad under D.M.

If we can can progress on Wednesday to the last four of the C.C. playing away to decent P.L. side then I will be convinced we have finally become a top six side. Posters have said it is only one game but how many would have backed is to win this tie in the past? If we do make it will it be because of our increase in squad numbers and a quality bench, or does Davey finally believe in himself?
Kevin  Tully     Posted 10/12/2007 at 12:17:05   Comments (4)

3 points V West ham or progression in cup

Just a short post, whats the thoughts going through peoples minds with 2 games against West ham in 3 days.

Would you rather sacrifice the Carling Cup for 3 points in the league or Vice Versa?

I would prefer 3 points as we may not progress past the semi's (not negative but it is a possibility), but then again cant you qualify for Europe via CC and also we can play at Wembley if we get to the final, but nmore importantly win a trophy.

We can make up 3 points up in the league elsewhere as we will have to lose soon! Whats your thoughts or am i going to get barraged with abuse again as normal?!

My choice is 3 points on Saturday....whats yours?
Charlie Percival     Posted 10/12/2007 at 12:22:09   Comments (12)

Clattenberg strikes again

It seems the FA has relegated Mark Clattenberg to the Championship after all. However it seems this has only occurred after Alex Ferguson's comments as he was not relegated after the merseyside derby debacle.

Clattenberg was in charge of the Preston vs Blackpool game over the weekend and gave a very dubious penalty to Blackpool. Alan Irvine was less than pleased to put it mildly. Alan was involved in the merseyside derby and must have thought he'd escaped Clattenbergs refereeing when he left for PNE. Oh how wrong he was.
Tony Bell     Posted 10/12/2007 at 12:13:20   Comments (0)

Well done everybody

Congratulations to David Moyes and the boys on the recent upturn in performances and results. Its interesting to note isn't it that this upturn has coincided with the team selection and tactics following what many amateur managers in the stands have been suggesting/crying out for.

Namely et al Neville at right back, Osman more central and the first choice of particularly the defenders is to try and find a teammate with a pass on the floor. All round confidence and enjoyment of the game is visibly improved as a result. Recent tactical moves have too been splendidly effective in particular Carsley picking up the dropping off Kenwyn Jones worked like a dream.

With this in mind we should perhaps remember that football is not rocket science and a manager can be as much a hinderence as a help. Moyes is an intelligent man evidenced by his ability to learn and improve and his superb handling of the media (contrasting starkly with our fat friend).

However he is clearly no genius either the lady sat next to me occasionally at the game would have us currently in the top four based on recent evidence.
Andrew Bulmer     Posted 10/12/2007 at 11:30:15   Comments (14)

Andy Holden

I have noticed in the past 3 home games, Andy Holden has been alongside Moyes on the bench and gets himself very much involved in the game, often coming to the touchline giving his instructions and seems a very passionate person.

He seems to show great affection with the players when they come off and is always very quick to praise someone who has done well. Alan Irvine seemed a quiet guy and though he was probably an astute coach he seemed to lack the passionate qualities of Holden. I am sure Holden?s passion is transferred to the players on the pitch as he seems a person who can get a little bit extra out of them also.

It is no coincidence that the three home games have resulted in 3 wins, 11 goals without reply. So I am ready to start my give Holden the Assistant Managers job petition, possibly move Stubbs into his job and promote from within.

What do others think of Holden and do you think he has played a role in our current run of form over the last 3 or 4 games.
James Elworthy     Posted 10/12/2007 at 11:36:06   Comments (5)

Above and below

Just a thought about our apparant inability to beat anyone above us in the league...

Arsenal haven't beaten anyone above them in the league this season. Neither have Man U.

The point i make is that the more teams below us we beat, the further we will rise. Hence, there will be more and more teams below us and less potential games to win against teams above us! But who cares if we're top?!
Jon Sellick     Posted 10/12/2007 at 09:58:52   Comments (9)

Can we dare to dream

David Moyes has assembled a side that is starting to show it can dominate some of the lower table sides in the Premier League. Given that this is where the majority of the points come from during the season, this bodes well for our finishing place at the end of season. As well as this we have recently taken a point each (away) from two teams that are currently operating in the top six, again this is a good exercise in points gathering that will add to our total come the end of the season.

What if we carry on this level of form? Can we dream of a top six finish again? Or can we extend that dream and covert of a champions league top four finish.

Well let?s get ambitious and dream a little further. Arsenal were beaten today by Middlesboro, Man United last week were downed by Bolton, The Shite this week were so bad, they got what they deserved at Reading, Chelsea like ourselves have been beaten by Aston Villa. My point; every team can be beaten by lesser teams on the day and no team is completely dominant at present.

By the time some of us are recovering on New Years Day and ready to face Middlesboro, Everton could be in a position where they are in the semi final of the league cup, have just got a point or more at Old Trafford, something from the Arsenal and Bolton games, or we may be reassessing the team and Moyes tactics and team choice during a crucial period in the clubs season, or dare I say; history, because if we do carry this form into the new year, then I do fancy this side for something more than just the top six or possibly four finish.

We can dream but let's see what the rest of December brings...
Peter Pridgeon     Posted 10/12/2007 at 07:42:07   Comments (13)

Waxing Lyrical...

Some say the League Cup?s worthless,
Myself, I don?t agree ?
It books you a place in Europe,
And a trip to Wemberlee.

Sure, the FA?s lots more lustre,
The Champions? more class,
But it?s a damn sight better than a poke in the eye,
Or a big kick up the ass

Now, we?ll soon be off to Upton Park,
For a showdown with West Ham.
Let us hope we?re as mean as a half-starved shark,
Not as meek as a new-born lamb.

D?you think the Carling?s small beer?
You could not be more wrong.
So, Moyesy, field a full-strength side,
Go for it hammer and tongs!
Denys Jones     Posted 10/12/2007 at 07:26:13   Comments (5)


Can anyone shed any light on the yaks celebration? Anelka does pretty much the same thing and to be honest its annoying but I am curious as too what its all about! cheers in advance!
Abbie Sanger     Posted 09/12/2007 at 22:08:49   Comments (20)

Laurie and Lawro

Two reports which look different to each other, but from the same source, I think.

Laurie Sanchez gave us an absolutely classic example of the whinge. Overall, they stood no chance. But the second official didn't give us the decision we wanted - we was robbed.

Lawro at the Mirror (I don't know what this means) comes to the conclusion that Moyes is the best ? pound for pound ? outside the so-called top four. Pound for pound? Should Moyes even be compared to, for example, Benitez? Its an insult. Otherwise, the writer has spotted what is going on. The message is getting through.

Common thread? Sanchez doesn't know what's going on - he was shell shocked. The Mirror isn't quite sure what is going on. Still bending the knee to the 4, they recognise a sort of newcomer.

Everton can't be that good ? can they? Well, yes they are. God forbid that this means that referees will give dodgy decisions in our favour. What it will mean is that officials will believe that what we do is good and therefore legal.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 09/12/2007 at 19:38:22   Comments (1)

Window of Opportunity

I noticed a couple of people crowing after the Fulham result that Moyes doubters, like myself, had been very quiet recently.

Quite right too ? if you have stuck by someone you have the right to feel vindicated when things look like they will come good. To win 11 of the last 15 matches is excellent and is a testament to the hard work put in by Moyes and the players.

What Moyes has done is give himself a window of opportunity to really achieve something tangible this season and show fans like me, who had long given up on him, that he is the real deal.

However (come on, you knew it was coming!) West Ham on Wednesday will I feel give the best indictaion to date of what will happen this season. The recent fixture list has been relatively kind (Chelsea and Pompey aside) but this week they will face a good team away from home where there can be no creditible draw ? only success or failure.

In the past this is a situation where Moyes has been at his weakest but a win this week will I feel really make the football world sit up and take notice. It really could be Moyes's watershed moment. If we lose then it doesn't devalue the achievement of the last 15 games but I think it will seriously undermine confidence that we can deliver in the big games.

It may not be fair but ultimately these are the games which great managers are judged upon. It is my fervent wish that Moyes can continue to make my doubts about his ability look very foolish indeed.
John Doolan     Posted 09/12/2007 at 18:36:14   Comments (27)

Leon Osman

After watching Leon for a number of years, I always thought of him as a lightweight player with a great first touch and good skills who was either a fairly slow winger or an attacking midfield player in the 4-5-1 formation when Cahill is injured/suspended. What I would never have guessed is that he is a fantastic box-to-box midfielder.

I think Moyes needs to be seriously congratulated on taking such a big gamble on a player who realistically could have been a massive flop at centre-mid due to his small frame. Well done, Moyes ? you've pulled one out the bag again. If Osman can add a bit of muscle up top then he could go on to have a very successful career in centre-midfield.
Dave Trudgeon     Posted 09/12/2007 at 18:03:18   Comments (9)

I would love to see Arteta or Pienaar in the middle.

Having watched the last few games, something became very evident; Arteta or Pienaar should be moved to central midfield. Nothing against our current midfield, but watching the two of them putting brilliant passes made me realize what could happen if we are to play those two next to each other! I know the both of these players can play in the center of the park.

Pienaar?s preferred position is in the middle, cause that is where he played most of the time in Ajax?s diamond formation. As soon as Pienaar or Arteta moves infield and interchange passes with the other, defense splitting moves always materialize. Surely Moyes should start exploring avenues?
Ricardo Humphries     Posted 09/12/2007 at 15:42:25   Comments (15)

Robert Earl's trip to Kirkby

Robert Earl appears to live in the same fantasy world as Blue Bill, judging from his interview with the Echo.

He reckoned his journey by car from Goodison to the proposed Kirkby site took just 8 minutes. Presumablly he must have enjoyed a police escort at around 3 AM.

On matchdays he won't of course be required to walk in the rain for half an hour from an industrial estate, nor wait an hour for a bus at a remote park and ride location.

Thankfully with Development Securities rival plans for Kirkby on the table, and the realisation that transport logistics alone will kill off the stadium project, EFC's scheme will just become what it deserves: a fantasy.
Ian Pilkington     Posted 09/12/2007 at 10:59:39   Comments (39)


I?m a Man Utd, however, I work with people all over the country who support lots of different teams. A good friend of mine (Ian McDowell) is a huge Everton fan who recently could not defend your club when the topic of conversation was about the release of DVDs when Everton convincingly win a football match or win a derby. He often states that Everton are a potential Champions League Team, and a big club. We then all agreed that Everton are the only team in the Premier League that release DVD?s on such occasions. I personally think its pathetic and not the actions of a big club.
John Newall     Posted 09/12/2007 at 06:12:30   Comments (17)

Feed the hungry Yak!

I know that the title is a bit corny but I had to have his name in the title as he was the difference between us this year and years past where we woulda had a goalless draw or even worse a late loss. No amazing goals but he did what you expect from a striker.. score goals.

I couldnt watch the match live on TV but was following keenly on the internet. Our early onslaught pleased me but it seemed like after that Fulham settled down well and made a match of it.

After a great night of European joy, we returned to the Premier League to see if we could play just as well there. Agreed, we played only Fulham but there are no easy games in the league these days (I'm sure the fat Spanish waiter and his shite crew realised that against Reading yesterday) so we did well to get the win... quite comfortably by the end.

We have a crucial run of games up ahead with the Carling Cup QF being the one I'm most excited about. The Hammers will pose a serious threat at home. After that, back to the league again where we need to just keep winning and not worry about the rest. Saying that, places 4-9 are separated only by 4 points as of now and teams like Villa, Man City, Blackburn and Pompey pose a tough test for any team these days!

I can't really rate the players coz I didn't watch the game but from what I gathered, Lescott, Howard, Yobo, Carsley, Pienaar, and Yakubu all had great games with Cahill doing well too. Sad about the injury to Baines... hope it's nothing serious. I also want to add that the team spirit we have continues to show what Moyes has instilled in the lads during his tenure... let's look forward to more great results.... onwards and upwards. Come on You Blues!
Santosh Benjamin     Posted 08/12/2007 at 23:17:11   Comments (9)


I am very happy about the victory today it wasn?t the better of first halves we had but the response in the second in heavy conditions was magnificent.

However, I would like to raise some questions about Arteta, I am one of his biggest defenders and think he is our best player but he looks tired at the moment and not that fresh, usually he is our main danger but in the last 5-6 games he is not that influential.

Given that we have hectic schedule and important games (Man U, Arsenal) in the next few weeks, I do think that he should be given some rest to refresh, seeing the kind of impact Cahill is making after his injury I think Mikky should be rested for some of the not-that-important games and replaced either by AvdM or by Gravesen with Osman moved to the right.
Stefan Tosev     Posted 08/12/2007 at 17:54:17   Comments (25)


Listen, I know this may upset some people, but is there any other Evertonian out there who watches Man U just to watch "the lad" do well or hope that he scores a goal?
George Brooks     Posted 08/12/2007 at 17:22:58   Comments (32)

Everton vs Fulham

Great win for the Blues, fantastic hat-trick for the Yak, superb second half performance. That was much more like it from Everton.
Paul Hardcastle     Posted 08/12/2007 at 14:38:08   Comments (39)

Wes Brown/McFadden

Wes Brown rejects a 4-year deal and Fergi says he may be sold in the window, Moyes says he's got his eye on one January signing. Wheres the one position were our cover is limited ? central defense.

All this hopefully will point to Wes Brown swopping Man Utd for the mighty Blues come january! Also, Fads must not be sold, he's an enigma waiting to happen!
Brian Taylor     Posted 08/12/2007 at 12:45:58   Comments (18)

Manager of the month

I have just read in the newspapers that Martin O'Neill has been awarded the Manager of the Month for November what has hedone to merit this? Ok 4 games undefeated for the month, what has David Moyes done? A hell of a lot more, including winning games in Europe, which I know don't count. Could it be that with all the talk of a new England manager arriving and Oneills name being circulated that he has got this award?

Someone at the FA needs to be told that there are managers out there who actually deserve to win it. Saying that, Ihope that Villa now suffer the curse and get beat by Portsmouth, but I ould prefer a draw to help our cause to climb the table. COYB
Keith Slinger     Posted 08/12/2007 at 10:31:54   Comments (7)

Good talent, can Lance Davids be the answer?

I've just read an article about 22-year-old Lance Davids who's on trial at Blackburn. I previously tipped this player to make make the grade in England, and I also mentioned that this player would make a good signing for us! I really think Moyes should have a go at this player, he's tipped to be South Africa's next diamond. He plays for Swedish side Djurgardens FC. Still, should he impress boss Mark Hughes this week then he may win a dream move to the Premier League.

"It has gone well," he tells "I am staying with Benni [McCarthy], so he has been making me feel at home. The weather has been pretty bad though!"

Lance Davids played for 1860 Munich, but opted to move to Sweden when 1860 got religated from the top flight in Germany. That same year he made his Bundesliga debut and was named young player of the year. His also named in Parreira's AFCON squad alongside Steven Pienaar for SA squad. Should be a great signing for us!
Ricardo Humphries     Posted 07/12/2007 at 17:25:57   Comments (9)

Eye off the ball

With all this business of ground moves, playing in Europe and going 10 games unbeaten - I feel we have let the humble eccles cake disappear from Goodison without any protest!!

I can't believe my brother and I are the only ones missing our Eccles Cake.

Come on lets get our priorities right :

Les Hay     Posted 07/12/2007 at 15:55:56   Comments (10)

Relinquishing the train-set?

Given Robert Earl's most recent public statement concerning his investment in Everton and his attendance at the AGM, are we starting to see the train-set slowly being relieved from blue Bill's grip?

Kenwright's back-track on the non-existent Plan B on the redevelopment of Goodison Park should the Kirkby project fail has been quickly extinguished by Earl's insistence of a bright new future on the banks of Kirkby town centre. The ballot of fans was clearly a statement from Kenwright aimed at easing his conscience, given a 'mandate' the business acumen of Earl is now showing through.

The recent injection of funds to bolster the squad with the acquisition of Yakubu was evidently funded by the securitization of increased borrowing underwritten by Earl. For Everton to progress we undoubtedly need a white knight providing the funds, fans are fickle after all and a future at Kirkby will undoubtedly become secondary to increasing sustainability and real progress on the pitch. However, the nightmare scenario is if it all goes tits up...?
Peter Laing     Posted 07/12/2007 at 15:26:31   Comments (14)

Royal Blue Mersey

Theres been a few posts on here over the last few months and possibly longer about songs at the match etc etc.

Either people wanna get a new song and make it ours or the origins of a song, is it ours or is it somebody elses, I myself think it is very hard to force people to sing songs (as Everton have tried!!) but why don't we sing three of the best if not the best Everton songs we have.

a) Banks of the Royal Blue Mersey is my favorite and the best Everton song out there in my opinion, when you get that going at the away matches it doesn't half sound great. A full Park End or Gwladys St singing that would be amazing!!

b) Here We Go is so simple and brilliant. Also a bit of something different to the 'Everton, Everton' chant that goes out with same name. Just imagine with the old words "we're the team, we're supreme No.1 & we love you EV-ER-TON" I know its a bit cheesy but fucking hilarious it would be.

c) Although this one is making a comeback 'We're by far the greatest team.... the world has ever seen' is a chant that takes me right back to the 80s (along with We Shall Not Be Moved!) as a chant that used to make me hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Them three along with possibly some other old faves are the easiest chants in the world and removes the need to have any songs adapted and forced onto us (good or bad) because we all know the best chants are born out of nowhere.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on all this caper, people......... agree or disagree???
John Lloyd     Posted 07/12/2007 at 14:38:50   Comments (25)

Wasn't Yobo Suspended?

Joseph Yobo was unavailable on Wednesday because of an ankle injury, but did he noy get booked against Larissa and Nuremberg? Surely this would have meant he was suspended on Wednesday anyway. Can anyone enlighten me?
Michael Phillips     Posted 07/12/2007 at 14:03:11   Comments (6)

Bring back the Boys' Pen

Coming out of Goodison on Wednesday night I noticed something I hadn't seen in a decade or more at any football to ground - large numbers of teenagers. Obviously, the club's laudable decision to make tickets available to a hefty discount to pensioners and kids had an impact.

I read that the average age of a premership fan is now 39, and I fear that this has two implications. Firstly, the're's the social issue of pricing ordinary kids out of going to the match ? has anyone else noticed how the rise of the Hoodie has coincided with the arrival of the Premership (all that bottled up adolescent energy not being dissipated jumping up and down on the terraces)?

Secondly, we have to invest for the future. I imagine most ToffeeWeb readers first went to Goodison as kids ? where is the next generation going to come from? Can Buster fill his 75k stadium with the over 60s?

So why not make (say) 500 matchday tickets available for under a tenner for every game to the under 16s? Or at the very least for the second order games?

Revenue loss over a season would be of the 50-70k level (though it might even increase attendance) but that has to be seen as a long-term investment. And a more convincing sign that we are the People's Club.
Michael Coffey     Posted 07/12/2007 at 12:25:20   Comments (7)

Strategy revealed

It has all become clear. With enough cheap beer from Terry and our sponsors, the stadium will look fantastic and you won't even notice the epic journey home. Bill, you are a genius!
Ed MacDonald     Posted 07/12/2007 at 12:23:08   Comments (3)

Midfield Reinforcements

i know that there isn't a blue around who doesn't think we need to strengthen midfield. But I when thinking of a possible eleven for the Dutch game it dawned on me just how short we are not just in depth of quality but simple numbers. With Gravesen clearly not up to 90 minutes and Pienaar away in January, we really could be doing with 3 signings in the winter. Particularly as it is evident that Jags or Neville in midfield is a disaster. I know I'm stating the obvious but if Carsley or Cahill pick up an injury we are in serious trouble!
Paul Lenehan     Posted 07/12/2007 at 11:43:18   Comments (19)


I've just read the Asda proposal and at face value it does seem far more attractive to a local council than the proposal ourselves and Tesco are putting forward.

What seems like a better option for regenerating an area: a Tesco-anchored shopping centre with a football stadium, and all the supposed crowd based trouble that comes with it, or an Asda-based shopping centre with a public library and health centre attached?

Think about it. Local councils have to account for their budgets and have to be seen to be as prudent as possible with their money. If a private company is prepared to build you public amenities and services like a library and a health centre, it's a deal that is worth considering.

By contrast a private company offering you the potential headache of hordes of football fans once, if not twice a week converging on your town doesn't seem like a decent proposal at all. What is in it for the council? Crowd congestion on the public transport system, traffic congestion on your roads, concerns over public order, a strain on your local police force. The pubs will make a killing but what's in it for anyone else?

If I were a local council a football team is a luxury item to have, not a necessity. And public libraries and health centres are of far more value to people living in a deprived or run down area. Local councils are elected by locals and I think that this could have a huge bearing on the council's decision.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 06/12/2007 at 21:51:11   Comments (13)

Give reserves a chance

After a great European campaign (look at the table, no one else has a postive goal difference), I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on the last game.

As were through as winners already, Moyes can give a few squad players or younger players a game.

I reckon Van Der Meyde, Vidarsson, Boyle and maybe Kissock should be given a chance. I think we need to rest as many as we can really. Anyone want to name their starting eleven for the next tie?
Trevor Tannenbaum     Posted 06/12/2007 at 21:28:45   Comments (22)

The G14 and Platini

Just been reading with interest about the new agreement between Platini and the G14. My feelings on that cartel have been well documented in the past.

Says that the G14 (with a new members) will now expand to 77 teams. Surely it would be better for the game as a whole if those involved in 'running' or taking charge of it, were neutral and not associated with any of these clubs?

Letting an elite group, no matter how many of them there is, is just pure madness and will make the greed of the bigger clubs even worse than it is now?

It also says that the G14 wants a share of the money from Euro 2008 finals? Why? Well to quote — "To recognise the contribution the clubs make to international football"? Are these guys having a laugh or what?

The game needs a serious wake up call. Money and greed has killed the game as a sport and it's getting so much harder to stomach the actions of this "G14" cartel.
Declan Brown     Posted 06/12/2007 at 21:24:04   Comments (8)

Moyes still riding his luck

You would think that on the back of a good run the team would now be playing good crisp football against average teams, especially when they are down to 10 men. But it doesn't happen (one really good performance in our run of 9 unbeaten games and that was against a very poor Sunderland side) because Moyes doesn't seem to know how to use his players. And the team still looks too disjointed.

Last night changes had to be made to the defence because of injuries so to avoid too much disruption and loss of team understanding etc. it would have been best not to make any more changes. But Moyes doesn't seem to realise this. If we had been beaten last night (and we could have been) we would have been in a bit of trouble qualifying now.

Partnering Johnson with McFadden was probably the last thing I would have done last night.

They are too light weight to play together. But having decided to play them it was a must that Arteta, Graveson or at the very least Osman was played in the centre of midfield to provide those defence splitting passes for McFadden and especially Johnson to run on to. But Moyes doesn't seem to realise this.

The goal scoring Cahill may provide energy and bite to the midfield but he hardly controls a game with his passing. Arteta provides a touch of class when playing wide but he really is wasted there. And if Gravesen is unfit he shouldn't be on the bench. If he is fit he should be getting games.

We really need the manager to push the team on now by doing the right things but I have no confidence in him doing that and I won't be surprised if the wheels start to fall off ? again. The results say I'm wrong but the performances don't.
Ged Dwyer     Posted 06/12/2007 at 19:15:11   Comments (38)

Aspire to Mediocrity

After another fabulous European night at Goodison yesterday I think it?s imperative to re-highlight the part the fans and the stadium play in football, especially with regard our beloved football club. This is not another piece about sentimental attachment to Goodison Park, although I cannot deny my love. I sat in the Upper Bullens last night for the first time in a long while and I was quite worried by the amount the entire stand moved to the motion of the Zenit fans.

With that established, my point is regards a particular comment of Kenwright?s. He stated, ?I am trying to say I am not an idiot, I am one of you. If there was a possibility of something different, do you not think I would not be going for it??

It strikes of an acceptance of Kirkby as the wrong move, wrong site... and is an admission of idiocy? The phrase ?if there was a possibility of something different? clearly highlights this. It is the cheap option, being driven by a financial interest that does not benefit Everton Football Club but rather Kirkby, its council, and Tesco. It is a Trojan Horse of a gift, with many hidden facets that will jump out once inside the city walls (in this case outside the city limits and built) and resign our club to defeat, reduced to being a second-rate power in English footbal l? not just temporarily but for good.

There is no reason why Goodison cannot be rebuilt, or a better location found within the city, preferable between Walton and the City Centre (docks). Money, although hard to come by, is no excuse; it shouldn?t be a thought, we chose an option, then worry about the money!

It is on such determination that greatness is built. Aspiration ? those who do not aspire, i.e., move to Kirkby, fall by the wayside! We will be resigned to a life of mediocrity, which is something that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth ? something I don?t accept in my life, and something I think I hold dear with every other Evertonian.

Is it just me or do we all aspire to see our blues win the Premier League one day soon? I think Kenwright might have a terminal illness to be so resigned to this fait?
Paul Ramsey     Posted 06/12/2007 at 18:03:53   Comments (20)

Go For It Davey

Could any Evertonian have doubted it? Did Davey want a personal hearing? I know more about this than I do about what bears do in the woods.

The FA wanted nothing of this because Moyes has right ? and evidence ? on his side. It took them 38 days to bring the charge, and only after whisky Alex got involved by telling Clattenburg what he thought of him.

You don't get a hearing to be found innocent, but Davey will do us proud without a doubt.
Keith  Glazzard     Posted 06/12/2007 at 15:43:22   Comments (13)


In the wake of last night's late victory, this may seem like a trivial comment but on sunday I sat down to watch Spurs v Birmingham (mostly to kill the boredom, I was tired of talking to my dog so I thought I may as well put Spurs on) and I'm convinced I heard Grand Old Team being sung in sections of Spurs' little stadium.

Did I have a lapse of sanity or did I actually hear the Spurs fans singing OUR song?! I know what many fans will say and that is it is no more our song than it is theirs ? if anything Celtic FC own the copyright to the piece. And I guess that's a valid argument but I still feel aggrieved that another English club feels comfortable adopting our tune. For me, this is as much a part of EFC as You'll Never Walk Alone is to our neighbors or the Chip Butty Song is to Sheffield United.

In closing, I would also like to add that in terms of the lyrical content, Grand Old Team more accurately summarises the history of EFC than the far less impressive history of the glorified cup team that is Spurs.
Neil  Styles     Posted 06/12/2007 at 13:39:51   Comments (26)

Non Sequitur

One comment by Bill Kenwright intrigued me. He said the last time Everton redeveloped a stand, temporarily playing with three stands, "we were almost relegated." My recollection is that we were almost relegated because we were playing crap and consistently losing.

I find it hard to believe it had anything to do with rebuilding a stand - certainly not reduced capacity because we couldn't fill the other three. Can anyone explain this logic to me? It wouldn't matter except that the same brain that made that connection thinks it's a good idea to exit a major city and reinvent ourselves as a small town club, like Reading or Blackburn or Wigan.
Peter Fearon     Posted 06/12/2007 at 13:31:51   Comments (10)

You're the Wanker, Faddy!

I just have to make a comment about McFadden's actions last night. I wast sat in the Lower Gwladys and after Faddy had made a complete hash of an easy square ball to the middle for a definite goal after seconds earlier messing up when he was clear through on goal, a fan in front of me shouted out to him asking him what he was doing and remonstrating to him that it just wasn't good enough (which it wasn't!).

Faddy told the lad to "fuck off" and gave the wanker sign to him. I thought this was absolutley unforgivable. I can understand Faddy getting frustrated with fans getting on his back but to be fair he deserved it last night because he was shite and us fans pay hard earned money to pay that little prick's wages and we should be able to vent our frustrations however we see fit.

He continually did the hard work by beating people but then failed to make a simple 5-yard pass to a blue shirt or he ran down blind alleys when an obvious pass was on to someone in a better position than him. Not only that but when he was substituted he acted like a spoilt little child and slowly strolled off (despite us still being at 0-0) obviously upset at being taken off, which he had no right to do.

Not only was he the worst player on the pitch in a blue shirt he has become a liabilty to our attacking play and continually breaks up any decent attacks we make. Hopefully Moyes seen both incidents last night and will sell him in January to one of the big 2 in Scotland.
Paul Clays     Posted 06/12/2007 at 12:36:28   Comments (36)

We did win, you know!

As ever, Toffeeweb is awash with exaggerated extremes on both sides.

Last night we ground out a win against a clearly technically superior side. It was a bit like the old days, when the spirit of the English side won the game through sheer bloody-mindedness.

The win only proves that we won the group, a game early, with a so-far 100% record. As someone who takes issue with Moyes when he fucks up, I'm happy to praise him for our fine current run. Given that a mediocre Boro side got to the final two years ago, who knows what this team could do?

I'm happy to keep dreaming ? I hope we can learn from another side who showed more composure on the ball and had better movement. Imagine how good we could become if we could fix a bit more of that onto our exisiting winning skill and spirit!
Paul Tran     Posted 06/12/2007 at 09:50:08   Comments (6)

A touch above

Mikky the Tit was so better than any one on that field tonight, pure class. He reminds me of Alex Young, The Tit is the best pure footballer since Alex Young.
Mike Dolan     Posted 06/12/2007 at 01:43:03   Comments (19)


For me tonight confirmed that Joleon Lescott should now (if not very soon) be captain of Everton. In the final ten minutes when we were pushing for the win he was the driving force behind it. Fair play I think Neville played quite well but Lescott was immense yet again and I think receiving the captain's armband would only push him to the next level.
Paul Murphy     Posted 06/12/2007 at 00:33:40   Comments (16)

Thanks for coming, Dick

Cheers for coming Dick. So nice to see Mr. Advocaat leave with what he deserved.... nothing. What an obnoxious prat, spouting off to anyone who'd listen with his derogatory comments.

I watched a good game of football with both sides getting the ball down and trying to play. They were the team with the big man up front and I don't remember how many times Tim had to come out to catch a high bouncing ball in the area.

Obviously the sending off had a bearing on the amount of possesion we had but even before that we were in control and keeping the ball well. I just can't fathom the same old "Everton are physical, hard-working, direct" rubbish that we have levelled at us like Blackburn. Especially from that Dutch tool who won most of his Scottish league titles by bashing the ball up to Marco Negri in the great tradition of Mark Hatley and co before him.

Given the other result in the group tonight, I wouldn't mind if AZ beat us and Nurnburg beat Larissa so Dick can go back and Dick about with his fancy football in mother russia with no more UEFA Cup. Hopefully they'll get Liverpool in the Champions League next season and call them a long-ball side too with Crouch rivalling his own centre-forward in the bean-pole stakes.

Anyway, best to focus on how good we are doing at present. Clean sheets, creating chances, big squad, competition for places. Let's keep it up and get 3 pts against Fulham and a big performance in the cup Q-final next week. Safe home Dick. COYB
Niall Clinton     Posted 05/12/2007 at 22:16:17   Comments (6)

Crazy Ref!

So for once we benefit from a dreadfully unfair refereeing decison.... And Mikky generously wellies it over the bar. Would ya believe it!
Michael Kenrick     Posted 05/12/2007 at 20:48:39   Comments (46)

Murder at the AGM

I did not expect the media to single out my comments on the murder of Everton's soul at last night's AGM. Nonetheless, it has provided some much needed publicity for the anti-Kirkby lobby. Even at this stage there is still hope, particularly if the costs escalate or there is a blip in the planning process.

I favour a part redevelopment/part refurbishment of Goodison. This would basically consist of a second tier on the Park End, an extension/refurb of the Bullens Road stand and the removal of the pillars at the front of the Main Stand [they are obstructing my view].

I am convinced that this would create a unique blend of old and new with an ample capacity of 50 -55,000. More importantly it couldn't cost more than the figures being bandied about for Kirkby.

Tony Dove     Posted 05/12/2007 at 16:58:38   Comments (35)


Looks like Moyes is trying to improve our scouting system. Read his comments here:
Trevor Thompson     Posted 05/12/2007 at 16:02:47   Comments (2)

I'm no advocate of that Dick!

The Dutch man's comments on Everton could well be interpreted as mind games ahead of our encounter. But outside the top four these mind games are such a rarity that I doubt it has any sway.

The media aren't interested in what managers outside their favourite four have to say as it won't sell papers so these mind game antics are reserved for the elitist and egotistical CL select where it seems not the winning is more important, more the ?our team is better than yours? bitch fighting. Leave them to it, I'm glad we don't indulge.

So Dick, can't wait for Lescott to storm the wing, cut inside to Pienaar who makes a one-two with Arteta, passes to Osman who dummies it to McFadden who one-on-one with your goalie back heels it to the Yak who Ardellies style of Escape to Victory does an over head back heel and floats it up and down into the net... hmmmm...
Nick Entwistle     Posted 05/12/2007 at 12:29:17   Comments (17)

Kirkby and the AGM

Am I missing something here? Evertonians were asked to vote on the move to Kirkby having been informed by Wyness that there were no options, B or C. At the AGM yesterday, Kenwright disclosed that that Goodison and the Loop are in fact options B and C; albeit he has no idea how much it would cost to build a ground on these sites.

Surely the most ardent 'Yes' voter would now agree that this puts serious doubt on the validity of the ballot... or are you still too blind to see it?

For what it's worth, my take on Kenwright's comments at the AGM is that he is once more moving the goalposts, having finally realised that the proposed Kirkby development is not deliverable and that opposition against the scheme amongst Evertonians and Kirkby residents is growing by the day as the truth surfaces.
Steve Ryan     Posted 05/12/2007 at 03:44:06   Comments (41)

Congratulations, Bluenoses downunder!

Congratulations to all those who put together such a professional, well organised, slick looking website for the Everton Supporters Club Australia! It really makes me proud being an Aussie seeing this being put together: Much like the feeling I get Cahill everytime he belts the daylights out of the corner post when he scores.

People regularly go on about Everton having the best fans in the world and Toffeeweb and this website are indicative of the level and commitment of support that we, as fans give to the club. Can anyone tell me is their an equivalent "ToffeeWeb" for any other PL club on the net? I havent found one so far.

So.. I felt much disappointment when I stumbled upon the Everton's Supporter's Club, London Area web site. Being such a big city and probably a large haven for Everton supporters, this website lacks professionalism and any sense or organisation or thought and is very archaic. This could be a supporter's site for any club, much like other independent PL club websites appear to be. This is Everton, and it deserves better.

I'm sure you have blue blood running in your veins but let's show some true blue pride like your peers have done and put some effort into the site. I'm sure it will help attract membership too.. If the Kwis can put something decent together, then surely you can!
Scott Robinson     Posted 05/12/2007 at 00:56:12   Comments (11)

Not much in reserve

Having subscribed to Setanta a couple of months ago, I took the opportunity of watching the reserves play Liverpool Res tonight in a derby game at Warrington on LFC TV.

Very, very disappointing showing, I was really looking forward to taking a long look at the much vaunted JP Kissock, he's absolutely tiny in stature and made little or no impact against a much more physical Liverpool midfield.

The number of times he lost the ball whilst in his possession was unbelieveable. He really would have to be surrounded by much bigger fellow mid-fielders if he is going to to survive in any sort of professional footbal. I hope I am proved wrong in the future.

After 65 mins it's 3-0 to Liverpool and James Vaughan has just been taken off (hopefully as a precaution) after taking a blow to the ribs. Overall, a pretty poor showing from Everton with little guile or skill and the midfield unable to hold onto the ball for very long.

Now where I have I heard that before?
Steve Hogan     Posted 04/12/2007 at 20:49:52   Comments (12)

Howie's New Gig

I just heard an interview with Howard Kendall on the Irish national radio station (RTE). Howard declared his interest in applying for Irish Manager's job. Peter Beardsley would be his number 2. Howie said that he would like to follow in the footsteps of Jack Charlton and felt he had all the necessary credentials to manage a national team. As an Irishman my preference would be Howard over the current favourite El Tel.
Declan Burke     Posted 04/12/2007 at 19:20:19   Comments (4)

Official Diary

Just popped in to buy the 2008 Official pocket diary... what a shcok in store when you open up the month of March. You guessed it: Fernandes for the entire month!

Can't believe the club allowed this entry to happen; next years will probably have Wayne Rooney... hope nobody else buys it. COYB
Declan McCarthy     Posted 04/12/2007 at 17:19:28   Comments (3)

Shame on KEIOC

The latest KEIOC attack on Keith Wyness is totally shameful and, I suspect, not far short of actionable. What is forgotten is that Wyness took on the task of re-constructing Everton`s business affairs after a much higher profile figure had taken one look and proclaimed the Club `a basket case`.

The fact that we are now on an even keel with the debt re-arranged and totally manageable is a direct result of the CEO`s expertise. That this has enabled the Board to support the manager as none has been able to do for 30 years is a tribute to his undoubted financial acumen.

OK, expedience has required assets to be sold and leased back but show me a major company which did not latch on to the tax benefits of this device! OK, there was no Plan B on the ground issue; however, the man could have presented a plan for every letter of the alphabet but without lines of finance they would have come to nothing. So what was the point?

When I read daily of the turmoil and debt which inflicts so many clubs - particularly three of the Big Four, I thank God for an Evertonian chairman and a CEO who sees the way ahead and goes about getting us there.

Rather than the brickbats that the self-appointed pressure group are hurling at him, I think Mr Wyness deserves our heartfelt thanks at the forthcoming AGM!
Sebastian  St Clare     Posted 04/12/2007 at 16:40:30   Comments (13)

Guilty as charged?

I recently sent the following e-mail to the FA:

I read today that disciplinary procedures have commenced against the Everton FC manager, Mr David Moyes following his reaction to the performance of the referee Mr Mark Clattenburg in the recent fixture Everton v. Liverpool. I suggest that the FA would have greater credibility in the eyes of the football public if it were to raise a charge of 'bringing the game into disrepute' against Mr Clattenburg.

Anyone who witnessed his performance would be aware of his gross incompetence in dealing with a number of key incidents in that game. If you are stating that it was not incompetence, then any reasonable person could only conclude that it was deliberate and therefore bias. I would welcome your comments on and assessment of Mr Clattenburg's performance in the said game.

Thank you.

This is the reply I got:

Many thanks for contacting The Football Association.

As you are aware, Everton manager David Moyes has been charged with improper conduct. The charge relates to media comments made about Mark Clattenburg following the Merseyside derby on 20 October. It is alleged that his comments called into question Mr Clattenburg's integrity and/or implied that he was motivated by bias.

Whilst recognising that the football public is interested to hear from football players, managers and others, and whilst appreciating the pressures of the modern game, The FA expects certain standards to be upheld in relation to public comments by participants.

Irrespective of any perceived provocation, all players, coaches and administrators are duty bound to behave in a manner befitting the good image of the game.

There is a system in place for monitoring the performance of referees and referee's assistants. The performances of Select Group referees? (those that officiate in the Premier League) are assessed by the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO) and appointments made accordingly. The performances of referees over a season are then taken into consideration when the leagues appoint their referees for the following season.

Kind regards,

Alex Howells | Customer Relations Officer

In a word — PATHETIC!
John McAllister     Posted 04/12/2007 at 17:13:16   Comments (7)

EvertonTV help

With only one day until the Zenit game i have an Everton TV issue that I need help with.

Before anyone tells me to contact EFC TV support, I have... and they didn't reply.

When I select a clip on my PC the clip screen says 'delivering licence..' and nothing happens. I can't get it to work. Windows Media Player is up to date, etc.

It works fine on my Mac at work, but I can't watch it there.

Toffee techies, I reach out to you!
Jon  Berry     Posted 04/12/2007 at 16:34:18   Comments (12)

Vote of no confidence

As the AGM is tonight (as well as the mini derby, good luck blue boys!) there have been murmurings on some forums of a vote of no confidence for the CEO due to his handling of the finances and the stadium move.

The finances of this club are never as simple as 'yes, we are doing well' or 'no, we are up the creek without a paddle' and no one outside the club knows what's really going on. Some fans say Wyness is doing a good job, as we are able to tie players down on big contracts and have finally moved into Finch Farm, others are saying that Finch Farm cost the club £9,500,000 to build and will us £14,000,000 plus interest buy it back in 2012, they are also citing the sponsorship, turnover and attendance decreases and laying the blame at his door. Is this fair, is his job?

So I have two questions:

  • Does Wyness deserve a vote of no confidence ?
  • What are the repercussions of such a motion?

Louis Platt     Posted 04/12/2007 at 16:03:05   Comments (11)

Injury Stats

Just came across this interesting site that claims to list all current EPL injuries by club. You can get a list of all current EPL injuries, click on the club for club history and players for player injury list.
Ciaran Duff     Posted 04/12/2007 at 10:05:01   Comments (4)

Official History DVD

Be interested to hear the thoughts of Toffeeweb contributors who may have seen this DVD. How does it rate as a history of the club?
Richard Ewart     Posted 03/12/2007 at 22:38:04   Comments (3)


Dave Cornmell's post highlighted the way I feel about football at present. This is the first year I have not had a season ticket for a long time and I honestly don't miss it one bit.

No longer is my life dictated by ridiculous kick-off times to suit the over-rated TV coverage, I now go when it suits me and my boy.

The apathy that Everton Football Club displays to it's fans was the main reason, the breaking point being the ground_move fiasco and all the spin and lies that went with it.

I can cope with players leaving because we all know they are mercenary bastards anyway, bar a few. But the whole circus that is Premier League football is absolutely abhorent. It is run by media men who have re-packaged the whole thing and the clubs kiss arse for the sake of profit.

They tell us football has never been so popular, but that is based on viewing figures, not attendances. Parachute payments etc, mean that for some, going down is more profitable than staying up, for Christ's sake!

This is not the game I grew up loving and spent my every waking moment thinking about as a boy. This is a media circus and they can shove it.
Dave  Lynch     Posted 03/12/2007 at 17:35:20   Comments (57)

January could have been worse

January could have been worse. For the premiership matches when we are missing our African contingent. Yes all games are tough but while they are away we are playing:

Man City (h) Wigan (a) Tottenham (h)

February Tougher ?

Blackburn (a) Reading (h)
Steve Woods     Posted 03/12/2007 at 13:14:44   Comments (4)


Just read that the only club to make a formal offer for Ronaldinho is Middelsbrough at £10m. Granted his wages would be through the roof but if he were to be available at this sort of price he would be a fantastic addition to the squad.
Alex Naylor     Posted 03/12/2007 at 11:52:57   Comments (18)

Lowering the parameters

I see the `excuses` have started already. `It will be as hard to get into the top ten this season as it has the top four previously`, says David Moyes. `Other clubs have been able to throw money at the task whilst we have to go about it a little differently.` The Echo`s tame journalists are already banging home the message of `European distraction` and `fighting on four fronts` but should we buy into this negative propaganda aimed at lowering our expectations before the half-way stage is reached?

Am I alone in expecting Everton to maintain a`European spot`in the Prem whatever else they may or may not achieve this season? In my book only by doing this can we be certain that progress is being maintained and that Moyes is really capable of taking us on to glory.
Harry  Meek     Posted 03/12/2007 at 10:20:44   Comments (31)

Christmas Shopping?

Just a quick question. Out of interest, when the team goes down to London for the 2 games against West Ham, will they stay down there? I was just wondering what the thinking would be on this by DM? Or what usually happens in these cirumstances.

Playing on Wednesday night, returning to Liverpool and then back down to London again for the Saturday game would seem like a lot of travel and wasted energy, time, training, tactics etc. to be lost.

If the squad do stay down would they be able to arrange and find a place to practise, train, phsio' etc. in the way they might before an FA cup final or away Euro match?

If they do stay down I suppose it could in some ways be used as a mini team bonding / working holiday when perhaps even some WAGS could get down for Christmas shopping?

As I say I am just interested to know what might happen in this particular circumstance.
Steve  Woods     Posted 02/12/2007 at 17:07:26   Comments (6)

Mikel in the Middle!

After observing Fabregas for the last few weeks excelling in the centre-mid role for Arsenal, I was wondering whether our Mikel would be better suited doing the same job for us.

At the moment, Osman is playing in that position; surely Arteta would be a better choice. More craft, more vision, decent tackler... seems obvious to me. The Yak and AJ would surely benefit from his superior distribution from that position.

Perhaps DM could try him there on Wednesday against Zenit as we theoretically only need 1 point to progress. He's our best player by far ? shouldn't he be running the show !
Gwyn Jones     Posted 02/12/2007 at 20:48:29   Comments (12)

McFadden to Birmingham?

Now that Alex McLeish is the manager of Birmingham, it looks like we'll be receiving a bid for James McFadden from Birmingham in the January transfer window. Alex is a known admirer of McFadden and there is every chance that he will seize the opportunity to add McFadden to his strike-force.

McFadden has shown flashes of how deadly he can be in front of goal. But DM wants him to produce his brilliance on a consistent basis, which McFadden has been unable to do.
Sur Jo     Posted 02/12/2007 at 18:46:47   Comments (20)

Still Top Ten after the New Year?

Looking at our fixture list (and those round about us) I would be interested to know your thoughts on where we realistically might be placed after the Christmas / New Year fixtures?

8 matches of which 6 are League games, to be played over 24 days from Saturday 8th December.

Ignoring the European and Carling Cup games, from here on in we have to play Fulham (h), West Ham,(a) Man Utd. (a), Bolton (h), Arsenal (h), Middlesbrough (a)

Personally I think I would be happy if we could retain 9th and stay in touch with top 6. Any better offers?
Steve Woods     Posted 02/12/2007 at 17:07:26   Comments (12)


Just a small gripe this one: After yesterday's game, for the life of me, I simply can't work out the logic in having both Jagielka and Hibbert on the bench. Surely the benefit of having utility men such as Jags means we can fill the remaining bench spots with players who offer something different to what's on the pitch ? Gravesen or McFadden for example.

Don't get me wrong, I back the Moyes regime, and football at its base level is a simple game, but at the highest level the small details can make all the difference. I simply can't fathom the reason for having Hibbert on the bench alongside Jags. If Davey wanted more defensive optons, surely Baines should have been include, giving us the option of a natural left-footer and also being a far better player than Hibbert.

Anyway, moan over and it was still a decent point yesterday.
Ian Kearney     Posted 02/12/2007 at 13:12:26   Comments (8)

Has anyone else noticed...

Has anyone else noticed that the bottom seven teams in the Premier League are ? yes ? the seven teams we have beaten?

In other words we haven?t beaten anyone out of the bottom seven. Don?t look at our record against the rest, it will spoil your weekend. And next up is ? yes ? eighth from bottom Fulham, so this unique statistic should be extended next week (COYB!).

There are two ways of looking at this ? efficiency in dealing with the poor sides is the cup half-full. The cup half-empty is that we haven?t beaten any of the sides that have got something about them. We will need to beat some of these teams soon to sustain the challenge for Europe. Our quality and pace may be too much for the lower teams, but the better teams have all got this and usually more strength. So, for me, biggest target for the transfer window is a midfielder with more physical power than we have now. Someone like Essien? Yeah, ok, he?ll do.

Also we need to think more positively against these teams. I really hope we go to West Ham with a winning mindset rather than ?a point is a good result?.
Peter  Hall     Posted 02/12/2007 at 12:40:36   Comments (2)

Slow down, AJ, slow down!

So Andrew Johnson has turned to sprint king Darren Campbell in an effort to improve on his already lightening speed.

Much as I admire the little man`s enthusiasm, I would have thought his big priority was re-discovering his shooting boots! A dozen or so goals on the Club`s investment of £8M is hardly a good return and more than a few of us feel that he`s already in danger of mistaking sheer speed for the genuine striker`s currency ? GOALS.

Perhaps AJ would do better to invest his money on a few lessons from Latchford, Lineker and Sharp!
Dave Tucker     Posted 02/12/2007 at 11:51:02   Comments (5)

Time for Joey to come home?

I see from the Sunday papers that Joey Barton has already fallen out with the Newcastle fans and may well be looking to move on in January. Now I know he evokes mixed reactions in these parts but, all in all, he enjoys a `love-hate`relationship with Evertonians and most of us would love to see him boosting our midfield.

Osman, Carsley & Co may fare well against the `no hopers` in the Premier League but, whenever they face the top-half teams, they just cannot compete. Yesterday`s performance was a good example. I am positive that, now the boy has got the wanderlust out of his system, he would relish a move back to these parts; let`s hope Moyes feels the same!
Brian  Wooding     Posted 02/12/2007 at 11:07:49   Comments (26)

Assistant Manager job

I hear that Alan Stubbs may be in line for the vacant Assistant Manager job. Might be a good idea as he has respect from the players and seems to have a good relationship with Moyes. Any thoughts on him as a potential candidate?
Trevor Thompson     Posted 02/12/2007 at 10:43:53   Comments (13)

Black armbands?

I noticed we were wearing black arm bands versus Pompey. Anyone know who has passed away??
Paul Kellett     Posted 01/12/2007 at 23:58:27   Comments (6)

Jose, Jack and JP

I've been hearing alot about our magic trio of youth players Rodwell, Baxter and Kissock over the last two weeks but before then the only one I had heard anything about was Kissock although I'd heard Rodwell mentioned a couple of times.

If any of you know any sites (apart from the OS which I hate) where I can find a bit more about them could you please leave a comment.

Good result today against Pompey COYB!
Rob Jones     Posted 01/12/2007 at 19:06:24   Comments (2)

One point is better than no points!!

The two yellow cards really had a huge influence on our game. Clumsy tackles by Pienaar and Cahill could have done worse damage... lucky lady luck was shouting for us! Good decision to take Pienaar off early in the second half, Cahill left quiet due to his yellow cards, Yak not playing the game we know he is capable of.

Tim Howard made a few lovely saves to keep us in the game, the defense stood firm against a desperate Pompey onslaught. Not a good game, to be frank, let?s put this bad game behind us and focus on the next.
Ricardo  Humphries     Posted 01/12/2007 at 17:11:43   Comments (16)


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