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The Mail Bag

May 2008 Archive Want to have your say?

The lost £18 million

Yes, folks if the story that Michael Johnson is going to sign for £8 million is true, then that is the amount we will have spent on signing former academy players in the last 12 months. How on earth can we have these players slip through the net (Jagielka, Baines and Johnson)? It's absolutely scandalous. These players should have already been in our squad, therefore all that money could have been spent on more top-quality players.
Lee  Penswick     Posted 31/05/2008 at 18:23:45   Comments (26)

Fifa Quota Will Harm Us

When I initially heard Blatter's ideas on limiting the number of foreign players in a team, I thought it was one of his better plans. I don't like seeing English clubs fielding teams devoid of Englishmen.,I also thought if it's going to hurt anyone it'll hurt the Sky 4... probably not so though.

If the Sky 4 teams are forced to play more Englishmen in league matches than they already have, where are they going to buy the English players from? The Championship? Unlikely. The more likely scenario will be that they'll raid clubs such as ourselves for the likes of Lescott, Baines and Jags, leaving us to then bring in English players of lesser quality, thus weaking our team. So whilst the quota ruling may weaken the Sky 4 clubs, it'll weaken clubs such as ourselves also... which can't be good for our European aspirations.

The likelihood is the EU will fight this ruling all the way and will at the very least stall it's implementation for a few years. Here's hoping anyway.
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 31/05/2008 at 11:00:58   Comments (27)

What's in a name?

There?s a great post on here today by Anna Spencer entitled ?Ever ?. Who?? that set me thinking. Basically we?re far behind the Reds in terms of marketing but partly this is due, in my opinion, to our low profile, which is in turn a direct consequence of our absence of recent success. Our lack of recognition is not just on an international level either. This was brought home to me starkly the season before last when chatting to a Middlesbrough steward before the game when he asked ? You?ve brought a good support ? where are you lot from??

After I?d picked myself up off the ground, I explained to the ignoramus that we were in fact a Liverpool based team. Now I know that it would be a complete anathema to a Blue to have the word Liverpool in our name but why couldn?t we be subtle about it? I mean, couldn?t we rename ourselves ?Everton ? OFCL? for example. This would prompt the question as to what the OFCL meant, allowing us to explain Original Football Club Liverpool. Sound crazy? Maybe, but Orient went back to calling themselves Leyton Orient and Albion reverted back to West Bromwich Albion. Roots and identity with a specific town are important and, unless you become a brand name in your own right as a result of prolonged Sky / Champions League success a la Arsenal, then it?s obvious that your profile won?t be as high as it could be. I think Tranmere suffer from this phenomenon for example.

Of course, I realise that our plans to leave the City for Kirkby will completely negate the above suggestion and I don?t believe that will do us any good at all in the long run. The City of Liverpool is undergoing a great revival at the moment and we need to remain a part of it. The key is how to we actually associate ourselves with what is an increasingly popular brand without actually calling ourselves directly by its name and without destroying our tradition.

So, shoot me down all those who think this is just a crazy idea! Of course, prolonged success on the football field and our problem with lack of profile would resolve itself anyway. Who knows, even the marketing aspect might improve as well!
Ray Robinson     Posted 30/05/2008 at 18:45:48   Comments (41)

Buster admits plan 'B'

Keith Wyness has at last admitted there is a plan 'B' alternative to moving to Kirkby, and that is staying at Goodison. If that was to happen, then maybe their hands will be forced to start improving the ground. A new tier on the Park End stand with part of the alleged £78m would be a good start.

Maybe he is preparing us for the big thumbs down at Kirkby?
Brian Baker     Posted 30/05/2008 at 16:40:18   Comments (67)

Steve Clarke

According to the Daily Mirror, Steve Clarke will be the next to be shown the exit door at Stamford Bridge. Clarke has been at Chelsea forever, although I think that he followed Gullit to Newcastle and then returned to Chelsea in time for the arrival of the Special One.

He would make a magnificent number 2 at Goodison: he's a jock, a defender, he has as much experience of European football and the big occasions as anyone and he's so highly thought of in the game. If you watched Chelsea under Grant it was Clarke giving the players last minute instructions and it was him that the players ran to to celebrate a goal. By going to Newcastle he's also shown that he's not averse to moving up North. Even Wiki are saying that he's likely to come:

Chelsea would be mad to let him go!

On the negative side, he might feel that now is the time to chance his hand at management. He might decide to follow Mourinho to Inter and test himself in a foreign country. Or it might be that he's too much of a strong character himself to work under Moyes.

I really do hope that we get him though. I'd be as excited by his arrival as by any summer signing!
Simon Birdsey     Posted 30/05/2008 at 13:24:30   Comments (10)

Michael Johnson

Another tenuous link I know! I was wondering what kind of player he is as he has been likened to Gerrard.

I tend to watch different leagues/teams more than Man City so was hoping anyone who had watched him a few times could share the wealth?

I know he was with us until a few years ago and plays in midfield but that's it ? he isn't tall either...
Mark Cassin     Posted 30/05/2008 at 07:18:55   Comments (32)

Pulitzer Prize 2008

A long overdue book of interest to every Evertonian is to be published later this year (October) about our beloved Duncan. The cheesy title is "In search of Duncan Ferguson: The Life and Crimes of a Footballing Enigma"

The author is Alan Pattullo (a Jock Piper Journo) and according to the blurb on Amazon it features contributions from numerous top players (hopefully Freund, Scharner, Ince et al) and uncovers the real Duncan Ferguson. It delves into Ferguson's personal and professional life and reveals that there is more to the man than the media portrayal of him as a Scottish hard man.

Priced at £9.99, it must be worth a punt! Word of warning though: don't pre-order off Amazon as the bastards have already charged me!
Eric Yarker     Posted 29/05/2008 at 20:27:39   Comments (4)

Liverpool One EFC?

All I have heard on Radio Merseyside today is the new Liverpool One shopping centre. I haven't been there and won't be in a hurry to see it but I understand that LFC have a big store there. There's no equivalent EFC store which makes me ask:

  1. Is this because the market simply isn't there for EFC? or
  2. Were we not astute enough at the planning stage to get our foot in the door?
With the football rich list recently published and talk of ground moves, TV money etc, LFC have further increased their revenue streams while we are left languishing in the shadows again. Is it me or has the whole Capital of Culture thing completely passed us by? While we're improving on the pitch, our profile really could have done with a boost on the coat tails of this whole 2008 business.

I'm anti-Kirkby but it appears that we're getting edged out of our city day by day. Or am I just having a bad day? The greatest asset we have in my opinion is David Moyes (apart from our fan base) and I believe that the next couple of months are going to be pivotal for the club with the ground move issue coming to a head and funding for DM to propel us to the next level all imminent.

I hate to use the Shankly comparison but, on a hopeful (deluded?) note I feel that DM could truly be a similar figure for EFC given more backing and more time. Let's hope the right decisions are made to take us out of the shadows. (Apologies for the downbeat / anxious tone after a pretty good season).
Mike Hughes     Posted 29/05/2008 at 18:39:27   Comments (34)

From Russia with love

I have to admit I was pretty excited about the rumour of a Billionaire Russian taking over our beloved club. I did a bit of research on the internet about the guy and he seems to be very much in Abramovich mould... only less wealthy and in prison! Anyway, I spent a few days reading the forums of various sites to see if any more news came out about it... and as you'll all know, there hasn't been.

Doubts started to creep in about the validity of the story and then we get the news that the Tesco Dome may be in trouble, and may get called in by the Government.

This to me just made me think the whole story was leaked purely to put pressure on the council to give the plans the go ahead... i.e we have investors lined up to pump millions of pounds in to the club, but they are only interested if we get the go ahead for this stadium.

I then started thinking a bit about how the story had been leaked. Billy Boy speaks to a journo at the Toon match, spills the beans and tells him to keep quiet, the journo in turn tells the KEIOC guy, and the rest is history. Now why on earth would Billy Boy choose this route to tell the world of possible investment? Surely if there was a real possibility he'd keep quiet until the deal was done... isn't that supposed to be "the Everton way" after all? It's obvious he's done this because of the stadium fiasco, and wants to be able to deny he ever said anything when it doesn't materialise.

I'm so bloody fed up of all the crap this man comes out with! I'm not even massively anti-Kenwright — or at least I wasn't until recently — but as a fan i'm sick of being deceived! Or getting my hopes up, only for them to be dashed.

I think its pretty obvious now that there is no oil tycoon in the pipeline (excuse the pun) and that the club are using any tactic they can to put pressure on the council to give us the go ahead for the new stadium. I for one hope it does get called in and planning is refused... then there will be nowhere for the people in charge of our club to hide.

Is it just me or does everyone else think this whole Russian investment rumour has been created for this purpose?
Andy Hudson     Posted 29/05/2008 at 16:25:38   Comments (9)

Kings Dock Disgrace

We don't know the ins and outs of who was to blame for the Kings Dock fiasco, but we do know that it never went ahead and instead a brand new concert/events arena was built on the banks of the Mersey. The Echo Arena was supposed to be an excellent venue, with excellent facilities and it has played host to famous bands and artists such as Take That and Mika.

But now it's time for the main event of the European Capitol of Culture year. A fantastic concert with The Zuton's, The Kaiser Chiefs and Sir Paul McCartney himself. And where is it being hosted? At bloody Anfield!

Now this might be bitterness on my part, but when you stop the oldest, most well supported and the down-right founders of Football in the city of Liverpool from building a new stadium and instead mak it a ?World Class? venue, you expect it to be used for the main musical events going on in Liverpool.

And to put the top hat on it, we're now being carted off to Kirkby on the back of Wyness's bandwagon. This is another biased decision by the clearly red Liverpool City Council.
Adam Cunliffe     Posted 29/05/2008 at 16:33:19   Comments (19)

Goodison re-development

I read this morning that Mr Bradley would back the redevelopment of Goodison Park, but that Everton have to "come to the table". Assuming, in an ideal world that we did "come to the table" and we did thrash out a deal to redevelop Goodison into a modern 55,000-seater stadium, can you imagine the amount of work that would have to be done? Can you also imagine how much atmosphere would be lost by tearing down the two main stands?

Can we afford to have up to two full seasons with a half a stadium in place, no atmosphere, no intimidating crowd, just a building site that teams mark down as a chance at sneaking three points? It concerns me. Am I alone?
Peter Laverty     Posted 29/05/2008 at 14:01:18   Comments (46)


Last night, against my better judgement, I sat down to watch the England - USA game. What with the season over, and the play-offs finished, I was ready to watch any football. My main reason for watching, however, was to see if Phil 'Jaggy-Jelka' get his first England cap. Always good to see one of your own do well. Or is it?

There seems to have been a worrying trend over the years of Everton players making their England debuts only to fuck off to another 'bigger' club shortly after. The worst case being that litlle fucker Nick Barmby. Remember all the Barmby for England songs, and BK ringing up Sven asking him to give Barmby a chance. Soon as he's been in the squad for a few games, well, we all know what happened next. Perhaps the same thing could be said about Rooney and although I'm not too sure, didn't the same thing happen with Jug Ears Jeffers?

What exactly happens at these England camps that turns our players heads so much? In my opinion, I think if a manager such as Roffer likes the look of one our players. say Lescott for example (God forbid). He probably gets Gerrard to have a word in Joleon's shell-like. Perhaps letting him know that if he asks for a transfer, that he could double his money, Champions League etc etc. I am pretty confident that this is what happened with Barmby and perhaps with Rooney as well.

Taking this into account, I'd probably be happy never to see one of our players play for England again.

I'm in the Armed Forces, surrounded by people from all parts of the country, so whenever England play it's a good excuse for everyone to get down the pub and all support the same team. Recently though, some of my colleagues would not believe me when I told them I would rather see Everton win the League Cup than England win the World Cup! Also, when you see the England team on telly, there is a growing band of really unlikeable players in the squad, Rio 'Merk!' Ferdinand, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney etc.

The more I think about it, given the reasons above, I reallly couldn't give two fucks about the national team. I for one will not be purchasing an England replica kit, St Georges flag for the car, or inflatable England chair!!

Do any other Evertonians share this apathy, or am I being too cynical?
Franny Porter     Posted 29/05/2008 at 12:28:13   Comments (35)

New Signing

Not sure whether anyone else heard but City FM have just reported that we're close to signing Zoltan Gera on a free.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Good squad player and a more than adequate replacment for Gravesen. Just hope the next signing will be more impactful.
Carl Wright     Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:58:48   Comments (1)

Deloitte Report

Not sure what to make of this; bear in mind it's for the 2006-07 season. Congratulations , as ever, to Moyes for over-performing ie 9th best payers against 6th finish in league. On the other hand, we perform poorly in the percentage of wages against turnover... or maybe our turnover is way too low; why is this?
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 29/05/2008 at 08:26:08   Comments (4)

You are the ref

Sorry guys if you have seen this before, but it made me chuckle. I have just been reading through the BBC's Sports website and noticed a contribution from a fellow blue in response to the You are the ref blog. Look at comment number 5.

Now who says we are bitter blues? ToffeeDan whoever you are you are, thanks for making me smile today.
Shaun Sparke     Posted 29/05/2008 at 00:04:21   Comments (8)

Michael Bradley (USA)

Having just watched Bradley´s non-existent display against the type of midfield player he would be against in the Premier League, I cant say he's a replacement for Carsley, surely. I wouldn't take him on a free after that performance.
Ian Bonnette     Posted 28/05/2008 at 22:01:47   Comments (39)

New Youth signing

Terry Antonis looks to have signed for our youth development programme. He is a 14 year-old Australian who has made a video with Beckham in Madrid doing thousands of "keepy uppys" with football and squash balls.

Barca were rejected twice along with several other clubs — apparently he is 3 years ahead of his age group in the international set up and is said to be 100% better than Kewell at his age. Obviously it seems we were chosen because Cahill plays for us and Rooney developed with us also.
Mark  Cassin     Posted 28/05/2008 at 21:14:02   Comments (29)

Subs and Fixtures?

Can anybody tell me what the substitute situation will be for the Premier next season? There has been a lot of talk about 'seven on the bench' but were the rules changed?

When will the Premier League fixtures for next season be announced..... next week?
Glen Strachan     Posted 28/05/2008 at 15:25:22   Comments (17)

Stadium - Latest!

Reading the update CEO Keith Wyness provides regarding the new stadium, it sounds to me like the club is worried that the plan will be called in by government & thus nixed? KW also infers that without a new stadium, the club is unlikely to attract new investors. And he repeats that there is no Plan B.

So, we need investment to be able to compete with the Sky 4, both on & off the pitch - players & stadium, but we need a new stadium to attract the investors. Result = stalemate.

Where DO we go from here?
Paul Turner     Posted 28/05/2008 at 14:52:09   Comments (26)

Alan Whittle

There is a lot of talk about Everton legends but where is ? In your list he never gets a mention, so could you shed some light on what he is up to now?
Tony Rogers     Posted 27/05/2008 at 23:26:08   Comments (11)

The Warren Bradley Stadium

Today's Daily Post has encouraging news for those of us desperate to clutch at any passing straw that might save us from the catastrophe that would be Destination Kirkby.

Warren Bradley and Joe Andersen might just be trying to score political points but there might be something in it... LCC don't want Everton to leave the city and neither do I. Yes, I know I don't live in Liverpool but I want to come to the city for my day out and then go to Goodison or perhaps Stanley Park in the future.

I've always thought the Yanks would pursue ground share as a tool to maximise their investment and even though most Blues and Reds would oppose it, it's better than Kirkby for the Blue half

. Joe Andersen says that LCC own land around Goodison that could be added to the footprint, providied EFC come up with some money. The silence from Kenwright and Co is deafening.

Has the whole Kirkby scenario been designed to draw a response from LCC?
Alan Rodgers     Posted 27/05/2008 at 18:04:58   Comments (20)

Extra Game or is that money?

It would appear that our CEO is at the forefront in demanding a 39th game overseas?! He says (in the Mail) that he hears all the fans objections but they must explore this revenue channel. Does that mean...."I hear you but get stuffed; we are going to do what we want!"?

They use a limp argument that we need to get in there before the Italians or French. How the hell can that happen if Uefa and Fifa are dead set against?? He seems to miss the point that Asia wants to watch the Prem.... not Serie A or anything else. Still, I'm sure he cares about Everton more than anything else :-)
Ian Martin     Posted 27/05/2008 at 14:13:42   Comments (16)

Keeping the purse strings tight

Take a look at for a VERY interesting feature under 'NEWS' - Equity targets Kenwright as "worst payer"...

Could the comments explain why: (1) Moyes has not put pen to paper? (2) some of our transfer bids are rejected, eg, Owen? (3) Potential investors walk away?

The article confirms what a friend of mine who is a small operator in the entertainment business has said for a long time but which I have not previously written about as it was only hearsay.
John Lewis     Posted 26/05/2008 at 18:07:34   Comments (14)

Trigger-happy owners

For all the criticism levelled at Bill Kenwright, at least we know he isn't a trigger-happy, sulking, spoilt child like Abramovich. Moyes would certainly have gone several times before now on that basis.

I have to say that Grant has impressed me more as a decent man than a football coach, although the situation he inherited does say wonders for what he very nearly achieved. A man who goes straight to Auschwitz straight after reaching the Champions League Final and speaks about real sacrifice showed his real mettle.

I worry with all this talk of another Russian oligarch takeover ? will we become a club dominated by the whims and sulks just as Chelsea are? Who will become the hitman like the odious Peter Kenyon [what a sight seeing that slimeball being given the first medal in Moscow at the final].

This is not just a case of "better the devil you know". In the 1980s when Murdoch was trying to get a grip of a really big club, the shareholders at EFC set up methods to stop such a buy out, but that failed with Peter Johnson and we have only recently shaken off the full signs of removing his influence at the club.

Please do not be seduced by Russian money or for Avram Grant read David Moyes, when the width of the woodwork separates success from failure!
Trevor Powell     Posted 26/05/2008 at 10:10:50   Comments (73)

From tiny acorns, doth...

As a late and still pretty illiterate arrival to computers in general and websites in particular, The first site I found was TEAMtalk. Then 18mths or so ago I found the real deal, ToffeeWeb, vast improvement.

After more evaluation around the various sites I realise that Teamtalk is only one step below the Official website for toeing the party line. The merest hint of hint of criticism and you don't get posted.

Until now.

The quid pro quo between party and party line toe-er is maybe a two-way street?? Some one has been ' allowed ' to post the question...

"If not Kirkby, would you ground share??"

Radical indeed for Teamtalk

Are the still rabid protestations of the No faction beginning to get through, however faintly, to the Board??... Is Bill having second thoughts about the quality of his so called mandate??

Is the penny starting to drop for Bill??
Derek Thomas     Posted 25/05/2008 at 06:49:05   Comments (11)

Sixteen Points in the Baggies

Just seen that Hull City are joining Stoke City and The Baggies in the Premier League next season. Can they survive ? especially as Sunderland spent £40 million just to stay in the division? Although WBA are the pick of the bunch and the Blues seem to have problems at the Hawthorns, all I can see is a pre-booked 16 points at least, the only flaw being a draw away at WBA.

Of course, Hull City will give two last chances to let the little has-been Barmby facing the wrath of the Street End, assuming he can avoid injuries and another character by-pass operation!

Sadly, the gap is just too large these days and when you see Birmingham and Reading with immediate PL experience dropping out, the furture is not rosy for these three!
Trevor Powell     Posted 24/05/2008 at 18:54:42   Comments (27)

Season tickets

I'm looking at buying my first Everton season ticket for next season when they go on general sale on the 16th June. I regularly go to matches and when I do, I sit in the Upper Glawdys. The atmosphere at that end of the ground is by far the best in the stadium but when I was looking at the prices for season tickets for the new campaign it was £91 dearer than the cheapest part of ground, the Family Enclosure (under 16 prices).

Now I've never been to the Family Enclosure so I don't want to pre-judge but it does seem a little flat compared to the Glawdys Street and the Bullens Road. But like I said it's the cheapest part of the ground and £91 is a lot of money to a 14-year -old.

So I just want some opinions, is it worth saving the money to sit in a part of the ground with no atmosphere or should or I pay more to sit in the Upper Glawdys? Also are there any rules in the Family Enclosure regarding swearing and singing? Thanks.
Adam Cunliffe     Posted 24/05/2008 at 11:39:21   Comments (15)

Not in the Rumour Mill

Our speculation fun often seems to have every living footballer making a move to Goodison.

When was the last time we didn't know about a buy until it was announced? Which buy was the biggest surprise?

Can't remember if there were rumours before we got Kanchelskis but if there were, I was still shocked and over the moon when he signed...
Tom Brown     Posted 24/05/2008 at 11:38:48   Comments (13)

Do we really want Jo or Arshavin?

In a frenzy of newspaper activity bored journalists with no matches to write about have linked us to £18 million pound striker Jo and then write he?s about stolen form us by Man City.

I?m slightly cynical about this. We don?t have a bottomless pit of money to spend this summer. A striker is not our top priority by any means ? in fact we have four decent forwards for a team that often plays only one up front. Therefore spending all of our transfer budget on a player who plays in a position we already have filled would be mad.

Our top targets this summer are a holding midfielder to replace Carsley, a box-to-box player to compliment Arteta, Pienaar etc. and possibly a new right back. Given neither Jo, or for that matter Arshavin, play in any of these positions I won?t be too upset if Man City do ?steal? them from us. And even this seems media hype because City are about to sack their manager and so are they really going to spend almost £30 million on players the new coach might not want?

Moyes did go to watch CSKA but I think it was much more likely he was looking at Dudu than Jo.
Richard Watts     Posted 23/05/2008 at 16:47:26   Comments (26)

Cool yer jets!

The Liverpool Echo states that Everton don?t have any imminent transfer plans. I think most clubs will wait till after the Euro finals...
Shaun Nesbitt     Posted 23/05/2008 at 15:17:29   Comments (26)


The frenzy of transfer speculation seems to increase with each passing day. I enjoy it, but agree with those who don't get too excited until I see the picture of the player holding aloft the scarf at Goodison, or pretending to sign his contract in some dodgy looking Portakabin (although presumably the latter will now be in palatial offices at our new training facility).

However, I am often as interested in the strategies seemingly employed by other clubs. You will no doubt remember last time West Ham really splashed the cash a few seasons ago? At that time it seemed like everytime we went for a player we we gazumped by them. Newcastle did the same (Emre, Parker, Smith).

Now it would seem City are to do the same, beating us to the signatures of Arshavin and Jo. The most likely answer is of course that we are all after the same players because the pool of real affordable (in the loosest sense) talent is pretty small. However it could be argued that (aka Chelsea's past strategies) it is as much about stopping Everton getting them as it is about team building at City. Paranoid? Probably, but anyone with Shinawatra's track record (in football and elsewhere) is capable of anything in my book.

I console myself with the subsequent lack of success both West Ham, Newcastle and the players involved have since experienced and can only hope the same happens at City; certainly history is on my side!
Steve Guy     Posted 23/05/2008 at 11:45:07   Comments (23)

Back Up Goalkeeper

Today's Echo suggests that Everton have made contact with Maik Taylor's advisers about a possible move to us to be Tim Howard's understudy. Although I believe that he would be a good back up to Howard, does this mean that Moyes has no faith in Iain Turner or John Ruddy? The report states that Moyes wants an expericed back up for Tim Howard, while Turner and Ruddy are still learning their trade. But with Turner now being 24 and Ruddy being younger at 21, you would expect them to be ready now, in particular Turner. Joe Hart and even Kasper Schmichel have both shown that you do not need much experience to be a good goalkeeper.
John Murphy     Posted 22/05/2008 at 18:13:57   Comments (14)

Rooney Deal

From what i remember Everton would receive £500k when Manchester United win the league — but not every time they won it, if we receive £500k each time they win it, does this mean if they win it for the next 10 years and Rooney is still there we will get £5m over the 10 years?

From what I remember we received £20m from 2 payments of £10m, and a further £1m for the following 3 years, then we would receive certain add ons such as a League win and Champions League win, but I thought all these add ons were on offs. Can someone please clear this up for me.


(North East Season Ticket holder, any other North East blues who want to share travel, please contact me on
Terry McCarthy     Posted 21/05/2008 at 22:42:44   Comments (42)

Let Vic go to the Olympics

Just reading on Toffeeweb that DM will try to block Victor Anichebe's inclusion in the Nigerian squad for this year's Olympics. I personally think taking part in the Olympics would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for 'Big Vic' and not taking part is something he would always regret. Like everybody I want what is best for Everton, but sometimes common sense must prevail.
Stan  Mullin     Posted 21/05/2008 at 16:37:45   Comments (12)

Why no official announcement?

If Moyes has agreed "in principle" to a 4-year contract extension, and as such will now embark on spending whatever fund the board have provided, I am wondering why it is being suggested that they will wait tell later in the summer to officially announce it, just can't get my head around that.

For me there are two possibilities,

1) it is not yet agreed in principle and what we have are yet more assumptions from the media.

2) The agreement in principle must be dependent on something if it is not yet formally announced. That could mean anything from the amount of money for transfers to actually getting those players in.

Any suggestions or ideas? A concerned Evertonian.
Dave Whitwell     Posted 21/05/2008 at 11:58:48   Comments (61)

Russian signings

Very bizarre little story. I used to work with a Russian girl in Tokyo whose Dad was a top level banker in Moscow so gets the VIP tickets etc.

I e.mailed her on the total off chance whether she had any clue on these 'Jo' and Arshavin rumours and I got the following;

"Seems like your team are getting two Russians -- Arshavin/Zhirkov. Also just read on somerrussian websites that you want 3 brazilians from CSKA Moskva". (Imagine that is JO/Dudu/Love??)

Anyway I asked her if she had any first hand news on Arshavin and Zhirkov etc -- she mailed back saying her father said next week looks like there maybe a transfer to the Premier League for Arshavin and Zhirkov is on his way too.

Thats all folks -- could be us/City or whoever but seems like we are in the mix for next week. Never heard of Zhirkov but he looks ace on youtube :)
Mark Cassin     Posted 21/05/2008 at 03:35:50   Comments (51)

Rooney Comments

"You join a club like Manchester United to win things.....I?ve managed to do that and to play in the biggest tournament in the world and to play in the Champions League final, I?m sure a lot of Everton fans, if they didn?t understand why I left at the time, I?m sure they will understand a bit more now."

Is it just me or does this just re-open old wounds which I fear will never heal? Maybe if he had of stayed he could have led us to the Champions League, what an achievement that would have been instead of joining an assembled group of all stars bought by ridiculous money to acheive the aforementioned.

And as for the remarks "Growing up on the mean streets of Merseyside, kicking balls around with his friends until long after dusk, Wayne Rooney did not fantasise about playing in a Champions League final. He jokes that, as a boyhood Everton supporter, he was more inclined to dream about winning the League Cup." That is just salt in the aforementioned wound.

Or am I just naive, bitter, delusional and need to move on? If I wasn't before (and I was) I'll be throwing even more of my support behind Chelsea.
Rich Will     Posted 21/05/2008 at 01:31:34   Comments (73)


Some of the media are reporting that we may try to sign Jo who is part owned by Kia whatshisface. This may or may not be true but is similar to the Fernandes situation and leaves me with several general questions.

Firstly the Bosman ruling stated that it was unlawful for Standard Liege or any other club to demand a transfer fee for a player whose registration they held even though he was no longer on their payroll. Therefore how is it legal for Kia to demand any kind of fee for a player whose registration he partially holds but who has never been an actual paid employee of his?

Secondly the "3rd party" issue leaves us open to the kind of rigging we saw in boxing back in the day. Let's say that Kia has a goalie on his books and he is playing against an up and coming striker who also is on Kia's books. What is to prevent Kia from politely sugesting that the goalie should let the striker score since it's for the greater good of the organization they all belong to?

Also how is it that it's against the rules for West Ham to enter into such deals but Ok for Utd, Liverpool and ourselves?

I am not a legal expert so perhaps someone can explain this all to me. Whilst they're at it is it really wise for us to work with folks like Kia given the aforementioned potential legal/corruption issues?
Kieran Kinsella     Posted 20/05/2008 at 23:04:12   Comments (13)

Uefa — Double Standards

On one hand we have Everton fined 5 grand for a couple of fans having a scuffle over a ticket, add this to the fine for a pitch invasion 'incident' (about 5 people I think, close to the touchline) and we really are the bad boys of Europe.

On the other hand, we have Rangers, who single-handedly almost destroy a city, spend most of the time outside the ground after the game fighting each other and then kicking 10 shades of sheeite out of a copper live on camera. Fine total =£0 . Whats going on? Why on earth are Rangers not being thrown over the coals for what they did. 'Friendly jocks' n all that. I shudder to think what would have happened if they'd have been Everton blue shirts on the streets of Manchester causing that trouble, we'd be banned forever.

Typical UEFA, instead of sorting out the proper trouble, a la Athens, let's skirt over it with some legal nonesense and fine the other clubs for infringing over the white line. Makes me sick.
Ste Boileau     Posted 20/05/2008 at 16:45:34   Comments (12)

AJ Away!

I made a post quite a few months ago now, about AJ and maybe it whether we should get rid due to his lack of goals and performances and whether it may be the right thing to sell him in January and bolster other areas that needed improving.

The comments were in the end split about 60/40 in favour of him staying and there were quite a few that thought i was mad and we should give him a break.

Now that there is fresh speculation that West Ham may be interested, has the opinion of him being sold changed and at what price should we let him go for if there is genuine interest?
Mark Griffiths     Posted 20/05/2008 at 15:17:49   Comments (13)

2008-2009 Kit

This may have already been covered but does anyone have any details of our new kit for the next campaign? Will we be having another 3 new kits as we have in the last couple of seasons. I have heard a rumour that we will return to the Yellow kit for our away games?
Scott Jenner     Posted 20/05/2008 at 10:50:17   Comments (9)

Joao Alves de Assis Silva

This kid is supposed to be a cracking player - there's some good footage of him on Youtube that's worth a look, even if we're not supposed to be talking about this kind of..... speculation..... apparently DM has had dealing with his 'people' in the past so this could be a goer, even if only on some sort of loan-type deal.
James Marshall     Posted 20/05/2008 at 09:58:47   Comments (54)


As we know, the summer & end of season is when the fans & the media love to speculate about who?s going where, who?s signing who etc etc.

Now although I wouldn?t post any of that speculation on here myself I must admit I don?t mind reading the BBC gossip column to get the best out of the rumours from the daily rags, although I would love to see their rate of getting things correct, I estimate 1 in every 30, maybe worse!!

What I am actually on here asking is for an opinion of two players we currently own already, namely Jack Rodwell & Dan Gosling. I have seen these lads play for a prolonged period only twice each for the reserves & both of them were poor games, including a mini-derby mauling, which was bloody painful to watch. In those games Rodwell actually was our only player who showed fleeting potential of maybe stepping up, whereas Gosling didn?t stand out for me at all, although in the games I mentioned it was difficult for any of our young lads to stand out.

I am basically trying to gauge opinions from anyone who has seen these in action more than myself to see if these two lads are ready to be integrated into the 1st team squad at all, I know its difficult to judge but if you don?t ask??.as the saying goes. For the record if there is blues out there who watch the reserves regularly, is there anyone else who is maybe ready for the 1st team, I have heard the names Baxter, Agard & Codling but know very little if anything about these lads.

So with all the possible transfer speculation & the ongoing Kirkby disaster still being debated, just wanted to throw a new topic out there, all answers or comments welcome? over to you shower.
John Lloyd     Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:44:06   Comments (12)

Stating the obvious?

Firstly let me just add to the well wishers (everyone!) and thank Lee Carsley for 6 years of wonderful service to the club. We all hoped that he would stay another year hopefully as back up to a younger defensive midfielder but it seems as though he has left to play more games.

That last sentence may surprise some as he played alot last season, he did come out last week and make a comment that Moyes was looking to bring in 4 midfielders so I am assuming the above. With this in mind we are all praying Moyes does indeed have the cash and hoping he spends it wisely.

Looking at our midfielders we are not looking clever as by my reckoning we only have two...that's right, two midfielders! For me Cahill does not have the skillset to play in the centre and is better as a support forward-same for Osman who should be his understudy. This leaves us with Arteta and Pienaar (no point counting VDM).

Whom Moyes signs is anyone's guess at the moment although what seems like stating the obvious is that we need two more first-XI players and four more reserves! That's right, six midfielders, this along with a reserve centre back to cover for our three stars makes seven players just to have two players for every position (not including GK!)

Now I don't know about others' views here but seven players will cost a great deal of money. Including the supposed X-factor player Moyes and 'Captain fantastic' have mentioned — this is going to cost us a fortune.

Disappointingly today we have denied going for Gera through the IC Liverpool website, I just hope we can pick up some quality free transfers to enable us to splash out on a couple of top stars...

Personally I am hoping we can get Fernandes in again and put him in the Pirlo role — then of course someone like Lorik Cana of Marseille to add some steel. If we get these two then I'd be happy with 2 young reserves (Ramsay) and a couple of Gera-esque Bosmans...

This will be the most interesting summer of Moyes tenure and I hope, the chance to take us to the next level.
Mark Cassin     Posted 19/05/2008 at 19:33:04   Comments (51)

Uefa Cup Seedings Update

After this weekend, Everton will, at best, be seeded 7th in next season's Uefa Cup 1st round, but could fall as far as 16th - based on the latest figures from our favourite Uefa Cup Seedings site.

By the way, Metalist Kharkiv will definitely be unseeded ? anyone fancy another trip over there?
Steve Flanagan     Posted 19/05/2008 at 12:41:22   Comments (9)

Not who but what?

Today's papers are full of speculation about Diarra. This in itsself is not really that interesting due to the amount of rumors. For me what is more interesting is that they all claim Moyes wil have significant funds to spend. The numbers are sketchy at best but they all seem very sure that much money will be available.
Rob Heaton     Posted 19/05/2008 at 12:29:20   Comments (19)

Goodbye and thanks for everything, Lee

Lee Carsley is leaving Everton. The official site has just announced that Lee will be living and working closer to his family in the midlands. It may be that the Birmingham rumours circulating were true.

I would like to thanks Lee for his attitude, application and professionalism. He has been admired and critisised over the past few years, yet has shown great consistency and has been fundamental to the success of the blues when playing 4-5-1.

He has played his role protecting the back 4, breaking up play and winning back possession very well. Not a glamourous task, but one well performed. The influence on our defensive record is clear to see.

I would have liked him in the squad next year without needing him to play 40+ games, but I think he still has a lot to offer. Age may be catching up on him, but I don't think his performances this year have been any less energetic or important to last year, when he was one of the players of the season.

He will be missed, and there is now an even biiger hole to fill in our midfield, with 3 players who can improve our first team now required.

Thanks Lee and all the best
Michael Jones     Posted 19/05/2008 at 11:18:40   Comments (53)


Reading more rumours of our impending bid today. I know its all rumours at this stage, but I have everything crossed on this one. This player makes Christiano Ronaldo look slow and clumsy.

Check this article out and watch the video of Joaquin at the bottom, I have watched it 3 times.

Sublime skills and pace to burn. for me this is the player that would bring us into the top 4.
Stuart Mitchell     Posted 18/05/2008 at 12:45:31   Comments (49)

Player selection

No, this is not another FM post. I was just reading about the 10 worst signings of the season here.

Note that three players here : Nugent, Richardson and Smith were prominently linked with us last silly season. Sometimes we should step back and appreciate the scouting acumen of our manager to recognize what constitutes a bad deal.

Kudos to Moyes for NOT buying some of these players when the pressure was on to expand the squad. Looking forward to some quality additions this silly season.
Nigel Gregson     Posted 18/05/2008 at 06:58:58   Comments (10)

ToffeeWeb really does matter

I've been an Everton fan for more than forty years but it's only in the last six months that I've unravelled the mysteries of the internet and discovered ToffeeWeb. Firstly, I'd like to say that the quality of the fan articles and posts is absolutely astonishing.

However, I would love to know if this site is viewed by any players or staff at the club. It probably isn't but maybe I'm wrong. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if I was twenty years younger and had footballing talent I would play for this club for the paltry fifteen grand a year that I earn now, that's the truth. I can also say that if I knew about this website as a player I would be checking every day to find out what the people who watch me every week think.

Supposing now that we might have some players who feel the same way that I do, what in God's name must they think. Today AJ has got the abuse, quite often it's David Moyes. Leon Osman gets his fair share. As for Phil Neville... well, it's been beyond belief. Victor has had a bit and even poor James Vaughan has had stick for being injured. Now attention seems to be turning to Mikel Arteta.

Ok, it would be a pretty dull site if we weren't allowed to be critical (I disagree with just about everything Tony Marsh says but, my God, he knows how to say it) BUT, football is a game of confidence and I think that ToffeeWeb has a part to play in building it. So criticize but let it be constructive as regards to our players. As for Kirby, well, say whatever the fuck you like!

Andy Crooks     Posted 18/05/2008 at 01:29:58   Comments (24)

The Toffees?

I am an Ipswich supporter who loves every aspect of our beautiful game. I am at present looking into the reasons why a club have a certain identity, colour or badge and the historical implications of the area around that club.

Everton are a brilliant club that I love to visit, and I believe that your badge is a local watchtower in the local area. What intrigues me is your nickmane the Toffees. It is such a distinctive nickname, and with Everton being one of the oldest clubs in existence a historical explanation must exist. Your input would be appreciated. Good Luck next year.
Gary Mullenger     Posted 17/05/2008 at 16:35:02   Comments (10)

Summer Signings

A member of the EFC scouting staff told me yesterday that Everton have already agreed a fee for Marouane Fellaini from Standard Liege, for around £4.5M with payment as high as £6M if he plays x amount of games, and, becomes a regular in the national team. He is 5' 11" and is more of a holding midfielder, although he likes to get forward. (6 goals in 31 games this past season). It now just depends on personal terms.

The same source says that Michael Bradley, will sign after he comes back from a vacation in the States and Carribean. The fee in the region of £5.5M. Apparantly he has already agreed terms.
Jimmy Daly     Posted 16/05/2008 at 18:30:54   Comments (27)

AJ The One-Trick Pony

Last season we had to endure ?It?s not his fault if he?s the lone striker.? ?He works hard for the team.? and my personal favourite ?He?s good for the dressing room!? ... James Beattie has come and gone, but those words remain. Remember when you forgot your homework or arrived late at school. As children, the first thing we would do is make up an excuse. It was the easy thing to do.

?It?s Moyes?s fault for supplying the wrong tactics"; "It?s Wenger?s fault for putting him off"; "It?s the defence's fault for playing hoof-ball"; "It?s God's fault that the pitch is too dry"; "It?s his parents fault for their genetics? ? and yes, you're right: don?t blame AJ, blame the mysterious "one armed man!"

So we bought him to be the saviour of Goodison, really? If Toffeeweb handed out awards, he?d be scuffling with Lescott for the second highest goal-scorer boot! And if I have to endure another season of his endless Benny Hill ball runs towards that fucking corner flag I will die!

Including pre-season, we had to wait until 7th November 2007 for a Johnson goal. England relied on him 8 times and guess what, no returns. For us he scored 10 times in 40 appearances (again). At a cost of £2.1Million a year that?s a 25% return. If Arteta completed 25% of his passes he?d be watching us on cable.

When the team, is down his head is the first to go. When we need a leader he goes missing. When the team provide a killer pass he runs sideways. ?But Jason? I hear you cry ?he runs a lot,? Yeah, so does my niece!

At £4M, Ebanks-Blake is another Defoe waiting to happen. He is young, hungry, confident, cheap, has two incredible feet, links well with midfield, is just as fast and just as strong as AJ and he is ours for £4M. Do the maths! If not Ebanks I?m sure that there are other options. We need money, we need quality, and by God we need goals. At £8M it could be time to sell AJ!
Jason Broome     Posted 16/05/2008 at 17:52:25   Comments (36)

Fair Play To Moyes?

Congrats to DM and the lads for the 5th place in the Fair Play league. If there is a more honest manager and set of professionals than our lot I'd like to know who they are. Certainly not some of the shite who finished above us.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 16/05/2008 at 16:35:53   Comments (8)

Zoltan Gera!

Apparently getting Zoltan Gera for free if he passes a medical. A great signing I think, a great squad player for us and arguably West Brom's best player during their time in the Premier League. Gives us more cover in midfield and considering he won't cost anything, it's very good.
Ben Jones     Posted 16/05/2008 at 16:13:07   Comments (46)

Planning Revisions

Could someone please take a look at the following pages from Everton FC and Knowsley Council and comment because I know I can't:

I thought the revisions were for less retail space, not make what already looked an average stadium into an eyesore.
Philip Jones     Posted 16/05/2008 at 14:49:08   Comments (11)

Please release me, let me go...

Several fringe and youth players have been released (including the wonderful Anthony Gardner ? a loan signing that was, at best, baffling ? seeing as he was injured when we signed him!).

It's a shame to see Paddy Boyle depart ? I had high hopes for him, but I guess after hanging on to Valente we didn't need another left back.

But most importantly ? where is Andy van der Waste-of-space??? Surely his should have been the FIRST name on this list! Does he have some extraordinary contract that we cannot withdraw?
James Carroll     Posted 16/05/2008 at 13:09:31   Comments (20)

Attendances Down!

Best season for years on many fronts not many people can disagree with that. New stadium to attract more revenue on the way. European football... what more can we ask for? The fans are right behind the team and the club... Well the answer to the last question is a resounding No it seems.

We have the 10th highest average attendance in the Premier League this year, down on last year to below 35,000.

Not exactly the greatest support considering who are ahead of us. Begs the question really ? can we really fill a 55,000 seater every week. I dont think so!!.

A lot of people on this site have continuously give the manager a hard time and the players, so its about time the fans got some back. were where you???

I have my complaints also but I was there at every game. Everton Fans dissapoint me tonight and that has never been the case before. To be honest I was surprised, not really paid to much attention to it, but some have gone missing when at other clubs they have not. I expect some flak for this but hey we have our faults to.

If we can't do it now then we will never do it. Don't blame the type of football or Moyes, blame yourselves for armchair supporting.
Paul Niklas     Posted 15/05/2008 at 22:38:05   Comments (31)

The Valuation of Goodison Park

I was just reflecting on the bickering that's going on between the pro-Kirkby and the anti-Kirkby camps and all those in between who don't know whether to trust the Everton Board of Directors or not.

Apparently Goodison Park is mortgaged to the tune of £15M and is reportedly worth £13M for redevleopment.

I wanted to ask all parties if we were starting with the funds available to the club today and were offered Goodison Park for £13M or Kirkby for £130M (or even £78M) which they would opt for and why?
Jay Harris     Posted 15/05/2008 at 15:09:03   Comments (17)

Next Season's Priorities

Just saw an article of the Official Site about Joleon Lescott :-

In it he states a couple of things he says:- "?Over the past three or four years, the club have shown that they are willing to progress by strengthening the squad and if we can do that during the summer, we will be looking to get fourth place this time next year."

"If we could get to a cup final and finish fifth, I think that would be better than finish fourth and not winning something.?

It just got me thinking about our priorities for next year. There will be some who say we should spend up big and try to win everything. However, assuming that we continue to add incrementally a couple of players (hopefully in MF) and that we still have a relatively small but higher quality squad, IMO we cannot realistically compete on all 4 fronts (EPL, Uefa Cup, FA Cup, Carling Cup). The wear and tear on players just catches up with you in the end.

The league has to be No 1 priority as it has the highest pay packet and could potentially lead to UCL and/or Uefa Cup. I would take 4th over 5th and a Cup final. After that I'd say Uefa CUp, as it gives us valuable experience and exposure in Europe and will be hopefully useful in the future if/when we manage to get into the UCL. I know the FA Cup holds great memories for us but I would put it lower on the priority list.

This year contradicts this but generally it is pretty hard to get past the big 4 to the final and getting to a semi or quarters doesn't really count. There is worldwide exposure but there's still just a Uefa Cup spot for the winner and perhaps runners up. Not much more than the Carling Cup in which there are less teams and often the big 4 don't play their first team. So, basically I would do what Moyes did this year and rotate some players through for the FA Cup and maybe Carling Cup games.
Ciaran Duff     Posted 15/05/2008 at 12:11:24   Comments (7)

Arshavin... sign him!

The guy has just created both goals to help Zenit lift the Uefa Cup. Both times he supplied defence-splitting passes to send his teammates clear into the Rangers area, not to mention the 20-yard lob he had cleared off the line.

Such moments define finals. Players of his calibre can be the difference between success and failure. Rangers defended doggedly, as they did against Fiorentina, but tonight the opposition had a player in the form Arshavin to open them up.

Hats off the Zenit for winning the trophy, but I want to see this guy in a royal blue shirt at Goodison next season. My only worry is how many other teams across Europe will be after his signature?
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 14/05/2008 at 21:48:51   Comments (63)

Midfield...what midfield?

Have just realised that with the departure of Vidarsson, Carsley yet to tie-up a new deal and the loans of Fernandes and Gravesen coming to an end, we are down to having 5 recognised midfielders on the books for next year. And that includes Andy van der Meyde!!!

Sure, Neville is an option, Rodwell, Baines and Gosling may be deployed, but in my opinion it is the absolute prioirty to sign at least 3 QUALITY midfielders to improve the team (as well Carsley as a squad player). Otherwise the late season malaise that struck our chances of 4th and endangered 5th could strike again with more disappointing, or even catasthrophic results. Come on Bill, Sign sign sign!
Andrew Humphrey     Posted 14/05/2008 at 18:47:22   Comments (32)

Valente's significance

I think the re-signing of Nuno Valente for a further year indicates that Jolean Lescott will be used primarily as a centre half next season. If Lescott was to continue at left back, then Leighton Baines would be enough cover, with the youngsters as extra cover. I now see Baines being first choice LB next season.

As we know, the main reason for Lescotts presence at LB this season was to add height to the team for set pieces. Therefore we can deduce (I'm taking this way too far....) that Moyes plans to bring in height elsewhere in the team this summer. Possibly centre mid.

On Valente, it is interesting that he played in our 6-1 and 7-1 wins this season. No coincedence there as I think he is very good going forward, better than the other two LB's we have. Unfortunately he's not quite as dependable defensively, otherwise he would still be a cracking player.

It's good to retain him though.
Phil Hamer     Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:30:11   Comments (13)

To Spend or Not to Spend

As we enter the silly season of football manager type speculation linking us to every player known to man, I am trying to see just why people say we have a lack of funding to bring in the quality players we so obviously need to challenge for the those coveted Champions League places.

If a club declares to the world that they have been taken over by a wealthy businessman, or have unlimited funds because of their financial backing by a wealthy American or Russian, then the price of the targeted player inevitably goes up. This could be a cunning plan by Moyes and the board to keep prices down ? plead poverty and then clubs wont hold us to ransom and demand over inflated prices.

For me, there are some real signs that we have got money to spend, and should invest this money in those players that will bring us the silverware we crave. Bill Kenwright has finally got to put his money where his mouth is and ensure that we can get to that next level. If he says he hasn?t got the money, then he lives up to his name of ?Billy Liar? or Billy Bullshit? or whatever else we can call him.

The evidence of funding being available is there for all to see:

? £42.1 million received from television (Sky) money. Source: Press Association

? £12 million from the failed Manny Fernandes bid at the end of last season. This money has never been spent and should still be sat in a bank account gaining interest.

? £5 million for McFadden?s sale.>

? £1.5 million as part of the deal that took Rooney to Manure (This will be less £500k if they fail to beat Chelsea in Moscow)

? £3 million in separate television money for various deals for our UEFA cup run.

? £11.52 million from the Premier League for our league position at the end of the season.

? £2.7 million as part of the new Chang sponsorship deal that was signed in January (£8 million over 3 years)

Despite all of the above figures I have not included gate receipts, merchandising, season ticket sales and other revenue streams. The grand total of the above figures comes to a staggering £77.82 million in income!

So, have we really not got a pot to piss in? Or is this just clever gamesmanship from our chairman and manager to keep our transfer target?s price down? As pointed out by other posters on this site, if Sunderland can be given £50 million to spend, they we certainly have money in there somewhere!!
Paul Cooke     Posted 14/05/2008 at 16:03:40   Comments (27)

Injuries to key players

Just wanted to make a quick reference to the players who are undergoing treatment and operations for injuries now the season has finished. Whilst certain fans were getting on the team's back for the poor performances and the way the season tailed off, I think its obvious now that many players were playing with bad injuries. Baines and Arteta are to have ops, I think Hibbert is out for 3 months, and Lescott is having treatment on his knees.

I think these players deserve special praise for their commitment to the team and season for playing through the pain barrier. It goes to show how much they care about the club and finishing as high as possible in the league. Well done boys!
Andy Hudson     Posted 14/05/2008 at 15:58:10   Comments (17)

Super Stats!

Interesting season-end stats from OPTA

  • Joleon tops the goals per shots table with a scoring ratio of 42.1%
  • Perhaps even more surprising the Yak was second with 28.3%
  • Arteta was the most fouled
  • The team as a whole was 3rd most fouled with 532 only 4 behind Spurs and 3 behind B?burn.
  • Arteta also figured in the chances created per game (3rd) and Crosses per game (2nd). Although it doesn?t give a completion ratio!
  • Yak was 4th in goals scored per minute on pitch.
  • EFC were 4th in team goals to shots. And 2nd to MU in accuracy with 46% of our shots on target.
  • We hit the woodwork fewer times than any other team.
  • And only Villa and B?burn used fewer than our 23 players

Steve Ashton     Posted 14/05/2008 at 13:16:39   Comments (8)

The Value of Good Management

After the most successful blue season in 20 years (I include 04-05 & CL qualification in that claim) I thought it was worth contemplating just what David Moyes has done to Everton.

We can, as some have, focus on the fact that we took 1 point out of 12 against the big 3 and the Spanish Armada. But in all honesty, we could/should have had 2 draws against ManU and at least a draw against the RS at Goodison. We can even, as some have, take that as a sign that we are further away. Hmm.

There is an increasing volley of support & plaudits coming Everton's way from smart people within the game, including top managers like Ferguson, Wenger and Eriksson, and leading pundits like Hansen, Laurenson, Dixon, Peacock, Shearer, etc etc.

But set aside our football performance and consider the change in our asset base, i.e. the players. We can all I think remember the state of the squad at the end of Walter's tenure (and I don't think Walter was as bad as some claim). But we had more than our fair share of faded stars, speculative buys and mediocre wannabees. It was not good.

Fast forward to May 2008 and let's examine where we are on the squad front. The estimates are mine and mine alone. Disagree as you wish, but I hope the sentiment is made. This is the value of our (main) squad as I see it.

- Howard   £6m
- Hibbert   £3m
- Neville   £3m
- Jo-bo   £10m
- Jolean   £20m
- Jags   £10m
- Baines   £6m
- Rodwell   £3m
- Gosling  £3m
- Nuno Valente £2m
- Arteta   £15m
- Cahill   £10m
- Pienaar   £10m
- Osman   £6m
- Vidarsson   £3m
- Yak   £18m
- AJ   £10m
- Vaughan   £7m
- Victor   £4m
- Jutkiewicz   £2m
TOTAL squad value - £141m

Even at £10m or so each way, I think the impact upon the playing squad is incredible.

If that squad is strengthened with the likes of Cardiff's Ramsay (superb), Wolves' Ebanks-Blake (excellent) and, oh please god, Arshavin, then I for one will be putting my money on us getting into the CL4 next season. We are moving on up ladies & gentlemen. Those in red shirts kindly move aside.

Wishing all toffee-noses a long, hot summer and out of the blocks in August.
Alan Kirwin     Posted 14/05/2008 at 12:51:40   Comments (20)

Can anyone help me get my head around this?

So Sunderland, they have a big stadium 45000 and loyal fans, but how the hell do they find £50M to spend having been relegated twice in recent years and yet Moyes rarely gets more than £25M a season.

Sorry but i find it hard to believe that a club like Sunderland can possibly give the manager £50M yet a club like Everton, 100% Premier League status and relatively modest spenders don't appear to be able to match that sum.

Also, where do West Ham and Spurs get the money from too?

Maybe I need to look at the bigger picture but certainly from the business saide of things at Everton the numbers just don't add up. Wyness and Co what the fuck is going on?
Daniel Johnson     Posted 14/05/2008 at 11:40:45   Comments (17)

WAGs influence on transfers

Something to watch in this transfer window. Have you ever wondered why a player who rarely makes the bench for a London club like Spurs, will turn down a lucrative offer to move to Newcastle, Boro, Man City, or going even further north to one of the big Glasgow clubs? Is it the influence of the players wife or girlfriend (WAG) that is the deciding factor? Any women with half a brain would rather live in London and go shopping in Knightsbridge, than live an isolated suburb of Newcastle or Glasgow. Besides it warmer down south! Rumour has it that Arteta's girlfriend has moved back to Spain, because she is fed up of Merseyside, and is putting pressure on Mikel to do the same. Mikel, tell her to do one! There are plenty of nice Liverpool girls to choose from!! Is the WAGs influence as bad as some, like Roy Keane, make out? I think it is, whats more important to a 21-year-old male? Sex or football?
Brian Baker     Posted 14/05/2008 at 10:44:38   Comments (10)

Redheads in Midfield

Those of us of a certain age will always retain a penchant for having redheads run our midfield. So, now seeems like a good time to point out to our own favourite red headed manager, as he is always looking at this site and he never watches any football, that there are 2 excellent redheads likely to come on the market.

Having confused the commentators for years with our balides , what about a couple of redheads? I am referrring to Steve Sidwell at Chelsea and Ben Watson at Palace. Joking aside, Moyes is pretty good at getting players from the immediate lower level. Watson played superbly for Palace last night and we all know what Sidwell can do.
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 14/05/2008 at 08:42:28   Comments (6)

The destruction of youth

Is it just me, or are people?s evaluations of certain players holding little reality, but more presumptions? I don?t know if I watch different games, but I?d advise those who are calling Vaughan a world-beater and odds on to push a proven Yakubu out the side, to not put Geordie-esque praise on a player who hasn?t had time to even impose himself on too many full games in what has been a horribly short career thus far. We have an almost comical tradition of doing this with our youth, and on the other hand I am shocked at the abuse his partner in crime from reserve days is getting.

Not sure if you noticed this but there were times during his short time with us that Vaughan has looked disinterested and out of place on the pitch, accusations that detractors love to level at Victor Anichebe from the moment he came into the side. The views on this site are known for being somewhat trigger happy and over the top with agendas and pointless criticism. But it feels somewhat harsh that already next seasons readymade villain of the Bullens Rd is being made in Victor Anichebe on these pages. A player who has cost us next to nothing and even by his own words thanks his stars for having the chance to play for Everton and says it was down to luck and by Moyes? own thoughts down to the immense hard work, despite not being blessed with as much natural talent as some.

Yes, he doesn?t have the potential of others, but he?s fit and ready to be called on whenever the chance comes. And by the standards of other Premier League strikers who have come through the ranks recently, what he has done hasn?t been half bad.

We have a baffling culture as fans of Everton for expecting too much from those that have come through our club. All the while, others who are much more expensive with more experience (Arteta & Fernandes) are allowed incredible leeway. We have a ridiculous way of deciding that certain home grown players under the age of 22 are already past it and never going to make it.

I say ridiculous because we have maybe one of the finest examples of a late bloomer who had many assets and no doubt belief (through long injuries) stripping him of expecting to ever play for us..........That?ll be Leon Osman.

I?ll get shot down for this no doubt. But isn?t it about time we stop gunning down our youth with over-hype and ridiculous baiting? For a club that has a great tradition of having talent immense when it comes to its youth, we as fans (me included) sure know how to make sure they don?t/can?t develop.
James Mako     Posted 14/05/2008 at 01:33:15   Comments (21)

Goals mean Points

We don?t need a post mortem as we are alive and kicking ? sorry, passing ? and can go confidently into next season here and in Europe. But amid the end of year reports a thought crossed my mind. We know that David Moyes builds teams, as they have to be built, on solid foundations. The numbers speak for themselves ? 33 goals against puts us very much in the same league as the four clubs ahead of us, and way better than ?the rest?.

Goals scored ? excuse me for sounding a bit simplistic here ? are obviously important. But how important? And that thought made me go back over the scores for this season. Where did our 65 points come from? That?s 19 wins and 8 draws. So if every win was 1-0, the scorer earned us 3 points. If it was a 2-1 win, the first scorer earned us 1 point, the second scorer earned us the extra 2 points. Anyone after that put icing on the cake.

Now before you start shouting at me, I will criticise what I?m saying myself at the end, but here?s how it looks using the system I have imposed on the facts. Player and ?points earned from goals? in the Premier League this season. (Look away now if you think you already know.)

Joleon - 16
Yak - 13
AJ -7
Ossie - 6
Timmy - 5
Mikel & Jags & Nev ? 3
Victor & Cars ? 2
Faddy & Jo Yo ? 1

Pienaar and Vaughan also scored and there were 3 no score draws.

If I was writing in to criticise, I would say that Steven Pienaar?s goal against Sunderland, with his superb interplay with Nuno Valente, was just about as good as it gets, and in any case, any scrappy old goal is good for us and bad for them. Agreed. The more the better, and I?m not advocating ?catenaccio? one ? nil wins (although I have developed an admiration for Moyes and his ability to do this, at considerably less expense than Chelsea, who have a similar record)

But I think there is some merit in looking at our performance in this way. The fans and the players already knew how important Lescott has been for us, and the Yak could yet become a legend, but I think some of the others in this list are interesting. Our ability to score from all over the field has been noted. For me, I?m glad that our lad Leon Osman can be highlighted in this way.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 13/05/2008 at 20:04:06   Comments (4)

Would we be so enthused?

With the BBC full of articals like this one: would Everton fans on the eve of battle for the final be so excited as these Rangers fans? We all liked being in the competition, but it is Europe's two-bob cup, sold out on prestige a long time ago, but a trophy is a trophy! Rangers will either be first or second each year in their poor quality league, and we are in the 'worlds best league'. So maybe it's all down the comparitive habitats in which we play the game...
Nick Entwistle     Posted 13/05/2008 at 17:41:44   Comments (21)

65 or 72 points?

Just had a quick look at The Right Result site ( and noticed that their adjusted table has us in 4th place on 72 points with Liverpool in 5th on 71 (5 points less). Seven points lost through potentially incompetent officials some may say.

Anyway, here's a list of the points that got away:

20 Oct - Liverpool (h) - 1:2 (should have been 2:2 - THAT penalty non-decision) = 1 point

2 Feb - Blackburn (a) - 0:0 (should have been 2:0 - another missed penalty and Johnson's ludicrous "offside" goal) = 2 points

22 Mar - West Ham (h) - 1:1 (should have been 2:1 - Yak's disallowed goal) = 2 points

27 Apr - Aston Villa (h) - 2:2 (should have been 3:2 - Petrov's handball and another penalty denied) = 2 points

This doesn't take into account missed pens, etc which wouldn't have affected the result - but basically we should have ended up with 62 goals as opposed to the 55 we actually scored (that's a difference of 7 goals) plus we should only have conceded 32 instead of the 33 we actually did.
Steve Flanagan     Posted 13/05/2008 at 16:15:35   Comments (15)

Season Ticket Renewal

I few weeks ago I posted a problem I was experiencing renewing all of my 3 season tickets. Mine had gone through but not my 2 sons and I had subsequently had to renew 'again' after the 'early bird' date had expired.

On the advice of another fellow Evertonian, I contacted Michelle Mitchell at Everton. One of her coleagues, Christine has just phoned me to say all 3 tickets had been charged at the lower price, as clearly something had gone wrong at their end.

Big thank you to Christine. and thanks to the guy who pointed me in the right direction. Roll on next season.
Frank  Duffy     Posted 13/05/2008 at 14:17:27   Comments (1)

Show Him The Money

So Kenwright is 'seething'. Presumably because David Moyes chose to air his disatisfaction with the current episode of a soap opera that is EFC. Not only do we fail to secure the club's best asset on a long term contract and risk losing him. But we fail to arm him with the finacial information he needs in order to secure the best deals this summer.

The debacle over Stanley Park has given me much to laugh at for the past few months but we are surely not far behind. The fist signs of a crack between manager and chairman are starting to show. Wasn't it not so long ago that they talked on an almost 'daily basis'? Why do they have to wait to the end of this week to talk?

I'm guessing that the reason Kenwright has failed to deliver this summer's spending power to Moyes is that it's bad news, and there isn't much to spend. If anyone should be seething its Moyes and I bet that behind that 'I'm relaxed about it' (definite sarcasm) stance, there is a raging red headed Scotsman about to smash the boardroom table with a claymore demanding to be 'Shown the Money'.
Martin Doherty     Posted 13/05/2008 at 13:16:33   Comments (9)

Assistant Manager

Of all the comings and goings that may (or may not) happen at Goodison over the summer, and all the inevitable speculatoin that will surround them, I think one of the most interesting will be the Moyes' appointment of his new assistant manager.

I have absolutely no idea which way this will go - promotion from within the existing staff, someone from the lower leagues, another Premier League assistant, a foreign coach?

No ideas, opinions or suggestions from me I'm afraid, but I thought I'd raise it to see what others think.

Of all the various things we need to do take that mystical 'next step' this appointment could, possibly, turn out to be crucial.
Tom Freestone     Posted 13/05/2008 at 13:06:48   Comments (0)

More Rooney money!

According to Skysports ManU have just paid Everton £1 million for wining the EPL as part of the Rooney deal. Another £500K will be due if they win the CL next week.

I have just checked the terms of the Rooney contract, and found out that the extras clauses are valid until August 2009.

Happy days.

ps: I shall not be tempted to cheer on Utd next week.
Brian Baker     Posted 13/05/2008 at 13:09:43   Comments (22)

A Season Survey

I am doing some freelance work for the Daily Telegraph, who are putting together a spread on fan?s views of the season.

If you could contact me with your phone number, or are able to answer the following questions directly then that would greatly appreciated:

  1. How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10
  2. The manager ? stay or go?
  3. Player of the season
  4. Flop of the season
  5. Best moment of the season
  6. Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.)
Marcus Jones     Posted 13/05/2008 at 11:48:59   Comments (33)

Injured Players

This may be viewed upon by most as a rant, but it really is one of my pet hates. I really appreciate the lap of honour at the end of each season, but I really think that all players should be there who are employed by Everton Football Club, it really annoys me that the like of Arteta and Cahill were not there, even if they are in Spain and Austrailia "nursing Injuries".

If these lads were from England would they be in Spain or Austrailia? I just think that these injured players should be at the games supporting the team, and they most certainly should show their appreciation to the fans at the end of the season!!!
Chris Dwyer     Posted 13/05/2008 at 07:34:58   Comments (19)

7th Best Season Ever?

Well done to the blues for a great season, no we didn't win a trophy, yes we missed out on that 4th spot, and I suppose most of us Evertonian's are feeling a little down and disappointed with the way the season finished, but I have been looking back at the stats for Everton's past 120 or so seasons and can tell you statistacally at least, that the 30 wins we have had this season is the 7th most wins we have ever achieved in one single campaign.:

1st  1984-85  Played 63  Won 43
2nd 1985-86  Played 61  Won 39
3rd  1986-87  Played 55  Won 33
4th   1930-31  Played 47  Won 32
5th   1969-70  Played 47  Won 31
6th   1938-39  Played 47  Won 30
7th   2007-08  Played 54  Won 30
Here's hoping we can beat that next Season, If we do I'm sure we will be very close to winning something.

ps: Best blues site bar none. I have enjoyed all the banter even the negative one's see and hear from you all next Season.
David  Lawless     Posted 13/05/2008 at 00:45:30   Comments (15)

Mike the man, Mark the ???

The mark of a man is his willingness to shoulder blame for his own mistakes. This was highlighted today by Mike McCurry who reffed Rangers vs Dundee United on Saturday.

After viewing a video of the game he admitted that he should not have blown a Dundee goal as offside and in another incident he should have awarded them a penalty and booked Davy Weir.

Those mistakes were crucial in denying Dundee United the chance of Euro football.

Mike McCurry and Mark Clattenberg both made horrible mistakes yet by his owning up Mike proved to be a man. Hiding behind the FA official code of silence Clattenberg will for ever be branded a coward.
Dick Fearon     Posted 12/05/2008 at 23:02:00   Comments (7)

A Plea to Fellow Evetonians

Don't become Chelsea Fans!

Having responded to many threads and debates on this site, I have been intending to submit an article for some time. I would have liked this to have been on something interesting such as the forthcoming European campaign, potential future signings or maybe even the "for or against" Moyes debate that seems to rage on in this forum. Unfortunately my hand has been forced into raising a probably minor and trivial issue but one that is close to my heart because quite frankly I felt embarrassed!!

Being a south-east based exile (HM Forces), I was disturbed to hear the strains of "your support is fucking shit" being chanted by Evertonians against Newcastle yesterday. I pride myself on being able to slate London fans on their arrogance, self-righteousness and pre-occupation in slagging off the opposing fans rather than supporting their own team. I know there is banter amongst fans, but usually, we do not get dragged down to the level of our capital counterparts who seem to spend more time looking at the away supporters than watching the match and encouraging their own team. The above mentioned chant originated in London, belongs in a school-yard level argument about football and makes us sound petty - just like most London fans.

Fellow Evertonians, we are better than that. Banter yes ? arrogance no!! Remember our roots and as Howard Kendall once acknowledged, you are the most knowlegable fans in football ? do not resort to the standards of arrogant cockneys and behave like the best fans in the country that you are.
Danny O'Neill     Posted 12/05/2008 at 22:55:48   Comments (0)


This is more of an annoyance at reading various posts on this site.

We all know that FM style speculation is addictive to some fans, especially once the season is over and actual football has finished, however it holds no point, and is generally only interesting to those who write it. Does anyone else agree that speculation by fans on players should be restricted to those within the rumour mill?

If a player has been linked with Everton then it is a justified, valid and relevant point to be made. If you just played Football Manager and found a gem, saw someone on you tube etc it is irrelevant. Clubs' scouts watch football matches, not football forums to find players.

Discuss real issues within the club, current squad, captaincy issues, back room staff, youth and reserve developments, Kirkby, the Board, aspirations for next season, ticket prices etc. Just please, I dont care about your opinions on a player who will never play for Everton, or who hasn't even been linked to Everton.

We know Moyes is a fan of Mike Bradley, ok discuss his ability. I have never seen us linked with David Bentley but his name is constantly mentioned on this site, I don't care about Blackburn players. Bit of a rant, I know, but even posts on yesterdays game got filled up with pointless speculation, why not add comment pages on the rumour mill, that can deal with all that speculation. The comment pages can be left for discussion on Everton.
Fran Mitchell     Posted 12/05/2008 at 21:52:06   Comments (26)

Lets keep Carsley

As the curtain has finally come down on the 07-08 Season, the inevitable speculation will begin as to who we sign and who we sell / release. One player that I would hate to see leave is good old Cars. I agree he is no spring chicken but he is Mr Reliable and has never let us down and was a virtual ever-present this year. He rarely gets injured and the last time he did for any length of time we nearly got relegated!

Give him the two years he wants; next season is going to be a bit of transition because I am certain Bill will find some money for us to spend and we need old heads around to steady the ship when we reach the business end of the season. Take the example of Arsenal this year, all guns blazing with a very young squad but as soon as their confidence went, so did their season, when the chips are down you need players who have been there, done that and got the tee-shirt.

Carsley fits that bill and going into yet another season of European football quite frankly we need numbers so we can push on to the next level, have another good cup run and end the season with some silver wear and 4th place (hopefully at the expense of Liverpool!)

Sign him up!
Rob Hill     Posted 12/05/2008 at 17:33:22   Comments (22)

The Summer Clearout

With the departures of Thomas Gravesen, Stefan Wessels, Anthony Gardner... I now ask you else will follow? In my view Mikel Arteta, Victor Anichebe and Lee Carsley are three who are top of the list.

Arteta many times has denied time after time that he wants to stay but there's no smoke without fire and I would say he's Spain bound with Barcelona on the lookout.

Anichebe is simply not up to being an Everton striker. Two years now he's underperformed not scored and not worked hard for the team. For me, accept £2m from a Championship side.

Fernandes must stay and his Newcastle match showed that. Not judging it all on one match but he's showed recently how important he is. Excellent set pieces, killer pass, great skill, people moan at his lack of tracking back, but how can you posess everything.

For me Lee Carsley's substitution at the end, was his chance to say goodbye and the way he's been talking recently he'll be departing us.

If we are to truly move on we need at least 8 players. A right back, a centre mid, a defensive midfielder, a right winger, 2 strikers, centre back and another attacking midfielder. Time will tell what we get expect some quick Bosman signings shortly.
Michael McDonough     Posted 12/05/2008 at 13:34:10   Comments (20)


I would like to comment on how well Manny played yesterday. His set pieces and corners were mainly excellent and his passing at times sublime. He controlled the game. I think we should sign him, Valencia have their own issues and if we can get him in the £8-10 miliion bracket, he would be a terrific addition to the squad. A fully fit Manny with a run of games, I feel will be one of the best midfielders in the Prem!!!!
Gary  Tudor     Posted 12/05/2008 at 13:21:24   Comments (36)

Anyone for Mr Giggs?

With Ryan Giggs drawing level with Bobby Charlton on games played for Man Utd, and possibly surpassing that total in the Champions League Final, does anyone else feel that his work there might be complete?

With our strong transfer links with United evident, I feel that he would bring a wealth of experience with him that would maybe help our young, blossoming side on to the next level. Granted, he isn't as fleet footed as he was in years gone by but he can still knock a ball in to the box as well as anyone, and he's scored a few free kicks too. An added bonus is that he's been relatively injury free over the years as well.

Our midfield could definitely do with some more bodies and I for one would welcome him with open arms if he were to become available on a free. I know I'll probably get criticised for talking about signing an ageing player, but with transfer funds scarce who else would the readers like to get in on frees before the season kicks off again?
Richard Clark     Posted 12/05/2008 at 12:26:31   Comments (0)

MOTD comments

I was dismayed by conclusions drawn by Hanson and Shearer, who stated that Everton were miles away from contesting the big 4. Twats!

Lineker who asked the question looked a bit surprised by thier answers and Lawro just sat in silence. From their replies it sounds like Hanson and Shearer have just been looking at results and have not watched many of our games to see how we have been playing and how close we have been to getting positive results in our games with the big 4.

Am I right or is it me with my blue tinted specs?
Brian Baker     Posted 12/05/2008 at 11:25:49   Comments (26)

Stop it... both of you!

My joy at Everton securing that coveted fifth spot has been soured somewhat by the untypical - and unnecessary - public spat between David Moyes and Chairman Bill Kenwright. For two people reputedly joined at the hip it was as surprising as it was untimely. It`s as though Davey has suddenly become jealous of all the `political` headlines generated by his unsavory counterpart `across the park` whilst Blue Bill has descended to `Hicksville`.

What has set Moyes apart from the rest of his profession during his tenure at Goodison is, to my mind, his quiet dignity and whilst I have my own views on the integrity of Mr Kenwright, his stand-out achievement has been his selection of, and support for, his manager. No doubt we shall hear over the next few days that both parties have been mis-quoted. Don`t believe it. Given the nature of the quotes attributed to Moyes, I have no doubt that they are accurate and exist on the original journalist`s tape machine. As for the response from `sources close to Kenwright`, you don`t need to be too imaginative to know who those might be!

Now I can understand that Davey is anxious to settle his future and that it would be mildly helpful to know what budget he has for next season, but putting public pressure on his boss a few days before a vital game is not the cleverest move he`s ever made whilst surely Bill could have expressed his displeasure privately in one of the `hundreds of telephone conversations we have each week`.

So I close with a plea to both parties. We`ve had a good season and one of which you can be proud. So don`t wreck it all by trying to out-do the other lot` with cheap-scate headlines; settle your differences in private and just get on with the job in hand-Making Everton great again! As I said to my kids this morning,`Stop it... both of you!`
Jeff Copeland     Posted 12/05/2008 at 08:25:53   Comments (16)

Moyes the Evertonian (and more)

Anyone who doubts Davis Moyes's love (yes love) of this club of ours should read the interview in the Independent which is a link from the story on the site concerning Moyes's refusal to accept the "top four lockout". I accept that he's not without his faults, but I just dont get the "Moyes out" brigade... and if it's the standard and style of play that people harp on about then I have to mention yesterdays performance.

In a game of real nerves and a fear of failure we actually played some VERY NICE football. There were large parts of the game where we built up the play while being in complete control and with the ball almost exclusively ON THE DECK.

I accept that that hasn't happened all season but lately I've been watching other teams around us (and above us) and there are times when MOST of them revert to "hoofball", believe me it's true. If David Moyes isn't tied into a further long term contract with the funds made available to buy the minimum four (IMHO) players required to give us a crack at the four teams above us then I feel this will be the biggest tragedy to become our club in a long long time.

The season's over and we've won what some people are refferring to as the "real" league. I work offshore (on the rigs if you like) and I cross swords with supporters from almost EVERY other club in England and Scotland, and not ONE of them has a bad word to say about David Moyes and what he's done for Everton. I have the benefit of hearing day to day what "outsiders" think of our club... and believe me when I say that the vast majority of them look on with envy, and that's in no small part due to what David Moyes has done for us.

There's even several "reasonable" RS supporters who have nothing but praise for Moyes (admitted in private I might add)... Rant's looking forward to next season with our new look midfield (we hope)...... and a Champions league spot !
Brian  Williams     Posted 12/05/2008 at 08:26:22   Comments (7)

The Perfect Position for EFC

EFC have finished exactly where the deservedly belong, they couldn?t be competitive in the Champions League next season if they finished 4th, with the lack of squad depth due to injuries and lack of finance to add some major strength or big name players who seem to avoid us and prefer to play with teams in the EPL top 4.

So where does 5th position leave EFC at season's end? Obviously in a better position than 6th because EFC overall in the entire season were a far better team than anyone team behind them, and realistically better than 4th because we would have only been humiliated or exposed in matches especially playing away from home against the likes of world class opposition who have an open cheque to buy whichever player they want and simply would outclass EFC onfield with what they spent over this seasons summer transfer window.

Overall, EFC have improved in leaps and bounds in all areas and are still learning the game with ongoing development and hopefully a bigger budget to buy bigger names. EFC are at the fringe of taking the next step in Champions League competition perhaps in a couple of seasons. I think another year in the Uefa Cup will strengthen the team and do the team wonders.

This season's Uefa Cup performance was quite outstanding, finishing on top of the group, and they could have won it this season if they had won on penalties, but you can?t beat bad luck in a shootout. Next season they will be far more experienced and competitive at this Uefa Cup level than being thrown amongst the lions in an unfamiliar Champion?s League level of football amongst the elite who would have left us squandering for answers next season what went wrong.

There?s nothing wrong with optimism and the team have surely proven they have given the fans the belief they are moving forward, but we as fans must be realistic that our form against the top 4 in the EPL is pretty poor and that tells us something ? that we belong in a Uefa Cup level for the time being. It?s been a wonderful season with what the coach had in the piggy bank to spend.
Clifford Zampost     Posted 12/05/2008 at 03:15:42   Comments (18)


Going into the match today we heard Andy Van say to the car park attendent, "Where can I park so I can get out as quick as possible after the game?"

We came out of the game without staying for the lap of honorand sure enough the Lambourgini was gone. So much for team spirit. Thank you, Andy. You have never proved yourself and this helped the three of us who overheard and seen then consequent light. Thank you for your dreams.
Paul Mchugh     Posted 11/05/2008 at 22:44:03   Comments (2)

Jagielka In England Squad

Some of you may have seen that Phil Jagielka has been named in Fabio Capello's England squad for the friendly against Trinidad & Tobago, which shows an amazing turnaround from how things were at the start of the season. From being labelled a waste of money after playing at right-back and holding midfield, he's grown in statue since Moyes moved him to the centre of the defence, and is a major reason for our fifth place finish this season.

Admittedly he's probably only in there due to injuries (including our very own Lescott) and the weakness of the opposition, but it's a great testament to Jags that he didn't take the early criticism on board, knuckled down when played out of position, and took his chance when Moyes gave him his chance at centre-back. It's also good to see Capello being true to his word and picking players on form, not just going for those playing for the top 4.

All the best Phil ? you deserve it!
Alex Robinson     Posted 11/05/2008 at 20:32:51   Comments (15)


......should be our co-efficient in next season's Uefa Cup. That puts us 50th in Europe - but that table includes United and Milan who should be in the Champions League. Based on last year's Uefa cup, this would have ranked us 11th.

EUROPE - we're back again!

And when was the last time we had successive seasons in Europe and the last time were there 3 years in 4?

Oh this is a GOOD DAY
Phil Roberts     Posted 11/05/2008 at 18:26:24   Comments (13)

An important summer ahead

First things first: Congratulations, Everton. A great season, one that I must admit I didn't think would be so good at the beginning.

Now the season is over and we have secured our place in Europe, this summer will be one of the most important summers we have had in a long time. It will show what our Board are all about. We need at least £20 million to spend on quality players. Whether we get the players is a different story, but it's important that at least the money is there. Of course it would also be good to have Moyes at the helm as well.

Well done you blues!
Trevor Thompson     Posted 11/05/2008 at 16:53:08   Comments (41)

4-4-2, with Yak 'n' Vic!!!

AJ missing... Hibbo out with that knee injury....

Tim Howard
Phil Neville (c)
Joseph Yobo
Phil Jagielka
Joleon Lescott
Leon Osman
Lee Carsley
Manuel Fernandes
Steven Pienaar
Victor Anichebe
Ayegbeni Yakubu

Subs: Stefan Wessels
Leighton Baines
Anderson (Uh???)
Dan Gosling
Thomas Gravesen

I thought we had sold Anderson (da Silva Frenca) to Barnsley!
Micheal Kenrick     Posted 11/05/2008 at 14:30:27   Comments (47)

He wouldn`t .... would he?

With Gordon Strachan looking to take another of his sabaticals from management (what must it be like to work when you want?) the Scottish Sundays have the choice for his successor as between David O`Leary and our own David Moyes. I know David has said he would like to manage in Scotland ONE DAY but I cannot believe that the pull of his `mother club` would drag him away from Everton at this time.

I suspect that it will need only confirmation of our European qualification to get Davey and the Board to thrash out both his revised contract and the budget for next season. That`s what makes the outcome of today`s game against Newcatle so vital.
John  Maeer     Posted 11/05/2008 at 11:52:57   Comments (8)

Not a Big Club???

The Sunday Times has done a piece on the predictability of the Premier League and asks if any of the also-rans can break the "Big 4". In assessing Everton's chances it says and I quote " ..Moyes's problem is that Everton are not a big club, with a stadium that cannot take more than 40,000, and do not, at present have the finances to add big names to a comparatively small squad.".

It is the first part of the statement that irks me. Interestingly when arguing the chances of Spurs, The Toon, Villa and WHU, The Sunday Times didn't say any of the others weren't a big club.
Mike Kennedy     Posted 11/05/2008 at 10:28:01   Comments (8)

Gareth Farrelly - A decade on

Gareth Farrelly, hero of the day exactly a decade ago in THAT game against Coventry has recently undergone life saving surgery at a Liverpool hospital.

The Cork City player complained of pains in his stomach and was coughing up blood, he was rushed to hospital.

He underwent a five hour operation this week and is thought to be recovering in the intensive care unit.

I wish him a full recovery.
Louis Platt     Posted 10/05/2008 at 19:04:46   Comments (1)


Looks like Lescott will be out for a while:

?It?s not an operation, it?s a series of injections to help strengthen the knee some more.?

Michael Ball all over again?

Maybe we should sell him with a crocked knee and then wave money owed to us when the buying club pleads poverty only to announce a £20 million spending spree a few weeks later?
Dan Parker     Posted 10/05/2008 at 14:25:19   Comments (11)

Premier League's Big Spending Days Over?

I've read over the past few days how a number of clubs have decided to tighten their purse strings, even after they've got millionaire/billionaire backers running the club:

  • Newcastle:? Ashley seems to have told Keegan he will only have £20M to spend IF he also sells players.
  • West Ham:? Curbishley has to cut the wage bill and sell players to have any transfer money.
  • Villa:? O'Neill is still waiting for Lerner to back him in the market... after 2 seasons of owning the club!
  • Pompey:? Have little/no money.
  • Rovers:? Their transfer spending can't exceed £10 million.
Apart from the obvious exceptions of City (having to deal with a player revolt if Sven goes) and Spurs (who spend huge sums but get nowhere) ? is this signalling a slow down in the huge transfer fees we will have to be paying in the future? Are the owners realising this spending is not sustainable in the future?

It would certainly help Moyes if he didn't have to compete at obscene prices, but I do believe due to the TV deal and the inevitable collapse of Kirkby we will have a better transfer pot to spend that our rivals.
Ric  Wallace     Posted 10/05/2008 at 11:56:14   Comments (12)

Inferiority complex?

I was struck yesterday by a quote from Dave Whelan, Chairman of Wigan.

"With Paul Jewell, I always felt that the size of the challenge against the Big Four got to him a bit and he sent the lads out to keep the scoreline down. He gave the big guns too much respect whereas, because Steve played at their level, he feels their equal. He respects them as clubs but sees them as potential scalps when he faces them."

Perhaps Our Davey has an inferiority complex, too, because his playing career was so modest. If so, he should take a few lessons fron Wenger and Mourinho ? they couldn`t play at all!
Colin  Trew     Posted 10/05/2008 at 09:03:26   Comments (11)

Explain this one...

'We had some discussions two months ago but there has been nothing since. I haven't actually been offered a new contract and nothing has been mentioned about holding more talks.' David Moyes, Daily Mail 9 May 2008

`Bill and David have been deep in discussions for some months,? Wyness said. ?Those talks are going fine, there is absolutely no problem there at all.' Keith Wyness, Times 8 May 2008.

You couldn't make it up! Who's telling porkies?
Phil Bellis     Posted 10/05/2008 at 00:17:34   Comments (35)

Stadium Phonecall, anyone else ?

Did anyone else get a phone call from a ?survey company? tonight asking for your opinions on the new ground?

Found it a bit bizarre, basically I was first asked if I was interested in ?sharing? my views on the ground move with regard to ?premium seating? — then was basically asked if I owned my own home & what our salaries where, after this I was told that I qualified to be asked more questions (thanks), cant remember everything that was said — a lot of it was read from a script (that was obvious) but was told that there is to be 3 grades of seating similar to the principle used in air travel as in 1st class, business class & economy class, was also told that the top seats where to cost £1,500 a season and that you had to buy a 5 year season ticket.

After all of this I was asked if I would be interested in such a deal? I told the fella that I was struggling with the whole thing as it is, so he could put me down as a "No, I do not wish to purchase a premium seat". When asked why, I had to choose ?other? as there was no option that fitted, I asked if I could have a comment added as to why I wasn?t that keen on the new stadium and no such ?comment box? was available. The person asking the questions did tell me that a lot of the people he had spoken to where of the same opinion — this isn?t an anti-ground move piece even though I?m against the ?deal of the century? its more to see if anyone else had the same call ?
Steve Davies     Posted 09/05/2008 at 22:32:30   Comments (0)

Tom Huddleston: Perfect signing?

TOM HUDDLESTONE - Get him in, hopefully there would be no massive transfer fee and he would not break the wage structure but has an eye for the odd goal or two and can really pass the ball, plus he would solve our height issues.

Also, at just 22 years old, he has time on his side to develop into a world calss midfielder.

A regular for the England under 21s, he can add to our ever growing pool of young home grown talent.

Standing at over 6ft 3in tall, I feel he would add lots to our team as we don't have much height at the minute in the middle.

Despite the fact that he is contracted to Spurs til 2011, he does not seem to be a favourite of Ramos so hopefully a cheeky bid might tempt Spurs to part with his services.
Anthony  Jaras     Posted 09/05/2008 at 20:48:54   Comments (35)

3 chances for Europe

Now we have the fair play option it opens another possibility- what will the strategy be for Sunday?

a) Fight tooth and nail to beat the barcodes to claim 5th place - risking yellow cards / red cards if things go astray

b) Go for a nervy draw to claim 5th with best behaviour just in case Man City lose the plot and we go above them on the fair play league (we are very close - 1 yellow for them might do it). That way we get in even if 6th through the fair play league. Lots of risks, ifs and buts here. Just like the Aresenal game.

I would like to see a rousing finish personally and go for option a), really go for it, knowing we have the Intertoto as a fall back if needed.
Steve Jones     Posted 09/05/2008 at 17:47:56   Comments (4)

UEFA Cup Fair Play

I see England has got the 'fair play' automatic place in next season's Uefa Cup. When I last looked (admittedly at a table dated 5th April), this looked like being our last resort for getting our place in the competition.

It turns out that on the latest table we are behind Man City so we'll just have to do it the proper way.
Phil Guyers     Posted 09/05/2008 at 15:42:11   Comments (9)

Mystery of Leighton Baines

It looks like our undisputed best player, Joleon Lescott, is beginning to throw his toys out of the pram over Moyes`repeated insistence on his playing at left-back. The singular failure of £6M signing Leighton Baines to claim and hold the position for which he was recruited remains a mystery to most Evertonians.

The manager has wavered between claiming Jagielka has been too good to drop and laying the blame on Baines size.`He`s one for the future,` he`s more recently claimed but few of us expect the ex-Wigan man to grow much, do we?

Given results over the last two months, the continued exclusion of a specialist and attacking full-back has done little to support the manager`s reasoning but is this another sign of Davey`s dithering ? or have we another Per Krøldrup in the ranks?
Nick  Ward     Posted 09/05/2008 at 13:18:55   Comments (36)

Sunday will set the mood

Upon Sunday`s result will depend my mood for the whole of this summer. A cracking performance and I shall go to the beaches of Spain safe in the knowledge that my team is in good hands and assured that next season will be one to look forward to. On the other hand, should our last game prove only a continuance of the dross of the last two months, then a pall will hang over my recuperation period as I fear what is in store for us come August.

Such is the responsibility on the shoulders of David Moyes and his men this Sunday. Send an old man away happy or ruin what might well be his last overseas vacation. Here`s hoping!
Tony  Bird     Posted 09/05/2008 at 10:58:48   Comments (11)

Moyes in the Indy...

Great interview with David Moyes by Everton mad Independent columnist, Brian Viner in todays Indy. Interesting to see that DM partially agrees with Kevin Keegan about cracking the SKY4 but refuses to accept it can't be done.

Another interesting point. Brian Viner obviously looks at sites like TW and relates to Dave the fact that a minority of fans want him removed. Moyes seems genuinely shocked to find such disloyalty amongst Evertonians.

I'm glad for his sake that he doesn't look in himself or he would discover one of the most fractious and divided fanbases of any club in the EPL.
Peter  Eastoe     Posted 09/05/2008 at 09:57:19   Comments (29)

Canceling Setanta Sports

Just a word of warning boys if you have paid for Sentanta and now want to cancel with the season over you will struggle. They leave you on hold when you ring, cut you off and charge you, then do it all over again, they can leave you on hold for over an hour.

They don't acknowledge e.mails or post. If you have it good luck in cancelling a few of my mates are hundreds out of pocket and still can't cancel.
Chris McMahon     Posted 08/05/2008 at 19:59:14   Comments (16)

Blue Bill or a Sugar Daddy?

Firstly let me lay my opinions on the line about Bill Kenwright. I once met him and thought that he was a pretentious luvvie but basically a decent bloke. He's presided over some real disasters for our club from King's Dock to Kirkby (probably) and more besides. His only real attribute is that he's a true blue. So it's only natural that many contributers on here detest him and wish he would sell up.

Now if you look through what has happened at other clubs you might be jealous of their money, but here's the rub....... Look at Man City, Look at the darkside, in fact look at the majority of clubs with sugar daddies. They all made their money from ruthless manipulations of their companies and their customers. There are a few notable exceptions but mostly it seems that they behave as if the club belongs to them. Oh yes.. it does doesn't it. So on a whim they can do what the hell they want and bugger the consequences for the fans. They can treat a football club like a burger franchise if they want. Now I might hear you say, "so does Kenright", but actually his lack of finance probably moderates his behaviour.

I'm actually pretty undecided about which I'd prefer ? a man like BK or a wealthy benefactor ? but if a knobhead like Frank Sinatra/ Hicks were to take us over I'd be very afraid for the club...
Micky  Norman     Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:41:32   Comments (19)

Councils have selfish agenda

WTF are the neigboring coucils around Knowlsey complaining about, regarding a major retail investment in Kirkby? Is it the football stadium they are worried about? Or is it the fact that businesses in their own back yards may suffer as a consequence?

When it comes down to it, they only really care about what effects them as councilers. Businesses going down the pan within their borders is bad for politics. It will effect their re-election! It appears that they don't give a toss about the unemployed in Kirkby, or that people, their customers, have a choice when it comes to where they go shopping.

The truth is that other councils around Knowlsey have their own selfish agenda when it comes to what happens in Kirkby.
Brian Baker     Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:48:28   Comments (17)


Would finishing 5th be detrimental to us next season? I have been thinking about this for some time and have come to the conclusion that if we are to push for the top 4. As all seem to want us to do so. Then the Uefa Cup is not a worthy distraction.

Let's face it. It is not worth 2 toots on a rag man's trumpet.... unless you get to the final. The extra games will put more pressure on a wafer-thin squad, that does not look like being strengthened in the summer to any great degree. League form will suffer and players will be either knackered or injured.

My point is this. If we have any ideas about breaking into the hallowed 4, then we do not. need the distraction of a Mickey Mouse cup that will not attract the top players, or do us any favours in the later half of the season when we have played a load more games than the rest.

The teams below us. ie. Spurs, Portsmouth, Villa etc. Will all have money to spend, a lot more than we do. The Uefa Cup will do us no favours to my my mind.
Dave  Lynch     Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:41:27   Comments (28)

Trading places

As David Moyes ponders over signing another lengthy contract, I can`t help wondering why I`m feeling so pissed off. Let`s be honest, the Scotsman`s tenure has brought stability where none existed, European football when previously it was a distant memory and...... well, precious little excitement along the way.

Now given what we are frequently told is the parlous state of our Club`s finances, I guess we`re lucky to be where we are. OK, Moyes is a genius to have achieved so much and I hope he signs that bloody contract tomorrow but somehow I can`t help thinking I`d trade it all to be doing a Pompey and going to Wembley in a week or two.

Tell you truth, I wouldn`t mind trading places with the Rangers fans if it meant a good day out in Manchester! I know, I know, Walter Smith was a crap manager and would have got us relegated but for.......

Somebody said you don`t get an open top bus for finishing fifth/sixth and I guess that`s what I`m missing. I`ve got no bloody heroes. I ask you, how can you get excited about Phil Neville or Leon Osman and as for Lee Carsley, I ask you!

You see, Our Davey has highered the bar but I`m bored now. I think it`s more because of the dross he dishes up than our not breaking into the Elite League. But as I say, if only we were going to Wembley or Manchester, I`d even forgive hin that... for a week or two anyway!
Sam  Davis     Posted 08/05/2008 at 10:18:07   Comments (57)

Sky's Shortlist for Team of the Season

I just made the bizarre discovery that as many as 9(!) Everton players are in Sky's Shortlist for the Team of the Season: Tim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Joseph Yobo, Joleon Lescott (at LB!), Leon Osman, Mikel Arteta, Tim Cahill, Phil Neville (in CM!) and Yakubu.

While even this sort of third-rate recognition is nice, some of the choices made by "Sky's team ot football experts" (Hibbert, Osman, Neville) demonstrate how unprofessional and unprepared they unfortunately are. Still, you can check this out at,19528,11096_3494184,00.html and have some fun with it.

In the PL Team of the Season I selected I could only make a case for Howard and Lescott from our lot. I would have definitely included Pienaar though; he is my EFC player of the season and he was the catalyst for our playing some semblance of normal football during the middle part of the season. Notice how he and Osman are pretty much identical in terms of physique and technique, yet whereas Pienaar almost always makes the right decision on the field, Osman always never does.
Pavel Ivanov     Posted 07/05/2008 at 21:56:00   Comments (1)

“The Truth” Limerick

Everton made a hopeful beginning
LFC spoilt our chances by "sinning"
We trust that this story
Will end in great glory
but at present, the red shite are winning

Forget the current "civil war" between us re Kirkby and let's just get those barcodes stuffed on Sunday.
Ron Joynson     Posted 07/05/2008 at 17:15:23   Comments (8)

The Gap is Widening

The season is drawing to a close and we're still not assured of coming fifth even though we've got the highest amount of points we've ever had at this stage of the season in all our seasons in the Premier League. When we came fourth a few seasons ago, it was a great achievement all round but a lot of the time we were relying on Liverpool dropping points in crucial matches.

Many ToffeeWeb users are complaining about Moyes, which is understandable considering some of the bilge that we've been served up over the past few weeks; however, even if we did sack Moyes and get a different manager and started playing a different style of football, do you really think that that would get us into the top four? The only team who have a realistic chance next season of achieving this feat are Spurs for the simple reason that they have money to spend.

Liverpool are only going to spend even more to try and get closer to the top three. They won't win the Premier League next year but they will get closer as they spend more money. My point is that you don't need to play a certain brand of football or have a manager who plays attractive football to get into the top four. Money is what you need and unfortunately we (apparently) have none.

We can get rid of Moyes and get Mourinho but still we would get no closer to breaking in, and staying in the top four until we can spend as much as Spurs and Liverpool who will, I believe be the main challengers to that fourth and final Champions League qualifying position. For Goodness sake, Boro will probably spend more than us. Alves cost them a packet.

So by all means sack Moyes and lets start playing football like Brazil, but don't be disappointed when we don't get fourth spot. And by the way I'm not in the Moyessiah club, I just don't think that by getting rid of him we would do any better than we currently are when we have an inept board who are supposedly strapped for cash.
Adam Cunliffe     Posted 07/05/2008 at 16:59:34   Comments (14)

Why we should ignore the speculation!!

I know we all can't help it and we are all scratching now to see who Moyes goes for (Obviously the season ain't over and that might have an impact on who we sign), BUT the papers are really starting to do my head in already. If they got it right up to now and we have not even finished the season we would have replaced our whole team.

Here is what they think (you will notice an inclusion of an ever so regular because I think Moyes would never drop this person).

Neville Sharner Richard Dunne Madlung
Joaquin Huddlestone Bradley Sidwell

M'Bia Riki

It's really funny how these things look when you take in all the rumours.
Jimmy Millican     Posted 07/05/2008 at 15:34:32   Comments (31)

Didn`t we do well!

Have you noticed that the papers are full of comments this week from managers about how impossible it is to take on the Sky Four?First it was `Arry, then KK - both of them stating the bleedin` obvious. Or were they?

Maybe I`m a Moyes Apologist or just a simple optimist but it seems only a few weeks ago when I ? and thousands of Evertonians ?firmly believed that we could break the cartel. OK, we`ve fucked up big-time since Fiorentina but for three-quarters of the season we gave the weakest member of the so-called Platinum Club a run for their money ? or rather the money they were able to access.

And that`s the point of this posting. The evidence shows that it is really not true wealth that determines success but the ability of The Four to access and fund massive `borrowings`, whether they be via their owner`s philanthropy in Chelsea`s owner gifting them £750million or the more normal banking arrangements of the other three.

Only in football can a `Table of Richness` be based only on turnover and completely ignore indebtedness. Man Utd.are said to owe £666M with annual interest liabilities of £81M. Once work starts across the park, Liverpool`s figures will hardly look any healthier whilst Arsenal`s challenge has fallen away this year as the massive burden of financing the Emirates build has bitten into the football budget.

So where does that leave `our little old club`?In pretty good shape, I`d say. Still odds on to be top of the Prem`s Second tier and with borrowings probably in the region of a paltry £60M.

So, however morose Redknapp and Keegan are at present, I`d say `Our Man` has shown all is not lost and there`s hope that the order will change ? just you wait and see!
Jack  Tanner     Posted 07/05/2008 at 12:49:33   Comments (12)

Wot no spot kicks!

If we end the season next Sunday by still not being awarded a penalty all season, does that mean we go in the Guiness Book of Records and has any other team in the Premier League not been given a penalty during a complete season?
Carl Williams     Posted 07/05/2008 at 12:15:14   Comments (25)

Any advance on £60M?

With Tesco seemingly prepared to water down their proposals in an effort to get planning approval, it now looks as if the fate of the proposed move to Kirkby depends on the Club`s ability to attract a `naming partner`. It seems pretty reasonable to assume that the £60M price tag being touted has been hit upon as a means of bringing the extra borrowings required down to the £10-£15M Wyness talked about at voting time. Whether it is `realistic`in today`s financial climate is another matter.

What does seem clear to me is that failure to get somewher near the figure will almost certainly bring about another `King`s Dock withdrawal`as it is unlikely that Kenwright & Co will be able to service borrowings to cover this and essential investment in the team.

Look forward to seeing the planners demands getting the blame when the project goes `tits up`!
Dave Shelley     Posted 07/05/2008 at 10:36:07   Comments (29)

Doesn`t that say it all...

....... about the parlous state of our finances? An extended contract for Nuno Valente who has managed to get on the field for all of ONE MINUTE in the last ten weeks!

Now I know Moyes has a penchant for re-signing players past their best ? Pistone, Ferguson, Gravesen, Stubbs and Weir all fit into that category, and if their serial injuries were not enough to keep the physios busy then let`s go for VdM, Gardner and the little full-back from Wigan, all of whom had not kicked a ball for months at their previous clubs!

Somehow, I can`t believe that Moyes would prefer to take the easy option of signing/re-signing these serial stiffs if he had the money to bring in effective alternatives. But you have to wonder, don`t you?

Perhaps it`s too simplistic, but if the funds are that tight, wouldn`t it be better to pin a bit of faith on our own Academy players or sign and be prepared to play a few more Goslings (or should that be goslings)? After all, they could hardly contribute less to the cause than most of the names I have mentioned.
Brian Noble     Posted 07/05/2008 at 09:08:26   Comments (9)


I guess we?re about to enter the silly season with all kinds of manure flying around. The general consensus is that we don?t have a pot to piss in so don?t expect anything major. So goodbye Manny, we can?t afford you and stay Nuno because we can. This is in general keeping with our philosophy of buying players who are either injured already or are doomed to be and will spend half the season flying around the world seeking medical treatment.

The new season will see us revert to an also ran and the stability we have with Moyes will be rocked by indecision on the stadium and a call for him to go because, well just because. Liverpool City Council have sobered up in time to lodge a formal objection to us having a new stadium but the other lot can pick any major park they like and permission will be rushed over by courier.

Me a pessimist? I don?t think so but why does this club seem to cultivate that in me. It was a rhetorical question ? you know the answer!
Robert Shaw     Posted 07/05/2008 at 02:28:09   Comments (14)

Style or Success

Harry Rednapp on soccernet has said 150 million to break into the top four, with no gaurantee!! Keegan has said you need to spend big, and a few others have made similar comments, David Moyes included.

Now DM has improved us to a 5th or 6 th position side; you need money for the next stage and we haven't got any, so what is the scenario? He cannot get us success even if he had money (but how do we know?) or you do not like the style, but without a large budget would prefer better style at probably not achieving 5th or 6 th?

Now I get frustrated at the hoofball, bad passing of Hibbert and Neville, the bad corners of Fernandes, and AJ's "into the corner" running of rescent times, but we have had our fair share of decent footy mid-season for a small squad. Because, as all pros will tell you, over a season the table does not lie. So until we get a sugar daddy, do we want the success of this season or style??
Anton Holmes     Posted 07/05/2008 at 01:16:00   Comments (21)

Bigger the Better?

In the old days when announcing you had a new girl friend your mam's first question with a trace of anxiety in her voice would be, 'What religion is she?'

I guess the first question from an Evertonian upon being told we had signed a new midfielder would be, 'How big is he?' And that would be with more than a trace of anxiety.
Dick Fearon     Posted 07/05/2008 at 00:26:39   Comments (8)

The real reason?

I think I've cracked why our form has been so poor as of late - hayfever!

I have awful hayfever at the moment and can't sleep due to the symptoms. Perhaps we have a squad full of hayfever sufferers and it's something you wouldn't pick up on in the medical.

Uefa Cup exit, Moyes, fatigue - don't be daft, the Yak and AJ can't score because his eyes are so raw red with heyfever....
Dan Parker     Posted 07/05/2008 at 00:03:31   Comments (1)

Moyes on holidays?

Always good to take a holiday isn't it?

Over the last month we have heard in the English press that Moyes has gone to; Russia--to watch Arshavin Holland to watch Bradley

Marca (who are not like the English press as they do indeed stalk the Spanish clubs and have close ties) have now broken the news of Joaquin coming to us or Roma. Apparently it's him and Villa we are watching although a mate of mine in Spain joked that its Albelda.

As with Valencia, Moyes has also been to Marseilles 3 times in the last couple of months. Genuine contacts I have there told me it was Lorik Cana he was watching although now it seems it may be his midfield partner who is out of contract next year.

Any follow ups on this would be appreciated...
Mark  Cassin     Posted 06/05/2008 at 21:50:57   Comments (0)

Hibbo: Big Game Defender?!!

For those of you who think Moyes has a defensive mentality, that story on the Official Website kind of supports the theory...

So we roll Hibbo in for the really important games where last ditch tackles are vital and leave him out for the matches where we believe that we can take the play to the opposition? In other words defend like mad against the big boys and hope for a draw but try to take the initiative against the lesser teams?

Is this why we underperform against the top four? Shouldm't we just "up and at 'em" occasionally with players all over the pitch who are actually comfortable with the ball?
Ray Robinson     Posted 06/05/2008 at 20:17:05   Comments (27)

Takers for Owen?

After Keegan's statement yesterday that they are not going to be even close to the top 4 next year, I can't see Michael Owen being happy to settle for that. We need to get in there if there's a sniff of bringing him to Everton. Without trying to set up a Champ Manager thread, he is a realistic target who Moyes has expressed an interest in before, and is the type of quality we need if we are to progress further. Especially if he doesn't sign a new contract with them...
Danny Broderick     Posted 06/05/2008 at 17:17:12   Comments (17)


So BBC reckon's we're going after Valencia's Joaquin, wasn't he supposed to be one of the hottest wingers around a couple of seasons ago?

After their 6-0 hammering at the weekend and floundering down in 15th in La Liga, I reckon this one could have some legs, after getting Fernandes on loan again after they paid so much for him, I'd hazard a guess and imagine that Moyes has a decent relationship with them...

Don't see us needing another centr-back so can't see Dunne being worthwhile and definately don't think we should chase up Fernandes permanently...

Silly season's come early this year, but I'm glad to see we're finally being linked with the pedigree of players we should be after - not bloody Koumas or Carr!...
Scott Milne     Posted 06/05/2008 at 15:12:40   Comments (18)

Tony Hibbert

I've changed my mind about Tony Hibbert.

Whenever Moyes used to pick him above Pip at RB I used wince and think in horror about Hibbo's late miss-timed challenges and his route-one style of playing football.

On evidence of the last few games, it finally looks like the penny has dropped, Hibbert is starting to think more about his game. He is passing the ball to feet and linking-up with his wide mid-fielder, going on over-lapping runs. His tackling also has been more selective and less reckless.

Watching him play on Sunday, you could almost hear him thinking when he had the ball, making a big effort not to just hump the ball aimlessly up the field, but to find a team mate with a well directed pass.

Well played Tony, keep it up!
Brian Baker     Posted 06/05/2008 at 15:11:11   Comments (8)

Has AJ shot his bolt?

Increasingly in these columns we read criticism of Andrew Johnson`s prowess as a striker. Usually, these comments are tempered with tributes to the man`s boundless energy and selfless attitude. We hear he`s a really nice bloke, good to his kids and more than prepared to help little old ladies over the road! What he doesn`t do, anymore, is score goals!

Now non-scoring strikers are not a new phenomenon at Goodison Park. There used to be a guy called James Beattie who somehow lost the knack and before him Marcus Bent and Duncan Ferguson. Let`s just hope it doesn`t happen to the Yak! I suppose it could be said that all the above have become `better all round players` under Moyes but is that really what we wanted from them?

One of the paradoxes of this manager`s reign is that he has signed some good strikers but singularly failed to provide them with midfield/wingers` service on which they previously thrived. It`s as though he feels that by getting them to tear about and defend corners, goal opportunities will naturally present themselves.

Now I don`t think he`s ever going to change so what`s to do about it? Personally, I think AJ`s time has come and gone and whether that is down to Moyes, Wenger or referees is a matter of conjecture. It really matters not... only that we get the `next one` in time for the new season.

Alan Smith, anybody,Jason Roberts or even Saha? I`m sure they`d all welcome the opportunity to become `better all round players`!!!
Peter  Weaver     Posted 06/05/2008 at 14:02:57   Comments (8)

Emirate Corporate Sell-Out?

Much has been made of our proposed new stadium and all its relevant issues, but something particularly struck me about my first visit to the emirates on Sunday.

I couldn't help feel that yes it was a lovely arena, very nice padded seats with great views and excellent facilities, but with the overriding view that Arsenal have sold out the fans for corporate revenue. This was of particular concern to me given how many times we have heard Kenwright & Wyness talk about increased revenue from corporate areas.

For those of you that have not been there, if you imagine a doughnut shape with the lower & upper rings being normal seats, then two middle rings facilitate corporate boxes and what I believe is called club level (presumably backing onto restaurants etc). I don?t know whether the fans were just quiet because of the game or not, but it just seemed to me that there was no connections between the ordinary fans in the upper & lower tiers and therefore noise didn?t seem to carry through the stadium very well.

I probably haven't followed the detail of the Kirkby project enough but aside from transportation issues, location, Cost etc, does anybody know if we are likely to follow suit?

My preference would be to have a stadium that is intimidating for the opposition, where the ordinary fan is able get the key seats and generate atmosphere, I?m not particularly interested in padded seats or toilet facilities! I want lots of noise from the terraces & great football on the pitch, even if I have to sit on a wooden seat and keep bending around to see the corner flag!

In short, I left there feeling like I had had a nice day out at a pleasant stadium, not quite the same as the likes of Goodison, White Hart Lane, or Upton Park?
David Whitwell     Posted 06/05/2008 at 11:16:26   Comments (16)

Medium Standard Stadium

Having read a lot of posts on the description of the Kirkby Dome as a "Medium Standard" staidium I thought it worth while posting this.

I, like everyone else, was dumbfounded to read this description in the documents submitted for planning permission. So much so I wrote to the club. I wasn't hoping for any reaction, I just needed to vent my anger and disappointment at someone. I did, however get a reply back from Ian Ross, much to my surprise.

He may just be feeding me a line, so if this is incorrect then hopefully someone with a building background can clear this up.

My main gripe was about moving to a medium stanard stadium. Mr Ross advised that this was simply a building term and only the larger stadiums are classed as a "High Standard", Wembley and Old Trafford for example.

I know we should be striving for the best but even the most ardent fan would admit to match these stadiums would be a stretch too far.
Carl Wright     Posted 06/05/2008 at 11:24:10   Comments (10)

Keegan is right and Moyes is the man

Kevin Keegan was absolutely right yesterday when he told us what we all know ie that the Premier League is boring and that the Big 4 are miles ahead of the rest. Visit any sports shop and it is quite clear that the overwhelming amount of stock carried is that of the Big 4.

It is almost impossible to break into the Big 4; people continually having a go at David Moyes seem to miss the point; if he finishes 5th, that is the best he can do. The fact that we have taken only one point out of 8 matches against the Big 4 is not relevant,. It merely proves how good he is at garnering points from the rest.

Get used to it as it isn't going to change. I haven't always been a Moyes fan but he has done the absolute best that he can for a non Big 4 club and for that he ought to be congratulated and not criticised.
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 06/05/2008 at 08:25:40   Comments (19)

Carsley or Fernandes?

Whilst watching the game on Sunday, I got thinking about our central midfield, a thought obviously shared by many ToffeeWeb users, and while complaining to my mate about how unproductive our midfield has been in recent weeks, I began to think how I personally would want it set up.

There seems to be a general consensus that we need a holding midfielder who can break up opposition?s attacks, who thus allows our more ?creative? players the freedom to roam. This season we have seen Carsley and Neville playing this role and again generally it has been said that they do a fairly good job at breaking up the play, but that?s about it and we need to sign a new midfield ?general? this summer.

My thinking is that Fernandes is the man for the job. Now I agree that he isn?t necessarily a battler, in the Carsley mould, but he offers so much more than that. I would liken him to Carrick in the way he plays and the role he could play for this. The lad has a footballing brain and that shows when he is on the pitch, on Sunday when he received the ball he was always looking forward for the pass in a way that would set up or continue the next attacking move. The problem being the lack of movement (or is it awareness?) from the rest of the team.

To me the defining moment of this was when he received the ball in the centre of the park, looked up saw Hibbert open on the right with acres of space in front of him in which he could attack, Manny delivered a neat ball across for him to run on to, only for Tony to remain standing and watch the ball go out for an Arsenal throw-in.

Surely we need players who can identify openings and opportunities out on the pitch for the club to continue progressing as it has in recent years. The ?Battling? qualities of Lee Carsley can surely be coached into a player far easier than the intelligence and awareness which Fernandes undoubtedly possesses?

You will have noticed that I haven?t mentioned anything about the price? because quite frankly we have heard so many different estimates of how much we think he is worth/is available for, that I have no idea how much it is.
Andrew Dickinson     Posted 05/05/2008 at 23:29:11   Comments (35)

Neville and Lescott

I was at the Arsenal game yesterday with a couple of friends and as usual the away end was full with the crowd getting behind the boys. What amazed me was, at the end of the game, the only two players to show their appreciation to the travelling support were the above named. To me, that was pretty poor and showed just how far apart players and fans are. Ok they had lost but the least they could have done on the last away day was salute the fans and show their appreciation. Whatever Neville might do on the field, he is in my eyes a pure gentleman. Well done to both him and Joleon.
Micheal Murphy     Posted 05/05/2008 at 19:55:36   Comments (11)

Hope triumphs over experience - yet again.

The issue with Moyes tactics against Arsenal ? and against just about every heavyweight opponent in fact ? is that the methods we had to use to get where we are today, snapping at a Champions League place, are not the methods we need to use to take the next step forward, actually securing a Champions league place. That?s why the word ?progress? sounds so empty when it?s used after a game like Sunday?s.

The gap between 5th and 4th is a big one, not just in terms of points but in terms of approach. We have to be more positive in our approach. I can?t think of a single example of the kind of negative, unambitious, tentative approach actually working for us against a team playing in the top four. Inevitably they wear us down or we make an error and they capitalize.

I firmly believe a weakened Arsenal could have been taken on Sunday if we had shown more willingness to open up. We will never move forward unless we are willing to go into games like this determined to score. Can it be that David Moyes isn?t aware of this? If he doesn?t believe his creative players and his strikers can penetrate the defenses of the top four teams then he should get new ones. If he does, he should take the handcuffs off them.
Peter Fearon     Posted 05/05/2008 at 19:30:24   Comments (9)

The difference between Champions League and Uefa Cup candidates

Obvious midfield deficiencies aside, the difference between our challenge for European qualification and that of Liverpool's was never more blatantly summed up for me by the two respective chances that befell the strikers yesterday in the Arsenal v Everton game and the Liverpool v City game later on.

Johnson fluffs a one-on-one with the keeper (not for the first time) whereas Torres finds the back of the net.

Please don't tell me that financial clout has no bearing on a club's success. Our £8.6M (which is admittedly a lot of money) gets you a hit-and-miss forward whose main atrribute is pace but who has no real natural striking ability; their £20+M secures the finished article.

I'm not sure how we progress without significant investment. Meanwhile Moyes does a reasonable job with limited resources but where do we go from here?
Ray  Robinson     Posted 05/05/2008 at 14:17:56   Comments (28)

New Kit?

For the past few seasons now, we have always worn the brand new home kit for the last game of the season. Images of the new kit are usually shown on the oifficial site a week or two before the final home game of the season is played. So far no-one has heard anything about this. Are we having a new kit for next season or are we staying in the one we have now?
John Murphy     Posted 05/05/2008 at 13:08:24   Comments (10)

Remember this?

Rooney's first season; away at Blackburn; winning 1-0 (Kev Campbell). We are under the cosh bigtime, clinging on to the 1-0 for dear life so Moyes decides to make a substitution. Forward off / defensive mid on? Throw an extra full back into the mix? No way. He throws Rooney on to run at them and they shit themselves. It completely changes the balance of the match; we hold on to the 1-0 with ease and should have had three by full time.

It was enthralling stuff and it seemed to sum up the ethos of our relatively new manager - positive, positive, positive. Such a change from Smith. All of a sudden we could win four or five on the spin, we could score "goals of the month" and we could win penalty shoot outs. I remember leaving Ewood that day to the sound of fireworks and chants of, "We're gonna win the league". It was uplifting stuff!

Now, I like Moyes, I'm not gonna deny that; I don't want to slag him off because I dread to think were we'd be without him. However, fast forward five years, and even I have to question where that dynamic tactical approach during matches has gone.

He's still Mr Positive in my eyes, in terms of his talk and his ambition for the future of the club and his undoubted passion for making us great again. If he's here in another six years, I expect us to be streets ahead of where we are now. I don't doubt the man in terms of his overall ability as a manager.

But I do have a nagging suspicion that if he had reacted during matches this season in the same inspiring way he did at Ewood all those years ago, the ambitions he has for the future of this club could have been achieved here and now, in the present.
Jon Sellick     Posted 05/05/2008 at 11:48:21   Comments (9)

It's in our control

The scenario I projected for the Arsenal game proved correct and brings into play my scenario for the Newcastle game. To refresh, I predicted that at the Emirates Moyes would go for a draw. I also said that only after it was far too late would he then consider a change of tactics.

It was easy to make those predictions because Moyes can be read like a book. That book could be titled, 'The Art of Negative Football.'

So deeply engrained is Moyes's defensive psyche he finds it impossible to making changes unless absolutely forced to do so. I pose the question, when, in a tight game and before the opposition had scored did Moyes alter the run of play by making a substitution that was not injury related? If my memory serves me right it was in the Rooney era.

Now to my second scenario in which I predicted that what has now become a desperate need of a result we would be facing an invigorated Newcastle that only had pride at stake and a manager with a philosophy that is totally opposite to that of our David.

If it is only for once in his life, this is the time for Moyes to go head to head with Keegan in an all out attacking game. If we must lose then let's go down in a blaze of glory and not with a pathetic whimper. Sadly, I expect Moyes's negative instinct to once again come to the fore and we can expect another dour defensive display decided by a single goal. Villa will be hoping and praying it is Newcastle that grabs that season defining goal.

This is not the game for a faint hearted manager. Moyes must cast off his defensive demons if we are to give a sense of fulfilment after a long and difficult campaign.
Dick Fearon     Posted 05/05/2008 at 01:21:24   Comments (27)

Toffeeweb - Now a Site for Wimps

Contributions on this site used to be by Evertonians who were not content with anything but the very best for our beloved club. Who used to get angry when watching that rubbish we served up today. Now it seems to be mainly wimps on here claiming what a wonderful season this has been. What a load of bollocks.

Lets look at the facts:

1) 1 point out of 24 against the top 4.
2) Beaten twice by the shite.
3) 1 win from the last 8 games to lose a Champions League place and that 1-0 against the worst side ever in the Prem
4) Knocked out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round at home by a Div 1 side.
5) Knocked out of the Uefa Cup against a side who succumbed to Rangers for heavens sake.
6) Out of the Carling Cup semi-final after a spineless home display against Chelsea.

Oh and what has been good ? oh yes 7 against Sunderland ? brilliant eh! I tell you I have watched Everton for many years with title wins and fantastic days out at Wembley. Never would the fans have claimed that 5th place and no trophies be classed as a good season. So come on, you fans on here, stop being so spineless and have a bit more ambition than simply settling for mediocrity.
Mick  Wrende     Posted 04/05/2008 at 17:00:23   Comments (87)

Tactical Substitutions

I think Moyes is very good with his game plan before matches (eg.tactics against opposition). Where he is inept is in his substitutions when things are going wrong.

Take todays game: he (unlike the Special One and Benitez) will not put on substitutions unless we go behind (they change things, regardless of the score). We went a goal down with 10 minutes to play (we needed 1 point); he puts on two attackers takes one attacker off and puts a centre-half (Jags) up front ? Why not just take Jags off and leave a proven striker on in a 3-man attack to try and get us that precious goal?

Also, why is a £6 million, England Under-21 international attacking full-back with a great left-foot delivery (Leighton Baines) not playing? Against a team like Arsenal, they let you play; you want players with a lot of energy, who can get up and down the pitch. We didn't need Jags, just put Lescott back in the centre.
Paul Holmes     Posted 04/05/2008 at 16:04:36   Comments (19)

End of the road

I have kept faith in Moyes for the past few years but have become dissillusioned in the last months or so ? in my opinion, he is unable to win the one game when needed.

In January, he was already letting us know about his limited ambition, telling us that a Top 10 finish would be great. Friends at The pub where we go every match disagree ? I said last week that the Villa game would prove something to me; let's see if he could win it. Before the match he was saying it wasn't a must-win game ? wow! What motivation!!!

I went to watch the Arsenal game today and yet again I was absolutely underwhelmed with the tactics, commitment, passion and skill of the team ? giving the ball away constantly, mis-controlling, being pushed off the ball like powderpuffs, going out for the 0 - 0 but not knowing what to do if anyone scores ? all the faults that I accuse Moyes of.

Please don't talk to me of the Board or investment, or miracles with money available. We had chances to do better many times this year and we just threw them away. But of course The Board love Moyes ? he is the lowest paid manager in The Premier; he puts no pressure on them.

We need big changes here. Of course I have renewed my season ticket (and my daughter's and two grandsons') but Moyes and The Board have to wake up and try something really new, or I guess it will be the same next year. It's no good getting the chance to fight Apollo Creed like Rocky and then falling over the ropes getting into the ring. We had chances and blew them - not The Board or money but really bad tactics.

Still be there next season - we have to face our problems to move on. George Mc Kane
George  McKane     Posted 04/05/2008 at 16:12:19   Comments (32)

Playing it on the ground!

So nice to see the Everton players not hoffing it at every opportunity but actually trying to play football along the ground!!! Fernandes... infuriating. So good and yet so bad. COYB!!!
Paul Hardcastle     Posted 04/05/2008 at 14:34:30   Comments (55)

Squad Size

OK we've disappointed since the Fiorentina game but all-in-all it's been a good season considering the size of our squad, which brings me to the question ; has anyone got statistics on squad sizes for the other Premier teams? I think our's is about 25+ academy lads; not exactly large.
Tony  Waring     Posted 04/05/2008 at 11:49:51   Comments (2)

Europe here we come... with a 4-5-1

So our European place is guaranteed now...and whilst it's still only the Intertoto that's a 100% certainty, the Uefa Cup place looks 90% sorted now... thanks to Boro and Wigan!

Whilst I did mention in a previous post that Wigan wouldn't be pushovers for Villa, I have to say I was expecting at best a draw rather than a Villa collapse at home, but at this stage of the season I'm more than happy to take the gift ? just proves that ALL managers and teams can have off days.

Ultimately, with just 1 point now needed from our last 2 games we surely have to feel like we've got a foot in the European door now and whilst I'd love to kick/bore their youngsters off the Emirates park in a hard-fought 0-0, I'd still be happy to need just 1 point from a Barcodes team with nothing to play for (especially if we had a few more fit players for the last one).

Personally I think I'd have happily settled for consolidating a Uefa Cup place with 6th, reaching a semi-final, having a decent Uefa Cup run and improving the squad with 2-3 class players at the start of the season, especially in light of our yo-yoing before.

The fact that we are almost certain to finish a deserved 5th, had a very good push at 4th 'til Fiorentina, and have improved on our points total, goal difference and goals scored (assuming we notch at least 1 in the next 2 games) surely has to count as genuine progress (especially considering the money poured into the likes of Villa, Spurs, Pompey and Man City).

Add in some genuine attempts to play good football and I think the term report has to be a solid B for Moyes and the boys... with a chance to make it a B+.
Chris James     Posted 03/05/2008 at 16:20:32   Comments (40)

Season Ticket Renewal

To take advantage of the ealy discount on season tickets, I renewed 3 season tickets before the cut off date. However, I now find out that only mine was actioned and not my two sons, so I lost the discount on the 2 tickets. I then tried to renew on the Everton website ? it allowed me to renew one but not the other. Frustrated!!!

So I rang the club and spoke to a helpful lady who renewed the third ticket. Asked if I could still have the discount ? you've guessed it: "Sorry, NO!" What is going on ? their mistake is costing over £100 extra payment. Has anyone else had a similar problem and had better luck in still getting the discount?
Frank Duffy     Posted 03/05/2008 at 13:22:43   Comments (8)

Big Nev

Dixie Dean on the radio this morning got me thinking about the greatest Everton player I have ever seen... Sadly I'm too young to have seen Dixie Dean... Maybe the best I've seen is the binman, Big Nev.

Almost 10 years ago, I was out on the piss in London and wandered into some student place with my friends. After another pint we wandered through to the dance floor... there was a five-a-side goal on the dance floor and Big Nev was there saving penalties from anyone who cared to take them.

Spent the rest of the night drinking in the queue, taking a penalty, hugging Big Nev, getting his autograph, then going back to the back of the queue again... think I woke up with a dozen of his autographs in the morning. Sorry Nev, if I spoilt your evening, but you made mine!!
Tom Brown     Posted 03/05/2008 at 09:25:31   Comments (17)

Not another dodgy vote!

From this distance I am forced to rely on family back home and numerous media and internet outlets including TW for all Merseyside and Everton news. All my sources of information predicted that Kirkby would see a huge anti-stadium protest vote in the local elections.

I do not want to start another conspiracy debate yet it seems very odd that all over the country Labour suffered its worst result for the past 40 years yet in Kirkby it was status quo, with not a single gain for the new 1st4Kirkby party...

What happened?
Dick Fearon     Posted 03/05/2008 at 08:40:53   Comments (10)

McFadden in the championship?

There's more than a fair chance that Birmingham might be one of the teams going down in 2 games time, in fact their fate could be largely sealed in the must-win battle against Fulham today.

I was never a fan of Jimmy Mac, but did applaud his willingness to play every game, although this did highlight a gap between what fans saw on the pitch, and confidence in his own performances. He never seemed to put in the same match-winning show that he achieved when playing for his national side.

Are we disappointed that he might be playing in the Championship next season, or glad that another player leaving the Mighty Blues finds the grass isn't always greener, and that Everton is a massive cub to play for after all?
Jeremy Benson     Posted 03/05/2008 at 07:08:21   Comments (3)

Survey Scam

I have just been contacted at work from someone claiming to be from Compeiru Research. The girl claimed to be working on behalf of Everton FC and wanted to ask me questions about the proposed move to Kirby.

She claimed that building work will start in 2008 (which instantly aroused my suspicion) and proceeded to ask questions about my job, income etc. After refusing to answer any of these she read out some upbeat (but unbelievable) script about how the stadium will be world class etc. She concluded by saying my name will be entered into a draw etc.

This must be a scam but I wonder how she obtained my work details. Has anyone else out there been contacted?
Karl Crosby     Posted 02/05/2008 at 19:39:39   Comments (6)

Sacred Ground

I was with a bunch of Evertonians who went to the Fiorentina game in Florence and we stayed for a few extra days vacation. We ended up in Rome and like a lot of tourists visited the Vatican. I have to say, St. Peter?s was a bit disappointing. It is very old with a lot of obstructed views and too many columns and not enough parking. It looks like it hasn?t been decorated in about 500 years. There?s a ceiling they just keep cleaning but never repaint.

Anyway, I read this week they are finally planning to move to a new bigger 21st Century Cathedral. It?s technically outside the Vatican but hey, Rome is Rome is Rome, right? And as they are raising the money by selling the knick-knacks in the current place, it?s actually free except for about £100 million Euros. The point is, it?s important to forget silly emotional ties to the past and to places and to move on. Just because something is historic doesn't mean its worth anything.

Am I right? A lot of Evertonians could learn from that! Even in my own group there were some silly sods who said St Peter?s was worth preserving but they are clinging to the past. Now if they would just do something about Westminster Abbey?
James  Molloy     Posted 02/05/2008 at 15:17:06   Comments (15)

One Final Push

Just heard on the radio that Wenger is putting his fringe players on show this Sunday as they have nothing to play for.

Now, I believe we cannot rely on Wigan or West Ham to get a draw against Villa, so maybe this will give us a chance on Sunday if we go all out to get a result and the team reach even further into their tanks so that the final game against Newcastle is not such a nervy occasion.

Or will Davey pack the midfield and defense in the hope we can hang on for a draw and spend the 90 minutes clearing our lines time and time again...???
Mark Griffiths     Posted 02/05/2008 at 09:40:43   Comments (31)

Old Friends!

Can we climb out of our disappointment at the Blues recent form and offer our congratulations to three Everton old boys who will appear in the two European finals later this month?

Our old (and I mean old - so old that he even lost out on a 'behind the bench' slot now filled by Anthony Gardner ) skipper David Weir and our much loved former boss ( who led us through the bad old days of 'Agent J'), Sir Walter Smith tonight reached the Uefa Final.

'He who should not be mentioned' at Old Trafford should also be congratulated and don't let's forget that most of the money that bought most of our current expensive stars was generated by Wayne's transfer. Thanks to the three of you. See you all in Europe next year even if it is just the Uefa Cup for us.
Glen Strachan     Posted 01/05/2008 at 22:37:33   Comments (16)

Uefa Cup Final

I really cannot help thinking what might have been. Rangers have beaten Fiorentina on pens and Zenit hammered Bayern to get to the final. Now we know we beat Zenit and are Rangers better than us?

There's been many threads about the size of the squad, releasing McFadden, running out of steam, tactics and so on.

The bottom line is we did in Fiorentina what we also did everytime we played the top four this season, paid them too much respect and acted like rabbits in car headlights.
Steve Jones     Posted 01/05/2008 at 22:40:45   Comments (71)

Mid-Level Goodison

I'm interested in people's opinions, namely those who are concerned at the quality of stadium on offer in Kirkby as numerous posts have derided what will be a new 'mid-level' construction.

However, if we stayed at Goodison and funded a redevelopment ourselves on a gradual stand-by-stand basis, would you be content with a mid-level conversion job? I imagine realistically this is all we could afford, hence no fancy architecture or sexy internal fit out. Is the location, and in this respect, our spiritual home, more important than the build quality of any new stadium? Do fans who want to stay at Goodison think a rebuilt 'Old Lady' will likely be a 'world class venue'?
Alex  Spelling     Posted 01/05/2008 at 20:44:50   Comments (16)

Moysey & Celtic???

I have heard a number of people talking recently about the lack of investment being offered to Mr Moyes and as a result he is unwilling to commit his future to Everton and has been offered the opportunity to manage a football club guaranteed Champions League football in his native Scotland being Celtic.

Has anyone else heard this and is there any substance behind it???
Stevie  Kay     Posted 01/05/2008 at 20:47:26   Comments (6)

KEIOC Shirts

I wrote to the KEIOC, to ask why they don't sell these tee-shirts around the ground?

I got a reply stating Everton Football Club have banned anyone wearing these shirts. Is this true? If so, why?
Colin Malone     Posted 01/05/2008 at 16:38:05   Comments (8)

Forbes Listing

Would welcome any proper financial analysis of the data shown in the Forbes Top 30 club values (available on BBC Sport Site).

The one thing which is so gut wrenching (and has been mentioned previously) is the huge discrepancy in revenue for Everton and Spurs ? 2 clubs with exactly the same average gates: $103M vs $207M.

We need to get out of Goodison asap - and bring on the Corporate Boxes!!!! but we'll never be anywhere near charging London prices. Read comments re the Emirates and look to see even West Ham on much lower gates beat our revenue.

How to compete ?
Mike  Oates     Posted 01/05/2008 at 13:54:38   Comments (16)

Uefa Cup Qualification Twist

If the runner up in the Champions' League Final goes automatically into the Uefa Cup, and both finalists are already in the Champions League for next season by virtue of their places in the Premier League [as is the present case], does that mean an additional place will arise even though 5th place, Carling Cup Winner and FA Cup winner get into the Uefa Cup? If so one team in 6th would get into that competition, which would be heartwarming if we don't make 5th.
Freddy Evans     Posted 01/05/2008 at 10:18:38   Comments (14)

Can you hear the cheers?

I know its not really relevant to our site, but how many Blues can honestly say they didn't enjoy last night's exit by Liverpool from the Champions' League?

So what have they got, for all the money spent, compared to what we had to spend, - no silverware, 4th place and a few more points than "the small club"

If only we had fared better against Fulham, West Ham and Birmingham, we would be looking down on them now and seeing them struggling to maintain 5th place or not even be in the Intertoto Cup - now that situation would have been great!!.
Patty Beesley     Posted 01/05/2008 at 09:56:55   Comments (33)


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